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July 23, 2012

NCAA hammers Penn State. Fair? Vote! (with poll); plus farewell, Hanley Ramirez? (new video), ACC predix, Aurora & more

1aa1gcnewvidMY NEWEST VIDEO: FAREWELL, HANLEY RAMIREZ?: I have launched a new YouTube channel for daily one-minute commentaries called 'The View From Miami.' My fifth and latest video -- on speculation the Marlins are about to trade Hanley Ramirez -- is newly posted. View that and others at YouTube/TheGregCote.

We're on ESPN Outside the Lines today: I'll be a guest toady at 3 p.m. for a segment on the Penn State penalties.  

[1) It is TUESDAY, JULY 24. Click on Punishment Fits Crime for today's latest column by me, on the NCAA sanctions against Penn State. 2) Go, Molli, go! Am thrilled to report that the neighbor I wrote about a few blogposts ago, Molli Serrano, who overcame pancreatic cancer, did win that Kona Inspired vote and is headed to the Hawaii Ironman triathlon. Thanks to all of you who voted and passed along the link! 3) Reports are the Heat will open next season at home vs. Boston on Oct. 30, and host Oklahoma City Christmas Day. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

PENN STATE FOOTBALL SURVIVES, BUT THE SLEDGEHAMMER COMES DOWN: There had been talk of a 1aa1pssicoverpossible death penalty, which the NCAA has only done once (Southern Methodist, 1987). Instead, Penn State football has survived the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal -- but barely. Announced this/Monday morning: A $60 million fine, a bowl ban for the next four seasons, a total reduction of 80 scholarships over four years, 112 victories from 1998 through 2011 all vacated, plus five years of 1aa1pstateprobation. The erased wins means legendary-turned-shamed former coach Joe Paterno, whose statue came down Sunday in the wake of his implication in years of coverup, sees his career wins cascade from a record 409 to 298. And that's not to mention the damage to the name Penn State that might be indelible. Pictured right: The new Sports Illustrated cover. The penalties are harsh, but fair. But that's me. Do you think Penn State deserved more punishment, perhaps even the death penalty? Or do you feel the sanctions are too harsh or about right? Your vote and thoughts are welcome.

MARLINS WAVE THE WHITE TOWEL WITH SELLERS' TRADE: The disappointing, underperforming Marlins effectively gave up on the 2012 season yesterday by trading starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez and starting second baseman Omar Infante to the Tigers in exchange for starting-pitching prospect Jacob Turner, young catcher Rob Brantley and lefty pitcher Brian Flynn, ages 21, 23 and 22, respectively. On the face of this deal it looks like Miami gave up two solid -- if unspectacular -- players for three question marks, three might-bes. Obviously if any of the three turn out to be great this trade will look much better in retrospect. For now, it looks like the Marlins are hitting the refresh button and starting again. Not sure anyone is untouchable except maybe Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Reyes. Speculation has the Red Sox after Josh Johnson, and Hanley Ramirez seems forever in the middle of rumors.

Poll result: No ads on NBA jerseys!: I hope David Stern weighs public sentiment as his league moves forward with plans to add advertising patches to NBA jerseys starting in 2013. I asked in the previous blogpost if you approved of the plan, and only 17.2 percent said yes, compared to 79.2% no and 3.6% undecided. Are you listening, Stern?

CANES PICKED FOR FIFTH PLACE IN ACC DIVISION: Ouch. The media think very little of the Miami football Hurricanes for this season. In voting at the ACC Kickoff event in North Carolina today, UM was picked to finish fifth in the Coastal Division, ahead of only Duke. The top four were Virginia Tech (overwhelmingly), Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Virginia. Florida State was a landslide pick to win the other division.

OCHOCINCO IS CHAD JOHNSON AGAIN: Chad Ochocinco is now officially back to being the man he was: Chad Johnson. Now if he can go back to being the receiver he was, the Dolphins and their fans would be mighty thankful.

THE BRITISH OPEN MELTDOWN: Watched yesterday as Adam Scott blew a four-shot lead with four holes to play and made it Too Easy for the Big Easy, Ernie Els, to win the British Open. Els' first major victory in 10 years was a nice story, but this was Scott losing more than Els winning. Meltdowns in golf are more compelling than in most other sports, because they happen gradually and you are alone out there, your collapse spot-lit.

SOMEBODY OUT-DESPICABLES JERRY SANDUSKY: He is James Holmes, the piece of s--- who 1aa1jholmesmassacred 12 people (oops, allegedly) in that Aurora, Colo., movie theater. If this crime is not justification for the death penalty, there is  none. If this crime does not agitate a national discussion on toughening gun control, nothing will. The (alleged) puddle of scum is pictured in a court appearance today. That clown-orange hair should be shaved off his head and, were I the barber, I'm not sure I'd be all that careful with the straight razor.

Click back. Will be updating/adding much more to this latest blogpost...


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Winning, duh!

Like you Bobby but you should have retired way before you did too.

Some of these guys just don't know when to hang them up.

Paterno should have retired 20 years ago.

No penalty that UM is going to face will be as bad as the two years spent living with the unknown. The NCAA has a responsibility to conduct their investigations in a timely manner, two years is an eternity in college football, people are talking about Penn State being 'devastated' by the four year bowl ban.

If they could guarantee Coach Golden would stay on I'd take a self imposed death penalty just to get back to business in 2013. There's almost no chance the investigation is going to be wrapped up by the start of that season.

Not sure if hurting the FB program is the best way to make a right or an example of what took place. The bowl bans and reduction in scholarships hurts the current players and the other innocents too much.

Somehow the school itself needs to take the hit and not so much the football team & program.

I wish this would have gone back a few more years,Penn State would have to vacate the title win against Miami and we would have another title.

The NCAA is toying with UM, please...anyone can tell that...they're also GRASPING AT STRAWS...listening to CONVICTED FELONS, WHO OPENING VOWED TO "TAKE UM DOWN" NO MATTER WHAT - please, the NCAA is one step above the lowest form of parasite there is!

Someone needs to investigate the NCAA, see where all the $$$$$$$ is really going....that could take DECADES TO DO, but do it and leave them hanging the whole time!!


I am willing to bet that the last three posters are not college graduates.

Oh poor poor Cane fan ... Deny Deny Deny. It's always somebody elses fault. A rouge writer has it out for U. The NCAA has a vendetta against U. So sad that U can't take resposibility and hold Urselfs accountable for all the rampant out of control cheating and NCAA lawlessness going on inside Ur spiraling Football and Athletic programs... Well, U better get ready for what the NCAA has in store for U. Now that they Hammered Penn. St. all eyes will be on U. And they'll just keep adding on to Ur running tab of multiple violations as more n more will continue to unfold. Cane Fan, they're going to cripple U and keep U at Ur present sub .500% through the year 2020... BOOM ! it's coming soon and U know this.

fyi--- Tune into ESPNU @ 4pm today and U'll get a preview of the below average trash that U'll be rolling out on Saturdays this Fall...

Poor Gators fan (and 'U' know which one 'U' are) - nothing to look forward to with his own team, forced to troll the Hurricanes blog on the Miami Herald's website all day every day, desperately hoping to get someone to talk to him.

Look at the bright side bud, at least 'U' have a fantastic Gainesville education and a wonderful high paying job and fulfilling life. At least 'Ur' not at all a bitter little cretin.

fyi - tune into 'Cops' any day of the week and 'U'll' get a preview of the Gators upcoming season. Tune into Jerry Springer for an update on the life and times of Gators fans.


there is no way that UM is gonna get the dreaded "death penalty". the only precedent is SMU, and whatever the canes did is mild in comparison to all the politicians and the university and its athletes did to get southern methodist the penalty that the NCAA handed out, which basically ended the SWC and sent most all the other texas teams except rice packing for the big 12. i cannot imagine the NCAA forcing miami to give up any football seasons. TV appearances, bowls, scholarships-yes, but the canes are gonna be fielding teams it says here.

So the football program still exists? The athletic program as a whole still exists? The university still exists? Penn State alumni aren't being forced out of their jobs all over the country? Then, yes, too lenient.


The content on your YouTube channel needs LOTS of repackaging. First of all, and trust me on this one, no one likes to tune in to see a grumpy guy sanctimoniously spouting off about this or that. Viewers liked to be entertained, not go off fully charged in outrage.

Second, keep the glasses on. Without them you look like some form of human mole that has just surfaced for air.

Thirdly, what's up with "The View" (from Miami)? Could you not find something more creative than that!?! Sure, we all know your devotion to that other "The View," but come on, man!

Here are some suggestions for you:

1. Make your channel less about you and more about your bloggers. Hey, it's worked for your blog, and let's face it. We are a lot more interesting than you. Anything raoul duke, Woockock, Jimbo offers up would be far more entertaining.

2. You could have bitter liberal posts offered up by yourself and dave in LA on one day and enlightened conservative posts by myself or FZB on another day. Again, far more interesting.

3. Do not expose your face. Use one of those "V" masks. It will hide the obvious and project the opinions with more closely aligned effect.

4. Change the name to something which would help your image, not harm it. I'll let our fellow bloggers work on that one. What do you say guys?

Well boys at least we know that we're not getting the death penalty. If they didn't give Penn State the chair then we won't either.

OC - it's unsalvageable, Cote has a face for radio and a voice for print. His opinions are usually sanctimonious and unoriginal, his 'most popular' article averages one good joke for every 25 bullet points (people laughing at the same jokes repackaged over and over are meeting at the local Waffle House, corner booth), and he never gets any kind of inside scoop from local coaches or athletes.

He's only the de facto head sports writer here because Le Batard became too successful and Pope became senile.

Shadow - there's no way to know, I don't even care what the penalty is, death penalty, three year bowl ban, whatever it is it'll be over and forgotten in 4 years and if UM football has a good coach they'll be as good as ever. This purgatory just needs to end, it's not fair to the players or the University.

Nice work, Kaz. But you're aunt gave us the death penalty the day after she took over as president.

Totally with you if by "Gun Control" you mean hitting your target, Cote. If, on the other hand, you mean taking guns out of law abiding citizens, you are once again revealing yourself to be a knee-jerk statist. Consider how many lives would have been saved if someone in that theatre had been carrying and could have dropped this punk. Consider how much less likely incidents such as this and the Virginia Tech massacre and others would be if "our" government, and people like you, weren't so hell bent on turning us all into defenseless sheep and concealed carry were common-place.
To use this Aurora incident as political cover for again pushing the agenda of disarming your fellow, law-abiding citizens is just pathetic and rediculous. Lunatics are going to find their ways, no matter how many laws you may wish to write. Violating the Constitution and preventing upstanding citizens from protecting themselves has no place in this discussion.

hey "U" , emmert coming for you next. bringing a big hammer too.

Did Nick Saban or Dr. Judy Bonner win the championship for Alabama last year?

Did Schnellenberger and JJ win championships for Miami or Tad Foote?

Did Larry Coker and Randy Shannon bring down the program or Donna Shalala? Is it possible for the team to become contenders with Al Golden or do they have to wait for this dude takes over before the football team can be good again? http://mms.businesswire.com/bwapps/mediaserver/ViewMedia?mgid=44790&vid=4

If you're really too dumb to put two and two together then put your money where your mouth is. The only way she's retiring before 2016 is if they breeze past $1.6B in the next year or two.


Gee Kazaam, you're such a dumb shit. "Is your brain the size of a peanut or is there a hole in your head."

Mr. Kazaam Jr., the captain is ultimately responsible for the welfare of his ship.

Sometimes I think you don't come here for the stimulating intellectual interaction like Tubesteak Dave does.

Cote is a decent journalist but he dislikes the Dolphins and absolutely LOVES the Heat, Marlins and Panthers creating a problem with objectivity at times.

Plus he's an unabashed liberal democrat making him less relevant.

Seems like a nice guy though.

Then you agree that Dr. Judy Bonner and not Nick Saban is ultimately responsible for Alabama's 2012 championship.

Yep. She hired him. He won. Now you're finally waking up Kaz.

Hey Cote, why'd you take down my public service announcement regarding male after sex snoozing?

Gee I just think James Holmes is just a poor misunderstood lad who didn't have many of the opportunities that you and I take for granted. A heart, soul or conscience for instance. He apparently had none of these basic human necessities for intermingling sucessfully with other members of humanity...

Hey Cote I couldn't watch your video which may not be such a bad idea according to the reviews by the regulars but man like OC says, you look totally zapped.

may I suggest a long vacation starting now and lasting until the football season ends, don't worry, we'll take care of the blog until you're back.

by the way your name should be "dullCote"..yep, DullCote's blog".

OC,great suggestion to Cote, I'm already working on my column.

Kaz, agree with you there, why in hell is taking the NCAA this long to come up with its finding?..some people say we are going to get hammered, I on the other hand don't think it will be that bad, this guy shapiro has a personal vendetta against the U and that has been very obvious from the beginning, the guy is a con artist and a criminal and he was stealing from very wealthy and intelligent people, we'll get punished but not that bad, I think it'll be similar to what Ohio State got, now if that happens I think all the Gator's fan's heads will explode, that I will love to see.

Perhaps we should study him under a massive crane operated magnifying glass in Death Valley...

OhHH My, All this over showering with boys?
Apperently he did'nt apply his MAMBLA card before showering
Ohhh My
And indeed.

Woodcock - no, she's an interim, and University presidents don't hire football coaches.

Former president Robert Witt hired their athletic director, who hired Dennis Franchione, Mike Shula, and then Nick Saban.

They'll have a new president next year, who according to you will be responsible for their team's success as long as Nick Saban is there. I'm sure Alabama fans everywhere would agree with your sensible and well thought out position.


FZB I think it will be worse than Ohio State's punishment this isn't tattoos and t shirts we are talking about.

Ur Next, what is a rouge writer? Is that a writer with a red(rouge) face? I think you refer to a ROGUE writer.

Big Baby - you have no idea what you're talking about.

Ohio State's sanctions were because Jim Tressel lied to the NCAA multiple times, not the tattoos. The six Hurricanes who were punished accepted a couple hundred dollars worth of impermissible meals, transportation, and club cover charges. Further punishment will come from 'lack of institutional control', not for lying to the NCAA or anything players have done.

UM picked to finish next to last in their division, and 9th out of 12 teams.

FSU picked to finish as conference champions.

FIU picked to finish as conference champions.

Truth, spoken here.

Ok maybe as a BC football fan I am hoping it's worse.

That Shapiro thing doesn't sound good though and now Golden may be implicated?

Sept 1st tick tock tick tock.

Baby, I believe when everything is said and done and the truth finally comes out ( regarding the yahoo/shapiro story ) that the NCAA will see it for what it really is, an attempt by a convicted felon to extract revenge on a program that supposedly turned its back on him and by a foolish writer that was desperate for a story.


if you have the time, read this article, it was one of the best written at the time and the writer didn't allow himself to sort of get swept in the anti-miami hate, the NCAA will see Shapiro for what he is trying to do, I'm sure violations were committed but I don't think we'll get hammered like so many people hoped.

I don't think UM will get hammered, in reality the crimes pale in comparison to Penn State. Considering this morning's "slow death" PSU sentence, I would expect UM to receive an additional year of bowl bans. I also suspect give scholarships to be taken away for the next three years. I also suspect a subtle fine of $5M that UM will have to pay as well.

Far from a death sentence, but enough to keep an already downward spiraling program in the trenches for many years to come.

Truth, spoken here.

Kazaam what is worse though?

Lack of Institutional control would seem to trump coaches lying or players behaving badly in terms of seriousness wouldn't it?

If what you say is true than Miami's penalty will be harsher than the one Ohio State got.

The six Hurricanes who were punished accepted a couple hundred dollars worth of impermissible meals, transportation, and club cover charges.

OK let's break this down:

impermissable meals aka money

transportation aka free cars

club cover charges aka free hookers

Stop drinking the kool aid it's affecting your brain.

Truth - 9th out of 12 teams? Name one media outlet who has predicted that. And guess who's still below Miami? Duke. Who your miserable team can't even beat.

Big Baby - the players have already been punished dumbass, none of them received money, cars or hookers.

The NCAA has already rejected those claims of a convicted felon and career liar as it pertains to the current players - they were punished for accepting rides, meals, and cover charges.

You believe every word of a convicted felon and career liar, and I'm the one drinking Kool Aid?

Ohio State didn't get the extra year bowl ban and scholarship losses for the tattoos, they got it because they lied.

USC didn't get a severe punishment for Bush accepting gifts from agents, they got it because they allowed those agents in the locker room and on the sideline, it was 'lack of institutional control'.

Those are the more egregious offenses, the question is whether or not UM should have known one of their boosters was providing benefits to players, the answer is almost certainly yes but it's not nearly as open and shut as USC's case was.

"accepted a couple hundred dollars worth of impermissible meals, transportation, and club cover charges".

Olivier Vernon alone received benefits equal to $1200 dollars which he had to repay prior to being reinstated after serving his 6 game suspension.

4 of the 8 total (not 6 as you incorrectly stated) all had to make monetary pay backs equalling 400 dollars or more.

Transportation is not cars?

Part of the payback amount included bar tabs so believe what you want about the other things I mentioned happening or not but don't be naive.

Transportation is not 'free cars'.

The players' offenses are not the focus of the NCAA investigation. That part is done.

Keep drinking that Kool Aid Kazaam I've got some land to sell you in The Everglades.

Shapiro masterminded a ponzi scheme you don't think he had a few cars to give away undetected with the money he made?

I think he knew a few people who had some cars that needed some drivin'.

OC Dolphin,

my compadre here for many years, when you ask our fearless leader to offer up "enlightened conservative opinions", by inference this would mean that there are un-enlightened conservative opinions floatingn around, which if one listens to sean hannity or that anorexic wafer eating ann coulter or bill o'reilly is quite evident.

registered independent, i enjoy michael savage, support ron paul, and really enjoyed the fantastic neil rogers, RIP, which is about as wide a spectrum as the radio dial allows. i don't talk politics-"bores my a** off"- as dick cavett once said, but understand how many get off on political discussions- for the most part, i just read and listen. a member of our synagogue, jay d. homnick writes for the american spectator, and is a gifted writer (and talmudic scholar of the highest order). check out his material on the spectator's website for some good/great conservative stuff, stylistically intriguing and cogent. we disagree about many issues but i defer to his knowledge on many topics, including the one which i am about to post.

Shadow I always pegged you as a democrat for some reason.

Sounds like you are a moderate leaning Republican at times but blasting Hannity, OReilly etc. puts you in a little bit of a pickle in my eyes as far as supporting Republicans consistently goes.

Ron Paul seems like a nice guy and career politician but he's a little nuts and is way too old to be President.

Well said Big Baby - if you think for yourself and don't mindlessly accept everything your respective talking heads tell you you can't be a good republican or democrat.

THE MESS IN IRAQ:(not politics, history/current events,OC)

200 casualties in one day, 100 deaths during the past week, in the democratic iraq, owing to, as the media sources say, a weak government which was installed by w and his neo-con advisors who are in hiding still.

a shiite (minority) govt. ruling over a sunni majority after the "allies" straightened things out for the democracy-thirsty arabs of iraq! complete de-stabilization of the middle east, eliminating iran's worst enemy, allowing them to progress ever so close to atomic capability. saddam hussein was no bargain, but he was a flower child next to assad the son who will wipe out his countrymen wholesale, maybe down to the last rebel in an effort to hang on, with the backing of those peace-loving nations of russia and china.

didn't w declare "victory" just months after the invasion began, one which he hoodwinked the citizens of the US by claiming saddam was in cahoots with al-qaueda (?) and was in possesion of WMD-both claims which have never been proven? how about that implied notion of cheap petrol for our SUVs?

and all this during the moslem holy month of ramadan!!

iraq is far worse off now than it was before the allies (all two of them) invaded. and my brethren in the Holy Land with iranian-backed and supplied hezbollah to the north (lebanon) and south (gaza, given up in the bizarre notion that land for peace would suffice for the arabs of the former philistia), and iran in striking distance.

all those promises of a lovely, platonic region... guess again chester!! and at the expense of life and limb of so many of our brave troops.

we are so occupied with the horor in colorado, and rightfully so, that the events in syria, egypt, sudan, and iraq barely get any attention. what happened in the movie theater is heartbreaking, but in a week or two the slaughter will disappear into the world of courttv, while the effects of the invasion of iraq will still make the front pages of newspapers and homepages of websites, especially when the muslim terrorists, G-d fobid, make our citizens their victims. prayer is always good, and now is as good a time as any.


Iraq is worse now than before?..whatever dude.

I do agree that what's taken place in syria,egypt, and the sudan is horrible, the arab people are fed up with dictator's , they are simply taking back their country, it's going to take a long time and many more people will die, that is the price for freedom.

and Kaz, Ron Paul is nuts.


which explains why you like him so much.

Shadow - I was in Egypt in the summer of Arab Spring, saw some burned out buildings and passed through the mob in Tahrir square to get to the phenomenal Egyptian Museum/Mummy Central.

Talked to several Egyptians about their political situation, including 4 locals about my age over hash before seeing the laser light show on the pyramids (where the announcer talks about how lucky the jews were to be able to dedicate their lives to such a worthy cause).

Everyone to a man said they just hoped their next leader was 'stronger'.

That's the problem with forcing democracy on the middle east at gunpoint. If given the chance the majority will legitimately vote to be run like our great ally Saudi Arabia - an absolute dictator as head of state, an Ayatollah as the religious guide, Sharia as the law, and the Qu'ran as their constitution.

Don't believe the Michael Moore storyline on W and Iraq. He didn't invade to steal their oil or make his friends rich, he legitimately thought he could change the middle east by enforcing democracy in Iraq at gunpoint.

I follow the religious teachings of George Carlin, with our dedication and prayers maybe someday Joe Pesci will be sent to the middle east to 'straighten those c*cksuckers out'.

FZB - 'whatever dude'.

Which explains why you like mindlessly agreeing with whatever your talking heads tell you.

Tell me how in country's like Syria, Egypt and the Sudan we are 'forcing' democracy at gunpoint.

we had nothing to do there...Iraq's invasion was all about the oil..


always understood that "hishhash" was available readily in the suk (shuk) in cairo; i don't know if the quality approaches afghani or some of the other varieties available in the coffee shops of holland or denmark. the bekka valley of lebanon with its poppy farms produces most of what is available in israel, but i, in those days, didn't go for what was around. maybe the arabs keep the good stuff for themselves and give the tourists "kief".


loria and samson are laughing at you and the rest of us who live in dade-county and provided them with a stadium that was gonna turn things around with jose reyes and some added talent. what team gives up two prime players on their roster in return for a prospect and expects their fans to believe they haven't spit out the bit (horse racing for throwing in the towel). maddog, RIP, railed against the stadium and the taxes needed to build it, and told us the owners were gonna sell the team and high-tail it out of town with megabucks in their saddlebags. G-d rest his soul, he was 100%+ spot on.

The Canes should get a free ride. They should get additional scholarships and a special get out of jail free card to be used anytime any pain in the neck geek comes around snooping. NCAA football without the Miami Hurricanes is like Paris without the Eiffel Tower.

Say Tubesteak, did you hear what happened to Obama before the big White House Halloween party?

Well, it turns out that Obi asked Michelle to pick up a Halloween costume for him since he was too busy. When Obi showed up after work she told him that his costume was on top of the bed. When he went into the room he saw a Batman costume. "What, a Batman costume! When have you seen a black Batman? No,no, no tomorrow go back to the costume shop and get me something else."

The next day when he gets home there's a Superman costume on top of the bed. "What, a Superman costume, who the hell has ever seen a black Superman! Take it back tomorrow and get me another costume."

This time Michelle went to Home Depot and brought back a 5 foot long piece of two by four wood and laid it on top of the bed. When Obama came home and saw the two by four he said, "Honey what's a two by four doing on the bed?" and she said, "Listen ass hole since you didn't like the first two costumes you can shove the two by four up your ass and go as a chocolate ice cream bar!"

Nothing will happen to the U.

The players implicated gave the money back, or we forgot?

Golden imposed Scholarship ban and bowl ban last year. Maybe they will take wins away.

UM already penalized itself, NCAA takes that into consideration.

OSU and PSU, were in denial. The U has admitted guilt and responsibility. Penn State was going to do nothing if the NCAA didn't throw the book at them. OSU was in denial the whole time.

Again, The NCAA hasn't charged the U with anything because All Golden got ahead of them and self-imposed penalties last year. Now we can't do nothing stupid or we will see the book.

Those allegations are from people that hate everything Miami. Again, cause it's on the internet we don't have to believe it. Propaganda

Why is it that Yahoo continues to hammer Miami Football, this curb dweller Robinson should do more comparisons on a very competitive market place and tell us what the difference is between schools............I wonder how much Mr. Ohio State is racking up right now in violations, perhaps we should look into his association with Nevin Shapiro, he must still be on his payroll..........

The war in the middle east(not just Iraq), isn't about democracy.

It's about capitalism.

Ynot make them emulate our constitution or send help with a political delegation and have a summit about creating a Democratic gov't?

Create a Coalition of Countries?

But it's OK for the US private sector to go over there and make 100's of Billions of dollars.

Ynot create companies over there?

That way the people from said countries have other things to do instead of just fight?

Ynot educate the population? An educated population doesn't like war.

Saddam was the #1 enemy of the bin laden family, u know he had to go.

The bin laden's and the bush's share the same financial advisor. To some that might not mean anything.

But The 1% sticks together.

Saddam was put in power by the CIA to control the region. It cost alot less having Saddam do it than having us do it. To many lives wasted for what?

Well at least now the 1% and it's corporations can make money from the middle east. They already make all the money from the war, now they are going to make their money off of rebuilding what they destroyed.

Shadow - wouldn't complain about 'keif', nowadays that means the crystals and hairs that slip through the third level of expensive grinders. A pinch of that stuff on oak twigs would send you to the moon, have to down a bowl just to come back to earth. I didn't sample the finest that Cairo had to offer, but I did enjoy the laser light show on the pyramids more than I might have.



egypt wasn't on my itinerary even before the brotherhood became the government. having entrance/exits stamped from numerous trips to the Holy Land on in my passport would either mean no entrance r entrance with a very short stay- a very short stay. there is a Biblical injunction aginst returning to egypt, but that is meant to apply to the nation as a whole, and for exceptions like Maimonides and others, who way back set up a thriving exile community in alexandria. my mom, may she rest in peace, visited after the treaty of 1982 but 30 years later things aren't quite the same.

Ur NEXT....you loser....know the facts first before speaking.....there IS NO EVIDENCE....THAT MIAMI DID WAY worse then USC who got a 2 year bowl ban....so....shut your fuc*ing mouth until you learn the facts dild* breath.

Interesting fact, Florida has over a hundred on death row, Colorado openly 3.
More interestingly, all 3 are from Aurora, site the the latest horror.
Holmes is from Sand Diego, but somehow found his way there. Ya think he wanted to
"out Columbine" Columbine?

Cote, gun control is like getting rid of automobiles when DUI homicide occurs.
The car didn't do the drinking.

sorry, meant "only" 3.

"Rouge"- let's blame that one on spell check, I hope

"Sub .500%"- Just to easy, .500% really genius, might as well said sub .1/2%. The percentage is implied u don't have to put it up. Unless u mean The U will be below 1.0%, u know sub .500% or .5%

If this guy has a UF edumacation, WoW
I guess the Gator is not just the Mascot. It's what they try and emulate Academically. A school full of gator brains, u know a bunch of Bobby Boucher

*Disclaimer: education is misspelled on purpose


Please do not categorize me a Bush, Clinton, Republican, or Democratic defender. However, please shed light on how as you put it, a "democratic iraq...as the media sources say, a weak government which was installed by "W" and his neo-con advisors who are in hiding still" - IS ANY DIFFERENT - from this current administration's design that supported and encouraged the so called "Arab Spring," and its opportune democratic vehicle to install a muslim brotherhood dominance in the likes of (fill in any Arab spring country): Tunisia, Egypt,Libya, and Yemen;civil uprisings in Bahrain and Syria; major protests in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan; and minor protests in Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Western Sahara.

Or do you think that, left alone, Saddam would have prevented any of this?

Conservatives, like myself, tend to view the world as a place where power trumps pretty much everything. Ronald Reagan understood this and exemplified its laws by his since famous sound check prior to a radio address he made: "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes."

This sort of loose cannon behavior from the leader of the free world is diametrically different from what the current crop offers. The world views 2012 United States as weak and thus rush to take advantage. To gobble up as much of the pie before the next "cowboy" elected to clean up the mess the last wuss made.

We, who are old enough to "personally" have experienced such history before have witnessed these types of chess moves several times over. Many of us wide-eyed "conservatives" once witnessed Khrushchev playing his own brand of Reagan chess back when he threatened armageddon by-way-of Cuba. The only sane capitulation left Kennedy was to withdraw Eisenhower VP Nixon's plan to annex Cuba.

Long story short. One can play isolationist all they want - You go Ron Paul! -- In its vexing fact, we're a world economy, a world order. When Greece calls in sick and takes their year off, Germany has to cover. If there is no marshall in town, the bullies will smash up the saloon. Somebody has to be the sheriff.

Easy OC, senor kaz is going to be very upset with you.

the Arab spring is well on its way, who's to blame?..the internet.

I have a customer/friend who is from Egypt..Lives here but travels back to his country 4 to 5 times a year and he told me the internet is mainly responsible for the so called "Arab spring", they are tired of living in the stone age, they see other Arab's and other nationalities travel back and forth , they have freedom then they see how the rest of the world lives, they want the same thing for themselves and their children.

make no mistake, a great majority still view America and Israel as the devil, they hate us but that thinking is slowly changing, it's going to take a long time but it will change.

ps-Saudi Arabia will be next.

I agree, FZB,

Unfortunately for those poor bastards, all this talk of democracy is quickly squashed by extremists who, much like the Trojan horse, use democracy to capture a people, a country, then move to eliminate such things as the internet by force. Installing yet a more severe, more "stone-aged" form of government.

Penn state deserved worse, but at least the NCAA sent a strong message across college football nation.

Now, if they could just bring down the hammer on that pesky school across town, then I'd be satisfied.

chrisfiu, I think you will get your wish. Here's a message Emmert sent that nobody is talking about -- this is the punishment we're administering to a school for violations that fall outside our regulatory guidelines. Wait until you see what we do to a school that consistently breaks the rules that DO fall under our regulatory guidelines. Miami is going to get the banhammer. Colleges that do not exist yet will be relevant in athletics before Miami is again. What a disgrace they are. How do you cheat so badly and STILL suck in every sport?

Ah, sorry to ask OC, but in all those rag head places that you mentioned do they have toilet paper and electricity?

Shadow, you must be ecstatic now that there's a school who is more despised than your Trojans. Why, I hear that SC is trying to buy the Paterno statue to erect next to that homage to homosexuality "Tommy Trojan" Nice work, dude.

Pee Wee, do they call you that because of the size of your brain or your wee wee?

OC Dolphin,

i don't categorize anybody with a label; if someone wants to call his own self a conservative or liberal or moderate, that's fine. but you won't find me doing that. as mentioned am a registered independent and look at things issue by issue. could care less if anybody labeled me demo, repub, conserv, liberal or even liberatarian-they're just names. i try to look at the ideas and ideals.

Like I said Tubesteak, I'm the only one that can get you some of those monkey suit gigs but you have to get right son. You just can't go diva on the Old Woodcock, son, it's just not healthy for your financial future to do that. When the Limeys don't need to hire musicians to play at the Olympics you know that your days are numbered Dave. Since you have a lot of practice hitting skins with little sticks maybe you can get yourself a job at an oriental massage parlor. Madame Chink can put your name up on the marquee as Tubesteak Dave the Master of the Happy Endings.


Please remember that Jesus was born in the region of the world that some of you are discussing and show proper respect for this fact if you can thanks.

"Davy, do you like movies about gladiators?"

Fair enough, shadow-

It just gets a bit tiresome whenever some of us introduces talk about fiscally conservative ideas and constitutional preservation, then gets thrown the Republican label, the Hannity this, or Mark Steyn, or even Mark Levin that, with racist thrown in for good measure. The short sightedness of some of these so called "clear thinkers," to borrow one of your sayings - "makes me want to puke."

Yeah OC the racist thing is great.

Or how about being called a bigot because you hold certain religious beliefs?

If you are anti- illegal immigration you are a racist according to most liberal democrats.

What a joke those people are.

Hey Hannity is a good guy a man of faith believes in the right thing what is so bad about that?

don't you guys remember when they ( the liberals ) were calling Reagan a war-monger ?..if we elected the guy world war III was sure to follow.

how that turned out, it's a label, don't worry about it dudes..

Shadow I too am a registered independent.

Just too lazy too change it to Republican in my older wiser age.

One of these days maybe.

I voted for Mittens as governor when he won and I will vote for him again.

Hopefully with the same results.

Go Mittens!!

Say Shadow, do you like movies about gladiators?

I like you shadow (I think?) am not extremely passionate about politics.

I know how I vote and that's about it.

This is the last you will hear from me on the subject for awhile I think.

I also think we need to start being a little nicer to Cote too by the way.

If he goes Hollywood on us with that shaky video cam thing he's doing he could pull the plug on this blog and our party is over.

That's right Big Baby, now you can talk to him about a subject that he's really familiar with.....Trojan brand prophylactics. "Nothing holds my jizz like a Trojan!"

shadow seems like a nice guy why do you continue to have this petty feud with him about colleges of all things Woodcock?

jesus was a rag head, so was moses. that's why all those stupid religions are full of fanatics.

OC Dolphin,

so right you are- the "clear thinkers"- don't label anyone. those who support preserving the fabric of the Constitution are the true patriots- whether they be considered on the "right" or "left". in the manner that is unfathomable for us Jews to try to imagine the brilliance of the Rabbis of the Talmud, so too the American public can't imagine the brilliance shed when jefferson or madison or hamilton cut their toenails!! the brilliance of the minds that produced the greatest work ever written by men- our Constitution- is sorely lacking in any of the political hacks currently on the scene. i believe the last person to understand the big picture was he who wrote "the conscience of a conservative"- senator barry goldwater. above party politics, he advised the "floundering after watergate" nixon to get out of town- country above party.

You clearly don't seek the Truth.

Stop copying my name I said there is only one me.

I don't like SC and he's the only SC fan here on the blog. I'm just fucking with him. He's ok, sort of, although not much good comes out of SC. He is a fellow Southwestern alum so I should give him a break but then Southwestern doesn't have a football team so I don't really have a common team to root for with him and of course I'd rather be dead than root, root for SC.

Ok it just seems like it gets serious at times with all of the crime in the neighborhood talk etc.

Hey I know how he feels you think hockey is not a sport and that there was actually enough evidence to convict OJ geesh louise.

Hey truth you are a low life gator fan and most definitely not a clear thinker.

Baby, you're right about Cote...If we get him pissed off or if he gets fired we won't have this little shing ding anymore, That would be a shame.

I heard Michael Lombardi of the NFL network this morning on the Joe Rose show and he said that if Garrard is healthy he is the starter...Also said if the Dolphins are out of playoff contention by the 10th or 12th week of the season then that Tannehill should play, I agree with that.

the Celtics and the Heat start the season, you all knew that was going to happen, R Allen versus his old team, oct 30, is almost here...wow

He's such an ingrate Baby. Here I send him all of the crime dispatches for the Exposition Park area so that he has a better understanding of what he's up against when he visits LA and instead of being appreciative and thanking me he calls me all kinds of names. I really don't understand Shadow and Tubesteak Dave. Most of my Hebe friends love getting free advice.

Of course Garrard is the starter he's a better QB anyone could have seen that coming FZB :0 )

your sky fairy is going to be mad with you calling people names.

Just stop it.

IMAwriter perhaps Mr. Holmes wanted to show he was a man of higher caliber than the Trenchcoat Boyz...

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