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September 09, 2012

G1: Houston 30, Dolphins 10 (Final): Tannehill 3 INTs as Miami drops opener. Bright side? Well, the first quarter was pretty good...

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G1: HOUSTON 30, DOLPHINS 10: Final: [I see the positives, believe it or not. Click on See Past The Score for my column from Houston off the game]. Miami loses opener at Houston, 30-10, with a 4-0 turnover differential the differnce. Ryan Tannehill 20-for-36 for 219 yards in his NFL regular season debut, but those three interceptions were big. Blame him for the first one; the other two were on tipped balls. Bottom line: After a solid first quarter-plus, the Dolphins were what we thought they are. A pretty bad team. ..... 4Q: Tannehill's 4th-and-goal fourth-down pass pass down. His fifth pass batted down today. ... Texans add another FG for a 30-10 lead. That was my final-score pick, exactly. Don't think the scoring is finished, though. ..... 3Q: Texans pad lead to 27-10 with a FG. ... Marcus Thigpen races to 72-yard punt-return TD to draw Miami within 24-10. That kid was flyin'! ... Miami announces RB Daniel Thomas is out with a "head injury," won't return. Almost always means a concussion. ..... Half: A fairly strong start to this game for Miami came crashing with four turnovers in the second half of the second quarter leading to all of Houston's scoring. Bright spot: Reggie Bush with 53 yards rushing on 12 carries. But not much else to feel good about at the moment. Dolphin self-destructing. Not too hard on Tannehill, though, please. Only one of his three INTs clearly was his fault. ..... 2Q: Andre Johnson 14-yard TD pass in end zone over defender Sean Smith follows Thomas fumble. ... Daniel Thomas loses fumble, is injured but seems OK. Wheels coming off for Miami late in half. ... Foster 2-yard scoring for 17-3 Houston lead, the score set up by Tannehill's third pickoff of half and second on a passed batted at the line of scrimmage. ... Houston up 10-3 with 1:53 left in half after Arian Foster 14-yard scoring run. Texans needed drive but 54 yards following the INT. ... Texan Brian Cushing corrals a batted Tannehill pass for an INT. The first pick was on Tannehill, but hard to blame him for this one. ... Ryan Tannehill first career interception returned 36 yards by Johnathan Joseph to Miami 7 after roughness penalty, after which Texans stall and settle for tying 35-yard FG. ...Well maybe they actually will shock the world! Early, but encouraging. ..... 1Q: Strong opening quarter for Miami. Defense has looked strong. So have Reggie Bush and the offensive line ... Dan Carpenter 39-yard FG gives Miami a surprising 3-0 lead. ..... Original post: Not many give the Dolphins a chance today. Miami is a 12-point underdog, the biggest in the NFL in Week 1. Honestly I don't give Miami 1aa1dolhoumuch of a shot, either. The preamble to the season has not inspired much confidence, and the Texans are propped up as an AFC power. Miami will catch a break if star RB Arian Foster, who is questionable, does not play, but a large gulf would still remain between the overall talent level on each sideline. For Dolfans this season is akin to walking with new coach Joe Philbin into the great unknown, stepping blindfolded into a pitch-black room, arms outstretched, not at all sure what is ahead. (It's scary but maybe a tad exciting, too?) Today we begin to see rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill for real. Today, in one afternoon, we get a far better gauge of this team and its immediate prospects than all of July and August could offer. Ready or not, Dolphins, here comes the season. My pick was: Texans, 30-10. (Yes. Yes I DID luck to get an exact score).


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OC - I'm locking my prediction in at 'N/A'.

Holy christ, read Barry Jackson's blog entry on Jeff Ireland - I hadn't quite realized how awful his off season has been.

Besides getting rid of talent like Marshall and Vontae Davis and Ochocinco and Yeremiah Bell, Ireland cut 6 of the 9 players he signed to replace them, resulting in $15M worth of dead money on next year's cap.

Oh yea, and when he drafted Mike Pouncey instead of a quarterback in 2011, because he thought Chad Henne could be a franchise quarterback with four years of NFL tape on him?

That was the highest a center has ever been drafted in the history of the NFL.

Nice little gem from LeBatard.

Okay, here's what I've got from y'all. Please add or correct before kickoff and we'll see how well see. btw, this town was crazy all throughout the day yesterday. Those Texas Longhorns fans make most other collegiate fans seem generic.

Go Dolphins!!!!!

9-7: Big Baby* (note, he stated: w/ Garrard. any correction, BB?)
8-8: FZB
7-9: (the real) david in los angeles
5-11: Jimbo, duke, Tom, the shadow knows, OC Dolphin
4-12: Anti-Christ, Naples Jack, Rawpimple, redsky, mike1
2-14: Mr. Woodcock
0-16: Noel

Canes are absolutely terrible and the sad part is, they are still spiraling down. It will be hard to assess whether or not Al Golden is a good coach or not because with the sanctions and the good recruits going to other schools, the Canes will not be able to consistently attract the top talent. The only people they will get are the local brainwashed kids. It is a sad sight to see. That is one terrible football team. At least the Dolphins have hope. The Canes are done for a significant period of time.

rooting for the FINS in El Salvador!!!!!!!


you are a douche, as usual you read what Barry Jackson wrote and take it as the gospel but you conveniently leave the real reason why we have 15 mil in dead money, IS because of the high priced free agents that were signed under Parcells (most of them) like Carey, Marshall etc, now add the trades we had to make for Marshall-necessary to do, V Davis-good trade, the guy is an airhead and a second stringer which accelerated the pro rated amount of the signing bonuses and that's why we have such an amount of dead money, WE WILL ALSO HAVE 60 MIL AVAILABLE NEXT YEAR which will come in very handy.

as for signing 9 free agents and letting go of six, we signed these guys as minimum vet's after all the good free agents had already signed elsewhere , our free agents didn't get signing bonus and since they didn't make the team their salaries don't count towards the cap, they are not the reason we have 15 mil in dead money.

you don't know crap ( I kind of wanted to say shit but I'm trying to be nice here) about football...

OC !!!....Today is the first win in the R Tannehill era, (I hope anyways)..


I'm going to make a bet with you right now, My bet is that Golden and the Canes will win a national championship before the Gators and that monkey you have coaching your team do..



he will give up 125 receptions

reggie bush looks pretty okay running up the gut so far

FZB what are you Dan Gilbert? You are delusional! The Canes are on a bad downward spiral. There is no light in sight.


got a stop after foster had no business getting close to a first down; maybe a TD coming up soon for the locals? so far two fumbles have really hurt. davone bess still making difficult catches, even without the dreads.


firast holding of the season on 77; many more to follow


unnecesewee wuffness on pouncey!!

Dolphins looking better than expected, while the Texans not looking as good as advertised.

Tannehill, like most rookie QBs, needs to learn how to pass the ball through and over D-linemen. His height should not be an issue. Just one of those rookie things QBs need pick up quickly.


#17 went south in a hurry, 3 picks on consecutive drives and what should have been a close first half is blown wide open. horrible


looked like a dolphin popped the ball out of thomas' hands and at least anothet 3 for the texans.

Mr. Woodcock,

my +12 was looking okay at 3-0 dolphins; those were the days.

Randy Starks earned his current contract as a pass rushing DT, nice to see him back in that role, he wasn't nearly as disruptive as an end.

Richard Marshall's a nickel back and Sean Smith's a low end #2.

Thanks for nothing Jeffy, hopefully your replacement can do something with that second round pick.

Daniel Thomas shaken up, think we'll see Lamar Miller get his first NFL touches in the second half.


3 ints, 0 TDs, all his yards on incredible efforts by fasano, bess, and bush. OY VEY DID THIS GET BAD!! very incredible catch by andre johnson and remember that there was a possible TD by #18 of FAU early on.

30.6. I thought he looked good though, missed a couple passes but only one interception was a bad throw, other two were tipped at the line.


we started so good, man that was ugly.

Tannehill looks like a rookie, we gotta have patience with the kid, I don't understand all those batted passes, wtf?

I hope Thomas is ok, he was having a good game.

Correcto Mundo

U give up 4 turnovers in 5 mins... 24 pts.
Team started good.

At the moment, Tannehill completely sucks. A disaster until he learns how to get the ball over linesman.

For 1 qrt, I was second guessing my decision not to get a ticket to the game. Seems like a good one now. I can suffer in peace.

Back to my same theme each NFL season..hope Miami wins at least 1 and that everyone else lose at least 1.

'Canes are really horrible. This decade long calamity was brought on my Coker.

I'm hoping NCAA learns the error in its ways with pre-raning teams. Hyped up Alabama - Michigan game by giving Michigan a #8 ranking they clearly did not deserve. Alabama doesn't look super-special now that Michigan struggled beating Air Force in front of 110,000 home fans and relying on two big Robinson TD runs. No substance elsewhere.

Alabama then beats W. Ky only 35-0 and doesn't play that well in it. Alabama may be 1, but currently they may be overhyped til we see how the year plays out.

Big 10 has no one this season. Big 12 probably not either. Oklahoma struggled with UTEP and hasn't shown anything yet.

Thought the SEC and PAC12 has some crap teams and some good ones capable of upset, so far they seem the top 2.


In response to your post on an earlier blog, yes World Cup qualifiers going on big day last Friday. Europe begins. Tuesday another big day.

The US is in SERIOUS trouble of not qualifying since 1990 and in my view, their biggest game since 1990 qualifying is coming up this Tuesday against Jamaica.
They are still without Donovan and Bradley. Hopefully, the don't play Kyle Beckerman ever again as he was a disaster in their lose in Kingston.

I followed the Antigua game at Guatemala and for 60 minutes, Anitgua had the lead 1-0 which would've been soem salvation for the US. Even a tie would. But Guatemala ended up maching the US effort vs Antigua and US and Guatemala are now exactly dead even in 2nd place.

Messi is finally looking sharp for his national team.

Not understanding how FIFA doesnt review and award Poland a win ove Montenegro after their goalie was pelted with firecrackers. Still stands 2-2.

Faeroe Islands didn't quite cave in to the superpowers but Liechtenstein got pelted by Bosnia.


a disaster looming if jamaica defeats the US again as i believe that mexico is in a groove again despite losing in mexico for the first time. costa rica is not an easy game for them and they won 2-0 on the road. if the USA doesn't qualify it will be dreadful and jurgen klinsmann will be back on the beaches of orange county. do they call back clint dempsey for this? he got his wish and is with one of my favorite EPL squads, tottenham (along with wigan). nice contract too


tipped at thr line by defenders who are still on the ground are bad throws and there was just another one on fourth and goal. bad throws in the 2nd quarter or this would have been a good game. who called 30-10? Jimbo?


a big day as a bear for marshall, but he wouldn't have made a difference in this game. 4 turnovers, 0 takeaways, and three holding penalties- bad news. as stated, next week the raiders will be a portent of the season to come and they will have a short week as they play tomorrow night vs. SD. big improvement needed by #17, like getting the balls he throws past the LOS. last play looked like jake long came out of his stance early but the sub refs are letting them go, and didn't want to look bad by overturning wha looked like a catch by #15 at the 1.


one hold and one sack in game one and more to come.


brandon weeden was worse today than tannehill, 33% completions, 120 yds., 3 INT; he'llhave about a 20 QB rating

Please rip Ross and his sock puppet of a GM, FIRELAND.

I did call Miami losing by 20.

My Critic: Started well on both sides of the ball. Tannehill looks like a rookie,, with good measurables and heart. One bad INT, 2 others off tips.

Reggie Bush is a keeper, sign him to 5 more yrs.

D looked great early. After the turnovers they gave in because of circumstance not for a lack of heart.

Difference of what I would have done???? At 3 mins left in the game I would have played all the scrubs to avoid injury & let the bottom half of roster get game time.

Houston was a loser game before it was even played.
Miami plays an equally weak Oakland next.

You build on Tannehill, Bush & good D and hope for the best.

Miami could be 1 - 1 after next week. Beats O-6 like last yr.

I think Philbin, Ireland, Tannehill deserve benefit of the doubt for 2 more seasons. You need consistancy to survive & thrive in the NFL.

Saints looked like poop today.. big smile (I live in Saints Country now) :)

out of all the rookie QB's today the only one that has had a heck of a game is RG III..

Tannehill-3 int's
Luck-3 int's
Weeden-4 int's

welcome to the NFL rookies...


next week the raiders will bring an accurate passer with a dynamic runner and receivers who were high draft choices but haven't shown much, OR a cooked thrower whose wideouts can't catch and a less than healthy mcfadden. it is a game up for grabs and a loss would be a harbinger that mediocre teams can come here in the heat and humidity and win against a possibly deflated bunch. BIG, BIG GAME

well, so much for my prediction..he he

Hey Jimbo,

Careful there buddy, you're going to become "persona non grata" like me for suggesting that Ireland deserves two more years.

what these guys don't seem to realize is that you can't be changing GM's and coaches every year..

FZB- Lets be fair, the 3 qbs you mentioned, play for 3 of the worst teams in the NFL. At least The Browns were in the game until the end against a good Eagles team. Tannah. has no HELP what so ever.

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