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October 15, 2011

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 85.3%

[Main game post on UM-North Carolina and more (updated) is directly below this in the blog. Also, join us on Twitter @gregcote]

R.I.P. Dan Wheldon, one of the great IndyCar racers...

CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: GAME 6: Latest results are certified in the Canesfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show a big leap to 85.3 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Saturday's 30-24 victory over North Carolina in Chapel Hills, 1aa1csma result putting the Hurricanes' season record at 3-3 overall and 1-2 in the ACC.

The level is the second highest of the season, trailing only the 92.8% satisfaction that followed the Game 2 victory over Ohio State.

In its third season, the CSM is a continuing weekly gauge of how Miami Hurricanes football fans are feeling about the team and the program's direction, with a new poll appearing in the blog after every Canes game. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. This year I also suggest making this about the team and how it performs on the field, not about the NCAA or Nevin Shapiro.

Polls never close, but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting, in this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Monday.

2011 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

Next poll: Oct. 22 following game vs. Georgia Tech.

G6: 85.3% satisfaction (24.0 very, 61.3 somewhat) following 30-24 victory at North Carolina. 

G5: 50.9% satisfaction (10.0 very, 40.9 somewhat) following 38-35 loss at Virginia Tech.

G4: 45.0% satisfaction (6.3 very, 38.7 somewhat) following 45-14 victory vs. Bethune-Cookman.

G3: 19.9% satisfaction (6.2 very, 13.7 somewhat) following 28-24 loss vs. Kansas State.

G2: 92.8% satisfaction (40.0 very, 52.8 somewhat) following 24-6 victory vs. Ohio State.

G1: 49.2% overall satisfaction (9.1 very,  40.1 somewhat) following 32-24 loss at Maryland.

2010 Final: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season).

2009 Final: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season).


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Go Virginia! Go Wake!

Next week against Georgia Tech's running game is going to be painful to watch. Hopefully they leave enough time on the clock for UM to have an offensive series or two.


appreciate your use of the "original" old-school Ibis, with pipe and band-aids. Never understood why a cartoon mascot had to be PC.

Lousy performance against a very bad UNC team. Strong 1st quarter, then flat the rest of the game. Not happy one bit.

God I miss the good ole days... distant memory that will never repeat itself.

What about FAU?!?!? Awful... dominated by a bad WKU team in their new stadium opener.

If they can ever play 2 halves of football, or even 3 quarters of footbqll they will be allright

won't enjoy a win until i see complete football for 4 full quarters


i am so surprised that you have taken on such a pessimistic attitude towards UM's chances against the "can only run" yellowjackets of ga tech. the yelloejackets gave the canes a major boos by losing to virginia, and as much as i like the running of ga tech, a team that commits itself to stopping ga tech from running and forces them to throw- which the team from georgia can't do- can blow them out of the water. i understand that UM is not very good defensively, and not possesing a great DL, but a running team like tech should be getting single coverage on every play and be able to score through the air,m which paul johnson's teams can't do. i don't foresee a massacre, and i believe that UM will win becausse tech cannot play any kind of pass defense since theyt don't see a passing game in practice during the week. with FSU still on the board, it will take a lot for UM to get past va tech, as the holies are two games ahead for having beaten the canes. a win against ga tech and a stumble by a less than usually potent va tech and the canes are back in the hunt. as you stated, the canes need help from duke and va, but don't give up yet.


sorry about the gruesome amount of typos-will try a little better proofreading in the future.


i read the game thread and while UM was up 27-3 the masses seemed to think that UNC was a miserable bunch; weren't they n5-1 coming into the game?

and how about kellen moore? last check he was 26/31 for four TDs and no ints. no matter what andrew luck does and what is said about boise's schedule (nobody wants to play them) methinks that kellen moore is the best QB in the country. pinpoint passes that hit his receivers in stride and right in the mitts. he is a fantastic passer. they manhandled georgia and the bulldogs might be in the SEC championship game after a miserable start. their QB, aaron murray, might have the strongest arm in the country and he is a youngin!

"Lousy performance against a very bad UNC team"

Cmon man! UNC came in a 5-1 and has one of the best RBs in the nation to go with a really solid defense. This was not a very bad UNC team at all. Stop your crying and be happy with a nice win against a quality conference foe! First win in Chapel Hill, I'll take it!

The Cane offense is looking great and J12 is looking like an NFL QB these days. They just hit the brakes in the 3rd quarter and couldn't really get it rolling again. The only reason this looked so close was because of a late drive against a prevent defense followed by a recovered onsides kick by UNC.


jacorry harris NFL caliber? he has a rag arm and throws crossing patterns because the canes run so well; if he makes an NFL so will kellen moore, of whom the scouts think too short. it has been a nice story that jacorry harris has calmed down and is playing effectively, but methinks he is not in the top 20 NFL prospects playing in college now.

Some of you "fans" : the shadow knows, Canes till I die, make this forum pain to read. You expect perfect games ? A win is a win. Do you have anything ever positive to say ? Your lives must be horrible. I feel pity for you and your loved ones.

to o o o late mr. shadow. you need to receive one of these: http://0.tqn.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/n/U/moran.jpg

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked;
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

Very good, Fisher. You win a cookie.

godnabit. hoo in da tarnation iz da gaddam gramer po-leese roun hear? sheeat, am a acomplished skolin gratuate from texarkana, jut nordth of hear mashashushets. aint no mamas boy gona prebent me from ah speekin ma mind! sheeat!

25 Reasons why the Dolphins suck

25) Drafting Jamar Fletcher round one in 2001 while our secondary already had Madison, Surtain, and Brock Marion
24) Drafting Eddie Moore in the second round
23) Not making a super bowl appearance since Marino's second year
22) Haven't won a playoff game since Lamar Smith ran all over the Colts in 2000
21) Drafting Pat White in round 2
20) Drafting John Beck
19) Drafting Tedd Ginn Jr when we could have had Patrick Willis, Greg Olsen, etc.
18) Tony Sparano: Nuff Said
17 Cam Cameron: See Above
16) Passing on Drew Brees in the draft AND in free agency=2 times
15) Giving Wes Welker away for a bag of trail mix
14) Drafting Chad Henne round 2 and envisioning him as "the guy"
13) Putting out that T Pain theme for the games
12) Mosquito eyed Mark Anthony (aka the Latin Steve Buscemi)
11) Taking not one, not two, but three years to discover Chad Henne isn't a franchise quarterback..wait they still may not have realized that.
10) Having the big 3 in 07 being Lemon, Gado, and Camarillo. Oy.
9) Nick Saban
8) No mystique at Sun Life Stadium
7) Passing up on Matt Ryan (who is a franchise qb)
6) Passing up on Drew Brees in the draft and free agency
5) Passing up on Michhael Vick
4) Passing up on Aaron Rodgers and picking Ronnie Brown's vastly overrated ass
3) Mike Dee
2) Steven Ross
1) Just wait Dolphans....the worst is yet to come. Denver comes to town next week with Tebow. We (the Dolphins) are having a ceremony honoring the STARTING QUARTERBACK of the OPPOSING TEAM. Total candy asses. AND Florida has a bye week. So all the trailer dwellers will head south to Sun Life stadium and it will be an away game for the Dolphins in their house.

We. Suck. Too bad I wasn't around to see the early 70's super bowl teams.

Oh I put Drew Brees twice. I'm sure a fellow Dolphan can help me out and insert a different f*ck up.

Levine Toilolo 10 Yd Pass From Andrew Luck (Jordan Williamson Kick)...Levine Toilolo 26 Yd Pass From Andrew Luck (Jordan Williamson Kick)...Stepfan Taylor 8 Yd Pass From Andrew Luck (Jordan Williamson Kick)...Coby Fleener 28 Yd Pass From Andrew Luck...ho-hum...

Boys, we are going to start Stephen's grandson, Jules Abercrombie as quarterback. Before you pass judgement, I want you to know that Jules once scored 255 on Madden 11. You would do well in showing him some respect. Anyway, I want every each and every one of you to know that with Jules in the game, this coming game is in the bag!

Alex in Boca,

I have an "add' for you. Holding on to Marino about 5 - 7 years too long, delaying ther rebuilding process. ..or, if you prefer:

Not teaching Marino how to hand offf the ball properly


Buiding the team around Marino rather than simply building a team (such as the 72 Phins)

oh.and I've move the Welker comment way up on your list. That is the worst trade in Phins history. Not just giving away our best player that year, but giving him to a division rival.


Did you have the pleasure of watching Seattle Sounders last home game for the regulasr season? 64,000 in the rain. Chanting, singing, cheering for 90 minuites constantly.

There is no better atmosphere, for a regular season sport of any kind in the US, than attending a Seattle Sounders game..win or lose. While there is plenty of noise and cheering in other sports, it's not constant...it's only when their team makes apositive play.

Cheers to the Ft Lauderdale Strikers for making it to the Championship series.

Coming from 5th place in playoff ranking, to beat a team with a much better record ..in both the away and home games.

They will play Minnesota, who had a wild finish today ..game going back and forth as to who would win on aggregate. They lost 4-3, but won the tiebreaker shootout after having won the first game 1-0.

I wish the Final was just one game; but it will also be a 2 game series starting off in Minnesota.

So Ft Lauderdale vs Minnesota

Hey mike1,

I tolerate your soccer b.s. b/c i watch some of it myself (but only the good stuff -la liga,BPL & serie a - while you post two cockroach's playin soccer as your only form of entertainment.)


Maybe he would have handed the ball off properly if he had someone to hand it off too!!! & your wrong they did not build a team around him or they would have taken RANDY MOSS BEFORE JOHN AVERY!!!

It sux that you so called fans now lay blame at his feet when HE WAS THE ONLY PLAYER WORTH HIS SALT ON THOSE TEAMS......

Pretty bad when you put up 40 points and the opponents put up 45.....

& again build the team around him??? What are you on??? Shula kept taking defense with most of his top choices...just a dam shame that all of them SUCKED!!! I.E. - Erik Kumerow - John Bosa - Jay Brophy - THE DEFENSIVE LIST IS ENDLESS BUST AFTER BUST.....But they built around MArino.....WOW....YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!!!

& Alex in Boca......

25 should come off the top of your head within seconds....


Mike1 -

one more thing....Do you think the Broncos kept Elway too long ??....No they didnt, they just got him help in the form of Terrel Davis...(who the fins also passed on)
1995 draft where Terrel davis was taken fins pix
Billy Milner
Pete Mithcell
Norman Hand
Mike Thompson

Any of those guys EVER do anything??


don't sweat it, orangebowl4ever..
mike1's anti-marino fetish would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

and dead wrong

interesting in 1985 AND 1986 the dolphins had a combined 1500 yards rushing for the season, averaging 115 per game, ranking a respectable 15th.
in 1989 they had over 1300 total rushing yards, also ranking 15th.
in 1990 they ranked 15th with 1500 total rushing yards.
1300 in 1991. #15
1500 in 1992. #15
1459 in 1993.

and for the years we should have let marino go?
615 attpts 385 compl 4453 yds 62.6%

482 att 309comp 3668yds 64.1%

1996 (missing 3 games due to injury
373 221 2795 59.2%
kareem had over 1000 yrds rushing, the team had 1622 total rushing yrds.

548 319 3780 58.2%
1343 total rushing yrds. kareem almost had 1000.
(guess marino should've known how to hand off the ball better)

537 310 3497 57.7%
1535 total rushing yards.

1999(injured again)
369 204 2448 55.3%
1453 total rushing yards

building the team around this stud was the wrong thing? are you an idiot?
the bulls were built around jordan. the patriots were built around brady. that is what GM's do with a superstar.
if you want to place blame on the team's lack of major success, many things come into play. criticizing marino's ability to "hand off the ball"? a childish, football ignorant comment.
how about the 1st round draft busts of 1987,1988, 1989, 1995, and 1997?
guess they should've "taught" marino how to better evaluate talent?
stick to soccer, sweetie.



no no, orangebowl4ever..
getting davis was "building" the broncos "around" elway. a very bad thing in mike's football fantasy world.
and one MORE thing:
if any of the 500 QB's we've had under center since marino left put up the numbers marino did in HIS last 7 years, no one on this blog would be complaining about the QB position.
either you're too young to have witnessed the greatness marino displayed for this team over 27 years, or you have NO IDEA how the game should be watched, appreciated, OR played.
it's bad enough at age 41 for my beloved dolphins to be out of it before october even hit. i'll repect everyone's opinion on here regarding the team as is, and the changes we need to be the steady, always in contention, dynamic team we used to have.
but i'll be damned if i have to read one more revisionist disparaging AND STATISTICALLY INCORRECT version of what marino accomplished with this team.

Big Papa Cane,

do you not understand english? while UM fan Kazaam expects athrashing at the hands of UM, the ole shadow sees them shutting down ga tech and winning (see post of 8:44 PM). i am not a canes fan- just like watching college football since roger staubach won the trophy. if the canes do defeat ga tech, please make sure to understand that the canes have lost a couple of tough games, particularly at va tech, that have b put them in a difficult position to get to the ACC championship. and as an observer of jacorry harris, when he was mush i stated he was mush and now that he has seemingly started to play well under the new regime i have stated that he is far improved and has made for a nice story. don't think he is NFL stuff though. comprende?

godnabit. hoo in da tarnation iz da gaddam gramer po-leese roun hear? sheeat, am a acomplished skolin gratuate from texarkana, jut nordth of hear mashashushets. aint no mamas boy gona prebent me from ah speekin ma mind! sheeat!

Posted by: bote for me

Shadow - actually I like UM's chances of winning the game but I'm thinking with UM's run defense it's going to be a brutal grind and a frustrating one to attend. Ga Tech never abandons their run, even if they're down a couple scores, and I bet they put together 5+ minute drives every time they touch the ball.

Coming around on Kellen Moore, would have liked to see him play two games in a row but he was never afforded that opportunity playing at Boise. Still he showed up for their regular season game and their bowl game all four years.

Think it was after the Pats most recent thrashing of the Dolphins that Steve Young said Brady doesn't throw to a player, he throws it with purpose to a spot around the receiver and that as soon as the ball leaves his hand the receiver can see what he needs to do to catch it.

Kellen Moore seems to always put his receivers in good positions, although NFL scouts may not be able to overlook his tangibles.


you know that my characterization of "a great football" does not necesiutate a stellar NFL career. whatever becoomes of kellen moore past boise, he will remain the most accurate QB i have ever seen and as you see, puts the ball in the perfect spots to lead his receivers and places the ball right where it needs to be on "spot passes".what was michigan state doing wearing oregon's gun metal green uniforms instaed of the loud green thay have worn for years?

A very good synopsis on the state of the Dolphins, by James Walker, who writes for ESPN:


Not bad, I also enjoyed the recent analysis of Yahoo Sports writer Chip Apeton, who accurately demonstrated the current mindset of the Dolphins front office.


david in los angeles,

you posted at length about the dolphins' running game- 91,92,93- all under 100 yards/game per 16 game season. 1994- 58 yards over 1000, about 103 yards per game. 1996 with karim abdul-jabbar (LA high school phenom went to UCLA)- about 101.7 yards per game. 100 yards rushing per game is good for an individual runner, NOT AN NFL TEAM. every year that you mentioned the NFL's leading rusher outrushed the ENTIRE DOLPHIN TEAM!! even when stephen davis sneaked in there to win the rushing title in 1999 @1,405 yards, as you stated, marino was hurt and the dolphins outrushed him. revisionist? statistically incorrect? hardly, but don't damn yourself over your being oblivious to reality.

i'm damning nothing.. i just refuse the ridiculous premise that SOMEHOW it's marino's fault, which seemed to be the common thread of every mike1 post. ranking 15th in yards per game is what it is; it's NOT a terrible rushing performance, but an AVERAGE one.
what are the patriots rushing numbers in the brady era?
having attended most of marino's home games i can certainly attest to the reason we didn't go further, and it wasn't because of dan marino "not handing the ball off correctly". that's the dumbest, (of many dumb posts on here), argument i've EVER HEARD.
the defense failed us. PERIOD.
we couldn't make stops when we needed to, especially that championship game against the patriots in 1985, who went on to get their clocks cleaned by a bears team WE beat a month earlier. or against san diego in 1994.
it was the defense, and a string of less than stellar drafts.

come on, OC. help me out here. this is getting ridiculous.

Dan Marino is Hitler.

Well Kaz, that is certainly worse than drinking your own KoolAid, and I too agree with Chip's observation on the subject.


I have posted pretty much ad nauseam over this. I'll cut and paste my last commentary which pretty much echoes your views (and that of anyone else not afflicted with marinoitis).



83, 84, & 85. Those were the Killer Bsss years. Well, not so much 85, but certainly 1983 and while under Arnsparger when they were rated #1 in the NFL. That was their best shot at winning it all. Unfortunately, Marino was a first year rookie then. Taking control of the team not until the 6th game of the season. There are but a handful of QB's who have won it all as rooks. I'm not sure if Big Ben, or Manning were two of them (good topic for another discussion). The point being that everyone knew then that Miami was in good hands if other aspects of the team matched their passing prowess.

Unfortunately, Bill Arnsparger left and in his place Chuck Studley (who?) took his place. Yet this is the guy who would be matching up against the 49rs in the SB and trying to out-scheme Walsh. Yeah, good luck with that! Miami's defense went from being rated #1 to #12 by 85.

Additionally, the Dolphin's featured running back then was Tony Nathan, who registered around 500 yrds per season. Quick research will attest that 13 out of 28 teams during 1984 featured running backs who produced more than 1000 yards. Yes, and as one would expect, the 49rs had theirs' in Wendell Tyler (1262 yards).

I will continue to believe that had the Dolphins had any one of those 1000 and above runners, and had the team not gone to battle with a rookie Defensive coach, that results would have been different.

They were certainly good enough to win their conference and division, but not good enough to overcome two very significant elements of a team - running and defending.

* Bell 1100, Allen 1168, Dickerson 2105, Dorsett 1189, Anderson 1174, Jackson 1179, McNeil 1070, Payton 1684, Riggins 1239, Riggs 1486, Tyler 1262, Wiler 1544, Winder 1153.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | October 10, 2011 at 02:06 PM

In the end, and after every obvious statistical reality is brought to subject, one is left only with "personal" reasons to diss. Perhaps mike1 attended West Virgina and would routinely get pummeled by Marino's Pitt team. Maybe Veronica Marino, Marino's great grandmother once turned down young shadow knows on a date. Who knows why.

Marino molests collies.

Some of you "fans" : the shadow knows, Canes till I die, make this forum pain to read. You expect perfect games ? A win is a win. Do you have anything ever positive to say ? Your lives must be horrible. I feel pity for you and your loved ones.

Posted by: Big Papa Cane | October 15, 2011 at 10:25 PM

Canes till I die = Quijote
a cowardly, oxymoronic f-i-u-don't-matter fan poses as a self-hating Cane ...


david in los angeles,

your poat thia morning, 5:05 AM, beginning of last paragraph:


as mentioned i am not saying/writing anything about #13 except that he was a fantastic passer and had one of the really great arms in NFL history, and also a whole bunch of records that lasted until the rules were changed to favor the passing game and allowed for the breaking of his records by the vicodin fueled #4 of green bay. mike1 is a big boy and can continue to post his sentiments on the subject but i decline- i'd rather "agitate" by my futbol interchanges with mike1 and quijote, a fan of the great team of real madrid that was backed by franco and his fascists against barcelona, the separatists from catalonia.

I wouldn't have thought it impossible to dislike another NFL coach more than Bill Belichick, or Rex Ryan, but Jim Harbaugh may challenge these two guys. First, he pooh-poohs the Dolphins' invite to coach and then he shows his classless nature by pushing Jim Schwartz away as Schwartz goes over to congratulate him on his victory, then curses at him, dismissing Schwartz and showing no respect.

This guy may be a very good coach, but this is not the first time that he disrespects an opponent. He ran up the points - big time - on Pete Carroll and USC one year for no good reason at all. This guy is going to get his a** kicked if he continues dissing opposing coaches. It's okay though, if he disses Rexy and Billy.

david in los angeles,

before i started keeping a kosher diet, i frequented the following eateries quite often, usually with a good dose of THC in the system (years and years ago):

tommy's (beverly and rampart)
pink's (melrose and la brea)
burrito king (susnset and alvarado)
cassell's (6th street just west of vermont)
phillipe's (near the train station)
grandview gardens (chinatown, for dim sum)
langer's (awesome deli at 7th and alvarado)

do you ever "chow down" at any of these spots? i imagine that they are all still going and even though they are on the restricted list for me now, they were the best for their particular brand of "cuisine"- if you an call a chili dog (pink's) cuisine! let me know


What! no comments over that crack about you being turned down by Marino's great grandmother? Man, I thought a mild comeback was at least deserving;-)

OC Dolphin,

as mentioned, i have dropped marino as subject matter for posts; as far as his grandmother is concerned, she probably died before i was born and when i was in my youth cruising the streets with a little vial of that "happy dust", nobody turned me down- well, at least they didn't turn down that beautiful bolivian "mother of pearl"!! oh, those were the days before they started making it into crack and turning the USA upside down. as nick lowe used to sing " i love the sound of breaking glass... deep into the night.." i am a changed man.


when i lived in la jolla, jim harbaugh had just left the university of san diego for stanford. harbaugh seems to be the wonder boy coach that shula was with the colts (age 33when he took the job, i think). alex smith is a new man (again) and G-d bless frank gore, who has come back from multiple knee operations and maintained his breakaway speed. and to think trhat UM had portis, mcgahee, and gore simultaneously. we had a load of great runners at USC, but i don't think we ever had a trio of tailbacks like this. absolutely fantastic talents, enough to make gore sit or redshirt. before his knee issues, he was one of the truly best runners- power and speed/quickness- that the old shadow had seen. unreal comeback from horrible knee injuries and the 49ers took a chance, just like buffalo did with mcgahee, and both moves paid off.

I wonder how many all time great coaches might be considered a "good guys"? None that I can think of. Certainly not the best coach in the game right now.

49ers are 5-1.

Did you see that Lions/43er game? If Harbaugh is not crazy and in his own version of reality then he is at best insulting to fellow competitors. What he did at the end of that game was classless.

Cameron Cameron was a mensch.

I dare say Shula would never have conducted himself in like fashion.

The NFL coaching ranks is a tight group of men who work hard and respect one another. I can tell you that there are 31 of them right now that want to knock the living sh** out of this guy.

Well, with the possible exception of his brother.

OC, with Fins down it's guys like Harbaugh that make NFL interesting and funny but I have an ah "unusual" sense of humor, as you well know. Bill, Rexy, Harbaugh, Satan in his day, Buddy Ryan in his day turn NFL into WWF. They rob NFL of all its ah dignity. lol...

Just saw the replay of what will be the man soap opera story of the week.

Jim Harbaugh was excited. Schwartz is a huge prick who overreacted because he lost a game.

As our world turns over the next week I bet the media can't find 2 head coaches that will say they disapprove of Harbaugh's behavior.

Not that it f*cking matters.

5-1. 3 game lead in their division after 6.

Actually it looks like they're not even going to try on this one.


Can't act like you've been there 'till you've been there. Shame that Schwartz "wasn't expecting to hear an obscenity".


But it's already behind them, Harbaugh apologized, "That is totally on me," Harbaugh said. "I shook his hand too hard. I really went in, and it was a strong, kind of a slap-grab handshake."

Every time I make fun of my sister for reading "US Weekly" she says that the NFL is the exact same thing. She's not wrong.

Jim Harbaugh is Hitler.

In the Suck for Luck sweepstakes, Indy kept the heat on Miami by tanking their game against the Bungles. Anything better than 0-16 will lose this race. Indy is in it to win....Luck, that is, not games. The Rams also kept hope alive in St Louis by losing once again but they will just trade the pick.

Miami has their shot tomorrow to keep pace with the worst of the worst. Let's hope they don't blow it....by winning a game they should lose.


that BS "coaches handshake" after games is ridiculous; one guy has spent his entire week preparng for victory, and to force him to walk over to an opponent who has defeated his team is absurd. same thing in college; let em get into the locker room without the indignity of being thrust into the spotlight after losing. "NFL protocols"!!! get rid of this made for TV mini-moment that is useless.


You saw the replay, I saw the game. Perhaps you didn't see Harbaugh screaming seemly on every play to the official stationed by his side. More than enough times perhaps to have influenced a critical non-call when the official picked up of a flag thrown after one Harbaugh's 49rs jumped off sides. Instead of having a 3rd and 10 it stayed as a 3rd and 5 and the subsequently play remains a running play and goes to the one yard line.

Opinions are like bellybuttons. Everyone's got one. My bb says the guy needs to get his @** kicked for thinking he can just waltz into the NFL and show zip respect.

Jim Harbaugh is Hitler's @ss -0-

The graveyards of sports are littered with the bodies of once indispensable gms, coaches, and players. Right now, Miami is the NFLs biggest graveyard.

"damning nothing was in response to you claiming i was "damning myself to being oblivious to reality".
for one thing, my entire marino diatribe was directed at mike1; i never even mentioned you!
our middle of the pack running game certainly had room for improvement, but it was hardly the worst in the league, and had our defense made !/2 the big plays our offense made, we wouldn't be debating marino.
mike1 is out of his mind if he really thinks marino stayed 7 years too long.
he averaged 3,440 yds and 20 TD's. hardly awful numbers, and numbers we'd be happy with today.
as for the restaurants, i'll hit pinks and langers on occasion, but canter's on fairfax is my fav in los angeles.

You guys are all about statistics and forgetful of how many games he single handedly blew. His early electrics made you blind loyalists in the last 5-7 yrs. You must've looked the other way with each pick returned for TD or forced pass...or just decided to blame the RB's. He needed benching, JJ knew it. But afaid of fan outrage.

Deserved hall of game for his early years of passing and stats, yes. Great multi-dimensional QB, no. Even Brady ran 4 times for 17 yds today.

I could cite numerous instances where he blew games on his own; and there is no RB or dfefense to blame.

With a 17-43-2 INT passing, threw right to Todd Collins for a 40 yd INT return in the loss to NE in the playoffs.

Audibled (vs SD in playoffs) for a bomb down the sideline instead of picking up a few years to give the game winning kick higher percentage. We didn't need a TD, we needed 5 yds.

Humiliation in the playoffs vs Jax 62-7. He finally was benched.
"Marino was held to just 11 of 25 completions for 95 yards and 1 touchdown, with 2 interceptions and a fumble that was returned for a touchdown in his final game"

Fan blindness/loyalty to wanting him get a ring, kept him in the game way past his prime. Ironic that he alone blew a lot of his own chances. Any halfway decent defense, knew his one dimensional limitations.

(1999) Damon Huard: "He won his first three games that he started, tying a Dolphins record set by Earl Morrall in 1972. Huard would post a 4–1 record before Marino returned in November" (5-1 if you count that he took over in the middle of the Oct 17 game).

When Marino returned, Phins went 1 - 5, but backed into the playoffs...not deserving to be there and subsequntly the 62-7 playoff loss to NE.


can I cop any of the hallucinogenic psychotics one-a-day tabs you seem to be consuming? I sure I would find it interesting waking up in some yellow submarine, laughing my ass off at a blue meanie.

Why do you guys dredge up crap statistics from yesteryear just to argue? Dolphins haven't won a Super Bowl in a generation & haven't been relevent in the playoffs in over a decade & a half.

Suck for Luck. Fire Tony, Ireland, David Woodley reincarnate Chad Henne.

because it's a matter of principle, Jim. Mike1 just will not let it go. It's like if one of your own decided (for whatever personal reason) that he firmly believed that the military has brainwashed every member who ever served. Yeah, you would let that one go, right1?

At this point, I would respect mike1 more if he would just come clean and say that he never liked Marino. That he endured his many successes through the years and could not wait till he started to show signs of wavering.

I would respect him more for that than in continuing to insist that Marino sucked during his last 7 years. Or that he was not the poster boy of handing off to sub standard runners.

F**k it. let's just settle this in the f**king parking lot, already!!!!

naples I think Miami is more tar pit than graveyard and I can't imagine them improving so long as this owner or should I say owners continue to be connected to this team in anyway. Like Harbaugh or not I can't blame the guy for not wanting to move from Stanford/San Fran area to Miami with this bunch running the show. Hey Fins are my team but it is a very f***ed up franchise at the moment which as Jimbo pointed out has been a very, very long moment indeed.

If Fins f***ing win tomorrow that's it I'm a Giants fan period, end of story... Would it be fun watching Indy vs Miami each trying to lose the game. Now that would be a classic.

Miami Dolphins playoff appearances:

1966 - 1982 (pre Marino): 9
1983 - 1999 (Marino years): 10
1993 - 1999 (7 years Marino sucked, [per mike1]): 5 out of 7 playoff appearances!
1990 - present (11 years): 3

The favorite and most popular ice cream in the world is vanilla, yet some people just don't like it and love to put it down.

Hey Dan,

Feel free to show your appreciation. An autographed #13 jersey will do, at: ocdolphinhasyourback.net

oops! 2000 - present.

mike1 is not dissing Marino he is stating the patently obvious. Marino was a great QB who put up great stats. But stop kidding yourselves, the Dolphins did hold onto Marino WAY too long. Jimmy wanted to trade Marino while he still had value and Wayne stopped the deal. HUGE MISTAKE. Even if Dan had played well those last 5 years, which he did not, the Dolphins were still going nowhere with that team. They needed a lot of help. Jimmy had an opportunity to do for the Dolphins what he did for Dallas and never got the chance. You can argue all you want but the fact is since then our team has sucked. And now I think I agree with Naples Jack Patsfan that Miami is the worst franchise in the NFL.

mike1 the #1 worst decision is a tie involving the same player. Wannstedt drafting Fletcher rather than Brees and Saban signing Culpepper rather than Brees. Drew Brees should be a Dolphin and if he were we would have been a much better team the past 10 years.

Nick Saban is Hitler. So too is Tony Sparano, Cam CamMoron, Dave Wannstedt, Stephen Ross, The Tuna, Wayne Huizenga, and ....some others it's too early to think of.

david in los angeles,

langer's had the best pastrami and an awesome tuna melt; canter's was known more for the clientele it attracted form the music world by being open 24/7 than its food. pink's was also in the neighborhood and five minutes away down pre-boutique melrose made it a great stop after school for a chili dog w/onions or two.

Our defense needs the most work and luckily after some of the seniors leave we will have some nice players to fill those voids in certain areas.

But I have my concerns with.....DB's

Lee Chambers and Brandon McGee are the worst DB's I've ever seen in my life wearing Canes uniforms, period. This is followed by Mike Williams though I have more confidence in him than the first 2. Brandon McGee should never get burnt since he runs a 4.29(40) but he does because he can only run a straight line, make him turn and he's toast. Lee Chambers, converted RB to CB, I will never understand how he has maintained a starting position on defense, ever. Vaughn Telemaque is an enigma. One day he's looking good and the next few days he looks like pure garbage. Ray Ray hasn't done his job, period. He hasn't lived up to the hype at all. He should have done more to be in shape for the VT game and he didn't, that showed. I was honestly more impressed with him during his freshman season compared to his junior season. Both Ray Ray and Tele better not have any ideas of going into the draft after this season if they have any sense at all. I can't wait to see Dallas Crawford at safety and Thomas Finnie at CB. Finnie, to me, could start right now, like now now. Then there's Kacy Rogers, Keion Payne, Thurston Armbrister, AJ Highsmith, and Tyrone Cornelius (converted LB to FS/SS). Then there are also the incoming recruits like Coral Reef's Vernon Davis, Larry Hope, Nate Dorch(decommited from UNC), and Amos Leggett. All those guys are coming in for the 2012 season and some of them will be testing our guys real hard, can't wait for that.

Personally with a new strength coach and possible (fingers crossed) a new DC, we'll be nasty once again. Alot of the fat will be trimmed off this team with the seniors who haven't lived up to the expectations and claims, leaving on to hopefully better things.

I'm optimistic that this year will be what it will be, a rebuilding year under a new Head Coach, new Offensive Coordinator, new Defensive Coordinator, and new system. By next year, those that were present for this season, will have an even more comfortable understanding of this system and what our coaches are looking for out of them and I personally believe that next year we could very likely be in the ACC championship game against VT. It's a big claim, I know, but these players are all buying into the system now and by next year they will be on another level.

Give Golden and Co. their due time and put everything together. Hell we gave candy randy how many years?? There you go.


No, I don't agree, Tom. this five year mark saw a declining Shula team, one that had the entire community wishing he would step down so that Jimmy Johnson could step in. This is precisely what happened, when in 96 Johnson became the coach.

Look up practically any material on the subject and you will also find that Johnson inherited one of the top ranked offenses in all of football. His claim to fame was always his (supposed) ability to improve defenses and draft quality players. While he did draft future studs like Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Sam Madison, and Patrick Surtain, their defensive abilities where not enough to offset his other putrid selections - Cecil Collins, and two first-round picks, running back John Avery and wide receiver Yatil Green.

You are correct in one aspect though, Johnson never bought into Marino. He wanted to trade him while the ink was still wet on his contract. You can make the argument that trading Marino as soon as he started to coach the Dolphs would have been a good thing. Fine, I totally get the "prudent investor" take of that argument. However, I could also make a case that a traded Marino to a different team, one that had above average defensive and running teams - COULD - have been enough for that hypothetical team to have gone further up the playoff ride. After all, Marino did give Jimmy three playoff appearances under the four years he played for him.

Chomp Chomp bitches... ya'll ready for the Gators to take over the Hurricane's rented field next week?

Excellent post CANETILLUDIE, aside from it being impossible for UM to face Va Tech in an ACC championship game.

Agree about the DBs and Finnie but I give more slack to Ray Ray since all the "hype" that he's failed to live up to was generated by his on the field play as a freshman, where he far surpassed any expectations.

Also as horrible as UM's defense is that coordinator did good things at Temple and as he says, they've been terrible by design, the playbook is as simple as he can make it and they're keeping 7 players in coverage every play because he doesn't trust his players to not give up the big plays.

Don't agree with the strategy but at least there is a reasoning behind it.


No one can say with absolute certainty what would have happened if Marino had been traded. But this I know for certainty, all we got with Marino was 3 brief playoff appearances with absolutely NO HOPE of a SB. And the post-Marino years have been even worse with a steady to decline to where we are now arguably the worst franchise in the NFL.

My belief is that if Jimmy got his way, he would have had a real chance to create a winner in Miami. I believe he would have done so. He had won everywhere else he had been. Marino had real value that might have brought talent to the Fish that could have changed the fortunes of our team.

But that's just wishful thinking. We are what we are now......The Miami Dolphins........a formerly great franchise.....and now the laughing stock of the league. On that point, I think we are in agreement.

No doubt. When we as Dolfans were accustomed to having 19 post season appearances within 33 years, then just 3 for the following decade and change, well that is very disappointing.

Worse yet, I have zero expectations that Ross is as wise as Irsay. Our dolt of an owner will feel as if his team has done a good thing by winning two or three games.

Just wait and see. Matt Moore may actually produce more wins than Henne might have won. Ross is expected to be at the game tonight cheering on one of a possible 3 wins for the year. Then what?

Continued mediocrity.....if we are lucky...that's what. I fear there will be a day real soon, in fact it might already be here, when we are happy going 8-8 and sneaking into the last wild card slot. We are so pathetic, it's......pathetic.

Call me crazy guys, I am going with the Dolphins tonight, and taking the 7 points.

I may have to eat my words about Ross. Check out this article by Salguero:


I hate to say this about my good friend, NJPF, but he's an idiot....well at least with his prediction that the Fish will beat the Jets. The only way the Fins win is if the Jets tank the game to keep Miami from winning the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.


enough with the marino stuff- it is ten years after he retired. i am beginning to feel the same way when the pro-danny/anti-danny/pro-jimmy posts appear as my friends do when they see anything about futbol!

I'm sending you the duct tape to wrap your head shadow, but please don't forget to return it. Whenever you and mike1 go off on your futbol rants my head starts to explode.

On Marino the sad thing is he was great but keeping him those last 5 years played a big part in setting us up for the big fall we have endured the past 12 years. Just my 2 cents.

On a more positive note, Obama's term expires January 2013 so we have that going for us.


sir alex keeps chicharito on the pine until the end of the matchg and our favorite mexican comes through with a header to give man u the equalizer!! the young man scores at na amazing rate and this weekend is the first of the manchester "darbies"- hoping it is sunday so that i can watch, but i would say the blues are playing better than the reds at this moment; however they tend to choke when man u gets on the pitch with them. the EPL review show is the bestb 60 minutes on my TV!!

So great! It sounds as if Ross is on board with the Suck for Luck strategy. Now all he must do is think about devious ways by which t guarantee last placement.

Go for it Stephen!

Dang it shadow. Split pea on the pine???? Okay, you asked for it:
#13, #13,#13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13,
#13, #13,#13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13,
#13, #13,#13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13, #13,

OC Dolphin,

i would retaliate with a series of CHICHARITO#14,CHICHARITO#14..........; however, as great a scorer as this young man is, i will never develop "idol worship" over any player, as some have done here regarding you know whom!

Thanks, I'm just enjoying a good laugh.

TRAGEDY: dan weldon
REALLY BAD NEWS: marcus lattimore ripping up his knee. however as we have stated regarding frank gore and willis mcgahee, what once were career ending injuries are now capable of rehab and back to what once was. lattimore was, as kazaam would say, a "beast" and better than alabama's "beast of a back" trent richardson. i am pulling for LSU in the showdown with the tide; methinks les miles is the best coach in america and LSU comes up with the most bizarre (after really studying film) plays, like last year's flip to the FG kicker against florida and this week's run by the punter which one could see was designed from the get go. les miles stated he wasn't going toleave baton rouge for his alma mater of michigan, and he stuck to his word, as opposed to "don't ask me about the labama job" nick saban. saban is also a top tier coach but he is a lying dog!

Things the dolphins need to do the rest of the year to make sure they lose every game.

1-run Reggie Bush between the tackles
2-run the wild-cat more
3-don't throw a forward pass over 5 yards
4-don't fire Sparano until after the last game
5-make sure Devon best does not get into the games
6-put Jake Long on IR
7-encourage B Marshall to get into a fight
8-as soon as get get into our opponents 40 yard line, try a FG

chime in if you can think of more...We can F*** this one up people, Mr. Ross needs all of our help on this one...Suck for Luck.

@ Kazaam

Meant GT for next season ACC title game. Typo, my bad.

These are all great FZB, but I may have the ultimate assurance. It' is foolproof. Have Ross bring in Greg Cote to run back punts and kickoffs.
He wouldn't have to actually catch the balls, Devon could do that for him and then hand off to Greg. Here's the clincher though. Greg would knowingly run to the opposite goal line. This would lead to a perpetual loop of scoring by each opponent. The points against the Dolphins would be in the three digit range.

Look at all the positives: 1. They would be assured of a 0-16 record. 2. Greg Cote would become a local and national legend and Dolphin's hero, as Luck would have it. 3. He would also benefit physically, dropping a few pounds and therefore making him more attractive to his wife (translation: more humihumihumi...).

The ultimate win-win!

LOL OC & FZB great suggestions. Here's an even better one. Ross, Ireland and Sparano actually TRY TO WIN! Guaranteed 0-16 season...

I agree with Commander Ripper. Tony the Clown and Company should just keep doing what they've been doing all season and we should win the Suck for Luck sweepstakes. My only fear is we lose a coin toss to Indy as they are definitely in the Suck for Luck chase to win (ehhr lose).

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