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September 14, 2012

G3: Hurricanes 38, Bethune-Cookman 10 (Final): Duuuke! Johnson's four TDs carry UM in home opener; plus FIU loses, more Collball Week 3

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G3: HURRICANES 38, BETHUNE-COOKMAN 10: Big-play fireworks from freshman Duke Johnson carried the Canes past undermanned Bethune on Saturday, 38-10. Johnson had a 95-yard kick return touchdown, a 50-yard scoring pass and a 28-yard TD run along with a shorter score. Miami is now 2-1. ..... Original post: Got a headache? Pop an Advil. Hurting from a 52-13 loss at Kansas State? Pop Bethune-Cookman. Sorry, 1aa1bcumBethuners and Cookmanites, but you smaller schools serve a purpose on the NCAA food chain, and that is to give bigger schools either A) a soft dress-rehearsal with which to prepare for their real games, or B) a stat-padding, pysche-soothing automatic win following a big loss. Make that "B" for Miami this week. Having said that I would note two points of caution. 1) Bethune is 2-0, so, as Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference teams go, this is a pretty decent one. 2) After last week I'd say UM isn't good enough to take anybody for granted. The Canes' defense, especially, needs to show it can dominate somebody. Anybody. See a big numbers game for Stephen Morris. Also think Duke Johnson will put on a big, legend-in-the making show in his home debut. My pick was: Miami, 48-10.

Other Collball Week 3 state FBS games:

No. 5 Florida State 52, Wake Forest 0: After two cupcake mismatches FSU elevated to a semi-cupcake in ACC foe Wake Forest. Noles have now outscored three opponents, 176-3. My pick was: FSU, 38-13.

UCF 33, FIU 20: FIU lost to a bad team (Duke), then barely beat an even worse team (Akron). Now the Mario Brothers faced a legit team in the Central Florida Knights. This would have been a really nice road upset for The Int'l but a 23-0 first half hole proved too deep. My pick was: UCF, 31-17.

No. 18 Florida 37, No. 23 Tennessee 20: To folks in the 'Villes (Gaines and Knox) this felt like the national game of the day. It was close. I still wasn't sold all the way on Florida, but I'm getting closer. Nice road win. My pick was: Tennessee, 24-23.

No. 7 Georgia 56, FAU 20: What FAU won't do for a fat revenue-sharing check. Although the Owls did give a better show than I imagined. My pick was: Georgia, 55-7.

My records: Week, 4-1. Season, 13-2.

Other state FBS games: Rutgers def. South Florida, 23-13, on Thursday.

National Game of the Week: No. 2 Southern Cal @ No. 21 Stanford (Saturday 7:30).

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I be from Buffoon Cookeman

Cane Fan sweating BethUne-Cookman !

Hey, where da white women at?

What Cane Fan is sweating Bethune Cookman?

What Gators fan would still care about Miami? Y'all dropped us, remember? Only play once every 5 years?

And Ur Already sweating next years Sept. 7 beatdown at the hands of the GATORS...

So will U still be yoUng and Untalented ?

Or Experienced and Untalented ?

Nothing brings out the child in all of us like in- state college football rivalries.

Grow up all of you.

I sure hope we're not playing "Betun" at night.

FIU 24
UCF 23

It'll be an upset, or much more competitive than FIU has given us reason to assume thusfar.

UM vs Bethune may be a repeat of last year when Bethune dominated until the 4th when UM finally pulled away.

Bethune: 21
UM: 28

They stayed with the U until the lights came on.

what't up guys !!!

I'm doing the double header this weekend ( no, not with the wife ) Canes on saturday and the Dolphins on sunday, one at noon and the other at 1pm...yikes!!

what can I say, I'm a total homer..The good news is I think they win both games..Playoffs here we come !!

Baby, you're right all these people need to grow up.

Yea, no. I'm not. Couldn't name a single player on the Gators, sure as hell not following them until next year.

U, on the other hand, have been following every little thing that happens with Miami for years and write your cUtesy posts on every single Miami blog that pops up on this website.

Nice weekend planned FZB.

I will be seriously depressed if the Dolphins lose.

Where's our great command in chief with half the world ablaze?

Another retarded coward over-the-years swamp lizard coming on here spouting crap......

The Reality - Gayturds took us off there schedule so they can play the likes of ...."Who am I state" & "Our Lady or Perpetual Sorrow" every year instead.....

Bottom line numbers - Miami leads all time series 28 wins to Gaysville's 26.....& 5 N.C.'s to 3.....

FZB - Yes we all know that you are the "delusional" homer no need to re-affirm...(Still a card carrying member of the Ireland fan club??)

Big Baby - My advice either invest in blindfolds or have a heavy regimen of Prozac ready for Sunday afternoon.

Canes will win, but I bet Bethune puts up at least 21 points....

Orange Bowl they smashed this Oakland team last year I think their chances are good as long as Tannehill doesn't F*ck it up like Incognito told him not to do.


No Marshall, No Davis, Talleywhacker at the controls...
Different coaches with different philosophies...

Take Canes game from last week as example.....Last year we were six inches from winning (BTW..Thats what she said..) ...& what happened to us this year against "Same K St team"..

Last year was last year....Like Janet Jackson says...What have you done for me lately!!!

Dolphins have a worse roster than last year and Oakland has a better one, including the availability of one of the top 5 RBs in the league.

There's a reason Dolphins are underdogs in this one, might be close though.


I'm confident the Canes will win their game BUT if the Dolphins lose on sunday then I say it's time to turn out the light's and wait for next year.

having said that I'm confident we will win for a number of reasons, I think that Sherman open's up the offense a little more this week , our defense won't be facing an explosive offense (they only have that RB)and they have all kinds of injuries, they also have to come east and play at 1PM in our weather.

FZB, is the Betun game a day game or a night game?


Obi is in hiding in the white house, probably playing basketball in the rose garden..

nice to see that you also support Ireland, maybe between the two of us we can help the guys see the "truth".

Orange Bowl....Yeah, I still support Ireland, you should have been paying attention as to the reason why.

Kazaam, while is basically a pick'em game I think we pull this one out.

I's not turn out the lights time yet FZB as there are still many winnable games on this schedule but this is a team that they should beat.


My main man, the game is at 12 noon brother, I'm going to fry my ass-off on those seats..no drinking for me this time, only water.

Kaz, you going to the Dolphins game?

FZB- My good friend. I hope you did not see that ESPN round table last night. Jerry Rice, Kec.Johnson, Mort, and Marcel. willey. I forgot which guy said it but, when they started talking about the Dolphins they said the dolphins and florida State should switch leagues!! The whole group killed the Dolphins.

Dashi- I see you are calling for a Matt Moore to GB. for Jennings? HAHAHA. Are you serious man? In the world according to dashi, this is a good trade for both teams. You are good for a laugh.

Naples Jack,

I know brother, the pain we are going to go through this year is necessary in order to get better, next year we won't have a bunch of vet's that won't be a part of the rebuilding of this team.

R Bush, K Dansby, B Hartline, maybe J Long? Mcdaniel just to name a few, we will have about 60 mil in cap space plus a bunch of draft picks plus Tannehill would have played and have a year's expericence under his belt, I say the future is bright but you know all the nay sayer's here.


left you a post at the bottom of the previous thread regarding the physical destruction that jay cutler is undergoing in chicago.

so great that you remember kenny easly; even though he played for the bruins, he was a joy to watch defending and returning punts. if gale sayers is in the HOF based on a six year career, and he should be, methinks kenny easly also deserves in. sandy koufax had a four and a half year run and he is in cooperstown. some get in for longevity, some for brilliant physical and athletic ability; ther is room for both. wishing you and everybody a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

senor Shadow,

Kenny Easly was a beast...great player, that's old school right there.

I can think of nothing that sounds more horrible then going to both the Canes and Dolphins games at 12 and 1 this weekend. FZB and 12 other people will be at those games.

I can name one person on the Canes: Thurston Armbrister, preseason starting LB. That preseason depth chart was hilarious. And you wonder how a Kansas State team with a 5'7 foot WR was able to put half a hundred on the Canes?

Good, I was afraid it might be a night game further complicating the Canes chances.

Rawpimple's another one - UM hater yet he still scours every article and blog post that comes out so he can trash talk about UM starting a freshman linebacker that first game.

And yea, he could name 80% of UM's starters off the top of his head.


you know I can probably come up with 100 reasons as to why I'm a fan of both teams and give you a complex answer as to why I'm going to both games but I think is just easier to tell you to blow me.


all old school, all the time- music, sports, cars, dress, religion...

as posted on the previous thread, best safeties:lott, ed reed (somewhat "new")and kenny easly, with the duo of anderson and scott maybe the best pair ever in the pros. i guess that the toothless one, larry smith of the st. louis cardinals, was probably the best of the 60s safeties, although i was a rams fan and our free safety, eddie meador, was the surest tackler i have ever seen. he wasn't fast, but anybody that was in front of him got tackled.

Dallas had Harris and Water's ?...memory is failing me on this one, that was during the "doomsday defense" time.

how come none of the great defensive teams that play now have great nic-names anymore?

NO Name defense
the steel curtain
doom's day defense
the orange crush
the purple people eater's
the killer b's

any other?

Posted by: I am Kazaam | September 14, 2012 at 12:20 PM

All that means is that I KNOW jUst how BAD dUh U trUly is...

And U've got no idea just how GOOD the Gators definately are...

Let me know when Ur "Back"

The Mighty GATORS never left.

Just keep telling yourself that. You're only researching Miami because you're such a Gators fan, nevermind the fact you don't research or troll on the Florida school that plays UF every year.


you really are wasting your time with these Neantherthal's.

and here is the best news of the day, Cote picked the Raiders to beat the Dolphins on sunday 23-17..

Now I know the Dolphins are going to win fo-sur

FZB- I just hope Tannah. saves his best for the Not Yets!!


I recently asked my friend's daughter what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be president some day. Both of her parents,liberal Democrats,were standing there,so I asked her,"if you were President what would be the first thing you would do?"

She replied!, "I'd give food and houses to all the homeless people." Her parents beamed.

"Wow...what a worthy goal." I told her,"but you don't have to wait until you're president to do that.You can come over to my house and mow the lawn,pull weeds,and sweep my floors, and I'll pay you $50.00.Then I'll take you over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out,and you can give him the $50.00 to use toward food and a new house."

She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Why doesn't the homeless guy come over and do the work,and you can just pay him the $50?"

I said, Welcome to the Republican Party."


my beloved "fearsome foursome"- the rams' defensive line: deacon jones, merlin olsen, rosey grier/roger brown, and lamar lundy. plus in his incredible 67 season, the fans' had that sign that read "deacon jones for secretary of defense". george allen knew that if you had a line that could pass rush as well as run defend, you could win with over the hill LBs-maxie baughn, myron pottios and jack pardee- and a decent secondary- clancy williams, jerry richardson (owner of carolina panthers) and eddie meador at free safety. i can't recall who the strong safety was on that team.

cliff harris and charle waters were a decent pair of safeties, as were gary fencik and the guy whose name i can't recall for the 85 bears. but they were known as hitters and not great pass defenders. the rams had a fine safety tandem in the late 70s and 80s- dave elmendorf of texas a&m at SS, at nolan cromwell of kansas, a QB in college, at free safety. it was common in those days to convert college QBs into fee safeties as they had knowledge of offenses and "playing centerfield" they had everything in front of them and were the defenses' last line of protection. throw in jack tatum and george atkinson of the raiders as a terrific safety tandem. college QBs with weak arms who were terrific athletes and ran the ball, like nolan cromwell and (super) bill bradley of texas and then the eagles, being prime examples. (gentleman) johnny robinson of LSU and then the chieves was another of the 60s top free safeties.


dave duerson played with fencik, and we know the tragedy of his death in february. a guy named chuck lamson played SS for the 67 rams, but he was a totally forgettable player.


I know you're a blues/jazz guy (mostly old school) but there are quite a few younger blue's men out there that can play, here's one of my favorites, not well known but the guy is great.

Tinsley Ellis




the jerry richardson who owns the panthers played flanker briefly for the colts, while a couple of years earlier the rams drafted a DB also named jerry richardson who had a good rookie year with a lot of INTs before george allen got there and went with veterans, as was his MO; the DB jerry r went to atlanta in the expansion draft, i believe, and had a short career but longer than the career of the other jerry r. kinda like the two steve smiths going strong today, but they are both pass catchers.


this piece of trash is so bad and so laughable, but the reaction to it has been horrific. you tell me what to do with people who make as preposterous a "work" as this knowing what could/would happen when the unsophisticated, illiterate arab/muslim hordes see this.



tinsley ellis can play the blues, no doubt!! singing the blues is a white boy's problem; playing em,like mike bloomfield, SRV, or derek trucks is within reach.
have a great weekend, and a happy and healthy and prosperous new year (5773) to all my pals.

oh yeah, the movie that is setting the world on fire.

horrific acts by these fanatic's, what kind of religion kills in the name of god?..I know the Christians used to do it way back in the day but these people are animals.

I wonder what would happen if we just tell everyone to fack off and recall everyone of our troops back home and stop giving financial aid to everyone and simply concentrate on the good old USA.

we can only hope right?

FZB- Only a true fan would sit thru the Dolphins and the U against these 2 teams at 12-1oc. Good luck, I hope both of youe teams win.

Thanks Naples,

we have a nice group, we barbecue a little, drink a little and over all have a good time, we really don't take things too seriously, we know that both teams are a little down but that's what being a fan is all about.

the good thing is my son is off this whole weekend and he'll be able to watch both games with the old man, looking forward to it.

canes aint even on TV and FIU's on CSS; geez, what next?

greg must be smoking the same green stuff that um coaches do.

Wow, Napless

Throwing Jabs at the Dashi. Ha Ha

Dashi was just saying to All U Matt Moore Fans. If Moore is a Legit NFL QB!

Why Not Trade him for a WR that is going to be a FA Next Year?

Hey we traded our #3 CB for a 2nd. Might as well trade the Holy Matt Moore for another teams #2 Wr?


Now Dashi is Overvaluing Moore? GET REAL!!

ANYONE THAT KNOWS DASHI KNOWS DASHI HATES MATT MOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a Passion!!


Since the PreSeason. Look it Up!!

U urself Napless JerkOff, have Criticized Dashi for his Unconditional HATE Towards Matt Moore!!



WOW FZB You & I finally have something to agree on......

The minute we pull aid$$$ these camel jockeys will start killing there own to get our money back....

Religon is merely the facade to the actual goal........$$$$$$$$

That being said....

Jeff Ireland makes Matt Millen look good.......

damn, ur about to beat bethune by 20+ and be Happy about it

Ur Dominating D. again ?

U know whom U are


I wonder what would happen if we just tell everyone to fack off and recall everyone of our troops back home and stop giving financial aid to everyone and simply concentrate on the good old USA.

we can only hope right?

Posted by: FZB | September 14, 2012 at 07:41 PM

Welcome to the conservative movement. Watch the dates on this video, in the immortal words of Rasheed Wallace, 'ball don't lie'.


Unfortunately I'm going to be missing the Dolphins game this week, going to watch the Ravens at Philly with an uncle and a bunch of cousins who live out there.

Also going to miss the Jets game next week to watch Ravens-Pats on Sunday Night Football. Odd start to the football season for me, won't see a Dolphins game until October 14th, I'll see UM at Chicago before I see them at home.

Listen Guys ( Kazaam and Orange )

I'm as conservative as they come (both on domestic and foreign issues) but there is no denying we are in bed all over the world with "questionable" governments and the only reason is oil and the mighty $$$$$$$$$.

I honestly think that our foreign policy needs a little bit of tweaking in that respect.


Kazaam is a Raven's fan, not that we didn't know already, from now on I will call you "Raven Kaz" it kind of fits.

Orange Bowl,

yes we do agree on something after all but then you fack it off by saying that and I quote "Jeff Ireland makes Matt Millen look good", sir Millen was a clue-less ex jock that had no business running a High School team let alone an NFL team, here is my challenge to you, tell me IN THE LAST TWO YEARS AND TWO YEARS ONLY all the bad moves Ireland has made on both free agency and the draft.

When your front headline of the Herald Sports section states: Bethune is no pushover with a picture of your head coach Al Golden looking concerned you know you have hit near rock bottom. It cant get much worse or could it?

Holy crap....where do I start.......I am going to game so I do not have enough time....& BTW you want a 2 year window when he has been here for 5???...I guess you don't want to put Pat White in the mix who is currently a valet parking cars on the Jersey strip...

So lets just start with this year.....
Talleywhacker - You pick a QB 8th overall in draft with exactly 17 games under his belt as a big time QB...When you know you are going to be re-building this year the way you have blown up this team - knowing next year you are going to pick 1 or 2 and you have Barkley & Jones available who are 10 times the /qb Talleywhacker is..

Your 3rd round pick - TE out of Mizzou who cant block - can barely catch - and INACTIVE 1st week.

Dez Bryant FIASCO !!

Chad Johnson - wont even need to go into that mess.....

& of course you wanna go 2 years b/c lest we forget we could have had a quality franchise QB in Matt Ryan - But he chose a hunk of beef instead....

....gotta get my tailgating supplies and get to the stadium... & BTW still think we win today obviously but Bethune hangs 21 points on us....

Hopefully will be coherent enuff to check back later....

Oh yeah your other 3rd round pick ....Lamar Miller also - inactive..

Blind monkeys in a dark room throwing darts at pictures on a wall could do a better job of choosing!!!!

Nice post Orange, of course is incorrect , I'll come back and set you straight when I come back from the game.

the shadow knows-

The Google Corporation may inadvertently set to test one of our most important central tenets - freedom of speech. It should be noted and taken as no surprise that the current administration wishes censorship over supporting this most precious constitutional privilege. Even when such freedom risks the chance of setting off a disastrous Duke Ferdinand moment.

Dashi- Now Davis was your #3 cb? Earlier you were touting Davis and Smith as in the top 5, in the NFL. You traded a 1st rd pick, 3yrs later for a 2nd rd pick. How does that sound like a good move. ONLY IN THE WORLD OF DASH!!!! If Devlin was any good, he would be the backup. He is the 3rd string QB, on a bad team right now.

If the Cane fans were to Boooo their team... Would there even be enough of them in the stands for the players and coaches to hear them ?


Just keep digging that grave buddy!!

Dashi has never said Anything to that regard. Anyone here can tell u that. Top 5 Duo?

Check ur memory!!

Dashi has stated there is only 1 top 5 duo in the NFL right now. The 2 Cb's from the jets. The Bengals had a good one but they let J.Joseph go. Dashi likes Dallas CB duo,but I'm not ready to proclaim them top 5.

Dashi has a standard!! (Madison & Surtain)

Also, fool!!

If devlin sucks why didn't they wait for him to make the practice squad? Dashi has said it all along! Devlin is T-Hill's caddie! He will be the backup qb for the next 3-4 years for T-Hill. Devlin wouldn't have made the practice squad as a waiver cut.

Dashi isn't even going to go into the whole qb thing. Since u know everything the Dashi said? U know how Dashi feels about M&M!! U know how Dashi feels about Devlin! About T-$izzle! Who should start who should be traded.

Stop reaching!!

If it's shazaam that's going back and forth with Dashi. It would make more sense, but u napless?

Let me guess everything that is opposite to what is going on Dashi has said it will happen?

U lack integrity Naples! Stop making empty accusations on Dashi!

Just cause Dashi has said if he is wrong he will admit to it, doesn't mean every empty accusation u throw Dashi will agree I was wrong.

Now on football

Things u can stick Dashi on

Moore sucks!
Naanee should be cut!
Misi should be cut!(might have to eat that one by the end of the season)
Flatline sucks! (Starting to eat crow for our #2 Wr)
The Fins will go 9-7

Tell me which other one? Dashi will tell u if u can stick that on the Dashi.

Dashi is 50/50 on the fire Ireland thing. FZB keeps pulling me back to reason. But it's getting difficult.

I know it's early for NBA, but naples take for instance that sport!

Dashi was the main 1 saying Fire Spo. Dashi came right on after the title and admitted he did a good job.

This year it's r.Lewis. even though if the heat use him like Dashi thinks they will? Dashi might as well say it now. R.Lewis will be a pleasant surprise.

Dashi sees R.Lewis and S.Battier as the first 2 SF/PF off the bench. The heat might even start R.Lewis at PF? Think about it?

C - Bosh
PF - Lewis
SF - The Chosen One
SG - The County's Chosen
PG - The Flat Top (He should start over chalmers)

With the bench being R.Allen is 6th man, Battier SF/PF, Chalmers or Cole, Milk Miller SG/SF, and PittBull as the backup Center.

If u know Dashi JA SHOULDN'T SEE THE COURT. UD should see his minutes cut to, but dashi would still give him more minutes than JA. Dashi wouldn't even dress JA this Yr to much real talent on this team. For a guy to play 30 minutes and only score 2 pts & 4 Reb's. Doesn't matter how many little things he does, he doesn't make enough big one's.

Dashi will start Shane at center before JA. At least Battier can shoot and pass.

Dashi thinks Spo finally learned that during the playoff's. JA is a liability

Dashi- IT's the NFL season, MORON!!!! Like I said, you had Smith, and Davis as a top 5 duo in the NFL. Who gives a shit about the NBA, in the middle of Sept? Let me see another one of your smart statements was, Brady was BAD!!! Only in your world is a FHOF QB bad. Oh well, that is Dashi's world. Only you would care about a 4-5-6 wr, on a team that is weak right now.

U are truly Special Jack!!

Consider this our last conversation. Ur Ignorance is To Much for Dashi.

U make no Sense. What is Ur Point?

Brady is Garbage.

Again, This is Dashi's Opinion. If U take my Opinion as Fact on a Commentary? Ur Problem Not Mine.

Now when Dashi talks with Statistics then Ur Monkey Behind can attack My Facts.

When has Dashi ever Used Stats to Compare Davis or Smith? NEVER!!!!!!!! Cause Dashi has never Said they are top 5.

Now Has Dashi Stated Ireland drafts better over the last 4 years than NE?


Can Dashi Prove Brady is a Product of His Enviorment?


Is Jake Long better than Matt Ryan? YES

But Dashi has never said Davis and SmiTh is TOp 5? No Stat's To Prove that.

Also What Do U think ??? ------------ is For?

To Separate the Post Genius.

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