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April 25, 2012

Mock Draft: Dolphins will (and should) select QB Tannehill; plus Cat 'n Rat Scratch Fever, Heat drop JV game, Tebow's virginity & more

[1) It is Thursday, April 26. The Beach Boys, as part of their 50th anniversary tour that comes to us next week, have released a new song called, "That's Why God Made the Radio." There it is, courtesy Stereogum. The song is pretty awful, truthfully. But I still love ya, Beach Boys! 2) Thanks to all our live-chat participants yesterday. Do it each Wednesday 1-2 p.m. Click HERE to join us then or to post questions any time. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Click 21ST ANNUAL MOCK DRAFT for my complete 2012 edition!

MOCK DRAFT: WITH EIGHT YOU GET TANNEHILL: "With Six You Get Eggroll" was a 1969 comedy film starring Doris Day and Brian Keith. "With Eight You Get Tannehill" is a 2012 NFL draft-day drama 1aa1mockdraftstarring Ryan Tannehill and Jeff Ireland. I'd put it at around 80 percent that the Texas A&M quarterback falls to Miami at No. 8, and that if that happens it's another 80% that the Dolphins grab him. They should. It has been 29 years since this club last spent a first-round pick on a QB. Enough. Do it. You may read all 32 of my first-round picks in my annual Mock Draft, now online and in Wednesday's inky pulp editions. And thanks for making it the most-read thing on all of MiamiHerald.com today! If Miami doesn't end up with Tannheill it will be for one of two reasons: 1) He's already off the board, in which case Miami would be smart to target a receiver (thinking Michael Floyd of Notre Dame) or a pass rusher (thinking South Carolina's Melvin Ingram or North Carolina's Quintin Coples). Less wise in terms of need but also possible: Iowa OT Riley Reiff or Mississippi State DT Fletcher Cox. 2) Tannehill is there and the GM Ireland simply says "nah," in which case the Dolphins will have done the seemingly impossible: Made a disgruntled fan base even angrier. Fun times! My question to you: If it isn't Tannehill, what position and/or player should the Dolphins pick first? 

CATS' PLAYOFF RUN NAMED WEEK'S BIGGEST LOCAL STORY: I asked. You answered. The Panthers' playoff run garnered 38.9 percent of the vote in our latest poll to 35.8 for the Dolphins draft and 25.3 for the Heat starting 1aa1catsratsthe playoffs. Poll analysis: You all usually impress me (and in this case surprise me) in these polls. I'd have bet the Cats would be last, but I stressed it was not a favorite-team poll, and you listened. And had the order just right, I think. Cats after last night's loss are home Thursday vs. New Jersey in a huge Game 7 trying to do something they last did in 1996 -- win a postseason series and advance. That puts an historic spin on it. Dolphins draft is big, too (always). The vote also acknowledges the Heat is doing what is fully expected so merely starting the playoffs is not that big a deal. Smart vote.

18COVv12_PromoHEAT FALL TO CELTICS IN JV GAME: There is little worse in sports than a late-season NBA game in which playoff-qualified teams are resting starters. Hence the monstrosity that was last night's Miami game at Boston. No Big 3 for Heat, no big stars for Celts, and a result that only underlined how a weak bench could be a real problem for Team Riley reaching the Finals again. It was a view of the post-Big 3 apocalypse for Miami: Dexter Pittman your leading scorer with 12 points. Dexter Pittman! One more game left before the playoffs open at home this weekend vs. the Knicks or 76ers. Then we see how well a full and (fingers crossed) healthy Heat squad that hasn't been intact for awhile can flip the switch. Meantime, LeBron James is on the cover (pictured) of the new Sports Illustrated, feathering his MVP candicacy.

1aa1tebowHAVE YOU SLEPT WITH TIM TEBOW?: I myself have not. Perhaps you have. If so, prove that you have slept with the Jets QB who claims he is a virgin and you could win $1 million in this publicity stunt from AshleyMadison.com, the shameless infidelity website. The whole idea of Tebow as a virgin stretches credulity just a bit as I gaze upon the photo presented. If Timmy is a virgin (not that there's anything wrong with that!), let's just say he leads the league in willpower.

1aa1gisellebGISELLE BUNDCHEN UPDATE: It has come to my attention that model Giselle Bundchen has launched a new line of lingerie (pictured). Now if I told you that Patriots QB Tom Brady, her husband, enjoys wearing the lingerie as much as she does, well, that would be totally unsubstantiated and not something that anyone should ever pass along as a rumor or anything.

Click back. Will be updating and adding to this latest blogpost...


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I said it yesterday the Panthers will have a hard time putting away this New Jersey team.

My money says it doesn't happen.

And how long has it been since Miami drafted a star WR in the first round?

My gues is it's been a loooooooooooong time.

Git R Done.

Big Baby,

playoff experience and playing at home for the devils- tough combination to overcome. whatever happens, it will be have been a really good season for the panthers and their fans. their radio announcer has a grating voice, but is clever and aptly describes the game.

Not only that Shadow, NJ is just a more talented team.

No queation a very successful season for Florida win or lose.

Lots to build on for the future.

Now about your Leafs um wow where do we start?

Miami dolphins can't run or pass with an offensive line that block. Take future pro bowler David DeCastro. He will be the glue to our offensive line.

They drafted Ted Ginn just five years ago.

Heat don't need to 'flip a switch', they've been playing solid basketball all year. This was not at all like the 2007 season where they coasted hoping they could become a different team in the playoffs.

Still don't see why the Dolphins would pick a wide receiver with their first pick when they dropped Marshall in large part because they didn't want a 'feature' receiver in their ripoff Mike McCarthy offense.

This is a quarterback driven league - barring Tannehill I'd say they need to focus on just disrupting the real teams with a pass rusher.

They say if you have two quarterbacks you have none. Seems to me if you have one pass rusher you have none because he'll just be double teamed into oblivion. A rookie pass rusher would make Cameron Wake the player he was before opposing teams started game planning for him.

That said the kid from UNC is supposedly sleepy and the one from USC doesn't have anyone calling him elite. Maybe trading back is the way to go if they're not going to try to fix their team by drafting a quarterback.

Dolphins drafting a guy who goes by the name of DeCastro is as likely as team Dresden fielding a soccer player named DeHitler...ain't gonna happen.


here is the first ever FZB mock draft.


2-Redskins-griffin III

3-Vikings-Mr. wonderlick (clairborne)


5-Bucs-F Cox





10-Bills-M Barron

allright guys, take your best shot..I'm wearing my big boy pants today.


You're list looks extremely accurate for the first two picks!

the return of OC !!!!!!!!!

how's that walmart training going OC ?.. Woodcock has been keeping everyone up to date on your progress.

Woodcock me la mama.

Ginn a star no.

They dropped Marshall because he was an inconsistent douchebag.

Getting two 3's for him at this point was genius.

How about before that?

Even Marino was stuck with 2nd tier receivers not named Duper and Clayton.

I think they see Odrick as more of a pass rusher this year in the 4-3.

Our defense was highly rated last year.

Don't need more DL help it's already good enough to start the year.

Matt Moore was 12th in QB rating last year while the OL gave up 52 sacks.

May have been higher.

It's Blackmon or Floyd.

Wasn't good enough to stop Tom Brady, Matt Schaub, Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, or Mike Vick.

Miami D gave up 19 points per game last year.

Good enough.

here is some information for you guys..

disclaimer-the following information is not intended for Kazaam, either because he has the mind of a twelve yearl old ( in football knowledge only ) or he won't believe anything I'm about to post.

spoke to my guy last night, he says the rumor around the league is that the Dolphins do indeed like Tannehill a lot, however there are other players the team is very high on and could take, not in any particula order.

Fletcher Cox
mark Barron
David Decastro

this is in addition of the top six players that won't be there when is their turn, most of the teams don't think that Tannehill will last past Seattle at 12th which is the reason that teams will draft him earlier than he should, the best player available scenario doesn't apply to this guy because of his tremendous upside. (his words not mine).

There is a rumor the Cowboys have contacted the Dolphins about trading up, they want M Barron in the worst way and they want to jump the Bills who are considering very seriously to get him but the Dolphins know if they do that that Tannehill will not be there at 14th.

he says most people around the league think the Dolphins will draft Tannehill if he falls to them.

don't shoot the messenger, just what I was told.

FZB- Adam Schefter was saying on ESPN this morning, Steven Ross has told the football people he wants them to draft Tannahill. I cant understand him thinking this kid will sell any season tickets. That seems to be what he is all about. They say the season tickets are below 30,000. As a Pats fan I hope they take him at #8. If Cote has them going for him, the kid is screwed.

Using a first round pick on Tanehill doesn't mean he is a first round QB prospect. He was always reviewed as a 2nd round prospect by scouts until desperate team needs came into play and sparked the overhype.

Anyway that's what Dolphins are picking. If we can't get Tanehill at 8th it probably means the Jaguars have traded down, therefore we will have a real chance to get Melvin Ingram instead!

Michael Floyd makes a lot of sense at 8th (with or without Tanehill) because we won't be able to find a WR as explosive as him in latter rounds. This guy can even help the running game as an additional blocker and he is the only WR I would pick before the 3rd round, where Dolphins can start thinking about this rough version of Stephen Hill better known as Tommy Streeter.

I would also seriously consider either Reiff or Decastro; and would let Coples slip through if we can't get the real thing instead (Ingram).

Naples Jack,

The idea behind drafting Tannehill is a sound one, has a lot of talent but he is inexperience, he will sit for about a year and then play.

a lot of great QB's had to wait their turn, Rodgers, Brees , your guy Brady etc, now I'm not comparing him anybody but the guy does have talent and there is a reason why teams think highly of him.

a year's time goes by pretty fast, nothing matters until you get the QB, right Kaz?

If that is true then Steven Ross is a meddling owner who should let his GM buy the groceries.

Never a good thing when an owner steers the personnel ship.

Why do you think Dallas hasn't won a playoff game in 15 years?


But if Ross wants Tannehill and the Dolphins football people like the guy, what's the problem.

we need to get a QB

Yes if the Dolphins people like the guy then ok.

If not and Ross is steering the ship then not ok.

I don't believe that Shefter report anyway.

Esteemed Greg,

your own recent poll showed that 44% could manage without Tannehil. Of course, we'll always have moaning after the draft but let's not exaggerate!

Esteemed Greg,

your own recent poll showed that 44% could manage without Tannehil. Of course, we'll always have moaning after the draft but let's not exaggerate!

Brother Tebow is a Virgin's Virgin... The 65 year old virgins. lol FZB sounds like a name for a movie

I wonder if Maynard G Crebs got Bob Denver hooked on grass, boo, tea, maryjane, hemp, spliff, joint, hops, buds, Marijuana...

Bob Denver now there's a blast from the past.

skipper !

yes little buddy ?

I grew up with a kid in my neighborhood who looked like Bob Denver.

Poor kid.

When I was a kid I had the biggest crush on mary ann,

didn't like the movie star a whole lot (ginger), the proffessor was a nut as far as I was concerned...


The professor was the only normal person on the island.

I know I know,

I was a bit strange as a kid...

Cote - why so much hate between you and Armando? You went out of your way to not mention his radio show the other day and he just tweeted this:

"Thanks for visiting my Herald blog. On Frozen Pond, Eye on the U, Heat Check & Fish Bytes blogs also great. Clutter blog, meanwhile, dying."

Sounds like a question for the chat today Kazaam.

Does Cote ever respond to these comments?

Seems he doesn't while some other bloggers do.

Drafting a QB will sell tickets because it will give Miami fans hope. Ross is making a business decision to draft Tannehill. I hope his business decision turns out to be a good football decision. But no matter whether it does or not, it's the right move for a down and out franchise that needs to instill hope in its fan base.

Draft Tannehill and fire Ireland.

Tannehill for the Phins will be like what Kyle Wright was to the Hurricanes. Has the size, seems sharp, but I just do not think he will succeed in the league when he couldn't close games in the Big 12. Take Blackmon or Michael Floyd and stick with Moore for now. I like the idea of sticking with Moore (who isn't bad) and giving him support. Beats getting another qb (who's very unproven) and having garbage support. Davone Bess and Brian Hartline are currently the two best receivers on the team. Oh yeah, and Anthony Fasano is the feature target at tight end. Good luck finding ANY qb to thrive with that.

what do you know, I guess my guy was not that far off after all..this is very interesting.


And now I am hearing Bess tore up his knee bad versus Jets last game of season.

No surgery but more reason to be concerned about the position.

A good o line and another consistent receiver is what we need for moore or Garrard.

This is a playoff team with that formula.

Maybe more I am not impressed with the AFC lately.


are you still a non believer ?

greg cote said yes to tannehill this is the same guy who crowned scott mitchell the next franshise qb.I think going somewhere else is a better choice that guy has to play now coples ,cox, floyd if they choose him they better be right or fire everybody enough is enough wait next year for franchise qb if be number 1 if nessacary for barkley we need players to play now or weeden not apossed to that good players in draft get playmakers not placeholders thanks.

Trade down and take Barron. NO to Tannenhill, for the love of God. QB's who are anonymous during the season and then rise the mock ranks during the off-season rarely work out well. Don't be stupid, people!

Believer of what?

just messing with you Kaz,

since you don't seem to believe that it is possible that I may know some inside information, and that is also possible that maybe I could be right on Ireland.

I posted my information at 12:42 pm today and now Armando is reporting the same thing at 3:30...

Now, I'm not gloating, I'm just saying you consider what I've been telling you about Ireland and Parcells may be the truth.

Oye Cote, esa jeva es un grillo. Pon me algo come Iris Chacon pa que me ponga en atencion mi socio.

Oye FZB, el viejito de 93 años que duerme parao' debe de estar durmiendo pa' que OC pueda descargar en el blog a lo hora de almuerzo. What's up OC!

esa Giselle es una muerta, me, give me Vida Guerra any day..

OC se escapo i posteo i ya se desaparecio, lo pusieron en "probation"

oye, Kaz esta tranquilo hoy...maybe he's at virginia key collecting sea weed.

Oh, I thought you meant in Ireland.

No, I'm sure you do have a scout friend that told you everything was Parcells' fault, but as I've said many times I judge Irelands' only solo draft a failure and I think Ireland's the absolute worst person to find a quarterback and fix the franchise.

Salguero has a nerve to complain about clutter. It's hard to imagine a worse "writer" working for an english-language newspaper anywhere! Clearly English is not his first language..... but still.


chelsea and bayern!!!! barca's complete meltdown at the two 45 minute matks and at 90 yesterday despite relatively complete domination of chelski. hoping the home stadium does it for them (plus three chelsea players, including the vile john terry outowing to cards accumuulation). love robben and riberry and hate terry and the russian owner/buddy of putin. plus newcastle, i think, is out of the UEFA cup if chelsea wins the title depite being in the top four in the EPL. the game is on a saturdaay so i will watch the replay on saturday night of the 19th of may.

Some soccer highlights for you shadow:


Just the Puerto Rican wannabe's and the hebe again, eh?

Megatron is un-curseable.



120 minutes of sprints and more sprints between real madrid and bayern munich and then a shootout; uconn and syracuse wouldnt have done that much running had they played 12 overtimes. if you consider the fitness of futbol players, they are probably a hair below world class bicyclists who go on those 120 mile streches of the tour de france and like races. if i watched an NBA game with a stopwatch, there probably would be maybe 10 minutes of running hard, maybe, and 38 minutes of walking the ball up court.

Hey Shadow, some more enlightened reading for you courtesy of yours truly. Like I told you before, here is a real Mensch.


hahaha mr. woodcock, rubio couldn't possibly look like a bigger gaytard. hahaha.


Can you imagine if Rubio became the vice president and eventually do I dare say, "el presidente" ?

If that happens Cote's head will explode..can't wait.

Hey Mr Hunt, blow me.

Hey Kaz,

by making the statement that you think Ireland's only draft is a failure proves that you don't know crapola about football

it usually takes two and in most cases three years to judge a draft and last year was a wasted year for most rookies since they never had any OTA's and didn't have time to learn the playbook. (because of the lockout).

now I know that some rookies did exceed expectations but those where in the minority ,for the most part most of them didn't.

you just can't bring yourself to say that you could be wrong about my boy Ireland...he he he...

Shadow - looked it up once, the average NFL game has 11 minutes of live action. I'd take those 11 minutes over three weeks of the Tour de France though.

Marco Rubio's willing to sacrifice our national security, monetary stability, and military sovereignty to involve ourselves in foreign conflicts from which we reap no benefit and significant ill-will from crazy-ass muslim-arabians.



FZB - I know you want people to like the things you like but you know my problem with Ireland's 2011 draft was the player he didn't pick. He took a solid offensive lineman whose identical twin brother had already proven to be a star instead of one of the 6 quarterbacks available to him.

I don't think Ireland's the right GM to find a quarterback and his entire history supports that premise.

Where you and I disagree is that you like the good things he's done with the team and I think they're all irrelevant. We're both stuck with Ireland until he's fired or lucks into a quarterback - stop trying to sell me on him already.

Shadow - you should give american sports a chance.


Trade Down

Keep Matt Moore. Tannehill sucks. Keep Matt Moore. Tannehill sucks. Keep Matt Moore. Tannehill sucks. Keep Matt Moore. Tannehill sucks. Keep Matt Moore. Tannehill sucks. Keep Matt Moore. Tannehill sucks.

Seriously Tannehill is second round talent and everyone knows it.

Get someone who can impact this team now.

Like a WR.

Baby, and Naples jack,

I'm not a hockey fan, don't follow the sport at all but the Bruins losing to the Caps ?...ouch...

that's gotta hurt..

Hurts but thinking about last year makes it feel a little better.

Bruins second highest scoring team in East this year now out.

Top lines couldn't score.

Amazing series statistically.

All 7 games decided by one goal.

Four Overtime games.

Final score Washington 16 Boston 15.

VP Rubio

Woodcock appealing to the gay hispanic vote ain't gonna work. There's just not enough of them in the red states. Think.

The Dolphins have had 16 starting QBs since 2000....the most in the NFL over that time period. It's time to take a risk to try and settle the QB position.

Draft Tannehill or lose your fan base. That's your choice Ireland.

Tannehill 0-7 versus ranked teams.

No thanks.

Total project.

He was projected to go maybe second round before he broke his foot.

Now he's a first rounder?

Not buying it.

We need a big time WR. Tannehill won't be ready for a long time and who will Moore or Gerrard throw the ball to? We had one of the strongest running games in the league last year. Without Marshall we are going to need that deep threat. You don't waste a top-10 draft pick on someone who may or may not be an impact player. If Tannehill can't earn the starting job we will be worse of than last year because we've already lost Y. Bell and Marshall and rook's aint going to replace them.










respectfully disagree with you on this one, the guy has very good potential..

very good arm, mobility,smarts etc..Only lacks experience plus the way the NFL is these days, QB is the key, Charlie Casserly of the NFL network said he likes him better coming out of college than Flacco, Josh Freeman, Gabbert, Pounder and Locker, if a guy that has been a GM in the NFL says that about him, that is good enough for me.

Tannehill is a HUGE mistake. Drafting him would be taking all of our other stupid moves and doubling down. We have so many other needs, we can't afford to take a chance on a guy like this with the 8th pick in the draft. We can probably get a qb next year that would be even more nfl ready than Tannehill will be at that time.

God I cant wait till the draft starts tonight. Heard them say on ESPN this morning that Mel Kiper does the draft and all the shows without any notes in front of him. The guy is a wealth of information. Has to have a photographic mind.

He has photographic helmet hair to boot.

I will agree with you FZB all signs are pointing to Tannehill.

If they take him all I can do as a fan is hope he is good.

I still want Blackmon or Floyd.

Big Baby,

washington 16, boston 15!!! that is the UEFA "aggregate" concept; now i'll need a breakdown on home vs, away goals. as the bruins of 69-70 (orr, mckenzie, sanderson, bucyk, cheevers,...) were the team that got me into hockey watching them defeat the fancy skating rangers (somebody needed to tell them style points don't count) i root for them against anybody but the maple leaves. stanley cup hockey, game 7 variety is about as exciting as sport can get- sorry the bruins are out.

You forgot Espo!!!!!!!

Maybe the greatest player before Gretzky came along.

You could argue Orr I guess.


I heard a statistic saying that 9 out of the last 11 Stanley Cup Champs have been beaten in the first round the following season.

I can't explain that.


i have liked american sports, but they have so deteriorated due to poor officiating and "bending/breaking" of the rules that i find them difficult to watch. when the "pick and roll" becomes the offense of the NBA- next they'll resuscitate the "give and go' as the basic offense-that is schoolyard stuff. an article by frank deford about the glory days of the 60s NBA hit it right on the head- free-flowing, fast moving and wilt, west and baylor, the big o- that was a joy when the colleges were slow and plodding. now the NBA is slow and plodding and going in for a lay-up means decapitation- HORRID. MLB? the strike zone is in cinemascope *watch roy halladay's very noot perfect game vs. the marlins; he walked 5-6 batters) these absurd "state of the art" parks detract from the simple beauty of the diamond and outfield surrounded by seats with all the advertising and absurd outfield home run gimmicks- the marlins beast of a "sculpture" the most recent and prime example. the NFL basically becoming, as stated many times, high tech street (touch) football. hey, i used to enjoy these "american sports"- but all of them with the countless commercial interruptions and taking 3-4 hours per contest- not for me. when i lived on the west coast and games started at dinnertime it was poossible to endure the 3.5 hour football game, but not when they start at 8:30 and go to close to midnight. and Kazaam, the last five minutes of the NBA that takes 20-25 minutes in real time? 3 seconds of play sandwiched by two minutes of commercials? ghastly!! i'll stick to the ninety minutes ten halftaime minutes of futbol, enjoy the world's best countries and teams compete in a game that everyone plays and let my friends' here on the blogsite enjoy the domestic fodder. haven't gotten into cricket yet, although my english friend graham is and takes the english side very seriously in test and non-test matches (i think i have that part of it figured out, but i am still in the dark about how a squad can win by runs (i get that) or by innings (???- i guess the other side gives up short of everyone batting) between those nuclear buddies india and pakistan the sport has a billion world followers- a little more than the NFL and NBA combined, i think.

and my good friend, when you are accused of having the "mind of a twelkve year-old", well i am thinging in terms of kinda a twelve year old stephen hawkings.


NFL DRAFT DAY!!! what is more exciting in the world of sport than hearing " the (insert name of your team) are on the clock"!!! not quite gentlemen/ladies, start your engines, or "the flag is up" at churchill downs or for the greatest race in america, the santa anita handicap.

Shadow the reason that "futbo" has so many fans world wide is that it's the only game that all that's required to play is a somewhat round object that you can kick and a cow pasture of sorts. Soccer, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Stop being so nice to Kazaam, he doesn't care about soccer, hockey or dominos...He only cares about football and sea weed.

Shadow - yea the commercials are pretty ridiculous, I don't mind in basketball so much because the commercials are squeezed in during timeouts and breaks in the action. In the NFL the GAME revolves around the COMMERCIALS, they have that son of a bitch in the red hat march out and hold up the game 6 times a quarter.

I think both the NFL and the NBA have been evolving to favor star players over team play, it does degrade the quality of play but most people seem to find these versions more entertaining.

I went to a cricket match in South Africa last year, was at least more interesting than a baseball game.

Woodcock - I was talking to some board members at a groundbreaking ceremony today, you might be happy to know that Shalala's replacement has already been informed that the job will be his. Not that she'll be forced out before she's good and ready but she is 70 and they are going to want to make the change in the next few years so they don't lose this guy.

It's funny, the draft is usually an excuse for fans to be overly-optimistic about their team. Everyone gets a nice player in the first round and they can pretend that he's the last piece they need to get over the hump.

Dolphins fans don't have that, they aren't going to be a contender in 2012 and even if they pick their quarterback of the future they aren't going to play him in 2012.

Next season is just a complete waste of time, I don't think I've ever been this disinterested in a football team, nevermind a team that I like and have season tickets to.


I hope whomever this "new guy" is he's a lot better than your aunt.


the WSJ had a great article today about the NFL reaction to the 2004 patriot/colt playoff game, in which they banned contact with passcatchers and thus opened up the game to the pass-happy frenzy in which it is engulfed. inside the article was a quote from someone who follows the NFL who, and i'll paraphrase, stated that the way things are going, the NFL games will be soon looking like the pro bowl, which people really don't watch. as stated many times, this ridiculous 50-60 passes per game is unwatchable to me, and it seems like others are seeing it the same way. i'll watch the dolphins just to keep an eye on #15 and stay in the loop on our beloved blogsite. but for pure football excitement, give me any old-time college option offense-veer, wishbone,... where you can pop runners into the secondary on linebucks by the fullback or QB keepers. as long as Ga Tech and navy keep running the ball successfully, they'll be the most entertaining teams for me to watch. of course boise withn its hybrid offense will be great also. the broncos will find a suitable replacement for the fantastic kellen moore whose place in college football history is alraedy noted by his tremendous wining %age and games won, but whose fantastic efforts were undone by bad FG kicking and last year by many injuries. no matter that he won't be picked by the NFL- steve young had been my favorite college QB when he was floundering with tampa and would have remained so even if he didn't get to show his unreal abilities with SF. same with kellen moore, maybe the most accurate passer i have ever seen at any level. hope he does well in canada, where that wide field and passcatchers running forward before the ball is snapped ought to make him a valuable commodity.

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