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August 29, 2012

PS4: Dallas 30, Dolphins 13: Runway mishap a fitting end to preseason (with new video); plus Donte Stallworth, 790 takeover, Upset Bird (7), zombie wedding & more

1aa1me18[1) It is FRIDAY, AUGUST 31. NEWEST VIDEO! DOLPHINS IN WAKE OF AN 0-4 PRESEASON: Visit our video channel, YouTube/TheGregCote, to peruse all our "The View From Miami" mini-commentaries including the most recent, a Dolphins-Cowboys post-mortem. Subscribe (it's free) to get our latest videos as they are posted. 2) More than 18,000 people have joined a Facebook group and posted nude photos of themselves in support of Prince Harry and his recent naked Las Vegas scandal. This is either inspiring or sad, I can't decide which. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

1aa1mepick 1aa1owlwpUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 7 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction pages Sept. 7, and began a 21-day countdown that each day is honoring notable birds. Following the skateboarder Tony Hawk, today we welcome Winnie the Pooh's compatriot, Owl.

Dolphins airport-runway mishap: How fitting...: What better way to punctuate an 0-4 preseason than to have your team plane back into another plane on the airport runway? That's what the Dolphins jet did trying to leave Dallas after last night's loss, necessitating a switch of aircraft that delayed the Dolphins' departure by three hours. Perfect! In other news, receiver-shy Miami is working out recently cut Patriot Donte Stallworth today.

PS4: DALLAS 30, DOLPHINS 13: MIAMI ENDS PRESEASON 0-4: Final thoughts: Can the Dolphins get a few more preseason games, please? Because it does not appear that this team is season-ready. Tough to read much into this result since starters played so little, but Miami completed exhibition play without a single game that generated much optimism. Tonight the biggest positive I'd take is that Ryan Tannehill looked pretty sharp. Here comes the season, ready or not. And the "not" is unfortunately looking more likely at this point. ..... Halftime thoughts: I think the Dolphins could use a few more practice games. My one positive take from this so far is that Ryan Tannehill -- 6-for-8 with a drop in two series -- looked sharp. ..... Original post: I attended the annual Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Kickoff Luncheon for the Dolphins yesterday and 1aa1dolcowdidn't sense a lot of enthusiasm. Click on Gloomy Dolphins for the resulting column. This is a franchise and a fandom in need of a jolt, of reasons to believe. Or maybe just the slightest hint of momentum at 0-3 in a ragged preseason. That's where tonight's exhibition finale at Dallas comes in. (Yeah, I Know. Wednesday night football. Weird). Miami hasn't looked all-round solid in any preseason game yet and must tonight, no matter the result, to build hope for the regular season. With the Vontae Davis trade being questioned and now tackle Jake Long out for a bit, this would be a good time for the Dolphins to give fans something to feel good about. A strong showing by the defense tonight, especially the pass-D, would be a start. So would Ryan Tannehill looking sharp tonight (and ready) even thought he won't play much. Miami needs to come out of this game feeling better about itself in terms of confidence entering this season.

Sports Illustrated has Dolphins 4-12: SI's NFL preview issue is out this week and pegs the Dolphins 4-12, last in the AFC East and better, leaguewide, than only St. Louis' 3-13. I'm inclined to think Miami will be two or three wins better than that due largely to a soft schedule, although I'm less certain than I was a month ago.

Notable from last night's Dolphins 'Hard Knocks': A few thoughts. 1) Dear Daniel Thomas: You're not proven enough or good enough to keep being late. Be careful. 2) HBO cameras love Lauren Tannehill and also Jake Long's wife. I can't blame them. 3) Stunning how unfamiliar Tannehill is with NFL divisions. Thought Chiefs were in the NFC East. 4) Indy's first offer for Vontae Davis was 5th and 6th round picks. Still think Miami getting a 2nd (and 6th) was good value.      

Poll result: Serious disagreement on Vontae Davis trade: We asked in the previous blogpost if you agreed with the Dolphins trading Vontae Davis (you may still vote) and it was close, with 47.6 percent saying yes, 42.7% no and 9.7% undecided. Interestingly, in votes cast in Florida, where a heavier concentration of Dolfans might be assumed, no-votes slightly edged yesses, 45.6 to 45.2.

790 + 104.3 = MARKET DOMINATION: Effective 5 p.m. today 790 The Ticket began simulcasting on 1aa1buy790West Palm FM station 104.3. This is big in local sports-talk radio wars because many, many more people listen to FM than AM. What it means is that rival WQAM, already trailing 790 in ratings, no longer will be able to compete in terms of overall number of listeners. Initially only 790's three locally produced show will be simulcast. The station hopes to add its Heat, Marlins and ESPN programming to the simulcast by late this year or mid-2013 at latest.   

"WILL YOU TAKE THIS ZOMBIE...": A Louisville couple, Jesse Embry and Jennifer Wilson, plan to walk down the aisle dressed as zombies on their wedding day (story here). Betting over/under on how long it will take the couple to seriously regret ruining that day by acting like morons: 4 months.

THE BETRAYING SEAL: Fox News has identified as Mark Bissonnette the former Navy SEAL who wrote (under a pseudonym) the tell-all book on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. From what I have read this sounds like a betrayal of oath, a release of classified information. I'd not buy the book in protest for the author's actions, and not be disappointed if he faced legal consequences.

1aa1elvisA LOVE OF ELVIS TO EXTREMES: Urine-stained underwear (pictured) worn by Elvis Presley in 1977 will be sold at an auction in Manchester, England next week. Estimates are the garment could fetch around $15,000. The only thing scarier than the thought someone would want this displayed in their home is the idea someone would want this because, well, they fit, and who couldn't use another pair of underwear!?

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Getting married as a zombie sort of sullies the sacrament of marriage doesn't it?

I would say that it does.

Morons doesn't begin to describe these people.

You have to be a little nervous when your future franchise QB is cluelss when it comes to which teams play in each division. I could see if it was some clueless nitwit like Des Bryant, but come on. Which pro Qbs was this guy watching. Any 15yr old who knows anything about the NFL should know each team.

Back in TX after some 5 days in wet Miami (making sure folks properly protected). Didn't see even one fan sheltering their hair by-way-of a Dolphins cap. Pathetic! Everyone seems to know the obvious - They suck!

This latest Ireland move pretty much makes it obvious. At least, for me. Ross has given Ireland complete freedom to mold the team as he chooses, and this means, NO BAD APPLES.

A quick summary would reveal that he; never seriously considered Dez (is your Mom still a prostitute?) Bryant, a draft pick, if we recall, the fan base had targeted as the pick; jettisoning Brandon Marshall after one too many off field issues; Vontae Davis and his "tude."

Here's the thing. One can argue that getting rid of such primadonnas are absolutely necessary, or if left unchecked, would poison a team. Well, I'm not so sure about that.

What seems true however, is that when that when a primadonna plays under a weak coach the primadonna gets away with (ahem) murder, and thus cripples a team.

I give Jeff Ireland a pass, as it is becoming increasingly clear that Joe Philbin is no Jim Harbaugh. However, I'm not so sure that Ireland believes his best interest is served when hiring or supporting strong head coaching candidates.

Jeff Ireland is the central problem and this team will continue to suck until such time the owner is forced to dump him.

Sorry, FZB.

Blah, blah, blah this f***ing Dolphin team. whatever.

7-9: (the real) david in los angeles
5-11: Jimbo, duke, Tom
4-12: Anti-Christ, Mr. Woodcock
3-13: OC Dolphin

Naples it is strange but some good athletes in all major sports are not always fans nor are they knowledgeable about their own sport at times.

I wouldn't read that much into it.

Sometimes I think Greg Cote doesn't follow the NFL at all.

The third preseason game is the one that matters, it's the dress rehearsal. Dolphins failed miserably.

The fourth preseason game is where the starters play less than the other three games and the only goal is to get out of there without any injuries to players who you want on the 53 man roster.

Zombies are awesome, zombie wedding is awesome.

Only a total loser would believe that Kazaam.

OC, old chum you're forgetting about the Hog in Trough Master Gamesman, sitting in the Group Commander's chair, whilst sipping his highly floridated bling h20. While business acumen may be his forte apparently running a winning franchise is not soldier.

False. Zombies are great.


5-11 only because I'm still a loyal & longsuffering fan of this Office for the NFL Winning Franchise Developmentally Disabled. However, my compassion is turning into utter indifference.

Kaz, you like zombies do yah? There's a bunch running the Dolphins.

All this hope & positivity is making me hungry. Maybe I'll go have a Double Whopper with Extra-cheese & a diet Fresca.

I'm glad you're back OC. Maybe you can drive to Dallas for the game tonight. I bet you can shoot cannons in that stadium tonight and not hit a living soul.

Philbin is going to have to answer to the Coca Cola company.

Who is going to have a worse season the Dolphins or the Hurricanes?


Put your money on the Canes. They will at least win the one game against Bethune Cookman.

Last comment for abit. Ok Cote's article quotes someone suggesting, "unless Tannehill is as good as Marino right away I'm afraid we're in for a long season." First of all Marino had Duper, Moore and Clayton(or did he play in Marino's sophmore year?)and excellent pass catching back and good all-around football player in Tony Nathan. Second, Marino had Dwight Stevenson as his center. Dwight was the real deal Pro-Bowler. Kooch who knew alittle about playing football was there. He had guys on offense and defense one year removed from SB loss. Defense was #1 with Arnspager. Without him well... Oh yes, last but not least he had a savy, seasoned Don Strock in his ear & a guy named Don Shula as his Head Coach. What is it Tannehill has exactly?

OC-Dolphin- 4-12 for me. If they get crushed by Houston, LOOK OUT, IT COULD GET UGLY!!!

Tannehill has me!

If the Dolphins go 0-16 I would be a little miffed. If the Hurricanes went 0-12 I would be suicidal. I'm getting killed by all my USC buddies here in LA. My only hope right now is for another drive by shooting next to the campus. And even with that I'm screwed. How do you come off three years probation and be the pre-season number 1 rated team in the country. "Oh the horror."

OC, Tubesteak Dave really has the fish at 7-9? Boy it must be great to be young, foolish, and artistic to see the world through rose colored glasses. "Wake up, Dave!"


Did you say Dave, or did you mean Pave?

I talked to him yesterday. Even Ernie and Charlie are talking about a historically bad season for the fish. When those two clowns who are always thinking Super Bowl for the fish at this time of the year think they suck you know the fish are in deep, deep, trouble.

OC (and others).

when you assume something that assumption becomes your belief, so now some of you guys believe that Philbin is not the right coach for the team and the guy has not even coached in his first game?...The guy doesn't even have his type of players yet, he is also trying to change the culture of the team by getting rid of players that don't fit or want to fit into his system and you guys are already assuming the guy is a bust?..

I know that looking at things in a negative way is what most people do but I think you guys are a bit premature here, yes he could be a bust but he also could be a good coach, don't cpmpare him to Harbaugh he came into a team ready to win while Philbin inherited a rebuilding job.

Baby, that was a nice article on Tannehill, I think we got our franchise QB.

Oye FZB, from what I've seen of Hard Knocks his type of players are the ones who don't litter, wear button down JC Penny dress shirts, help little old ladies across the street. and go to church on Sunday.........in other words the kind of players that get you 2 wins.

What we need is a coach that reflects the city of Miami, a lawless devil may care boozer druggie party animal that will bring in players with a rap sheet as long as a city block and with an attitude to match. That geez, gosh, dang, type might work in Indianapolis or Green Bay but this is the Magic City, baby! The formula that works here is the old Luther Campbell Miami Hurricanes bad boy routine. We need coaches like Billy Martin or Pete Rose not goody two shoe types like Bumstead, Cameron, and now Coach Loveboat.


I believe you called me insane (from the previous blog) for stating that "clearly Philbin is in control of the team" and you proceeded to "insult" me like you always do(lol) and gave the play by play of what happened ..as always your intellectual narrow minded pee brain doesn't allow you to see the big picture.

Yes the Colts initiated the trade, yes Ireland was in charge and made the decision on the trade but he clearly consulted with Philbin and the trade was made with his consent, if Philbin wanted to keep Vontae Davis he would still be part of the team, Ireland was on the fence because he knows how difficult it is to find good corner's but Philbin didn't feel comfortable with V Davis on the team at all and wanted him out.

that is why I said that Philbin is in control of the team, he wants his type of players, pay more attention next time.


Harbaugh turned down the Dolphins offer for any number of reasons, e.g, home/family already in the bay area, better talent in SF, Dolphins ownership mistreatment of Sparano, "fixed" GM, take your pick.

However, I doubt that you would get even one vote from any one of us here that - were it Harbaugh - (instead of Philbin) that optimism for the Dolphins would not be higher.


you don't see a lot of players from Green Bay get into a lot of trouble but they win 13 games every year.

Philbin looks like a Democrat

Ireland has a Napoleon complex

Stephen M. Ross


Harbaugh is a heck of a coach and knowing what I know after just one year I would love for him to be coaching the Dolphins but Philbin has not even coached in his first game yet so I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks FZB but I would hold off on the franchise QB talk until I see a bit more of him this season.

We both agrree that this is not an ideal situation for Young Ryan and that Garrard would have been the better choice.

Coaching staff agreed too but most here think they are smarter than the coaches so they don't agree with us whatever.

This is not a referendum on Tannehill. It's a referendum on an ownership's track record.

Because Green Bay is a wholesome down home law abiding town and that bull crap works well there. Miami is the complete opposite of Green Bay this is a major league party town and our players and coaches should represent that. A team takes on the character of the city that it plays for. Here in Miami we should have welfare fraudsters, drug dealers, gang bangers, gold diggers, corrupt former politicians, corrupt current politicians, embezzlers, inside traders, mafia dons, crooked contractors, illegal arms dealers, phony land speculators, crooked evangelical preachers, crooked telemarketers, and Jewish financial planners on the field, on the sidelines, in the management office, and at the top.

There is another veteran on the Dolphins that has a lot of value but I think it may a bit dangerous to trade him.

Reggie Bush, he is in his last year of his contract and he won't be back next year but teams like the Lions, Raven's , Steeler's etc would love to have a player like that, the problem is the guys is a team leader and it could create big issues on the team .



So we need a drug dealer coaching the team?..heck we can get anyone by just driving through the "posk and beans" hood.

make that the "pork and beans" hood.

So FZ,

Will you be the first to predict a better than 500 season?

Because Don Shula was a total party animal I think I saw him wearing a lamp shade on his head once.

Did I say "crooked telemarketer?" That was a redundancy.

Baby, Don did well in the early 70's when Miami was still a babes in the wood city of nearly 100,000. As soon as South Florida become Casablanca of the Caribe or Sodom and Gomorrah of Collins Avenue, Shula's record went down like the Titanic. Nah, we don't need Dudley Do Right we need Tony Montana at the helm. "Shoot that piece of shit, Manolo!"

Well said, Woody!

I think I remember now. Wasn't Stephen Ross one of the original Mouseketeers?

That's funny he does look like a Mouse.


After careful consideration with my babalao cousin "pepe" and after taking into account the Dolphins are starting a rookie QB with little experience and a big question mark at the WR position I have concluded the Dolphins will be:


the year will start pretty bad but it will get better as the schedule and his experience improve...the Ryan Tannehill era will soon begin and I can't wait.

Good, FZB, I was about to give you this:


do any of you guys think someone will be crazy enough to buy some underwear with piss stains?

I am surprised some of you are not at least waiting until the roster has been completed to make your predictions.

alright-ee then,

7-9: (the real) david in los angeles
6-10: FZB
5-11: Jimbo, duke, Tom
4-12: Anti-Christ, Mr. Woodcock, Naples Jack
3-13: OC Dolphin

It's starting to take shape.


If it looks like a duck...

gentlemen, here is our next subject...the 2013 draft.


There are many species of ducks.

Why do I get the feeling that the Dolphins could draft the first rated player for each position and Ross would not pay 11 of them the going rate, that Ireland would trade another 10 firsts for 40 six rounders and the one guy they draft low is of good character, but cannot block.

Yes, BB, but they all leave a trail of aqua-green poop.

FZB - after Vontae Davis was traded you said, ''Clearly Philbin is in control of the team, if the player doesn't listen and doesn't get in line then he'll get rid of him!'

I said you're clearly insane, for the reasons you mentioned above. Not so much an insult as a statement of fact.

Reege Philbin didn't get rid of Vontae Davis because he 'doesn't listen'. Reege Philbin didn't get rid of Davis at all, Jeff Ireland did at the Colts' behest.

Really Jimmy Johnson, with proper say in hand, power befitting his resume lets say, would have been perfect fit for this modern Miami city. He was PERFECT. Marino was more POPULAR. One of contributing factors of Miami Dolphins not having won SB since 1903.

Yeah, so I misspelled my f***ing name. I got plenty of others...

Good work Duke. I think our fate was sealed when Huinzega refused to let Jimmy get rid of Marino to bolster the roster.

Are you sure about that OC I think we need to consult Kazaam on that one.

Relax Kaz, I didn't feel insulted..

I'm going to the Marlins game today, somebody wish me luck.

the Canes start this saturday, Golden has got the team on the right track, let's hope those pee brains from the NCAA look upon this Nevin Shapiro crap and realize its not as big of a deal as people make it out to be.

Great, the Dolphins are going to be more milquetoast than Notre Dame...


Nah, my only gripe concerning Kazaam's take on the Dolphin's demise is that he does not fully consider Ross to be the problem. In a way Green Bay is lucky in that as a corporation, if the CEO is not cutting it, he get's axed.

Lucky are those fans whose ownership is knowledgeable as to what it takes to win consistently.

Green Bay doesn't even have an owner and there's nothing special about their coach or GM. They just have Aaron Rogers.

The point being that whoever is in charge of hiring GM's, coaches, etc., is accountable to performance and thus can be replaced, whereas a team owner cannot.

Really ?...Ted Thompson is not one of the best GM's in the NFL?

Nope. Smart for drafting a quarterback in the first round with a Hall of Fame quarterback already on the roster and smart for taking two more quarterbacks that same draft.

All the rest of his 'success' is a direct consequence of drafting Aaron Rogers. Packers have '9 star receivers'?

No they don't.

Even the defensive players he's picked wouldn't have the status they have without Aaron Rogers taking them to the Super Bowl. No one would know who Sam Shields is if he hadn't had the clinching interception in the NFC championship game.

Look what that 'genius' GM of the Colts left behind when he lost Peyton Manning.

2-14, no talent to be found anywhere on the roster.

You're missing the point. An owner is accountable only to his wallet. He can place an idiot at GM and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Further, he can have his idiot GM hire a HC and now the fan base has two idiots, on and on...

Sound familiar?

Clay Matthews is pretty good but they had the 32nd ranked defense last year and still went 15-1.

That shouldn't happen Pats did it too this flag football crap has to stop.

I'm still missing your point OC, I hate Stephen Ross.

Well, if you're saying that owner Ross is as guilty (if not more so) as anything crippling this franchise, well, then I stand corrected.

My point is that there are only three possibilities: A. You are GB and bound by corporate structure, B. Your owner is either lucky as hell, or knows who to hire (Kraft), C. Your owner is clueless.


and yet you stated on this blog many times that you wanted that "genius" Polian to run the Dolphins.

As guilty as anything?

The one, single, inarguable reason the Dolphins have been stuck in permanent mediocrity for two decades is that they haven't invested in a top quarterback prospect since Dan Marino. Tannehill's the first time they've tried since 1983.

That's the reason, so who's to blame? Everyone. All the GMs who didn't draft quarterbacks, all the coaches who asked the GMs not to draft quarterbacks, both the owners, who didn't fire people who didn't draft quarterbacks.

But the owner who's only been here a few years 'more so' than anyone else? Na.

He's the reason the franchise is a laughing stock nationally and has no credibility and the reason they have the worst game day experience in the league.

But the Dolphins haven't been crippled by a bad reputation, they've been crippled by band aid quarterbacks.

Stop telling me what I said FZB, you're never right.

Woodcock wanted Polian. I did not. I don't think much of Polian. I want Eric DeCosta.

Sounds like you're willing to skirt the issue. Yes, this buffoon has worsened an already laughable brand, but he and Wayne were poor assessors of GM talent. Who's to say why, financial spending? control? whatever. This whole argument works up the ladder just like in real life, or the military. Everyone has to answer to a boss. When that boss can only be fired by bankruptcy, well...back to my three possibilities.

Kaz, don't forget to add that we've also not had any good wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, offensive linemen, fullbacks, defensive ends, defensive tackles, linebackers, safeties, cornerbacks......well, we have had a few good punters and kickers and we have great cheerleaders. That about says it all.

geez Kaz, you're a little sensitive today.

OC - not skirting anything, just don't see your point? That maybe the Dolphins could go bankrupt and that would get rid of the owner?

They've had some good players Woodcock, Brandon Marshall was great, best two receiving seasons any Dolphins receiver has had.

They've definitely fielded several teams in the past 20 years that would contend for a Super Bowl if they had a star quarterback.

Other than death (not wishing it), how else does a team change an owner. Why is that a key question? Well, who hires the GM? Actively or not blesses the new HC? Who does the owner fire when a franchise continues to fail? Certainly not him.

not himself (the owner)

Ok, if that's all you've seen and you think he was great, then fine, we've had 1 good player besides punters and kickers and our great cheerleaders during the past 20 years. Personally, I think Dupper, Clayton, and Warfield had better careers than Marshall in just a couple of games but you're the stats guy. Remember however what Mark Twain said, "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics."

I shouldn't even be having to argue these points. It's as obvious as to why they called it Joe Robbie Stadium.

Whatever point you're trying to make probably would be obvious if you said it, I just have no idea what you're talking about.

Is the point that Stephen Ross is a bad owner? I'm with you that far...

By its very structure, NFL owners do not lose their ownership due any football decision made through their actions. The Dolphins have sucked for decades and - NOT - primarily to the appearance of a particular quarterback, coach or player. These individuals appear in a team as a result of how an owner manages his franchise; the GM he hires, the attitudes he forges within the team, his ability (or lack thereof) in optimizing league relationships, financial philosophy, to name but a few key elements.

In that regard, and with record, responsibilities in mind, both Wayne Huizenga and Stephen Ross have been poor, if not atrocious owners.

That is my point. We are where we are and been because of these two gentlemen. Not because of a lack of quarterback. The quarterback is the detail and the problem more fundamental.

Stay with him Kaz, he's on a roll. Just remember it's really hot in Texas and he's tired from travelling. Keep it up OC! Say what?

Kaz, he's sounding a little like Jimmy the Greek when Jimmy was asked about black athletes, "Well, everyone knows that the big slave owner would mate his big black to his best girl slave and so............"

Wow, what a nerd!

When he has to go more than two sentences and uses more than two syllable words watch out, Rambling Man is a coming!

Oye Woodcock,

que par de come bofio son estos dos, lo que estan hablando es pura mierda.

FZB, I miss OC. When he lived here he used to call me at 12:00 AM after he had had a few, and argue with me about something or another. "And further more, ass wipe, you don't know shit, er, arr, poppycock....." You get the point.

He really has said poppycock on a couple of instances. That has to be a world record. I think he's the only Cuban in the whole world that has ever used the word "poppycock" in a sentence.

Hang in there, OC! You got Kaz right where you want him.

You misunderstood, Woody.

I was suggesting that you should take your mouth off your puppy's cock and speak intelligently.

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