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PS4: Dallas 30, Dolphins 13: Runway mishap a fitting end to preseason (with new video); plus Donte Stallworth, 790 takeover, Upset Bird (7), zombie wedding & more

1aa1me18[1) It is FRIDAY, AUGUST 31. NEWEST VIDEO! DOLPHINS IN WAKE OF AN 0-4 PRESEASON: Visit our video channel, YouTube/TheGregCote, to peruse all our "The View From Miami" mini-commentaries including the most recent, a Dolphins-Cowboys post-mortem. Subscribe (it's free) to get our latest videos as they are posted. 2) More than 18,000 people have joined a Facebook group and posted nude photos of themselves in support of Prince Harry and his recent naked Las Vegas scandal. This is either inspiring or sad, I can't decide which. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

1aa1mepick 1aa1owlwpUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 7 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction pages Sept. 7, and began a 21-day countdown that each day is honoring notable birds. Following the skateboarder Tony Hawk, today we welcome Winnie the Pooh's compatriot, Owl.

Dolphins airport-runway mishap: How fitting...: What better way to punctuate an 0-4 preseason than to have your team plane back into another plane on the airport runway? That's what the Dolphins jet did trying to leave Dallas after last night's loss, necessitating a switch of aircraft that delayed the Dolphins' departure by three hours. Perfect! In other news, receiver-shy Miami is working out recently cut Patriot Donte Stallworth today.

PS4: DALLAS 30, DOLPHINS 13: MIAMI ENDS PRESEASON 0-4: Final thoughts: Can the Dolphins get a few more preseason games, please? Because it does not appear that this team is season-ready. Tough to read much into this result since starters played so little, but Miami completed exhibition play without a single game that generated much optimism. Tonight the biggest positive I'd take is that Ryan Tannehill looked pretty sharp. Here comes the season, ready or not. And the "not" is unfortunately looking more likely at this point. ..... Halftime thoughts: I think the Dolphins could use a few more practice games. My one positive take from this so far is that Ryan Tannehill -- 6-for-8 with a drop in two series -- looked sharp. ..... Original post: I attended the annual Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Kickoff Luncheon for the Dolphins yesterday and 1aa1dolcowdidn't sense a lot of enthusiasm. Click on Gloomy Dolphins for the resulting column. This is a franchise and a fandom in need of a jolt, of reasons to believe. Or maybe just the slightest hint of momentum at 0-3 in a ragged preseason. That's where tonight's exhibition finale at Dallas comes in. (Yeah, I Know. Wednesday night football. Weird). Miami hasn't looked all-round solid in any preseason game yet and must tonight, no matter the result, to build hope for the regular season. With the Vontae Davis trade being questioned and now tackle Jake Long out for a bit, this would be a good time for the Dolphins to give fans something to feel good about. A strong showing by the defense tonight, especially the pass-D, would be a start. So would Ryan Tannehill looking sharp tonight (and ready) even thought he won't play much. Miami needs to come out of this game feeling better about itself in terms of confidence entering this season.

Sports Illustrated has Dolphins 4-12: SI's NFL preview issue is out this week and pegs the Dolphins 4-12, last in the AFC East and better, leaguewide, than only St. Louis' 3-13. I'm inclined to think Miami will be two or three wins better than that due largely to a soft schedule, although I'm less certain than I was a month ago.

Notable from last night's Dolphins 'Hard Knocks': A few thoughts. 1) Dear Daniel Thomas: You're not proven enough or good enough to keep being late. Be careful. 2) HBO cameras love Lauren Tannehill and also Jake Long's wife. I can't blame them. 3) Stunning how unfamiliar Tannehill is with NFL divisions. Thought Chiefs were in the NFC East. 4) Indy's first offer for Vontae Davis was 5th and 6th round picks. Still think Miami getting a 2nd (and 6th) was good value.      

Poll result: Serious disagreement on Vontae Davis trade: We asked in the previous blogpost if you agreed with the Dolphins trading Vontae Davis (you may still vote) and it was close, with 47.6 percent saying yes, 42.7% no and 9.7% undecided. Interestingly, in votes cast in Florida, where a heavier concentration of Dolfans might be assumed, no-votes slightly edged yesses, 45.6 to 45.2.

790 + 104.3 = MARKET DOMINATION: Effective 5 p.m. today 790 The Ticket began simulcasting on 1aa1buy790West Palm FM station 104.3. This is big in local sports-talk radio wars because many, many more people listen to FM than AM. What it means is that rival WQAM, already trailing 790 in ratings, no longer will be able to compete in terms of overall number of listeners. Initially only 790's three locally produced show will be simulcast. The station hopes to add its Heat, Marlins and ESPN programming to the simulcast by late this year or mid-2013 at latest.   

"WILL YOU TAKE THIS ZOMBIE...": A Louisville couple, Jesse Embry and Jennifer Wilson, plan to walk down the aisle dressed as zombies on their wedding day (story here). Betting over/under on how long it will take the couple to seriously regret ruining that day by acting like morons: 4 months.

THE BETRAYING SEAL: Fox News has identified as Mark Bissonnette the former Navy SEAL who wrote (under a pseudonym) the tell-all book on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. From what I have read this sounds like a betrayal of oath, a release of classified information. I'd not buy the book in protest for the author's actions, and not be disappointed if he faced legal consequences.

1aa1elvisA LOVE OF ELVIS TO EXTREMES: Urine-stained underwear (pictured) worn by Elvis Presley in 1977 will be sold at an auction in Manchester, England next week. Estimates are the garment could fetch around $15,000. The only thing scarier than the thought someone would want this displayed in their home is the idea someone would want this because, well, they fit, and who couldn't use another pair of underwear!?

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