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September 30, 2012

G4: Arizona 24, Dolphins 21 (Final/OT): Heartbreak (again); 2nd straight overtime loss overshadows big day for Tannehill, Hartline

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G4: DOLPHINS @ ARIZONA: Final: Another heartbreak for Miami and Dolfans, a second straight OT defeat. Tannehill passed for 431 yards to break Dan Marino's club rookie record, and Hartline caught 253 yards in passes to break Chris Chambers' club record, but, alas, neither feat can be celebrated much tonight. ..... OT: Killer. Ex-Dolphin Jay Feely boots 46-yard FG for 24-21 'Zona win. ... Tannehill, while being hit, throws interception. ... Looking for a better overtime finish than a week ago vs. Jets. ..... 4Q: said it was easy being a Dolfan? Kolb 15-yard TD pass to Roberts ties it 21-21 with 29 seconds left ... Tannehill loses fumble on sack. ... That was about the nuttiest minute of football I can remember. First Legedu Nannee's fumbled catch is returned inside the Dolphins' 10. Then Sean Smith's second INT rescues Miami. Then Tannehill and Hartline hook up for an 80-yard TD, after which the 2-point conversion pass is good. Wow. ... Andre Roberts 46-yard pass from Kolb gives 'Zona first lead at 14-13 with about 9 minutes left. Richard Marshall is not an NFL-capable starting cornerback. Tannehill with his chance to be a hero ..... 3Q: Tannehill intercepted. This one counts. Momentum shifting? ... Lucky break. Tannehill called interception by Adrian Wilson reversed on review. ... Larry Fitzgerald 3-yard scoring pass from Kevin Kolb has Cacti within 13-7. ... Carpenter just wide on 51-yard FG try. ... Half: dreamy half for Miami, with the defense limiting Arizona to 68 total offensive yards and Ryan Tannehill a sharp 15-for-21 for 219 yards -- 196 of them to Brian Hartline (110) and Davone Bess (86). Very, very impressive start for the visitors. ..... 2Q: Carpenter 27-yard FG and 13-0 lead set up by Smith pickoff. ... Sean Smith interception in final minute secures shutout half for Miami. ... Jorvorskie Lane bulls in on a 4th-and-1 for a 10-0 Miami lead just inside 2-minute warning. Like that gamble. Would have liked the call even if they'd failed. ... Cameron Wake-s up, goes from zero season sacks to three in the first half. ... The excitement is palpable, can't you feel it? But enough about the Ryder Cup. Back to the football game. ... Former goat Dan Carpenter with 32-yard FG and 3-0 Miami lead. ..... 1Q: Ryan Tannehill very sharp in a scoreless first quarter (8-10, 86 yards). Encouraging start for Miami. ..... Original post: Somehow, when we weren't looking, the once lowly Arizona Cardinals became mighty. At 3-0 they are one of only three remaining unbeatens. Their record is 10-2 dating to last 1aa1cardsdolsmidseason, best in the league. Their defense is very good. They have won seven home games in a row. For these reasons and dash of Larry Fitzgerald I think your Dolphins will have a tough time today out in the desert. The Cacti can get to the opposing QB so Ryan Tannehill needs to be careful and not rookie-acting. I do give Miami a medium upset shot assuming Reggie Bush plays as expected. The Dolphins' D-line should dominate 'Zona's weak offensive line, and, in what figures as a low-scoring game, one or two freak plays could turn this, such as a return TD or defensive score. Your thoughts welcome. (Quick observation on the two logos pictured. You can give them an angry look and a mean stare, but it is nevertheless remains very difficult to make either a bottlenose dolphin or a small bird appear all that menacing). My pick: Arizona, 20-10.


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Thinking about finding a sports bar for this game today, but it won't be easy. Sure wish I was in South Beach ..can watch games and women during the commercials.


Big news of the week. Miroslaw Klose admitted to handling a ball on a goal which could've put Lazio up 1-0 in the 4th minute. The ref ruled a goal; shrugged off the opponents complaints..then Klose admitted it. Maradona, Henry, Italians, Brazilians..all take note.

EPL had some good games yesterday. How about this one, our US national Dempsey scores the winner for Tottenham at Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium.

Fun once again last night watching a Vancouver - Seattle game. Watching games played in Vancouver, Portland or Seattle feels like watching a game in Europe.


"It has been said by some that the schedule appears to favour Brazil in terms of kick-off times but Valcke insists this was just a question of luck.

"The match schedule has not been organised just for Brazil to win this World Cup, but it is true they are lucky and playing in very good conditions,'' he added."

FIFA is already doing it's part to set up a World Cup win for Brazil in Brazil. While other teams will be playing in the jungle, hot swampy areas at 1pm kick-off.

This is FIFA's latest farce. Blatter is a definite moron or has no memrory, claiming the game has never suffered when playing in high heat or altitude conditions. He's forgotten the 1994 US games in Dallas and Orlando, obviously, where the Europeans seriously struggled...even Germany could barely play. Play was at a snail's pace and the hot weather countries performed better.

you allknow what a homer I am, I say Dolphins win 24-13

we even our record today...

go Dolphins !!!

the cardinals are going to win wooooo


i don't think that brazil, perennial contenders, have the players they've had in the past and even a favorable schedule arranged for them and playing at home will work for them. besides the extremely talented but immature neymar won't be able to get it done. maybe one of the south american sides, or even mexico, can win in the home hemisphere but you are right that the europeans used to moderate climates will be in trouble. isn't it going to be winter down ther if they play in june-august?

real madrid in ninth place in la liga after winning with a 100 point season a year ago!! mourinho must be taking valium by the handful.


goes for the legs of the defensive end and misses badly, his man goes through to sack tannehill. he is on pace for his at least 16 sacks allowed this season and we are only midway through the first quarter, CONTRACT YEAR- get rid of this incredibly overrated first player taken in the draft. all of those who were clamoring for matt ryan have a cheshire cat smile on their faces, and rightly so. jake long isn't just overrated, he is bad, just as the ole shadow has told my blogmates for the past few seasons. no excuses on hurt/injured/recovering- keep bush and pay him long's money.

Pass is working better than the run so far.


misses a block on #93, who then nails reggie bush before bush can cut back into space. once again, move jonathan martin to LT next year, after kissing jake the fake good-bye. i generally am not for moving guys from their positions on the right to the left side, but martin seems like he could handle it


49ers 253, NEW YORK JETS 0

mark sanchez is worthless, having gone south every season since he was a rookie.

buffalo couldn't stop NE in the 4th quarter after getting out to a 21-7 lead at home. six consecutive scoring drives for brady and friends against a supposedly strengthened defense with the addition of mario the guy picked ahead of reggie bush. id the dolphins lose today, it will be pretty much impossible for the division to be won by anybody but the patriots, and the runner-up won't even sniff a wild card spot. isn't bellichek supposed to be a defensive genius? where does he get these guys who come up with new england's yearly unstoppable offense?


i guess rookie QB who is having a big half courtesy of #15 and hartline. bush his terrific healthy self; control a half and just 13 points up is foreboding, but with kevin kolb running arizona's offense 13 points may be enough.


miss a long FG and give the outplayed in the first half field position and then a score- a real score of 7, not three, points. is dan carpenter shaken or stirred? off to the holiday-see you guys on tuesday night.

F*ck Jay Feely.

Please FOLD this franchise or move the Dolphins to L.A.

This team cannot finish.

I will try to take some positives away from this game but they should be 3-1.

Total rookie mistake on that last int.

Throw it away.

Tannehill appears to be quite a find thanks to Dolphin fans. That Denver demolishing of Oakland puts Dolphins demolishing of Oakland in perpective... Oh yeah thanks Boss Kubler-Ross and GM Fire-Island.

Here's this if it helps...


Ok gentlemen, this was CLEARLY our best game on both sides of the ball. Think about it, look at the whole picture. The D played well so did the O, we just got beat in OT. Yes, Carpenter was a factor, but considering we have a rookie QB, HC and are handicapped by Ireland, we are a better team than we were last year at this point in time. An Alpha receiver would make a huge difference. Even if we added Plaxico, he's great in the Red Zone, it would make a great difference.

tannehill was well on his way of winning the game for us and then he lost the game, this loss is all on him but that's what you get with a rookie QB.

he still looked terrific for most of the game , you can tell that everything is slowing down for him and he is getting comfortable running the team, guys don't lose sight of the fact this year is about Tannehill.

he will be a lot better next year

2 straight OT losses and it's hard no to say what if FZB.

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