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July 27, 2012

The Dolphins are back, dammit! Dolfans, vote your expectations (with poll); plus Tannehill/Dolphin QBs (with video), Olympics, Marlins & more

1aa1mememNEWEST VIDEO: ON RYAN TANNEHILL, DOLPHINS QB SITUATION: Click on YouTube/TheGregCote for my latest video, on why the Dolphins need to give Ryan Tannehill the football. Click on Fast-Track The Future for the full column, from Saturday's paper. The video was recorded and the column written before Tannehill signed on Sunday and reported to camp.

[Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Dear Loyal Readers and Blogger Nation: I'm back from vacation as of this (Sunday) afternoon after being out of the paper and the blog all last week. Watch for a brand new blogpost on Monday morning!]

Poll result: We won't miss you, Hanley: We asked in the previous blogpost how you felt about the Marlins trading Hanley Ramirez (you can still vote), and 47.7 percent said they like he's gone but wish Miami had gotten more in return, 35.8% said good riddance and only 16.5% called it a bad trade. That's more than 83.5% who are glad he's gone.

THE DOLPHINS ARE BACK! THE DOLPHINS ARE BACK!: Forget all this Heat championship stuff. Enough 1aa1dolphins12with these Marlins trades. THE MIAMI FREAKIN' DOLPHINS ARE BACK, DAMMIT! South Florida's dethroned big dogs have reentered the picture, as presason training camp opens, to try to win back your hearts. You up for it? You excited? Big season ahead? Ryan Tannehill the elusive Next Marino? Chad Johnson better than Chad Ochocinco? Joe Philbin poster on your bedroom wall? C'MON LET'S GET EXCITED ALREADY! FOR THE LOVE OF SHULA IT'S THE MOTHER-LOVIN' DOLPHINS!! OK enough with the all-caps italics. In all seriousness, I'm interested in how y'all feel about this Dolphins team and this season. Let's get an early pulse-read. The key word in the poll question is realistic. I'm not asking what you hope, I'm asking what you honestly feel, what you'd bet if your money were talking. Mind, not heart. Vote and say why.

OLYMPIC ROOTING INTEREST: UNITED STATES, COTE D'IVOIRE: You may have heard. The Summer 1aa1cotedivoireOlympics are starting. London, I think. Opening Ceremony was Friday night, which assuredly meant the standard overblown extravagance, something artsy-surreal, as if the production is a child of Salvadore Dali and Tim Burton meet Cirque de Soleil. My Olympic preview: No. 1, "U-S-A! U-S-A!" I'm an unabashed jingoist and patriotic guy. I hope LeBron wins gold. I hope Justin Gatlin stuns Usain Bolt. I hope Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte have a duel for the ages. I hope Lolo Jones stays a virgin until she inevitably hooks up with Tim Tebow. No. 2, the other country I'll be following is Africa's Cote d'Ivoire (crest at left), because they were kind enough to name themselves after me. The U.S. has 530 athletes competing. Team Cote has 10. I'll have updates.

Click back. Will be adding to this latest blogpost...


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I bleed dolphin colors, but I am still upset we do not play any 1pm games in September. I know it's hot, but that was our advantage. Thats what helped us go 3 & 1 at the start of the seasons under Shula. Do the Patriots & Bills say they do not want any November games at home because of snow? No, thats their advantage. Come on Mr. Ross!!!

Garrard has been throwing darts all morning.

5-11 despite the easiest schedule possible.

No quarterback, no chance of playoffs, doesn't matter if they win 4 or 8 games. With their schedule and the Dolphins' luck it'll probably be 8 and they'll miss out again in the quarterback rich 2013 draft.

Miami Dolphins are back!


Maybe if Henne was still starting jimbo.

On the Dolphins poll... where is the option: "Dolphins who? Wake me up when the franchise is no longer a joke."

ABOUT TIME COTE, some Dolphins and NFL talk!!! 6-10, 7-9 ? Take your pick. The question to you Dolphin fans is, is there any team in AFC East that they can sweep?

Who cares about sweeping it's about winning enough games to qualify for "the tournament" as Parcells liked to say.

We destroyed Buffalo twice last year so maybe them again.

If the Dolphins were attempting to build a contender beating the Patriots and winning the division would be all-important. That home field advantage in the playoffs would be the difference between having a chance to advance and none.

Of course the Dolphins aren't attempting to build a contender until next year at the earliest, 2012 is going to be wasted trying to win enough games that weeks 15 and 16 aren't blacked out in Miami.

Naples there were over 12,000 people at foxboro yesterday for start of camp.

That seems like too darn many to see anything on the field do you expect that many all month long?

You wouldn't catch me there for camp but a guy I work with wants to take his nephew next week but is worried about crowds.

Complex outside stadium is nice there though shops, restaurants etc I take the fam there a few times a year the kids love the Bass Pro Shop they have there.

I voted 9 wins and wild card contention...

you all know me, I'm not as "negativo" as you know who, ( what's up Kaz! ), biggest worry for me is the OL, hopefully this guy we just signed is healthy again.

does any one know if fat Jerry is in shape?..I see already reported that his son was good.

F the fins! What a joke of an organization!

FZB Armando reported that no one on the team failed the conditioning test a good sign.

Not bad enough to draft a real quarterback prospect, not nearly good enough to contend for the division. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It's been over a decade.

Kaz, we don't need to draft another QB in the first two rounds next year, we have T-Hill but they should draft another QB in the later rounds to groom for the future.

Garrard and Moore are free agents next year, one for sure won't be back and the other may come back but as a back up only.

its no big deal he's not signed yet, it'll get done in a day or two.

Hey Gold, you a Jets fan ?...get lost !

They have no idea whether or not Tannehill can be a star quarterback and won't know until 2013 at the earliest.

No other position matters, they can't start building a contender until they find their quarterback.

If Pennington could have stayed healthy it may not have been wash rinse repeat but we will never know.

If Marino wasnt so bad in the playoffs he would of had a ring instead his stats were putrid.

That 2008 Dolphins team was not close to being a contender, they had a gimmick offense, an easy schedule, and they got iced at home in the playoffs 27-9 by the wildcard. And the game wasn't as close as the score. And, oh by the way, TOM BRADY WAS OUT ALL YEAR!

Dashi, did you buy Centa? It's screaming today. If earnings come in right next month the sky is the limit.

My point was that with Pennington we could have contended the last 3 years but that plan was derailed by injuries.

Surprised we lost that game too Flacco was awful he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

Shifting baselines:

There was a time after Marino retired where Dolphins fans were exasperated with the team's ceiling. With a great defense and no quarterback they were getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs every year.

Now some Dolphins fans (a vast minority of perspective-less homers overrepresented on this blog) are happy to have that higher level purgatory as the goal, at the expense of attempting to build a team that could legitimately compete for titles.

Used to be all these Jay Fiedlers weren't good enough. Now having two Jay Fiedlers on the team and one roll of the dice stashed on the bench means that quarterback is a 'position of strength'.

Joe Flacco was good enough to win with, the quarterback you believe made the Dolphins 'contenders' threw four interceptions, including a pick six.

you can tell is football season when senor Kaz goes back to being Mr. Negativo...only a matter of time before he starts talking shit about my son Ireland.

Duke--check Jimi out , I say he was a bit stoned here.


my fav by the guitar master.


By the way, Flacco sucks.

Good for Joe his 9 for 23 135 yard day will live in infamy.

His 50.8 QB rating and 44 percent completion percentage in those three playoff games that year will also.

Yes, and Chad Pennington's 4 interceptions sent his team home while Joe Flacco continued his rookie campaign through to the AFC championship game.

I'm sure Ryan Tannehill's rookie season sitting on the bench will live on equally infamously.

Talking down quarterbacks who are just good enough to win with doesn't elevate the Dolphins' Fiedlers to their level. David Garrard and Matt Moore will never lead a team to a conference championship game.

8 td's 8 int's in 9 career playoff games.

And that's good enough to win with?

Better rethink that one Kaz.

The window has closed on Baltimore anyway.

Baby, what do you think Kazaam will say if Garrard leads the Dolphins to the playoffs and the Raven's don't make it ?

I think his head will explode...

Garrard, come back player of the year, Dolphins in playoff contention, is a done deal.

It obviously is because those NINE career playoff games came in his first FOUR years.

And he's gotten better, last season he single handedly led the Ravens down the field to beat the Steelers and win the division and single handedly drove them down the field to beat (Lee Evans dropped a touchdown strike), then tie (Kundiff missed the field goal), then lose to the Patriots.

He was a play (that he made) away from going to the Super Bowl last year.

But screw Flacco and screw Baltimore, talking down actual contenders doesn't make the Dolphins any better. Chad Pennington, the Fiedler that you thought made the Dolphins 'contenders' got his team blown out by the crappy rookie Flacco. So what does that tell you about that team?

Call me 'negativo' all you want but the proof is in the pudding and most Dolphins fans can see that. The Dolphins are a garbage organization with a garbage philosophy that has remained unchanged for the past decade. And you and FZB are suckers for thinking that this philosophy could still work. It won't. Nothing matters but finding a quarterback.

Kaz, that Ravens defense is old and without T Suggs.

Call me 'negativo' all you want but the proof is in the pudding and most HURRICANES fans can see that. The HURRICANES are a garbage organization with a garbage philosophy that has remained unchanged for the past decade. And you and FZB are suckers for thinking that this philosophy could still work. It won't. Nothing matters but finding a NEW UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT.

Ray Lewis is 37. Ed Reed is 33.

Aside from them every single player on the defense is under 30.

You'll notice I didn't mention the Ravens in my post about Chad Pennington and the 2008 Dolphins, because they have nothing to do with the Dolphins. I'm not a homer for any NFL team, if it makes you and Big Baby feel better trashing an actual contender with an actual quarterback have at it but you sound less than sensible.

Ask 1,000 NFL 'experts' what the most important factor for making a NFL team a contender is and over 900 of them will tell you 'quarterback'.

Ask 1,000 college football 'experts' what the most important factor for making a college football program a contender is and 900 of them will tell you the 'head coach'. None of the remaining 100 would say 'the university's president'.

Shalala is a convenient scapegoat for those who require two word or less answers but it's as senseless to blame her and not Larry Coker and Randy Shannon for the football program as it is to praise Tad Foote and not Howard Schnellenberger and Jimmy Johnson for the championships.

She hired Coker and Shannon. No?


the dolphins picked ryan tannehill number eight, and he remains unsigned because they won't give him a guaranteed contract for four years. it seems as if they have no faith that this guy is gonna make it, despite having his college coach as the team's OC. sulking rookies who come in late in the summer do not make for success it says here.

True that.

No. Paul Dee hired Larry Coker and Randy Shannon.

The Miami Dolphins were a "garbage organization" since Shula left and right on through until when Bill Parcells left.

Jimmy Johnson- he didn't have it anymore

Dave clue-less wanny- ( worst coach/gm we ever had )
wanny-clues / Mueller-worst decision made by Huizenga, he should have hired Ted Thompson.

Muller-Cam Moron (second worst/gm we had)

Nick Satan-fooled everyone

Bill Parcells/ Ireland- better than the previous regimes but too old school, didn't want to change his ways, stole money from the Dolphins and got away from his original blue print of building the Dolphins trough the draft, was fooled by the instant succcess of the team and started signing big price free agents that never pan out, didn't allow Ireland to grow into the GM position and didn't follow his suggestions on personnel.

Ireland (current GM)..best talent evaluator we had arounf here since the late Joe Thomas (architec of the early 70's Dolphins), finally building the team the right way, through the draft, your comment on the garbage organization is correct but not anymore, we have the right combination now, good GM and good coach and hopefully a good QB.

time will show we are on the right track.

Shadow - they weren't going to play him this year anyway, we'll see what they have in 2013, after the phenomenal quarterback class coming up is gone.

What was Miami's record for the 20 years before she got to the U?

I forgot to mention Rick Spielman, he was in there also with Dave wanny-clueless


Here you go Kazaam, she took over as president in 2001. Here is Miami's football records per era. Notice the eras before Donna and after Donna. 'Nuff said.


What was their record before Butch Davis' recruits graduated and Larry Coker and Randy Shannon took over?

It's the same correlation but mine actually has causation. Head coaches recruit and coach players. University presidents hire athletic directors who hire and fire coaches every 5-10 years.

Oye Woodcock,

I have to agree with Kaz on this one, Donna Shalali is not that bad, the athletic director is in charge of hiring/firing coaches, Paul Dee is the one that made the L Coker and R Shannon hires, she just went along with his recommendation.

cut the old beach a break...

Donna Shalala is that bad - she's a money grubbing lesbian troll who uses her elite liberal connections to lavish a private university with hundred million dollar federal grants for projects that don't give anything back to the taxpayers.

But she doesn't run the football program. Neither did Tad Foote. Neither does Dr. Judy Bonner.

Neither will this guy in 2016.


Look what I'm about to type makes no f***ing sense but I'm taking the NESTEA LEAP and saying Fins win at least 9 games and get wildcard birth. No I'm not high just weary...

I mean WTF?!


I was zipping on a glass of wine last night (or two) and this is what I was listening to...Groovy baby.


If that's true then why do you and Kaz complain about Ross the same way that I complain about Donna?

Salguero: 'Dolphins insist they're not rebuilding'.

Fact. They can't start rebuilding until they find a quarterback. They're not even trying to find one in 2012.

The one irrefutable fact is that the Miami Hurricanes went from an elite college football program to an also ran since she took over in 2001. You can make any excuses that you want but you can't ignore that. Period.

It's on right now Kazaam stop this nonsense if Garrard or Moore are healthy and play they will have a better year individually than Flacco.

It's up to you how we measure it.

I know you don't like QB rating but that seems like the only fair way unless you have any other ideas.

I would bet either one has a better statistical year than that big goofball Flacco.

I actually expect that entire AFC North Division to be quite average this year.

Typical 7-9 year for the Fins. They screwed up taking a project at #8. Tannehill will be a nice career backup for another NFL team in about 4 years.

Canes are a bigger mess then the Fins. At least the Fins have hope.

The NBA and NHL seasons cannot get here fast enough. When did South Florida fans ever think like that?

The quarterback ratings tell you that Johnny Unitas wasn't a top 25 quarterback, that Tony Romo is the second best of all time.

They tell you that Matt Moore's 16 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 210 completions, 2,500 yards, and 60% completion were MUCH better (7 ratings points) than Flacco's 20 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, 312 completions, 3,600 yards, and 58% completion.

Moore didn't play a single game that mattered. Flacco faced the pressure of driving his team down the field in under two minutes to throw a touchdown strike that should have taken them to the Super Bowl.

If you have paypal and want to bet that either quarterback has a better year than Flacco I'm in. But quarterback ratings? We'd have to find something more 'fair'.

Woodcock - you're the one making excuses. I identified the problem.

I am up for anything Flacco is a statistical gimmee.

Unless you want to use touchdowns, touchdown:interception ratios, completions, or yardage.

QB rating takes all of those into account.

Former season ticket holder here. Emphasis on former.

The Miami Dolphins will win three games this season. Maybe, an outside shot at four. Regardless, they will finish dead last in the AFC East.

I have no idea how this team will move the football on offense. The sad part is, neither do they.

Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland are taking this team in the absolute wrong direction.

Kazaam I think the disparity in Flacco vs. Moore qb rating last year may have been due to Moore playing in almost 4 fewer games.


the rating system used by the NFL with all the variables that produce a number is un-understandable. for example, whatever the magic number is that is the max for a QB (154.7 ?)is junk, because a guy could throw more passes, gain more yards, complete them all for TDS, and have no INTs and still be locked in with a guy with lesser numbers who has achieved the "magic rating", which is why, to this unhumble reporter, any comparisons of QB ratings are nonsensical. your example of johnny u and tony romo is a perfect illustration of how bogus the QB ratings are. the leading rusher is not determined by any formula- most yards gained is the barometer, as is most catches for receivers. the QB point system is bogus, and even when steve young was piling up those QB ratings and leading the league, i didn't think about anything but %age completed, yards per attempt, and td/int ratio. i doubt of the many aficionados of QBs here among our friends that more than two could explain the rating system cogently without google or the elias stats bureau.

Big Baby- I saw that about the 12,000. No big deal with that crowd. They get you in to free parking quick. Plenty of room in 2 sets of stands, plus on the grass hill. They have all kinds of activities for the kids, and everthing is free. The players stay after practice to sign autographs, and some nice resturants in Patriots Place mall. We have a Bass Pro shop on the west coast here, quite a store.

Big Baby - try 3, Moore took over on the second possession of game 4.

And do the math if you care to, throwing for 1,000 more yards and 100 more completions in 3 games is a bit much to ask of the middling players we're comparing.

We don't disagree much on the quality of these players - after 4 years with a playoff win every season and two AFC championship games the Ravens are waiting to see if they have a 'good enough' quarterback in Joe Flacco. They paid Ray Rice instead. Contrast that with the Dolphins, who maintain an outdated philosophy of winning without a star quarterback and are unconfident in the four year rookie-scale proposition of the player they were forced to take at #8.

I saw every Dolphins game last year and every Ravens game on Tivo, I don't care for the comparison of these franchises because I live in Miami and it's too goddamn depressing.

I'm more or less unbiased when it comes to the NFL. My preference for the Ravens originates in my bias for UM. The Dolphins are garbage and unless Ryan Tannehill grows into a star by 2015 the entire franchise will be blown up and some 'czar' will be brought in to fix it.

At the end of the day Matt Moore and David Garrard are completely irrelevant. They're trying to extend their careers and win the Dolphins enough games to sell tickets for weeks 15 and 16.

Joe Flacco will be trying to win a Super Bowl.

No bet is needed. Flacco already won.

Kaz, the only thing that you've identified is that you don't know jack about Donna and the Canes.

"because a guy could throw more passes, gain more yards, complete them all for TDS, and have no INTs and still be locked in with a guy with lesser numbers who has achieved the "magic rating".

Shadow the chances of that happening are quite small.

Not sure that even could happen.

Woodcock - what do you know about Donna and the Canes?

So what are the rules here?

I think garrard will win the job and he will have a better year than Flacco, wins and loses should not count .

Big Baby,

even with a small chance of the scenario occuring, the fact that if it did happen both would be locked in at the "ceiling" is bizarre.

"No bet is needed". "Flacco already won".

Yes he is the winner of the big, tall, sometimes accurate, mostly inaccurate goofy qb award.

They don't give prizes for that.

Kazaam- I agree with you 100% that you need a top tier QB. On a side not in a previous post when you were out of the country, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO DASHI, tried to make a point with me that a MLB was just as important as an elite QB. Needless to say, I was wasting my time trying to educate the young man. I stopped when he told me Brady was bad when they won the 3 SBS, and it was the FG kicker and the defense that won for them. I guess Viniteri was kicking 80 yd FG that I missed.


dennis rodman met his father, whose name is PHILANDER(ER) and has fathered 29 children. well, if son's nickname is "worm", his father's ought to be "snake"!!!!

side note

FZB- Thats a tough bet takeing Garrard over Flacco. The guy missed last year with back trouble, Flacco is playing for his next contract, I dont know. You have to give the nod to the guy with the better team around him.

No rules yet FZB Kaz is already trying to welch out of it.

shadow 29 children? That is Shawn Kemp like makes Ricky look like father of the year.

The most important thing that I know is that since she took over we suck. Can you deny that?

should I say Cromartie like?

Not to mention the extra melanin in Garrard.

That's not right woodcock but not unexpected coming from you.

Garrard has been a better qb most of his career.

Naples, I kmow but if Garrard is healthy he is a solid QB, also Flacco may be coming into his own as a QB, we'll see.

I'm just glad we are talking football again, I can't even wait to see the hall of fame game, is that sick or what.

Baby, don't worry, we'll just bust his balls whenever Garrard has a better game than Flacco..he he

Woodcock - I know, you keep saying that. I see a causal relationship between the crappy football coaches UM has had in that time and their crappy football records. Larry Coker was in over his head and came off like an out of touch cornball when he was recruiting. The team got worse and worse. Randy Shannon had a great recruiting class but he never coached them up. He 'disciplined' them and made them take their hats off inside but none of his players got better until they got to the NFL.

You believe that Donna Shalala is the reason that UM football has been bad. That Larry Coker (head coach of the Some Texas School Roadrunners) and Randy Shannon (linebackers coach at TCU) were fine head coaches who could have been successful at UM if Donna Shalala had not been president.

Why? What is the causal connection you see?

Two things you can always count on with dolphins fans: They will be delusional to the point of believing they can make the playoffs even when they are the least talented team in their division and have no #1 QB or WR. And they will cling to 1972 like it was yesterday.

Fire Ireland.

Hey Dude, leave my son Ireland alone, you're a douche.

Way too early to make predictions about this season. Let's see them get their uniforms a bit dirty before deciding what we've got.

Speaking of dirty. There was a car in the lot this morning with an Obama bumper sticker on its rear windshield. Clean enough new car but for the bumper sticker covered with fresh bird shit...pretty telling when even the birds know how bad this guy is.

Gibberish, please answer the question. Do you agree that the Hurricanes suck after she took over? It's a yes or no answer Kazaam.

Big Baby, not to open up an old can of worms, but the same way that facts suggest that Donna Shalala is responsible for the Canes collapse since she took over, excess melanin suggests that Garrard will not be that successful as a Miami Dolphins quarterback and that the odds of a guy with pale white skin and a lack of melanin will not medal in the 100 meter race at the Olympics.

Come on, Woodcock! Did you fail to remember the great Valery Borzov?

No, it isn't gibberish, it's plain english (ask someone for help).

I don't need to agree to anything, there is nothing subjective about how the Hurricanes have performed. They've sucked hard since 2006, when Butch Davis' recruits finally ran out.

I went to the pep rally in Pascedena when Donna Shalala was announced the next president, went to her pep rally in Glendale a year later. I've been to at least a game a year in the presidents box since then, I've seen that she has no idea what's going on when the ball is loose, I've seen how she has to leave the room during big third downs. She cares but she has no idea what's going on and she's not in charge.

Donna Shalala was at two championship games, at the orange bowl win over FSU the next year, at the peach bowl win over UF the next year and at every crappy bowl since then.

You say that she's the reason UM football is bad and offer no causal reason. I say that it was Larry Coker's crappy recruiting and Randy Shannon's crappy coaching, and could provide mountains of evidence for my views if asked.

So I've answered your question, no the Hurricanes didn't suck after she took over. They sucked five years after she took over. My question is what is your causal explanation for how Donna Shalala made UM's football program suck since 2006? If Larry Coker and Randy Shannon were good coaches who would have succeeded if not for Shalala then why didn't they get job offers? If it was partly their fault and partly Shalala's fault, what is the causal reason that you assign more blame to Shalala?

Besides the fact that she was there the entire time and you have no idea how college football or universities work?

And I can't emphasize enough - I'm not defending Donna Shalala, I'm denouncing Larry Coker and Randy Shannon.

It's their fault UM football has been bad.

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes.

Dolphins' blind squirrel should find Jeremy Shockey. But that dude wouldn't give up a conditional 7th rounder for Kellen Winslow II, Jeremy Shockey for free is way out of his price range.

No disagreement there. But that is not the topic in question. There are certain schools, Notre Dame, USC, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, etc. where the football team is such a part of the fabric of the university that the alumni and fans expect success on the grid iron. Any school president that ignores that does it at his or her own peril. My problem with Shalala is that she either does not understand that or chooses to ignore it.

Kazaam, do you have any idea why Cote or whomever would take down my post about the problems that have happened at the U during Shalala's tenure?

Surely it wasn't because I said that she allowed Shapiro access to the program ala Sandusky at Penn State? Or could it be?

What are you Cote, a shill for the University and the school president or what? Although in no way is what Shapiro did anywhere close to the severity of Sandusky's actions at Penn State, the same lack of institutional control so rampant at Penn State occurred at the University of Miami in regards to Shapiro's actions. The silence coming from the Herald and your own typewriter regarding Shalala's role in this sordid affair is deafening.

I enjoyed my first (and maybe only) Dolphins game in person on New Years Day against the stinkin' Jets. The airplane with the trailing banner was wonderful! I think we have a bright future. Tannehill has potential (and a beautiful wife). Good Luck 'Fins. P.S. Kory Sheets is having a great season so far with our local team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. I liked him as a Dolphin. Maybe not as a #1 but a solid back-up. He'll be available for next year. And remember I told you Cameron Wake was going to be a good one!! Stu in Regina, Canada

You stupid canadian son of a bitch, RUN!! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!

Woodcock - you think Miami alumni don't care about UM football like Alabama or Ohio State alumni do? Well you're right because there are a fifth as many UM alumni as Ohio State alumni and they're not homesteading within 20 miles of their and their wife's school, they're scattered around the northeast with high paying jobs that allow them to go do something else when their school's football team isn't worth watching.

How is it Shalala's fault that UM's fans are an absentee alumni base and the band wagoning worst-in-the-nation local Miami sports fans?

Is there any doubt in your mind that Joe Robbie would be sold out if the Hurricanes went undefeated?

Do you really believe that if the fan base was as ignorant and fervent as Gators fans the team would perform better with Larry Coker or Randy Shannon as coach?

Geez Kazaam, the more I read your stuff the more I wonder why a young single guy like you is wasting his time on a Friday night in Miami talking to a bunch of geezers like us instead of trying to get lucky in the Magic City on a beautiful summer evening. Sort of says a lot about your total lack of logical thinking.

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