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March 20, 2012

Garrard vs. Moore for Dolphins' start ... should Tebow be in play, too? Vote now (with poll); plus Heat, March Madness 'n Canes, Panthers & more

[1) It is Wednesday, March 21. Live Chat Wednesday, our weekly Q&A, returns for another round today 1-2 p.m. Click HERE to join us live then or to post questions now. 2) Hope Yeremiah Bell re-signs. A good safety and a better guy. 3) Thanks to Bonnie Gross for having us speak to her FAU multimedia journalism class. Enjoyed it. 4) Lady Gaga says here she won't do any more press interviews for a long time. The group, People Who Believe Her, would not fill a Kia. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote].

1aa1protest 1aa1finsprotest 1aa1jeffirelandOCCUPY DAVIE?: About 35 protestors (pictured) gathered across the street from Dolphins' HQ in Davie yesterday to protest the club's direction under owner Stephen Ross and GM Jeff Ireland. Sign of the Day "FIRELAND!"

Click on Leading the League in Rejection for my latest column, on the Dolphins' offseason woes.

DOLPHINS SIGN QB DAVID GARRARD: Whirlwind times for the Dolphins. Last night they signed QB David Garrard (pictured right), the ex-Jaguar. Would think that effectively eliminates the hopes to get Alex 1aa1davidgarrardSmith, just as Peyton Manning choosing Denver will likely make available Tim Tebow (pictured left). The 49ers not landing Manning likely means they will now re-sign Smith,  erasing yet another option from the Dolphins. Will the last person to reject the Dolphins please turn out the light? This planned major quarterback upgrade is not coming easily for the Dolphins. It may not come at all. The winner in all this? Maybe Matt Moore, who is looking more and more like he'll keep his starting job. Doubt Garrard is better. 1aa1tebowtAnd neither is Tebow. With no Smith, I think Miami should and will end up sticking with Moore for another year and move to draft and develop Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill. Then again, the way the Dolphins' luck is running, somebody else will draft Tannehill first and Moore will bust his ankle jet-skiing. Oh, and Chad Henne will make the Pro Bowl for Jacksonville. Do not think Tebow will be pursued. Isn't good enough. He would be a splash signing in terms of headlines and buzz, but don't count on it. Ross and Ireland need help, though. Should they pursue a trade for Tebow assuming the asking price is fair? Vote now and say why. Interesting, evolving results. Check back often to monitor... 

Flynn on Seattle over Miami: Matt Flynn on Seattle radio topday, about choosing the Seahawks over Dolphins despite his familiarty with Joe Philbin: "I felt it’s a program that’s really on the rise, doing the right thing, is being led by the right type of people." A veiled shot at Ireland et al?

Manning, Tebow bettling lines: Nobody puts up lines quicker than Bovada. They have Peyton Manning over/unders for Broncos as 4,000 passing yards and 28.5 TD passes. Tim Tebow's destination is Jaguars at 3-2, Broncos and Dolphins both 7-4, Patriots 7-1 and Browns 12-1. Revised Super Bowl odds have Packers 13-2, Patriots 15-2, Saints 10-1, and Texans and Broncos both 12-1 -- Denver up from 50-1 last month. Miami is 40-1 (mid-pack tie for 17th), from 35-1 last month.

HEAT'S COUNTDOWN TO OKLAHOMA CITY: Revenge upon Orlando completed with Miami's 13th straight home win, check. Impressive late rally to beat Phoenix last night for 14th straight home win, check. Now Heat fans' next red circle on the calendar should be this coming Sunday's visit to Oklahoma City in the teams' first meeting of the season -- and a likely or at least very possible NBA Finals preview. Meantime, with the regular season two-thirds finished, time to start paying attention to conference standings and likely playoff pairings. Miami, as it stands, would draw creaking Boston in the first round.

1aa1ozhouseIT'S GOOD BEING OZZIE GUILLEN: Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen posted on his website a picture of the shack he's living in up in Jupiter during spring training, and we pass it along for your edification.

MADNESS UPDATE / NATIONAL: REST TIME FOR THE SWEET 16: No. 11 seed North Carolina State would be Cinderella in the men's NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 if not for 13th seed Ohio, and I wonder if a few 1aa1sweet16Miami Hurricanes fans have thought, "That should be us." N.C. State was the last ACC invite, bumping UM. Anyway, the Madness breathes and rests for a few days before Sweet 16 games start Thursday. UPSET WATCH: Through 48 games so far, the biggest upsets by seed have been by 15s Lehigh and Norfolk, by 13 Ohio and by 12s Virginia Commonwealth and South Florida. In all there have been 13 upsets in 48 games, or 27.1 percent. MY BRACKET: I'm alive with 10 of the 16 survivors. Could be worse, I guess. My bracket-killers have been Missouri and Florida State; I had both reaching the Final Four. Too much faith in the ex-Canes coaches, Frank Haith and Leonard Hamilton.

Updated Madness betting lines: From Bovada, Kentucky is a clear national-championship fave at 11-5, followed by Ohio State 5-1, Michigan State and North Carolina both 13-2, and Kansas 8-1. Glass slipper fits Ohio at 100-1. 

1aa1katiemeierMADNESS UPDATE / MIAMI: CANES WOMEN, MEN BOTH ELIMINATED: Tough night for The U in hoops last night. UM women were upset in round two of the NCAAs by Gonzaga on their home court in Spokane, after routing Idaho State in their tourney opener. Canes were again without suspended star Riquna Williams. Kudos to Katie Meier (pictured) for a righteous decision many coaches would not have had the nerve to make. The Miami men, trying to make the best of the NIT, hosted Minnesota but lost after beating Valparaiso in their opener.

ICE ON FIRE AS PANTHERS STAY HOT: Overshadowed by the Heat, the Dolphins' QB calamity and nationally by March Madness, the Florida Panthers last night won a fifth straight games, the club's best streak in four years to maintain a five-point division lead with 10 games left. Cats have lost as many games (36) as they've won and been outscored by 16 goals, but first is first is first. Especially for a club that last made the playoffs in 2000 and last won a playoff series in halcyon 1997.

BETHENNY FRANKEL UPDATE: Reality cougar Bethenny Frankel appeared on TV the other day, dropped for a pushup and flashed her nearly bare bottom. Click here if you don't believe it. I couldn't say it if it weren't true. This is a blog!

1aa1fenway100FOR RED SOX FANS: Most of the sports books I am sent sit unread. An exception is Fenway: A Fascinating First Century (Sports Illustrated Books, $32.95), which I'd recommend as a must-have for Boston Red Sox fans and which would also nicely grace the coffee table of anyone enamored of baseball history. Well, not counting Yankees fans. They should probably skip it.

THE LIST: HOME STADIUMS AND ARENAS: With Opening Day in 16 days, Marlins Park will become only the sixth different South Florida facility to be home to one of our Big Four pro teams. The stadiums and arenas...

DOLPHINS: Orange Bowl (1966-86); Dolphins stadium (1987-present).

HEAT: Miami Arena (1988-99); Downtown bayside arena (2000-present).

MARLINS: Dolphins stadium (1993-2011); Marlins Park (beginning 2012).

PANTHERS: Miami Arena (1993-97); Sunrise arena (1998-present).

Click back. Will be updating and adding more to this latest blogpost...


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Jeff Ireland is a visionless coward who will do everything in his power to draft a safe lineman in the first round.

Drafting a questionable prospect like Tannehill at #8 or maybe even higher goes against Ireland's philosophy of not overvaluing players in the draft or free agency.

The only positive for Dolphins fans is that if the team starts next season with Matt Moore under center Jeff Ireland may be fired regardless of how the team does.


Let this be the end of Little Jeffy Ireland running our proud franchise into the ground.

Let this be the end of star struck Stephen Ross meddling and making a mockery of our team.

PLEASE, Ross- Fire Ireland, hire a knowledgeable, respected football man to run the organization- and shut the f^ck up and stay out of it!

Let Philbin and Sherman instill the Green Bay Way of doing business. Let them draft and develop QBs so that we can get off this crazy merry go round we've been on the last dozen years.

PLEASE, as a 40 year fan of the Dolphins, I'm begging you. STOP THE MADNESS!

Los Dolphins estan chotiado!

Will somebody please give a reason for Riquna Williams suspension. Violation of team rules they say.We know everything about every other violations other athletes have made so why hasn't this situation been made more public. Somethings fishy!

Should've forked over the $ for Flynn. Flynn would've meshed well with Philbin. But hey..maybe Dee, Ross, and Ireland will decide to honor Tom Brady and his career achievements at halftime next year. Why try and overcome your opponent when you can celebrate them? Shit heads. How are any of them employed?

I'm beginning to see the Dolphin management's philosophy for the upcoming season, “Suck for Barkley!” Hey it may not have the same ring as “Suck for Luck”, but it may be effective. Genius!

Just trade the 4th rounder for Tebow. f$ck it really, we need something interesting to watch this year after all this.


Broncos set to pay Manning a fortune.

If Manning signs with Denver -the team with the highest available salary cap- could we stop tormenting ourselves? Mr. Smith going to San Francisco would be the best news we've had in ages!

Moore and a successful draft sounds just fine. Is Pat Devlin still practicing?



look, all of you have a right to bash anyone you want,but you all need to keep things in perspective here.


The only franchise QB available was Manning and he was not coming here, Flynn was the second best QB option but he was NOT and elite QB and not a major upgrade over Moore, prior to free agency all the so called experts were predicting Flynn was going to get a contract similar to Kolb, guess what, no one offered him a huge deal, as a matter of fact the Browns that also have a major need at the position never even bothered to talk to him.

The Dolphins have more inside information on the guy and still passed on him, that should tell you everything you need to know, Philbin and Sherman come from the GB model, they will built the team through the draft, that is the right approach, Alex Smith coming to the Dolphins only depended on Manning going to SF, that is not happening, he will go back to SF which is what he wants anyways, it has nothing to do with the Dolphins.

Of course it's a lot easier to start screaming and calling Ross and Ireland idiots, its very , very clear now the Dolphins will bite the bullet and won't go for a quick fix, the draft is coming up, there are more than a few good QB prospects available, if the Browns take Tannehill as expected, the Dolphins can still get a quality QB, Weeden, Cousins come to mind.

They will not trade up with Minnesota for their pick, they have a few holes to fill, they will be patient and do it the right way.

You all are to blinded to see it.

A little positive attitude never hurt anyone.

All this BS makes you wonder where this franchise would have been IF.... Cowher was hired & brought "his people" in. Ross refused to part ways with Ireland and Cowher said no thanks.

David Garrard??? what a bum.
Alex Smith??? failed goods on a dominate 49er team.

Manning going to Denver? Tebow will be available. Only a fool would trade for him.

Tannehill looks to be the best viable option but if Miami wants him they will have to trade up. Wrong move,, even at 8th overall he is a reach.

Dolphins are in better hands with Matt Moore for another yr by upgrading the O line, TE & drafting ND's WR Floyd. Maybe between Floyd, Hartline & Gates the Fins can compliment Bess.

Ain't feeling too good about this offseason fellas...

we got stuck with the ugly girl for the prom,,,,again.

Dear Big Baby,

a quick word of appreciation: in these busy days when we seek to fortify our roster through free agency (how about that Soliai deal?) and the draft (#8 pick, not bad) it's been a great comfort to have seen no whining, crying, or hysteria of any kind coming from you. God bless!

On to victory!

This Manning fiasco was the direct result of the former Brett Favre drama.

I miss Duckman.

Duckman on being a Dolphins fan:


Stupidity, thy name is local sportwriters and fans.

They did not sign an old QB with neck injuries, would have destroyed their salary cap, would not have taken to the Super Bowl this year, next or the one after that and who would've killed the drafting and nurturing of a young franchise QB.

They also did not sign a QB who's only started two games, wanted too much money that would've messed up the salary cap, could be this years Kevin Colb and who would've also cost the opportnity to draft a franchise QB.

Somehow this is a bad thing in the mind of Cote and others.




Greg if you had Missouri and Florida State going to the Final Four you are not still alive.

Your bracket is officially done.

Stick a fork in it.

I see our twelve year old ( gator Chomp )is back posting on the blog.

No cry babies allowed in Davie Florida or Dolphin uniforms, so Tebow is out!

Now that Tebow is available we should trade one of our back up equipment manager's for him and give him the QB position.

I don't want anything to F*** this up, trade Moore too, this way we will surely lose every game next year and assure ourselves on the number one pick.

Matt Barkley !


I feel a lot better now.

he,he he...


Anyone think Alex Smith goes crawling back to SF?

Maybe but I am not so sure.

Ireland email to Ross "Ross, why don't we bring Donovan McNab for a tryout?"

Brian Dupree,

if there is a God, Tebow won't want to come here either!

Big Baby,

Alex Smith is going back to SF for $10 mill a yr. At lease the Dolphins are good for leverage.

Crawling back?

He was only visiting Miami to get a bigger contract in SF.

Word was he was "upset" with the whole situation.

Nursing wife back to health following bilateral knee surgery. See I'm not a total a***hole...

Kazaam that looks like a ripper. My computor is without sound for some reason. Saving video though. Hail Fredo popped in my mind this morning and I couldn't help but laugh out loud once again.

"Manning personally called Titans owner Bud Adams, who had offered Manning a lifetime contract with the Titans, to let him know of his choice, according to The Tennessean. The newspaper reported that Adams was disappointed, but he was glad his team made a run at the quarterback (that's nice)."


You all know I'm just about the most positive person on this blog.

But IF Tebow ever comes here, I'll lose it.

Ross made his fortune in real estate. That makes him an expert in smoke and mirrors, in over-inflating his product - the type of practice that hepled tank the economy while he and his kind got wealthier.

One wonders how much cash he got for suckering those celebrities into the minority ownership. One wonders how many season ticket holders got suckered into renewing based on his promises of improving the team and going after top notch coaches and players.

After filling all those seats last year on Tebow day, there no doubt that he is going to sucker Gator fans into filling the seats now by getting their beloved Tebow on the field despite doing nothing to improve the team. This is how operates. In Ireland, he found the Yes man that will follow his direction and not quit on him out of professional pride.

The front office is indeed a joke. The players are professionals and work their butt off but they may not be as talented as those on better teams. On the other hand, maybe they are quite as talented but they do not complement one another well enough to make up a good team. Either way, that puts the problem squarely on the shoulders of personnel management, especially when one considers the tight salary cap situation, the absence of quality free agent signings and the lack of additional high draft picks.

The last two years of debacles over failed hirings and trades have been far more embarrassing that the team's record. I wish they would just shut up about it and only talk about things after the fact. Unfortunately, that would not be Ross's way. He wouldn't be able to over-inflate and pre-sell the crappy product he has suckered so many people into.

So, Gator fans, are you ready to be the next suckers?

Ms. Ross loves Teblow of the Gaytors.
There will be an abundance of available seats each and every game for the foreseeable future at JOE ROBBIE STADIUM!

I fear that Ross will demand Ireland to trade for Tebow.

I can see it happening.

Good for ticket sales.

Bad for football team unless he learns to throw more consistently.

The West Coast offense would be scrapped in favor of the spread option.

I could have talked myself into Alex Smith but this, no.

Heeeyyy...Welcome back, dukee. Hope Ms. duke is recovering nicely.

Tell us, did she need those procedures done as a consequence of you thinking yourself Larry Csonka -and as you slept walked- then crashing through the backside of an unexpecting Ms. dukee as she was getting milk out of the refridge at 4 a.m?

I thought so.

Will the following blogger's please explain to me the reason you would want Flynn over Moore and why.

thank you

Kazaam, finsfan72, I am stoned, gofins83, brian dupree, rafael gomez and justanotherfan.

Denver just guaranteed itself no chance of seeing a Super Bowl in the forseeable future by signing a 36 year QB with neck injuries to a contract worth $90 million dollars. Goodbye salary cap, goodbye young franchise QB, hello wallowing in the AFC West.

Jeff Ireland is looking pretty smart right about now.


Just curious, which side are you on on this one, you rather the Dolphins signed Flynn or stay with Moore and draft a QB.


This is to help you take care of your wife, hope she gets better.


I'd rather have Flynn because he's an unknown quantity, a lottery ticket.

Moore is the best quarterback the Dolphins have had since Marino but he's a game manager who will never lead his team to a Super Bowl.

I'd prefer he not win games for us next season.

Anybody think that the current roster players are going to buy into this loser outfit now?
They are going to do the least possible to stay healthy and collect a paycheck.
A rookie unproven coach. A clueless puckered asshole face owner. And the drunk with no personality GM. What a winning combination!

Unlike Kazaam, and the majority of others who primarily blame Ireland for the root cause, and the failure of this franchise, I place the blame on Stephen Ross himself. While it is true that this owner does not make money an issue, per se, he remains totally clueless with the consequence of his actions.

He, and only he, was responsible in trying to get a marque coach to replace an underperforming Sparano a few games after midseason. We should all remember how Bill Cowher reacted to such a disrespectful act.

Then there was last year, and the pursuit of Harbaugh. Does anyone think that ANY credible HC with a positive track record would be willing to sign with an organization that does not allow him to bring in his own people? A successful GM alliance?

This year the prize was Manning. If it were possible to read into Peyton's mind, would we be shocked if we were to learn that quarterbacking an offense shaped by Ireland was NOT an important element in his decision concerning the Dolphins?

Ireland cannot fire Ross, but Ross can fire Ireland. Until the later happens, I'm afraid this franchise will continue to be a joke.

Sorry, FZB, but Ireland has to go.


To answer your question, I would not have signed Flynn. It is financially better to suck without Flynn than to suck with Flynn and also be out $10M.

don't you all think the best way to find a franchise QB will be through the draft ?

The Dolphins will draft a QB, maybe two...Moore will be our starter for this year and the young guy can take over next year.

If Tannehill is there you take him, if not trade back and draft Weeden later on .

I much rather do that than stress about a guy like Flynn that has two NFL starts under his belt and is not a guarantee he will be any better than what we have.

You guys need to calm down.

Calm down? You're the one who asked about Flynn, I don't think anyone in Miami is losing sleep over losing him.

Who is the idiot who suggested that Tebow may be an option for the Dolphins?

Flynn not signing was good for Miami. He will never be a star. Same with Alex Smith.

We need to draft potential (Ryan Tannehill) and pray.

this is amazing, the draft is still a month and a half away and you guys are allready assuming that Ireland is going to find a way to F*** it up.

In his one and only draft/free agency he did good..

open your eyes people.


Unfortunately, we have an owner who has made billions in snatching up "distressed" properties. Right about now, Tebow should qualify as a distressed property. Keep in mind that Ross started his education at the University of Florida, hence, the "Tebow Tribute."

We also should take note on how much he defended ex Michigander, Henne. I'm sure that he has already convinced himself that Tim Tebow is the answer in bringing the fans in. What an idiot!


It is not Ireland, for Pete's sake. If you allowed a 12 year old special ed kid to get behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler carrying 4 tons of nuclear waste up the 95, whose fault would it be, you or the 12 year old?

well, since you put it THAT way.


I don't know how you got from my post the idea that I preferred any player over another? My reference to "absence of quality free agent signings" has to do with all the other good players I saw go by on the ESPN ticker and none of whom were associated with our team.

I like Moore but he needs to improve. He certainly was better than his predecessor. Heck, he was better rated than half of the other QBs. Is Flynn better or worse? Unless they are on the same team, competing day in and day out, everyone's opinion is just that.

The sad truth is that, with the constant system and coaching changes, it is hard to predict who will fit in and who will not on this team. Most of our current player have never seen the West Coast offense and we have not seen them in it.


my Jeff is a 'leave no stone unturned' kind of guy; a good trait for a traveling scout and also for a GM. Jeffrey likes talking, okay? He's always interested, okay!

But just because talks are publicly announced it doesn't mean they should be followed by waves of uncontrollable hysteria when no agreement is reached as if this were further proof of the coming of end times. Just chill beatches! Don't be such pussies! Jesus!

Victory soon!

FZB - no one's eyes are closed, we watched the same draft you did. You saw good picks, I saw a Parcells clone who was too chickensh*t to draft a quarterback and who made the safest pick imaginable in Mike Pouncey.

Drafting in the 8th spot is fairly high. So, do they draft the best available players or the ones that fill their highest need? Do you get desperate and pick up someone too early because of rumors that someone else might snatch them? This is the kind of stuff that is going to make a difference.

As good as Shula was, I remember a span of years where he desperately drafted for need (Bosa, Kumerow, etc) and busted out. I hope that we do not fall into that trap because we seemed, and still are, on the verge of doing so in free agency.


you draft best player available unless a QB that you like is there...


So, do you take Tannehill? Some people think that taking him at 8th is a very bad idea and that we should not be rushed into it just because he might not last to the next round. Afterall, this is Ireland picking and he was pretty shy about far better quartebacks last year.

BTW, I know nothing about Tannehill. I am just curious that his name is popping up so much. It sounds like the draft version of the Moore/Flynn/Garrard/Tebow debate?

Peter king tweeted this afternoon that Alex Smith is "very serious about Miami if they are serious about him".

I told you all he was p/o'd.

Big Baby,

P/o'd or not, money talks. If Ireland's "set price" for Smith does not meet or exceed SF's offer, he goes back there. If they are equal, I can see the p/o factor playing in.

Yes this could get interesting.

If the money is close Miami wins.

I could talk myself into that scenario.

Then we could draft Blackmon.

If we don't replace Marshall we are in serious trouble.


Dear Jeff,

Please get me Tim Tebow -- Just make it happen.

P.S. Did you finalize the list of players who will participating on Carmen Miranda Day?


They better sign Alex Amith before that memo hits Irelands desk because it will soon if not already.

Alex Smith.

Big Baby

Signing Smith would mean Ross leaving Harbaugh in a bit of a bind. Ooops!

Yes big ears gets his revenge!

That wasn't very nice was it.

Seriously folks,

For two weeks, we have engaged in this wishful-thinking process of speculating about what wonderful move the Dolphins will make toward upgrading the QB position, somewould call it mental masterba..ion

We did the same thing for a year and a half about the coaching position.

I wouldn't hold my breath about getting Smith. They'll find a way to lose this round as well. Perhaps, Ireland already asked him about his mother.

Most mock drafts have Cleveland taking Trent Richardson or Justin Blackmon. My guess is it will be Trent Richardson and they will draft a WR with the 22nd pick in the first round.

That will leave Tannehill on the board assuming no one climbs over Miami to grab him. If he is still on the board and Miami does not take him, well that's it for me folks. One minute after Miami's pick I will officially be a Carolina Panthers fan. Rooting for Cam Newton in their wonderful stadium that is 90 minutes from home.

we got stuck with the ugly girl for the prom,,,,again.

Posted by: Jimbo | March 19, 2012 at 12:56 PM


Tebow, tebow, tebow...it's happening and it will be the biggest boost to ticket sales, media coverage, jersey sales, the works this team has had since Marino, and that is what matters #1 to the franchise at this point.

They're going to do the trade. Just watch.

I wouldn't mind giving him a look at fullback, we were really hurting on 3rd and short without Lousaka last season.

It wouldn't a bad deal if the Broncos gave us a draft choice for taking him and he stays on the practice squad at minimum salary. His worshipers will keep the blackout lifted for all of us folks who can no longer afford to dish out the cost of attending the games.

Provided Tony Sparano does not snatch him first to keep his wildcat gimmick going.

Assume for a second that Tebow had SOMETHING to do with the Broncos turnaround last season.
That, even though he throws without what most people call a "spiral", he does have value as an offensive football player.
Perhaps with the right grooming he can develop a bit better as a QB. But if not, throw his ass in as a fullback or tight end.
There is an upside if we could get Tebow.
Obviously, tickets and jerseys would be an instant hot-commodity. Maybe some prime time games.
We could probably get him relatively cheap, and use WHATEVER skills we can get out of him, even if its not as a QB.
If we get him cheap and he sucks, we are rebuilding anyway, and it doesn't really seem that we are going to get "our guy" at QB this year with or without Tebow, and we will revisit that next year.
Just a thought. It wouldn't be the worst move they've made (I save that for the beer prices).

Just when you thought this train wreck of an organization could not get any worse, they cease to amaze. Cannot wait until Tebow decides to go to Canada over becoming the Dolphins QB.

If the Dolphins trade for Tebow I'm canceling my season tickets.

They might come out ahead in the end but they'd be trading some long time Miami fans for a bunch of yokels who might make the pilgrimage from north Florida for a game or two.

Your threats will fall on deaf ears in the front office.
They will sell 2 season tickets BECAUSE they sign him for every 1 that cancels for the same reason.
Plenty will cancel simply due to the ineptitude. I mean simply TEBOW cancellations.
It's a good business move, and if any of the regimes we've had cared about long time Miami fans (which I am) the stadium would never have had a name other than Joe Robbie, Don Shula and Dan Marino would have never been 'pressured' out, and Drew Brees would be our QB.
It COULD work. Matt Moore is serviceable, I feel bad for the guy. If he remains our QB, I'm not opposed to it and I'll cheer loudly for him!
But they have ANOTHER opportunity to generate interest. I think they should take it.

Actually they wouldn't, one thing I'll say about the Dolphins front office is that they do listen to fans.

That's not to say anyone could change their mind if they wanted to trade for Tebow, but they would definitely take my call and let me yell at them for a while before I cancelled.

I cut up my and my dad's tickets to the Broncos game and sent them the Ross. They wound up on Mike Dee's desk and he called me and let me rant at him for a half hour or so. I got a full refund for that game - 4 seats club level.

David Garrard....are you ffing kidding me? OMG can the Dolphins brass get any worse? NO! Absolutely impossible to get worse. David ffing Garrard. UnFFingbelievable. Well I hope Ross likes going to the games by himself, because not even that lame cast of D list celebrities will be joining him next season.

Ireland your done. No matter what your lame us does from this point on, you're done. David ffing Garrard is your Ted Ginn. CamCamMoron signed and sealed his fate the day he drafted Ted Ginn. Well you my misguided friend have done the same with the lame ass signing of David ffing Garrard.

Gawd it really does suck being a Dolphins fan.

David Garrard?????...a 34 year old over the hill QB. This guy was mediocre when he was in his prime. What a complete and total waste of salary cap money! Another pathetic move by the front office. Jeff Ireland, if it was the 1800's you would have to be running out of your office because a lynch mob would be coming after you with a noose. I can't wait for the day that you are fired!

On the plus side he's a year younger than Manning.

On the minus he also sat out last season recovering from neck surgery. And he's never been a good passer.

Also they should have released Bell a week ago if they were going to do it - they could have signed LaRon Landry (a younger, better, more roided up Bell) who just signed with the Jets for one year, 4M.


Kazaam - LOL!
I guess there IS solace in being able to at least yell at someone!!!
(but we may be splitting hairs about the difference between HEARING and LISTENING)...

It's going to be interesting no matter what they do, and I almost hope they do NOTHING until this GM takes his talents elsewhere.

I think the worst of it all is that if we don't make some upgrades, Philbin's job performance will seem worse than it really is. He seems like he could have potential. And he's trying to retool Sparano's guys. The sofla media and fans will call for his (bald) head. And I fear that would be unfair.

Cart before the horse, I know. But I think 'phins fans have earned the right to be skeptical, pessimistic, and paranoid.

I like Bell, I hope they bring him back.

Does anyone blame Harbaugh, Fisher and Manning for avoiding the Dolphins like the plague?

Great! We pick up a player with a bad back in Garrard, sounds like a Cullpepper re run. Does anybody know how much we paid for this lame duck?


he "calls people out", challenges others to find ryan tannehill below #8 on mock drafts (done in a heartbeat)- he's positive like freeddie mercury wqas positive- positively culero, ojete, pendejo, maricon,... if i knew ant=y more castillean spanish words i'd use them right here (ethinks puto is not a term from castille)

all the typos makes the above post look like an eye-chart, but the ole shadow gets worked up when the locals sign david garrard to save the sinking/sunk ship; DAVID GARRARD!?

At least Ms. Ross won't have to worry about season ticket sales this year.

Anybody think that the current roster players are going to buy into this loser outfit now?
They are going to do the least possible to stay healthy and collect a paycheck.
A rookie unproven old coach. A clueless puckered asshole face owner. And the drunk with no personality GM. What a winning combination!
And they cut Bell. Brilliant!

Oye Shadow,

I see you are feeling a little better, now your insulting me with those "mejicano curse words"..it's cool amigo, I can take it, I'm a big boy.

I do think I'm speaking the truth, most people in general rather look at things in a very simplistic sort of way, glass half empty sort of thing, I rather look at things a bit different you know a little more "positivo".

your getting a pass on your little rant this time, I'm not sure you are in total control of your faculties, since you are so old you could be getting the beginning of Alzheimer's and that would be a shame.

The last two years, whenever Bell was out the line up, the defense fell apart. Those clowns don't value leadership because they have none. So, who replaces him now?

This is getting uglier and uglier. Time to start an Occupy Dolphins HQ movement?

Hey Greg Cote, the Dolphins have played home games in Tampa Stadium! The Marlins have played home games in Chicago, Seattle and San Juan...

So, no one is thinking of committing 'hara-kiri' upon hearing the news we just signed Garrard ?

its a minor deal, Moore will be the starter, if he makes the team he will be the back up QB and we will draft a young guy and let him learn for one year.

I better not say who I want the Dolphins to get, I don't want to upset the shadow, he seems to have forgotten to take his medicine today.

Before one gets upset or happy about the Garrard signing, let's find out what his salary cap cost is? Is he the reason they cut Bell?

Who gives a shiite about the dolphins?
Ms. Ross and Jeffy made sure that this team became irrelevant

OMG, I have been a Dolphin fan since they entered the league, but I just can't take any more.Garrard is a joke.This team is a joke.

Luck, RG3, Manning, Flynn... Gerrard.

Whether these guys would've panned out or not, it's still embarrassing in recent years to get rejected so much.

Hearing that Bills are going all out to try and finally get a title for their aging owner. Hence the Mario pick up.

David friggin Gerrard LMFAO...............what a f...ing joke

"Jeff Ireland has a big part to do with it,'' Porter said when asked what the problem is with the Dolphins. "I don't think when you come in and you're being recruited by him you really believe the things that are coming out of his mouth. He's just a guy that is not trustworthy."

~ Joey Porter

Dave Hyde:

Did you see how they treated a solid citizen and good captain like safety Yeremiah Bell? For weeks, general manager Jeff Ireland told his camp they wouldn't cut Bell.

Bell was cut Monday, nearly a week into free agency and just after the Jets signed LaRon Landry and Cincinnati re-signed Reggie Nelson. This is how you treat your long-time employees? This is what the Dolphins now stand for?

Are you kidding me?

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