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July 20, 2012

The big sell-out: Heat, NBA to place ads on uniforms; plus Al Golden's new mess, The View From Miami (new video!), comics, Gators, ABA Floridians & more

1aa1me3GREG COTE (THAT'S ME) ANNOUNCES NEW VIDEO CHANNEL: This week I launched a new YouTube video channel for (almost) daily one-minute commentaries called 'The View From Miami.' My third and latest, on NBA uniform ads, is now posted. View all three so far at YouTube/TheGregCote.

1aa1lonmas[1) It is SUNDAY, JULY 22. No Random Evidence in print today; I've been on vacation from the paper this past week. Back to work Monday. 2) Penn State removed the Joe Paterno statue this morning. It was the right thing to do. 3) Has anyone yet satisfactorily explained why the London Olympics chose frightening amorphous Cyclops monsters (right) as their official mascots? I'm just asking. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

UGH! NBA APPROVES ADVERTISING ON UNIFORMS: The incremental death of civilization has its latest 1aa1adsunimilepost: NBA uniforms will include "small advertising patches" beginning with the 2013-14 season, the league announced late last night. Well, that's pending a September vote by the Board of Governors, but all indications are the shoulder-area ads will be approved unless maybe there is a public outcry in the meantime. It will be an estimated $100 million reveue stream for the league and its teams. The ads also will appear on replica jerseys that fans buy. Gawd. Seriously? It's bad enough that sports franchises sell their stadium and arena names to corporations and inundate spectators with a constant advertising barrage during games, but ads on uniforms is a significant step across 1aa1adsuni2a major, previously uncrossed line. The NBA will be the first of the Big 4 American pro sports to do this. But now that the seal is broken what do you bet the NFL, baseball and NHL follow in the money grab? Oh, and here's guessing those "small" advertising patches will get bigger over time, or not be limited to just one. We'll come to a point of sports prostitution when sponsors buy into team names themselves. "And tonight your Tsingtao Miami Heat take on the Prudential Boston Celtics..." Where does it end, people? I feel strongly about this. It's why I take a personal stand in my writing and refuse to use corporate names of facilities. Then again I also understand many others might think that sports' big sellout is no big deal, or even that it's smart business. Your vote and opinion are welcome.

Team USA stays perfect: Team USA men's basketball improved to 3-0 in Olympic tuneups with a 118-78 rout of host Great Britain. Heat's LeBron james had 16 points.

AL GOLDEN DEALING WITH MORE [BLEEP]: Poor Al Golden. His second Miami Hurricanes football season 1aa1algis dawning and, like his first, it is dawning under a cloud. The ACC media days are early next week in North Carolina, and NCAA-related questions will far outnumber football questions. New allegations are again courtesy Yahoo!, the same folks who broke last year's Nevin Shapiro pinata. This time the charge is that former assistant equipment manager Sean Allen (a Shapiro henchman) helped UM in recruiting, an allegation Golden (pictured) calls "simply false." Players named as having dealt with Allen are defenders Anthony Chickillo and Thomas Finnie and incoming freshman Duke Johnson and Herb Waters. (Finnie's father and Johnson's former coach deny wrongdoing). We'll see how this plays out. For now, it's just another headache Golden -- and UM football -- don't need. [See below for another perspective on Canes football).

A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE ON 'CANES FOOTBALL: Senior safety Ray-Ray Armstrong booted off the 1aa1ufarrHurricanes this week reminds us he was one of the guys with his hand out obliged by Nevin Shapiro, the now-jailed devil-booster whose actions still threaten Miami with future NCAA sanctions. A little perspective, though. Just look to Gainesville, where the off-field mess continues. Thirty-one player arrests under coach Urban Meyer (who drained The Swamp in a lot of ways) and now the number is up to 12 under Will Muschamp, who still is trying to clean up the culture fomented by Meyer before he bolted for Ohio State. Yes, some Canes wrongly accepted gifts, but it is the Gators' continuing, growing Urban-sprawl rap sheet that is this state's college football shame.

COMEDY WEEK WITH MEYERS, CALIENDO: Saw Saturday Night Live's wonderfully smug Seth Meyers at the Seminole Casino/Coconut Creek and then last night caught Frank Caliendo at the Hard Rock/Fort Lauderdale. That's a personal record for Most Comedy Shows Seen, Consecutive. Meyers is so typecast to me as SNL's "Weekend Update" guy that I wasn't sure how'd he be out from behind the desk but he does a classic, funny stand-up heavy on his stock-in-trade: sarcasm. Caliendo, whom I've seen before, is a great impressionist, of course. The audience could listen to his Bill Clinton all night. Got a chance to hang with Frank a few minutes afterward in the green room, which isn't green. (I happened to be a guest with Paul & Young Ron on Big 105.9 at the same time as Caliendo Thursday and told him I mourned for him that John Madden and Brett Favre both retired, which of course set up a riff by him as Madden. You're welcome.).

RETROSPECTIVE: THE MIAMI FLORIDIANS: The death of ex-player Warren Jabali is all the excuse I 1aa1miaflaneed for a quick, oddly fond retrospective on the ABA's Miami Floridians (1968-70), later simply The Floridians (1970-72). Given the franchise's brevity and lousy attendance it would unduly flatter to suggest this team paved the way for the Heat; nevertheless, it owns distinct niche in South Florida sports. Best player in club history was either Mack Calvin (All-ABA first team 1970-71) or Donnie Freeman (second-team twice), and you are a certifiable fan/historian if you know without Googling that the three head coaches were Jim Pollard, Hal Blitman and Bob Bass. (Might not have been a good idea that the cartoon guy in the original logo appeared to be dribbling blind).

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost. Hey I don't just say that. I mean it...


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lol a kid transfers from UF and Cote thinks that means he was arrested ..... WOW

I sling my jizz all over this blog

advertizing in uniforms ?..I voted yes, its going to happen anyways plus it gives the Heat more money to keep the big three in Miami for years to come.

I seen Caliendo, the man is very, very funny, highly recommed it to all you guys.

Cote, I don't usually agree with much of what you say but props to you for pointing out what we Canes fans know about the Gaytor's...They are the real thug's and criminals', You paying attention Rawpimple?..Gator fans can kiss my ass.

UF, would you care to explain por favor..this should be interesting .

The Ray Ray dismissal is great news if you look at the big picture, wish nothing but the best to the young man but the faster we get rid of Shannon's players the better off we'll be.

One more year of the old regime, Golden is building a terrific team, we'll be fine in a couple of years.

NCAA Div 1 College sports are a cesspool of unethical humans.

Now we are resorting to who has fewer thugs and criminals at their schools as a moral victory?

C'mon FZB don't engage in that nonsense.

Truth is it's a different school ever year leading the way.

Here's another example:


No ads!!!!!

If it meant more Wins, ACC Championships and National Championships, I'll take Cane players stealing car radios, selling coke n smoking weed any day just like they used to do from '83-'96. Wouldn't bother me a bit.

Woodcock is that you?

Sorry Baby, I'm just trying to point out to these ass-wipes from gainsville that their team is the one with all those off field problems.

while is true the Canes have done nothing for the last decade is also true they've been model citizens both at school and the community, I think they have had like 5 players get in trouble in all that time compared to almost 50 by the gator's ?

not even close.

When I was a young lad I actually applied to be a ball boy for the Floridian's, sad to say I didn;t get the gig.


Here you go lads, you're welcome.


Tebow swallows..

In soccer, fans accept the advertisements on uniforms because there are no commercial interruptions during the games. I would approve of the small patches on NBA uniforms if it meant no TV timeouts. Of course, we know that will not happen.

Not making excuses for what has gone on at UF because it is truly been embarrassing, however, 90% of the arrests have been underage drinking, some drug use, expired license tags, unpaid parking tickets, driving with suspended licenses and the like. Again no excuses here these are all violations of law. There also have been some DUI's; absolutely inexcusable. However, please don't tell me Miami players (college students) are not underage drinking and doing drugs. The diffference is in Miami the police are too busy solving murders, breaking up domestic violence disturbances, investigating robberies, rapes, people eating people's faces off, stopping child molesters from harming children, massive car accidents on our streets, shootings, kidnappings and other violence on any given night. The Miami football team getting drunk or high is not exactly a high priority in this city.


Now that is funny, so the reason the Miami players have not been caught( since you are implying they are criminals ) is because of the over all crime rate in Miami and the police doesn't have time to fool around such minor stuff..

you sir have the mind of a dodo bird.

he said another UF player was arrested other day.... No UF player was arrested, a player transfered ...... im saying if hes going to report, be accurate please

FZB: You're right, what was I thinking? I'm sure Nevin only gave alcohol to the student athlethes that were 21 years of age or older on his yacht or in the strip clubs and never to any of the sophs or freshmen and never to any potential recruits and probably never any ilegal drugs. Forgive me for being so negative.

Of course it wasn't me Big Baby, don't you know I'm Mr. Integrity! Although I couldn't agree more with the kid.

You can't win with a team made up of choir boys.

In time, everything with N Shapiro will come out and then you'll have time to gloat or complain if you don't think the U got enough of a punishment.

college students ( including player's ) at all the colleges do all kinds of crazy things without thinking of the consequences or the trouble they may get in but you can't deny the fact that the florida player's have taken this to a new level, show me another college team that have had close to 50 player's arrested in the past 7 or 8 years.


mack calvin was a really good ballplayer for USC and then hung around the pros, ABA and NBA, with a few teams.

warren jabali was probably most famous to we in LA for getting in a fught with the then very surly lew alcindor in a pick-up game at hamilton high in los angeles. way before his altercation with kevin kunnert that spawned the horrible kermit washington-rudy tomjanovich knockout. kermit washington was a great college player and adquate pro who never will be disassociated from that one friday night at the forum. thank G-d rudy t recovered from one of the fiercest blows ever struck. i am not sure if that is the reason the NBA instituted the 3rd man in a fight rule, but tomjanovich was the fourth. about the only time i ever heard chick hearn speechless was when rudy t lay on the forum court with pretty much every bone in his face shattered. always have believed that kermit washington went to break up the skirmish and reacted out of reflex when he turned around and saw a rather large tomjanovich running full speed at him. there wasn't enough time for that punch, as destructive as it was, to be considered to be thrown "with malice"- pure reaction. neither was ever the same and kermit washington was stuck with the "goon" label, and he is not a ron artest type at all. as stated, thank G-d rudy t lived through that one punch delivered to him as he was running full speed to the other end of the court. one of the NBA's more, if not most, horrrible on court fights. "malice at the palace" was a whole different monster.

Don't worry boys by the time we get off probation we will be able to have saved enough money for that on campus stadium, say around 2050, yea that sounds about right.


Nos van a meter cien años. By the time we get off probation a real monkey will have been elected president. Oh boy, not good. Oh well, I guess I can always bust out my VHS tapes of the 1984 Orange Bowl game and play it over and over. Hey Kazaam not only is your aunt a little troll but she's a stupid one as well. When you cheat you're supposed to be smart and try to get away with it. When an ass wipe from something called Yahoo is getting the goods on your program it's time to pull the pin on the hand grenade and detonate the program beginning with the imbecile at the top. Are you freaking kidding me!

I mean, do you really have to cheat to put the slop that they've put on the field since that little cunt got here? What's the point of cheating on an exam if you're going to put down the wrong answers on the test. This has to be the dumbest stunt in the history of NCAA football. Thanks Kazaam this is all your fault for not putting hemlock in that little bitch's coffee when you had the chance.

Fucking Democrats. It's bad enough that they've ruined the country but to destroy my beloved Canes football team is a lot worse.

I knew we were fucked when they announced that they had put that bitch Shalala as president of the school. Screw you Kazaam, just keep diving for sponges or sea slugs you jack ass.

They might as well bring in Tubesteak Dave's band to play at Joe Robbie during the scheduled games this year. You can fill in for the boys while they're on probation can't you Dave?

Woodcock there are some good reporters working for Yahoo now not like newspaper days top talent is working in this realm also now sorry about the news.

As a Boston College football fan this isn't all bad though.

I don't care if Yahoo has Grantland Rice in a vat of formaldehyde with jumper cables attached to his nuts in order to get him to write the articles all I care is for payback for that little troll for ruining the Canes football program.

and now a story comes out on Al Golden and the continued rampant cheating going on at dah U. At least if you cheat, show up to the WEAK ACC TITLE game. Just show up. You dont even have to win it.

Close the program down because the next time the Canes will be relevant will be when the earth is long gone.

Oye Woodcock, bro tranquilizate los nervios, you're acting like scared little girl, this is nothing.

from what I know of Golden he has always been about doing things by the book, I'm not going to believe a facking yahoo report citing unnamed sources and jump to any conclusions..

rawpimple...blow me you jack ass

I hope you're right FZB I do need a tranquilizer or two.

which band, softcock? ricky martin? edgar winter? jackson browne? ivan neville? the pointer sisters? the english beat? clarence clemons? let me know, will ya?

Yahoo and NCAA are out of control. Period. You have no say or recourse similar to what will happen with the new 14,000 IRS agents and their enforcement.

If these allegations are not true, it is time that the NCAA, Yahoo, and all the other rumor pushers are sent a letter and taken to the wood shed. Maybe then they will be more selective with this garbage.

My favorite is people posting on blogs running their mouth in satisfaction when in the not too distant future it will be their school because NO SCHOOLS ARE DIFFERENT. THEY ALL DO THE SAME CRAP. YOUR INNER CITY KIDS ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN OUR INNER CITY KIDS. YOUR COACH IS NO MORE ETHICAL THAN OUR COACH...blah blah blah you idiots.

People are such idiots, they just take whatever they read as gospel, no one ever thinks about where articles come from or who's writing them.

Do you not remember that Yahoo's Charles Robinson's first story had NO corroboration besides Tyrone Moss, who later recanted?

Did you not read that there was no one corroborating his 'anonymous stories' in this article either? Did you not hear the bias when Robinson said things like 'Allen's recruiting infractions occurred almost immediately after Golden's tenure began and took place with the participation of two coaches' - implying that Allen and both of those coaches hadn't already been recruiting for UM for years before Golden got there?

And Woodcock - you know as much about UM as you do about the Coral Gables 'ghettos' that surround the school. Go follow some other school you have no affiliation with, try Alabama, their president has been coaching their team up pretty well.

The Schlomo Shwartz Kosher Waltz band, Tubesteak.

You must have a case of the bends from too much diving Kaz. Instead of defending your aunt you should have taken my advice and gone for the buffet. Maybe Dave will let you blow the kazoo when he plays at JRS with the Schlomo band. Or you can just blow his little flute.

I have been a college football coach for more than 18 years and I am proud of — and I stand by — my record of compliance over that span. As my colleagues and players on all of my teams can attest, I believe strongly in doing things the right way with the best of intentions. The inferences and suggestions in the Yahoo! Sports story that my conduct was anything but ethical are simply false.

blaming the democrats? just like a demented old cuban.. in order to BLOW a flute, it needs to be FOUND, 1st. let us know when that happens, you hateful old turd.

I'm sick of hearing about "poor Al Golden". Isn't he one of Joe Pedoterno's defenders? Played for him, coached under him (perhaps "under him" is a poor choice of words), and defended him? Golden's a scumbag, which is fine, since you can't spell "scum" without "UM". Just give Thug U a department-wide irrevocable death penalty and get on with it already! Those who continually prove that they cannot play by the rules -- any rules! -- should not be allowed to play at all. The whole school should have been shut down after defrauding the federal government 20 years ago during the Pell Grant scandal. How much more will it take? Shut them down! I wouldn't hire a University of Miami student, alumnus or fan to clean my toilet.

What's it all about? Know what I mean?

lol not bad idea Woodcock. JRS could use alittle musical inspiration.


Duke, I don't know why Davy Boy is always so mad at me when in reality I'm the only hope he has to book some gigs in the coming years. Why the hate Dave you know that I can always get you monkey suit gigs for any of Obama's campaign events.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. The cheating that has been going on with the Canes has been going on for decades. Now this. I am sure nothing is going on there, and that everything is in compliance. I am sure the NCAA will let the Canes go without punishment since, as the all knowing said and implied,---it is all anonymous, all lies, all crap, and nothing corroborated. Then the next excUse will be that the NCAA is just out to get the Canes and their punishment was given without any "real" evidence of wrongdoing. You all live in LA LA land.
Canes are done. They can't hire a real coach that can turn a program into a winner. No one wants to touch that program. They only land a couple good recruits a year and those are people that just want to stay at home. Most of their recruits are very average kids. Their best days are a blip far back in their rearview mirror. They have no stadium, their facilities are sub-par, they have no fan support, little money, little administrative support. Basically there is no hope for this program in the near future. Not to mention that the sanctions and punishment are looming. Just discuss and focus on something else because there is NO HOPE.

I am not one for partisan politics but the far-left loons are destroying the world, our country, some states and cities. These free handouts are unsustainable as we are all finding out. They want as many people as they can dependent on the system---oh, and their vote. We have more people on food stamps, disability, and unemployment at this time. They try to portray that taxing the top 1% even more would solve some problems. It solves very little. The top 10% pay 70% of the income taxes, yet there are nearly 50% paying NONE, yet the idiot in office now keeps parroting this disingenuous argument about the rich paying their "fair share". It's a joke. Try solving some problems instead of focusing on something that will do little to nothing to assist in paying down the massive debt both parties contributed to. All great civilizations come to an end. I am afraid we are on the decline.

I read through every player allegation link posted with the Yahoo! story, there was NO corroborating evidence for any story beyond anonymous sources and Tyrone Moss. Many of those things certainly happened, but Yahoo! did not provide any proof. The only thing UM could (will) get hit with is 'lack of institutional control' for letting S**** hang around, all the benefits are completely unsubstantiated. Doesn't mean the penalty won't be severe, just that the sensational parts of the Yahoo! reports aren't going to enter into it.

Now look at this latest story by the desperate and embarrassed Robinson - behind the absurd insinuation that Al Golden was instructing an equipment manager and two coaches (who were there long before him) to offer impermissible benefits, what are the actual allegations?

That the equipment manager called recruits and drove them to dinners and to a strip club. Stop the f*cking presses.

At the end of the day that's the difference between UM fans and UF fans. UF has won two national championships since UM won their last one, yet I could give two sh*ts about UF, couldn't tell name a single player beyond their quarterback (Brantley?). And their fans are as obsessed with Miami as ever.

Can't hire a real coach?

No money?

No stadium?

No facilities?

No players?

Whatever bruh, enjoy your season, I'll care about the Florida Gators in 2013.

Why is it that every person who is implicated is summarily fired our released from the team? Why is it that some national media outlet is uncovering all of this right under the Herald's nose?

There must be a ton of truth here, or the 'canes would be defending their employees, not firing them.

Spin baby spin....only the most naive will buy this.

Ok guy dresses up like "Dark Knight" and starts firefight with unarmed civilians in Colorado movie theatre. Columbine's Trenchcoat Boyz and now psychologically fractured Caped Crusader. Man air must be thinner in Rocky Mountain High country than John Denver or we could have ever imagined. Oh yes lets not forget Claudine Longet plugging Spider Sabich. And then there's ah South Park... Yeah it makes me laugh too but that's no excuse.

Um, name someone who was fired?

And why was Charles Robinson the only person willing to report the rantings of a bitter felon as fact?

any rational person ,one with a little common sense will look at that yahoo article and really come to the conclusion that is simply sensationalism at his best and not much else.

of course rawpimple and ucheat are gator fans which explains their lack of intelligence.

there is nothing going on there and rest assure you the NCAA knew about all of this way before the yahoo article came out.

Jedd Fisch is a pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.Nhe was probably involved in,illegal recruiting, I know him, and he's a sorry ass bitch.

Rawpimple, I take back everything I said about you. You might be a douche bag gator fan but you are dead on when it comes to Buckwheat and the Dems. There's more deadwood in the Democratic party than there was around Mt. St. Helen after she blew.

Gotta go with Kaz here Rawpimple. Just 'cause you got the skinny right about Buckwheat don't mean you get a free pass when you talk about the Canes.
As far as I'm concerned only mongoloid retards wear orange and blue and walk around with a little green lizard.

pimple, you're an idiot. explain why taxes are lower now than at any point in history before you go off blaming liberals again, you tool.
and cockface? no one is angry.. it's hysterical to me that you'd claim stevie wonder isn't a musician because he can't read music, AND that you'd continue to malign my success and career just because you obviously don't like YOURS.
stick to defending the canes; it's about all you're good at.. as for hiring me? you don't have enough money, sweetie. :)

Whoops no need for more than one address with all four pics. Click on each pic to enlarge nit and feel the blood rushing from one head to another...

paterno's statue taken down, the right thing to do.

the man was part of a cover up that ruined children's life's, in a way he is lucky he died, he would have gone to jail for this.

everything he worked for is wipe out by this, is a shame.


GTO's were the shit, me personally I liked the 1967 SS camaro (red), my boy (the doctor) told me he's going to get me one of those within 6-8 years (just before I retire) for me to drive around.

of course I was flattered when he told me and he said it was no big deal, he always wanted to get one for himself and he would get it back after I died, nice kid eh.


Just for that Dave I'm hiring Schlomo to play at Buckwheat's next campaign dinner here in LA. You're out. I'm sorry bro, but you just can't bite the hand that feeds you like that.

boy are you going to be one angry and bitter spic when "buckwheat" destroys that nebish mitt in november..
oh wait.. you already are!

FZB, you raised your son to do the right thing. Congratulations on being a successful parent. '69 Vettes weren't hard on the eyes either...

Swwweeeet is right! Nothing really compares "In My Obnoxious Opinion" to the sleek lines of timeless Vintage American Muscle.

Might have to click refresh due to wickedly slow browser. Statues body language appears to be suggesting "Doth protests too much!"



it was a great day when america brought "muscle cars" back. at last count i owned/drove 16 autos, and the top three were a 1974 BMW 2002 (the boxxy looking one- no "tii"), 1985 mustang convertible (this one had muscle, and a 1974 lotus europa. also enjoyed owning a 1948 plymouth "special deluxe"- three on the tree, tube radio, and suicide doors. having a car still going 40+ years after leaving the assembly line doesn't happen very often. it was the least expensive auto that chrysler produced- not much chrome, but spacious and attracted a lot of attention driving around LA as my sunday car. drove a cousin's 67 gto convertible- had a hurst split shift though, and missed running through the gears motoring arounf cleveland in 1969.


today the USA was raining threes on argentina and was out of the gate like a bullet, only to have argentina make a game of it. jalen rose, very decent commentator, thinks the spaniards wil be a tougher go with the presence of two gasols underneath and no conventional proven (taking anthony davis out of the discussion) at this level big man. playing zones against kevin durant is suicide with the international three point stripe.

Any of you guys ever been to this guys 'seminar's'..


shadow, without a Miraculous Windfall or successful Big Tall Wish I'm afraid such dream cars will remain merely grist for the mill of my imagination. On the "bright" side such etheral machines can't be dinged, keyed, stolen or repossessed. Ah I'd still rather take my chances with the real thing though...

Tony Robbins lol. I don't care how fine a motivational speaker he may be he still ain't no Brujo so walking on hot coals barefoot is out of the question!

florid and fsu---a lot dirtier than miami, but they get most of their crimes and violations covered up. they need to investigate jimbo fisher

Disgusting and a distraction having to now see advertising on NBA players uniforms.The USA has really sold out even American sports for a price.Nothing is sacred anymore.The only thing left is to wear our clothes inside out to show the labels everwhere we go in life.Ugh.That sucks.NO.....actually........the NBA will soon be interviewing players as they re actually running down the court.At Wimbledon......players will be given 10 seconds to say how good their Pepsi/Gator Ade tastes just before MATCH POINT.


softball teams, bowling teams, futbol teams ... all wear the sponsor's name on their jerseys. a little patch? just go the way of the futbol world and leave the name of the club on a little crest above the heart and below the shoulder. is there an nfl jersey or helmet that is not recognizable (the home jobs) without the team city or nickname on it? of course the heat, with white, red, and black outfits, would be identifiable by their cruise line sponsor! gone are the days when there was one home and one away uniform, in order to sell multiple "officially licensed" uniforms in twenty variations, like the nike (UGGGHH!!) outfits that the ducks of oregon use- what is it- 20 different combinations. the ducks used to be yellow and green- now sometimes they have neither in their outfits, including helmets. they may play space age football, but as tools of nike they make me puke.

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