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October 01, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 67.4%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G4: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 67.4 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 24-21 overtime loss at the Arizona Cardinals putting Miami's season 1aa1dsmrecord at 1-3. That is an extraordinarily high percentage following a loss, and also represents a notable rise from a week earlier. Clearly fans are encouraged and seeing a silver lining, perhaps sparked by Ryan Tannehill's 431 yards passing. The DSM, in its fifth season, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you can still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

Next poll: Oct. 7 following game at Cincinnati. 

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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voted very satisfied, why?..Tannehill looks like the real deal to me and he is only going to get better..sure he made mistakes but let's not forget is IS A ROOKIE STARTING HIS FOURTH GAME.

don't care about wins or losses but about the kid's development..the kid is going to be very good.


Not as dissatisfied with that loss as I should be. Perhaps because a loss was expected and they are, as FZB likes to point out, a learning year for Tannehill.

What really, really upset me was the Ryder Cup. Captain Davis Love III has NO right to have those three little bars after his name. He should be Davis Love ---. What an embarrassment.

Bad enough that the US was leading 10-6 going into the final day and needing to win just 4 1/2 matches out of the 12. So what happened? I'll tell you what. Captain Davis Love selected Jim Furyk and Steve Stricker as his Captain's picks. In part, because of their rock steady putting. So how did THAT go? Well, Stricker failed to gain a 1/2 a point on Saturday when standing over a six foot put on 18. And today, again, he missed critical six footers awarding the Euro the point. Thanks Stevie! 0-4-0 is not something buddy Davis Love --- will be able to defend.

Freaking Euros own us since 1985.

new coach, new QB, same shitty team. the fish stink from the head!

Ok gentlemen, this was CLEARLY our best game on both sides of the ball. Think about it, look at the whole picture. The D played well so did the O, we just got beat in OT. Yes, Carpenter was a factor, and Naanee sucks, but considering we have a rookie QB, HC and are handicapped by Ireland, we are a better team than we were last year at this point in time. An Alpha receiver would make a huge difference. Even if we added Plaxico, he's great in the Red Zone, it would make a great difference.

FZB: (from the previous blog) "tannehill was well on his way of winning the game for us and then he lost the game, this loss is all on him but that's what you get with a rookie QB."

All the articles I read refer to it as rookie mistakes. Yet, how many multitudes of times did Marino and Favre blow games in the same manner throughout their careers?

Overall, the Phins aren't pushovers like we expected. Although we probabaly expected a 1-3 record at this point, the games were tough. They played Texans tough til 4 straight turnovers ruined the game. Smashed the Raiders, who beat Steelers. And lot two games in OT.

At times like these, when the Dolphins seem to be cursed, we must ask ourselves, "What would the Mayans do?" Well, they'd make a human sacrifice....I nominate Ireland for that honor!! Yeah FZB, I know you disagree...but I had to say it, of course it's all hypothetical, maybe some wishful thinking.


a mayan reference..funny..

Thank you FZB, What did you think of the game? I always enjoy exchanging thoughts with you.

What is a moral victory???
Still a loss.... Nothing more

It's a sad day when "moral" victories become the accepted norm.
Herm Edwards put it best, "you play to win the game!!!"

Did Tannehill look better? Yes
Did the defense look better? Yes
Did the receivers look better? Well, only if you count 2/5

What is the end result of all of this? A loss

How much longer does the fan base accept these moral victories??
I am sick of watching this team lose every year... Feels like groundhog day... Same crap every time.

It's nice that teams overlook the Dolphins each week thus allowing Miami to keep it close. I have a feeling that is going to change soon and opposing teams will start preparing for the Dolphins rather then considering them another bye week.

2 missed FG's go the other way and they're 3-1. And everyone is crowing about how bright the future is.

this team sucks philbin a joke and so is the rest of the team

been a joke since 1972

Tannehill is a work in progress, most experts predicted he needed to sit a year or two before he could play but he has exceeded ALL EXPECTATIONS.

he is making mistakes, I though he lost the game yesterday with his INT's and fumble but he took responsibility for it, he is a leader and he's got the kind of talent we haven't seen since Danny Boy, now I'm not saying he will be another Dan Marino but I think he is going to be very good.

and for those that are going to keep on bashing the team and its lack of talent I think is obvious we have talent on the team, this is NOT AN EXPANSION TEAM, we do have holes but there are a lot of good things to build on for the future.

SPECIAL TEAMS ( excluding Carpenter as of late )

I think Hartline, Bess and Sean Smith are keepers too
bottom line is no one on this blog though we would win more than two to five games anyways, well we are 1-3 but we have the most important piece in place, the QB and he is getting the playing experience already so we'll be fine..

hey robbie? go suck yourself.

You guys are idiots. the dolphins are really good. they just haven't learned to close ou game syet. It is very hard for a rookie QB. By mid season this team will go on a 5 or 6 game win streak.

This team is not a fraud. did you see that pass rush?? That sh!t was crazy! We stuff the run better than any team in the NFL. That's real.

Tannehill isn't even close to being who he's gouing to be. Philbin has gotten crazy production from Sean smith did you see what he did to Larry fitzgerald??

Be patient children. this team is only weeks away from being good.

Chad Henne could make all the throws, he just didn't know how to move the defense around with his eyes or make the right decision at least 95% of the time.

There's no shortage of quarterbacks who can throw the ball in this league, what separates the franchise qbs is that they don't make many mistakes that sink their team's chances of winning.

Tannehill has to get better this year, he looks an awful lot like the quarterback we saw week 1.

redsky... If you hadn't watched the last 2 games,, Hartline played like a #1 receiver.

I voted somewhat dissatisfied. Dolphins have played well enough the last 2 weeks to win but.... have found a way to lose. Carpenter was supposed to be a strong FG kicker but has missed critical points this season.

Tannehill is looking better every week. The playcalling has been good but not great. (fake fb dive pitchout to Reggie play?). The 4th quarter pick & fumble hurt. The game should have been in hand once Hartline caught the long TD pass. Pass rush disappears when the game is on the line.

Front 7 is great against the run. O line blocked pretty good.

At least we ain't the Jets....hehehehe

Don't be fooled by Hartline, he's a #2 receiver at best.

He makes great catches with defenders draped all over him because he has to, he can't create any separation. He didn't beat anyone on that 80 yard touchdown bomb, the Cardinals opted out of covering him.

Dolphins need help at receiver and especially a big body who can catch touchdowns in the red zone.

kazaam, brandon marshall never out ran any and was considered a #1 WR. by seasons end harline may put up the #'s. hartline plays hard, gives 100% on every play. this sounds like a good football player to me.

this team was inches away from victory the last 2 weeks giving them the possibility of being 3-1 vs 1-3.

i am very encouraged by what I'm seeing on sundays from this group.

Yeah a # 2 with 455 receiving yards which leads the NFL.

Bet he has more receiving yards this year than dumbo B. Marshall.

Was partying in Austin's 6th St area last Thursday night. Had a good time. Reminds of a much smaller version of Nawlins Bourbon St.

Is Wes Welker the fastest guy in the league?

He had 1500 yards receiving last year.

We are one solid receiver away from having a scary good passing game.

Master Chef: stick to slicing onions!

To quote Herman Edwards is like having a welfare recipient comment on how to build wealth in the stock market. Edwards was a clueless coach along the likes of Richie Kotite & Camoron Camoron.

# 1 #2 does it really matter anymore?

No it doesn't NE has proved it for a decade.

Get talented guys in there and throw the rock to them.

kazaam,, once again your youth shows....

Cardinals "opted out" of covering Hartline? really? opted out? I'm sure the Cardinals DB's would tell you different. It may have been what most people would call "blown coverage" or the deep crossing routes confused AZ DB's. Sure bro,, Hartline already has 150 yds receiving against them and with the game on the line they say "lets don't cover the slow white guy". blah blah blah.

Yea, but Brandon Marshall has the skill set to be a #1, Brian Hartline doesn't.

He'll never be a red zone threat, he'll never be able to separate, he'll never be able to make things happen after the catch, and if God forbid defenses stop overlooking his whiteness and his scraggly mustache and double team him he's not going to be able to even catch a ball.

The team looks OK but I remember how much we all liked Chad Henne and his moral victories early on too.

It's only game 4, thanks to David Garrard's kids and no thanks to this incompetent and visionless front office, we have another 12 games to go.

Tannehill has to improve by the end of this season. He can't keep staring down his receivers, can't keep throwing critical interceptions. He has to have more of a brain on him than Chad Henne, he's shown he can throw the ball but so have countless other quarterback prospects who washed out of the league quickly.

Yea, we all saw the play, it was a blown coverage, no one covered Hartline.

Big Baby- good post, your 100% correct.
NE has thrived for a long time acculating good but not great WR's. Outside of getting Randy Moss on the downside of his career they never had a guy the likes of Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, etc.
Wes Welker was the best WR during the Brady era. IMO what Welker accomplished in NE ,, he couldn't have achieve the #'s outside of NE. Perfect situation for Welker.
This is a great example of average athletes who produce way above their talent level.
1. right place, right time.
2. the total effort by the individual.

Ever see a player of Ocho Cinco's, Rany Moss or Brandon Marshall's talent level take a play off?

I'm not saying don't look for a stud WR in next yrs draft. WR Naannee nneeddss ttoo ggoooo. Bring back 7-11.

Brutal drop by Legadu yesterday he catches that one and I think we win.

Kazaam knows nothing about NFL WR's but he is right that Tannehill needs to improve his passer rating is still 30th in the NFL.

Wes Welker's best year with New England he put up 9 TDs.

Randy Moss' best year he put up 23.

This is the difference between a #1 and the best #2 in the game. Points win games, no coincidence the Pats went undefeated that year.

Big Baby - you know nothing about the NFL, you thought the Dolphins could be contenders with David f*cking Garrard.

And they never won the big one with Randy but they did with David Givins and Joe Schmo.

Right, David Tyree's miracle catch on 4th down completely negates what Randy Moss did that season.

Patriots were a better team without a star receiver.

Go slurp beans Big Baby.

Garrard would be 3-1 with this team right now no doubt in my mind.

And the team would have been better off because they'd win meaningless games with no chance of winning it all and no first round reps in practice or starts for the QB they drafted in the first round to save the franchise.


Jake Long needs to have Garrard's kids over for a pool party.

Shoot Matt Moore might be 3-1 with this team right now.

He sure as heck wouldn't be the 30th rated passer in the league.

I have hopes for Tannehill but just hate the growing pains so sue me.

32) Jay Cutler.

31) Mark Sanchez.

30) Ryan Tannehill.

1) Matt Ryan.

Kazaam- I think the one thing you, and a lot of people miss with a guy like Welker is, when ever Brady needed a clutch 1st down, or yards after a catch, Welker would come up big. He has been Brady's binkey for awhile now. Now if he did not drop that pass in the SB., oh well.

Very true, but Welker can get open in tight spaces over the middle, Davone Bess has that skill set but it seems like his hands are betraying him this year. And last.

Hartline is sure handed like Welker but the defender is always right on him, not ideal for crucial third down plays, he'll only get open with a perfect pass to the sideline (which Tannehill can deliver). I'd like to see what percentage of Tannehill's interceptions this year are passes to Hartline, he's going to have a big target on him after his last game.

QB ratings are meaningless, Tony Romo isn't the second best QB of all time, Matt Ryan isn't the best in the league.

Ryan is the best in the league right now easily.

That's only because David Garrard isn't playing.

Yup, exactly what I've been telling FZB when he says 'Joe Flacco took four years to become elite, Tannehill needs the same amount of time'.

Joe's the same quarterback he's always been - he can make the big plays, he makes his share of mistakes, and he's just good enough to win it all with.

The difference with the Ravens offense from 2008 to 2012 isn't Flacco, it's the receivers they've brought in, including the tight ends.

Dolphins cupboards are bare, they should've brought in veterans this year to help their rookie quarterback and they need to make receiver a priority this offseason.

Two WR's over 100 yards in one game for the first time since 2001 for Miami.

Those cupboards aren't bare we just need one more good receiver we have the draft picks to address in offseason yes it has to be a priority.

Hartline is going to demand big money but we have to resign him also next year.

I think Bess might be a restricted free agent next year also.

Lots to address.

Completely bare, no play making tight end, no #1 WR, a low end #2 WR, and a decent slot WR in Bess.

One TD in 2009, one last year, one this year - slow your roll on the 'big contract', Hartline's making $1.3M this year, he's not worth more than $2M a season.

Make that 3 in 2009, his rookie year. 1 in 2010, 1 in 2011, 1 through four games this year.

These aren't 'big contract' numbers.

Right if he finishes with around 1500 receiving yards (which I think he might be close to), then he's not getting less than 8 mil.

He owned maybe the best corner in the league yesterday and it wasn't close.

Maybe he will settle for 6-7 but only if we are lucky.

Bess will be up for a big raise also he's in the prime of his career.

Hahaha, only a franchise like the Dolphins could consider paying Brian Hartline $6M a year!

Bess is signed through 2013 and his production has plummeted since he signed his last contract, he'll be lucky to get the $2.6M he's getting in 2013 in his next deal.

6 mil for a top WR will be peanuts especially if he continues lighting up the league.

500 yards of offense against that defense?

We are on our way.

Brian Hartline will never be a top WR in this league.

For the first time in his career his name will be mentioned in a defensive game planning meeting this week, why not wait to see how that works out for him before declaring him to be Miami's solution at wideout?

I think you guys need to read this article, Tannehill had a terrific game (not counting the INT and Fumble) pay no attention to Kazaam, Tannehill IS SHOWING IMPROVEMENT.

we really need another really good receiver and a stud TE and of course we have some holes on defense but all in do time, all in do time, we are building this team through the draft so a little bit of "paciencia" is required.


If David Garrard didn't hurt himself at home, then he wouldn't have made it out of week 1 without his leg in a cast. Garrard can't walk to the locker room without stubbing a toe or twisting his neck. fragile


young QB's need time to learn, some are great from the begining like RG III and Dan Marino but by far most need from two to four years to mature.

Tannehill was supposed to go in the second round, then he was pick at 8 and he was supposed to sit and learn for a year or two and then he became a starter and now that he is a starter you can see how he is progressing, he is coming along nicely, Kazaam was right on this one, we are much better off this way than with Garrard starting, I was with you on Garrard but I changed my mind.

all I'm looking for is for him to show improvement as the year goes along..

Everyone seems to think that he will be great I guess maybe we finally have our franchise QB hooray!

Yup, Dolphins found their quarterback, star receiver, and shut down corner in Arizona.

We're poised for a decade of 10+ moral win seasons and a handful of moral Super Bowl rings.

Losers find ways to lose.
Ireland is a loser.
3-13 is starting to look optimistic.
Maybe coach Easter Island Head can turn it around. Then again, maybe he can't.
There is likely little improvement from these players this year. They gave their best the last two weeks and came up short.


Even you can't deny the fact tha Tannehill looks good so far and is improving, he is still prone to making the stupid mistakes but over all he has handle himself quite well.

Hartline is more like a number two receiver, I agree with you there but we are not too far off from being a good passing team.

you guys remember during the off season all the moves the Bills made?..Hiring Wanstead, signing a bunch of high prized free agents on defense and giving Fitzpatrick all that money?..The Pat's just killed them on sunday, another great example why you build your team through the draft.

the stinking Jets are in a lot of trouble, he he he

I'm making a prediction right now, in three to four years Tannehill will be hands down the best QB in the AFC east, Brady would be on his way out and the Bills
and Jets have no QB...

I hope you are right that we'll be contenting for SB soon..I know you don't really believe it but its a start..

RyanChad HenneHill isn't the answer.


explain how Ireland lost this game for us?..did he miss that FG??..or did he fumble???...or did he missed an assigment on a blitz that caused Tannehill to throw an INT???

you are a moron.

FZB I think that RastaJoke is a Jets fan guy brings nothing to the table here.

let it be, FZB.. these fools don't know anything about football.
as for tanny, suggesting he's the same QB we saw in week 1 is insanity. the kid IS improving. 2 of the 3 teams we played are at the top tier of teams in the league. i think he's looking good. yes, there are rookie mistakes, but he does look good. he's getting more comfortable with the offense as well.
it's a process. don't come on here and hate. this team is young, they have fire, and i'm enjoying watching them now more than i have in quite a few years.

I'd be happier with Tannehill's play if the fans and media weren't declaring him a success while he loses games with 'rookie mistakes'. Exact same thing happened with Henne and he never stopped making those mistakes. Not that one has anything to do with the other, all this praise just gives me the willies.

Losing to that Jets team really looks bad now.

Thanks guys...you're right I think the Rasta-man has to be Jets fan...lol

Kaz, nothing wrong with having a little optimism everyone in a while..

Rastaduke would me my guess.

Jeff Ireland's short list for the 2013 draft


FZB & Big Baby
I despise the dirty rotten stinking Jets.
But you two, I only wish you the nicest of days.

Your post sucked.

Have a nice day.

Yea well the Dolphins haven't done anything in the past 5 years to earn the benefit of the doubt from me and they still have the same assholes in charge.

I have all the optimism in the world for my Hurricanes though, can't wait for my trip this weekend to Chicago and I believe we have a shot to knock off the Seminoles at homecoming too.


I have a friend that's going to the Canes game this weekend, he lives on the south side but he is not all there mentally if you know what I mean, I think you're crazy sometimes but Bill IS Crazy.

told him to make sure he doesn't spend his bail money just in case...I agree with you on the Canes, better days are ahead for sure, of course I won't agree with you on my son so I'm going to let that "assholes" comment slide this time..lol

could Rastajew be the Dukes-ter????..if that's the case I take my "you are a moron" comment back...I love the Dukes-ter !!!!!!

in case anyone cares, Hartline has better stats than B marshall...

I care Hartline is one bad as s white boy.

Jesus loves you.

Rastajoke go troll somewhere else.

RastaJew is a hero amungst the mentally anguished lobotomized lesbian front!

Brandon Marshal looks good tonight.

We all love boobs, but is there any way we can stop playing A QUARTER of the NFL season with pink accents without necessarily endorsing breast cancer?

For f*ckssake, the audience is 90% male, why are we this concerned about a readily identifiable disease in women when there is an equally prevalent and far less identifiable disease that actually affects that 90%?

Not saying all of November needs brown shoes and wristbands, just saying this sh*t makes no sense.

Kaz, you should have taken PR 101 as an easy elective.

Nice post Chaz. You're sticking close to your persona.

btw, the word is - amongst. Don't give yourself away by wanting to correct.

Hey Jimbo, Glad you had a good time on 6th St., and again, sorry I couldn't be there along with your pals. It is as you say, Bourbon light. Hope you had a chance to graze at Whole Foods just a few blocks away.

Brain check.

I've lived in SoCa for 35 years, arrived in 76 before the region exploded and went bonkers. It now clocks in at 25M in the five county area, as compared to places like Chicago and NY at 10M a piece, or even second string Miami at 5.5M. Recently I moved to Austin Tx., population 800k and quickly embraced a much slower, 1960's pace. Wow! What a shock to come back into Blade Runnerville.

Moral of the story: If one gets a chance, it's nice to go back to a small town.

Jumbo, Kaz, FZB....Marshall would have been excellent with Tannehill, but, (and everything after but is S#IT), maybe if he was still here Hartline would not have blossomed like he has, who knows. All I know is Marshall is gone, ain't c'ming back, neither is 85! So, for immediate, affordable help, try out Plaxico, he is excellent in the Red Zone, where we need the most help! We have nothing to lose!!! He's a FA, we don't have to trade any picks for him and he is healthy. Get rid of Naanee, Armstrong and Egnew and pick up Plaxico, maybe Gaffney and give Hogan a shot. We can afford to experiment with this team, this year!!! If I were GM I'd be bringing in every possible prospect for a try out!!! No excuse for him to sit on his ass about this when there is talent out there!!

That was Jimbo, not Jumbo, spell check took over. Sorry Jimbo, unless you are a jumbo, no offense meant sir!

hey dave in los angelous u beat me to it since u probably are a homo like philbin


good point on the wr's , we sure do need help there..I'm also wandering why Naanee is still on this team, the guy is horrible.

B Marhsall is what we need but the guy didn't want to be here plus he would have made life miserable for golden boy T-Hill...good riddance.

as for Jimbo, you were partially correct he is Jimbo but he eats Jumbo now since he is in cajun country now..

ok redsky, I was ready to get up in that a$$, gonna get ugly around here. Just kidding.
Plaxico would be someone I'd look at. Chad Johnson had his chance in Miami and blew it. After watching Hard Knocks, Egnew shouldn't have made the team. He's a pussy who doesn't like contact.
FZB, I keep my self in check with the cajun food. Going back to CO for 2 weeks on bidness, going to hit my old hiking budz & trails around Pikes Peak to tune up.
Dolphins need upgrades at S, CB, WR, TE and like you can't have too many of them,,, pass rush DE.
Don't be surprised if Miami doesn't offer LT Long a big enough contract and he leaves.
As we speak, Miami will have 1, 2 (2), 3 (2), giving them 5 picks in the first 5 rds in next yrs draft.

who is this RastaMan? who could this B? is he new? is he really a Jew?

I didn't go to Whole Foods, had them in Colorado Springs. Not a lot of people out, bars were mostly empty. A couple of good looking college girls here & there. What did catch my eye was the riverwalk runners. We got down there in the early evening. Quite a few fitness mama's on the walk. THAT's really more my speed vs skanky bartenders & lounge lizards.
Took a tour boat and went underneath Congress bridge to watch the 1.5 million bats take off into the dusk sky.

FZB- Relax with the Tannah best QB in 4yrs in the AFC East. Don't forget, the Jets went to 2 AFC title games with Sanchez, and look at him right now. What have you seen so far that makes you so confident? He has only played 4 games!!! Lets return to this subject after 16 games. Do you think he will be better then Cutler, Rivers, Romo, Stafford, Vick? What have they done?

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