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September 09, 2011

Dolphins will beat Patriots Monday. No, seriously; plus LeBron's female alter-ego, FIU's big win at Louisville, Peyton Manning & more

1aa1eagle 1aa1remember [Notes: Here's to America on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Never forget! A terrific, poignant column yesterday by one of the best writers on our staff, Linda Robertson, about high-school football. Read it here. You'll be glad you did. Also, join us on Twitter @gregcote]

It is "The Day of the Upset Bird" in South Florida!: Thanks to the mayors of Miami, Miami-Dade and Fort Lauderdale for the official proclamations in honor of the launch of our 21st year of Friday-page NFL predictions. The Upset Bird is off disemboweling a road-killed frog, but adds his thanks.

1aa1fripix NFL FRIDAY PREDIX / WEEK 1: DOLPHINS, HENNE STUN PATS: It is absolutely true. I was sober when I made that pick. New England's defense is looking vulnerable to me, and the full unveiling of Miami's new offense will cause problems. Chad Henne has rolled two straight 300s (335, 305) vs. Pats at home. Expect a third. Click Week 1 Gems for all our picks. Click Fly Like An Eagle for our division-by-division predictions and Super Bowl pick. (Although after watching last night's game I'm thinking a repeat by Packers may be safest bet. Glad to have you on my fantasy team, Aaron!).

1aa1lebresha LEBRON INTRODUCES "LEBRE'SHA"!: There are new indications that Heat star LeBron James might be going insane. That, or the NBA lockout is giving him just wa-aay too much free time. Yesterday LeBron Tweeted (@KingJames) that he is going to New York's Fashion Week to support his sister, "LeBre'sha," an aspiring model. The photo he Tweeted, seen here, is of himself in drag. Hmm. I'll tell you what 'Bron, lose the mustache and you pretty fine.


FIU 24, LOUISVILLE 17. BIG WIN. VERY NICE: FIU 2-0 now after a very nice upset road win last night vs. a Big East opponent, and on ESPN as a bonus. One of the bigger wins in FIU grid history for sure, its first vs. the B-East. Not sure how the Mario Brothers won, exactly, considering L'Ville led in first downs 23-9, in total yards 356-249, and in time of posession 37-23. But still! T.Y. Hilton made his case for getting on the national Heisman Trophy radar with seven catches for 201 yards -- including TDs of 74 and 83 yards -- plus two kick returns for 67 yards. Just on the radar, for now. Original post: FIU has a legit shot for an upset over a bigger opponent tonight at Louisville, and that and a big night by T.Y. Hilton could hoist the latter onto the national Heisman radar for the first time. The newest poll at StiffArmTrophy.com entering Week 2 of college season shows a top three (all QBs) of Oklahoma's Landry Jones, Boise State's Kellen Moore and Stanford's Andrew Luck, with FSU's E.J. Manuel sneaking into top 25 at 23. Still no T.Y. sighting, but 200-plus combined yards tonight on the ESPN stage could change that and begin to get attention beyond the FIU campus. Pick: Louisville 27, FIU 17.

PEYTON MANNING IS DONE: It's pretty clear the Colts' QB won't play in 2011, or best case, perhaps very late in the season. I'm no doctor, but I know a doctor who performs these type of surgeries and he said recovery from this week's neck fusion typically takes "several months." He also says doctors apparently miscalculated in thinking the earlier, less serious surgery would solve the problem.

1aa1closing day MARLINS REVEAL "CLOSING DAY" PLANS: Marlins will make a big deal of Closing Day on Sept. 28, the final game in the old stadium and final game as the Florida Marlins. Postgame, the Marlins' all-time team will be announced with a slew of former players participating including Kevin Brown, Luis Castillo, Jeff Conine, Andre Dawson, Cliff Floyd, Livan Hernandez, Charlie Hough, Mike Lowell, Marlin-for-a-minute Mike Piazza and Gary Sheffield. Sounds a like a fun but weird day: Bidding a nostalgic farewell to a place that's considered the pits.      

COLLBALL WEEK 2: Miami's Hurricanes are off this week readying for Ohio State and FIU went Friday (see above), Saturday is packed. The state slate, chronologically: FAU gets whupped No. 17 Michigan, 44-0; 5_Florida State crushes Charleston Southern, 62-10; 18-Florida drills Alabama-Birmingham, 39-0; 22-South Florida dispatches Ball State, 37-7; and Central Florida spanks Boston College, 30-3. Thought Howard Schnellenberger's Owls would take a spanking, and that every other state team looked like a winner. Week's only national Top 25 matchup was 3-Alabama beating 23-Penn State, 27-11. Was a good idea the Whitehats had Joe Pa up in the pressbox and off the sideline.

THE REAL T-30: The Real T-30 is our weekly cumulative, consensus Top 30 college football ranking based on a combination of the three major polls: Associated Press, USA Today, ESPN. Points based on 30 for a No. 1 ranking, 29 for No. 2, etc. The combined ranking entering Week 2:

Rank   Team   Points   (Last week)

1   Oklahoma   180   (1)

2   Alabama   172   (2)

3   Louisiana State   168   (4)

4   FLORIDA STATE   156   (5)

5   Boise State   155   (6)

6   Stanford   148   (7)

7t   Texas A&M   139   (8)

7t   Oregon   139   (3)

9   Oklahoma State   135   (9)

10   Wisconsin   129   (10)

11   Nebraska   119   (11)

12t   Virginia Tech   112   (14)

12t   South Carolina   112   (12)

14   Arkansas   109   (13)

15   Ohio State   89   (18)

16   Michigan State   86   (17)

17   Mississippi State   73   (20)

18   Texas Christian   65   (15)

19   FLORIDA   60   (24)

20   Missouri   58   (21)

21   West Virginia   55   (23)

22   Texas   45   (25)

23   Notre Dame   44   (16)

24   Arizona State   42   (26)

25   Auburn   39   (22)

26   Penn State   36   (27)

27   Georgia   35   (19)

28   Baylor   25   (--)

29   SOUTH FLORIDA   23   (--)

30   Southern Cal   21   (28)

32t   MIAMI   4   (29t)

Click back. Probably be adding much more stuff to this latest blogpost...


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The O-line (in particular Columbo) is worrisome, more so than NE's defense. Once Checkdown Chad gets rattled it's Game-Over for the Phins. LOVE to see them beat the Pats, but really? Don't think so..

Cote- You are dreaming!!!! Saw all 4 Pats preseason games, all vanilla o+d. Hanesworth, Willfork, Carter, Ellis, and Mayo will run wild against Dolphins o- line. Henne,is who he is, not ready for prime time.

Sorry Cote... Vegas had FIU as 11 point underdogs this week, today its only 3.5 point underdogs.

FIU will win tonight, count on it.

I'm happy for FIU and ther rise but come on, T.Y. Hilton for Hiesman? When was the last time anyone won that award from a non BCS Conference?

Damn, maybe you should learn how to spell the word "Heisman" before you start criticizing someone's shot at winning it b/c he plays in a non-BCS conference.

Cote picking the Dolphins ?....

That's the F*****g KISS OF DEATH as far as I'm concern, Please Cote say it ain't so.

I had picked the Dolphins now I'm a total nervous wreck, thanks a lot.


Love your positive thinking there, at least Naples jack is a beli-cheater homer, he gets a pass but you are a Dolphins fan?..go root for the stinkin jets.

Agree Phins win, Heen plays good against PATS & JETS @ Home, & this was with lesser talent & arun 11st offense. Sparano has already said 80 passes is possible. I like it

Agreed Cote, Miami will beat NE!


Fear not troupe (no typo, we're all performers), I will post everyone's final predictions before the game starts. Please excuse the less than normal presence as I'm still bouncing around any available public wifi's as circumstances permit (one more Starbucks, please!).

I do see a few uncommitted projections, i.e.- 9-7 or 10-6. I'll probably register the lower value.

Anyone else think that first game last night will be hard to top!?

I was rooting for the Saints to score from the one, score the two point conversion to tie the game, and then have another kickoff run back for a win to whoever won the coin toss.

That would have been epic!

Can't wait for OCs prediction list. It's going to be interesting to see how many are still drinking the Dolphin Kool-aid.

Did they already move the Phins game to GAY-nsville...

The time has finally come once again, where I spend from Thursday - Monday all day in front of the TV watching football... all forms of it, college, NFL, soccer, rugby world cup, Irish football and Australian football. OK..not really..but there is always something to watch. A great summer of major soccer tournaments was the only saviour from baseball in the last 5 months.

I can't wait to start complaining about the BCS (Biased Championship Series) once again.

I'm all for super conferences and the dismantling of the big 12. One of my ideas over the years was to have 6 - 20 team conferences. The champions, plus two wild cards go to the playoffs. All the other teams can still keep their bore bowl games.

Boise State is still keeping it up ..beating Georgia for the 2nd time..at Georgia and by a good score.

TCU has fallen, but I haven't done research to see if any of their top players are still there.

West Side Story II. Will soon to be Hurricane Maria show Tony some love? Or will she leave Brady Feeling Pretty.

FIU 21-17 Louisville

Go Panthers !!!

I want to believe cote... I want to believe Cote... I want to believe cote... Maybe if I say it long enough, it will come true. Personally, I have my fingers grossed, so tightly, it hurts. I want to believe Cote...

"Yes We Can ", The Fins Will Beat the Patsies and Win the Super Bowl at the Same Time ;)

Go DOLPHINS!!! Beat the "dinasty" of cheaters !!


naples jack
fear fat albert haynesworff? you better get your blood sugar checked.

ask any dolphins fan who wins this game? dolphins! or we wouldn't be "fans"

OC, even a 3-3 split in our division...which I doubt, makes it mighty hard to predict any better than 9-7 for our Fins.
As always, beating the Jets and Patsies is SOME solace. Not much, though.

In the AFC, 10-6 often isn't good enough, as other teams in weaker division pile up better records, such as the Steelers, Chargers, Ravens.
Jets and Patsies feast on WEAKER SCHEDULES than last season's final rankings SHOULD warrant, which seem to be of little concern to the media.
NFC is a joke with a team like Seattle getting in.
Then they beat NO...go figure.

Cote, I got 38 pts from Aaron Rodgers last nights game.

my RB's this weekend are: Jahvid Best & Tim Hightower.

WR's- Brandon Marshall & Vincent Jackson
TE - Winslow JR


D&ST's-KC (vs Buffalo)

I sat.. Dwayne Bowe, Ben Tate, Mike Crabtree, Jason Snelling, McNabb, Bernard Berian, Aaron Davis (pitt wr)

broken record:
Dolphins go 9-7 , lose wildcard playoff game.

Tony, Henne, Ireland get sent home packing.

Some of you fans have got to be the worst fans in history! Damn, why don't you let the game play out before doubting the fins? Loyalty is what a fan is about. I guess some of you never served in the military.

GO FIU !!!!

Hmm....looks like the 'canes ARE #6 in the State of Florida.

Hilton for heisman!!! his stats are ridiculous.

Sorry Cote, you got it wrong!!!! FIU wins! Good job buddy....

Great win for FIU!! On to the next one, UCF.

Ok UM fans, let's start commenting on those typical topics...

1. FIU will NEVER beat a real opponent, in a BCS conference.
2. FIU will NEVER recruit top FL talent to West Miami.
3. FIU will NEVER field a team better than UM.
4. FIU will NEVER be any good because I really really hope so.

Maybe it's time to take some Windex to that cyrstal ball of yours, hater UM fans. What you're now witnessing is dejavu, only it's situated on-campus in West Miami Dade.

FIU wins. You're wrong Cote. Thanks for the years of support. #sarcasm

FIU wins. You're wrong Cote. Thanks for the years of support.


Forget UM man! Everyone north of Dade & Broward county has already done so. Let's focus on FIU, and ONLY FIU.


nice win, FIU. let's see what happens by the end of the season. you can believe in your program without sullying the reputation and success of one of the finest programs in the modern era: miami
as for the dolphins, i agree,jimbo. maybe even 10 wins if we can hit on all cylinders.
unfortunately we ARE in the AFC east, but i still don't think the jets are as good as everyone else is, and it might take the pats a minute to get cooking. who knows?
i'm just so happy it's football season!

Okay folks. Here is what I've got so far. Please add, correct or modify as you see fit. I'll publish the final list before the Monday game. Dave in VA, where are you?

11-5: OC Dolphin
10-6: FZB, Greg Cote
9-7: Jimbo, the shadow knows, david in los angeles, IMAWriter
8-8: I am Kazaam, mike1
7-9: Tom
5-11: naples jack
4-12: raoul duke

out of the 9-7 or better crowd...

Does anyone see a playoff WIN this yr? Not me

OC, were missing about 10 frequent bloggers opinions.

Dennis Rodman looks better in Drag then LeBron dressed as a Ho.

7-9. Dolphs might do better if Cote can pass this on to Sparano, change Henne's name from Chad to Charlie. No self respecting American should have a name like Chad, Brad, or Tad, all pansy ass'd light in loafers names. That's what's wrong with this country today. George, Tom, John, Ben, that's the ticket. Chad Washington? Does anyone think that the English would have surrendered at Yorktown to General Chad Washington. Of course not! Only a limp wrist-ed, quiche eating, pansy has a name like Chad. If Cote can get the Dolphs to list Henne as Chuck Henne then we might go 9-7, with Chad we'll be lucky to win 7 games.

Since Nov 1st, FIU has more wins than anyone else in the nation. That's a fact.

Panthers on the rise!

Specifically, Division I college football

Beating the big East? what's so great about that. Always wondered why Big 12 and Big East have automatic bids. Well, I wonder why there are any automatic bids in the first place in our corrupt biased college system..but given that it does exist.. the Big East? ...really???

If the worst thing that Checkdown Chad can do is pass to Bush, we'll be fine. Agree that NE is over rated!

Mike the last time UM was relevant they were in the Big East. Does that fact discredit their legacy?

LOL Douche... haters gonna hate.

What does "relevant" mean? That they're competing for national championships? That the general football public is interested in them? People still don't care about Florida International and they do care about Miami. Neither team is close to competing for national championships but Miami is sure closer to being "relevant" than Florida International.

Congrats to FIU! Great win for the program.

Duke, you are picking the Dolphins to go 4-12..

say it ain't so dukey....

Truth try going north of South FLA and people refer to UM as University of Michigan, or Maryland, or Memphis, etc. Ask them about the Canes and all they'll tell you is about their NCAA violations and upcoming hammer, their 1-4 bowl record in their last 5 appearances, or their continued embarrassing performances on national tV.

FIU may not YET be as widely known as scUM, but at least they are known for the right reasons... like my Gators.?

Hahahahha, yep, when people think of the Florida Gators, they think of a team that does it the right way. no doubt!!!


Obviously I'm going out on a limb in going 11-5. I have to say that I agree with much of what Greg Cote has to say about the year. His observations are pretty close to mine, but for Phily (Great chance of a repeat SB w/ GB & Pit).

Having said this, and a lot of it will be answered on Monday, if the Dolphins win, as I think they will, then why not 11 &5? They would have beaten NE and thus might set up the rest of their season. They win against a team which they've never ever beaten in the Texans and 11-5 will instantly not be out of the realm of possibility.

You ask if they can win a playoff game? Well, if they pull tht 11 &5, they are good enough to beat SD, but not Pit or Baltimore.

I know most here would disagree but poor results is so embedded in our fan base that I think most just expect less than 500.

I'm tired of being disappointed year-in-year-out, and I for one will load up on enough self delusion to demand and expect better. In the immortal words of Patrick Henry -- "I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past."

Go Dolphins!!!

If the Fins Beat the Patsies I will Change My Name to Sparano Jr ;)

OC, I have loved this team since 1971 and will stick with it thru thick and thin but.... I ain't seeing much more then average overall team. Considering we got the Jets and Pats in our division, a winning record is a big reach. Jets and Pats have better talent and very much better coaching on all aspects of the game. Dolphins are better then the Bills but then aren't all but about 3 teams in the entire league better then those sad sacks.

Wait hold the presses OC! I said Fins would go 5-11 with help of Jesus Christ Superstar and I'm sticking to it. I have VIRTUAllY ZERO confidence in owner and management of this team. Subsequently, even a "hypothetically speaking" decent core of players will auto-erotic asphixiate quicker than a bound David Carradine on a creaky chair with a composite plastic bag over his head, in a Bangkok hotel room... Mr. Carradine I'm still convinced you passed to the other shore in that rather undignified manner so as to remind Mankind, at a rather difficult juncture of their evolution, of the necessity for laughter. More precisely the kind of intense laughter, in the face of the absurd, that commonly causes human beings to choke & cry until they see stars before their eyes. Thank you Kwai Chang.

Kazaam, with all do respect my man your selection while unique to these ears and what's left of my tympanic membranes was a bit disorientating. I mean where was the Stratocaster, the Vox wah pedal, reverb & the blistering riffs....?
Oh yes, regarding my prognostication above, the 5 wins are not only contingent on the help of Jesus but on Channing Crowder remaining out of a Dolphin uniform & off the field. Irregardless may the Infinite Lady Luck of the Universe be with our beloved and vexing Miami Dolphins and thir long suffering fans always and may their train finally come in...


Yea, I forgot how great Nina Simone is, they were playing her on the postgame show for the Ravens radio broadcast, Baltimoreans are ecstatic about their team's first game.

7 points for Pittsburgh and 7 takeaways for Baltimore. All the stars aligned - 2 INTs for Ed Reed, an INT and FF for Ray Lewis, a FF and two fumble recoveries for Ngata, and three sacks for Suggs, two of which were sack-strip-turnovers on Big Ben.

And their offensive line is magnificent - flabby ass 400 pound Bryant McKinnie upgraded 3/5 positions and the other two needed no upgrading. Leach and Williams are also huge upgrades over McClain and McGahee in the blocking department, Joe Flacco is going to be able to pick teams apart this year.

Not a good opener for the US in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. 22-10 loss to Ireland. But I didn't really expect them to beat an experienced team, who had half filled a stadium in green colors ..travelling clear across the planet.

I'm thankful that it was nationally televised, to contrast the poor selection of NFL games we get here in Houston.

Rugby is an interesting game. Not as cool as footbal, soccer, or Irish or Australian football, but nontheless a good game can be interesting. Hope more games will be on..not just the US games.

Game of the week had to be Michigan's last second win over ND. The one full game that I watched. With a minute to go, I thought Michigan embraced the score too quickly syndrome.. ND comes right back for a quick score only to be outdone by Mich in 30 seconds from lousy field position. 8 seconds left, you'd think they'd settle for a FG attempt ..simply thankful to be back in it, instead they heave it into the end zone for the win.

I think they should let Robinson run more; he is not a super QB. ..though he made the plays when they counted.

I commend ND on their new uniform and helmet. I hope it's permanent. Not being a ND fan, I did think they made an excellent choice in helmet design.

Ted Ginn, a kickoff return and punt return for TDs within like a minute of each other. Yes, it wasn't smart picking him in the 1sst round. Once we had him, was it worth dumping him instead of keeping him for kick offs and utility play?

mike1 I believe Fins still have Ted Ginn Jr's super nice family on the active roster.

Was that our very own Tom running up the sidelines and cheering as Ted Ginn Jr. was running for a pair of touchdowns;-?

Hey Noel, where are you?

11-5: OC Dolphin
10-6: FZB, Greg Cote
9-7: Jimbo, the shadow knows, david in los angeles, IMAWriter
8-8: I am Kazaam, mike1
7-9: Tom, Mr. Woodcock
5-11: naples jack, raoul duke

Ted Ginn, 2 tds. sunday, how come the Dolphins cant get players like this?


Last time the Herald had a football poll involving FIU, we TOOK OVER, and got a nice feature based on the poll's results in the paper the next morning.

Let's make it happen once again!

The poll asks which is the best team in Florida. Obviously, we all know its FSU, but let's be vocal and continue to let the Herald know that the FIU community is much larger than they think thereby forcing them to continue their improved FIU coverage.
-- Quijote


Greg Cote picking Dolphins to go 10-6. Must be a publicity stunt or higher-ups at Herald forced him to aim high.


when i gave the dolphins a loss at buffalo when they meet in december; if the bills play then the way they opened the season at KC, it could be a long day near lake erie. a dolphins loss tonight would make them a game behind the rest of the division one week into the season, with, (gulp), the undefeated against miami forever texans coming next week fresh off a trouncing of graybeard kerry collins and the colts. tonight's game got bigger, and it was a big game from the time the schedule came out.

Truth try going north of South FLA and people refer to UM as University of Michigan, or Maryland, or Memphis, etc. Ask them about the Canes and all they'll tell you is about is ... their continued embarrassing performances on national tV.

Posted by: Gator Nation | September 10, 2011 at 06:11 PM

ESPN's Miami-Maryland Labor Day telecast averages 4,395,000 viewers
-- chris freet

win or lose ...
U turn on TVs ...



from which "song" of the sixties is the title of the previous post taken? maybe the fastest climbing and fastest dropping record to chart in the glorious sixties.


I'm afraid that the answer is hitting too close to home for me, but I can somehow find humor in it - hee hee, ho ho.


Looks like the Dolphins just allowed another very good player go over to your side. The Pats picked up A.J. Edds. Damn!

LOL green. Don't you get it, people tune into UM (Miami) games to laugh at the program they hate.

ESPN is cashing in at UM's expense.


Beating the big East? what's so great about that.

Posted by: mike1 | September 10, 2011 at 02:51 PM


The 2009 Louisville Cardinals football team ... finished the season with a record 4–8 and 1–6 in Big East play.
-- wiki


OC Dolphin,

My prediction is Miami will go 6-10

Who's talking about the Big East or FIU green? NOBODY. U scared?


Cool, we have a Kurt sighting.

11-5: OC Dolphin
10-6: FZB, Greg Cote
9-7: Jimbo, the shadow knows, david in los angeles, IMAWriter
8-8: I am Kazaam, mike1
7-9: Tom, Mr. Woodcock
6-10: Kurt
5-11: naples jack, raoul duke

Since Nov 1st, FIU has more wins than anyone else in the nation. That's a fact.

Specifically, Division I college football

Panthers on the rise!

Posted by: Quijote | September 10, 2011 at 01:59 PM

arkansas state
north texas


With Buffalo looking as if they are starting to understand the game of football. This will take one of the wins back from the Dolphins. They will go 2-14 this year and be right in the Luck draft.


Forget UM man! Everyone north of Dade & Broward county has already done so. Let's focus on FIU, and ONLY FIU.

Posted by: Louisville Tahoe | September 10, 2011 at 02:51 AM



Shadow, My brain is a little fried today, You and OC seem to be the only ones that know the meaning of YOU LAUGHED YOU LAUGHED..

Now, Here are the reasons why the Dolphins WILL
win tonite...

1-Henne-Third year is when QB's start to get it
2-team speed on offense-we have a lot more speed at FB,WR,TE and RB than last year which could be big plays
3-our defense is better than last year, top ten for sure.
4-last years offensive coodinator is out, this is 2011 not 1985, our new guy is very aggressive
5-we are due to win at home, it starts today.

bonus---and to make sure the Dolphins win I just went online and put a spell on the Cheat-triots...check it out.


Now I don't want anything bad happening to the patriots, but a couple of sprained ankles never hurt anybody.


Is there a way to block repeat offenders who constantly degrade the quality of your blog? (IE Green)

Haha, as if any form of childish trash talk enhances the "quality" of a blog! Take your own advice and go post your nonsense on a blog where anyone cares about the Florida Gators.

hey Gator Nation, your comments degrade the quality of this blog ...go back trash-ville

Cote looking for your new state rankings, hurry up douche bag or I'll furlough your ass.

thank god your here to raise the quality of this blog gator nation, its comforting to know that as bad as UM has been there are still losers sitting around reading every shred they can find about UM and trying to make themselves feel better about their own team.


don't sweat not knowing the song- it fell into that great category of records called "novelty" songs and was on and off the charts with a few weeks, less time than "satisfaction" or "i wanna hold your hand" was number one!


Toledo only lost at Ohio St 27-22.

green, is there anything in particular you don't like about FIU? You always seem to have something to say about them when people say something. Any particular reason why?

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