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Yay or nay on Vontae Davis trade? Vote now (with poll); plus Jerry Jones rapping, GOP strippers, Upset Bird (10 days), Royal family portrait & more

[1) It is TUESDAY, AUGUST 28. Visit YouTube/TheGregCote to peruse our "The View From Miami' mini-commentaries including the latest on the Dolphins trading Vontae Davis. It's the most-viewed vid we've done yet; thank you. Subscribe (it's free) to get all our newest videos as they are posted. 2) Click here for Kate Upton's greatest video hits, including the Cat Daddy. 3) Lady Gaga is in the studio recording her new album, ARTPOP, completely in the nude. Or, did that go without saying? 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote].

1aa1tweety 1aa1mepickUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 10 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction pages Sept. 7, and began a 21-day countdown that each day is honoring notable birds. Following the singer Sheryl Crow, today we welcome the yellow canary from Warner Brothers cartoons, Tweety Bird.

WAS VONTAE DAVIS TRADE GOOD FOR DOLPHINS?: As Dolphins prepare to wrap the preseason Wednesday night in Dallas, the week's big news is Miami trading 2009 No. 1 draft 1aa1davisvpick Vontae Davis to Indianapolis. You know from my latest video that I like the deal. A second-round pick plus a sixth from the Colts is a lot of  value for a cornerback who had lost his starting job. (Of course the key is making something of that second-round pick. Miami's recent history of 2R selections has been spotty at best). I imagine though that there are others who think Miami's defense cannot afford this trade, or that it signals giving up on the season, or perhaps that the club gave up on Davis too soon. Hence, this poll. Vote and say why.

Poll result: High hopes for Tannehill, but also caution: We asked in the previous blogpost what you foresaw for Ryan Tannehill's career and the vote was 49.0 percent "very good," 31.9% "good," 10.8% "bust" and 8.3% "greatness." I call that outlook largely favorable, but with an undercurrent of thought that he'll fall short of being special.

FINAL PRESEASON BCS, HEISMAN ODDS: From Bovada, it's Southern Cal a 3-1 favorite for the BCS title, followed by Alabama 5-1, LSU 6-1 and Florida State 13-2. Miami a 150-1 longshot, tied for 24th. Heisman pick is USC QB Matt Barkley at 3-1, Wisconsin RB Montee Ball 6-1 and Michigan QB Denard Robinson 13-2. Highest state player is FSU QB E.J. Manuel at 30-1.  

JERRY JONES RAPPING (SORT OF): It's the Cowboys owner pimping a new Papa John's pizza ad. This is something nobody should ever have to see or heat. Click this if you dare. 

1aa1palin2STRIPPERS, MEET REPUBLICANS: Many state travelers are aware Tampa, site of the ongoing Republican National 1aa1palinConvention, is billed as America's strip club capital. These savvy travelers would then be unsurprised that the clubs are rolling out the red, white and blue theme for GOP week. Pictured left: One such theme. Pictured right: Porn star Lisa Ann, in Tampa as a Sarah Palin impersonator. Ah, politics!    

1aa1johnsonsSPORTIES ON NEW 'DWTS': Dancing With The Stars' 13th season is an all-star affair, and sporties on it are Olympic gymast Shawn Johnson and speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, Cowboys great Emmitt Smith and race car driver Helio Castroneves. Johnson is pictured, because she leads the league in perky. 

THE "LAST MEAL" ON DEATH ROW: I have mixed feelings about Death Row inmates being able to order a lavish "last meal" (whatever they wish); therefore I found this story interesting. I'm not saying these societal miscreants should be served a pile of crap, but neither am I comfortable with the idea of a mass murderer setting sail with a banquet courtesy taxpayers. I say we compromise. They get a tasty burger to go. No cheese, though!

SUN BELT GIRDS FOR FIU DEPARTURE: The Sun Belt conference, which of course includes FIU and FAU, is making a public relations push (click here) to position itself as the top "other" league, the best of the big-five football conferences. I think this push also is meant to soften the blow of losing FIU to Conference USA following the 2012 season. The Int'l -- a.k.a the Mario Brothers -- are flying high now as the Belt's top football power under aegis of wundercoach Mario Cristobal.

1aa1royalportraitPRINCE HARRY NUDE VEGAS UPDATE: We are thrilled to tell you Buckingham Palace has forgiven Prince Harry his nude Las Vegas strip-billiards romp and released a new official family portrait to show everything is back to normal with the Royals. So good to hear.

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