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September 07, 2012

G2: Kansas State 52, Hurricanes 13: Ouch. Ugly. Reality check (with new video); plus FIU wins, NFL pix (bad news for Dolphins), Beinfest / Ireland futures & more

[1) It is SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. Visit our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote for our "The View From Miami" mini-commentaries including a new one on the Hurricanes' and Dolphins' Hard Road Weekend. 2) Thanks to Paul &Young Ron for having us on their show on 105.9 yesterday. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

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G2: NO. 21 KANSAS STATE 52, HURRICANES 13: Big hurtin' put on The U today out in the Great Plains, a humbling 52-13 loss to Kansas State, a reality-check result after last week's nice opening win at Boston College. Highlights: QB Stephen Morris looked good again, and Duke Johnson had a 77-yard kickoff return. Lowlights: Just about everything else. The Canes defense was horrible, all over the field. UM looked like what it was today: A very young team not yet ready to play with the big boys. Original post: Winning the opener at Boston College last week was expected; it was one of those W's you count 1aa1canesks 1aa1canesks2on even if you're only imagining a six-win season. But this? This is not a win you count on. UM is a touchdown underdog on the road against a ranked team that thinks it can come out of the BIg 12 and into a BCS bowl. So this is one of those wins you need if you're thinking beyond the six- or seven-win year and dreaming bigger. A loss for Miami would be excusable. But a win would announce these Canes might be much better than the experts have figured. We'll see. We'll see if Stephen Morris looks as poised as he did a week ago, if freshman Duke Johnson keeps making magic, and if Miami's pass rush and pass defense show needed improvement. K-State won at Miami last season, 28-24. I'd be surprised if this one wasn't as close and give The U a big upset shot. Pick: Kansas State, 24-20.

Other Collball Week 2 state FBS games

No. 24-Florida 20, Texas A&M 17: The Gator looked a bit shaky in beating Bowling Green last week, so this near-pick-'em game against a quality opponent would reveal the real Florida. And UF showed up nicely with a big road win. My pick was: Texas A&M, 31-27.

No. 6 Florida State 55, Savannah State 0: FSU beat Murray State 69-3 and now was a 70 1/2-point favorite over Savannah. Seriously. Hey Noles, feel free to play an actual opponent. Seriously. My pick was: FSU, 54-0.

FIU 41, Akron 38 (OT): The Int'l got spanked at Duke last week and the weak Akron Zips were here to provide a ripe remedy for the Mario Brothers. You could file last week under "rough start" but there would be no excuses available this time. FIU would barely escape, led by Jake Medlock's passing and running. My pick was: FIU, 36-17.

Middle Tennessee 31, FAU 17: Owls were unimpressive in barely beating tiny Wagner at home last week. This would have been a huge Sun Belt win against a better, but beatable, opponent. My pick was: Middle Tennessee, 21-7.

Week 2 record 4-1, Season 9-1.

Other Week 2 state FBS games: No. 14 Ohio State def. UCF 31-16; South Florida def. Nevada, 32-31.

National game of the week: None. Vacated. Zero Week 2 matchups between Top 25 teams.

1aacote2AAWWK! IT'S UPSET BIRD DAY IN SOUTH FLORIDA!: Happy Bird Day, everybody. This week marked the return of our Friday NFL predictions page featuring the Upset Bird. Our Week 1 marquee three: 1) DOLPHINS: Texans 30, Miami 10. Wish I could be optimistic about this one, but Miami has given little cause for that and Houston is a very good opponent. Arian Foster being questionable to play evens the field a bit but not nearly enough. 2) GAME OF THE WEEK: Steelers 24, Broncos 23. Peyton Manning's return from neck surgeries in new clothes makes this the GOTW, and it'll be a great one. 3) UPSET SPECIAL: Chiefs 24, Falcons 20. "Aawwk!" KC and Seattle are my teams in each conference flying sub-radar but ready to surprise. Click on Week 1 Gems for our expanded pick-capsules on every game. And on Born To Fail for our annually ill-fated division-by-division forecast including the Super Bowl winner.

ON BEINFEST/IRELAND: In Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland, pictured left and right, we have two personnel chiefs under fire. Take 'em 1aa1beinfest 1aa1irelandalphabetically. BEINFEST: He'll be gone after this season (it says here), but as much as a scapegoat as with cause. Jeffrey Loria and David Samson will find somebody to blame for Miami being perhaps MLB's most disappointing team. Beinfest spent years making the most of shoestring budgets; unfortunately, he failed when finally handed a big pile of money. I think Beinfest is a good baseball man, but I also think no playoffs since 2003 is not a great platform on which to seek reelection. IRELAND: Owner Stephen Ross' allegiance to Ireland is hard to justify. I'd have handed over Ireland's personnel power to get coach Jeff Fisher, but that's just me. Miami going into this season without a legit No. 1 receiver for rookie QB Ryan Tannehill is on Ireland entirely. His Litmus test will be Tannehill. If this kid doesn't work out in a big way, the Dolphins will have little choice but to shake up the front office and move forward without Ireland.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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And fire Jeff Ireland. Hire Eric DeCosta.

Miami is not giving up 30 to the Texans.

hey Cote, THIS IS FOR YOU.

As usual, you have it wrong on both Beinfest and my boy ireland..

Beinfest first, you only mention that the guy's record is mediocre and he is in hot water but fail to conveniently leave out the small fact that he has an owner that thinks he's a GM and is always getting in the way, Beinfest is a good baseball guy, Peter Gammons said that if he gets fired he won't be out of a job very long, he is well respected around baseball.

Ireland, ...Why don't you grow a pair of "cojones" and do a little digging and a little investigative reporting ( you are a journalist right? )about what really went on with Parcells and the Dolphins, how about the truth, hell son I'm not an expert or an insider and I probably know more shit than you.

do a little digging and be man enough to write about it instead of giving in to negative mass histeria there is on this town about Ireland.

then you make a statement saying you would have given Jeff Fisher full control over personnel decisions just to have him as a coach, really?..How stupid are you?..So you want to give a guy that has never been in charge of personnel decisions or has never been a scout at any level full control over personnel..

bring it own boys, I'm ready today, I just had three shots of cuban "cafe"

Bring back the Line Item Veto!

Eh, Ireland may "know" football but he doesn't know ass about talent. During hardknocks he couldnt answer a simple question about our crappy wide outs. Sloppy drafts, no cojones, and an overall lack of production. Otherwise, I like the passion!

Kazaam- Decosta is not about to leave the Ravens for the dolphins. You know that, and I know that. Ross is not an owner any sharp young guy wants to hitch his wagon up to.

Big Baby- Do you listen to the WEEI, and 98.5 sports talk shows in Boston? I was listening to Felger+ Mazz yesterday, and Danny from Quincy called, saying the Pats at best would be 9-7. He had them splitting with the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills. I said this guy has to be Big Baby.

Senor Naples,

The patsies have serious issues on the offensive line, you better hope they can protect Brady if not it could be a big "problema" for you guys.

Baby, I gree with you about the Dolphins defense not giving up 30 pts to the Texans but you know I look at the Dolphins with "blind homerism" as senor Kazaam says.


thought ozzie newsome was the raven GM; did he get a promotion into a less "grinding" position with baltimore. mixed feelings about art modell- i understand he was one of the owners who had an impact on the game, but hauling the beloved browns out of cleveland a la irsay was terrible. canning paul brown was also not great, but at least the bengals arose out of that. amamber of the tribe, who like al davis, had a profound effect on the NFL by offering to take his team to the new AFC, along with the steelers and baltimore. what is funny is that bob irsay swapped franchises with carroll rosenbloom- a 94 player trade!! he never should have taken that swim with the new lead bathing suit georgia bought him and with mafia scuba diver hit men waiting for him to plunge into golden beach.

Yeah I listen Naples mostly drive time mornings and afternoons to those stations.

I think Danny from Quincy is one of those "celebrity callers" who just says things to annoy maybe a Jets fan too I know there is one who calls in regularly maybe I am confusing him with Al from Everett.

Worst guy is Steve from Fall River he makes no sense.

real dave,

i don't believe that the clueless mitt romney and that young pisher paul ryan are gonna hold up under an onslaught that the democrats are gonna throw their way. the speech paul ryan gave was so packed with untruths as to be ludicrous, and mitt romney seems like a dullard who will be sliced into pieces if there is a debate or two, which methinks the GOP would be wise to avoid. the non-prime time speeches of the montana governor and of the beautiful and charismatic eva longoria were better than the heavy hitters of later on. having picked another loser for the bottom half of the ticket, and with te boost that generally comes after any party's convention, added to increasingly better numbers on the economy, well we'll see. very much enjoyed your post on the previous thread about the hebes and progressivism-informed and truthful.

mike1, esteemed chronicler of the texan/dolphin series-

what do you say about the opener on sunday? i am not seeing the big blowout that many are: losing mario williams, a hurt andre johnson, and a dolphin defense that has been under wraps for the entire summer are all factors that make me see the traditionally close affair with houston, as i recall them.

WC qualifiers abounding today, but like many of last week's college games, the opening games in group play feature a lot of david/goliath matches. always love to see who gets the faroe islands, a perennial 0-7 loser to the opposition.

Naples Jack and Big Baby

i have decided to pay homage to your new england allegiances with one of the great garage band records of the dynamic year of 1965-hope you enjoy!!


Big Baby- Al from Everett is the Yankee, Giants fan. The guy sounds like he is 400lbs, with a lot of street smarts, no brains. He calls Ordway, Smereles all the time when they are together.Steve from Fall River is a nitwit. He could be Dashi twin brother.


for you, a nugget from a guy who died at 32 but left us "sweet home chicago"- wanna boogie?


shadow Romney would destroy any of your party's candidates or speakers in a debate anywhere, anytime.

That Standells song holds up even today great song.

Big Baby,

i don't have a party- am a registered independent. only calls 'em as i sees 'em. as to whether romney would destroy anybody in a debate, he is wooden and can't think on his feet and doesn't look like much of an opponent in a debate or debates for obama. has no idea of foreign policy, for starters. we'll see in october should there be a debate, and i believe that even with obama's four years in office to ponder, the GOP will find out that romney is "clumsy" ad will not likely hold up to the jabs that will come flying his way while he looks for a knockout, which doesn't happen in debates often. see ford versus carter for the prime example of what a gaffe in a debate can do; and i say that romney wll be more prone to a gaffe than the experienced incumbent.


Magic Sam was not well known because of his early departure from this world but his contribution's to the blues is well documented, if I'm correct he got his inspiration from the great Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong..

Here is Cab's classic tune and the girl is not bad either.


Ozzie's the GM, DeCosta's his heir apparent.

The article I posted is an open letter asking Micky Arison to buy the Dolphins, obviously DeCosta coming here would be dependent on that, he's already paid like a GM by the Ravens and he's turned down several GM jobs from respectable organizations.

But I don't really care who they bring in, they just need to get fire Ireland as soon as possible. An actual dolphin would be better than Jeff Ireland.

You apparently didn't watch the Republican debates earlier this year shadow Romney was clearly the best debater and it wasn't close.

For all his faults Gingrich was a good debater there also.

Romney is just the better candidate and it's not close.

Shadow & Duke,

here's is some Zep blues..


Big Baby,

did you see eva longoria's speech last night? besides being a stone fox, this gal is sharp!! how is the GOP gonna undo this point that she made (whether true or not, a great vignette): starting out as a waitress for wendy's, she was desparately in need of a tax break for the "middle class"; now that she is the eva longoria who works on movie sets, she doesn't need, and doesn't want the tax breaks that the republicans are trying to attain for the haves. it was a terrific moment, followed by the governor of montana who also gave an inspired speech. it will be a very close race, every vote in certain states being the one that could decide things. as mentioned before, voters in california and new york and your state (i believe, or is it new york) can stay home because these three are gonna go blue barring somethig really bizarre occuring. glad you are still enjoying "dirty water" from te great summer of 66 (revised).

hey greg, you also had the giants beating the cowboys 27 to 20, wednesday night. do everybody a favor greg, don't write anything about the dolphins,do write about boat rentals, or sales ads.

you really don't have any business writing about the miami dolphins.

DeCosta likes to play with dolls and wears a TUTU.

Kazaam , your opinion of Ireland is purely based on your lack of knowledge of what went on behind the scenes and the lack of information put out on this subject by the media.

My opinion on Ireland is based on facts.

You may know more than me about the eating habits of the "holacanthus Ciliaris" but you don't know more than me on this subject...

yes shadow it's going to be a very close election I didn't see the speech but at the end of the day it's just another left wing celebrity fawning over democratic ideals.

Big Baby,

intra-party debates are gloves on affairs because none of the candidates wants to leave the potential party nominee with a "self-inflicted" open wound, so to speak. newt gingrich- four times married with a mistress touting family values? ron paul- as much as i admire his policies instant sleep on-set for most! which of the other "heavyweights" did mitt romney have to conquer from within his own party? huckabee the born again evangelist? rick santorum? michelle bachman of the tea party lunatics? palin? mccain? please don't tell me what a great job mitt romney did in debating a bunch of flawed, lightweight johnny come latelies that were cash strapped and couldn't compete with his well-financed campaign, where he may have a huge advantage in the run-up to the election.

BB, you know i like you a great deal, but for how many elections and accompanying debates have you been cognizant? my first go-round was 1964, where i was the only guy in my class who was for the true conservative patriot, barry goldwater and in 1968 when i was the only guy in west LA with a "nixon's the one" bumper sticker on my 68 camaro.


minnie the moocher is a great, great song and was part of commander cody and his lost planet airmen's shows and was on at least one album. cab calloway was a great entertainer that john landis squeezed into "the blues brothers" movie.

magic sam lived way too short a life but he got an incredible sound out of that high-strung japanese guitar and his eqaully high pitched voice. his album "west side (chicago) soul" on delmark is god from beginning to end.

how about this magnificent song, beautiful vocal and tight guitar:


I'm 41 do the math wow some of those names you threw out there are funny but Santorum wasn't bad and Gingrich is a tough guy to debate despite flaws he has charisma when speaking.

Rick Perry looked good for about 5 minutes.

I know he's your boy but Ron Paul sounded off his rocker (still lots of applause though) and Bachman was bad and Huckabee didn't run I don't think.

Can't remember the name of that CEO guy who was embarrassed by scandal but Romney is smart and battle tested from being Governor of a state with 10 million people living in it.


dig this from beginning to end; i know six minutes is a long time but this is the "king" at his best from an old kent records (in LA) release; best version of this ever;


Enough with your douchey 'I know the real story and you know nothing' act FZB - if you know something you're not telling us, by all means share it with the class.

Otherwise STFU. The rest of the world sees the results of Ireland's mismanagement and frankly doesn't have much use for the excuses and justifications, especially when the only excuse you have to offer is 'I know the real story and you know nothing'.

Big Baby,

i believe that CEO was a person of color who along with alan keyes represent the tow black votes that romney will get in november.

now, about the math: 41 makes you born about 1971 (nixon) and let's say that you came of political age during the reagan years (he who put america into tremendous debt with his star wars defense program and stealth bomber to enrich his aerospace industry friends in california). he also cut property taxes when california was a conservative state and in doing so closed the mental health facilities and unleashed what became the beginning of the real homeless problem in california. also thought that in-state students needed to pay tuition to enter the UC system, which was the nations best university system at the time.
so next comes bush the first, who told america "read my lips-no new taxes" and then raised taxes. dukakis was a horrible candidate with a pill and booze guzzling wife and was no match for bush, just as bush was no match for the man from hope, arkansas. clinton had a lousy first two years and then things turned around and he swamped the overmatched bob dole. bush/gore was an unreal experience of an election, and bush was a dolt who convinced the citizens that saddam hussein was tied in with bin laden (never proved) and possessed WOMD (never found). from the balanced budget of clinton eight years later emerged a nation saddled with debt and involved in a war the neo-cons (since disappeared, every one of em) sold w on that was supposed to bring gas prices back down to a dollar or two a gallon (not quite). enter obama and we know how the past four years have gone. obama is gonna hammer romney on foreign policy, job outsourcing, start a business by asking your parents for money, the shenanigans involved with romney's involvement with bain, tax reductions for the wealthy, and money stashed in switzerland and the cayman islands. romney has four years of the USA under obama upon which to base his campaign, but methinks his record as governor of massachusetts is not gonna be a powerful record upon which to refer. it's gonna be close, and if you think that mitt romney is gonna at least hold his own with the incumbent, or that paul ryan, of little experience whose acceptance speech was one untruth after another, as decided by independent political thinktanks, is gonna handle joe biden in a debate, i beg to differ and we'll see how it goes.

Big Baby,

did you see eva longoria's speech last night? besides being a stone fox, this gal is sharp!! how is the GOP gonna undo this point that she made (whether true or not, a great vignette): starting out as a waitress for wendy's,

Posted by: the shadow knows | September 07, 2012 at 02:22 PM

A waitress at Wendys?, Did'nt know there was such a animal..Hummmm, Gonna have to ask Dave about that,as soon as he's done with Lucifer and his pitch-fork.

Romney can hold his own on foreign policy don't hate him because he's rich he's the best man for the job.

That's some good stuff there not saying I agree with all of it but it's entertaining at least.

Big Baby,

ponder this: no president has ever been elected without winnning his home state, which currently shows romney receiving 35% to obama's 56%. the reason gore lost in 2000, was not florida, it was his home state of tennessee that voted for bush. had his homeboys voted for him, gore (YUCCHH!!) would have been elected. starting out with california, new york and massachusetts in the blue column is gonna make this a tough election for romney, unless he decimates obama in debating or obama is found out to be the grand mufti of jerusalem. it's gonna be a close one.

well the fact that I'm just about the only one that defend's the guy proves my point, you simply go with the flow and the general consensus that he is clueless and totally inept at his job while totally ignoring the fact he was retained by the owner.

That reason alone should make you think and consider that what I've been saying has some merit, as far telling you, would it really matter? If I did tell what I know you would be the first one to say that I'm full of it and not believe it.

I'm going to give Ireland two more years of free agency and the draft, that would give him four years of being in control of the team, by then we would have the cap situation under control, the team should have a good solid foundation of young talent, we would know if Philbin is the right coach and we would know if Tannehill is a franchise QB.

if we are still in bad shape then I'll promise you guys I'll be the first one calling for his firing...Otherwise is counter productive to the team to do it after only two years, you simply can't be changing GM's and or coaches every other year, great teams have always had stability at the top and great teams are built through the draft.

that's the right formula, everyone just needs to relax


I like your enthusiasm when it comes to the election, trust me I'm with you on Romney but 85% if not more of the media is totally liberal and the blitzkrieg against the guy will be tremendous, I personally don't think that Romney has a chance.

the only chance I see is in the debates, he has to come out swinging for the fences, Obama has charisma in front of the camera (guy's a total douche and a liar) but the guy is engaging and comes across like a likeable guy, he needs to concentrate on Obama's dismal record on the economy and jobs.

I hope I'm wrong on this one.

Friday upset special

Dolphins over Texans

Romney over Obama

God Bless America

FZB, C'mon man! Your argument for Ireland is that you're zigging while everyone else zags? That's pretty flimsy logic. No one's giving up on Ireland prematurely. He's pretty much dug his own grave by not getting a WR after he proclaimed (upon trading Marshall) that receivers are easy to come by and they would bring somebody in. Then the answer was Chad Johnson? Also, reaching for Tannehill... IF Tannehill ends up being am all-pro, then it was just luck. They only went after him because Mike Sherman coached him in college.

There are those examples and plenty of other reasons to get rid of Ireland. I'd like to hear some positives besides just "give him time."

You guy's are just not gonna win(GOP), My Minions(Barack,Nancy,and Barney, And My Favorite Bill Maher)are in total control, BTW, everyone get your checkbooks ready, You think you got TAXED last year wait for the upcoming three years.


No brother, Ireland's record runs for two years, before that it was Parcells deal and my point is when you are building a team through the draft you take the best available player regardless of position, the reason we don't have a stud WR is because one was not available when we picked, you can't reach, it takes time to build a team.

On Ryan Tannehill at 8th, that was not a reach , I told everyone here he was going in the top ten of the draft back in february, if we didn't take him with our pick Seattle would have taken him at 12th and KC was considering him at 11th, the guy was taken were he was supposed to.. its funny how you all hate Ireland, so if Tannehill turns out to be a stud is because he was lucky not because he knows what's his doing, funny.

Baby...NOW your talking bro, Dolphins and Romney win!!

FZB and Big Baby,

my wife just told me that ann romney was being interviewed and when asked about women's issues- contraception, abortion rights, health insurance- she refused to answer saying that the election is solely about the economy. methinks that attitude is not gonna attract a lot of votes from very many xx chromosome voters. and if her husband gets into debates with obama, the economy is not going to be the only issue discussed or brought up by the panel of questioners.


Ireland was hired by and learned from who? Parcells. So you blame the guy's mentor but you still have faith in him to use what he learned from Parcells?

On the WR thing... You didn't even mention how Ireland said receivers are easy to come by and that they'd address this position THIS OFFSEASON. They did nothing of the sort. They didn't draft, trade or go after a legitimate FA. They put all their eggs in Clyde Gates and Chad Johnson's baskets. Both cut.

And yes I think the Fins will be lucky IF Tannehill pans out. Because they had tunnel vision with him. If another team took him I might cut them more slack, but even then, I think he was a reach that high. They could have traded down and gotten more value out of Brandon Weeden or Russel Wilson.

But the main reason I'm not willing to give Ireland more time is because he and Stephen Ross refuse to admit they're trying to build something. They came into camp believing they had a playoff caliber team. If they believe this team has a shot at the playoffs then they don't know what they're doing.

And if the Fins make the playoffs I'll be perfectly happy to reverse field on this whole thing. I want to see them succeed. I just don't think Ireland can do it.

Did you guys see that wacky women from Mich. last night speaking? I think she was the former governor. Talk about unhinged.
Shadow- Romeney is from Massachusetts, right up there with the moonbats from calif. and New York. All you have to know about Mass.is the courts agreed to spend $1mill. to perform a sex change for a convicted killer serving life.

Naples Michelle Bachmann is a Lady , She's anything but "UNHINGED"
Please refer your "Barbs" to where they belong...
Mostly to COTE being a Lefty Obama supporter.

#1 - I'm about the most contrarian person on earth, I'm sure as hell not 'going with the flow' on Ireland, I've hated him since the 2011 draft when he passed over all those qbs for an offensive lineman because he thought Chad Henne could still be a franchise quarterback.

#2 - I think you're full of sh*t because you DON'T ever give reasons for Ireland's moves, so it doesn't make much sense to say I would dismiss the reasons if you gave them.

As for 'ignoring the fact he was retained by the owner' - please. Stephen Ross is an idiot.

Naples Jack,

i saw that story and was aghast!! killed his wife and now wants to be a woman at atxpayer's expense. the judge who decided the case stated it would be "cruel and unusual punishment" to not perform the shmeckel removal and breast enhancement for this looney. a judge put into the federal court sysytem by ronald reagan came up with this one.

So happy that they're letting Jon Vilma play this year, he got a bad wrap in that bounty case!

Kazaam, I bet you love Floods and earthquakes...


sabbath approaching, so will wait until tomorrow night to see if syracuse covers or if UM can beat an experienced opponent on the road again. says here the canes will win.


Now that's funny and right on the money..lol

I heard a little bit of Obi's speech last night. Just like I thought wold happen, "Jassa boss." The boy looked like Clinton's valet.

"Savannah State @ No. 6-Florida State: (Saturday, 6) FSU beats Murray State 69-3 and is now a 70 1/2-point favorite over Savannah. Seriously. Hey Noles, feel free to play an actual opponent. Seriously. Pick: FSU, 54-0."

FSU was originally supposed to play West Virginia this Saturday but WVU backed out of the game. They had to schedule a filler team after all the other schedules had been set.

Kazaam explain that whole reversal of suspensions thing to me really Vilma was supposed to get 1 year what is going on here and who rules on this thing a federal judge what evidence does she have?

I think the Saints are dirty but apparently they couldn't prove intent to injure but at least suspensions are warranted for performance bounties right?

I am confused this thing is a mess coaches capitulated but this makes me say what the heck.

This is the United States of America, Baby. Everyone is entitled to due process. You just can't deprive an individual of his right to make a living without good cause.


Kazaam, nothing worse than someone pontificating about something that they clearly know nothing about.

California Proposition 13, amendment to the constitution, passed by the citizens of California on June 6, 1978. Changed the way property taxes were administered in California. Established March 1, 1975 as the date of value for assessment of real property in the state.

The governor of California on June 6, 1978 was Jerry Brown.

"You are certainly entitled to your various opinions. You're not, however, entitled to your own facts."

A really worthwhile involuntary sexual surgery would involve grafting skin onto Jerry Sandusky's dick and either putting it in his mouth and sewing his yap shut or putting it up his own a** and sewing his cornhole shut.

Duke, you must have gotten the Tyson that Dave sent you from LA.

The U by 3 in o.t.

kazaam and canes_5rings,

from where I sit your both wrong and full of mierda, now if in two years the Dolphins are still with no talent, the coaching is horrible, the team has no direction and we need to draft another QB then I'll join you guys (and everybody else) wanting Ireland out.

two years is not enough to make a change (four years,yes) but in the meantime I'm right and you're wrong.

Woodcock - you're losing your mind.

Big Baby - union sh*t, who knows what goes on?

This was within the NFL to prevent a lawsuit, they pushed it through the meat grinder and what comes out is probably a reduction in those suspensions.

The collective bargaining agreement said that illegal payment issues are supposed to be handled by some arbiter and the only penalty allowed is fines.

So Goodell's suspensions are thrown out and he'll make another ruling on something other than the bounty payments, maybe them talking about hurting players, I'm not really sure.

Theoretically he could slap them with the exact same suspensions but he'll probably reduce them now that it's clear he doesn't have a great amount of evidence against any of them.

Kazaam, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. As they say at South Centra U, "Pontificate On!"

Why would I 'pontificate' on California property taxes or 1970s governers?

Up the meds old man.


anti Christ- I was not refering to M.Bachmann. She is a Republican congress women from Minn. This women was speaking at the democratic convention. former governor of Michigan. sounded like a real nut job.The speach is all over the internet.

Kazaam, if it weren't for that troll bitch aunt of yours we'd be up by 30 in this game.


We tried to warn the Arty...


need we asy more about our coaching!!! or the UWHIMP off season strength program!!!

And let the we are yoUng excUses begin in ...



"Two years is not enough time to make a change ?"
Um, yes it is and Ireland has had three, he was basically calling all the shots in 2010.
Do you even follow the team ?
Did you see Parcells ONLY press conference where he claimed he would gradually hand over control of the team while making his exit.
Parcells was hardly even at the Dolphins facility in 2010.
So Jared Odrick and Koa Missing are on Ireland.
So was bringing in Bobby Carpenter (former Ireland first round bust in Dallas) who Ireland believed could play special teams until he reached his "upside", Ireland's favorite word for underachievers.
Well Carpenter never did reach his "upside".
However he did miss his blocks on three blocked kicks which embarrassed the Dolphins in their loss to the Patriots on Monday Night Football in 2010.
Marc Columbo was another dismal Ireland failure.
No team could reach the playoffs with that guy starting on their offensive line.
Maybe you missed it in Cote's blog.
But the Dolphins pi$$ poor WR corps is completely on Ireland.
Ireland doesn't even understand the concept of helping out a young quarterback by surrounding him with talent.
Ireland's incompetence is glaring.
His firable offenses are numerous.
At this point, the intelligence of any Ireland apologist has to be called into question.
Because only a stupid and ignorant person suffering from cognitive dissonance could defend Ireland.

I wouldn't piss on FIRELAND if he was on fire.

archduke of all things past and present...

In my dealing with the criminal element for a while, the Jerry Sanduskys are labeled "chomos" meaning 'child molesting homos'. *No offense intended to law abiding 'alternative lifestyle' peoples*

There were some progresses made in the last 4 years that I don't want to see undone and head back to square one. We've bought less foreign oil, drilled more of our own, projects in worse to reduce dependend on oil less. Worked on the outsourcing issue. Finally got something started on national health care to get us lose to being in the 21st c and up to speed with many of the world's most successful nations.

I've learned in the last 12 yrs Republicans are all about money for the rich, anti-progress, guns, and blocking any sound proposal that is made...just because.

Independent analysis shows the natl health care will cut into the deficit and cancelling it will increase it. Believe what you want to believe, but the study was non-partisan.

I also don't want to see my 401k back where it was and a DOW at 6600 again. It's doing quite fine now.

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