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July 09, 2012

Sneak peek: ESPN's 'Body' issue (with photos); plus, are you bigger fan of boxing or MMA? (with poll); also, Heat/Rashard Lewis, Marlins-less All-Star Game & more

1aa1maviss[IT IS WEDNESDAY, JULY 11: 1) Happy 73rd birthday yesterday to a musical hero of mine, Mavis Staples (pictured). 2) R.I.P., Ermes Effron Borgnino -- character actor Ernest Borgnine, gone at 95. His role in McHale's Navy (1962-66) is another one of my very early, vague-but-there childhood memories. 3) Tardily, I am now full on the Louis CK bandwagon. 4) Played golf Saturday for the first time since April at Sunrise and rediscovered that I stink. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote].

Heat on 'OTL': Thanks to ESPN's Outside The Lines for having us on yesterday to talk about how Dwight Howard's eventual landing spot might affect the Heat and rest of NBA.

HEAT LAND RASHARD LEWIS: With Ray Allen already in the fold, the Heat have now also signed free-agent Rashard Lewis, who is 6-10 but can pop from 3'sville and spread the floor. Like Allen, he took less to come here than he could have gotten elsewhere. Like Allen, he is past his prime but has life left in his career. Like Allen, he bolsters/improves the Heat bench. Smart signing.

NU-NU-NUDIO! GET YOUR NAKED ATHLETES RIGHT HERE!: On newsstands this Friday is ESPN The Magazine's fourth annual The 1aa1bodycoverBody issue, in which 27 athletes pose artfully naked -- which means 1aa1body2you probably won't be offended unless you make a point in life of trying really hard to be. None of the athletes is associated with South Florida, so we miss a chance to relive the thrill of last year when Hanley Ramirez was pictured incongruously doing a domestic chore, his privates tastefully hidden by (yes) an ironing board. This year's cover photo is of Knicks' center Tyson Chandler (left), who hasn't been this naked since being dominated by LeBron James in the first round of the playoffs. The nudie at right is surfer Maya Gabeira. Not sure I consider surfing a sport, but think I am willing to make an exception after scrutinizing this photo. Note sure I consider The Mag's Body issue to be something pandering and silly or good and legit. Am sure I am not below pandering for blog hits by pimping it here.

BOXING VS. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS: Saw that the recent UFC 148 match between Anderson Silva and 1aa1boxufc1Chael Sonnen was billed as the circuit's biggest pay-per-view event of the year, which I took as a sign that mixed martial arts -- for all its undeniable (and 1aa1boxufc2increasing) popularity -- had not yet reached the mass appeal of boxing. My reasoning: A Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao bout would dwarf whatever UFC could throw out there in terms of PPV sales and national buzz. Am I wrong? Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of MMA, which I find cartoonishly violent. (I love baiting fans of the sport including my own two sons by making fun of the kicking, and pointing out that when I was growing up one of the big Guy Rules was that if you were involved in a fight, you didn't kick. "Because that's what girls did." MMA fans find this point neither amusing nor salient). Anyway, here's a poll just for fun, a boutique poll, meaning somewhat narrow interest, perhaps. If it moves you, vote and say why.

OK, THE HOME RUN DERBY WAS PRETTY GOOD...: Must admit Prince Fielder outslugging Jose Bautista for the Home Run Derby title last night made for pretty good TV. Kansas City fans were awfully rough on Robinson Cano -- and that's coming from a Yankee Hater. Sure would have been nice to see Giancarlo in there. ..... Original post: I'll admit I think I'm being parochial because Giancarlo Stanton's knee surgery erases the only Marlin from both tonight's HR Derby and Tuesday's ASG. I just don't look at the list of eight Derby guys and see much exciting. And an All-Star Game with nobody from your team feels like an anticlimax even before the first pitch. Anything else on TV tonight? Think I might find out.

Marlins deserve All-Star snub: Click on Star-Less for today's latest column by me. You want to be outraged that no Marlin was chosen to replace injured Giancarlo Stanton, but you can't, because nobody else has earned a spot on the stage. I write that the humbling all-star snub might be a good thing for a team that took its cocky cue from its manager but hasn't earned the swagger.

Baseball's second-half betting odds: From our friends at Bovada, Yankees (9-2) and Rangers (5-1) are World Series champ favorites, with Marlins 35-1, tied for 16th. In the NL it's Nationals and Giants both 9-2. In the NL East it's Nats 4-5, Braves 9-4, Mets 15-2, and Fish and Phillies both 12-1. Individual betting faves are: NL MVP--Pirates' Andrew McCutcheon (4-1); NL Cy Young--Mets' R.A. Dickey (13-10); AL MVP--Angels' Mike Trout (2-1); and AL Cy--Angels' Jered Weaver (5-2).

DOLPHINS: "WE'RE NO. 26! WE'RE...!": Ron Jaworski's Top 30 NFL quarterbacks countdown for ESPN slots Dolphins incumbent Matt Moore in at 26th.  And most observers are betting David Garrard will beat him out for the starting job.

WIMBLEDON WINS: I generally like televised tennis as background noise but found the weekend's Wimbledon finals pretty compelling. Serena Williams' win was woman-against-girl stuff in terms of power. At her best Serena might be the greatest female player ever. If one could combine eras it's just hard to imagine dainty Chris Evert matching her game. On the men's side all of England cheered for Andy Murray but there also was something quite stirring about Roger Federer rising back to No. 1 after everyone had begun to spade dirt on a career supposedly fading. Good stuff, tennis!

A CIGAR STORY: I'm a cigar smoker (don't do it, kids), not a big-spending aficionado but a guy content 1aa1bluntwith a $3 Arturo Fuente. On a recent trip to Oklahoma City I found myself back at my hotel at 1 a.m. craving a smoke so I traipsed to the convenience store next door for the closest they had to an actual cigar: a five-pack of Phillies Blunts. Insubstantial draw with a ghastly-sweet wrapper, every bit the cheap smoke you'd expect. But here was the worst part, noticed later in fine print on the carton: 'These cigars are predominantly natural tobacco with non-tobacco ingredients added.' Wha-huh!? What the hell else is in there? Cardboard? Mulch? Repurposed dock rope? Moral of story: A) Quit smoking, or B) at least leave the Blunts for the kids who hollow out the mostly-tobacco and replace it with pot.

SOUTH KOREAN DOMINANCE IS RUINING THE LPGA TOUR: Well, I guess that headline about sums up my feelings. Na Yeon Choi winning the U.S. Women's Open is great news in Seoul or Daejeon, but it's another death knell for pro women's golf in this country. Jingoist attitude? Absolutely. Also the truth.

1aa1beerobamaPRESIDENT DROWNS ECONOMIC SORROWS IN BOOZE!: Evidence of U.S. presidents as real human beings is so rare that I feel the need to pass along this campaign-trail photo of President Barack Obama quaffing a beer. Notice it is not a bottled beer. Headline: PRESIDENT FAVORS REINSTATING DRAFT!

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Cote, you're such a racist, why can't those chinks be allowed to play golf on TV? Instead of putting them down you should be praising their ability to hit the ball when they can barely see it through those two little slits on their face. If the LPGA was worried about the chinks effect on ratings they could always remove their obvious advantage and make them get breast implants to hinder their swing. Can you say "flat as a pancake?"

All those South Korean women golfers could do a better job on the pitcher's mound than Heath Bell. When Heath Bell enters a game, I want the Marlins to lose. Because it serves them right. for the Marlins to win a game in which they insert Heath Bell is to reward stupidity, and I'm sick and tired of rewarding stupidity. He may be the most loathsome person in sports (I cannot call him an "athlete") that I've ever seen. He's a fat, lazy, obnoxious, apathetic jerk who is also arrogant beyond any and all justification, considering he is arguably the worst player in the major leagues. Other than that, he's great. He has zero redeeming qualities, as a player and as a person.


whatever happened to that then 14 year old asian girl with the good looks who wanted to play against the men? has she ever won a tournament? i find many asian women very attractive, but that excludes koreans. anyone for a massa-gee? if you are in the mood, it'll no doubt be a korean masseuse that will service you!!

not a big fan of Korean female golfer's since most of them are flat on the front AND the back if you know what I mean..





rashard lewis 3-point shooter? last year he was under 30%; shouldn't a good 3 point "artist' be in the 35-40% range?


reggie miller-.395, steve nash-.428; i would think ray allen is above 35%, but isn't he a little old? or is 20 minutes gonna be his max?


2012 ray allen on threes:over 45%, career right at 40%

boxing or mma ....don't care either way.

even Cote is saying that Garrard is going to beat out Moore.

I think R Lewis WOULD BE a good pick up for the Heat, the guy prior to last year was a good three point shooter and he is looking to sign a one year deal and to get a bigger contract next year so he is hungry, the biggest concern I have is at center, we need someone else there to back up C Bosh, if not a power forward type.

I trust Riley, he knows what he's doing.

Don't care about Obi gulping down a "cerveza"..

Obama having a beer with wonen, figures. These 2 could drink our lme ass president under the table. what a wimp.

women lame


I have a theory on why Russian babes are so HOT now. Can you say Operation Barbarossa... The Germans started out fast driving across the Ukraine f***ing everything in sight every which way to Tuesday. When they got to lovely Stalingrad they hit the brick wall of no return. The Ruskies then went on offensive and once in Germany and most especially Berlin they f***ed everything every which way till Very, Very LOOSE. There were no vag or sphincter muscles left in German frauleins but plenty of new fangled offspring. Jimbo your thoughts sir...
Posted by: duke | July 06, 2012 at 12:03 AM
Duke,,, first of all I appologize for not responding earlier. Still getting situated at home & work has been demanding at times.
There is much truth to your statement IMO from what I've seen with my own eyes. When my wife was stationed at Grafenwoehr I visited as often as I could & we would travel. I spent considerable amt of time in Deutchland and traveled around a lot of Europe by driving. We would visit a city by driving, staying at a downtown hotel, hike around town, stopping in the town square for drinks & eats, people watching. We also did Volkmarches (local festivals w/ 10k's, beer tents, oompah bands, etc). IMO per capita I saw the most tall, blonde, blue eyed ladies in Berlin and formerly Soviet occupied Germany. Not as many as Sweden though. In Prague & most of Czech Rep which was over run by both aggressive armies plus the attractive high cheekbones & large breasts of the Slavic bloodline,,, my head was on a swivel, WOW. I never traveled to Poland or Ukraine or what was formerly Prussia but I would expect more of the same. Russia was so hell bent on making the Germans pay for 10 million of their countryfold dead, they tried to breed them out. More then 2 million German man suspected of serving in the military were either executed or ran off to Siberia to work, starve & die AFTER the war was over. Rampant rape by both armies was reported. Russia took over former Prussia, drove the German folk out to Siberia and populated it with Russians. The Commies wanted everything Germanic to wiped off the face of the earth. Old palaces in Pottsdam were off limits and neglected until it was given back. I saw the former royal palace of King of Germany at Pottsdam, some of it was restored 100% & some the roof leaked & ruined. They were in the process of restoring this massive site, along with an old & prominent university made out of marble & concrete (something along the line of US capitol)
I knew of 2 friends that married Ukrainian women and both were stunningly beautiful, smart & sexy.
Posted by: Jimbo | July 09, 2012 at 08:43 AM

Jimbo, That's an interesting hypothesis you got there about russian women but is also very true, a good friend of mine is Russian and he shows me photos from russian web-sites and face-book and I can tell you a lot of them are stunning.

I see Heath Bell just blew another save, how long do we have to put up with this crap.

So long Ray Ray you are a true pro.

They asked you to check your ego at the door when you came and you did.

Big Three is over after 11 Playoff Series wins, 2 Finals appearances and 1 NBA Title.

You averaged 16 ppg and shot 40 percent from 3 land when we needed you.

You were a 91 percent FT shooter in Boston.
Maybe you can teach the Heat how to shoot them when you are there.

We will always remember your 8 for 11 from 3 land in Game 6 of the 2008 Finals when we blew out LA when no one gave you guys a chance in that series.

Thanks for helping bring basketball back to Boston Ray Ray.

That was classy Baby, most Boston fan's think he's the devil now.

He is exactly what we needed, Riley is incredible,This guy took 3 mil less to come here, It doesn't make any sense, I would never have done it.

I wanna get back to yesterday's article about Garrad and the QB's, check out this comment about Tannehill.

### Tannehill isn’t completely out of the running and could play at some point this season. But he got by far the fewest first-team snaps and it was an issue to the point that he went to Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman to discuss it in mid-June. (Tannehill confirmed those discussions.)

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/07/nuggets-on-the-dolphins-quarterback-battle-behind-the-scenes-on-heat-free-agency-marlins.html#storylink=cpy

it shows the kid has moxie and doesn't want to settle, he is a fighter, I like that.

No Florida state income tax will help FZB.

I am not an ESPN insider anyone have that Top 30 list of QB's from that blowhard Jaworski?

Has anyone seen "Magic Mike"?

MMA or Boxing? Who are you kidding you punk?

When I moved into my new digs in central Louisiana, I called DirecTV to hook me up. They had to schedule me 3 weeks after I moved in. Some Billy Bob showed up with the dish, talked with the wife and left, leaving the dish laying on the deck uninstalled. Boy said he'd be back never to show again. Guess he had to check on his gator fishing lines, his still or cook some oppossum. 3 days later I called dtv & wanted taken care of .. of course.

I leveraged "free NFL ticket" for 2012. Hope that Miami can put forth a team worth watching. And Yes someone else showed up and installed it. I had to be persistant because they didn't want to give the nfl ticket away for nothing.

Fellas,, Trent Dilfer on Monday Night Football? R U kidding me? Down right criminal putting that moron on prime time.

Is Pat Summeral & Curt Gowdy still alive?
How about Marv Albert & his toupe?

What about washed up Hollywood types hosting MNF?
Burl Ives & Jimmy Durante?
Ricci Ricardo & Carl Weathers?
Sirhan Sirhan & Charles Manson?
Tiny Tim & Keith Richards?
James Earl Jones & Gilbert Godfry?
Rosie O'Donnel & OJ?
Fat Albert & Scoobie Do?
Dos Equix Most Interesting Man & Super Dave?
Ivan Putski & Arnold Schwartzenegger?
Louis Farrakhan & David Duke?

I just hope that Miami gets on one of those NFL Network Replay games during the week at least once this year hopefully more.

One prime time game (Thur) is an all time low for this team let's hope for some wins and flex scheduling in prime time!

I had always thought of Garrard as an NFL bottom feeder. Some reports claim he's a top 15 QB. I am hopeful but sceptical. IMO Matt Moore should win the job BUT let the best man earn it.
If the first half of the season produces too many losses, Tannehill may come in & start.
As a true fan I'd love to see Miami win about 8 SB's in a row.. but would settle for 1 fairly soon. Wait and see

Haha, Phillies aren't cigars, they're blunt wraps.

Funny that people didn't realize this was going to happen with the Heat - I kept saying that the first year's team was the worst they're going to field, look at that Mavericks team that beat them, that was almost a decades worth of moving pieces around and adding a player a year over the cap or through sign-and-trades.

Shadow - those 3 point numbers don't tell you where the shots came from. I can think of countless times Nash dribbled around and nailed a clean shot or three pointer but not many where a player drove, kicked to him, and he made the shot up spot. I'm sure it's happened plenty of times but that's not his forte.

Rashard Lewis on the other hand had exactly that role on that overachieving Magic team, all he did was hang out in the corner and wait for someone to drive or dump it to Howard and dish it out to him.

Like I say, I don't know that Steve Nash would have made the Heat all that much better - of course he'd be nice to have on the team but he'd be a defensive liability on a defense-oriented team and his skill set doesn't make LeBron James or Dwyane Wade better offensively because neither one shoots spot up shots.

In transition of course he would have been ridiculous.

I didn't know what a blunt was until my 2 sons were teeagers. I got schooled fast.

After the Prez drank his berry flavored beer, he went with those 2 ladies to the bathroom, squatted and pee'd

I was always partial to Curt Gowdy and Al Derogatis.


Trent Dilfer is a dufus...what ever that means.

Does he wear purple lipstick?

Jimbo I vote for a continuous loop of Tiny Tim playing Tiptoe Through the Tulips live.

No I don't that would royally suck.

Dilfer isn't bad he at least will be better than "I know everything there is to know about football" Jaworski.

Big Baby
I used to enjoy Jaw's pregame game breakdown preceeding MNF. Dilfer is a lump on a turd. I would only be worse if they paired him up with either nonsensical fart Herm Edwards or Stephan A Smiff.

Big Baby,
I saw Tiny Tim on the Ed Sullivan show and thought he was sensational. Then again I was around 6 yrs old and thought Mr Ed & Batman were real. Even with the "POW", "Blam", who flung who shit with Adam West.

I am sure his ego couldn't handle Gruden that's why he is out.

Dilfer is a douchebag.

Jimbo - Garrard's not bad, he was just in Jacksonville his entire career. Of course now he's in Miami, which is just as bad. But if you're looking for a guy to get the Dolphins 3-4 more meaningless wins on a team that isn't building anything towards 2013 and keep them in their middling holding pattern for another half decade he's your man.

WithGarrard at the helm the Dolphins could easily waste another 3 years as a irrele vant non-contending team before seeing what they have in Tannehill. At least they might get some more 'flex' primetime game later in the season.

Tiny Tim is a different kind of cat.


Guys, specially the old timer's , take a look at what I just found on you tube..brings back memories.



Jeez a DB Kaz?

That's strong language for a tv sports personality what's up with that?

Jimbo I too loved that Adam West Batman show.

If you watch it now it looks so fake and dumb it makes me feel stupid for watching it.

It was the early 80's on reruns and I was only in grade school but still funny how things change.

Jaws is bad but dilfer is worst. Trent is the Jon berry of the NFL. An Average player who only criticizes the best player. Jaws is insightful but he sucks in game. U need guys that have a personality in the booth. Sometimes games get lopsided and u have to fill the game with other stuff.

Perfect example (I know it's a different sport), notice when JVG did a game and when Reggie and Steve Kerr do a game.

Ah, Philly blunts. OKC might not have a big selection of cigars, but they have all the flavor snuff u want.

I've said it before women's golf will not be attractive for TV cause it's a boring game with nothing to look at. I have 2 things that would make women's golf 1 of the top rated sports in the world. Wonder bra's and thongs. Remember when the thong craze took tennis by storm.

It's true president Obama is gay. If it would've been any other candidate or president we would've made a couple Monica jokes. Plus it's a black guy with 2 white women drinking. They could've put it in the tabloids. I guess a more believable picture would be if he was at a gay bar in a cowboy outfit drinking pink margaritas

Ray Ray much love but just remember that there will be NO ONE rooting for you anymore here in Celtic land.

Except for maybe your mom and a few UConn buddies that's it.

Not that you really care but you must know this now.

Jimbo, I thought so. Too many beauties coming out of Russia to not sit up and take notice. MNF crew.. how 'bout Robot from "Lost in Space," Joe Robbie the Robot from "Forbidden Planet" & NOMAD from Star Trek episode "The Changeling." On the sidelines Gort from original movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" & a drunk Joe Namath dry humping it's large metallic leg...

frank sinatra didn't have rhythm?
dashi, stay away from jazz, please. you sound like an idiot.
as for the heat, i'll take allen and lewis over nash. we already have the best passer in the NBA, his name is lebron james. with the offense being run through him, it serves the team better to have spot up shooters..
if people are hating on the heat now, just wait until next year.. lol

dashi rhymes with a stashi of hashi in kabashi

Baby, I really don't think R Allen is too worried about what the fans in Boston think of him.

its funny but R Allen is not an all time Celtic great, he only played there for five years, he played 11 between Milwaukee and Seattle, the arrogance of some of those fan's is annoying, I know that if one of our big guys left I would feel upset about it but come on.

reading a couple of articles on why Allen may have left , they were saying that his relationship with Rondo was probably the main reason, I had no idea that this was going on.

Looks like Camby is going to NY, can't really blame the guy for trying to make mo-money.

we still need a Big center, I'm sure Riley will find someone.

Dukes-ter, the day the earth stood still is one of the all time classics...


FZB I don't know what was happening between Rondo and Ray exactly.

I heard that Rondo has very good basketball intelligence maybe too smart for his own good sometimes and maybe his personality clashed with someone like Ray who is a veteran and maybe thinks differently about the game than he does.

Differently how I don't know.

Rondo can be immature at times.

Maybe Rondo didn't like Ray's style of play recently?

Rondo is a complex dude I know Doc has his hands full with him most of the time.

Geesh we could use him now they say A. Bradley may be out until December after upcoming surgery.

*Of Kabashi In ur Mouth

Posted by: Triple Threat | Any Day of the Week

Dave or Woodcock's Son as some will like to say (Just Kidding)

I said Frank can Sing. Frank can't Dance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu-vGtajkTM.
He could hold a note. The man has a Voice.

Frank Won't Dance. Cause he can't dance

I'm not talking about Micheal Jackoff Good, Not Even Elvis good. John Lennon can beat him in an electric Slide Competition. Frank ain't no James Brown when it comes to dancing, He's Not even Sammy or Dean.

Now none of those can sing like Frank can. Maybe Elvis in his Prime, Before going Pop. I got Barry White #1 then Frank, followed by Elvis and Micheal. In that Order. Now everyone has their favorites some might say someone else. Personal Taste

Boxing is an Art. MMA is just a Street Fight that is highly promoted.

If MMA fighters had half the power a boxer has in his hands the KO's will be more Violent and more frequent. Picture Tommy Hearns or Mike Tyson fighting Bare Knuckle. Yeah all that grabbing stuff is nice until U get hit with a Brick.

Now Kick Boxing or Basically Tae Kwan Do/Mauy Thai with gloves on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksAU4bZg89w&feature=related

That is a True Martial Art it's like boxing but with more action and harder hits. If they had the Marketing Machine that MMA has it would get more ratings, cause it's prettier to watch. Too much Grabbing in MMA. Some say that's wrestling or Judo, But what sells in Fighting is KnockOuts.

You heard it here first.

Here is your Miami Heat starting five for next season.

Wade SF
James PF
Chalmers PG
Allen SG
Bosh C


was watching the dolphin-bengal playoff game before you posted the link- the memories for a bengals fan (me) are painful: essex johnson (first play hurt his knee, then re-injured it and his career was over) amazing runner/passcatcher- hurt and never was the same; bill bergey- awesome MLB jumped to he WFL, bengals got nothing in return; tommy casanova- retired to become a dentist; mike reid-all pro retired to play the piano. four critical members of the best young team in football lost with nothing in return. and the bengals had to deal with the steelers twice a year, might have been a little different outcome had these four guys been with the team. bill walsh-offensive co-ordinator who put in his offense (the midwest coast offense) with ken anderson. thus was the dynasty that should have been but wasn't for the reasons mentioned. heartbreak after heartbreak playing the truly awesome steelers all those years, and then houston became good under bum philips. the oilers went 10-4 one year and didn't make the four team playoffs (lost only to steelers and bengals),beat everybody else and stayed home- next season the 2nd wild card team was added to accommodate the oilers.

Wade is to small for SF

What about

Wade G
Allen G
Shane F
Bosh F/C

We don't need a true PG to start or finish a game, 3 of the 5 can handle the ball. Allen will do what milk was brought here for. Start alongside the big 3 or come off the bench as a 6th man.

U can also have UD and Chalmers start ahead of ray and Shane so u can bring them off the bench. Spo can start a different lineup for each game of the 82 game season. U know he would love that.

Wade SF
James PF
Chalmers PG
Allen SG
Bosh C

Take it to the bank those are your starters Game 1.

And Allen can't handle the ball.

He couldn't keep up with Rondo last year running the floor.

At least that was one of the reasons Rondo was rumored to be upset with him.

Dashi and Baby, you two boys seem to be on crack today ( not that is anything wrong with it ) but HERE is the correct Heat's starting lineup for next year.

Boch - c

The Heat will have great flexibility off the bench, Allen, Cole, Battier, Anthony, hopefully Lewis and I didn't even mentioned J Jones and Miller.

Shadow, I didn't know you were a Bengals fan, man you guys had to deal with the Steeler's,Raider's and the Dolphins, just an impossible task, The Bengals had a great team and they had a young stud at QB that would have been an all time great if it wasn't for the injuries , Greg Cook.

found that footage by accident, great to see the old Dolphins one more time.

Allen is not coming off the bench to start the year.

He was pissed that he lost his starting job to Avery Bradley late last year but Doc had no choice he wasn't doing the job whether it was because of injury or whatever.

He wants to start.

Not likley but it would sit just fine with me.

Ray had his reasons for choosing Miami over Boston and he will probably keep them to himself.

You know what they say it's a business nothing personal.

I remember when LeBron decided to sign with the Heat along with Bosh and D Wade to create a super-team and all the fuzz and hate it created torwards anything LeBron and the Heat and now this year you have guys like Nash going to the Laker's and now Howard demanding a trade to the Nets and no one seems to care, WTF?


have you heard from OC ? how is his "mejicanization" going?..

Jimbo, did you ever think it was alittle cooky-wierd that Dur Fuhrer didn't want Stalin on his team because in his estimation Slavs were "sub-human" and Stalin's "feelings were hurt" when 'Dolf revealed his true agenda in attacking Russia. What a world.

Big Baby that was a class post about Ray Allen. It's good to see that there are Boston fans who appreciate what he did for that team. I think the Heat just got one heck of a player.

Fzb those are truly some beautiful works of art. Maybe the LPGA should include body painting on the list.

Also I said start UD and Chalmers so u can bring Shane and ray off the bench. Ray came here cause he's a realist and he knows Miami gives him the best shot to win a ring. I told u fans will be fan, they will hate ray for leaving. That's the reason maybe it was hard for him to go was because of his fans and family. Not the Celtic organization and it's players.

Ray is a smart man he knows he can win more titles here in less time than he spent in Boston. Not 1 , not 2, but 3 before he retires.

Nah no crack, just Philly Blunts

My starting lineup that I know won't happen cause of not knowing how to develop players

Pitt C (Yes cause any 7footer that can get u 8 & 8 is a Max type player in the NBA)
Bosh PF
Wade SG
Chalmers PG

Shane F
Miller F/G
Ray G/ 6th man
Cole PG

Harris should see some time with miller extending his injury longer than he needs to.

Again, what's up with the back? Ray already had surgery, d.wade to. Stop milking it mike

Miller belongs in the over 50 mens recreation league.

I heard in this ESPN Skin Issue Magazine Chad Henne of Jax Jaguars squeezes off a deuce in the bathtub and pretends it's a Baby Ruth. Go ahead and have a bite on all of us Dolphin fans Chad.


Thanks and yes Woodcock Miami did get a vg player but
Boston getting Jason Terry is a steal of much larger proportions.

They get an upgrade over Allen who is younger and healthier.

Terry is a straight up ballah even at 34 he makes Ray expendable.

Not saying that I wouldn't like having both but Dallas is dumb for letting a player like that go.

They should have offered him an extension years ago oh well their loss is our gain hehe.

Dukes-ter, what's it matter son..don't like C Henne?

worry not, we have our guy Tannehill in the fold , patience my young Jedi, patience.

I think the best thing for Miller and the team is for him to take the whole year off and get healthy, I don't know how long the Heat will put up with his lack of production, He's got a lifetime pass from me, he won the last game almost all by himself.

17 more days to training camp!

Take the year off and join the over 50 mens league they need you as their ringer you'd fit right in.

FZB, maybe I just don't no Chad Henne well enough...

Nor do I no how to spell know er know HTS no...

FzB we blew out OKC in the last game. If miller would've had zero points we still would've won by 10.

Terry is good but I feel the steal for Boston might be if they sign Courtney Lee. He's long for a SG and can shoot the 3 real well. Plus he's a pretty good defender.

Now on to that scrub Lewis. He's 6'10 and he can't even average 6 rebounds a game . Add Lewis to the list of players that average less Pt's, Asst', Reb, Stls, and Blk's per game than that guy. Terry is on that list to.

We don't need to sign that guy who is 33 and got his legs back last year at the end. But we definitely don't need to sign the slow 6'10 SF that can only shoot sometime.

Celts don't have the salary cap space to sign Lee it would have to be a sign and trade but it would be a steal and he wants to play for Boston so I can only hope.

R. Lewis has been a shell of a man since he left Seattle good luck with that one.

Dashi-man, Riley is the godfather, if he wants the guy then who am I to argue with the guy...

let it play out.

here's is some Zep just because.


Lewis was supposedly in his prime when he went to Orlando. Lewis has always been over rated because he's 6'10 and can shoot the 3 sometimes. Look at his playoff stats and u can see he's not clutch. How do u get worst in the playoff's?

That guy didn't get worst in the playoffs his team just sucked

The heat need to find a center and the team will be complete. Maybe Pitt develops? Maybe he doesn't? But we can only tell if he plays in the regular season.

I thought the Celtics could take the 6 mil due to Allen and give it to someone else ?..No?

and one more Zep...


Dashi, Lewis was a very good three point shooter when he was with the Magic, he was way overpaid but his job was to stand there and just shoot three's because teams were doubling on Howard , he will have the same open looks here. The guy is not the greatest player out there but he fits the Heat.

we just don't have many options based on the cap situation.

Yes Riley is the man, but even the greats can make mistakes. Don Shula, Bill Belichick, even Vince Lombardi screwed up from time to time.

Now it might be the heat aren't really that interested in Lewis. The heat haven't offered him a contract that I have heard of. Maybe they worked him out and told him we will call u don't call us.

Camby and Allen had deals offered to them before they left. U also know that when pat closes the deal he usually brings Zo and arrisons son to the dinner to show the FA how the heat are a family.


absolutely correct sir about greg cook-led the AFL in passing in his second year before hurting the shoulder and retiring to paint. NFL films has a piece with bill walsh describing how great he would have been, and bill walsh knew QB play (walsh wanted to start young over montana but debartlo overruled him0. the 70s were years of great football teams and the bengals competed with the best of them. lost two close SBs (the only close ones for SF) and should have won the first after falling behind 19-0 (i think). had the ball at the goal line and ran four unsuccessful running plays. we all know what happened in the game down here. they were still a great team to watch on offense but defnsively they were second class.

Lewis will be competing with Shane and Miller for minutes.

The guy averaged 5 rebonuds and 0.6 blks a game as a starter. I don't see him playing PF anytime soon.

Orlando would use hedo or Ryan Anderson as a PF since Lewis is scared of contact.

They are more FA out there

That guy

Pitt will be getting a serious look this year to see if he can play. That could beOne of the reasons why maybe we haven't been that crazy about a starting Center.

That guy

Pitt will be getting a serious look this year to see if he can play. That could beOne of the reasons why maybe we haven't been that crazy about a starting Center.

FZB Celtics are signing Jeff Green for big money.

Tracy McGrady is also a shell of a man.

Berry flavored beer indeed! I bought a 12 pack sampler from Sam Adams and it had a couple of those berry beers. I gave one to my nephews girlfriend and she let me try it, I almost puked. She loved it though, actually if it gets girls to drink more beer I'm all for it. It's a lot easier to drop their panties when they've had a few.

Check this out. I'm still LMFAO


Here is a picture of Leroy Bwana Obama that I was able to find on the internet. I have no idea why they couldn't show a picture of the bro in the article.



Oye, what's happening with OC and the Mejicanos ?

Big Baby,

jeff green was really good in college, but needs to keep improving to be worth big money. he looks a little bashful in the pros, and needs some confidence boosting from the noted psychologist dr. glenn rivers, which he'll probably get. the keltics are really old in two starting positions and need a little more talent to go along with noted head case, with whom dr. rivers is working.

I think Obi needs to go live with his brother in that Hut in Africa...

But his shell is still better than R.Lewis.

Remember we are signing him for the minimum, not for what he was worth. I'm not saying he's going to drop 40 but off the bench with Ray and Shane will be a pretty dynamic trio off the bench.

Ray can't handle the ball like u said Baby.

But the Shell can play PG. He did last year from time to time. And he started about half a season in Detroit as the PG in 2010(on 1 leg, Still Recovering.)

Again look at his 2012 recap and tell me if by the end he wasn't getting his legs back. (Those other Scrubs can't do what he does being a shell of himself, Specially Lewis)

Now this is a Time-lapsed view of his 2012 season not a Highlight Video.

Now conspiracy theorist will say He didn't see Minutes in Atl cause he would've Exposed Joe Johnson. Why didn't the coach give him a reason for not playing him when T-mac told him he was healthy and they just lost by 20 to Portland.

No argument there shadow lots of room for improvement from him.

They are certainly investing in him though and right now he is the player that will help determine how far they go this year.

T Mac has had a good career despite injuries but he is done.

Miami doessn't need T Mac they already have over 50 league Mike Miller.

I talked to him today. He says that Austin is a dump. But then compared to Southern California, especially where he was living, everything in Texas is a dump. He's looking for an apartment as the missus started work on Monday.

Haha, wishful thinking Baby, no the consummate pro Ray Allen didn't cause problems with that sh*thead Rondo. Sorry, your team's leader needs to learn how to lead. Or is Jason Terry going to take over that role too?

And no, Ray Allen isn't starting. Dwyane Wade is our SG.

Phenomenal pickup by Riley, got the two best spot up three point shooters in free agency. Next up is trying to trade that first rounder, Anthony, and Cole for Camby. That one's a long shot.

But who am I to doubt the Don?

FZB - yup, that's the lineup.

Pat does it again. Lewis is a very good defender, and shoots very well for a big man. Another professional move by Riley. Well said Kaz, Riley has forgotten more about basketball than everyone one who posts on this blog combined.


Camby was traded and signed a three year deal to go to the NY Dicks, the Don couldn't pull this one off, there is still plenty of time to get a big, but the Heat are loaded already.

they are saying that Rashad Lewis will be a power forward and he'll be backing Haslem, our bench is impressive and loaded, Cole, Anthony, Lewis, Battier, Allen without mentioning Miller or Jones?..wow.

So he was, I'm out of the loop, only have internet access at breakfast. That makes the Knicks the second best team in the East until Rose gets his leg back.

They're going to try their damndest to get Pittman to earn a role but like it says in Barry Jackson's column, the dude has no basketball IQ. Everytime he saw the floor last year he ran around like a chicken with his head cut off picking up a foul every 20 seconds. I'm hopeful but going from that level of sh*ttiness to contributing on a championship contender would be a quantum leap. It'd be like Michael Doleac becoming a contributer.

Camby already signed with New York. A couple days ago, Kaz. Or the idiot is talking out his ass again. Doubt It

Lewis finishes out the new rotation for 2012. Maybe this is the end of JA? I really don't see how his Pick-N-Roll Defense will fit this offensive Juggernaut the Heat have built for next year. No More Mr. ButterFingers. Great Effort guy, maybe keep him around for that, but JA shouldn't be getting paid what he is getting paid. Not hating I'm just stating the Truth.

Who else in here Expects the Heat to Average 105+ a game?

Makes u question the Whole Defense wins Championships Theory. We will still have a great D, it's just now we won't be afraid to enter a shootout anymore. Someone is going to be hot in any game. We got enough 3-pt Shooters.

If we don't go 72-10, We will be Close.

Also No one knows the Line Up. Cause if we all know my Boy Spo. The Lineup is written in Pencil cause it's always subject to change game to game.

No problem with Switching line ups every game.

I just hope the Rotations Expand from 7 to 10 Now that we have Proven Players on the bench. Shane, Ray, Lewis, Milk and UD.

Kaz, you only have internet access at breakfast ?

what the hell kind of third world country you in boy?

Give us a report on the women, are they hot,are they easy ? did you get a native in the sack yet?

is the sea-weed there different than here?

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