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September 05, 2011

G1: Maryland 32, Hurricanes 24 (Final): Suspensions, turnovers doom UM as Al Golden era begins with Miami loss

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G1: @ MARYLAND 32, HURRICANES 24: 4Q: What a finish. Canes up 24-23 on a Jake Wieclaw FG, then Maryland back up 26-24, then Terps make it a 32-24 final when Stephen Morris INT is returned 54 yards for a TD as a driving rain begins to fall. ..... 3Q: Terps just missed a 23-yard FG wide right. Huge break for Miami with 12:26 to play. ..... Maryland boots another FG, regains lead, 23-21. ..... Stephen Morris slashes in for 5-yard TD run on half's opening series and Canes are back up 21-20. Pretty entertaining game for ESPN and the nation. ..... HALF: I think coach Al Golden is probably OK trailing by only six at the half, all things considered. This despite Miami's defense allowing 311 totals yards (241 passing) and 19 first downs. Could be a lot worse. With defensive adjustments I still like Miami's chances. ..... 2Q: Maryland back up 20-14 with 0:47 left in half on awful turnover by UM's Mike James. Terps stripped ball from James and D-lineman Joe Vellano toted it 30 yards into the zone. ..... Lamar Miller up the  middle rocket-like for a 41-yard TD dash and Canes have their first lead, 14-13, 4:04 before halftime. ..... Terps up 13-7 after another FG. Miami got lucky when Kerry Boykins dropped a shoulda-been TD pass in end zone. ..... Allen Hurns 3 catches for 65 yards already tonight after 0 catches all last season. ..... Mike James 1-yard TD run and Miami is within 10-7. Allen Hurns 37-yard catch to the 6 the big play of drive. Stephen Morris settling and down and Hurns the offense's best playmaker thus far. ..... Terps add 24-yard FG for 10-0 lead two minutes into second quarter. ..... 1Q: Miami defense allowed 12 Terps first down in opening quarter. Oy! ..... Stephen Morris is sacked and loses fumble on Terps 33, snuffing a promising drive that had seem him hit completions of 16 yards to Mike James and Allen Hurns. ..... Vaughn Telemaque spares UM from a likely 14-0 hole with a diving end-zone interception on Terps' 2nd-and-goal from the Miami 2. Huge. Huuuge. ..... Terps looking quicker on offense than I recall past Maryland teams being. ..... Canes 1-2-3-punt on opening series after two overthrows by Stephen Morris. ..... Maryland 7-0 fast lead on opening TD drive capped by 10-yard Danny O'Brien pass to Ronnie Tyler. Canes pass defense really shabby on that series. ..... Pregame: Maryland wins coin toss, will receive. ..... Terps just ran onto field, and instantly lead the ACC in ugly helmets. ..... Welcome to the only Miami Herald blog coming to you live from College Park, Md! :)  :D  Coming up on two hours before kickoff and rain at the stadium is the sort that led Noah to build an ark. ..... Original post: Unlike the Seminoles and Gators, no soft opening for the Hurricanes 1aa1canesmd tonight at Maryland as Week 1 of the college football season wraps up. It's an ACC game right out the box, and one of those swing games that determine whether a season will be special or disappointing. When you look at Miami's schedule you count this as a win if you see UM in the mix for a conference title and a major bowl. Miami would be a road favorite if at full strength but Maryland is a slight betting pick now because the Canes, of course, are without quarterback Jacory Harris and about half their defensive starters on account of NCAA suspensions for accepting improper benefits. I'm in up MD columnizing off the opener and invite you to join us here before, during and after the game. A big chance for Stephen Morris to lay claim to the QB job, and I think UM has an awful lot of motivation tonight as the Al Golden era sets sail. Pick: Hurricanes 27, Maryland 21.


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The beginning of the END for the next 8 years starts tonight Cane Fan...

But do thell Us all about the good ol days U Notre Dame parrots...

Yes Greg, UM obviously has added motivation and don't you believe Coach golden has painted an "us against the world' message in their minds?

2011 FIRST !!!

U've been owned once again ...

D bag Gayurds, get on your own blogs and keep touting how good Branton looked against FAU!!! HA Go Canes!!!!!

Excellent post Title Town.

Watch the scUMbags leave this blog as the game progresses as a result of the canes losing.

HAHA ESPN SHOWING what scUMbags are worth... "swagger with prostitutes..."


Heloooo Lizards, why don't you go back to that little hell hole you call gaysville and have sex with your cousins...

lets see how long before mus-chimp quits or gets canned and how long fat chaly can go with out eating a dozen burgers...

later chomps.

"Don't hate the players, hate the (NCAA) game."

Go Canes...


you can't be enjoying the canes inability to stop maryland thus far-as it is 10-0 and should be 17-0. maryland's uniforms are vomitous!!


jacorry harris isn't going to see the field again as stephen morris is getting the job done quite well. the terrapins can't stop the run and will pay the price by game's end, despite the very nice passing attack of maryland.

Miami is the fifth best college team in Florida, behind FSU, UF, USF and UCF.

If FIU continues to improve Miami may fall to sixth best in the state.

No shot at ACC title and certainly now bowl game.

Question is will Golden who has a future, stay at Miami after this season.


you are not giving UM enough credit- they are better than UCF and probably USF; notre dame gave the bulls the game on saturday.

Shadow... LOL UM IS NOT better than UCF or USF or FIU frankly. FIU would beat UM right now.

UF and FSU would DESTROY UM right now... and always.

Maryland beat UM by 8 (actually should have been much more than that). Maryland beat FIU by 4 a couple of years ago.



You can't spell SCUM without UM!


UM is not better than UCF or USF I doubt they could beat either.

Canes still suck!!!! GO GATORS!!!!


on the last third down morris missed a wide open back circling out of the backfield (i guess now known as a "wheel route") that had TD written all over it. absolute gamechanger and giving up two TDs to the maryland defense was horrible. UM is a much diferent bunch than last year and could have taken this game except for the old turnover bug- the TD in the last minute of the first half was crushing.

Gator Nation and unbiased fan,

i am not much of a UM fan, but considering that they played this game without eight players of importance (seven, cause jacorry harris is horrid) i believe that the canes will score a lot of points this year and will get their defenders back. doesn't UM have USF on the schedule again? if so, we'll find out who is better between the two. UCF? UM runs them out of the stadium, and i have liked jeffrey godfrey a whole lot going back to his days at central.

Maryland is aweful. I have never seen a more inept red zone offense. The score was much closer than the game was.

On the positive side for the canes, at least golden doesn't have that panicked yet confused look on his face like shannon always did.

An auspicious beginning to a new golden era for the canes, we can all say we were here to see it.

Miami is Going to be OK......How come the Gaytor fans never mention they lead in the most players Locked up in the State ?

We have 5 NC. The gayturds only have 3.

That was a football game between two of the sorriest football teams I have ever seen.

We are going to destroy miami.

the shadow know,

UCF is capable of beating UM, they have a better QB than UM. Until UM finds a solid stable QB they will have trouble winning. It's impossible to have a one dimensional offense running the ball to win big games. Their in for a long day against Ohio State.

Yes.... relish on your championship advantage count and dynasty years from back in the day just like your irrelevant cousins up in Notre Dame do. At least they're ranked.

UM gets embarrassed once again in front of q nationally televised audience.

FSU 48
UM 3

Bet on it



DOLPHINS 5-11 with help of Jesus Christ Superstar...


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