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March 05, 2012

Manning Week in Miami: Will Peyton be Peyton again? (with poll); plus the drive of Josh Johnson, Tiger, Bosh, Islam Mickey & more

[It's Wednesday, March 7. Happy Purim. Spring is here. That means love is in the air, along with your strong desire to join us on Twitter @gregcote]

PEYTON MANNING WEEK IN MIAMI: (Update: This looks like one of the closer polls we've done. Check back often to monitor changing results...) Peyton Manning Week has dawned in America, with Miami one of the 1aa1pmanningseats of high interest in the expected soon-to-be former Indianapolis Colts quarterback. Click on Peyton Throws for a brief video of Manning tossing passes at Duke this past Friday, an (apparent) indication he is close to healthy, "apparent" a key caveat. Thursday is the day Indy will either pay enormously to keep Manning (pictured) or let him lapse into free agency, the latter a strong likelihood. Then we begin to see if the Dolphins' interest is real or just media imagination. You all know I think Miami ideally would do better to trade up to the No. 2 pick if possible and draft Robert Griffin III, but of the more realistic free-agent options I like a healthy Manning over an unproven Matt Flynn. "Heathy" -- another key caveat. This true or false poll question cuts straight to the core, and to the heart of the Dolphins' decision. Imagine Stephen Ross, Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin trying to answer it. Because they must. Now here's your chance. Will Manning ever again be as good as he once was? Poll open. Call it Super Monday.

1aa1tigerRORY'S TITLE, BUT TIGER'S DAY: I was a witness to and chronicler of the power of Tiger Woods Sunday at the Honda Classic final round up in Palm Beach. I don't just mean the reemerging golf skills that led to a sizzling 62 on an 18th-hole eagle. I mean the continuing aura and sway he has over adoring fans. Don't count out Tiger yet. Rory McIlroy would win the tournament and ascend to No. 1 in the world rankings, but for me the story of the day was Woods. Click on Tiger Roars for my column.

Rory and Caroline and Maria: Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova were playing a tennis exhibition last night when Caroline's boyfriend Rory McIroy showed up and played a point. Click here to watch.

A NEEDED REMINDER THAT HEAT NEEDS BOSH: They call it the Heat's Big 3, we are reminded anew, not 1aa1boshthe Big 2. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade (or vice versa) lead the headlines and the scoring, but third cog Chris Bosh (pictured) has risen by his absence to the level of indispensable with the team's 1-2 western trip while Bosh was away mourning the death of a grandmother. Don't make too much of the listless loss to the Lakers Sunday or to Wade fouling out. But take this from the past couple of games: Miami is the best team in the NBA when at full strength and meshing, but not when something is missing. Bosh should rejoin the team here tonight vs. the Nets, and what he hears from the crowd ought to be a heightened shade of appreciation.

MARLINS' JOSH JOHNSON TAKES NEXT STEP: Until now it's been all expectation and hype. Yesterday up in Jupiter the Marlins took the field for their first spring training game (beat Cards 4-3), with Josh Johnson on the mound. Johnson looked encouragingly sharp. Click on Ace Tries to Lose the Asterisk for my latest column on Johnson off the game, online now and in today's newspaper.

1aa1disneyMICKEY, MINNIE MOUSE CONVERT TO ISLAM: I'm surprised this has not gotten more attention. Then again it could be a Disney stunt to attract more Muslim vistors to its parks.

CANES SPRING FOOTBALL ET CETERA: Rain don't stop no Cane. Click here for the report from Sunday's Day 2 of spring football practice. That same day UM baseball got swept at home by the Gators, on top of the Canes women unexpectedly losing in the first round of the ACC basketball tournament. Fans of The U counting on a better show this week from Miami men's hoops, and they'll need it for any shot at an invite to the NCAA Tournament.

1aa1buriedMAN DIES TRYING TO SET RECORD FOR BEING BURIED ALIVE: Click here if you don't believe it. I'd say "only in America" except it happened in Sri Lanka. Quick thought: Whose idea was it to start keeping records for being buried alive? And did it ever occur to that person that this might be sort of a bad idea?

Click back. Will be updating an dding to this latest bogpost...


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Why do you care what a bunch of people who have no idea what Manning's medical situation is think about it?

Pointless poll.

Mickey and Minnie are just following their leader.



I would bet that there are more than just a few people who believe that the absence of Chris Bosh is more damaging to this team than missing either one of the other two. Without Bosh in the lineup Miami's starting group is no taller than 6-10, and left one dimensional. We may recall that Wade did not play that first game against the Lakers, yet dominated easily.

The talent never goes away, Cote. The rumors of his demise are highly over rated. Tiger will roar loudly this year. I have money on it and I am already looking at what I'm going to buy with the dough. In fact, I doubled down on the bet yesterday.


still hgaven't watched a minute of the NBA, but was rather startled when i turned on the tube (still the operative term for me) and found the tar heels pounding duke by 24 at the half. kendall marshall had 20 points and ten assists and as the ole shadow persists, if UNC gets 10 points from him they are tough to beat. john henson is a freak, tyler zeller is as skilled a big guy as there is, and harrison barnes can go wild at any juncture. the fact that they lost by one at kentucky is a truer indicator than one really bad whuppin at FSU. get ready, cause for a month the pros are taking a back seat, and i mean way back, when the tournaments, whic are underway, begin. the winner comes from between UNC, kentucky and syracuse; kansas is lacking their usual crop of athletes this year.

NCAA basketball, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Yawn!

Gators thrashed Ur ragarm pitchers for 42 hits n 28 runs and Ur Cane Pingers WIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 34 times in getting their bats crammed so far Up their collective Caneholes that U could read EASTON everytime they opened their moUfs...

The dude above is one of the idiots who trolls the unreadable UM blog all year long.

News flash - the Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes are not rivals, the only reason you children troll each other constantly is that you both have a blog on the same paper, you'll notice that neither blog EVER mentions their mutual rival, the Florida State Seminoles.

It has nothing to do with sports or football, just a bunch of children with nothing better to do than trash each other all day.

PS - no one cares about college baseball.

Or college basketball. There are only two sports....football and spring football, every other sport is just a pastime to indulge in until football season starts.

I didn't vote, Stupid poll, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT MANNING's HEALTH WILL BE..

I knew that Bosh absense was bad, even with him we are not a big team, the same would have happened to the Laker's if Gasol or Bynum or Kobe was out..

NCAA basketball, not interested until the final four.

Gator troll, what are you ? three years old ?


The only way Tiger comes back to his old self is to get married and get a couple of hoe's on the side.

Woodcock - gotta put a caveat on the college basketball, as Shadow points out the tournament is king in March.

I can't watch college basketball, if you're used to watching the supremely talented players of the NBA it's like watching a bunch of retards hump a doorknob. But I love doing the brackets and my lack of knowledge about the game puts me in the same category as the secretary who always wins everyone's office pool, I luck into good brackets most years.

Plus it's easy enough to stumble onto a fantastic finish when there are a bunch of games every day.

Why so little confidence in Matt Flynn- a professional NFL player since 2008- because he's 'only' had two great performances, but so much enthusiasm for RG3, an inexperienced, unproven college player?

"The Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes are not rivals".----Probably the most ridiculous statement I've heard in awhile. They don't play every year in football anymore, but there definitely is a rivalry with plenty of history and animosity. Clue yourself in on the Florida flop, Mo Sikes's pick six in Gainesville, the Bourbon St. brawl, the 23 point Miami comeback in 2003, and facts before you make dumb claims. Miami and FL are definitely rivals and hate each other.

Stoned, go light on him today, Kazaam is having a bad day and has been mainlining Midol all morning.

Oscar Robertson said that the heat won't win a championship until they get a 12-10 center.

By the way what is the official world record for the longest time buried alive?

Is there a record for the longest time buried dead?

Our rivalry ended when they dropped us from their schedule.

For the past quarter century we've played them on average once every five years.

When we play them, it's a big game, just like Notre Dame, but that's not what a rivalry is.

Florida State is our rival. Florida State is their rival. We both play Florida State next season and we don't play each other next year. Despite that fact you will see 0 comments about Florida State on either blog and EVERY SINGLE DAY from now until the end of next season and beyond you will see UM and UF trolls saying the same nonsense over and over again to each other.

Point is, those blogs suck because trolls who aren't really interested in football or those teams have taken them over to insult each other all day.

Woodcock - you might like the UM blog, it's right up your alley.

Golden is getting rid of Shannon's garbage players, it will take a couple of more years, there is no question the canes will take their lumps in the next couple of years....It's necessary.

Golden is the best coach in florida ahead of Mus-chimp and clueless Jimbo...The proof is every time there is an opening out there, the rumors start with Golden leaving, I don't see anyone beating down a path to Tally or gaysville for their coach.

The team is very young and physically they won't be able to compete against the bigger teams yet but the guy is building a winner, enjoy it for now gator and nole fans, the Canes are coming.

Of course it's up my alley, Kazaam. I make that fish who plays the most interesting man in the world look like a wall flower.

Why isn't Brees talked about? He may probably leave the Saints. The Dolphins may have a chance at getting him. At this point I'd rather see the Dolphins get him than Manning.

Couldn't agree more Woodcock. By far the most interesting thing you've done was that time you greased yourself up from head to toe then ran full speed right up that circus Vargas' elephant's a**

Very interesting.

So Chad Ochocinco gets peed on by some lion on Sunday. I wonder if it was Ndamukong Suh.


You should have heard Jumba moan after I gave her the whole woodcock. "Stay thirsty my friend!"


chomp chomp bitches.




nice to have you back, Brees is not a free agent, he is not available...He just got franchized.

yup that's me. do you have the one of me splacking your mother?

she swallows.

is that the best you can come up with ?

I guess is your limited IQ that gets in the way, its understandible, Gator fans do have a hard time with the simpliest of tasks....Like thinking.

Ok FZB flipper. Thankyou! Nice to see your usual crazy self again.

But I've heard Brees threatened to leave if he doesn't get the contract that he was looking for.


The guys at the NFL network were speculating on Ryan Tannehill, they asked Mayock if he is truly a top ten talent or the reason he will go in the top ten is because there is a shortage of great QB's.

Mayock said there is no question he is a top ten talent and he will in time be a franchise QB, the only thing he lacks is experience, they also said there are teams out of the top ten exploring the possibility of moving ahead of both Miami and Washington to get him.

All this confirms what my scout buddy told me about this guy over a year ago, I sure hope the Dolphins are listening.

FZB - only Tannehill becoming a franchise quarterback confirms or disconfirms what anyone says.

The Oracle once told Socrates he was the wisest man in Greece. Socrates couldn't believe it so he talked to the wise men in the country and realized that of all of them he was the only one who understood how little he knew. Making him the wisest.

Note that John Clayton never guesses on whether or not a college quarterback will pan out. It's a crapshoot.

Here's his answer when asked why franchises would bother with other positions when they don't have a star quarterback:

"A: Avi, you get it. The old theory of playing great defense and running the ball only gets you to a certain point. Sure, a team with an average quarterback may slip into some Super Bowls, but those are in years in which there is a shortage of great quarterbacks. This is a mini-golden age for quarterbacks. You have to have a great one to compete in the biggest games. The problem is trying to find them. It usually takes a lot of losses to be in position to draft a great one. Or you have to gamble in a trade or a signing to hope to find one. It's a quarterback-driven league. You figured that out pretty easily."


it is not just the NCAA tournament that makes march so much fun- watching the little guys play for a chance to get into the big tournament is really enjoyable. central connecticut state got in for one game a few years ago and they had a point guard probably better than jeremy lin, whose gold plating is wearing thin as of late i read. don't worry about coming in behind the office secretary when the brackets are announced- anyone picking butler to get into the final two years running was sitting on top of their chart.


he put down the beads, wafers, and holy water to get in touch with those who had a deep concern about his well-being; welcome back.

My guess is that the guy who died attempting to set a record for longest time buried alive....must have been a University of Florida graduate!

Wow, Kazaam with a Socrates reference.

you're point is well taken , I do agree that sometimes you do have to roll the dice and make a bold move, this is not one of those times, there is a good chance that Mr. Tannehill will be there at 8th, what the Dolphins will do its still up in the air.

If Manning comes here then they may want to go DE or OT and get a QB later on, in my opinion that would be a mistake, you draft the kid even if you get Manning.

If we we Flynn, then you don't need to draft a QB high in the draft, it will be very "interesante" to say the least.

Where is Duke?

is he on vacation?
is he on a trip to the Himalaya mountains in a quest to find himself?
maybe Ginrai and the Duke are the same person.

Same person? ....hmmmmm

I do not agree in using our 1st pick 8 to pick Tannehill. that would be stupid, a tight end that played qb 1 year. But than again we are talking about our front office.

duke is on a ten day roady to vegas with lindsay lohan, while wifey is delivering the keynote speech in dresden, and over the girth of panzerkampfwagen projectiles.

Kurt and ginrai are back ?

deja vu all over again.

we need the Bostonian to make an appearance , who else am I missing ?


Tannehill is a legit top ten talent, get your head out of your ass.


i have long junked the idea that the NFL was a "defense and run the ball league", which to me is sad. seeing the bloated scores does not indicate a better brand of football. however, the conference championships and the SB did not produce a team which scored 30 points in any of the games, unlike last year's packerfest or the saints run to the title. the exchange between SF and NO where four TDs were scored in three minutes is not the style of football that i prefer, but as stated i have come to the realization that the NFL is headed towards NBA scores, while the NBA is headed for NFL scores. i'll stick to the 1-0 and 2-1 of futbol, which has not gone haywire except for robin van persie of arsenal, who will win the ballon d'or this year replacing the mighty mite lionel messi. listening to the EPL broadcasters is a treat as they consider a "clean sheet" to be a well-played game; there ain't no "clean sheet" mentality in the NFL.


kevin love whom some said would be a 3rd round draft pick, was wisely scooped up by minnesota and is right there with kevin durant. we'll see if kevin love passes up any potential game-winners come playoff time (i might actually go back on my word to see the timberwolves play). i guess you don't have to jump through the roof to be a successful NBA forward, which this guy is,

RE: "scooped up by minnesota"

i gues it was one of those only in the NBA sign and trade or trade the rights but memphis picked him as the fifth player and i am wondering, who they now have in his stead?

O.J. MAYO!!!!

at least memphis is well supplied in the indica/sativa portion of the team medicine cabinet!!

Shadow - think the swap was for OJ Mayo.

You give Kevin Love way too much and not nearly enough credit. He's not comparable to Kevin Durant, they have different skill sets and Durants' is the one that translates to wins in the NBA.

And no one was down on Love coming out of college, he was a sure fire top 10 pick and only lasted to #5 because Rose, Beasley, Mayo, and Russell Westbrook were all very highly rated prospects.

I hereby sadly request that all University of Miami "sports" news be moved to the comics section. What a joke we have become.

You can place all the blame at Donna's doorstep, Zhaazaam's defense of her be damned.


We can bring back Tad Foote if you like, like we say in the hood, he good.

according to the nfl network, the Colts can wait until friday at 4 pm to cut Manning, brother ya esto me esta cansando.

I say let's draft Yacory Harris with our number one and lets move on.

meant say say bring Tad foote back....

Shalala's never missed one block or one tackle. Never come up with one bad game plan. Never hired or fired a coach.

Scapegoats are just a lazy way to explain something you don't understand.

Jimmy Carter never put a gun to any hostages head but his ineptitude led to the hostage crisis and the proliferation of radical Islam's attacks on American interests over the next 30 years. In life management is everything, whether she is incompetent or just unlucky the fact of the matter is that since she has been at the U the fortunes of the football team have gone into the tank.

zhazam, Ross "never missed one block or one tackle. Never come (sic.) up with one bad game plan. Never hired or fired a coach." You criticize Ross all the time for the moves the Dolphins make, I'm curious why you give Shalala a pass?

There's news on Manning !

Will be released tomorrow as expected, here is my wish,

Mr Ross, get him but let's make sure we also draft Tannehill, that would solve our QB problems for the next 15 years, I'll be cool with that.

Tannehill can sit for a couple of years and learn from the master ( like grasshopper and master poe ) and then take over.

Agent, Tom Condon will now sit and watch just how insanely high the various chips rise. $30M, from Wa., $35M from Arizona, $40 from Miami, $45 back from Wa., $50 from the Jets, $55 from S.Fran...

(sic) implies a typo or grammatical error - I did mean to say '[Shalala's] never come up with one bad game plan'.

You're wrong about me blaming Ross for any moves the Dolphins make. All I ever complain about with Ross is his meddling in game presentation, I think he's a good owner outside of that. He will spend whatever it takes to make the team better and I think he's done a good job with his only football-related responsibility, hiring and firing his GM and coach. He's consistently tried to hire the very best coaches available and been rejected. I would have fired Ireland and hired Eric DeCosta but Ross is comfortable with Ireland and if the Dolphins ever lucked into a late round quarterback Ireland would be a good GM.

It should be very clear by now what my simple explanation for the Dolphins problems is and it's not the owner.

My simple explanation for UM's past decade of failure is two bad coaches in a row. That is just so blatantly apparent to me that I don't understand how anyone could come to another conclusion.

Shalala hires and fires athletic directors - that's about the extent of her job that is reflected on the football field. Maybe she could have fired Paul Dee and hired someone who would fire Coker a year or two earlier. Maybe she could have done the same with Hocutt to get rid of Shannon a year early. But she's far from the problem with UM's football team.

The guy should just change his name to Tom Condom, cause some team is going to get f*&^%!!!

Combining Ross' love of entertainment with his passion for the New York Jets:

### Dolphins owner Stephen Ross hired former Jets executive Matt Higgins to build a sports and entertainment company for him. Higgins, former right hand man to Jets owner Woody Johnson, will focus on acquiring and developing new events, among other things.

Who won a national championship for their school this season - Nick Saban or Robert Witt?

WE need the sign the following free agents in addition to Manning.

D Freeney DE (colts)
D Clark TE ( colts )
R Wayne WR ( colts )
J Saturday C ( colts )

sort of a last hurrah for those guys, is it a pipe dream ?...Yes but its alright to dream, right ?

OC, Maybe Manning surprises everyone and says He'll sign for like 7 mil per year to allow the Dolphins to load up and content next year..

Could happen...

For Sale:
Refurbished "classic" QB, high performance, some milage, garage kept. Make offer.

Looking at the salary cap numbers it looks like the Redskins hold the advantage in the Free Agency market. The Skins project out somewhere in the $30M range (under the projected salary cap) while the Dolphins will be shopping wisely, around $8M.

Don't see how Manning figures into that equation.

That would leave $1 million for everyone else, including the draft picks. Sorry, FZB, it ain't happening.

Now, if Ross were to sell the team to say...Obama, then yes. The Dolphins could spend money like crazy, under a special (pass it to see what's in it) amnesty clause which would exclude the Dolphins from the threshold placed on the rest of the teams. It would be great!

Dolphins have $15 M.

Miami will sign a free agent qb and take an offensive tackle with the first pick.

Zhazam, you're as dumb as a door knob. The positives that you're assigning to Ross are everything that Shalala has not done with the football team. "He will spend whatever it takes to make the team better and I think he's done a good job with his only football-related responsibility, hiring and firing his GM and coach. He's consistently tried to hire the very best coaches available and been rejected." Shalala has not spent a dime to improve the facilities, has not spent a dime to create an on campus stadium for the team, has not spent a dime to bring in the best coaches in the nation. How you can say in the same breath that Shalala has done as good a job as Ross in improving her team is beyond comprehension.


how about this scenario, we work the numbers, sign all of those Colts free agents and call the Rams and offer
our entire draft for RG III

would that make your toes tingle ?

Miami will sign a free agent qb and draft an OT.


deja a shalalalala tranquila brother, esa vieja is not worth it.

If Manning does end up here, I DO THINK the Dolphins will be interested in talking to both R Wayne and Jeff Saturday.

our no # 1 will either be a DE or Tackle, I hope I'm wrong, I much rather see them pick my guy Tannehill.

the Heat are killing the Nets at the half.

"Past decade of failure"---Miami has struggled at times since the dawn of the new millenium, but we had a 34 game winning streak, a 4-1 record against UF, an 8-5 record against FSU, Sugar Bowl victory, Rose Bowl Victory, Peach Bowl victory, Orange Bowl victory, and emergence of several stars in college/NFL (including potential hall of famers in Devin Hester, Andre Johnson, Ed Reed, and Reggie Wayne). Don't let the last couple years fool you.

I can't stand the little troll, bro. It goes back to when she was a bag lady for the Democratic National Committee and it got even worse when she worked in the Clinton white house. I couldn't stand the sight of the freaking bitch. I knew as soon as they said that she was the new president of the University of Miami that we were fucked and so we are. This guy Zhazam has his head so far up his ass when it comes to this bitch that a derrick couldn't pry it out.

Gotta work on that reading comp. woodcock.

I don't think Shalala's been good for UM football but she's not the problem at all.

They're building a new $15M athletic complex, the only place they could build a stadium is tropical park, and Al Golden's salary is competitive.

More importantly none of that stuff matters. UM has won championships with no facilities and an underpaid young coach in a rented off-campus stadium.

Larry Coker and Randy Shannon were god awful coaches. I can't understand UM fans who still can't see that.

Woodcock - everything you say about Shalala is true. She is a disgusting scumbag politician, which makes her excellent at all the parts of her job that matter - you have no idea how much TARP money dropped into her greedy little paws when uncle Barry smacked the pinata.

Only thing we disagree on is that she's the reason UM football has been bad for the past 10 years.

How long before Manning signs with the Fish?

Who'd have thunk it..... the sucking for luck turned into the waiting on Payton.

Who was the president of the UM when Coker and Shannon were coaching?

Who hired that peckerwood from Wisconsin for AD?

Who allowed Coker's Valentine's Day massacre of the assistant coaches?

Who moved the team to Joe Robbie?

I rest my case.

Dude, you have no idea what you're talking about, no one ever hired an AD from Wisconsin, a university president doesn't get to pick a football coach's assistants.

Jimmy Johnson says they should go for Peyton so I'm all in on that. He also said they might think about giving up whatever it takes to pick Robert Griffin.

Kirby Hocutt, from Ohio University. Not much difference between Ohio and Wisconsin, my mistake. The guy sucked. She hired him.

Come on Kazaam admit it, the bich is your aunt.

Is this the "Dallas" Jimmy who drafted Troy Aikman or the Dolphins Jimmy who passed on Randy Moss and drafted John Avery?


Now that the Colts have decided to release Peyton Manning I want you to admit to everyone who your daddy is. Go ahead, they all know anyway so you might as well fess up. It will make you feel better.

You've noticed that in the last two days he has jumped into the Peyton bandwagon with both feet. Pathetic.

Yes I have.

Kirby Hocutt fired Randy Shannon and hired Al Golden.

He should have fired him three years earlier. Is Donna your aunt?

Very entertaining, boys. Must have laughed throughout the whole reading. One thing us oldsters can impart on the newbies is to fez up to miscues when your stance doesn't go your way. Hey, we're all human, right? Admission of error translates to more credibility.

Woodcock, I think you may be on to something. Have you noticed how both Shalala and Kazaam have three "a's"? This may be code for kin.

In fact, if you play both names backwards, a la Revolution 9, you can hear John say: ala lahs.. Kazzam!

fess up/not fez. Sorry, I'm still pissed at the refs and that idiot, Brown.

They have to be related, OC. Shalala, Zhazam, sounds like Lebanese Ashkenazim Jews.

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