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August 10, 2012

PS1: Tampa 20, Dolphins 7: Bad game, good Tannehill: Future is now!; plus Chad Johnson cut, LeBron is golden, new video, Hanley, Heat & more

1aa1me11NEW VIDEO! DOLPHINS-BUCS POST-MORTEM: Click on YouTube/TheGregCote for our video channel and watch my latest "The View From Miami" mini-commentary. It's four quick thoughts on last night's Dolphins preseason opener.

[1) It is MONDAY, AUGUST 13. Watch for a new blogpost coming later today. 2) Dolphins release WR Chad Johnson following his domestic violence arrest. No surprise. Seems justifed. Blew the comeback chance. It's on you, Chad. 3) Team USA beats Spain for Olympic gold medal, led by Kevin Durant's 30 points, but with LeBron James' 19 including a big dunk and a huge three-pointer in final two minutes. "U-S-A! U-S-A!" 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Click on The Future Is Now for my column on Ryan Tannehill off the Dolphins game.

PS1: TAMPA BAY 20, DOLPHINS 7 (FINAL): ROOKIE TANNEHILL SHINES IN EXHIBITION OPENER: Well, Miami's performance mostly was underwhelming last night but Ryan Tannehill was a definite highlight, completing 14 of 21 passes for 167 yards including an 11-yard TD pass to Charles Clay. Just before the game it was revealed No. 1 QB David Garrard had knee issues, would undergo arthroscopic surgery on Saturday/today and be out two to four weeks. That opened the door for Matt Moore and Tannehill, and the latter made the most of his chance. Miami's choice should be clear now: The future is now. It's Tannehill time. Original post: OK, yes, 1aa1ps1preseason openers are famously irrelevant in terms of the result mattering or being any reliable gauge. And Buccaneers-at-Dolphins is nobody's likely Super Bowl preview; sadly, both teams are perceived closer to NFL bottom feeders at the moment. From a national vantage this matchup is an afterthought. Nevertheless! For Miami and Dolfans this fake-game debut has some sizzle and pop for 1aa1qb3a couple of reasons. It is the dress-rehearsal bow for new coach Joe Philbin and his high-energy, (mostly) no-huddle offense. And it is the first real shakeout in the three-headed quarterback competition among No. 1-for-now David Garrard, incumbent Matt Moore and first-round rookie Ryan Tannehill. Moore, Garrard and Tannehill are pictured left to right, and the final score of tonight's game won't matter as much as the comparative performances of those three QBs. (I'd include fourth-string Pat Devlin as if he had a shot in all this, but I'm not that polite, sorry). I'll be columnizing off tonight's game. Your thoughts before, during and after it are invited here.

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: Our blog staple the Dolfan Satisfaction Meter -- the weekly poll in which you tell the Dolphins how satisfied you are -- will return for a fifth season this year but not now during exhibition play. The first DSM will follow the regular-season opener on Sept. 9.

JT, Zach, Arns added to Dolphin Honor Roll: The club yesterday revealed that defensive stalwarts Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas and Super-era defensive coordinator Bill Arnsparger will be the latest inductees onto the team's stadium Honor Roll. I'd predicted JT and Zach; both are exceptionally deserving. Arnsparger is sort of out of the blue but it's hard to argue.

THE RETURN OF HANLEY RAMIREZ: CHEER OR BOO?: Longtime Marlin Hanley Ramirez, traded to the Dodgers last month, returns with L.A. for a three-game series here beginning last night. I think 1aa1hanlaHanley's introduction and first at-bat will inspire a major crowd reaction, a lot of cheering but (I'd predict) predominant booing. It's hard to say what the reaction should be. Ramirez did some good things here, including an NL batting title, but was never the team leader he should have been and ultimately disappointed. He is pictured here, either acknowleding your cheers or motioning for you to stop booing please. You're at the park and Hanley's name is announced. What are you doing? Vote and say why. [Update: Heard from several people at the game that Ramirez was loudly booed last night].

Poll result: Mixed feelings on Bonds and Clemens in Hall of Fame: We asked in the previous blogpost if Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens belonged in Cooperstown (you can still vote) and opinions were extreme. A plurality of 42.4 percent said no, but a majority were agreeable to some degree, with 35.4% saying yes, 18.1% maybe and 4.1% undecided.

DOES DWIGHT HOWARD MEAN THE LAKERS HAVE OUT-BIG 3'D (OR BIG 4'D) THE HEAT?: The Lakers are adding Dwight Howard, via a four-team trade, to Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash. Oklahoma City immediately has a co-favorite in the NBA West. And the champion Heat and LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen immediately have a tough (and tall) new hurdle in their efforts to grow one title into a dynasty. I'll be interested to see post-trade NBA championship odds. Bearing in mind that betting lines reflect public perception, I predict the Lakers will now be favorites over Miami. [Update: Bovada doesn't wait long. Heat at 5-2 and Lakers at 3-1 are now virtual co-faves to win NBA title, followed by Thunder at 11-2 and Chicago at 9-1]

1aa1peeweeOLYMPIC UPDATE: Huge upset today in Olympic track cycling (see right). Below, pertient medals leaders entering Saturday action:

United States 41G - 26S - 28B -- 95

China 37 - 25 - 20 -- 82

Russia 17 - 21 - 28 -- 66

Great Britain 26 - 15 - 18 -- 59

Cote d'Ivoire 0 - 0 - 0 -- 0

Time for Cote, the Official National Team of This Blog, to rally. Let's charge, d'Ivoires!

1aa1dancingpolsDANCING WITH THE POLITICIANS: As the presidential election season heats up, Dancing With the Stars announces its two newest participants (pictured). If only.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Pat Riley's been saying the entire offseason that the Heat have to go small ball because they just can't afford one of those few top centers, a guy you can just dump the ball into and let him do his thing.

I don't presume to question Don Riley but equally important is stopping those few top centers. That last roster spot needs to go to a tall defensive prospect and Dexter Pittman needs to be practicing with a shock collar that zaps him every time he fouls.

Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol will eat this Heat team alive inside.

Can't wait for the game tonight, I just hope they don't waste too much time on the meaningless competition between Matt Moore and David Garrard.

OC - you happy with the Lakers' 'downgrade' at center?

What about Peyton, where does he go in the draft?

That's not winning fantasy football thinking Woodcock.

Don't be one of those guys who drafts old school players and loses very year.

Hopefully you are not that guy already I am just here to help.

Total risk reward pick, only scenario where I'd take him is if I didn't get a top quarterback and had to take a solid starter with a low ceiling in a middle round.

Then if I didn't like the value of anyone in rounds 12 or 13 I might take him, although I'd rather have RG3 and I'm almost positive Manning will be on the waiver wire when my league's draft is done.

New team and repaired neck aside - go take a look at Mannings indoor/outdoor numbers. Broncos play a single game inside next year.

Riles will always be looking/searching for a big Center.May take years to end up ....somehow...with one too.Anyway.....this Howard trade to the Lakers obviously helps them alot.Enough to play together as a team with chemistry?????No one knows till it plays out.They re much improved but the Thunder and Heat still seem better than them/they will be.Heat can/will use Bosh as the Heat now found that they play best overall as a team with speed and talent but utilize a " positionless " approach now.....ahem......per Spoelstra.Bosh is talented offensively at Center and as everyone knows...less so on the defensive side.However.......as a team with chemistry....that s all you need as the FINALS proved this year.GO HEAT.

Joe Lakers are the favorites now.

Heat Lakers would be a good series but it's back to basics next year good ole' Boston vs. LA.

Baby, I was starting to write down your fantasy advice and then you had to ruin it with the next post. Boston?

Hahaha, Big Baby's delusion knows no bounds.

I'm telling you that they're going to have HUGE chemistry problems when their new Big Two of Jason Terry and Courtney Lee start stealing the spotlight from the old guard.

Hey at least I said LA was the favorite?

Some sites have Manning rated around 10th best qb for fantasy draft but I think that might be too high.

What !!!!!

Woodcock, you didn't see my draft suggestions from the previous blog ?...WTF bro.

Ok..here they are again.

rd-1- Garrard, he will win comeback player of the year and have better stats than Flacco..book it.

rd-2- 8-5, he will score 12 TD's (ten of them against NE) and make the pro bowl

rd-3- Lamar Miller, he will score 7 TD's in punts/kick-offs and be rookie of the year.

rd- 4-here is a new one-pick Ozzie Guillen, he can't play football but hes entertaining as hell.

rd- 5--this is your pick for this round.


The Lakers are coming out of the west, that starting five is scary as shit and they have A Jamison coming off the bench...The Thunder should be worried.

D Pittman better get his shit together, he's a dufus,I like your suggestion Kaz.

I don't think the Celtics can beat the Heat, sorry Baby.

Riley says the Heat don't need a big man but it sure would help or maybe a good power forward.

Oye FZ, tu estas fumando la buena, brother.

All I'm going to say about Peyton is "the talent never goes away."

Celtics can absolutely beat the Heat they are deep as heck and can defend.

Ainge should get executive of the year that team has improved quite a bit.

So much for blowing it up Kazaam FZB.

It ain't happening.

And here are your picks six through twelve.


your welcome.

the more things change the more they stay the same, I thought this new agreement would prevent teams from stock piling talent and we would not have any "super" teams anymore.

the NBA is just like Baseball, only a few team can and will compete for the title, I'm glad we have one of those..

It's worse in the NBA than in baseball.

Players whine their way out of town, hold their teams hosatge and demand to play in warm weather attractive cities.

The league is becoming totally lame in that regard.

So, what's OC going to say now, he said he didn't want Howard to come to the Lakers, I bet you he already changed his mind.

Oh yea, not to mention he'll spin it saying "I knew the Lakers were going to get Howard. I could see it a mile away." I don't think the YMCA has TV or internet so he might not know that they got him.

I sent him a text yesterday about it but I heard that all he has in Texas is a rotary phone in the lobby of the YMCA.

what's he up to, is he working now?

Yup he will likely pound his chest and fly more Faker flags from the roof of the tallest building in Austin.

What a crap deal for Orlando.

So, what I'm really looking forward to in tonight's game is the play of the offensive line (I'm weird like that) I get the feeling when everything is said and done that Steinbach will start at LG and Incognito will go back to RG.


that looks like a solid O Line to me, next would be the play of Tannehill, I'm not expectiong a whole lot but I wanna see positive signs.


Lose Ray Allen and sign Jason Terry and Courtney Lee and you're 'Executive of the Year'!!!

That's hilarious Big Baby, thanks for that.

That's cool that you are going FZB have fun wish I was.

Steinbach is that guy they worked out on Hardknocks right?

He was pretty funny if that was him.

With the limited cap space they had Kazaam getting those two impact players, resigning Brandon Bass and Garnett yes he has my vote he will have others too.

In fairness to Ainge, he has made some good moves and the Celtics had a lot of injuries last year but they lost R Allen and they are one year older.

they are very good, Can Garnett still be effective?, I think he is the key to that team, The Heat got better with Allen and Lewis and Riley still has one or two more moves to make, Riley is the godfather, I trust him.

Heat, Celtics,Pacers,Knicks, 76'ers, those are my top five in the east, didn't mention the BUlls, they are nothing without Rose.

I'll mostly be paying attention to the cheerleader's and Tannehill,I'll give you guys a scouting report tomorrow.

yes, Steinbach is the guy that they worked out just before training camp started, he was out last year with a back injury but he's supposed to be healthy now.

Haha, oh, my bad, Jason Terry, Courtney Lee AND Brandon Bass!

You don't much follow what the other teams in the NBA do do you Big Baby?

The larger point Kazaam is that you said Boston was done after this year and you were flat out wrong.

They aren't rebuilding.

They aren't retooling.

They will be competing for an East Title in your neighborhood soon.

They're most definitely done after last year, they would have been better off blowing it up than dragging it out.

the celtics? really? wow.. dumbest sh!t i've heard on this blog..

If you think it's not Celtics versus Heat in the EC Finals again then you not me are showing signs of delusion.

Look guys I get it Boston and Miami are hated rivals but don't let that get in the way of reality ok?

Boston and Miami are 1 and 2 in the East and it's not close.

you guys need to relax here, its the Celtics and the Heat for east again.

Baby, Kaz is not delusional he just doesn't know shit.

If you have PayPal I'll gladly bet that Boston isn't in the ECF next season.

I'm just as wet 'bout seeing Henne play again this year for Jax. Aparently Belichick saw enough of Chad to PASS!


Boston will be contenders like David Garrard is an answer at quarterback.

Nice pic there of Chad...

I don't believe in internet gambling but I will just picture steam coming out of your ears when Boston beats them that will be enough for me.



really stupid comment by jim mora. as noted in previous "jousting" with woodcock, in the greatest neighborhood, westwood< (sucks){remember that card stunt that had our halftime shows banned from TV}, saturday night is no bargain with the amount of gangs that migrate over to the "safest" spot in LA and scare quite a few people with the gunshots and the like. this is rehashing old news, but two shot dead in the UCLA student union building-higgins and carter- and the murder of sunny lyn dagowicz in the parking structure right next to pauley pavilion doesn't impresss upon me how lovely and crime free westwood is. the moras ("playoffs...") are known for less than thought out statements made into reporters' microphones. every school has crime on campus- what was the name of the LB that was baseball batted to death in an on-campus apt. in coral gables in the late 90s? the carjacking of which mora, jr. seemed to be oblivious was horrible, but carjackings are a function of the ride more than the neighborhood. driving a benz anywhere is gonna attract attention from the wrong characters.

Baby, don't get too carried away here, while I do believe the Celtics are an improved team I don't think they can beat the Heat.

don't be delusional, the Heat are still the best team.

apparently the whole area in and around the USC campus is like the old west, why would anyone send their kids there, dios mio!

Let's just agree to disagree on that one FZB.

I did say they are the two best teams in the east.

before I forget, I got a little nugget of information for you guys,apparently the Dolphins like Pat Devlin a bunch, he has shown great improvement from last year and he is very smart, he could become the third QB this year, they fear they can lose him if they put him on waivers.

their thinking is they may lose both Moore and Garrard next year and they will need someone to back up Tannehill, they also see and like his development so far, Moore may be in play towards the end of training camp to be traded or the beggining of the season but he will not be cut because he has value, also the Dolphins are concerned with the injury to Hartline.

Shadow - that was Ray Lewis' roommate, something Marlin or Marlin something.

Pat Devlin wouldn't be on an NFL team if he didn't have the exact career path of Flacco.

I was disappointed they didn't play him more in the preseason last year, I have no idea what he can do.

I wish they would skip this Moore/Garrard nonsense and give Tannehill and Devlin a half each tonight.

Agree with you there Kaz, the first game is not important for the vets, let the young guys play..

I'll be there, I'll talk to my son Ireland about it,lol

Hey they gave Tannehill ole #17's jersey. He's doomed.

Dave, you know how Boston fans are beyond delusional they will be lucky to finish ahead of Philly this year. Big Baby, I look at your roster and I see pure shit.

You know what they say Woodcock beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Must be why you're blowing a draft pick on Peyton face.

Big Baby - you see any of the commentary on USA basketball on NBC sports?

Doc Rivers is a slam dunk as a commentator, as soon as he realizes Garnett and Pierce are too old to compete with all these multi-star teams. He's going to hang it up and Boston will be left with that sh*t head Rondo, Jason Terry, Courtney Lee AND Brandon Bass to build around.

No but I heard that he is rumored to be coach of the next Olympic team.

Unfortunately the preseason does matter to the Dolphins. They're installing a bootleg Mike McCarthy offense with a head coach who's never designed or called an offense in his life. They 'need' to find out which band aid quarterback will win the most games for a first year coach and a hot-seat GM so they can both keep their jobs for 2013.

He should be, he's a great coach.

LAL vs. Heat will be a series for the ages, but lets just hope that Dwight can stay healthy with his back and he remembers that this is Mamba's team because we all know someone trying to take the spot light or share it with Kobe for that matter is a NO GO to say the least. I see Heat Lakers in the finals if Westbrook don't run circles around Steve Nash Which i think he will but thats just my opinion it really means nothin.....

the Dolphins are going to the Super Bowl, book it.

check out this wacko...


I'm leaving work and off to the game..later boys.

I have no idea who I'm going to draft it will all depend on the draft order but I think Peyton will be good value this year. Most will stay away from him. If Denver won one playoff game with Tebow he should have a good chance to have a good year.

Lakers have a lot of mileage on that team. Even Howard is coming off back surgery, but the fact remains that he's an improvement on Bynum. Nothing is written in granite that's why they play the games but as a Lakers fan I feel better today than yesterday.

If you think team success has anything to do with fantasy football you might as well quit your league now.

Gotta love Jim Mora. He hasn't even coached one game at UCLA and he's already dropping the murder card on SC. "Murders! We don't have murders in Westwood!"

Good, take a seat Garrard. More football for players with a future.

Yes, football season has truly arrived today. What's up guys

Quick note

Lakers still suck. It starts at the top. FIRE BROWN, the guy can't coach.

Boston sucks. Sorry they are 4th or 5th best in the east. It's not them just losing ray. Pierce is done, KG will finally hit the wall, and Rondo and terry are 2 combustible to be on the same team

Dashi's words of wisdom for fantasy football

First 2 rounds get ur RB's or 1 great Wr and 1 RB. RB's are the most important players of fantasy football. Numbers wise

Each team gets 2 or 3 rb's to start on the same team. In the NFL teams only use 1. Only really 32 viable options. Get the best one early and get a couple or 3 to limit the talent for other teams. Grab ur good rb's early.

2nd get ur Wr's. At least 2 or 3 in the next couple rounds. Get ur other starters. U can take a chance with the Depth of the Wr. Teams carry more Wr than Rb's, so the chances of finding an Acorn in Week 1 or 2 is higher.

3rd get ur qb or top 5 te. I go with the Te because a Gronk or a Written can be as important point wise as a Qb. Most Qb's put up points consistently every week. Te's not so much. Only good Te's are a threat.

Then get 1 qb and wait til the end to get the other one. The qb is not that important in fantasy football. Plus teams can only start 1 qb. Higher chance to get a top 10 qb than any other position. Even if u don't draft one at all.

Also inside info. The jets will have the kicker with the most points this year


Where's all the Garrard lovers???
Blahahahaaaaaaaaaa, that's rich

Arnspager is an automatic. Yes, you can't even intelligently argue with SB Champion Defensive Coordinator. Joe Thomas should get in there too. Oops hope I'm not pathetically pining for past Cote...

Dr. Fine you have lovely hair sir.

I've seen 15 minutes worth of this game and I can already tell that the Dolphins are going to suck donkey dicks this year. Next!

Wow, we're going to be an embarrassment. This new coach looks like a security guard at Walmart.

They might as well put in T-Hills wife to play qb. We suck.

The Dolphs don't have one guy that will be drafted in our fantasy league before the sixth round.

And now there's a massive waterzero falling at JRS. FZB, if you're at this game I sure hope you brought a raft.

5-11 or 4-12 if we're lucky. The Dolphins secondary has more holes than a prairie dog colony.

Pathetic. Time for I love Lucy.

I didn't know pruitt was that big. He looks like a young David Boston. Size wise

What's amazing is the Dolphins ineptness is a surprise to some of you. This team will not win 3 games in the next 5 plus years. This organization is completely rotted from the top down.

t-Sizzle just passed Moore on the Depth Chart

Yea baby! T-Hill. The boy looks like a million five hundred. We finally have a quarterback. Maybe we have a chance even if our coach looks like Phil Silvers in Sargent Bilko (Kaz, ask Shadow who that is). Yea baby were going all the way!

Yes Finished you are correct sir Ha Ha

C the game? Tannehill looks promising,some nice throws to a bunch of bottom talent WR's.
C the game? was correct about the lack of talent at any & all Safety positions.
CB's looked bad too.
Signing Garrard was a mistake.

Isn't it refreshing going 5 wide in the red Zone.

Alot more passing going on. Matt needs to learn the art of the dump pass if he plans on being the starter.

I know Cote was saying Start T-Hill from Day 1, but I believe even he is surprised of how much better T-hill is better than Moore Right Now.

Even Dashi who has stated a bunch of times to wait at least til week 8 to start him is having serious doubt. If he keeps this up Start him from the Week 1.

Speed of the Game? Seems T-Sizzle is getting it down pretty quick.

dolphins won't be getting much rushing yardage this yr with the hurry up O. On the bright side they should be getting a lot of "junk stats" while losing more then 10 games this season.
8-5 dropped an easy 3rd down conversion on the first possession. First time Chad OchoStinko shut up in a month.

Ed McMann, don't you always finish a sentence with a laugh? ha ha ha

size does matter

YES! You are correct sir! Ha Ha I don't much feel like laughing O Exalted One...

There once was a girl from Wheeling,
She had a very good feeling,
She laid on her back,
Tickled her crack,
And peed all over the ceiling!!

I don't even know how to spell my own last name Ha Ha Owww it hurts when I laugh...

Hey Ed ya got any Alpo left Brother? I always remember Ed this way Johnny.


lol peed all over the ceiling is a classic...

I knew there was something spec ial about the girl from Wheeling...


George was a very cool Beatle. Much more so than Dirk Nasty or Barry...

So is the Miami Dolphin Franchise in its death throes? Cote what say you?

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