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Mock Draft: Dolphins will (and should) select QB Tannehill; plus Cat 'n Rat Scratch Fever, Heat drop JV game, Tebow's virginity & more

[1) It is Thursday, April 26. The Beach Boys, as part of their 50th anniversary tour that comes to us next week, have released a new song called, "That's Why God Made the Radio." There it is, courtesy Stereogum. The song is pretty awful, truthfully. But I still love ya, Beach Boys! 2) Thanks to all our live-chat participants yesterday. Do it each Wednesday 1-2 p.m. Click HERE to join us then or to post questions any time. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

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MOCK DRAFT: WITH EIGHT YOU GET TANNEHILL: "With Six You Get Eggroll" was a 1969 comedy film starring Doris Day and Brian Keith. "With Eight You Get Tannehill" is a 2012 NFL draft-day drama 1aa1mockdraftstarring Ryan Tannehill and Jeff Ireland. I'd put it at around 80 percent that the Texas A&M quarterback falls to Miami at No. 8, and that if that happens it's another 80% that the Dolphins grab him. They should. It has been 29 years since this club last spent a first-round pick on a QB. Enough. Do it. You may read all 32 of my first-round picks in my annual Mock Draft, now online and in Wednesday's inky pulp editions. And thanks for making it the most-read thing on all of MiamiHerald.com today! If Miami doesn't end up with Tannheill it will be for one of two reasons: 1) He's already off the board, in which case Miami would be smart to target a receiver (thinking Michael Floyd of Notre Dame) or a pass rusher (thinking South Carolina's Melvin Ingram or North Carolina's Quintin Coples). Less wise in terms of need but also possible: Iowa OT Riley Reiff or Mississippi State DT Fletcher Cox. 2) Tannehill is there and the GM Ireland simply says "nah," in which case the Dolphins will have done the seemingly impossible: Made a disgruntled fan base even angrier. Fun times! My question to you: If it isn't Tannehill, what position and/or player should the Dolphins pick first? 

CATS' PLAYOFF RUN NAMED WEEK'S BIGGEST LOCAL STORY: I asked. You answered. The Panthers' playoff run garnered 38.9 percent of the vote in our latest poll to 35.8 for the Dolphins draft and 25.3 for the Heat starting 1aa1catsratsthe playoffs. Poll analysis: You all usually impress me (and in this case surprise me) in these polls. I'd have bet the Cats would be last, but I stressed it was not a favorite-team poll, and you listened. And had the order just right, I think. Cats after last night's loss are home Thursday vs. New Jersey in a huge Game 7 trying to do something they last did in 1996 -- win a postseason series and advance. That puts an historic spin on it. Dolphins draft is big, too (always). The vote also acknowledges the Heat is doing what is fully expected so merely starting the playoffs is not that big a deal. Smart vote.

18COVv12_PromoHEAT FALL TO CELTICS IN JV GAME: There is little worse in sports than a late-season NBA game in which playoff-qualified teams are resting starters. Hence the monstrosity that was last night's Miami game at Boston. No Big 3 for Heat, no big stars for Celts, and a result that only underlined how a weak bench could be a real problem for Team Riley reaching the Finals again. It was a view of the post-Big 3 apocalypse for Miami: Dexter Pittman your leading scorer with 12 points. Dexter Pittman! One more game left before the playoffs open at home this weekend vs. the Knicks or 76ers. Then we see how well a full and (fingers crossed) healthy Heat squad that hasn't been intact for awhile can flip the switch. Meantime, LeBron James is on the cover (pictured) of the new Sports Illustrated, feathering his MVP candicacy.

1aa1tebowHAVE YOU SLEPT WITH TIM TEBOW?: I myself have not. Perhaps you have. If so, prove that you have slept with the Jets QB who claims he is a virgin and you could win $1 million in this publicity stunt from AshleyMadison.com, the shameless infidelity website. The whole idea of Tebow as a virgin stretches credulity just a bit as I gaze upon the photo presented. If Timmy is a virgin (not that there's anything wrong with that!), let's just say he leads the league in willpower.

1aa1gisellebGISELLE BUNDCHEN UPDATE: It has come to my attention that model Giselle Bundchen has launched a new line of lingerie (pictured). Now if I told you that Patriots QB Tom Brady, her husband, enjoys wearing the lingerie as much as she does, well, that would be totally unsubstantiated and not something that anyone should ever pass along as a rumor or anything.

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