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August 17, 2012

PS2: Carolina 23, Dolphins 17: Tannehill so-so, Miami now 0-2; plus new video (Dolphs-Cats), U-Bird Countdown (18), Canes, food stamps, Pussy Riot & more

1aa1meps2[1) It is MONDAY, AUGUST 20. Watch for a new blogpost later today. 2) LATEST VIDEO! Watch our newest video -- a post-mortem of the Dolphins' loss at Carolina -- at YouTube/TheGregCote. All 13 "The View From Miami" mini-commentaries I've done so far are there. 3) Marlin's Giancarlo Stanton hit a 495-foot home run the other night. Good lord. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

1aa1mepick 1aa1chirubUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 18 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction pages Sept. 7, and began a 21-day countdown that each day will honor a notable bird. Following the former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, today we welcome the classic comedic prop, Rubber Chicken.

PS2: CAROLINA 23, DOLPHINS 17: TANNEHILL FAILS TO NAIL DOWN STARTING JOB, MIAMI DROPS TO 0-2 IN PRETEND GAMES: Miami hopes and plans to name a starting quarterback this coming week, before preseason game No. 3. Friday night's 23-17 loss at Carolina didn't make coach Joe Philbin's decision any easier. Rookie Ryan Tannehill, who started Friday, failed to maintain momentum from last week, only going 11-for-23 for 100 yards, and incumbent Matt Moore was a mere 3-for-10 for 33 yards. Reserve Pat Devlin looked pretty good late before throwing a last-second end-zone interception. If only shaky QB play was the only issue. Receivers had a lousy, drop-filled game, underlining WR as a Dolphins soft spot. The offensive line was shaky, especially the second unit. The defense wasn't very good; Panthers QB Cam Newton had his way early on. And is anybody but me a bit concerned that for a second straight game no real attention was paid to the running game? Beyond that a combined 27 penalties made the game nearly unwatchable. Now, midway through the preseason for Miami, there remain lots of issues to correct and one major decision (QB) still unresolved. ..... Original post: The Dolphins will likely name a season-opening starting quarterback in a few days, in time for the third preseason game, and so it is logical to 1aa1cardolthink the job will swing unmistakably to either Matt Moore or rookie Ryan Tannehill if either is clearly better tonight at Carolina. Since Moore started last week (in lieu of injured David Garrard) I'd be surprised if Tannehill did not start tonight and I was right. He's starting. Let's see what he can do against a starting defense. Miami will sit several slightly injured starters this evening but still will want to see improvement from last week's loss to Tampa Bay, especially on pass defense. For this team right now, though, it's all about the quarterback, about somebody stepping forward. LeBron James had "The Decision." Joe Philbin faces one of those, too, and I suspect tonight will help make it for him.

PATRIOTS TO SIGN DEMPS: The Dolphins' climb in the AFC East just got steeper because the Patriots just got better. Or at least faster. Olympic silver-medalist sprinter Jeff Demps is signing with New England, according to various reports. Seven or eight teams were interested in the former Florida Gators star running back. Would have been an interesting fit for Miami.

1aa1altuniHURRICANES TO SEE DEBUT OF AWFUL NEW NOTRE DAME UNIFORMS: This week Notre Dame revealed its new alternate football uniforms that will first be worn Oct. 6 vs. the University of Miami at Soldier Field. The helmets pictured are particularly bad.

Poll result: LeBron will (or might) surpass Michael Jordan: Few of our poll votes surprise me, but this did. In the previous blogpost I asked if you thought LeBron James will someday be considered greater than Michael Jordan (you can still vote), and a plurality of 38.5 percent said yes, another 36.9% said possibly, and only 24.6% said no. Take away votes from Florida, where Heat-related bias would most be a factor, and the 'yes' or 'possibly' votes still outnumber 'no' votes.

FOOD STAMPS FOR DESSERT?: This story interests me. Andrea Taber (pictured), owner of Ever So 1aa1andreatHumble Pie, a Massachusetts bakery, is controversially in the news for refusing to accept food stamps, saying, "American taxpayers should not be footing the bill for people's dessert." To some the case has racial tones; she says not. I think her stand is valid. Sensible. Food stamps are supposed to be for essentials, not luxuries. You can't use them for cigarettes or lottery tickets, for example. Doesn't seem unreasonable that pies and cakes might join the no-buy list.

PUSSY RIOT SENT TO JAIL: You thought Russia had softened its intolerance of dissent? It hasn't. A Moscow judge has sentenced the three members of Russian female punk band Pussy Riot each to two years in prison on "hooliganism" charges stemming from a cathedral protest against Vladimir Putin. Click here for the story. The case has drawn much attention because of the band's support from human rights groups and from major music artists including Paul McCartney.

HEADLINES YOU THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER SEE: Click here. (It's the parents who named him who should be arrested).

1aa1beckDAVID BECKHAM, LARGER THAN LIFE: Ten-foot almost-nude statues (pictured) of soccer star/underwear model/apparent heartthrob David Beckham will soon appear all over the United States in an ad campaign for his "underwear collection." For some reason this makes me sad. But I am thankful at least that the woman in the photo isn't doing to the Beckham statue what she might have been. (Use your imagination...)

Click back. It says here I'll be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Let the Tannehill era begin.

Just wondering...if one were to drop a pair of David Beckham underwear on the floor would it roll around grimacing in pain?

I've got your food stamps right here, Greg.

Dumb move by the band life under Putin is probably way better than the life their grandparents or great grandparnets had.

Not even close.

Tannehill is starting tonight, it'll be good to see what he can do against a first team defense (on DVR, why are they playing football on a Friday night?).

Can't wait for the Notre Dame game, tons of alumni in Chicago, I used my full 8 ticket allotment.

Where's my ticket, Kaz?


having been out of the supermarket business for almost twenty years, i am confused as food stamps could not be used for "prepared" foods while i was a supermarketeer- hot foods from the deli (BBQ chicken for example), were exempt from payment by food stamp. according to Jewish law, desserts are not considered part of the meal (essential), and a separate blessing is made over pastries and even fruits, which in days of yore were a luxury and we don't change our centuries old tradition. one of our leading authorities came out with the opinion that nowadays everybody has fruit and is therefore to be considered part of the meal and therefore not a luxury; however after many of his colleagues reacted with the response that we don't change our traditions, he retracted and fruits and pastries are not considered intrinsic parts of a meal. does the bakery in question bake pies exclusively, or do they also bake bread, the essentially part of any meal? wasting food stamps on pies and cakes is stupid, but our Constitution protects even stupid actions as long as they are not illegal. if the food stamp provisions allow for the purchase of pies and cakes, the bakery owner may have sound arguments, but she is legally obligated to accept food stamps for boston cream or lemon meringue pies.

CBSSportsline.com first college rankings for this year are out:

7. FSU
23. UF
32. UCF
35. USF
38. FIU
70. UM
118. FAU

Similarly, official USA Today/Coaches Poll rankings are out as well:
7. FSU
24. UF

Two HONEST sources have now confirmed what we all knew was coming. UM's dynasty days have been long gone, and that UM is now, and will forever be, the epitome of mediocrity.


"Two HONEST sources have now confirmed what we all knew was coming. UM's dynasty days have been long gone, and that UM is now, and will forever be, the epitome of mediocrity."

Blah blah blah... this is what people were saying in the mid-to-late 90's. UM was on probation, SI called for Miami to drop football. Next thing you know, The U puts together 2000-2002, with 2001 being the best college football team ever and that whole stretch being just a few plays away from being a major modern dynasty.


How are the ticket sales going for the DAAAFINS?

"The Miami Dolphins are on the clock."

That was ugly.

Fins need to improve fast or we aren't beating anybody.

I don't want to see another performance like that.

If we don't get our shit together on the O Line we are in deep dudu..Tannehill looked good and bad but he didn't have much time out there.

It's going to be another long year. I'm used to it though.

Obviously way too early, but by appearance, the discussion may soon turn to whether Barkevious Mingo or Robert Woods is the pick at #3.

What sports are the posts about food stamps and Russian politics about, please?

all ready thinking about the draft OC?

my biggest worry is the O Line, Tannehill didn't have time to pass and we had no running game, our defense is weak, why?..we're supposed to have a very good defense.

I'm not throwing in the towel yet, too early for that.

I was watching Armandos blog last night during the game, and the Dolphin fans need to get a grip. They are complaining about the coach, Tannah., man relax. Its not the coach, or QB, your OL was lousey, your defense stunk, newton had all day to throw, and your CBs were not very good. Your WRs cant catch a cold, and your TEs are awful. Ireland has to step up and pick up some guys who get cut from the better teams. When the 2+3 were on the field, you have no depth. He better address getting better backups, or your in for a long year if any starter gets hurt. Even if Garrard played last night, he would not od been any better. Fix the ol, and stick with Tannah. Cant wait for hard knocks to see what was said at half time, and after the game. The crew that blogs with Armando, are crazy.

This is going to be the worst team and coach we've ever had. Coach Loveboat is going to make George Wilson and Camaron look like George Halas and Vince Lombardi. OC, you should be thankful that they don't have the NFL channel in that shit hole in Texas.

"Hey coach Loveboat can we get a picture for the paper?"


I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy, FZB. This crew looks like a college team.

Jack the problem is nobody wants to sign with the Dolphins unless its their only option. Why put your career in the hands of Ireland and his band of incompetents when there are professional organizations that are run correctly and treat their players well? Braylon Edwards had a meeting with Ireland and ran as fast as he could 3000 miles across the country to Seattle!

This will continue to happen as long as we have a clown for a GM.

The ratings for Hard Knocks are going down faster than a Starbrite at a porno shoot in Van Nuys.

I thought that not one Dolphin would be selected in our fantasy draft, well I thought Bush would, but after seeing them yesterday even if Bush is drafter he won't hand on a roster for more than three weeks before he's cut. This Dolphins team is pure shit.

I think they should raze JRS and replace it with a giant flea market. Makes me itchy just thinking about it. This organization IS actually making its glory days of the past dimmer...

I'm way more worried about the defense than the offense. I don't expect the running game to get in a groove in limited action for each RB/group. And without a running game the QBs are sitting ducks. But the first team defense is getting absolutely shredded from the first snap. They've looked lost and outmatched in both games.

It's amusing how much Dallas Cowboyz have accomplished since Jerry Jones proclaimed himself Ceasar and Jimmy Johnson went into retirement. Barry Switzer doesn't quite count as he was riding the team Jimmy built.

Fret not nutso homers, nothing's changed here.

The owner's still a jackass who presents the fans with the worst game day experience in the league, the GM's still an outdated Parcells clone with no vision or respect for the quarterback position and the coach is still a mild mannered offensive line coach who's never designed or called an offense in his career.

But none of that matters if Tannehill's a franchise quarterback. And as I've been saying all along, they need to find out THIS year because #1, the pure odds say Tannehill isn't a franchise quarterback, #2 the team isn't talented enough to win a Super Bowl but is definitely solid enough to rack up meaningless wins on this schedule behind Moore or Garrard, and #3 it's a deep quarterback class.

PS - Landry Jones isn't a bad consolation prize.

I'll ride the logic of Tannehill starting now rather in unassured future.

"rather than" but who is counting

Hey Kaz somewhere about mid or towards the end of the year in college football I promise I'll get you a full scouting report on Landry Jones from my NFL buddy.

gent's the problem is our offensive line, everything starts there, if we can't run or pass protect we are going nowhere very fast, I'm surprise at how bad our defense has looked.

Omaximus you're a clown, leave Ireland alone.

Matt Moore is supposed to be playing better but he's not, if that's the case then there is no other choice but to go with T-Hill and let him learn on the job, not something I would have done but with Garrard out I don't think we have much of a choice.

oye Woodcock, I'm up here in Tallahassee visiting family and this place is a facking dump, they have this small cuban restaurant called "frijoles negros" and the cook is a brother, now what the hell does a brother know about cuban food, on the other hand the ribs are outstanding.

Oye, there's better Cuban food in Tallahassee than in Austin where OC is at. I talked to a mutual friend who didn't know that OC had moved to Austin and he was on the floor laughing. He said Austin is "The arm pit of America just like New Jersey." That a Cuban friend of his got transferred there a couple of years ago and he called him saying there was no where to eat unless you liked tacos and burritos. Now OC tells me that he can't even get the NFL channel in Austin. I told him that was impossible since football is a religion in Texas, and he told me that he had 700 channels and 689 of them had rancherita music on and cooking shows with a fat Mexican woman with a handle bar mustache showing how to roll tortillas.

OC, is time to leave !....

Oye OC, I heard on the NFL network yesterday that they are in nine out of the top ten markets in the US, no mention at all of Austin..sorry brother.

maybe you guys can 'relocate' back home to Miami, good people are always welcome back...Have you learned the lingo yet ?..

say things like 'baboso and pinchi and puto a lot.

I hear he's growing a Mexican mustache and is waiting for Dave to show up with his ocarina band.

About to watch the Jets and Tebow v. the Giants. Wassup OC, you get the NFL channel yet! Maybe you can hook up some tin foil and get yourself some rabbit ears like we used to do when we came from Cuba.

Leave Ireland alone? Who do you think built this talentless roster? Who traded Brandon Marshall for nothing and then made no serious attempt to rebuild the receiver position? Who lied to then released yeremiah bell and then did nothing to rebuild the safety position? Who drafted busts like koa misi year after year? Who is so disliked and disrespected throughout the league that free agents only come here as desperate last resort?

FBZ keep drinking the cool aid and wasting your money on this pathetic product. Suckers like you are happy with mediocrity.


blow me, if you had any brains at all and had paid attention then you would know that Parcells was in charge of the dolphins up until two years ago, Parcells made all the decisions on personell both in the draft and free agency.

he is trying to fix the mess that Parcells left behind, of course you're too stupid to see it, Y bell is wash-up already and Marshall is a head case, he wasn't a good fit here anymore and he got the most he could get for him, as for not rebuilding the wide receiver position, you can't build a team in two short years, he has to draft the best player available and maybe just maybe a WR wasb't there when the Dolphins turm came up, as for no one wants to play here, those commets where made by players like J Porter,C Crowder who were cut by Ireland and had an axe to grind, and the Steelers safety that only was using the Dolphins to get more money from the Steelers.

He is very well respected as a talent evaluator around the NFL and he always making the decisions thinking on what's best for the Dolphins in the long run.

you're a dufus.


this is what i read on a post upstairs on this thread. well, with the #1 pick in the draft a few years back, the powers that be took jake long instead of matt ryan or flacco or any other QBs or WRs who might have helped out. jake long is the most over-hyped and overrated lineman in pro football, north or south of the 49th parallel. he holds on every play, gets penalties every game, and gives up sacks or lets his man by consistently. no matter what the "experts" say, this guy is bad, and i don't mean nasty bad. the dolphins have been juggling their offensive line every year since sparano, an offensive line coach took over. the only way an offensive line can become effective is by playing together. investing a season in a cohesive unit is a much more proven way of getting results than getting two new faces every year- especially if one of those faces is the horrible richie incognito. until the dolphins get it together up front they will be doomed. at the beginning of last year reggie bush was met in the backfield more than half the time he got the ball, and when he finally go some creases he wound up with a 5 yd/carry avg and the "hallowed" 1,000 yard season (bogus in a 16 game schedule says me). the pretend games, as our host calls them, should be dedicated to playing the 5 offensive linemen 85% of the time. worrying about injuries should be a concern with the "skill position players" as they used to be called. offensive linemen need more reps together than anybody but the starting QB and his passcatchers. i am afraid that my fellow bloggers are correct in their vision of gloom for this season.

You are exactly the combination of dumb and gullible that pro sports owners love. I figured you would try and blame parcells.

You may be too stupid to face the facts but Ireland was the GM when Parcells was here. It was Ireland, not Parcells, making a fool of himself in the pre-draft interviews. It was Ireland who interviewed the free agents that consistently chose to sign ANYWHERE but Miami. Ireland oversaw the past few mediocre drafts. Ireland traded Marshall for nothing, did nothing effective to build the receiver corps, LBs, safetys or TEs.

Ireland put together this pathetic talentless roster. If you think he is a respected talent evaluator than that says everything I need to know about your football IQ. You don't have one. He is not respected. Free agents won't sign here if the money is equal. And who could blame them. Ireland has no track record of success. He has a history of failed draft picks, failed free agent attempts, and failed trades.

How long is the long run fool? I bet you have been predicting the playoffs and drinking the cool aid for fifteen years. Most likely you have a fat disgusting wife who you think is supermodel material. Because it is obvious you have no standards.

omaximus- Stop the bullshit talking about a guys wife. If you want to talk about teams and players, thats fair game. You do not need that shit to to try and make a point.

Like i said Jack the guy clearly has no standards. Probably has a Geo Metro he thinks is a BMW.


it seemed ridiculous when they hired him, and it is proving to be so. how about an over/under on how many TDs the jets score- i am saying under 35, with maybe if they have a kicker, 70 FGs. over/under on how many times he says "at the end of the day" in post game interviews:300!! he may be a nice fellow, but is,at the end of the day, he bad at whatever role any team gives him. he'll be gone by week 5.

Let's accept the fact that this Dolphins team will SUCK- regardless of who is at QB.
Make Tannehill the starter, let him learn as he takes his whoopins' and then in next year's draft(if the Dolphins don't have the first pick, you know they will probably be in the top 3) they can get an elite receiver to catch the ball. Maybe I am dreaming but we will have a young but improved QB, a quality back(Bush) two solid tackles to protect the QB, and a top tier WR.

Wow, Lots of Fighting going on in the preseason(Bloggers), You guys are insulting each other like it's mid-season, A few amature insulters out there, I see a new guy(omaximus) Insulting pretty good tonight, He might make the team, Then there's Mr.Woodcock, A 3 year Vet throwing arrows here and there, I gotta say, I cant wait for the real insulting to start.
But guys remember it's a long season pace yourselves..

Oh yeah,A shout out to FZB,Your already a starter.

To think the fanbase was jacked up after the draft in April. Well, we're back to reality: this team is a product of some terrible drafting and free agency moves.


two solid tackles to protect the QB? long and the rookie from stanford? as posted a couple of inches up, this is one observer who thinks, contrary to the conventional "wisdom", that jake long is overrated and overhyped. try watching #77 for a complete game and watch him hold and get flagged, let people run by him as if he were a statue (solid mat be an apt description here) and fail to adequately run block, especially since he comes from the long line of outstanding michigan offensive lineman. it seems the best player up front is pouncekey (?), but who runs up the gut when you have no guards blocking? i am in agreement that reggie bush is a back of quality- unbelievable physical skills, a deft passcatcher and decent blocker, and still an exciting player when he gets the ball. if he had any kind of blocking at the beginning of last year he would have averaged 6 yds/carry-mercury morris stuff. another mediocre effort by tannehill and matt moore will deservedly get the job as he did pretty darn good the last half of the season.

Thanks Anti, but talk is cheap, where's my trophy and cash for all the trash I've been spouting? "A three year vet" eh, does that mean that I have a no trade clause in my contract?


russell wilson, proven winner in college, had a very nice game for seattle, and will probably put matt flynn on the bench

trindon holliday, all 5'5" of him, is tearing up on special teams (short is good-look at darren sproles and MJD) and reminding us old codgers of nolan smith of the 70s chieves, who i think was nicknamed "super gnat" and had a part in the football game in "MASH", possibly the funniest, most clever comedy of them all. not to be confused with that self-indulgent TV series which foisted the very untalented mclean stevenson on the world.


noland smith played for the late 60s chieves and had some respectable numbers- 10 yds per punt, 26 per kickoff return. didn't last long but at that size he was bound to get hurt and did. he was a great story and twas too bad he couldn't last longer.

Jeffy Ireland has the big BROWN clown nose.
Ross is a disaster.
A banner needs to be flown that demands that Ross sell the franchise.

Got to watch the Jets Giants game last night, if the NFL ever allows a pass to bounce first and call it complete, Tebow will make All Pro. What a god awfull player. He looked like garbage against the Giants 2+3. They have no tds in 2 games by the offense. Sanchez looks like he is ready for a melt down.

The more I think about the more my blood runs cold for this team.

5-11 prediction seems generous....too bad

Naples Jack,

even a USC alum could see that sanchez was bad- he only looked good against penn state in the rose bowl. that USC defense sent four LBs to the pros who started immediately and one who despite a PED issue was defensive rookie of the year. clay matthews was the unheralded one of the top three and he went from USC to being a major force in the packers SB winning defense. having tony sporano as the offensive mastermind? what the heck did they see in the dolphins' offenses besides FG after FG and an inability to score from up close? rex ryan and their GM ought to be canned immediately; and by the end of the day (day 5 of the season) sporano will be back to being a line coach, his true calling.

i think This airhead ( Omaximus ) is worth keeping around for a little while, of course He's going to have to bring his A game once in a while but that was a good start.

listen dip shit, since your new around here I'll cut you some slack but when I said that parcells was in charge of everything I mean he was in charge of everything, what you know is what you hear through the the media and everything I know is the real deal, don't really care if you believe me or not but it is what it is.

Thanks Anti, but talk is cheap, where's my trophy and cash for all the trash I've been spouting? "A three year vet" eh, does that mean that I have a no trade clause in my contract?
Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | August 19, 2012 at 10:51 AM

Mr, Cock, We have a seven year deal on the table, Just sign the "CONTRACT".
Mr Duke did about 6 and a half years ago, and he's been living the large life since.
Come join ou group.

Anti, nice to have you back , where have you been son?
perhaps taking care of business on the dark side of the moon?..

ps..please if you can be so kind and let me know when the world is going to end so I can stop paying on my up-side down mortgage?..Thanks in advance.

Woodcock, don't sign a seven year contract, way too long, you need to be a free agent after three years if you know what I mean.

I'll take your advice, from now on you're my blog consiglieri, FZ.

hey guys check this out, this nudist park is trying to attract "younger nudist"..

maybe Kaz can join since he's one of the younger ones around here. lol.


ps- take omaximus with you, the guy needs a hug.

As bad as Miami has been it makes me feel a little better to see what the Jets have become.

Woodcock this is for you.

Have a good season.



one badly inderthrown INT, another bobbled by T.Y. Hilton that would have been a colt TD but instead went the other way for then steelers. this young man is gonna light it up year one, which i don't think #17 is gonna do. new faces abounding for the colts, and they will fininsh at least .500, or better.

and as for the pre-season college polls, USC (the real one, like the real dave) in LA, will lose 2-3 games this year, won't play for the title, and its QB, matt barkley, may be a very good college QB but doesn't have the arm strength of andrew luck to jump right into the pros. barkley is a good guy, a loyal trojan and a very formidable QB, but is not in the class of andrew luck. my alma mater will be a good team but will have its hands full with both oregon and stanford again this season.

No I didn't see it shadow but that roster still isn't very good I can't see them finishing .500 myself.

As of this moment I don't see more than two possible wins this year. That is unless LeBron completes the hat-trick and plays for the Dolphins this year.

OC - don't lose sight of the absurd schedule Miami plays and the fact that their head coach is going to be desperate for success in year 1 and will probably play Garrard or Moore to start off.

Of course even 9 wins without playing Tannehill would be completely irrelevant but for those homers who don't care about the Dolphins ever building a contender this season won't be nearly as bad as the Panthers game indicated.

Most definitely. Garrard will still be mending, but Moore will start over Tannehill. This is not the kind of organization that goes off script.

I'm actually warming up to the idea of starting Tannehill, he has clearly been better than Moore and deserves to start and with Garrard out I don't think we have a choice.

the problem is going to be when Garrard is back healthy, do we put him in or do just tank the season?

Tannehill has been ok FZB but further evaluation is needed before he starts the year.

Throwing that kid in against maybe the best defense in the league might not be a great idea.

I like the fact that he hasn't turned the ball over.

Fairly stout defensive teams continue to use the 3-4 Defense. Teams that include the Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Texans. Kevin Coyle, the new defensive coordinator, has switched the Dolphins to a 4-3 Defense.

Key questions:

1. Why would a first year HC, one whose old team successfully applied a 3-4 switch to a 4-3; particularly when Miami's defense last year, was considered one of the team's strengths?

Aren't we sort of still evaluating Matt Moore also?

I mean we pretty much know who he is at this point but don't we want to make sure that he isn't something else which is better than that by some off chance?

Not likely better but since he is in a contract year why not before we let him go or trade him?

His value would be higher if he came in and won some games.

by the way guys the Dolphins are NOT as bad as they have looked, they will win more than two games guarantee.

I can't believe you guys are throwing in the towel after just TWO exibition games, my god get a grip !

Baby I agree that starting Tannehill is a double edge sword but I don't think we have much of a choice here, Tannehill has looked better and he has shown some poise.

The O Line needs to give him a chance to succeed and so far they have been awful....Garrard's injury messed everything up.

Believe me, FZ. I would love nothing more than to see the glass half full, but have you really taken a close look at that schedule?

Haha, if you believe 34 year old David Garrard could be solution at quarterback then yea, you'd like to evaluate 5 year vet Matt Moore further.

If you have any sort of general knowledge about the NFL or perspective on NFL quarterbacks, then no, they don't need to see any more out of Matt Moore.

A guy with a career 80 qb rating after 25 career starts 32- 26 td/ int ratio may deserve a little more evaluating yes.

Those aren't bad numbers they aren't likely to improve but against the early part of our schedule I see wins there maybe plus trade value could improve.

Ad yes FZB Garrard injury did mess everything up we are not a better team right now without him.

Why would you want the Dolphins to win games in 2012 behind Matt Moore?

I only wish that Garrard's injury sidelined him for the entire year, I don't know if I can take another meaningless season with the Dolphins not even trying to start building a contender.

Sorry FZB, but Jeff Ireland is reason enough to see the glass half empty. Too many talented free agent players, even coaches never really consider the Dolphins as a viable destination due to Jeff's presence.

Why, just recently I understand that he was seriously considering bringing in Miguelito Loveless to play scatback but the deal fell apart when Jeff asked Miguelito if he was related to Linda Lavelace.


Yes let's take our best QB on the roster and wish on him a season ending injury.

More mindlessness displayed by you.

Garrard should be back by the second or third week of the season so it all will depend on how good or how bad Tannehill has played.

I think that Philbin will start the kid ( that should make Kaz happy ) but we ain't going nowhere without good O Line play, if that doesn't improve we are going to have all our QB's killed.

aaah the great Miguelito, I used to love those old wild wild west episodes, did you guys ever noticed that all the episodes were name the "night of this or the night of that"..

Oye, deja a mi hijo Ireland tranquilo.


the fantastic sports page of the WSJ had a great article about NFL downsizing to keep up with the pace of the "now" where teams play at warp speed. the days of gilbert brown types are over.

Mindless is wanting the Dolphins to start yet another decade trying to win as many games as possible behind a band aid quarterback instead of trying to fix the franchise by finding a star quarterback.

Dolphins should sign Shawne Merriman.

Shadow - tell that to Terrance Cody...


Great article though, talks about Ray Lewis slimming down to cover the pass better and Sean Spence not worrying about bulking up to make up for his 'undersized' label.

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Will you still need me will you still feed me, when we're 0 and 4.

Kaz, since your lack of football knowledge is quite evident let me try to explain the thinking behind not starting T-Hill right away.

most young QB's have a very steep learning curve when they get to the pro's because they are not used to the speed of the game, reading defenses, command of the huddle, leading a pro team etc,most of them are simply not ready for the big time so in most cases is better to take it a bit slow to improve the odds the player develops the right way.

yes there have been cases like C Newton and the kid Dalton from the Bengals that have played way better than anyone anticipated but history says is better to have a young QB sit and learn for at least a little bit than to play him right away.

Now T-Hill is a little different because he knows the offense already but while he looks good so far he still has not faced a top NFL defense and the way they disguise their coverages, he is probably going to be named the starter but I don't wanna see anyone complaining when the kid struggles.

FZB - and there are cases where quarterbacks have struggled right away but went on to have Hall of Fame careers. But there are no cases where a quarterback was thrown in the deep end and washed out of the league because he was shell shocked, it just doesn't happen.

The question is whether Tannehill would be better off taking starters reps all year in practice and facing 16 NFL first string defenses and the answer is yes.

Some people think David Carr was shell shocked into oblivion.

Not saying he was but it has been said.

I'm the one who said it here, I've considered Carr, Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Blaine Gabbert, and Kyle Boller - Carr is the closest example I can come up with but it took him 5 years of punishment to be ruined.

I've also thrown the question out here numerous times in case anyone can think of other examples.

Hey I'm In..Lets go with the kid, he is better than Moore and we'll deal with Garrard when he gets back.

I thought you guys didn't like the Beatles...


Baby, since you now can predict the future and the Dolphins are going to start 0-4 according to you, I can also predict the future and this is how Hitler will react when it happens.


There's a long list of successful rookie starting QB's:

Vince Young, Sam Bradford, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Charlie Batch, Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Dan Marino, Cam Newton, Griese, Namath...


Tannehill should start. PERIOD. Goes without saying; OC's rule of thumb; If you're drafted in the first top 10, you're a starter.

I don't think I ever seen a guy with bigger man-boobs than this cat Cody, that was facking disgusting...

Kaz, don't do that again por favor.

OK FZB I am in too but only if he shows a bit more improvement the next few games and Moore does not.

sooo, we all in agreement here ?..start T-Hill ?

I'll call my son and make the arrangements..done deal.

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