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September 05, 2011

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 49.2%

[Notes: Today's Wednesday live chat will be 2-3 p.m. this week only, an hour later than normal. Click here to join us then or to post questions/comments early. Main game post on UM-Maryland is immediately below this in blog. Also, join us on Twitter @gregcote].

1aa1fripix COUNTDOWN: 2 Days Til Upset Bird! Friday NFL predictions page debuting Sept. 9. That reminds me. Jacksonville Jaguars cut QB David Garrard. Gentlemen, start your Dolphins rumors!

CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER POLL: AFTER WEEK 1: 49.2%: Results are certified and show 49.2% overall satisfaction for UM football following the team's season-opening 32-24 loss at Maryland Saturday night. This launches our third season of the Canesfan Satisfaction Meter, a continuing weekly gauge of how Miami Hurricanes football fans are feeling about the team and the program's direction. A new poll appears here the blog after the conclusion of every Canes game.

The 49 percent thumbs-up (though only 9% "very" satisfied) is high for a loss, indicating lenience, either a glass-half-full mindset or more likely special dispensation because the team was missing eight key players due to NCAA suspension.

Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. This year I would add this: Let's make the CSM about the team and how it performs on the field, not about the NCAA or Nevin Shapiro.

Polls never close, but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting, in this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Wednesday.

Next polls follows Game 2 on Sept. 17.

2011 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 49.2% overall satisfaction (9.1 very,  40.1 somewhat following 32-24 loss at Maryland).

G2: Next poll Sept. 17 following game vs. Ohio State.

2010 Final: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season)

2009 Final: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)


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picking positives out of this loss will come easy. Correcting the negatives will take a practicing effort towards success. to be a solidified and collective unit will take continuous learning Adjustments. A Team that Creates Victory permanently corrects the wrong with continual executed adjustments.

i feel very good about this team.once we get our pieces back, we will be fine.

there's always, next week, next game, next year, next season ...

NC2A comong to U soon ...


Congrats, U ... ALMOST... beat Mary Land...



I'm very pleased to see you using the Canesfan Satisfaction Meter logo that I designed for you last year. Here's wishing that the Canes produce a great season, in spite of any resent problems.

Jumping to the Dolphins for just a bit, I've got six predictions by some of the regulars and/or anyone else who wants to play Nostradamus.

I will post a final "official" tally just before kickoff.

I am proud of how we fought, the obvious improved conditioning, better O-Line play, our guys hanging on to passes, better offensive tempo. Mark's defense played too loose early on and it cost us at the end, as our D line was allowing large gains on the ground towards the end.
Nothing we can't fix, especially with much of our starting D back.

I still see a bit of panic mode on this team when there's 1:30 minutes left and we need points. O'Brien should a bit more maturity than did Morris. but what a GUN on our QB!

We can beat OSU if we stop their run. Their QB is ordinary.

Sorry, meant "showed"

Pls forgive the grammar f/up's. it is late, it's an iPad & I've had 1.8 bottles of coping juice.

Satisfaction compared to what ?

Oh and Two ?

Get Used to it ... U'll be bowing like a Jap to OSU Fans trying to comprende Ur 0-2 start


Cote, get real. Five guys aren't going to make a difference. It's not like Peyton Manning is our QB and he didn't play tonight. What I saw from the Canes tonight is the same thing that I've been looking at for the last 4 years. No offense, no defense, penalties, sloppy play, uninspired play, a lack of hustle, horrible game clock management, confusion on offense. This is the legacy of 10 years of horrible coaching and recruiting. Coach Golden has had less than six months with this group of players, not long enough to turn the corner. The difference between Maryland and Miami can be summed up in one word Quarterback. Maryland has an all ACC signal caller who led his team well and passed for more than 300 yards in the rain. Miami, who should be right at home in a downpour, couldn't manage 200 yards passing. With the Shapiro cloud hanging over the program it's easy for commentary like Cote's that place the blame for this loss on the suspensions. Well, Miami had all the suspended players last year and they didn't play any better with them last year than how this team played tonight.

Not good.

What a pleasure driving into work today and listening to all the whining dirty birds on the radio. 'We couldn't do this', 'why did we do that', we're going to get killed by Va Tech and FSU'....

Ahh, the same music year after year with thUg.

Yo Arty ... Pull up a chair close to the tracks. The runaway Cane ExcUse Train will be barreling throUgh.

Silly Cane Fan ... Same thing, different year.

You played Maryland. Maryland. A pretty below average team. They werent ranked. Maryland. The turtle. The score should have been much worse. Just think with scholarship reductions inevitably coming, this Canes team might be just below Temple in another year.

Actually, I think Temple could beat the Canes.

Just think if Jacory Harris had been active, we might have had double the turnovers. Having him suspended was a blessing and kept the score close.

NO excuses. Maryland beat Miami.

What I will say is this.

We should have ran the ball more, honestly. Then thrown down field. More passes to Hurns would have been a bigger boost for our offense. He was 4 for 69yds. I want to see Phillip Dorsett line up on offense as quickly as possible. He's quick as hell and if he has a seam, then he's gone. I see a lot of upside to Morris but until he learns how to manage the play clock (I blame Fisch as well for that) and stop eyeing down receivers, he will not be a complete QB.

Our defense was soft. Plain and simple. I can't remember a time that we played with so much cushion. DB Williams did pretty well and heard him knock a couple of guys. Jojo played much better than I could have imagined. He had at least one good hit on the RB in the first quarter that made me all warm and fuzzy. Our tackling was piss poor though. That's right, piss poor. Gaines was in the backfield plenty of times and completely whiffed the RB.

On special teams I was impressed with Eduardo Clements nice hit on the kickoff team. That's all I can really say.

In the end, pathetic penalties killed us. We shot ourselves in the foot.

Maryland played a better game than us. To win a game you have to win in all aspects and we didn't.


This is how your new state rankings should look like:


FYI, FIU lost by FOUR points at Maryland a couple of years ago.


Considering all the controversy that the team has to deal with and go on the road I think they looked ok. The U was still in the game with 2 min left. If they can control the mental mistakes and play at full depth I think they can be competitive with most D one teams…. Go Canes!

Agreed with Mr. Woodcock,

when did Quarterback U last have a star QB? Was it Gino Torretta?

Agreed with Mr. Woodcock,

when did Quarterback U last have a star QB? Was it Gino Torretta?

Posted by: Nik Shmenga | September 06, 2011 at 10:31 AM

Actually it was Vinny Testeverde in the Mid- 80's if Ur talking NFL caliber Star . None since.

In that same time frame the Gators have put 6 Q.B.'s into the NFL that will ALL have 4+ year NFL pensions.

Yeah but there still GAY....


i see things the way you do and even without many players that were suspeneded UM played a very decent game- ran the ball well and looked very good at times throwing it. the maligned defense (on this blog) made maryland was very stingy inside the 20 and made maryland kick four field goals while the offense allowed two TDs. UM of this year is a different commodity without #12 running the offense and as the TV announcers stated, it should be quite difficult for stephen morris to be taken out of the starting line-up.


remove the first "made maryland" -the words after "(on this blog)".

@SebastianIsDying, I wouldn't put FIU and UM as a tie... FIU is a better team and the entire nation will see first hand how much better they are than the U this Friday on ESPN.

wow, I guess U bashing is in vogue now..That's ok, whether you are a fair weather cane fan or you just simply hate the U ..enjoy it for now...

I call it jealousy, we'll be back before too long..go canes!

FYI, FIU lost by FOUR points at Maryland a couple of years ago.


Posted by: Sebastian is dying | September 06, 2011 at 09:38 AM

42-28 loss


Happy with everything but the outcome. We looked good. O line was the only weak spot. If they think Maryland's D line was tough wait till the hogs from Ohio State come to town.

Things are looking up for us. Golden is the man- our kids played hard the whole game.

K-off Coverage was amazing!! We can still win the ACC

@SebastianIsDying, I wouldn't put FIU and UM as a tie... FIU is a better team

Posted by: 305allday | September 06, 2011 at 11:20 AM


saying so doesn't make it so ...
you are what you is ...
minor-league college athletics with a make-believe fan base subsidized by the strong-arm of an unsuspecting student body ...


Hey guys make sure that on the Herald site click on "RECOMMEND" at end of articles about FIU (it has a little upward arrow next to it).

Its one of the ways they rank the popularity of articles on the site with their new software Pluck (we are rolling it out at my newspaper).

In some ways its more than page views since the reader actually read the page and recommends it.

everything helps to get the message through to the guys at the Herald.

LEts make sure every FIU article has at 20 to 30 Recommends
-- OC Panther

get it through your thick head ...
not our peer ...
not our rival ...
in fact, f-i-u-don't-matter ...
no matter how often you click the recommend icon -- since removed -- or cry your beady eyes out in an orchestrated effort to game the herald ...


SEBASTIAN - When you type stuff like you do it make you look not so smart (dumb). So you don't like the CANES- that is fine, but to say South Fla, Central Fla and FIU are better or equal to the canes shows your ignorance.

I hope you don't really believe this stuff and you are just trying to get a spark from us U fans. If you really do believe this- then you really are an idiot. Yes- not as good as we use to be, but we are headed in the right direction under GOLDEN.


FIU at Maryland Byrd Stadium • College Park, MD L 14-10 45,317


LANCE THE Latest AP rankings are out.

18 UF
22 USF

Others receiving votes: UCF10 (UM ZERO)

BTW, previously 14th ranked Notre Dame was kicked out of the top 25 after losing to USF. The same Notre Dame that WHOOPED UM a few months ago in that "prestigious" bowl game. LOL

I expect to see the following revised order, PER YOUR PREVIOUSLY STATED NATIONAL POLL, as follows by the end of the day.

1. FSU
2. UF
3. USF
4. UCF (not top 25, but received votes)
5. UM (not top 25, received ZERO votes)
6. FIU
7. FAU

CHOMP CHOMP BITCHES!!! scUMbags, I'd look over your shoulders, FIU isn't too far behind. I don't think we'll catch FSU, they're too good this year. We've had our run, but at least we're still good while we regroup. UM is LOUSY, and FIU will pass you thUgs sooner than later, but they won't catch a gator.

We went to school in Miami.

You went to school in Gainesville and have nothing better to do with your life than spend all day on the Miami Herald's website furiously trash talking Miami fans.

I can spend my day as I please since I own my own law firm courtesy of the law degree I obtained at UF, you know the school that consistently SPANKS UM's bar results year after year.


Yes, and you choose to do this.

This is what you want to do, this is what interests you.

GAYTORDS.. just wait till 2013 then u will shut ur pie hole...

2013... is that how long UM will wait to fire Temple based Al Golden and start from scratch, AGAIN?


FIU to upset Louisville on the mothership, ESPN, this Friday. Plus, "that much closer" to a perfect season.


What on earth does FIU have to do with the University of Miami?

Last time I checked, this blog is called "Greg Cote's Random Evidence of a Cluttered Blog" not "Greg Cote's UM Blog".

Suck it.

Not saying you can't post here, just that it speaks to your interest level in the Miami Hurricanes that you would be on the Miami Herald posting on Greg Cote's Hurricanes satisfaction blog.

It's official, canes 5th best in Florida according to AP:

FSU = 5
UF = 18
USF = 22
UCF = 40 (rec' votes - 10)

UM = no smell of the dying carcass anywhere.

you must be an FIU fan, no UF fan would ever consider "votes received" as a mark of prestige!

mark of prestige? or a way of ranking schools?

You are number in one state...the 'state of denial'.

LOL Excellent post Sebastian is a carrion

way of ranking schools. You rank schools based on seasons that don't matter.

Man, what a clusterf*ck of nonsense!

UF fans - look in the mirror. Your coach and your savior are gone and are never coming back. You went 7-5 like UM last year and you've won one game against them in the past 25 years. You're not their rival because you refuse to play them. All the nonsense on this blog is an artificial internet rivalry that only exists because there's a UF blog on the Miami Herald's website and Gainesville is too much of a sh*thole town to have its own newspaper. All that noise nothing to do with football, check back in 2013 and until then good luck in your stretch against Alabama, LSU, Auburn, and Georgia.

FIU fans - please. Do yourself a favor and stop comparing yourself to UM. There's nothing more fun than an underdog team but your thousands of alumni are members of the worst fanbase in the nation, if you convince them that FIU should be better than UM in 10 years they'll hold you to it.

Great game! I had an awesome time despite the outcome - I don't know if it showed on TV with the result and the penalties and giving up all those short passes but that was a much better coached team out there than anything we saw last year.

Lamar Miller is a first round talent, Vaughn Telemaque will be even better when the starters get back. I know we saw deeper cuts than normal because of the suspensions but I liked how Golden rotated the young guys in and out. Can't wait to see more of Phillip Dorsett and Anthony Chickillo this year.

Also don't know how it looked on TV but from my angle at least 3 of Stephen Morris' bullet passes would have been picked off if the LB had been paying attention. I suspect Morris got some praise from the commentators on his bold passes but those are the same decisions that didn't work out so well last year. I'm in the vast minority who hope Harris still has a chance to start for Ohio St. - he may have made the same mistakes as Morris but he wouldn't have missed the deep balls or the rainbow pass to Miller at the end of the game.

My guess is that Golden will start Morris and keep Harris as an emergency option, no doubt he saw Garcia pull off the second half masterpiece for South Carolina.

BTW - there are f*cking monkeys living in the remote parking for Fort Lauderdale airport. Wild f*cking monkeys. Check it out.

No Kazaam those monkeys that you saw at the Ft. Lauderdale airport are the Canes players that were suspended for the Maryland game.

how U doing ?

Mr. Woodcock, your racism is showing.

I'm not crazy, they exist:


Guys, it was a BAD loss to an UNRANKED team. Didn't see a lot of positives anywhere. Can't defend the pass. Minimal pass rush. Those bubble screens killed us, as did the back breaking pass late in the 4th. On offense, we couldn't run the ball,which we haven't done the past 7 years. Need a running game in bad weather. Morris INT at the end was horrible, bad decision and a bad throw. Looked a LOT like last year........

Such sucky & racist comments by a old geezer named after a movie clown.
btw, canes lost to maryland...snicker, snicker


you saw a much improved UM team, even though they lost. a better QB and running game, although the defense looked porous owing to the many absent starters. it will be a good season for UM it says here.

RIP, lee roy selmon

maybe the greatest defensive lineman i have ever seen, and we (USC) played oklahoma when he was there. i believe it has bewen stated that he never got blocked off his feet during his senior season, and actually made john mckay look good when he led the tampa bay defense during the two seasons when they won their division. the bucs didn't get to the super bowl because their offense was putrid; however the rams couldn't score a TD against them in the NFC title game and won by kicking four field goals to prevail 12-0. lucky because tampa bay would have been annihilated by pittsburgh while the rams gave the steelers a game before bradshaw-stallworth sealed their fate. lee roy selmon was ferocious ballpplayer on the field and a gentleman off it. jerome brown and steve emmtman were phenomenal defensive linemen, but nobody was in selmon's class. he made oklahoma the dominant defense of the mid-70s, with a little help from rod shoate.

"Racist old geezer." Get real, I'm a 26 year old stud. Oooo Ooooo Aaaaaa Aaaaaa Eeeee Eeeeee. Monkeeeee!

Selmon was tremendous athlete who unfortunately got stuck on Hugh Culverhouse owned Tampa team. What a waste.

Anyone else sick of hearing word CANCER. Sweet Jesus everytime you turn around either someone you know and love has it or doctors are breaking news to you of your cancerous condition. It has to be number one killer surpassing heart disease. However, I'm not interested in looking up such stats. We're such vulnerable creatures. Yeah, yeah that's not whole picture but it is a difficult one to wrap one's mind around.

r. duke,

i don't like the word either and use the term "the dread disease". as far as its use in sports about guys not good in the locker room or who can't get along with teammates, the very good robert smith of espn now usese the word "poison" instead of the "c" word, to my great satisfaction.

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