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March 07, 2012

Fading hopes or new life?: Can Dolphins still land Peyton Manning? Vote now (with poll); plus Canes settle for NIT, Marlins' big-mouth prez, Doral, Heat & more

HAIKU MADNESS, our blog's annual NCAA Tournament contest, is coming today/Tuesday. Get those 17-syllable poems ready!

[1) It is Tuesday, March 13. Let the Madness begin! 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote.

Click Miami Is Comeback Hub for my latest column on commonality between Tiger Woods, who played at Doral, and Peyton Manning, in the Dolphins' dreams. Click It's All About Peyton Now for my earlier column on Dolphins' interest. Signing him is all-in-or-bust for a Dolphins owner trying to not only win but to make a once-kingly franchise relevant again. I first thought Manning was Miami's to lose. Now it seems they could lose him. Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts.

MANNING IS SET FREE, DOLPHINS READY TO POUNCE: Update: Manning met last evening in Indianapolis with a Dolphins contingent led by coach Joe Philbin, suggesting Miami remains in a sweepstakes for which Denver and Arizona are now thought to be frontrunners. ..... Original post: An emotional day for Indianapolis sent waves rippling across the NFL as the Colts officially parted ways with Hall of Fame-bound QB Peyton Manning. Dolfans, it is time to forget the dream-like 1aa1gonepmtradeup to draft Robert Griffin III, time to forget free agent Matt Flynn, time to forget lower-drafting Ryan Tannehill and time to forget incumbent Matt Moore. On this date in history, 2012, Peyton Manning officially became a free agent -- maybe the greatest free agent in NFL history -- and the Dolphins' entire quarterback focus swivels hard now in that direction. I wrote recently Miami would do best to do what it took to ideally trade up for Griffin, but, make no mistake: a healthy Manning is the next best option, and an exciting one. In fact, AccuScore estimates Manning would mean 3.1 additional victories for Miami in 2012 -- from a projected 7.4 to 10.5. That's the difference between no playoffs and playoffs. Manning said at an early-afternoon news conference, "I haven't thought yet about where I'll play," adding, "I'm confident. I don't know what the next steps are. This is uncharted territory. We'll see where all that plays out." Manning has been medically cleared to play but is not yet 100 percent following multiple neck surgeries. Of his health he said, "Ive got some progress to make but I've come a long way. I feel closer and closer." The Dolphins are confident they can sign Manning. How confident are you? Whether you prefer Manning as the trageted option or not, what do you predict: Will Manning end up as a Dolphin in 2012 or not? Vote now and say why, then check back often to see how the voting evolves.

1aa1gopeytonHandicapping the Manning Sweepstakes: My updated rank of the most likely landing spots for Peyton Manning: 1) Broncos; 2) Cardinals; 3) Dolphins; 4) the field.

Manning-to-Miami the betting favorite: Original odds from Bovada have Dolphins favored at 2-1 to land Manning, followed by Redskins 13-4, Seahawks and Cardinals both 7-2, and Chiefs and Jets both 21-4.

DAVID SAMSON'S BIG MOUTH: Marlins president David Samson is reported by business publication Miami Today to have insulted the intelligence of Miamians during a Beacon Council breakfast this week. 1aa1davidsThose would be the same Miamians whose taxes built the new Marlins Park and whom the club is counting on to fill that park. Samson (pictured) says he was misquoted; however, TV did air him commenting on low voter turnout in Miami by speculating non-voters were "too lazy or watching Oprah." It's hard to know the truth here. Miami Today was a staunch new-stadium opponent and did not record Samson's comments. Then again Samson has an earned reputation as a foot-in-mouth guy and one whose flip manner can be both offputting and misconstrued. That reputation makes benefit of doubt to Samson a lot to ask.

TIGER, RORY AND A BUNCH OF OTHER GUYS AT DORAL: Resurgent Tiger Woods and world No. 1 Rory McIlroy lead the charge in the PGA Tour event at Doral's Blue Monster that began Thursday. Click on Golf's Renaissance for my column previewing the event. I write how the Rory-led new wave and the recent surge of elders like Woods and Phil Mickelson make this an exciting time for golf. By the way, colleague Linda Robertson has a very nice read on new Doral owner Donal Trump; click here to read.

HEAT'S NEXT BIG TEST: Most Heat games are perfunctory wins, let's be honest. The OT win over Indiana was a thriller, but the Heat's next big test will be back-to-backers at Orlando and Chicago next Tuesday and Wednesday. There isn't a reasonable soul on Earth who doesn't believe it'll be Heat-Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals.

UM MEN'S HOOPS SETTLE FOR NIT: The barely-on-the-bubble Hurricanes needed a big showing in the ACC Tournament for any shot at an NCAA Tournament bid. The opening victory over Georgia Tech was a necessary start but the loss then to Florida State wasa deal-breaker. Canes settle for NITville, and that frankly is where the team probably belongs this season.

NEW SLOGAN FOR REPUBLICAN RACE: "IT'S A CLUSTER[----]!": Super Tuesday did little to make a Republican or any of the four candidates feel particularly good. The day's winner was probably Barack Obama, who gets to sit back and watch the other party be divisive and fail to reach any consensus. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, hopeless to win the nomination, should of course drop out now. Then it would get interesting, because the Gingrich far-right'ers who would flock by default to Rick Santorum would outnumber the Ron Paul support that would gravitate to Mitt Romney. Most polls and common sense indicate Romney would have a much better chance to beat Obama than would Santorum, which is why Democrats will discreetly high-five one another when Gingrich finally concedes.

1aa1bassmasterADS COMING TO NBA JERSEYS?: League meets in April to consider adding prominent, permanent advertising to NBA game jerseys, a potential $31 million revenue stream. It would be an aesthetic abomination, of course, but hey ... money! Some lesser leagues such as the WNBA already pander with jersey ads. Let's hope the NBA stays above that.

TOP MLB ROOKIES FOR FANTASY: Baseball Prospectus has the top three as Mariners C Jesus Montero, Rangers P Yu Darvish and Rays P Matt Moore. (Rays have a Matt Moore and Bucs have a Josh Johnson. What's up with Tampa stealing our names?) Other notables on the list: A's OF Yoenis Cespedes, the might-have-been-Marlin, is 4th; and Padres 1B Yonder Alonso, the ex-Cane, is 8th. Only Marlins rook in the top-50 is setup-reliever Jose Ceda, 37th.

ON THE COLOMBIA-MEXICO NOTE: I wrote an item in my Random Evidence notes column Sunday that elicited angry emails, chatter on local Spanish-language radio and consternation among Herald editors. Reference was to the recent Colombia-Mexico soccer game and our lampoon of each country's reputation regarding drugs. Two points: 1) Random Evidence is a humor-oriented column that needles and jabs, so the item was in context of a well-established irreverent format. 2) I felt both countries' drug-related reputations were earned over many years and therefore fair subject for parody. Similarly, as an example, if I were writing in Random Evidence about a game involving North Korea and Iran I might have a punchline referencing a nuclear weapon. I intended a broad swipe at an unfortunately real aspect of two countries' reputations -- not a personal shot at good people of Colombian and Mexican descent who are understandably tired of negative stereotypes.

THE LIST: DOLPHINS' NO. 18'S: In honor of Peyton Manning's No. 18 jersey number being retired by the Colts, here are the relative few Dolphins who have worn 18, chronologically:

Player Pos. Seasons

Dick Wood QB 1966

Cliff Stoudt QB 1989

Sage Rosenfels QB 2002-05

Ernest Wilford WR 2008

Roberto Wallace WR 2010

Peyton Manning QB 2012???

Click back. Will be updating and adding to this latest blogpost...


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Manning to Miami would make me happy but I can't help but think Ross will scew it up.

Ron Paul's supporters are more likely to write in Ron Paul than to 'gravitate to Romney'.





Peyton Manning- even for only 3 years- would be the most exciting thing to happen to the Fins in over a decade!

And make no mistake- Jimmy Johnson is correct- Peyton would make this Dolphins team instant contenders.

Andrew Luck and RG3 will NOT be leading a team to a championship anytime soon. Peyton easily could in 2012.


As a longtime Colts watcher, I'm pretty sure Manning is worth more than
three wins. Give him a couple of good receivers and he will win five games that would be losses with a lesser QB. Look at the Colts: They almost never had a decent defense OR running game--and made the playoffs for 10 straight years, thanks to Manning and the passing game. Without him they fell to worst team in the league.

Why is cote so hung up on the gop primaries?

I'm starting to believe he is a closet repugblican!

I don't see why Redskins are widely assumed to be the #2 team - their cupboards are pretty bare, it's safe to say Manning is looking for another Super Bowl and not another payday at this stage of his career.

I'd think the Cardinals with Fitzgerald might be more appealing than the Skins.

Santana Moss is one of my favorite Hurricanes of all time though, it'd be cool to see him and Wayne on the field together again.

Kazaam just worry about your underachieving Ravens that is what you are good at.

We don't need any Dolphin commentary thanks.

Santana Moss is washed up.

Wayne is 33 y/o and getting there although he has a bit more in the tank than Moss.

Thanks for the Dolphins commentary Big Baby, very enlightening.

I see the three year old of the blog is back (gator chomp)

Gents, just sit back and relax, its obvious the Dolphins will do anything and everything in their power to land Manning, it will be a bummer if he doesn't come here but it won't be the end of the world either.

Flynn will still be available and we still have the draft coming up, it will be interesting to see how free agency unfolds, can't wait.

At this stage in his career, Manning will surely go where he choses and Miami is a much better option for him than any of the other 'suitors'.

Are we drafting a RT in the first round?

I do agree with you about the Cardinals mostly because they are in a bad division but then again they are the Cardinals. He's not going.

Could someone look up the last time the Cardinals won 10 games? My guess is it's been a while.

Big Baby- Kazaam is dead on in his asesement about Manning and Cardinals. #1, its a dome field. #2, he would be throwing the ball to Fitzgerald. As for the Dolphins, they will try and pay him the most money, and I dont think that is important to him. Plus you have to deal with that nitwit Brandon Marshall. In the NFC west you only have to deal with the 49ers. Another thing with the redskins, the head coach has to big an ego to get along with peyton.

Yes but as I just stated, they are the Cardinals.

Ain't happening.

His wife just gave birth to twins and they are living in a condo in Miami.

Peyton is a family man he is not moving to Arizona.

He will be leading the Dolphins to the playoffs very soon.

Easiest road to the Superbowl for him would be 49ers.

He could take them there this year but SF is just too in love with that below average qb Alex Smith.

Their loss is our gain!

Cardinals as an organization are W496-L699-T39 since 1920.

They did win 10 games in 2009 but before that you have to back to 1976. That's 33 years in between for those counting.

My nugget for the day.

All anyone can do is guess on where Manning might like to go but I usually put a little more stock into John Clayton's thoughts than the other pundits.

He says:

1. Skins
2. Seahawks
3. Chiefs
4. Browns
5. Dolphins
6. Cardinals
7. Broncos

Sure is a different order from what everyone else is putting together anyway.



Old Johnny has lost a little bit on his fastball yikes.

That list is embarrassing.

Looks like he put teams who would have to cut players or restructure contracts to afford Manning in a second tier, which knocked the Dolphins and Cardinals to the bottom.

Broncos can afford it but they're basically committed to Timmy.

Clayton has no clue either, just like all of us.

I do know Manning likes Miami, owns a condo on south beach and likes the weather, If he wants to play and get his "juices" flowing, what better way than to face Brady twice a year...The guy is a competitor, he wants to prove the Colts and every doubter wrong.

Yeah, his coming here...maybe.

Ross needs to send his plane, helicopter and mistresses
to go get Manning.


I like how Cote decribes Republican primary as a clusterbuck.

It's not really. Basically at this point Romney has enough delegates to win it before the convention if things continue like this.

Ten bucks says that Ireland asks Peyton what line of work she's in.


Don't be bashing my son Ireland for telling the truth about Bryant's mom...

SOOOOOO, if we get Manning, do we go OT, DE or QB with our numer uno ?

what say you guys ?

Ireland was just doing "due diligence".

We still should have drafted him though.

Bad news for all the effeminate politicians at the GOP....


juicy lucy,

The only "effeminate" politician that I can recall as of late, happens to be a democrat...Not republican.

That would be girly man Barney Franks, he just married his bride not too long ago...

Yea, I give credit where credit's due, Ireland identified that Bryant was a headcase one way or the other.

Imagine him and Brandon Marshall in the same locker room!

We had a QB named Dick Wood? That's a joke right. His parents couldn't have been that mean. Can we see some of the old newspaper headlines?

Dick Wood Plays Hard.
Dick Wood Rubs Coach the Wrong Way.
Dolphins GM Likes Dick Wood.
Dick Wood Gives All He's Got.
Jets Defense Gets after Dick Wood.
Dolphins Sore Over Dick Wood Loss.

This is too easy, I have to stop.....

It's 5:50 PM, why hasn't Ross and Ireland fired up the helicopter yet?

Oh ok, one more, I have to.....

Opposing Cheerleaders Suck the Life Out of Dick Wood

Clayton, like many at ESPN are Dolphin bashers.
Love the lightbulb head, though.
I can say that as my wife thinks I'm perfect. LOL

Peyton Manning is in Miami.


"Dick Wood Rubs Coach the Wrong Way."

....best one!

Kaz, did OC write the article about the Dolphs salary cap? I'm waiting for him to post that "I called Peyton to the Dolphs in 2010 right after I oiled up the Ouija board with fromunda.


did you catch the lionel messi show today? five goals as barca went wild. van persie is having a spectacular year, but his champion league run is done and the little guy is gonna win all the trophies again.

Haha, one thing OC's not doing is buying into all the hype like me, the rest of south Florida, and LeBron.

It's been months since the Dolphins' curse had a chance to prove itself, you can't feel good having everyone saying Manning's coming here before he even agrees to an interview and a physical.

Hope for the best but prepare for the Miami Dolphins.

F*ck David Sampson.

Don't quote me on that Tom, Manning might sign here...

We need Manning so badly.

I would love to get RG3... That's really my first choice if my choice mattered. There aren't going to be many RG3 types ever..so missing out on him would hurt..especially when he pans out and IMO have a better career stat and everything else wide than Vick did. RG3 will be that much better IMO.
But.... I do see a small light with the manning scenario... The next three...roughly....drafts will have some stud QB's. Agree or not so much?

Safe Rosenfels?????


Messi continues to perform. If he can elevate to the national level with Argentina, and remain consistent for another 10 years, he can come close to taking the king title from Pele.

I never liked Argentina though, since they bribed a then-very talented Peru to let them score 6 goals in the 78 WC held in Argentia and get into the Final over Brazil.

How about the team from Nicosia, Cyprus ...in the Final 8!!!

I'm getting excited by the Euros coming in June.

What will happen to Matt Moore? Traded? Relegated to backup? The guy was pretty good and had he started earlier we may have made playoffs.

I still think the effect of Manning will not outperform Moore. They both finish 9-7 or 10-6..possibly making the playoffs.

Manning is not who he was. And he won't run or take hits well; as he'll be pretty darn nervous about his neck.

Whatever Manning has to offer extra in passing, Moore does a lot better in improvising, maneuvering and running for that frst down.

I don't thik there is a huge gain here; if at all. But it's a freebee in terms of not having to trade.

I just had a crazy idea, IF MANNING signs with the Dolphins it will make them a contender overnight, now we DO need a pass rusher opposite C Wake.

Why not call Jason Taylor to see if he is interested in coming back for one more year .

you think he'll do it ?


last WC messiwas doomed by the appointment of diegito to be the manager; the little guy finds crevices in the box which his five foot six and 160 lbs squeeze into and into the net goes the ball. yes, i watched apoel from cyprus make it into the final eight- awesome goal keeping and they banged home every kick in the shootout. a shame arsenal couldn't make it back from the first leg deficit, but van persie is having a phenomenal year in the EPL and wil make the dutch a co-favorite wuith spain in the euro 2012. i am afraid that the games will begin too early and i won't get to see that many in the first round as school isn't over till mid june.

Mr. Woodcock,

are you taking klonopin? i can't believe that in your peyton manning dolphin QB alignment you actually mentioned reggie bush as the runner without a diatribe concerning USC!!! he had a nice year for miami and with a little better blocking could have had a lot more rushing yards. in terms of pure talent rushing and catching he is not matched by many. waiting for the next diatribe with unbaited breath.

“I probably need to ask someone what these next few steps are,” said Manning, who has spent his entire 14-year career with the Colts. “I don’t know how this process works. I don’t know if it’s like college recruiting, where you take visits. I mean, this is all so new to me…."

This from a naive, clueless rube who somehow managed to get his agent to insist on a $28 million bonus!



Shadow, the only thing that Trojans are good for is to hold my jizz. Now you can breath again. He he.


yup, sounds like "some-azepam" to me!! glad you have been brought back to your normal self.

Thanks, I'm just trying to make it through the night, a lone Cane in a sea of dark red and mustard yellow. Root, root, my ass!

Hopefully it won't take more than one week for senor Manning to come to the conclusion that he and the Dolphins make a perfect match.

No dicking around is needed here, come on board and bring Jeff Saturday and Reggie wayne with ya...

Call Jason Taylor back for one more year.

David sampson is a pissy little girl..


worry not my friend, big Al is bringing the Canes back sooner than uou yhink..

Yea but he can't do anything about the Red and yellow rags blocking my view of the Pacific Ocean.

You want me to send some "marielitos" to taken them down for you?

I need one of our resident cap experts ( OC, Kazaam )to tell me if we have room for Manning, J Saturday and R Wayne....Also.

I'm starting a campaign to bring Jason Taylor back, who's with me ?

Not me. If you're going to bring back a relic I'll take Bill Romanowski over JT any day of the week.

FZB - no, we don't even have room for Peyton Manning.

The questions are how much of a discount Manning would take to play here, how many of our expensive players would be willing to take less money, or how many players the Dolphins would be willing to cut to make it happen.

Jeff Saturday's million dollar salary shouldn't be a problem, the other two would take finagling.

Why can't we give him, say 45 mil for three years but
give him 30 mil in signing bonuses payable in three installments at 10 mil per year.

Then his base salary would be 5 mil per year, would't the base salary only count towards the cap figure?

No signing bounus would also count bringing the amount to 15 million per season.

We are currently 17 million under the cap right now.

Some players are being approached about restructuring including Y. Bell.

I don't think he signs for anything less than 20 mil per season which is what all the top 5 qb's make.

They will have to get creative with the contract but it can get done.

A larger signing bonus softens the cap hit you take with a regular contract number.

I could see something like 30-35 million guaranteed with another 40- 45 in contract amount. 70-80 mil range.

Bet he gets 4 years. There will be a lot of competition.

We don't need any Colt retreads coming in the deal either.

That is just media nonsense.

Damn, those are huge number's...

This guy better be healthy, we also better draft a QB , Tannehill is my first choice but Kirk cousins is not bad in the second or third round.

I hope you're right about re doing the contracts of some of our veterans, we need the cap room.

No, a signing bonus counts against the cap the same as salary, it doesn't soften the blow.

The thing about signing bonuses is that they're guaranteed and pro-rated, so if you have a 30 million dollar signing bonus on a 3 year contract that player is getting $10 million a year even if he's cut or signs with another team.

So for that reason players will usually accept a little less overall money to get a larger chunk guaranteed, and you'd have to think that with Manning's health situation the guaranteed portion of the contract will be important to both sides.

Where's OC and his slide ruler?

I'm sitting with Joe Theismann laughing about how totally ridiculous this whole thing is.

This has all the makings of a humongous clusterf**k.

Joe Theismann can be a little ridiculous himself can't he?

Peyton's paycheck

Are we going to have the Colts' salary cap problems? When the QB isn't available to 'carry' the team it becomes apparent that there isn't much of a team.

Yeah, but I'm more in his camp over this issue.

Exactly, Nik.

The mania is currently running with a life of its own. Rational thought is out the window.

What is his camp saying?

He usually has very few good things to say about Miami as we all know.

Killer B's must have sacked him a few too many times and spit in his eye that is my theory.

I hate Joe Theismann,

That SOB cost us the super bowl, Bokamper had an easy int / TD in his hands and Theismann was able to break it up....That TD would have put the game away.

I hate that little weasel.

Riggins still probably would have found a way to win it for them.

From The Ripleys Believe It Or Not File.

David Woodley did not complete a pass in the second half of that game.

All you flippers in here, get ready for MannDolphin Mania!


Don't you think the same shit is happening in places like Arizona, Denver, Seattle etc ?

You don't get a guy like Manning come into free agency very often, the guy is coming off a serious injury yet no one seems to care, amazing.

Ross will throw all kinds of money at him, he wants to win and sell tickets at the same time, have you seen our home schedule this coming year, is pathetic, signing Manning will put butts in the seats.

Also, If he comes, we win every home game next year.

The Dolphins are right smack in the center of a perfect storm. A fan base so thirsty for a winner that they'll not consider the 10 mile crevasse separating them from the cool pool of water on the other side, an agent, better yet - "Super Agent" who would sell his mother and kids to the highest bidder, an owner with st✩rs in his eyes, willing to anti-up with any bidder, and finally, a 36 year old, once awesome quarterback, recovering form a series of very serious medical procedures, who may or may not be able to deliver equal to past performances.

Best case scenario: He is able to give his new team two good years, possibly even a SP appearance, before fading due to age.

Worst case scenario: He is unable to move the offense for any number of reasons, e.g., incompatible offensive playbook, coaches or support players, or worse, gets hurt within the first year.

Either case scenario: The team is stuck with stratospheric contractual obligations tantamount to crippling a team's chances of being competitive for YEARS to come.

I would not do this.

They would only owe him the bonus money if he fails to deliver.

They can cut him and owe him nothing contractually if he gets hurt.

Stephen Ross is a billionaire with a b not an m no skin off his behind.


If Joe Theismann spoke in a forest and a tree fell would it make a sound?


Your version of the contract above is non existent. Under the current and outrageous high demand negotiation market Peyton's agent would be a complete fool, check that, a brainless and complete fool to accept such restrictions on his client's behalf.

By the time the ink dries Peyton's bootie is going to be huger than huge, and I don't mean his rear end.

Thanks for link but it's just more of the same from him.

The fact that he is not in favor of Washington signing him makes no sense.


I can see why you don't want Manning, my take is simple, I rather have Manning and a rookie learning behind him that signing Matt Flynn.

Flynn scares me, the guy only has two games experience in the NFL, Manning is the real deal, but you still HAVE to draft a QB, he's only going to be here three or four years.

Let's get Manning and Tannehill

NFL contracts are not guaranteed OC.

I don't deny that the amount will be huge though.

He will want to be paid comparably to Brady, Rodgers etc.

Contrary to some reports, I don't think that he will sign a large performance incentive laden contract but there will have to be some language in there protecting teams against injury or non performance.

If I could get Manning for a bag of popcorn, I would do it. Unfortunately, the price will be just the opposite. Whoever wins the Peyton auction is, as a consequence, going to severely and negatively bind the team for years to come.

He is not the only fish in the sea.


Based on your contractual expectations, this makes you a prudent negotiator. My point being that in this market, someone will accept a less restrictive, more financially "secured" contract than what you've described.

Just place Ross and Snyder in a room together, each wanting the same thing. Stopping at nothing and facilitated by the #1 most accomplished agent in history.

Do you still think that "guarantees" are off the table? Before this is over Manning's contract will make whatever Brady and Rogers have seem like that of a place kicker's contract.

OC - the best case scenario isn't a Super Bowl appearance, it's a Super Bowl win, a championship, the ultimate goal of every franchise.

One Super Bowl and five years of a noncompetitive team would be COMPLETELY worth it.

All right, let's brake it down this way...

OC, who would you rather have in free agency ?

Flynn or Manning ?...they are both going to cost money, no draft picks..

OC - you're nuts if you think Manning's contract will be bigger than Brady and Rogers'!

Having a superstar quarterback with $15-20M in salary does leave you with a less talented team overall but it gives you a chance to win a Super Bowl.

You know my position. I would not take either. In fact, with Manning on the market that assures one less team bidding on RG3. That's who I would mortgage (restrict) the team with, not Payton, not Flynn.

Griffin's my number one choice too - pretty sure he's locked in as a Brown though.

I think 10 to 12 mil is fair, he might just take that.

he may want to bring in some of his guys, it may not be all about the money, this thing will be very "interesante" in the next few days.

OC, I know you love RG III but we just have too many teams in front of us that want the guy...It won't happen... he's going to the Browns of Redskins.

Manning will not cost draft picks,if Manning is healthy is a no brainer but you still have to get a young guy to learn behind him...

This whole discussion is pointless. Manning will sign with the Dolphins, we'll have -hopefully- two years in wearing party hats before reality sinks in and the team finds itself saddled with the most restrictive contractual picture in all the NFL.

Then again, we would be wise in getting Pat Riley to negotiate a deal for the team, thus delivering Manning for 1/2 the market rate.

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