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Heat open camp; you set bar for Big 3 titles. New poll. Vote now!; plus Adam Greenberg, Week 4 picks for Dolphins, NFL

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HEAT HEAT! HEAT!! CHAMPS OPEN CAMP; YOU SET BAR ON EXPECTATIONS: Year 3 of the Heat's Big 3 era unfurled ceremonially Friday with Media Day at the downtown arena (I was there and produced this column) then 1aa1heat1 1aa1heat2begins officially today/Saturday with the first preseason practice for the defending NBA champions. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh return of course for coach Erik Spoelstra, now augmented by major new additions Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. I'm curious what you think constitutes success for the Big 3 team. Has it already been achieved with one title? Does it require a second? Will it take a full-blown dynasty? (In the context of the Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers, isn't it great we at least have one team that legitimately puts words like championships and dynasty in play?) Vote now and say why.

ON ADAM GREENBERG'S MARLINS AT-BAT: In their final homestand of the year, the Marlins Tuesday are giving an at-bat to Adam Greenberg, 31, whose career was ended at age 24 by a violent hit-by-pitch to 1aa1adamgthe head. The HBP meant Greenberg had one major-league plate appearance but no official at-bat. Now that dream will be fulfilled. The cynic in me is against this kind of ceremonial or charitable at-bat. It's a greased pole from this to an outright publicity stunt. But if ever there was an exception where this kind of thing was warranted, Greenberg seems like it. This Marlins season has stunk in so, so many ways, but the club is doing a good, sweet little thing here as the games wind down.   

NFL WEEK 4 PREDIX (SORRY, DOLPHINS): Miami treks a long way west into the desert only to lose at 1aa1fripixArizona Sunday, 20-10. See why that is and get all my other latest picks by clicking Week 4 Gems. And click on Stay Away, Roger for my Friday Page NFL column on why commissioner Roger Goodell probably should stay away from this week's Saints-Packers game.

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