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September 12, 2011

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 34.4%

[Note: Main game post on Dolphins' loss to New England in opener may be found directly below this in the blog. Join us on Twitter @gregcote].

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: GAME 1: Results are certified on the season's first Dolfan Satisfaction 1aa1dsm Meter postgame poll, and they show 34.4 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Miami's 38-24 season-opening home loss to the New England Patriots on Monday night. While few called themselves "very" satisfied, 30.5% described themselves as "somewhat" satisfied. That is a fairly lenient number following a loss, owing mostly, I think, to the positive impression left by Chad Henne and the new offense. 

The DSM, now in its fourth season, is a continuous gauge of how fans feel about the team and its direction. Right after each game, I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations.

The poll never closes but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was at 9 a.m. today/Wednesday.

Thanks for participating!

2011 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 34.4% satisfaction (3.9 very, 30.5 somewhat) following 38-24 loss vs. New England.

Next poll: Sept. 18 following game vs. Houston.

2010 Final: 3.8% overall satisfaction.

2009 Final: 31.2% overall satisfaction.

2008 Final: 96.9% overall satisfaction.


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1st baby!!
What happened to the defence!!!!!!!!!!

Playing the Dolphins this year is like having another bye on your schedule.

I took a flyer on Cam Newton for my fantasy team this week. Before the game they were showing stats up on the big screen and I leaned over to my pops and said "I played that guy, his first game ever, and Tom Brady's never thrown for 420 yards in his entire career!". Which was true.


* Pass rush lost the game. Pats OL isn't that good and neither is Cameron Wake or Jason Taylor. Wake's a good player but he peaked last year and with no other pashrushers on the team Wake is going to be doubled until he doesn't matter anymore. Defensive line is the deepest position on the team but it doesn't seem to have anyone beyond Randy Starks who can get pressure on a quarterback.

* Second time I've seen a stealth bomber flyover, first was at the Ravens Superbowl. Too cool, you can barely hear them. Highlight of the night.

* I thought the New Orleans Saints used Reggie Bush to his maximal ability as an NFL player. They provided the formula. Before today he had only one 100 yard rushing day in his career. Two games with 20+ carries. The Dolphins are going to break him by running him inside.

* The Dolphins game experience just gets worse and worse. More "Orange Carpet" videos of pseudo-celebrity jackoffs walking in. More "Fins Up" nonsense from other pseudo-celebrity jackoffs. More hacked up Jimmy Buffett. And the big screen did a good job keeping us up to speed on what the 10 people dancing in the nightclub and the pseudo-celebrity jackoff owners in their boxes were up to.

* At one point, late in the 4th quarter, when all the Dolphins fans were long gone and the Patriots fans were done celebrating and patiently waiting for the clock to run out, the Dolphins got a meaningless first down. And in the dead quiet stadium, we heard a quiet, static-ie, unenthusiastic recording of Jim Mandich's awwwrriigghhttt miami. A sad but appropriate ending.

Just saw the sportscenter highlights and remembered this:

The Dolphins cut Lousaka Polite and then 9 days later they threw a sh*tty fade on 4th and nothing.

Poor decisions.

Also Reggie Bush wasn't as abused as it seemed on the ground but that rookie better get healthy quick because Bush does not have 16 games of feature back in him.

What happened to "defensive genius/guru/God" Mike Nolan? Another fraud, false prophet, just like everyone else brought in since Shula left. He needs to be fired immediately if not sooner.

Kazaam nailed it right on the head. To Ross, this team is his mid-life crisis. He bought the team to hang out with celebrities thinking that he could just throw money around and the team would be good.

As long as I'm critiquing the Dolphins game experience, I should give credit where credit is due, well after Welker had decided the outcome the Dolphins tried out this song, which had the triple crown triumph of a beat that sounds awesome on the stadium speakers, a casual holocaust reference, and lyrics that make no sense when Tom Brady is taking the field after throwing infinity yards:


It was a rousing success.

Even a QB sneak of 4th and goal on half a yard makes sense. The D got beat up and all I could think about is how we let Will Allen go. Sapp may be a good player but Allen would be a much better nickle back. Anyways they get that TD and we are down by 7 instead we go down by 21. I'm a true Miami fan though Henne was constantly under pressure and he looked sharp played better against NE then he probably ever has not just yards but turn over wise everything.
I'm pissed off sure that we lost but more importantly on offense I saw a lot of positive things from Reggie taking it up the middle getting hit and bouncing back up. Though he does dance a little east and west to much when he should run north he looked good.
The D though well we all saw the game and not to make excuses but I think the Pats got away with more than a hold or two but in the end very very sloppy. I'd like to blame the secondary but when a QB has 7+ seconds to throw...Well you dont have to be a Tom Brady to make it work. Id say that the dolphins need work they need 2 a days need to work on stamina but I dont think they can even do 2 a days anymore.

Finally the Beast was back he looked great he will have a bigger test against the Texans and their secondary but its easy to find the negatives in that game harder to find the positives. The defense will settle and I think the Texans will be in a world of pain for it they will come out with something to prove. After the Texans Miami comes out 1-1!

He's a crazy person but he's the most talented player on the team and I don't judge him and I don't root against him.


Daboll is closer than Henning ever got but below is the correct usage of Brandon Marshall, he needs to add screens and slants accordingly:


Henne looked sharp--he can make all the throws, anyone with a football eye knows it; he will thrive on another, better team.

Our defense is a joke. Out schemed and out of shape.

How do you throw with 1 yard to go so many times? And to hartline when it really counted?

Really had high hopes watching first seven minutes of game. Here's my feel for this team--Beat Houston, we go 9-7, if we lose then another 7-9 year. Potential is there for a decent year but just don't have a good feeling about it.

McFly... Henne missed on at least 4-5 "mid-to deep" passes were overthrown...big potential plays..
Henne was good, O line sucked, D sucked.
At least it's "fixable"

I voted only because henne was looking a lot better.

Every play I saw, the Pat's runners were gaining 9 yds. a pop, their receivers were running down field wide open, there offensive line was allowing no pressure on Brady. The Dolphins missed so many tackles by not wrapping up, especially early in the game. The Dolphin defensive line got pushed around all night long and Henne was constantly uder pressure, their defensive backs got beat continuosly all night long and the Dolphin offensive line could not even come close to matching up against the Pat's D'line which made a running game NONEXISTANT and our coaching staff was outcoached again.

Cote, the only thing positive about last night were the Dolphins cheerleaders. Once again they have a top notch squad. They didn't wilt in the fourth quarter. They didn't give up 500 to Tommy Boy. Although, I'm sure a few of them did give it up to Tommy at the Clevelander after the game. At the rate that the Dolphs are going maybe Ross can convince Roger Goodell to let him install stripper poles on the sidelines so the Starbrites can really give the fans a show.

What we witnessed was a difference in organizations. They our good, ours is not including the owner. I have no doubt that people could be pulled off of the street to run this team better than what we have.

A once proud franchise. At least am lucky I had a chance to watch in our glory days. My son isn't so lucky.

Roger- Congrats on being first! :) Positives 1) Henne no interceptions (not counting that crap on the last play of game 2) We found out the Caroll doesn't belong in the NFL. 3) Our offensive coordinator likes to spread the field (something we haven't seen in years- it's more exciting). 4) Henne looked good on many throws- still can't throw the long ball.

Negatives: 1) No run game 2) run blocking poor (although tough to judge going against Wilfork and Haynesworth). 3) Henne needs to throw the ball in bounds to give our receivers a chance to catch it (even jaworski said he could throw better). 4) sidelines yelling for marshall to hit ground when hurt- know the rules!!!- cost us 10 seconds- he was limping off the field just fine. 5) burnt 2 time outs on our very first drive- whats that all about? 6) D line was man handled tonight- Brady couldn't have been more comfortable in his bed. 7) Dansby just blended in- did nothing to stand out- average effort on a few plays. Needs to fill holes- not wait until the RB hits him 5 yards down the field. 8) 2 seconds left in half- 60 yards from endzone- wheres the hail mary? Did the same crap last year in Green Bay. We score on Hail Mary we are driving at the end of the game for the tie. 9) Carroll helped patriots out more then the phins- proved he can't cover a TE- terrible. I know he was praying they would throw a diff. direction. 10) first and goal on the 1 and we kick a field goal- I guess cutting our fullback was a great idea. Wasn't he like 90% on 4th and short last year?

Overall- Defensive performance was the most dissapointing. We did battle tonight, but got beat by better coaches and GM. We will beat a lot of teams this year if we improve our D and the offense continues to play like it did. Yea we lost- but I did see lots of good things as well. I still can't believe taking a knee with 2 seconds instead of throwing a bomb....... it's a free play??


regarding the following two players:

CAMERON WAKE- was very involved in a lot of plays last night. if you say he will be a non-factor because double teaming will take him out of the game, then perforce he will be a factor as that should allow one for one of his teammates on the line, or even a LB, to be unblocked while two men are assigned to wake and cause something good to happen.

REGGIE BUSH: the part of the game i didn't see- the beginning, bush was effective. considering that theyhave a bunch of fat slobs on the offensive line, why run a sweep when it was third and short? the dolphins running woes are owing to a horrible offensive line that cannot block and without blocking you need barry sanders to gain yardage. another nice fly-over the pylon by reggie bush for a TD is an example of a) his skills, which are there, and b) the lack of blocking he and any runner for the dolphins has to expect by now; SPARANO-A FORMER OFFENSIVE LINE COACH!!??? he should be embarassed, and if jake long is such a "freak", why can't they run behind him? answer- he is hyped way above his capabilities and is proving that the dolphins should have considered ryan or flacco.

Don't worry Dolphin and Hurricane fans, at least you still have FIU football.

And FSU, and UF BABY to the north.


considering that while at USC lendale white was the tough inside runner (who failed against texas on fourth down when oach pete should have punted), and while in new orleans the saints had two other more powerful backs to run up the gut, why would anybody think that reggie bush is a "fullback" to power the ball in from a yard or two out? as stated previously, the garbagemen that comprise the dolphin line can't open a hole for anybody- the other two runners got one yard in two carries in short yardage situations.

Lance- We all know you were beaten by a better coachs and GM, but come on man, you were beaten by a much better team. Your best player on defense was manhandled, by a rookie. Your DBS. were beaten like a rented mule. Your team ran out of gas, they looked like they trained in Alaska. Wait till the Pats get comfortable with there new defensive scheme.


naples jack,

i am sure you enjoyed last night to the max; what i find amazing (not really after so long of observing him) is that whoever is in the line-up with brady, he makes stars out of danny woodhead, aaron hernandez, gronkowski,... the guy is absolutely fantastic and was passed over until the sixth round by the experts!!! who is their offensive co-ordinator? bellichek is a defensive guy-who do they come up with year after year that makes them unstoppable? i prefer running teams, but watching NE and their all-timer QB is a delight.


ron jaworski, polish rifle-!!!, shot out a bad word that begins with s and ends with t in a fit of excitement; thought i heard it and missed the apology but it was discussed on QAM this morning.

Ugly. Reminds me of the Japanese groundkeepers in the Movie League assessing that years Indians team These guys are ******. The Dolphins told you what they think of the O line with all the pass plays from the one yard line. The secondary might look a bit better if Brady didn't have time to eat dinner before throwing. Just a total collapse. The team was completely unprepared for the game and they were an embarrassment to themselves and the fans. Where have you gone Joe Robbie, a lonely Dolphin nation turns their eyes to you....

Not to worry, you still have the celeb's and their orange carpet..............

This once proud organization rotted from the top down. Nothing will change for the Dolpins until they correct this.

99 yrd touchdown by of all people Wes Welker!!!
How can we not account for that little R@t Bast@ard

ESPN talks about FIU's TY Hilton and formally adds him to the Heisman candidates list.


Terrible preparation. I see special teams not fixed either. Nolan Carrol? How good would Will Allen look now? Get what you pay for. Home sick from watching that mess. Upset stomach. My God!!!!!!

Sheriff Bart Mongo feel sad today. Maybe Mongo go crush Dolphin owner(s) and braintrust with a piano...

Tom right. Dolphin team full of black mold top to bottom.


Shadow- The OC. is a guy named Bill Obrien. Has worked his way up through the organization. That is how Bellichek trains people. He never goes outside his circle of friends. Wait till the Pats play the Chiefs. Charlie Weiess left because Halley is such an A-hole, and he will tell him everything about the chiefs o+d.

Being disappointed over the Dolphins game is understandable, but what surprises is how this - throw the baby out with the bath water - fan reaction is. Come on guys! We're talking Tom freaking Brady here, not some 2nd tier QB.

Watching Brady do what he did last night should be impressive to even the most ardent Dolphins' fan. This guy is Mozart and everyone else is just Salieri. A genius on top of his game against learned tradesmen. Every pass that guy threw last night was perfectly placed with the right speed and timing. His no-huddle tactics were clearly done to cramp up Davis, then burn Carroll, then cramp up Smith and toss a helpless completion to the one yard for an easy follow up score.

You take Brady out of the equation and the Dolphins win that game. This game was not settled until that freak 99.5 yarder. A kickoff return for a TD is harder, as there are 11 guys you must beat, here, one tired guy who bit on Welker's capable skills.

You take that play out and both Henne and Brady have 416 yards. One freak play does not make a slaughter.

Check the game stats out for yourselves. Every single category of that game was basically tied but for two factors:

1. Bothering the QB-
QB hits: 10 on Henne vs. 2 on Brady
Sacks: 4 on Henne vs. 1 on Brady

2. 3rd down efficiency-
Dolphins: 2-14 vs. Pats: 8-13 (Dolphins also had to go 4th down 5 times).


I still think the Dolphins are much improved, and will do better than last year.

naples jack,

bellichek shows a key to management of any enterprise- "promotion from within". i don't think that bellichek needs charley weis to vet out the chieves; he is one of the absolutely greatest coaches in pro football history. in modern times only bill walsh is above him, and he is on top of his mentor bill parcells.


If you buy into that logic then the Dolphins are in great shape, as Daboll was one of your coaches.


yessir, if they look up in the standings they will see all their division foes, with a great shot for 0-2 with the unbeaten versus miami houston texans coming to town. how about 200 yards for andre johnson on sunday out of the 400+ that matt schaub will get?

Steve Young said something very interesting last night in critiquing Chad Henne. He said that every ball Brady throws has a purpose and that purpose is very obvious to the receiver the second he lets it go. He's not just throwing to a receiver, he's throwing to a receiver's back shoulder or short and away or out in space where the receiver can run with it.

Henne is still just throwing at receivers, the accuracy just isn't there on most throws.

shadow, naples,

Was it not said of Don Shula (and I paraphrase) "he could beat your team then switch teams and beat you again."

Do either of you think that measure would hold for Belichik and the Pats/Dolphins?

I don't think so. Not when he would have to go against #12.

Could not agree more, Kazaam.

I did hear that and noted how giddy both he and Gruden from Brady's display.

The Heat and the new Marlin stadium opening up are the only things to look forward to in this town. Canes and Dolphins are both stale and stuck in the past. Anyone who wants to doubt this has blinders on and isn't watching what I'm watching.

Every year, the same old thing. We look forward to football season and then get frustrated.
As someone said in the other blog, if it's not one thing or another.

This time, Henne and Bush don't look so bad, but the defense is pathetic.

The coaches make good calls in the beginning, go in 4th, etc...then later they throw a 50-50 fade pass from the half yard line.

Last year, it was half a year of special team issues.

When the defense gives up over 600 yards to anybody, there is only one way to vote. Extremely dissatisfied!

Man with all those Canes that were floating around after being released, it amazes me that the Dolphins organization didn't consider picking any of them up.

Honestly with a team like the canes that have produced so many top tier NFL players and is down the road from the dolphins organization, it's actually poor decision making by the dolphins to not make "serious" offers at these guys. Tons of them are locals and would love to play in front of their families and friends. Stupid.

Teams that perform well in the NFL have a number of Canes on their rosters. How many do the dolfins have? Not so much. Baltimore Ravens are loaded and they perform every weekend. Sam Shields was a free agent and did pretty well in the Super Bowl unless people didn't see it. Frank Gore is a load. Andre Johnson is, IMO, a top 5 receiver. Bryant McKinnie is a mountain. I'm just saying. I'm just going by the stats that apparently haven't stopped because the Canes have TD's for 130+wks straight. That's called a streak, a positive one at that. Something the dolfins haven't had in a while is a positive streak. Hell Jeremy Shockey is sick as hell and Jon Vilma and Jon Beason are more great guys. The list goes on here everyone.

Jeff Ross is an idiot but that goes without saying. Plus that redhead freckled adopted stepchild isn't any help either. I'm happy that sporano has lost weight but I would be happier if he stopped losing games. Poor organization decision making. Piss poor.

hahaha benny sapp gets released after getting burnt by Welker. Another poor decision by the dolfins was releasing Welker, piss poor decision.

But that is really the only thing that the dolfins organization actually does well, making poor decisions.

Brady great Sheriff Bart but Miami is correctional facility fresh fish about to be wagon trained.

Miami you're nearly a laugh, you're nearly a laugh but you're really a CRY!

OC-Dolphin- Dabolls problem is he is out the door in Miami after this season. You know Ross will clean house, no matter what.

Well said CantTillUDie, Bryant McKinnie, fat piece of sh*t gooey slop ball that he is, improved 3/5 spots on the Ravens offensive line, and the other two were Ben Grubbs and Matt Birk. If they keep him beyond this year Ray Lewis will have an entire offseason to scream him into shape. Ed Reed brought a giant sand pit to Baltimore when he signed, and he and Ray Lewis do most of their offseason conditioning drills in it with weight vests on. McKinnie's the best lineman UM has ever produced but if Seantrel Henderson has the slightest bit of work ethic in him he'll pass him at the next level.

Saddest thing about the Dolphins is that the one area that they designated as all-important from day one still hasn't been fixed. Jake Long and the lesser Pouncey are first round solutions but everything else has been misses. After several years of snapping up every reject that the Dallas Cowboys let go they finally got a shot at a Pro Bowler, and the Ravens wound up signing him to back up Matt Birk.

Personnel wise I don't think that anything else matters as long as they don't have a quarterback and can't beat the Patriots.

I don't think Henne can ever look away defenses or sell a play action or regain focus downfield after scrambling, he hasn't improved in any of those areas and I don't think he ever will. I would have signed and drafted every quarterback with potential that comes my way. Give the #1 to the Bengals for Palmer, sign Young, draft Mallett and Pryor, sign Devlin and for the love of god bring back Vinny Testaverde. Take 7 quarterbacks into the season and cut all those slow linebackers and special teams super star WRs.

I've recently noticed that in two of the AFC divisions there has been a perennial contender and that several franchises have been building specifically to beat the top dogs. The Houston Texans have been building their roster to beat the Colts, the Baltimore Ravens, especially this offseason, have been building to beat the Steelers, and since Rex Ryan got there the Jets have been building to beat the Patriots.

If the Dolphins can't beat the Pats they can't advance in the playoffs. It's clear that the only way to beat the Pats is with a disruptive pass rush (Giants SB, Ravens playoffs game), and the Dolphins have only a single pass rush specialist and the remnants of Jason Taylor this year and they have accumulated run stopping linebackers instead of linebackers that can cover, all according to the moldy ass Bill Parcells mold.

I dread to think what would happen if Stephen Ross were to clean house and hire a new coach and general manager. I'm guessing it would be Will Smith and Fergie but wouldn't count Jimmy Buffett out, no matter how disinterested he may be.

Remember, Jerry Lewis is looking for work....................

I don't know, maybe it was just me but it sure looked like John Gruden was positioning himself to pick up the coaching pieces if 8 - 8 or worse happens.

OC, your post at 5:07PM was excellent, and being in the music biz, i loved the Mozart/Salieri analogy. EXACTLY.
This is a QB at the absolute zenith of his career, a machine, a technician, and as was said last night by one much more knowledgable than I, a QB with PERFECT mechanics.

Add to that a huge compliment of complimentary players, and it was devastation.

Also believe we can come back from this, but cutting Benny Sapp the day after is low class, but unfortunately it's the way our current regime operates. (See "Sparano, Tony, coach hung out to dry.")

At least re-sign Will Allen FIRST, THEN cut Sapp.
Sapp was bad, but so were several others.

I had no problem cutting our ST coach last year, as he'd been bad for 3 years.
I almost hope Allen holds our team for ransom, and gets a million MORE than his previous contract.

I loved Henne's fire, reminded me of Jeff Garcia. It lifts the fans as well.
he's a good guy, and I'm happy for him, win or lose.

Lets go kick some Houston Texans a** Sunday!
It's awwllllllllllriiiiight, MIAMI!!

I feel better after every dolphins loss because it brings the team closer to the day they'll get rid of the coaching and gm coterie of dilettantes.

It will take at least 5 years to repair their damage and make this team a contender.

"Clint Hurtt is up to his neck in this"

Lack of Institutional control.

"Clint Hurtt is up to his neck in this"

Lack of Institutional control.

"Clint Hurtt is up to his neck in this"

Lack of Institutional control.


in my unhumble opinion, the best UM lineman in the pros was dennis harrah, a guard who was an anchor of the ram offensive line under a real "line coach guru" in chuck knox.

OC Dolphin,

i remember that statement also saidabout bear bryant.

creme de la creme coaches:

OLD TIME: george halas, vince lombardi, and the great paul brown.

POST-MERGER: shula, landry, noll, walsh, bellichek, and maybe cowher and parcells. shula was great with baltimore before the merger also, and we know his achievements with the dolphins.

TWO GREATEST: paul brown (over lombardi!!) and shula, with bill walsh in a very close third place.


barca concedes an early goal and is played to a draw in the uefa cup=major surprise, even against milan.


a goal 24 seconds in, and the equalizer in stoppage time; looking ominous for barca having given up two away goals- could the champs be out in their first round? very possible-who would thunk?



"el clasico" is the greatest competition in all of sport; i lean towards barca and am not keen on the "galactico" policy of real madrid, the yankees of futbol.

Cote I haven't seen LeBatard's show, but if his father, an old school Cuban is on it, it has to be good. Birds of a feather stick together, bro.


i respect barca and recognize they are better than madrid. however, I'm Spanish and unfortunately throw politics into my equation. catalanes (people from barcelona's province) are generally separatists and anti spain. its similar to confederates here in the states, but on steroids. ironically, barca has much more spanish talent than real madrid. they are very talented nonetheless thanks to messi. without messi, they would still be good but not the great dynasty they currently are, as you're probably well aware.

fyi, barca is just as much "yankees" as real madrid. they both have ridiculous payrolls and steal talent from other teams regardless of cost (see fabregas from arsenal as the latest example).

we dolphin fans sure say "new regime" and "it will take 5 years to fix the damage" alot.


i get the political aspect of those from catalonia, but wasn't real madrid the team that the fascist franco backed? whatever the factors involved, it is unquestionably the greatest and most interesting rivalry in sport. as far as fabregas going to barca, isn't that a transfer and a case of a spaniard returning "home" to play? whatever the story, barca has more spanish players, but real is led by a portugese and barca by an argentinian; these two clubs can afford to pay the big bucks.

Quijote, it is also great to have another futbol afficianado here on the blogsite; mike1 and i take a lot of guff for talking about futbol when most, most of the guys have an interest in football americano. keep posting, my friend, and stay thirsty!!

my Dolphins prediction of 9-7 is looking like an optimistic stretch.

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