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August 27, 2012

Yay or nay on Vontae Davis trade? Vote now (with poll); plus Jerry Jones rapping, GOP strippers, Upset Bird (10 days), Royal family portrait & more

[1) It is TUESDAY, AUGUST 28. Visit YouTube/TheGregCote to peruse our "The View From Miami' mini-commentaries including the latest on the Dolphins trading Vontae Davis. It's the most-viewed vid we've done yet; thank you. Subscribe (it's free) to get all our newest videos as they are posted. 2) Click here for Kate Upton's greatest video hits, including the Cat Daddy. 3) Lady Gaga is in the studio recording her new album, ARTPOP, completely in the nude. Or, did that go without saying? 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote].

1aa1tweety 1aa1mepickUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 10 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction pages Sept. 7, and began a 21-day countdown that each day is honoring notable birds. Following the singer Sheryl Crow, today we welcome the yellow canary from Warner Brothers cartoons, Tweety Bird.

WAS VONTAE DAVIS TRADE GOOD FOR DOLPHINS?: As Dolphins prepare to wrap the preseason Wednesday night in Dallas, the week's big news is Miami trading 2009 No. 1 draft 1aa1davisvpick Vontae Davis to Indianapolis. You know from my latest video that I like the deal. A second-round pick plus a sixth from the Colts is a lot of  value for a cornerback who had lost his starting job. (Of course the key is making something of that second-round pick. Miami's recent history of 2R selections has been spotty at best). I imagine though that there are others who think Miami's defense cannot afford this trade, or that it signals giving up on the season, or perhaps that the club gave up on Davis too soon. Hence, this poll. Vote and say why.

Poll result: High hopes for Tannehill, but also caution: We asked in the previous blogpost what you foresaw for Ryan Tannehill's career and the vote was 49.0 percent "very good," 31.9% "good," 10.8% "bust" and 8.3% "greatness." I call that outlook largely favorable, but with an undercurrent of thought that he'll fall short of being special.

FINAL PRESEASON BCS, HEISMAN ODDS: From Bovada, it's Southern Cal a 3-1 favorite for the BCS title, followed by Alabama 5-1, LSU 6-1 and Florida State 13-2. Miami a 150-1 longshot, tied for 24th. Heisman pick is USC QB Matt Barkley at 3-1, Wisconsin RB Montee Ball 6-1 and Michigan QB Denard Robinson 13-2. Highest state player is FSU QB E.J. Manuel at 30-1.  

JERRY JONES RAPPING (SORT OF): It's the Cowboys owner pimping a new Papa John's pizza ad. This is something nobody should ever have to see or heat. Click this if you dare. 

1aa1palin2STRIPPERS, MEET REPUBLICANS: Many state travelers are aware Tampa, site of the ongoing Republican National 1aa1palinConvention, is billed as America's strip club capital. These savvy travelers would then be unsurprised that the clubs are rolling out the red, white and blue theme for GOP week. Pictured left: One such theme. Pictured right: Porn star Lisa Ann, in Tampa as a Sarah Palin impersonator. Ah, politics!    

1aa1johnsonsSPORTIES ON NEW 'DWTS': Dancing With The Stars' 13th season is an all-star affair, and sporties on it are Olympic gymast Shawn Johnson and speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, Cowboys great Emmitt Smith and race car driver Helio Castroneves. Johnson is pictured, because she leads the league in perky. 

THE "LAST MEAL" ON DEATH ROW: I have mixed feelings about Death Row inmates being able to order a lavish "last meal" (whatever they wish); therefore I found this story interesting. I'm not saying these societal miscreants should be served a pile of crap, but neither am I comfortable with the idea of a mass murderer setting sail with a banquet courtesy taxpayers. I say we compromise. They get a tasty burger to go. No cheese, though!

SUN BELT GIRDS FOR FIU DEPARTURE: The Sun Belt conference, which of course includes FIU and FAU, is making a public relations push (click here) to position itself as the top "other" league, the best of the big-five football conferences. I think this push also is meant to soften the blow of losing FIU to Conference USA following the 2012 season. The Int'l -- a.k.a the Mario Brothers -- are flying high now as the Belt's top football power under aegis of wundercoach Mario Cristobal.

1aa1royalportraitPRINCE HARRY NUDE VEGAS UPDATE: We are thrilled to tell you Buckingham Palace has forgiven Prince Harry his nude Las Vegas strip-billiards romp and released a new official family portrait to show everything is back to normal with the Royals. So good to hear.

Click back. Says here we'll be updating/adding much more to this latest blogpost...


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what has me upset is that basically none of our high draft picks have panned out over the last few yrs. to say that we're rebuilding again is sad. by now, we should've had a few pieces in place. all this says to me is that Ireland can't draft! go pick acorns out of your glory hole!

I know no one has ever heard of any of the teams in the Sunbelt but FIU is NOT the top team, last year they finished behind Arkansas State, Western Kentucky, and Louisiana-Lafayette...

Another high round draft bust. Big ffing surprise. Ireland and Ross are clueless. I'll give Philbin the benefit of the doubt for now. He was dealt a bad hand. A bad team lead by nitwits in the front office. He's definitely not Cam CamMoron. Other the other hand, he could be another Tony Two Potatoes. If I ever see him jumping on the sidelines celebrating like a little girl after a FG, that's it, I'm done. My new team will be the Carolina Panthers.

I'm willing to suffer through another bad season as long as they stick with the new QB and allow him to learn.

Not sure what you're seeing Tom, from where I'm sitting Reege Philbin has the resume of Sparano and the demeanor of Cameron Cameron.

This was a weak move by a weak organization, if they had a real coach maybe they could control talented players instead of giving them away.

Never designed or called an offense at any level of football - the water boy was just as close to Aaron Rogers and Mike McCarthy's greatness, they should have hired him instead.

I think I going to be "negativo" today to see how it feels like..

Ireland sucks as a GM, he should have been fired a long time ago, the Dolphins are going nowhere as long as this clown is in charge.

Ross is clueless as an owner, he should sell the team, can you imagine he still kept this clown Ireland?

Philbin looks like a High School custodian, the guy has never been a HC ever,how the hell did he land this gig, Ross is an idiot.

Tannehill should have been drafted in the second round, the Dolphins need to draft another QB next year because the guy sucks.

trading Vontae Davis did it for me, I'm never watching a Dolphins game ever again...the guy could have been a shut down corner in about three more years.

and now they just cut Julius Pruitt, the guy is a stud, these people running the Dolphins have no clue.

you are not even a fan to be begin with flippertom! you also happen to root for the lalaka marakas instead of the heat. you littledeannie are just a pretender critic.

hey ginrai, what's up bro !

are you on the "negativo" or the "positivo" side of the blog?

flippertom? pretty funny ginrai.

Vontae Davis reminds me of barely functional secretary(?)working in an disfunctional organization, in the movie 9 to 5..

Forgive me. I forgot to mention she was also a barely functional ALCOHOLIC...

more "negativo" comments from me (FZB)

the Dolphins better get their shit together and sign both TO and Plaxico right away, Plax is like 6'8 and can get to every lob in the end zone and is obvious they are both in their prime and be great players for years to come...Sparano needs to come back, he's doing a heck of a job in NY, we need to get him back now!

f*** in A barely functional urganization not AN. I know Woddcock but my typos bug the s*** out of me.

Oh F*** it. On to the next moment.

and one more "negativo" comment from me (FZB)

why don't they let Matt Moore start?..the guy is clearly better than T-Hill, Ireland drafted a guy that can't play, he should have drafted a wide receiver and start Moore, we would have been much better off.

It will be a good trade as long as we make the most of our draft picks...oh, wait a minute.


While we're at it, let's work on getting Donte Stallworth (Just released by the Patriots), and Vince Young (just released by the Bills)

Ireland is a piece of crap.
Which is an insult to crap.

FZB, given your omniscience with all things football. Please give us now you over/under on the number of victories we can expect from our Dolphins this year. Thanking you in advanced, a life-long Dolfan.

nicely done, RastaJew. But ah you already know that me Lord... That aside ENRON was run better than the Miami Dolphins.


one of the charter members of the blog, reminding us of the days of flipper and (ticket) dean. oh, the good old days! hope the wafers and wine are still doing the job for you.

Eh plenty of bars in Indianapolis fools ha ha


this is an easy one, the Dolphins will go 1-15 this year, this team is in total disarray from the top on down, they have a "wide receiver" playing QB and they let go of one of the best receivers in the NFL (never mind he dropped 7 td passes last year and was a cry baby and a team killer) and a future "shot down" corner (never mind he was immature and had fallen out of favor with two coaching staffs and had been demoted to second string)

the owner has no clue, the GM must have dirty pictures of the owner and the Head Coach looks like he should be sweeping floor's somewhere...It makes no difference how many draft picks we are getting back on any trades since the GM will find a way to fack it up..

Well it is nice to see FZB has finally joined the real world.

Here is my best anti-negativo comment about the Dolphins...

They drafted a potential franchise QB, so at least there is hope for the future. As for this season......don't forget the duct tape to wrap your heads to keep them from exploding.

Hilltopper pride?,

FIU is the preseason top team in the Sun Belt heading into this season, based on returning starters, odds to win the conference, depth, and schedule.


Tannehill (the wide receiver) a potential franchise QB?...no way amigo, you must be on crack.

It makes no difference how many draft picks we are getting back on any trades since the GM will find a way to fack it up..

Posted by: FZB | August 27, 2012 at 04:40 PM


These guys talking about how good the trade is obviously haven't watched the past coupled drafts!


he should have signed Matt Flynn at any cost to be our next franchise QB (never mind that Seattle over paid for him and that Philbin didn't wanna touch him with a ten foot pole and was beaten out of the starter's job by a third rd draft choice, Russell wilson).

howard in broward, you are the man brother, we need to start a petition to fire Ireland and Ross right away and get rid of Tannehill too, they all suck.

FZB, I admire your passion sir but tossing out Tannehill with the bathwater may be a tad premature. Ross & Ireland, please leave. PULEEZE. There are flights out of Miami every single moment of every single day...

Howard, FZB has been drinking way too much orange and aqua kool-aid (being provided by Ross, Ireland, Cote, et. al.) and is now 'trying to show us' how dumb all this negative talk about the team is. However, the man-child lives in a world of extremes so if he can't get everyone to drink the sweet stuff with him, then he'll pout and try to show us how dumb we are by exaggerating our comments to absurdity.

In other words he really has nothing much to offer.

FZB, trust your eyes tomorrow night. Watch the top 5 draft picks and then give us your expert opinion on what we got out of this year's draft.


you're unto me already, can't put anything past you, must be that gator education.

FZB what has happened to you?

I like the trade but only if it gets us a good WR.

Nope, went to Nova Southeastern, home of the fight'n Huizengas.

Nice picture of Prince Hairy McNutt.

I'll withold unleashing harsh judgement on the Dolphins and let it play out. As a fan, I'm hoping for the best.

CB Rashard Marshall had outplayed & outpracticed Vontae Davis this off season. Davis showed up heavy, out of shape. Watching him on Hard Knocks was embarrassing. Listening to Vontae talk on camera made me wince and wonder how he got through 9th grade let alone a BS degree from Illinios.

Ireland has stated that he's may use 2013 draft picks to obtain a quality WR now.

IF Dolphins rt O line can settle in and play as well as the other 3 the run game should be formidable.

LT Jake Long injures RT knee in practice today..

Y doesn't the Herald post anything important first?? Herald seems to be a step behind the Sentinel & others.

Juluis Pruitt is gone, cut today.

Vontae is gone, traded today.

Jake Long is injured today.

sh***y day for Fins team.


jonathan martin gets a shot to play LT and will not get the usual rookie penalty hazing by the refs because they, like him, are subs. he will have to really hold badly to get called because another nuance of the final season game is the the real refs don't throw the flags and keep them for opening day. hey, maybe jake long will return as a RT if young mr. martin doesn't grab onto his man's jersey every play. jake long is overrated and joe thomas is better by daylight.

FZB- I have to tell you, this organization looks clueless. I feel sorry for this coaching staff. It's time to call it like it is, Ireland looks like he is in over his head. I have tried to keep an open mind on the guy, but the ship seems to be sinking. Has any draft choice stuck out? I will give Tannah. a pass, it will take a qb a little time. The rest seem like long shots to be productive. I agree with dumping Davis, the guy was overrated when they drafted him. They were lucky to get a high 2nd rd pick. But another 1st rd bust. I have tried to stay with you buddy, but the ship is taking on a lot of water. 4-12 my friend is the best I see.

You unfortunately are right Naples Jack. I top 3 draft pick may be in the Dolphins future.


all these guys think getted tatted up makes them tough. why doesn't jake long show how tough a 6'7" 360+ lb. guy is by knocking his man backwards on a running play or a leveling him on a pass block?

Cunty depressed FZB is entertaining.

Jimbo - you a fan of Karlos Dansby? I've liked his linebacking since he's been here but that could because he replaced Crowder, who was awful. Said to be next if the talent-purge continues.

This f***ing team needs to go to a f***ung Gulag in Siberia. Christ they stink worse than bad salmon.

I tell you we keep name and logo in Miami and pay LA to take them off our hands.

you are not even a fan to be begin with flippertom! you also happen to root for the lalaka marakas instead of the heat. you littledeannie are just a pretender critic.

Posted by: ginrai | August 27, 2012 at 02:08 PM

Ahhhh My Lil Friend Ginrai, It's great to see you back.
Please Put on your Lil Bycycle Helmet My Lil Friend. It's about to get chaotic in the next few months.

Kazaam, They could unload the entire team and it wont mean squat, Look who is the GM of the team.
This idiot(Ireland) Could'nt pick a winning horse in a 1 horse horse race.
Which brings me to the biggest problem facing the fins and thats the Idiot Owner(Ross), He is the laughing stock of the NFL.And maybe the entire professional sports league.

what's the matter guys, you didn't like my "negativo" day yesterday?..Just wanted to show you guys how you all look everyday. (most of you)

Baby, I'm alright, no need to worry about me but thanks for your concern.

IF Garrard had been named the starter (and he would have been if he hadn't gotten hurt) then the Dolphins would have been all out about winning as many games as possible THIS YEAR, but he got hurt and Tannehill is our guy, he's learning curve will be steep and he will make plenty of mistakes but I believe it will be better for the team in the long run.

since Tannehill is starting, this year is about his development and accumulating assets to surround him with play-maker's in the FUTURE which is why Vontae Davis was traded , we are not winning the SB and we are not making the playoffs either, we MAY win between three to six games but that's about it, really, you all think that Vontae Davis would have made a BIG DIFFERENCE?

everyone talks about potential but V Davis flashed great potential his rookie season and THAT'S IT, he has not been a great player for us, mostly he has been unprofessional,immature,out of shape and two different regimes gave up on him, the Dolphins are accumulating draft picks because they are rebuilding and don't be surprise if they trade a couple of more veteran's (Hartline, Dansby)..Everyone just get's upset at the moves and start's criticizing because is the easy thing to do and NO ONE THINKS BIG PICTURE.

losing is hard for all of us but the team is being built through the draft, that's the Green Bay way, no high price free agent's, that's why Philbin was signed as the head coach, the guy may look like a High School custodian but he is making his imprint on the team and he is getting rid of player's that don't fit HIS TEAM, it happens all the time, is part of football.

next year the team will have plenty of cap room to resign their own free agents (about 60 mil) and a bunch of draft choices to continue the rebuilding job, the reason why we are in this predicament is because Parcell's came here and went away from his philosophy he basically stole money from the Dolphin's, in addition to bad moves in the draft he started signing high price free agent's which never pan out, he made a very questionable trade at the insistence of Sparano (B Marshall) and the rest is history, rebuilding a team is not a one or two year deal, Parcells wanted to accelerate the process and it blew up on him, like I said it takes time to built a team through the draft but is the correct approach.

most of the time you guys really don't look at the big picture, you're stuck in the present and over react at everything and most of the time in a negative way, so which is it guys..bright future with a QB that looks like the real deal or complaining all the time because the owner sucks, the GM sucks and the Head Coach sucks?

FZB, You had it right yesterday............much more accurate assesment of the Dolphins.

Actually it's like 5-1 in favor of yesterday's FZB, not surprisingly Big Baby is once again the only one who sides with you and against common sense.

When it comes to the Dolphins I and probably Tom are the only ones around here looking at the big picture because we're the only ones who fully buy into the idea that the ONLY way to fix the franchise is by finding a star quarterback.

FZB struggles with thoughts more complex than 'Ireland good!' or 'Ireland bad' but I've been saying the same thing for two years now about this franchise and none of it is a contradiction.

The owner knows nothing about football and has destroyed the franchises' credibility but he's willing to spend money and wants nothing more than to hand over ALL football decisions to someone else.

The GM is a Bill Parcells clone with an outdated philosophy and is the absolute worst person possible to find a quarterback and fix the franchise but he's as good a scout as any other scout.

The coach is a mild mannered career offensive line coach who's never designed or called an offense at any level and is massively overhyped as an 'offensive mastermind' and 'quarterback guru'.

The crappy owner, crappy GM, and crappy coach won't matter if the quarterback this circus was forced to reach for last year at #8 becomes a star.

The pure odds say he won't and that it's going to take a couple years before Ireland and Philbin are fired and someone competent is hired to finally find a quarterback but for the next two years Ryan Tannehill is the ONLY sliver of hope Dolphins fans have, and we'll take him gladly because the alternative was jogging in place with DAVID F*CKING GARRARD.

Amen to that Kaz. The only problem though is, down the road, any compentent GM and head coach will continue to consider this dysfunctional organization as TOXIC............

Obviously no one's coming while Jeff Ireland's here but if they cleaned house I don't see why someone wouldn't want to come in and become the czar of a franchise that everyone to a man swears was competent and respected in the early '70s. Can't beat the weather in December.

The games are brutal to go to because of Ross, with the night club and the pseudo-celebrity owners popping up on the screen every few minutes and the terrible music, but from the purely football side of things Ross should be a good owner. Deep pockets and he honestly and mercifully doesn't want anything to do with football decisions.

Well, if the only way to solve the problem is to get a QB, the Fins should have traded up to land a QB instead of settling for a project that will be a nice back-up for someone, somewhere in the future. You go for as close to a can't miss as possible, and don't waste a top 8 pick on a guy that should have gone later. The Dolphins should be in position again (top 10 pick) to draft a real QB, if that is the way to prosperity. I thought they should have either traded up for a real QB or draft some OL/WR to help the future QB be successful. In Tannehill's defense, he is surrounded by a bunch of scrubs. That offense is offensive. This team is going to take YEARS to fix. It is a complete mess.

Was it not obvious enough that several potential head coaches were not interested in coming here and a few players(I am sure many more) stated that they would not play for the Dolphins.

Given Tannehill's career path (converted wr, two years experience) and the people that picked him he should have a worse chance of working out than most.

But I don't believe anyone is any better at picking college quarterbacks than anyone else. Seems like a crap shoot to me, top picks fail all the time, guys come out of no where, no one would have guessed that Andy Dalton would be one out of the top 8 quarterbacks taken in 2011 to go to the Pro Bowl his rookie year.

So Tannehill's a shot in the dark, a lottery ticket, the first one this franchise has invested in since Dan Marino. I'll take it.

What I'm now sensing is that Ross is afraid of Ireland and Ireland thinks he knows talent but really doesn't have a clue. Philben's not going to rock the boat less than a year in and the media is afraid of losing access should they go negative on the GM.

So there's no one left to say the Emperor has no clothes, so it's left to us, the lowly fan to stand up and say something.

Ireland, this is your mess! Draft picks who can't play, proven talent being traded away. Depth being sacrificed. What the heck is going to happen come game 12 of this season when this team is being held together with spit and baling wire?

Rawpimple- Unless Tannah. falls down and breaks his neck, there is no way the Dolphins draft another QB in th e 1st round. They should hope they can get in the mix for a top 4-5 pick, trade out for more picks. This team is a lot further away from being just good, not even very good then the Dolphin fans think they are. Tannah. may be good some day, but does he look like he is the class of Luck, and RG3?


when is the first of the NFL equivalent to the "el clasico (barca/real madrid)"- baltimore versus the steelers? with all this GB/NO/NE high tech warp speed "football" being played, it is nice to see what still is the formaula for winning in football: stout defense and running. ravens vs. steelers are exciting, tough, physical games where points are at a premium and scores of any sort mean something. running and defense kept the NYG in both super bowl games against heavily favored patriots, and needed the helmet catch and a rare drop by welker to win, but their running and defense with a couple of decent manning throws and the trophy was theirs. SF, basically a running and defense team, showed the ability to score at crunch time versus NO and were highly unlucky to lose to the NYG. i also give the 49ers the nod for best uniforms, although who knows what nike will do as provider for every team in the league. those brural new ND uniforms they vame up with and the vomit that the oregon ducks come up with half the time are a tough watch.

Who thinks we lost anything without Sporano?
I liked the guy but I'm also glad he's a first time OC in New York. Have they scored a TD yet this preseason, no.
He was an O line coach, yet we continually had o line problems.
Ireland thinks his you know what doesn't stink and yes Ross is clueless.
But we have to give Philbin a chance. He is from a winning program so hopefully he has a solid plan.

Yea, those Lions fans with the bags on their heads for a decade had the right idea.

I wonder how much the 'Save Our Franchise' plane costs per game?

No doubt Ireland's the weakest of three weak links - he was the reason no coach would come here, once he's fired I bet a lot of established coaches would be interested in the job.

Shadow - both games are close together late in the season. As hard nosed as those games are they are always decided by which team's quarterback can make the big plays at the end - Ravens could never beat Roethlisberger and the Steelers and win the division until Joe Flacco led that fantastic last minute drive last season in Pittsburgh.

No doubt Stephen Ross thinks Jeff Ireland is irreplaceable. I'm not sure why, there are plenty of guys who had Jeffy's resume around the league and there are definitely guys with much better resumes working their way up in successful franchises (HIRE ERIC DECOSTA!!!!!!!).


not canada, but detroit. had a miserable first game with the NFL system rating of 9 (alex smith territory), but bounced back with an 84 (whatever that means) to win the 3rd spot on the lions' roster at QB. more importantly, the coaches laud his brain and work ethic as displayed on the practice field, where jobs are really won and lost. whatever he does and however long he stays, 54-3 is the greatest winning %age in NCAA history and the three losses in the last three years were by a total of five points with depleted teams and FGs gone awry. record and his ability are enough to make me say that, IM-UHUMBLEO, he has been the greatest college quarterback in my lifetime- and trumping plunkett, staubach, doug flutie, and many other greats is not easy. very happy that he stuck with the lions and with stafford hurt he is one hit away from starting. and for all the boise detractors, they have a large contingent of "alums" in the NFL and didn't mind playing the big boys away every year and beating them. the kellen moore era was a fantastic one.

Yep, I guess Ross's love fest with Ireland will never be understood. It's almost like the White Star Line not wanting to replace capatain Smith AFTER the Titanic hit the Iceberg.


the rag edition of the palm beach post is the best newspaper aroundm but is pretty much unavailable here even in north dade. their sports section is notches above the two usual local suspects and kudos for reading and posting one of their articles.

shadow,, agreed. I posted early in the offseason (predraft) that Miami should package Long in a trade for draft picks. 2012 draft was deep in tackles where Miami could have gotten 2 starters in the 2nd round. Long has been pretty good but never played up the 1st overall stratasphere level. Long's contract is up after this season & he's hurt again.

OLinemen Murtha & Gardner are hurt again--big surprise-- so Martin moves to LT & Arlis Hicks to RT. I'd cut both Murtha & Gardner & bring in 2 from the waiver wire or practice squad for insurance. Both Murtha & Gardner has played well when healthy & needed at game time in previous seasons.

Now your rookie QB has a 1st time HCoach, no talent WR's or TE's & bust O Line. I'd start Tannehill until he gets hurt then play Devlin.

Yes...sir Kazaam I would trade Dansby. Here's Y: He's acting like he needs to be in the decission making process and fails to realise that his sole purpose is to play the game to the best of his ability. Dansby has great trade value to someone close to the big game, like say Cinci or Houston.
Dansby hasn't been practicing since Chad Johnson got cut without his approval.

I'd cut TE Egnew & bring back WR - Special Teamer Julius Pruitt. Pruitt can't catch as a WR playing straight Offense is but is very valuable in Special Teams. Surely there's a place on THIS teams 53 man squad.

Just when U thought UR team had it bad.... WE know this team is in transition & rebuilding.
Imagine being a Jets fan???? The NY media, big mouth Rex Ryan talking BIG every year? They are so disfunctional that even Tebow is disgruntled. smile


every game in that division is intense and historical- despite a departure from cleveland by the ravens and an expansion team in cleveland. they seem to relatively close geographically and the ravens/bengals, ravens/steelers/ steelers/bengals are intense rivalries dating back to the early 70s. plus any bengals/browns game, even after the brownies became an expansion team, is a good one. i would say that the AFC central has been the best division since the merger with no down years of any significance, except for the ineptitude of mike brown. shuffling the oilers out deprived the divison of being comprised of the ravens, steelers, bengals, and titans- EVERY GAME A GRUDGE MATCH!!!


five hundred miles is the distance from baltimore to cincinatti; maybe the NFC central is the only other divison that featturs teams within that small a confine. let's see: NFC EAST has dallas, half a country from the giants; NFC WEST has seattle and st. louis, basically you need sacajaweah as this is the lewis and clark trip, NFC SOUTH might be close, but methinks that carolina is a nice long road trip to new orleans, as would be tampa; AFC EAST is a two day drive from miami to foxboro, AFC WEST means going from oakland to kansas city- at least 1000 miles. any coincidence that the fiercest divisions in the NFL-both centrals- feature games to which the fans can travel by car?


left out AFC SOUTH: baltimore to jacksonville has got to be a long trip and has no history at all!!

Kaz, and then there is always the wrench of a rubberneck owner/boss who perhaps can't let any worthy GM do there job...


vikings to bears is 400+ miles of driving in 0 degree weather up there in the northlands. people when considering how well steeler fans "travel" should consider that it is less than a day's drive to any of their divsional games in less than arctic conditions. plus the anount of fans they made in their dynasty days has lefty a large chunk of steeler fans in basically every city in our beloved USA.

Gee Cote, where is your poll as to whether or not the owner, GM et al should all get a one way airline ticket to Kiribati? Seriously.

Technically a drunken Vontae Davis is less of a liability than a "sober" Ross and Ireland...

shadow Baltimore and Jax are not in the same division but your other observations are interesting.

Bib Baby,

am getting older by the minute and the jags, besides MJD, are of no interest whatsoever. gee, i know the four in the AFC EAST, WEST, CENTRAL, so where does that leave the colts and jaguars? befuddled am i!!


the AFC SOUTH: colts,jags,texans,titans; i may be aging by the instant, but pure deduction (i think) from knowledge of the other divisions. no sweat


as i have long suspected, mr. sherlock holmes of 221B baker street uses induction (going for generalities to a specific conclusion) while knowing the specifics of the other divisions to ascertain which one the jags are in is an example of deduction. i guess it sounded better to sir arthur conan doyle, but the most celebrated sleuth in english or any literature is toying with the audience by the use of the term "deduction" in most, most of the solved cases by holmes and his colleague, dr. john watson. a good old USC education was good enough for me.

He he he, I see that most of you are still a little wrap-up on your bizarro/negativo world...when you guys decide to leave the dark side I'll be waiting on the other side..lol


Thanks for your "kind" words Kaz, I didn't know you cared...I just might bring out my "negativo" side from time to time to amused you.

Jimbo, I'm glad you're on my side on the Dolphins trading Karlos Dansby, the guy talks big but never deliver's, at least he won't be back next year for sure but I disagree on the Dolphin's cutting any of their rookies this year, is simply too early to give up on any of them.

this is going to be rough year boys, buckle up.

ps-but the future looks bright with T-Hill at QB

FZB you just posted that you think Moore should be starting that doesn't jive with your T-Hill statement are you ok?

Maybe taks a flier on Gaffney he had a very good year last year in Wash how does he get cut this year?

Stallworth can't run anymore he's not worth it.

There will be other interesting names coming out as cuts continue.

Baby, you should read my post from yesterday at 2:08 pm about me going "negativo" for the day...Everything I posted yesterday was blasting the team and Ireland and I just wanted to show the lad's that's how they act everyday.

no, I think Tannehill should start because he has clearly been better than Moore, the original plan to play Garrard at least at the begining of the season was the best option but you know what happened there.

I guess a lot of them like those "negativo" vibes, you know glass half empty types.

Shouldn't matter much anyway with our bad Oline and lack of WR's Moore will be playing by the second half against Texans after Tannehill gets hurt.

I think there will be a lot of veteran receiver's available by next week, the "experts" are saying that Green Bay has 7 legitimate wide receiver's on their roster ,maybe something will happen there.

I don't really think that Ireland is interested in trading away any of our early draft picks for next year but I think we will add aveteran, everyone just need's to realize that this is a rebuilding year and probably next year too, hey is not the best news but I think is the right thing to do.

Jimbo and I both think that trading Karlos Dansby would be a good idea, what do you think?

No good LB's are very hard to find and he has shown that he can be good.

He does have a lot to prove though right now for varying reasons.

Who would have thought that S. Smith would be benched or fall out of favor faster than Vontae?

S. Smith looks like a guy who has recommited himself and is ready to play.

He has to prove it though.

The biggest mistery to me has been guard Jake Scott who played last year at Tenn, the guy was rated the seventh best RG in football and no one has signed the guy, he has to be injured.

too bad, we could have used him to solidify the right side of the offensive line..

Redskins just dumped Chris Cooley. Would instantly be the number one tight end and probably receiver entirely if they picked him up. Any chance you think?

I thought he was injured but if is not then I say bring him in..

He has to be better than stone hands Fasano.

The Dolphins battle cry for this year; "We are pure shit."

Oye Negativo, where you been meng?

listen, there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Philbin, if you don't get with the program then you're out, I don't have any problem with Marshall, 8-5 and davis being shipped out, there's probably going to be more added to the list.

The Mighty Fins Battle cry for the past 8 years has been "Next Year"
Ireland will be my 1st choice to be one of my victims.

listen buddy (The Anti-Christ) you leave my son Ireland alone or we is going to have a conflict very soon...

by the way, how do you feel about "santeria rituals"?


all-american at duke and MOP of the 1963 final four even though duke wasn't in the championship, won by loyola of chicago over defending champ cincinatti on a last second tip-in by vic rouse, 60-58 (OT, as i remember). first ncaa final i watched on TV and the last before UCLA took overfor the next decade, minus KAJ's freshman year. nice jewboy from NYC who went to duke and then was drafted by the very lowly knicks. i remember him missing a last second jumper that would have tied the then great lakers at the sports arena and then bouncing the ball so hard on the court that it wound up inside the overhanging scoreboard.

Haha, 'new sheriff in town'!!! If you don't 'get with the program' Reege will joke around with you in practice and then get rid of you like a passive aggressive little girl without addressing the team.

Watch out for this guy!

Kaz, have you been to UM practice? I hear that Storm Johnson kid is real good. What's the word?

I liked the Titans in the Ravens division but the rivalry wasn't the same without Eddie George and Steve McNair. Steelers carried the division for a long time, painful as the analogy is they're Miami, Baltimore is just FSU copying the formula.

Jimbo - hopefully they get value for him if they do trade him, wouldn't think many teams would be willing to take on that salary. I'm looking forward to seeing what Randy Starks does this year, he's very disruptive in the backfield out of the tackle position, not so much from the end.

It's Duke now.

He's great at football.


you gotta be "the man" to be called "duke" while still in high school; he is a little smallish (not frank gore size) as i read, but so is chris johnson. storm or duke, he is getting the hype.

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