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September 24, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 43.8%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G3: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 43.8 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 23-20 overtime loss to the visiting New York Jets putting Miami's 1aa1dsmseason record at 1-2. That actually ia a fairly high rating following a loss, indicative perhaps of fans understanding that Miami "should" have won if not for a missed 48-yard field. The DSM, in its fifth season, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you can still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

Next poll: Sept. 30 following game at Arizona. 

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/#storylink=cpy



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How can anyone be satisfied with a loss????... Losers mentality....
Kicker choked .... Stupid play calling after long pass doomed this team.
And seeing that stupid clown (Sparno) celebrating Made me sick.


Tannehill had a bad game, 16 of 42 I think and threw and INT for a TD but it was a learning experience, losing is losing but this is a process for the kid and he's development is coming along nicely..

our defense was stellar, they only gave up 16 pts to the Jets, good enough to win most games, our kicker lost the game, hey it happens, what can you do.

not everything was lost, The Canes won an improbable game saturday, that was good.



if you state that "our kicker lost the game", then you can empathize with boise state that had two undefeated seasons the past two years undone by bad placekicking; had boise won those two games, kellen moore would be rightfully considered the greatest QB in recent college football history. (he might be anyway)

Quick points:

*Miller should have gotten more carries late in the game against that worn out defense.
*Tannehill showed some poise & some bumps..but overall the future still looks bright with him. Wait until the game slows for him and he gets more help.
*Should've just been 3 straight runs after the long completion to Hartline. Miami HAD the momentum.
*Odrick doesn't look like a bad pick after all.
*Tebow should be handing out programs. Looked lost and confused.
*Sun Life could still use a lesson in fun from the Orange Bowl.
*Last..but certainly not least. LACES OUT!!!!

Still a Dolphan. Win or LEHOOZEHERRR.

I second ya, Chief. I nearly upchucked my BLT, beer and fries the moment Sparano broke out into his old fist pumping routine.

OC Dolphin,

yup, 23-20 was the score that the shadow saw and the bookies loved if it was NYJ -3. they don't call them the "wise guys" for nothing. the ole shadow said take the over (40.5) and the over was a winner. if i was doing this for real i'd be a nervous wreck, and thankfully i don't believe i knw anyone who bets on football games- a quick way to go broke or get physically broken. our fearless leader stated the dolphins would win 20-17, so he picked a score that was a loser on all counts, yet he has to, like everybody who writes, make picks for the week. they all come out on the short end. and when it comes to picking horses, food stamp card awaits. a miserable way to lose and i hear all those who lament that the dolphins didn't run to get carpenter closer. i believe all of the runners had a good yds/carry and a few yards closer and that carpenter kick is just inside the crossbar. horrible, horrible- a reminder of that game in foxboro when the dolphins had the great meltdown and fiedler threw 3 times for incompletes, stopping the clock and allowing the patriots into the playoffs for their first SB win with brady.

Im willing to be patient with Philbin's rebuild effort. But still, we can't lose to the jets never again.

just watched the pats kicker kick a 49 yard FG like its nothing. Our kicker misses two. Go figure.

Yeeeaaah Cote, the path a 5-11 season continues.
HEY JOE PHILBIN: TIME OUT! LOL. Thanks for the win. That was a nice blocked field goal by your team that didn't count. HA HA HA!


Tremendous late game tonight, just tremendous. One of the best I've seen since perhaps the NY/NE SP and that miracle catch. Sensational and it couldn't have happened against a nicer group of guys.

The unfortunate loss for Torrey Smith, who went ahead and played, scoring two TDs just put icing on the cake.

Hurrah for great football!

I'm not sure who is where on those Flacco arguments, but just for the record (2008 draft talk on this blog) I always thought that Joe Flacco was the bomb. Dude was like heaving the ball 10 yards past all those other 08 QBs at that year's Combine.

Keep me on the side that says Flacco will only get better and be one of the best before it is all said and done.

...and with their third pick the Dolphins select Chad Henne, Quarterback, Michigan.

Hey boys!

OC Dolphin,

it is way too late for me, but watching football on the west coast used to be get going with the ganja at 10:00, and all through on sundays at 4:30 (break at 4:20 of course), before sunday night games. MNF used to come on at 6:00 PM and if the game was blacked out in LA, off to bakersfield or santa barbara for a road trip to watch the rams, who i believe lost every game for which we travelled. glad that ravens/patriots was enjoyable, although both sides are screaming about the officiating. as i have told our good friend Kazaam, his team of choice- the bawlmer ravens- are the best in the AFC; pittsburgh seems to be falling apart with the newly married ben r.

Legedu Naanee: 3 games played. 0 catches. GET LOST!

Hey, just in case anyone is paying attention, the Dolphins and the Patriots have the same record...

Guys, Joe Flacco seems to be coming into his own, top ten in the league for sure which brings me to my next point, he came into the league 5 seasons ago and has had a great team behind him since the beginning and still had to go through growing pains, only now you seem him becoming elite.

what's my point here?...Tannehill, we need to give our guy the same time to develop specially since he doesn't have a stellar receiving WR corp's to work with.

My point here, if it takes Tannehill 5 years plus to develope into an " elite" QB, I am afraid by that time only the refreshment vendors will be at the stadium to watch.


We are in a rebuilding year, can we all agree on that? but we are not a typical young team that needs EVERYTHING, we only have four players thirty and over, our offensive line has come together (finally), we have the best running game in the NFL and we have a top three defense against the run, we have a young stud at QB that will only get better with experience and I like our Head Coach and his staff.

sure we have holes but we will be able to compete for the division in the next year or two.

as of now I think our biggest weakness is WR, pass rusher DE/LB and stud TE...we are not that far away guys, we will have about 60 mil to sign our own free agents next year and a bunch of draft picks to continue the rebuilding process, we just need to hang in there a little longer.


Wrong. Our biggest weakness is the GM. After that it is the owner (Or...Just flip those two).

Followed closely by the stadium and atmosphere.

Then go ahead and list WR et. al.


Let me ask you this:

Who is going to make those picks? Ireland?!?!?
Do you have faith in Ireland? I certainly don't and that is my biggest problem. He had plenty of opportunities to fix the holes in this team and chose not to. Plenty of FA WR and TE and he just sat on his hands and did NOTHING.
Lose Ireland or else we will just keep losing.

"we have the best running game in the NFL"

FZB, I see your Delusional disorder has returned. Just when I thought you were getting better......

Hey uglyaqua,

just so you know, this morning on the Joe Rose show they were saying that we are the number one rushing team in the NFL, we started the week as # 3 but we moved past Tampa Bay (which is two) and they didn't think that Seattle was going to get 190 rushing tonight which would make us NUMERO UNO.


Now you can call me delusional but I deal in facts.

Master Chief and 2018 will be our year,

I'll deal with you two Einstein's later...

To put the blame on any certain player or play is unfonded. There was not one player on the field that could have made just one play that would have changed the game. Why was it necessary for a fieldgoal kicker to be used? If you make your plays and score TD's, a kicker will only be needed to kick extra points and kickoffs. It seems like so many Dolphin games they were not supposed to win. I'll continue to pull for you as a team. Good luck in the future.

He's not far off we are 48 yards behind leader KC Miami is currently 4th in NFL.

Tannehill was bad yesterday I expect better he needs to improve his accuracy it has been an issue since he was named the starter.

Tough Arizona D on the horizon yes he needs more weapons but 16 for 36 with a pick 6?

That's terrible.

If it gives you and Joe Rose comfort to feel like the Dolphins have the best running game, then so be it.

Good luck with that.

"a landmark celebratory victory for the University of Miami football team and coach Al Golden over Georgia Tech on Saturday "

Landmark Victory? Against an UNRANKED one demensional team that has NO passing game and plays typical ACC NO DEPTH defense. Which is invisible. sUgarcoat it all U want. bUt Ur still giving up 300yrds on the ground and 35 pts. a game. And had a 2 Qrt. stretch where U were outscored 36- NADA. Same thing different year. Ur Canes are so starved for anything that even resembles positive news, once again, like the last 8 years, Ur blowing up a 1 barely Win over a garbage team as Ur "Come Back" cries are only met with agreement from other dUmb clUcks like Urselves. Honestly, why do U do this same song and dance year after year after year after year and still expect Ur false hopes to actUally become reality? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, I know, this year is different and "the year".

300 + YARDS YARDS ON THE GROUND AND 35 pts. PER GAME !!! Let that sink in and axe Urselves this. U think that's winning football and going to improve with far better competition on Ur 6-6 horizon? So congrats on Ur little squeaky win over a crUd team. All it did was keep U from going 5-7 and maybe now going 6-6 at best. But's that's Ur goal right? Get to 6 wins and take another Bowl Ban... Nice aspirations there Cane Fan. 6 wins... It's where Ur at and why U act so releaved after beating Ga. Tech, stroming the field and jumping into the stands. Little boy Football.

Ur October U Swooooon is next, so enjoy this meaningless Victory on a NATIONAL Scale whilest U can U 42nd. Ranked Team U...

Listen to Sileo... "Is this a gigantic win?" NO IT'S NOT... It was ONE Win over an average team. NO WE ARE NOT BACK"

Praise the Lord, at least 1 Cane gets it...

FZB- Slow down my friend. YOUNG STUD AT QB? Best rbs in the league? Relax buddy, that was an awful game yesterday!! I watched every snap of that game, the Jets tried as hard as possible to give it away. The Jets are not very good this year, you should of won that game. As much as some people try to pump up Bess and Hartline, they are not much help for Tannah. Luck and RG3 look like studs right now, I think Tannah. is a work in progress. That pick6 was a killer at the start of the 3rd qtr. He should get better, we shall see what he does against the Cards next sunday.

Big Baby,

I agree with you 100% on Tannehill, he DID have a terrible game but he responded twice to adversity which a lot of young guys don't do.

First one, he had thrown a pick 6 and D Thomas had fumble and the Jets had tie the score, he took the team 80 yds in 11 plays to bring the score 17 to 10, he didn't get rattle.

the second and the most important he took the team down by three with less than two minutes and we tied the game, he performed under pressure which is more than Henne ever did, I don't have any more doubts on the kid, he's the real deal.

he just needs the experience, and he's getting it now.

ps- he also took us down the field on OT but we all know how that turned out...

NaplesJack your defense is flat out terrible.

Defensive genius/ GM Belichick has failed you.

FZB I liked that he bounced back but even on his worst day Henne was never under 50 percent passing I don't think.

He hits Hartline in stride and it's game over.

I think he will be better but he has a long way to go.

Senor Naples Jack,

I didn't say we have the best running backs, I said we have the best running game, not anymore since Bush is going to be out a few weeks according to the PBP..

and yes I do think we have a young stud at QB, he is a work in progress but the kid has moxie and yes he does have a long way to go specially on those long passes, he needs to put a little more air under those throws.

and the Patriots defense still sucks (like Baby said), what happened to the genius?...1-2 just like the Dolphins, he he.

The upcoming challenge will be that of staying healthy. Now that Bush is out for two to three weeks, it will translate to a greater focus by opposing D's on coverage and on getting to Tannehill.

Daniel Thomas and rookie Lamar Miller in many ways are like Fasano and Hartline - nice, but not consistent threats. Again, this translates to the Dolphins having more 3rd and longs and those Cardinals and Bengals defenses rushing the QB.

The Rams game on 10/14 might be the next time that a victory seems attainable, the next time the team is back at full strength, barring another injury to a key player.

Attention Matt Moore! Best get your reps in.


Cris Collinsworth was providing color during that Ravens/Patriots game and often commented on how inconsistently and outright mistakes (awarding the receiving team 5 yards after a punt vs re-kick for a defensive offside call on fourth down).

Having said that, Cris also made mention that overall it was a more enjoyable game to watch, in large part because the players adapting to a more "street" form of the game. Guys were grabbing, holding, pushing off and certainly not fearing any flags.

A blow against antiseptic football indeed!

Tannehill's a bust.

Oh, yes. And I almost forgot...

It was especially nice seeing Belichick pouting and all-upset-like, after realizing that these new refs have no special admiration or reverence of him. No tendency to side with him just because he is who he is and his team is the holier than thou New England Patriots.

OC Miller and Thomas went for 125 combined after Bush ran for 60.

If our Oline continues to play well running game should be fine.

We need a 3rd WR and a QB that can win games right now we have neither.

Matty anymore of this and I will be calling for you I know you would have won that game.

deep breath guys,

don't lose track of the fact that wins and loses don't matter much this year, its all about Tannehill's development.

OC, yes it was nice to see the great Beli-cheater himself take it up the anus for once, he he, sorry Naples.

Big Baby,

Bush is the offensive leader on the team, if not the whole team. He is the guy who the Dolphins' game plan revolves around. The AFC Offensive Player of the Week in Week 2 and currently fourth in the NFL with 302 rushing yards on a 6.0 average.

Thomas averages 3.6 yards per carry and Lamar Miller's 5.3 average seem nice for limited touches. However, Thomas does not possess Bush's speed, and the rookie doesn't know the playbook well (as demonstrated by that busted play on Sunday).

If Bush misses any time I would like to see more Lamar Miller he is showing signs of being good.

Thomas has shown signs also if he stops fumbling but both are still a bit raw but promising.

We are a better team with Reggie I just read that timeline on Bush is shorter may not miss much time not 2-3 weeks.



Rebuilding year ?!@#$%.....Been more like a re-building decade (only exception with a one year we found a nut AFC east title)....

Bush is & always has been a "potato chip"...put him in the dip enough and he breaks...

Talleywhacker is Chad Henne 2.0......same build, same arm strength, same decision making ability so far as well...

& let's not even get into the decision making @ the end of the game....

Getting between 4-5 yards a pop on the ground & they have Talleywhacker put it up 3 times at there 30!@#$%

That's not developing a rookie QB in my book...Quite the contrary , putting all kinds of pressure on him when there needs to be none because your getting chunks running the ball...Football 101....

WOW !!!

Spiro Egnew...

Isn't he the new "passionate" TE the Dolphins drafted out of Missouri?


I can't believe my post was erased. WTF are you Cote a liberal progressive? My gawd let the people speak.

Missed both Miami games but I was thrilled to see that UM didn't fold despite a 17 point deficit, truly a great sign considering they were in every game last season and the Kansas State debacle (mitigated a bit by KS' dominance again Saturday) was the first game of Al Golden's tenure where his team seemed to quit.

Horrific news for Malcolm Lewis, he was really coming on strong, hope he gets a medical redshirt and can start his rehab soon.

Heard the end of the Dolphins game on the radio on the Acela Express as a J-E-T-S chant broke out all around me. Mercifully didn't see Tony Sparano fist pumping the game winning three pointer.

Get well soon Reggie!

Sorry to hear that, Tom,

An old vet of this blog, as yourself, should know that certain words trigger an automatic delete. Words like Jujubes, spick and span, whiteout, blackboard cannot be far behind.


I questioned the scarcity of people posting on the blog yesterday and added a Bluto Blutarski twist to it...

Hope you are well.

Dec 21 2012 cant come fast enough.

Pacckers at Seahawks tonight guys.
Seattle is a different team playing at home. Just ask the Cowboys.
I'll take seattle tonight.
Just think,After tonight The Packers and the Pats at 1 and 2.
My plan is coming right along.


was @ Bobby Dodd......

and I still believe the best thing that ever happened to Atlanta is William Tecumseh Sherman...

Orange Bowl,

as a fellow Canes fan I'm with you as a Dolphin hater and over all miserable "negativo" poster (just like your buddy Kaz) I'm not.

A-C you still have an offensive nickname what gives do you think that it's funny and not offensive?

What kind of tool has a nickname like that.

What kind of humorless twat thinks that nickname is offensive?

I knew you were an atheist proud of that are you?

A-C you still have an offensive nickname what gives do you think that it's funny and not offensive?

What kind of tool has a nickname like that.

Posted by: Big Baby | September 24, 2012 at 03:29 PM

Your name says it all Big.

Big,Does this name upset you?

That's awesome OB4E - nothing better than being on the winning side of an away game!

I've been on the other side too often these past few years, Va Tech, Florida, Ohio State, hoping for a change in luck at Soldier Field. I'm not sold on Notre Dame, beating Michigan by less than a touchdown after they turned the ball over 6 times? Not so impressive.

Win, lose, or draw, we've got an amazing October of UM football coming up! ND then UNC, FSU, Va Tech at home with a young team and a phenomenal young talent to watch in Duke Johnson.


The annual injury postponed, let's just enjoy the ride while it lasts, before Reggie falls in the sea.


You don't think they will bring him back Kazaam?

Admit that I am skeptical now also.

He will demand big money and they may be grooming Miller for similar role along with Thomas he could be expendable.

Tough call.

I don't think he will be back, it will be dangerous paying him a ton of money, he is getting older (for a RB) plus he is somewhat injury prone.

I know most people would want him back but I think it would be a mistake plus like you say we have Thomas and Miller waiting.

Kaz, I'll go on record the "Convicts" Beat the "Catholics"
This will be my only football related prediction.


You posting that Jimi Hendrix classic made me think of the Duke, where is the Dukes-ter?..

maybe he's been kidnapped by a band of gypsies?

Funny Convicts versus Catholics the last time that phrase had any relevance whatsoever was 1988 or so.

FZB, He's aroun,I'am quite sure of this..


Thats the last time Notre Dame was relevant.....

True the real Catolics versus Convicts should be Boston College versus Miami both have been more relevant since.

Funny, last time Boston College had any relevance whatsoever was, 1984? Because they beat Miami that one time?

Your team's only moment of relevance existed in relation to UM. Go slurp beans Big Baby.

I'd love to see Reggie back but talented players cramp Jeff Ireland's style. Plus Reggie has genuine leadership qualities, and wanting to be paid according to output is likely strike three.


Ten straight bowl games before last season I call that relevant.

ACC Title game a few years ago no or did I dream that I might have maybe with Matt Ryan I think.

Either way their winning percentage this past decade has been very good not surprisingly, you haven't noticed.

No one noticed. It's Boston College.

Who you votin' for Anti-Christ?


go slurp beans ?...and how exactly you do that ? lol

I think you guys are a bit premature here, ND has beaten Michigan State and Michigan and I think those two teams are better than the Canes.

Orange Bowl is always accusing me of drinking the kool aid with the Dolphins, you guys ARE REALLY DRINKING THE KOOL AID on this one..he he


just call'em like I see'em .... Fellow homer like the rest of us...BUT.....

Cant do that fartin rainbows thing you do with the fish....they get paid too much money for me to blow sunshine in the middle of that chit storm...

Pretty tough to be that attached when I gotta wake up Monday morning hung over-hating life b/c they lost & gotta go to work @ 6am - while they are sleeping in a bed bigger than my house with 2 blondes in it not caring what happened the day before b/c they made their money already....

I'll put BC's winning percentage up against UM's this past decade and say it's better without even looking it up.

You're irrelevant.

If only it were possible for a third party candidate to win in this country...

With the Anti-Christ and the ACLU on board there'd be no stopping him.


See 'Soldy's post above.

UM will never be 'irrelevant'.

Enjoy the show.

Excuse me B.B. but you said 1988.....

Last time I checked we have a few rings since then..(do your history homework)...What does BC have since 1988??
...Maybe a Hockey title ?? hahahahaha!!!

Kaz, I Love Dick Nixon, I've always said, if you dont know Richard, You dont know "DICK".
A true american, The only prez to scare the crap out of J.Edgar. IMHO.

Check again what I said Orange Bowl (phrase irrelevant).

BC wouldn't take half of those thugs over there anyway neither would ND.

A Boston College recruiting event:


Kaz,You hit the nail on the head with that one.

Baby,5 National championships for the canes, How many does B.C have?

I actually thought Miami might lose by more than 3. Good thing we didn't have Vernon Marhsll. If Dick Nixon were alive to witness this version of Fins team he would say Boss Kubler-Ross and GM Fire-Island working for the Dolphins? Since when? This is goddamn Disney Land.

Given their extreme recruiting limitations, BC has had a very successful football program the last 15 years success can be measured in different ways.

Given their extreme recruiting limitations, BC has had a very successful football program the last 15 years success can be measured in different ways.

Posted by: Big Baby | September 24, 2012 at 06:04 PM

Sounds like a "Blind date". "She has a great personality"


if there is no structural damage to reggie bush's knee, i would imagine that he will play against a suddenly potent st. louis cardinal team that now plays its home games in arizona. i'd call them the chicago cardinals except they played in chicago before i became football cognizant (1961 season). it all depends on how he practices during the week, and i am quite sure the coaches will decide correctly. sitting out one game wouldn't be the end of the dolphins' world, but the NFL mantra is that injured players don't play, but hurt players do; he was hurt and not injured and i expect that he will be a go on sunday. it is amazing to me that bush was being ragged on last year when he arrived- the guy has unworldly talent that very, very few possess and he has shown it this season and last. he was no slouch for NO either.

all right guys let me put an end to your silly little argument..

Both the Canes and Boston College suck this year, case closed.

OC - did this pick up on the broadcast?


Just got off the phone with my son who works in New York City and he says the guys he works with who are Jets fans, are in mourning about Revis. He says they could not be more upset if there was a death in their family. He told them not to worry, they can put Tebow at CB, he has always been good at keeping the ball away from WRS, lol. He said they all thought the Dolphins should of won the game, the Jets are that bad. They think the Jets will be lucky to win 6 games this year.

* West coast broadcast. Friend of mine in LA said it sounded muted.

Dolphins have a better qb situation than the Jets.

As far as the U, BC, or ND goes, its all about recruiting. Most of the guys that Miami goes after, could not get thru admissions with either school. The same recruits that Miami goes after go to Alabama, Florida, LSU. Better conference to play in if you want to play in the pro's. By same recruits I mean, same academic standards.

Is Jeff Ireland still employed?

The Hurricanes did not look great but it was a great game to watch. GoCanes!!!

The Dolphins will continue to struggle because they have a severe shortage of playmakers. Reggie is looking good. Hopefully the injury is not too bad. Tannehill will get better and when we get real WRs that most certainly will help.

But none of this will happen with Ireland as the GM. He's the GM equivalent of CamCamMoron......dead from the neck up.

Now now Tom, don't say nasty things like that about my son, he will prove all you guys wrong if given the time by Ross, even Cote said that he should come back next year.

Naples Jack,

That's a nice offensive line that your genius coach has put together..

don't hear you fire ireland geniuses complaining about the offensive line anymore..
seems like pouncey has turned into the 2nd best center in the game, martin is learning quickly and no sacks given up yesterday, and a top rushing attack in the league. we are on the right track. be patient and enjoy..


Heard it loud and clear. I honestly thought that that 15 yard penalty would be too much for the Ravens to overcome at that point in the game. Very glad they did.


We all know that the Ravens lost Suggs, and that their defense is still rock-em-sock-em, but those nonstop Patriot 4 yards passes to the two Smurfs were tantamount to a bunch of Smart cars nimbly cutting through six lanes of 18 wheelers all doing 20.

FZB- As far as our o_line goes, we shall see Dec.2, how things go. The only problem will be, your Dolphins will be out of the race, and Brady will hang his usual 34-38 points on this sorry defense. He will be licking his chops over Marshall and Smith. The o-line was not the problem last night. He actually played against a top team, with a top defense last night, not the chump Jets. If you can't beat a team like the Jets yesterday, how can you talk about any team. No excuses come sunday, when you play the Cards. Fitzgerald had 1 pass for 4yds, against Pats. He will have a field day against Marshall, and Smith.

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