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August 31, 2012

G1: Hurricanes 41, Boston College 32: Morris, The Duke, UM offense overcome defensive lapses for big opening win!; plus FIU disappoints; Noles, Gators & more

[1) It is SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1. Having a rough day? It could be worse. You could be the RNC guy who booked Clint Eastwood. 2)  NEWEST VIDEO!: ON UM, FIU FOOTBALL: Visit our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote to peruse any of our mini-commentaries including our latest one on Hurricanes and FIU football on the eve of their season openers. 3) Click on The Team That Luck Forgot for today's special-section Dolphins column by me, and on Top 32 for my 2012 ranking of NFL teams. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

1aa1mepick 1aa1birdmockUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 6 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction pages Sept. 7, and began a 21-day countdown that each day is honoring notable birds. Following Winnie the Pooh's neighbor Owl, today we welome the 1974 Carly Simon/James Taylor song, "Mockingbird."

1aa1csm12Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: It's baa-aack!: Our blog's Canesfan Satisfaction Meter is back for a fourth season. A new CSM poll will appear right after every Miami Hurricanes game inviting you to express your overall level of satisfaction with the team and season. Look for the first 2012 poll following Saturday's opener at Boston College. Estimated posttime: 7:30 to 7:45 p.m. 

G1: HURRICANES 41, BOSTON COLLEGE 32: Final: UM 41-32 after Miami takes intentional safety in closing seconds. A wild, ultimately impressive season-opening win by the Canes. The pass defense was close to horrible, but the UM offense -- led by quarterback Stephen Morris and freshman runner Duke Johnson -- was enogh to overcome. 4Q: Miami defensive goalline stand with 2:17 to play denies a QB-sneak score and seals it, the call upheld on review. ..... BC 30-41. Birds draw closer with 17-yard scoring pass with 6:43 to play. ..... UM 41-23. The game is won. Stephen Morris' 18-yard TD pass to Malcolm Lewis assures that. ..... UM 34-23: Defensive fumble recovery sets up short FG. ..... 3Q: UM 31-23. Duuuuuuuuuuke! Duke again. This time a swiveling 56-yard scoring run. Amazing talent. ..... UM 24-23. We got us a thriller up here, folks. The U back up on a 22-yard FG. ..... BC 23-21. Birds regain lead on 30-yard FG. ..... Half: Early read on this UM team and season: Stephen Morris and Duke Johnson are going to make this offense exciting. But 231 first-half passing yards allowed speak ill of the defense. ..... 2Q: 20-21. Eagles add 37-yard FG. ..... UM 21-17. Miami first lead of game (and season) on nice 54-yard run by freshman RB Duuuuuuuuuuke Johnson. ..... BC 17-14. Eagles with a 26-yard chipshot FG. ..... 1Q: UM 14-14. Just like that! Denzel Perryman 41-yard TD return on interception knots the game as quarter expires. ..... UM 7-14. Canes alive! Eduardo Clements 1-yard TD run caps 83-yard drive late in quarter. .....  Stephen Morris intercepted. Nightmare start for Canes. ..... BC 14-0. Jake Sinkovec 15-yard TD pass. UM's defense is making QB Chase Rettig look like Andrew Luck. ... BC 7-0. Lousy start for Canes D. Allowed a 36-yard pass on opening series and didn't seem set/ready on Andre Williams' 4-yard scoring run. ..... Original post: Miami is very young and a scant favorite (2 points) in a near-pick 'em game, which is sort of sad because Boston College is struggling enough that 1aa1canesits coach might be on the ACC's hottest seat entering the season. The betting line verifies that not much is expected of the Canes this season as Al Golden 2.0 commences and the stewardship of junior QB Stephen Morris (pictured) begins. I think the Canes are being underestimated, perhaps because of the still-hovering NCAA issues. I also think Golden is the right man for this job; click on Digging In for my special-section column on Golden and his commitment to UM. I see Miami improving upon last year's 6-6 but might have to revisit that claim with a loss here. Canes, if you don't beat BC, even in Chestnut Hill, you could be in for a long season, especially with the Eagles' defense sorely depleted by the departure of tackler-savant Luke Kuechly. A challenging, stage-setting game right out the gate, but the Canes' superior speed decides it. Pick: Miami, 27-16.

1aa1fiuDUKE 46, FIU PANTHERS 26: The Devil Azur won at FIU last season so you know Mario Cristobal's troops were out to return the favor. And with Duke injury-depleted, they had a chance. Not enough defense, though, especially in that nightmarish 30-point second quarter. The good news: Jake Medlock looks like the real deal at QB. My pick was: Duke, 28-27.

FAU 7, WAGNER 3: Pretty unimpressive debut for new coach Carl Pelini last night as the ghost of retired Howard Schnellenberger haunted the stadium. Not sure who Wagner is or where he's from -- actually it's a very small 1-AA school from Staten Island -- but this would've been a new low if Owls didn't win this one. My pick was: FAU, 30-13.

NO. 23 FLORIDA 27, BOWLING GREEN 14: The Swamp got a soft opening and should have rolled close to a perfect game against Bowling Green. (Sorry). Gators can't seem to pick a starting QB but thought they'd hardly need one here. Instead, it was a result that won't impress the pollsters in the least. My pick was: Florida, 41-10.

NO. 7 FLORIDA STATE 69, MURRAY STATE 3: Speaking of soft openings, thought the top-10 Noles wold name their score, and they did. My pick was: FSU, 58-6.

Week's other state FBS games: Central Florida d. Akron 56-14 on Thursday; South Florida d. Chattanooga 34-13 on Saturday.

National game of week: No. 2 Alabama d. No. 8 Michigan 41-14.

SOPY Rankings: New college football blog gimmick!: The past few years we've had our own Cote's Top 30 or whatever we called it. Tired of it. Done. Our new gimmick: The weekly, cumulative State Offensive Player of the Year (SOPY) Rankings, a continually updated top-10 of the most productive quarterbacks, runners and receivers from our state's seven FBS teams. I suppose FSU QB E.J. Manuel might be the favorite going in but you never know 'til you know. We'll debut the rankings and explain our formula following the Week 1 games. Watch for it.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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If we can't beat Boston College then we are in deep dudu but I think they will.

don't really care about the other school's, as usual FSU is starting with a cup-cake,typical

Think again.

UM's defense is going to surprise people this year, they're not going to get pushed around at the line as much as they have in the past.

When Al Golden started here 11 players could bench 225 lbs 20 times or more, none could do 30 reps.

Now 11 can do 30 reps and 41 can do 20.

FSU will get a false sense of greatness, as usual, then fall during the year...you'll see.

Murray State...didn't know they had a football team, I swear!!

I hope FSU goes 7-0, they'll be favored in all those games. Game 8 too.

Have been a Dolphins fan all my life, but there is no way Houston doesn't cover the 10 pt. spread week one. That's easy money. And let me put it delicately...Andre Johnson is going to absolutely destroy our secondary. Marshall? Sean Smith? Nolan Carroll? Doesn't matter which one of those scrubs is on him. Man were we spoiled around 2000 when it was Madison, Surtain, Brian Walker, and Marion as our DBs.

That's the sad part...I'm not even the greedy fan that demands a SB quality team each year. But at least give us a fun team every now and then and 11-5. Is that too difficult to ask? Even the teams in the late 90's/early 2000s gave us some playoff appearances and fun pro bowlers we got to know and love. Ross, Ireland, and Mike Dee are a joke.

Laces out Dan,

not so fast my friend, if our defense comes to play and we can run the ball a little bit we will be in the game, I'm not conceding anything...you guys can give up already on the year, not me senor.

FIU should be able to beat Duke, and probably will.

I hope you're right, Kaz, my buddy told me the same thing about the strength program. Last year we were in every game. A few plays go our way and we could have had a very good season. The Canes chances for a good season are light years ahead of the Fins chances.

"The Canes chances for a good season are light years ahead of the Fins chances".

That statement has more holes than a swiss cheese factory.

You must have gotten a bad batch of Boston baked beans last night which is affecting your outlook, BB.

Cote, nice of you to keep OC's Cane meter for this year. Might be the best decision you've made so far.

Bro, the least you can do is to give credit to OC for giving you the freaking satisfaction meter.

Nope it's just that every major publication has picked the Canes to finish in the basement.

You have been eating too much spicy Cuban food and it's made you dizzy.

Hey Dashi, I sure hope you bought Cent and Centa. The Rabbi just put down big bank from the garage floor vault on both stocks yesterday.

Baby, looks like Garrard is going to make the team, I think Philbin has more trust in him than Moore..

I think the Canes win 4 or 5 games only..but we are on the right track for sure.

Whew thanks FZB for the update I was hoping that we wouldn't waive him that would have been quite dumb.

Well, lets take a look at those predictions. Last year the Canes played close in every game they lost. Three or four of the loses were decided by one play late in the games. Now they lost a few underclassmen to the NFL but they got addition by subtraction when the starting QB graduated. From what I hear the D is better than last year and this Duke Johnson kid seems as good as advertised. The last time I checked we play in the ACC not the SEC, how the Canes don't have a better chance of having a better season than the Dolphins is amazing to me 'cause the Dolphins suck.

"Last year the Canes played close in every game they lost. Three or four of the loses were decided by one play late in the games".

Substitute Dolphins for Canes and the same is true of them.

Big Baby - every 'major publication' also has the Dolphins around 30 of 32 teams this year so how do you figure their prospects are any better?

Hurricanes had an abysmal .500 season last year and are on the upswing with competent leadership.

Dolphins had an even more abysmal .375 season last year, got rid of their best receiver twice, and are still circling the drain with the worst management in the league.

I would have to think that Dashi would have to save a lot of his tip money Woodcock, to buy any stock. Dont belive anything he has to say.

OC Dolphin,

so our host is chiming in at 6-10, which is in our 5-6 win range that Tom and others have seen. at least eh has the good sense to put the bears below the packers; i still am astonished that peter king placed them first in their division, which is why the term "the experts" appears in quotation marks in 99% of the ole shadows posts. same goes for the experts picking USC for the national title game- a very laudatory and intersting piece about matt barkley, but he still doesn't have luck's arm. i think my alama mater will lose between 2-3 games and not sniff the crystal vase.

Didn't say they were better but was basing my rebuttal on Woodcock's outlandish statement about how Canes chances were light years better than Dolphins.


Where did you see that Greg Cote posted his Dolphins' win/loss guess? The column that he linked above - "Top 32," shows last season's team records, although he may in fact be chiming in at 6 & 10.


8-8: FZB
7-9: (the real) david in los angeles
5-11: Jimbo, duke, Tom, the shadow knows
4-12: Anti-Christ, Naples Jack, Rawpimple
3-13: OC Dolphin
2-14: Mr. Woodcock
0-16: Noel


Thanks for the cred. Cote has thanked me enough already, plus the fact that he is using it again this year is satisfying enough for me.

I don't think the team will be markedly worse than last year.

CANES 35-21. You are correct if they losde this game, the season is over! FIRE THE TROLL!!!


OC, your logo is top drawer. As professional a job as they have ever had in this newspaper. Congrats bro.

Marke, even if the roll they should fire the troll.

Baby, you telling me the Canes are only going to win two games? Two games? 'Cause the Fish are lucky if they win one game.

Got to admit that watching Clint last night was a bit painful. Then again, how many 82 year-olds can we point to who remain lucid. The telling thing to me was the fact that he was willing to run the risk of personal embarrassment so as to help correct and change the course of our nation.

Kudos, Clint. Your star power has climbed even higher in my eyes.

OC Dolphin,

our host put 6-10 after the dolphins in his top 32 rankings; refer to the article. he was pretty bold in placing SF at the top of the heap, but then they are young, tough, run the ball and play defense and have a coach who has been successful into making chicken salad out of ... at every stop along the way. making stanford into a consistently strong team takes a lot. he and his brother might be the best head coaches in the NFL.

Not to mention the fact he hung 52 on SC at home! Hell, after that I started lighting a candle to him every day.


Yep, I saw that, my friend. I think you'll find those were last year's records, not what Greg predicts will be their records this year.

Clint was hilarious last night...Dirty Harry is the man.

Now I see that OC has "up-dated" the predictions for the season and changed mine to 8-8, OC I said I was thinking about it but its cool since I'm one of the most "positivo" guys on the blog..Leave it like that.

We are going to shock the world people and beat the Texan's!!!!..you heard it here first.

ready to go for tomorrow, got a few people coming over for the Canes game, getting some pork and congri's and we're set, you guys are all welcome, even you Kaz.


the 49ers are starting the season with three QBs each of whom has more experience than ryan tannehill and a bevvy of pass catchers and runners. as mentioned previously they had a whole lot of bad breaks in losing to the giants. maybe our host isn't being so bold after all. jim harbaugh is good enough to make ted ginn forget how lousy he was down here. having all those other weapons on the roster has seemingly made ginn relax and contribute. SF plays in a weak division and should be well-placed come playoff time.

I wasn't a big fan of John Harbaugh when he was hired, I thought he might be a little too corny and soft spoken to keep hold of a veteran team if things went south.

He changed my mind in some preseason game, I'll just start holding my breath now until Reege Philbin has a moment like this that changes my mind on him.



Feel free to correct it as many times as you want, up till kick-off.

Canes should win a close game against Boston College.

No leave it OC, so far I'm the only one that has even dared predict a 500 season..And that happened by accident.

Baby, what are you waiting on son?..spill the beans, what's your prediction for the season.

I'm going to flip a coin to see who will end up winning more games between these two. Hang on...


Looks like the Canes by one game.

9-7 but only if Garrard stays on the roster because they might need him to play this season.

Hey, has anyone seen my off season video?


9 and 7... Bee-Bee!!!!


Congrats on being the only optimist!

"Soft spoken." Ahahahahahahahahaha. Dude, where have you been, soft spoken, Harbaugh is one of the most arrogant SOB's in the game. SC is still sending a procession from South Central to the new LA Cathedral downtown every day to thank God that he's not coaching at Stanford anymore.

Fat John Jerry is still on the team, I guess they have nobody else..I'm sure they are looking.

Murtha was cut, I think he is injured again...

check that,

You've also have Dave in company.

OC, you might have come up with a great U meter but you don't know shit about the U. If you have seen one game in 25 years it's one game too many.

Are you saying the Dolphins will win more games?

John Harbaugh, not Jim.

Si, the Dolphins will win more games than the U, there I said it.

the U might win 5 this year...I hope I'm wrong.

So David In LA, Baby and me (FZB) are the only positivos of the blog?...

No, I'm saying you don't know shit about the Canes.

Dolphins play 4 more games than the Hurricanes, maybe they win more games, 0 chance they have a better winning percentage.

If 7-9 is positivo.

A good college team beats the Dullphins....just saying jmo!


I look at the U's schedule and see 6 and 6, or 5 and 7, much better than my Dolphins 3 and 13 prediction.

Boston College, Kansas State, Bethune Cookman, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Virginia, USF, Duke.

What you talkn-bout, Willis?

Sure, Woody. Whatever. Nalga!

One game in 25 years and that was because someone was here from Miami and you went to Chama's house for a bbq. Maybe.

The more I think about it it the more I'd rather have a nice big bag of brand new Wilson footballs than Long.

Hey boyz how's that fuselage section of the plane comin'? HEY LOOK AT ME! That plane's gotta be ready by Sept 9th for the Houston game you momoes!

Greetings from Raleigh/Durham

FIU 31
Duke 10

Panthers on the rise.

Hey Woodcock, I take Donna Shalala over Boss Kubler-Ross to own Fins any damn day of the week.

The owner, Ross, prone to rose-colored hyperbole said, “I think we have a great team here,” adding, “people can talk the talk, but you can see we’re walking the walk.” 'nough said.

What is "FIU"?

Florida In the University System of Colleges & Universities....

Good video Greg, honest and fair perspective on state of FIU and UM.

I'll B in the Austin area in late Sept - early Oct. Were checking some places out in TX,, trying to decide where to retire a few yrs down the road.

Is there anyone in this blog voting in November that isn't decided on Romney or Obama?

I'm foldin' on Golden. BC 24, Miami 13. This just isn't working.

Samson, cut your hair and shove it up your hoyo.

I will continue to support our Phins, however I just do not see any team in the NFL we can beat. Just play hard and if you lose, make the other team beat you. do not give up.


I'm almost certain that most of the regular's here will vote for Romney.

OISage, the Dolphins will finish 8-8 this year, guarantee

Oh man, they're killing your Trojans in the Times, Shadow. And I don't know what's worse the screwing that SC gave to this poor kid or the stiffs that the Pac 12 has scheduled to open up the 2012 season.

Here's just a mild sample.

trojanh8ter at 12:22 PM August 31, 2012
Wow, Reggie has to give back his Heisman, Ellison says God tried to make his blunt burn down his apartment building and now Armstead suing his own school? And this is just this year in SuCville... Hope JUNIOR's lawyer don't do any tests for these painkillers. SANCTION ON!


Hey Cote!!! No poll? WTF!! FZB, was that a hit and run on the other blog? A rare appearance indeed! Make sure you're wearing a protective cup when you go there!

OlSage, we're supposed to have a soft schedule this year, I've been looking it over for days, we are going to have a hard time every game. We'll be lucky to win 4! Comments guys.....

Actually, the U might have a better season!


naw, I just saw Dashi blogging away over at Armando's blog and I couldn't resist chiming in, told him not to be a stranger on this blog,just having a little fun.

how are you feeling old fart?..I hope your doing well.

Canes beat BC, I hope!

I'm alive and kicking, ready for another football season. Dismayed by the Dolphins, hopeful for the Canes, hoping FSU can make it to the championship, my oldest son is a psychology major there....so it's strange rooting for them, but, that's life!

That was for you FZB

UM beats BC!

cote what up with that old fiu logo?


Sound reasoning. Texas remains a viable retirement option, when viewed against an uncertain America. We'll just have to see what happens in November and beyond. Know this. Texas would be the last place on earth which would succumb to any form of liberal, failed state, Austin not withstanding. But hey, everything here is a 15 minute drive away and once out that area, there is nothing but Ward Cleavers everywhere.

Translation: If the left threatens to topple our Country, there is no better place to be. Post visit dates, as it gets closer to your trip. I would love to meet with you over a beer or two.


What say you concerning the Dolphins' season?

DC, dismal tidings, we win maybe 4 games, but gain 3 picks in the top 40, plus a lot of cap space! Goodnight!

Goodnight all!

did any of you guys see/watch my boy Marco Rubio speech last night?


Anti, where have you been son?.Tending your minions?..he he, have you assimilated anyone lately?

Posted by: FZB | August 31, 2012 at 06:37 AM

FZB,My Minions(Barney,Nancy, And Barack) Have been doing my Bidding now for three and a half years.
Make sure your "Financal" House is in order, Barack will be coming for that next term.......

I don’t only see light at the end of the tunnel; I see a blinding, bright light in 2 yrs. And (unlike the “other team”) I think we can enjoy the ride watching these kids grow and mature as this young team learns to compete. Al gets it, U’s brand is respected everywhere; we just need the trend to be winning and the goal of NC attainable. Compared to the other team in the house, there is no question; the U is going in the right direction. Look out all you haters, THE U IS BACK!!!




The Sun has yet to even rise on the opening 2012 Saturday and they're already beginning to Red Line the DelUsional RMP Meter...

[]_[] n Real ...


Satchels... GO GATORS

I think the gator fans are a little jealous of the U specially now that they have a clown as a head coach.

gentlemen, don't forget..everyone be on time for the opening game party at my house and be on time..Go Canes!..(sorry senor baby)

So the dolphins kept six running backs and four QB's, its safe to say there will be a couple trades sometime in the next few days, so far we have 10 picks for next year draft and maybe more on the way.

a bunch of rookies and free agents have made the final 53 so far, out with the old and in with the new Philbin type player's, the rebuilding has begun.

ANTI-CHRIST...I'm afraid you're right, if that fool on the hill (Obama) get's re-elected again we are all in deep trouble.

Jealous ? FZB ? I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy what the NCAA is about to deal to U...

oh wait, that is U ...

listen at about 5 mins. in... Joe and Kirk will explain.


Ohh your jealous alright also a little afraid of what's coming down in the future, see Golden is going back to the roots of the program, locking down and recruiting the hell out of Dade,Broward and Palm Beach counties..

Yeah, the U will be back sooner than you think and you are jealous, compare that to that knucklehead you have coaching your team is no contest, Let's see how long that clown you call a coach stays there.

Legedu Naanee, Marion Moore and Rishard Matthews backing up Brian Hartline and Davone Bess should not put fear on any opposing secondaries.

Any one know of any top drawer WRs that were cut to make another team's 53 man roster?

Jimbo - I'm decided against Romney and Obama, no way I'm voting for either one.

Florida Gators don't play UM this year buddy, check back in 2013...

Rubio was the star of the convention. Not picked as VP because he would over shawdow Mitt. If Obama wins - Rubio will be prez candidate in 2016 and the white house wil be moved to SW 8th St.

Legedu Naanee rated out as the worst wide receiver in the league last season.

Dolphins are probably going to trade Steve Slaton for Anthony Armstrong but he's really more of a special teams player.

Plaxico and Mike Williams are the best big body red zone guys out there, Dolphins need someone like that desperately.

Anthony Armstrong was waived by the redskins, he could be claimed by Miami but they are # 8 on the list (draft order)..

relax guys, this is a rebuilding year, my biggest concern is the OL, hartline, bess and fasano are serviceable, this is about next year and making sure Tannehill makes progress.

Merc, I do think that Rubio will run for the presidency in 2016, he has a good shot, the GOP higher ups like him very much.

I'm not taking back my prediction for the Fish but I have a feeling Noel is the genius in the house. Interesting how the Dolphins are now desperately looking for CB and WR help. Good thing Ireland got rid of Brandon Marshall's 81 catches and 1200 yards and Vontae Davis's 4 interceptions. No way that would have helped Miami.

Woodcock is right about what the Canes should do this year, but they won't. It will be another disappointing year. The problem? Talent. Miami can no longer compete with the Alabama's and Ohio State's for the best talent because our facilities (most prominently the stadium and lack of attendance) SUCK! Just sayin.....

OC Clint Eastwood was awesome. He did an improv comedy routine in which he made Obama look like a fool and told some very profound truths. WE OWN THIS COUNTRY AND WHEN OUR EMPLOYEES FAIL(THE POLITICIANS) WE HAVE TO LET THEM GO.

Don't forget things could be worse.....


This Girl IS A TRIP ! ... Earth to ESPN Executives. Weekdays Sports Nation...



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