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September 28, 2012

Heat open camp; you set bar for Big 3 titles. New poll. Vote now!; plus Adam Greenberg, Week 4 picks for Dolphins, NFL

[1) It is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28. Visit our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

HEAT HEAT! HEAT!! CHAMPS OPEN CAMP; YOU SET BAR ON EXPECTATIONS: Year 3 of the Heat's Big 3 era unfurled ceremonially Friday with Media Day at the downtown arena (I was there and produced this column) then 1aa1heat1 1aa1heat2begins officially today/Saturday with the first preseason practice for the defending NBA champions. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh return of course for coach Erik Spoelstra, now augmented by major new additions Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. I'm curious what you think constitutes success for the Big 3 team. Has it already been achieved with one title? Does it require a second? Will it take a full-blown dynasty? (In the context of the Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers, isn't it great we at least have one team that legitimately puts words like championships and dynasty in play?) Vote now and say why.

ON ADAM GREENBERG'S MARLINS AT-BAT: In their final homestand of the year, the Marlins Tuesday are giving an at-bat to Adam Greenberg, 31, whose career was ended at age 24 by a violent hit-by-pitch to 1aa1adamgthe head. The HBP meant Greenberg had one major-league plate appearance but no official at-bat. Now that dream will be fulfilled. The cynic in me is against this kind of ceremonial or charitable at-bat. It's a greased pole from this to an outright publicity stunt. But if ever there was an exception where this kind of thing was warranted, Greenberg seems like it. This Marlins season has stunk in so, so many ways, but the club is doing a good, sweet little thing here as the games wind down.   

NFL WEEK 4 PREDIX (SORRY, DOLPHINS): Miami treks a long way west into the desert only to lose at 1aa1fripixArizona Sunday, 20-10. See why that is and get all my other latest picks by clicking Week 4 Gems. And click on Stay Away, Roger for my Friday Page NFL column on why commissioner Roger Goodell probably should stay away from this week's Saints-Packers game.

Check back. We'll be updating/adding much to this latest blogpost...


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nobody was near richard dawson as host of family feud, even though ray combs was good. check this out for a good time:



adam greenberg, very jewisj sounding name, gets his at-bat tuesday night. since they need to make sure he gets an at-bat and not a "plate appearance", they will need to have him hit early so that if he walks he'll get another attempt at an "at bat". tuesday night our holiday of succot (feast of tabernacles) is over at 8:10 or so, meaning those of who are observant might miss his dramatic walk to the plate after years of waiting for the chance. in all probability, he'll be out of the game by the time observant jews can turn the television on. great planning again by the clowns who own/run the team- they can't even get a publicity gimmick right. and the taxpayers have given them an already rusting stadium to which no one goes.

FZB,(response to previous thread)

i never thought, two years ago, that the incumbent could get re-elected, maybe not even a year ago. but with a batch of lunatics-rick perry,rick santorum, michelle bachman, tim pawlenty,...and ron paul who is my choice but seems like he is from outer space to most voters, the democrats are gonna win, and probably win by a very wide margin. who woulda thunk? {although there are 5-6 weeks left, it seems as though it is only gonna get worse for romney/ryan, but stranger things (like the 2000 election results)} have happened.

Competitive sports is no place for feel good stories, if I'm the other team I'm plunking Greenberg.

8 titles. LeBron promised.

One And Done.


The problem is....

Who said the Marlins were competitive !@#$?


Agree with you 100%....

They gave us a choice between having the runs or constipation.....

Either way its all the same CACA!!!

Its obvious the Marlins are just looking for a little publicity, nothing wrong with it since less and less people have gone to their magnificent new ball park, shame.

I've done my part, been there a few time already.

Shadow, yup, you're right..it sure looks like Obi has four more years to finish his doomsday of the country.


Its very difficult winning a title, coming together and winning a title validated their decision, hopefully they can win a lot more but I don't think they'll get to four.

So, does anyone here think's the Patriots start the year 1-3 ???..I do, I think the BIlls we'll beat them this sunday.

alright, here are my keys to the game, their D line is nasty and they put a lot of pressure on the QB, we need to be able to run the football, if we do that we'll be in the game.

Our defense better step up, maybe Karlos Dnasby can make at least one play but I'm not holding my breath.

we also have to win the special teams battle, maybe Carpenter can come out of his funk.

let's go dolphins !!!!

ps-Kaz, Flacco still sucks.

Obama,Franks,Maher,Palosi,Maddow, And of course Jon Stewart will all be in judgement when I return.


can you just give me 5 minutes alone with Franks and Palosi before judgement day???

gracias in advance.

the shadow knows,

My dear friend,

Obama's reported edge in those three or four swing states diminishes the fact that the race is pretty much 50/50 nationwide.

But more to your point. Any and all opposing candidates would just about have to walk on water to even have a chance, when faced with: a) an ignorant mass populace that obtains impressions in 2 second soundbites of pop culture, b) a mass media fully comprised of left leaning reporters (note the last two examples, one of which you, yourself reported as fact, but that a "right" reported version sees differently and subversive) c) an ever growing voting public, comfortable and willing to continue to support a government that doles out free goods and services and funds it by-way-of printing new worthless money and by taking from those who actually do work.

* http://www.theblaze.com/stories/another-msnbc-scandal-blaze-readers-at-campaign-event-claim-network-misled-in-video-of-rally-chant/
** http://www.mrc.org/press-releases/bozell-and-conservative-leaders-call-public-tune-out-liberal-media

Dear shadow, and other liberal leaning blog friends, I am saddened as never before. I hope I'm wrong as hell, but unless Obama is defeated, I fear the following scenario will undoubtedly unfold:

1. Faced with the unshakeable belief that the Obama administration will continue to act as it has during the last four years, and more importantly, towards the creation of an Islamic caliphate, Israel attacks Iran and ignites WWIII.
2. The economic consequences of such outbreak plummets Europe into mass civil unrest. Countries with large Islamic population and those with fragile economies like Spain, Greece and others revolt against their leaders.
3. In an effort to ensure oil flow, The United States is forced to send its navy into the region, thus thrusting it deeper into the growing conflict.
4. Back home, whatever flimsy economic recovery (one, btw, which I believe exists on the early impression that the Obama years were soon to be over) crashes under the collapse of its bogus foundation, as oil prices shoot up to $10 and higher and interest rates, debt go through the roof.
5. U.S. States with shaky financial conditions start filing for bankruptcy.
6. The rest is not pretty.

Again, I hope to God that I'm wrong. But please tell me how, if Obama is reelected, Israel does not attack Iran.

Shadow, How true., How true about the media and the average dim wit that can vote, I think a test needs to be applied to weed out people who's IQ is less then 110, But then again 3/4 of the population would not be able to vote.

Oh yeah OC, That's how it's gonna go down.(Have you been reading my Manifesto?)


That's some doomsday scenario you just posted buddy, I really,really,really hope that you are wrong amigo..

ps-on the other hand I think is easier to nuke'em..

Oye brother, changing the subject to something that we can actually do something about like getting laid.

Went with OC last night to the Golden Boy's dorm at UCLA. Holly crap those dorm rooms are small. The important thing is that this is a COED DORM. I still can't get over that, or as my uptight buddy Robert told me this morning, "I would never let Elisa stay there." Right, my niece Cami was in the same situation at Loyola Marymount, which is a "Jseuit school."

Back to the Golden Boy. So I get there with OC and I think I just landed in freaking Peking, China. I mean there were more chinks walking around than in a Bruce Lee movie. I asked the Golden Boy what the hell was going on and he said that it was only 55% chinks at the dorms. Well if that's the case then 1005 of the chinks were walking around last night.

Shadow, we took Jr. to dinner and drove south on Hilgard towards Westwood Village and of course drove right in front of Sorority Row "during pledge night." Oh my goodness it was a pussy stampede. There must have been 3,000 nubiles hanging around the sorority houses. I asked Golden Boy if he could smell the pussy as we drove "slowly" by, and he said, "I told you I have a girlfriend." Anyway, after some good natured ribbing and some pizza at a pretty good little restaurant I left Hong Kong shaking my head at the thought of free condoms for all the kids are provided by UCLA in all the dorms. Oh to be 18 and at the dorms just for one week. Except after seeing all the rice kispies in Westwood I think I would rather risk the drive bys for the blonde hotties at USC! Hopefully the Golden Boy can transfer once he dumps the girlfriend.

Mr. Woodcock,

USC has a tradition for its sororities called "presents"- that first is a long e, not spinding like gifts; the pledges or inductees all get dressed up in (see-through) white and must give their phone number to any guy that asks for same. 28th street is a zoo that sunday-feeding frenzy!!

F*ck Israel and f*ck Iran.

Let them figure it out, don't make no nevermind to me. No point in having an empire if you're going to conquer and rebuild without pillaging. That's never been the formula, remember when we actually thought we would trade blood for oil in Iraq?

Woodcock - did he keep trying to move your hand off his leg too?

So Kazaam, let me get your point straight. You're saying that you're willing to live with whatever consequences impact a connected world?

OC Dolphin,

i read "the week, WSJ, national rewiew, weekly standard and the now garbage but at one time good time magazine (wife gets the more conservative {newsweek.

i am not upset with being called "liberal-leaning" because on social issues i tend to be; why? because the Torah dictates that a society must be one that includes all members and that stresses charity, acts of kindness, loans made w/o interest, and helping the orphans, widows, and the poor. it is not so much a political position as it is a religious position. The Torah believes in capitalism and extreme carefulness in business practice. laissez faire dog-eat dog survival of the fittest practices are not Jewish concepts. the Torah demands that jews who are in exile must obey the "law of the land", unless it contradicts basics of our faith such banning circumcision or ritual slaughter. i "lean left" because the Torah says to do so!!!while not a believer in capital punishment, which was rarely done because of the technicalities that must be in place to put someone to death for a capital crime, i don't take to the streets to protest such because The Torah mandates to all mankind that a court system must be in place, and if the court systems say have a seat in old sparky or put the hood on for the rope or firing sqaud or injection, then that is societies' right to do so. not left-leaning on those, i don't think. Constitution says right to bear arms in amendment #2, so be it.

good friend, i pick the issues and not any particular candidate and do not believe i having to vote for the lesser of two evils, which is still evil.


The "the Golden Boy" is still in that puppy love shit stage, you know the "I have a girl-friend and I'm loyal to her type shit"..Deja que una china de esa que tenga la chocha caliente lo agarre pa que tu veas..

se le va a olvidar "la girl" friend mas rapido que un dos por tres.

OYE, deja que OC siga arreglando el mundo i tu i yo seguimos hablando de chochas..lol

ps- I agree with you about being 18 again, but I would add with my 58 year old brain..he he

Naples Jack,

take a look at this, at least I'm not the only one that thinks the Patriots are going to lose on sunday..


No, I'm an American, I would protect American interests at all costs.

It's not in our interest to lose American lives and further destroy the American economy invading Iran. It's not in our interest to engender more hatred among religious zealots who believe they are doing God's work by killing innocent Americans.


Your faith and my Catholic faith, share much history together. It may raise an eyebrow for you to learn that I seldom miss a Sunday mass and was a regular weekly reader, proclaiming to those gathered passages both of the Old Testament and New during church services. I am, as you've described to ginri in less than flattering manner, a "wafer eater." I've never taken offense to such description, as I know you to be a good man of moral integrity, and a believer in tenets we both share. As Catholics, we too believe in charity, acts of kindness, and tolerance towards less accepted aspects of a society. These are not solely liberals beliefs, but conservative as well.

Where I draw the line on religious freedom is when any particular religion makes it a demand that "their" particular view is the only true religion and others must be abolished off the face of the earth. At this point, I'm afraid I must act more like Simon Peter and less like Jesus. I cannot find it within myself to turn a cheek and allow to be slaughtered.

A vote for Obama risks far more slaughter than a significantly less number by an administration that clings to corporal punishment. And a vote for neither is a "copout." A failure to recognize that as far as this world goes, there are but two choices. And as far as doing nothing in regards to Israel, doing nothing accepts crucifixion for the State of Israel.

Kazaam, is there any room in your current belief system that perhaps, it is too late for these fanatics not to have hatred towards us?

The Islamic radicals wish to turn the whole world order. Did you not hear what Ahmadinejad said!!?

It's fine to take a position such as yours, but it is myopic in the sense that conflict will arrive later rather than sooner. And as with Naziism, the longer one waits for mañana, the worse it is.

If Israel didn't already have the trump card we gave them and weren't perfectly capable of protecting themselves, would you consider it less morally evil to preemptively attack and kill Iranians than to allow Iran to attack and kill Israelis?

What's the difference? Besides the fact that Iran can never attack Israel while we could certainly preemptively attack Iran? And you know, the fact they're 'brown people'?

I'm not suggesting that the United States attack Iran, or that Israel do the same. I am pleading anyone who hears to vote for the lesser of two evils this November. I'm hoping against all hope that a Romney win would transmit a more hawkish US tenor, as opposed to that of a guy who secretly supports a new world order.







Hey Shadow, if they had that tradition at the Hong Kong dorm at UCLA the chinks are so flat and skinny that it would look like there were phantoms dressed in white walking around Westwood.

Kazaam, who said anything about invading Iran. Why would anyone want to set foot in that dump. Nah, the move is a massive cruise missile strike on their nuclear facilities with real time high definition coverage of not only the actual strike but the guys who pressed the fire buttons doing so in the middle of a poker game while smoking hot naked chicks pole danced in the background.

OC and Shadow, you boys need to sit down and listen to Old Woodcock here 'cause I know of what I speak.

Lets remember the two most important tenets of the New Testament and the Old Testament;

"God helps those that help themselves."


"Jesus saves but Moses invests."

Now your talking bro !!!!

Nuke the Mo-Foes and let's get on with the rest of our lives..

Oye OC you need to drink some decaff bro. No one gives a rats ass about Obama or Romney. Neither of those two clowns matter one iota.

There you go again forgetting Old Woodcock's sage advice, "God helps those that help themselves. and "Jesus saves but Moses invests."

If you take care of your own house you won't have to worry about these two ass wipes.

Oye OC, ponte a chapiar el patio pa ver si puedes ir a jugar golf mañana y para esa come mierderia con el negro de pinga.

THIS IS TOO GOOD!!! (or bad)

need to call someone? well...


no wonder the went viral!!! the "people" of cleveland have been shellshocked by having dennis kucinich as mayor, and then having the browns moved out of town, and it is showing.

OC Dolphin,

people of faith, pretty much any faith, share the same values and notions, including the premise that we are in the present world given the gift of acquiring an eternity based on our performance and behavior in this temporal existence. Judaism is one religion that does not say become Jewish or be obliterated forever. we believe that people who follow the basics of life will attain a portion of the eternity promised by He Who Spoke and Created the World.

have a great weekend while i check out for the precious gift of the Holy Sabbath, followed by our Feast of the Tabernacles, the one where we live in huts outside our homes, called Succot. no sunday or monday night football, and probably only 3/4 of the dolphins in arizona.

In my younger day in Nam we had a saying, Kill them all, let God sort them out.

You sorted yourself to Hell Naples Jack!!! :)

Hey Naples, agree with you there...

you think the Patsies are beating the Bills this sunday?


bro, dile a OC que se tranquilize los nervios que le va a dar un infarto...

its friday people !!!!, smoked'em if you gott'em...

I'd let Greenberg play MLB for the Canes and replace Thurston Armbrister for a play.

to ShadowKnows: do not fret, most of the polls except for Rasmussen and Gallup are purposely skewed by giving weight from 2008 turnout by blacks, latinos, young people, which will not happen in nov, most of these polls also are sampling more dems vs rep by 6-10 points.
this race is dead even


If more people would have "smoked'em"we wouldnt be having any conversation about war or killing.....Thus another reason it is illegal......

You may make everyone act friendly toward each other, but governments THRIVE on conflict....

If Indians would have smoked the peace pipe with the President & Senators instead of the "diplomat go betweens" perhaps history would be ALOT DIFFERENT....

Shadow: our Campaigner-in-Chief still will NOT admit that the slaughter in libya was an act of terror, even Hillary finally conceded as much; why? because this socialist is afraid that America will also realize that his foreign policy results are as sorry as the economy.

the race is OVER. i've been saying it for months on here. to think there would be THAT drastic of a change in foreign policy between these candidates is stretching the truth completely. obama has followed bush's policies to the tee; AND he got us out of iraq. he extended the war in afghanistan, he got bin laden, and he's taking a very cautious and wise wait-and-see approach to iran. which IS EXACTLY what mccain would have done. ANYTHING done there would require a consensus with the rest of the world, AND countries in the region. the "arab spring" has taken on a different version in each country; it's something that will be happening for the next 15-20 years. coincidentally when most of you war mongering old conservatives will be dead. conservatives ALREADY left my generation with the tab for 2 wars; we certainly don't need a 3rd. i believe, much like soviet communism, that the system DOESN'T work. there are many young people over there with smarter and more cynical heads than the religious ruling elite. let it play out. if your old p*ck$rs are that hard for a war, i suggest going over there yourselves..

um.. baby?
lebron james is the best basketball player on the planet.
he's 27 years old, has a team owner worth $4.7 billion, has a general manager who has won championships as a player, assistant coach, 5 as a coach and 2 as a GM.
he's got 2 all stars starting with him that are still in their prime, (wade is 30, bosh is 28), he just got the best 3 point shooter IN HISTORY as a teammate, he's coming off a championship run that decimated the west with a new positionless basketball line up that no team has an answer for, and you REALLY think this team is one and done?
you, my friend, are officially the biggest idiot homer on this blog.
you cannot comment on the NBA anymore. please. for the sports mental health of the blog, jut remain silent on the NBA. you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. stick to the dolphins, for god's sake.


just like OC with the lakers, Big Baby is a Celtic's homer, he lives in his little fantasy world , nothing wrong with that..

as for Obi, let's just agree to disagree on that one


I was once young & nieve too........problem with your generation is the internet......Some a-hole puts something up that makes a little bit of sense & the masses (mostly you youths) jump on it like it were Gods honest truth....

There is something wrong but to quote communism, WOW....

Gotta go get my tailgate supplies ...running late...see you guys later if I am still coherent...(& lets please lets lay off politics on a college football Saturday!!!)

Classic trap game today, & NC teams historically give us hemmerhoids (pica pica en el culo)....
gotta hunker down & play good football & not worry about next week.....


Orange, sorry I can't make it to the game today but I'll be watching on the groove tube.


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