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September 29, 2012

G5: Hurricanes 44, N.C. State 37: Morris passes for UM-record 566 yards; Canes headed for Top 25 with Irish next; plus Noles, FIU & more

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G5: HURRICANES 44, NORTH CAROLINA STATE 37: IT'S A STEPHEN MORRIS AIR RAID!: Oh my. What a no-defense, air-raid thriller. Stephen Morris passes for a UM and ACC-record 566 yards and five TDs to lift Miami to a 44-37 home triumph over North Carolina State -- the winning points on a 62-yard scoring strike to Phillip Dorsett with 19 seconds left. If UM isn't headed for a Top 25 ranking now it'll be a shock. When your resume shows 4-1, including 3-0 in a major conference, and your only loss is at Kansas State, you have earned a ranking. What a setup for next week's game vs. Notre Dame at Soldier Field! UM continues to have real problems defensively, but this isn't the time for negatives. Not after Morris has just had an historic day that rewrote the records books. Original post: Emotion is a big part of college football from week to week, and UM spent a lot of it last week in that thrilling 1aa1canes1 1aa1canes242-36 overtime upset at Georgia Tech. Sustaining emotion isn't always easy, and so I see a danger game and a possible letdown for Miami, a slight favorite over North Carolina State in today's nooner matching ACC squads of equal 3-1 records. I also think there is a look-ahead factor facing Miami, with that huge Notre Dame game on deck. Also a concern: The Hurricanes won't have much home-field advantage if the crowd is the stadium-two-thirds-empty, 25K or so I'd expect. I see coach Al Golden with a challenge on his hands, as much with his own team's mental state as with the opponent. I also think UM's secondary, not a team 1aa1canespopstrength, could have its hands full with a capable Wolfpack QB in Mike Glennon. (Bonus observation: Notice that both characters in the team logos pictured are wearing Popeye-era sailor hats). My pick was: Miami, 28-24.

Other Collball Week 5 featured state FBS games, in order:

North Texas 20, FAU 14: Well, after playing at No. 1 Alabama last week (a surprisingly credible 40-7 loss), the Owls were back against someone their own size as manageable home underdogs. My pick was: North Texas, 24-17.

No. 4 FSU 30, South Florida 17: I saw this as a letdown game for highly ranked Florida State after facing top-10 Clemson last week, vs. a pumped-up USF. Sure enough, game was close early 'til Noles pulled away. My pick was: FSU, 31-20.

Louisiana-Lafayette 48, FIU 20: This would have been a nice road upset for a Panthers in their Sun Belt but QB Jake Medlock's injury-absence and bad defense hurt. A rough 1-4 start for The Int'l. My pick was: La-Lafayette, 34-16.

My record this week, 4-0. Season, 21-3.

Other state FBS games: Missouri def. UCF, 21-16. Florida had a bye.

National Game of the Week: No. 14 Ohio State def. No. 20 Michigan, 17-16.

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25k at SunLifeLess stadium today? Only if you count concession workers...twice.

VERY busy all week with sales! #Canes are going to have a great showing this weekend
-- Miami Ticket Office



14-14 at half
looks like about 10 people at this game...
-- Bearcats#1

10 people in attendance would be generous! One side of the field is only UofL fans.
-- CollegeCard

I thought I heard this game was a sellout for FIU. Even with the rain earlier (it stopped by kick-off), I was very surprised to see the non-crowd; they were promoting this to be a more rowdy environment.
-- CardHouse

About that sellout. This crowd is embarrassing right now.
-- bobbob1313

Here sitting in section 115, the crowd is embaressing.
-- FIU Beisbol

The (20,000-seat) stadium does look darn good. Looks like a true D1 stadium BUT, the crowd is embarrassing. You can blame that on the weather but true fans would still stick it out.

The most disappointing thing about last night wasn't the game, it was the crowd. I understand that it rained during the day, but that didn't stop the Louisville fans from showing up. I felt embarrassed for our players when they came out onto the field and saw 50 students in the student section.
-- GoldenPantherFan

who investigates the miami herald for bribery ...
how else do U explain splashing f-i-u-don't-matter on the front page day after day ...
front & center ...
the paper tells us they matter most when they matter least ...
U see ...
these undeserving cockroaches have done nothing to deserve disproportionate coverage besides e-bomb the rag's brain trust & pick a fight with the schoolyard bully ...
something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...


25k at SunLifeLess stadium today? Only if you count concession workers...twice.
Posted by: UMtheJuggernaut | September 29, 2012 at 10:49 AM


Awesome photos from today's Cane Walk, courtesy the great @caneshooter
-- hurricanesports


I hope you are not on the Voters Panel that ranks the College Football teams because whoever has West Virginia ranked number 9 in the country must be smoking crack! They have already given up 28 points in the first half and its not halftime yet! Are you kiddingme ?And all those South Fla connections the Herald wrote about last week / None must be on Defense ! And Baylor is just as bad! Nobody is playing defense! They are rushing 3 guys and thats a bad sign...The QB has all day to throw...these teams keep jumping conferences and the integrity of the game is gone...These two teams don't even look like they practice Defense..UUUUUUgh...

Defense sucks but at least the Canes are playing some offense now.

We need to get a pass rush

I like it better when the camera zooms in on a small section making it look like a full house.


I was once young & nieve too........problem with your generation is the internet......Some a-hole puts something up that makes a little bit of sense & the masses (mostly you youths) jump on it like it were Gods honest truth....

There is something wrong but to quote communism, WOW....

Posted by: Orange Bowl 4Ever | September 29, 2012 at 09:08 AM

A.) it's NAIVE, for one thing.
B.) i am 42, and did not grow up with the internet. there is nothing i wrote that puts me at some lunatic fringe of internet hearsay. my opinions are rooted in fact; there are no real bad guys or good guys. al qaeda wouldn't even be as powerful as they are had the republican hero REAGAN decided fighting atheist communism in that hell hole, afghanistan, was more important than emboldening a (at that time) minority lunatic fundamentalist religious group seeking to return to the enlightenment of the 1300's.

as for football, go canes, but that defense, or lack thereof, is really going to hurt us..

U are Un-ranked and U have no fans!

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