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Fourth of July special: What is the most American sport? (with poll); plus my holiday video-greeting to you & more

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FOURTH OF JULY SPECIAL: WHAT IS AMERICA'S SPORT?: In one way it is a strange time to be asking, 1aa1american because all of our Big Three leagues are experiencing turbulence. The NFL has been in lockout mode for months due to contractual discord between owners and players. The NBA has just entered a lockout of its own hinting of even greater acrimony. Baseball, battered by its steroids era, has now seen its Dodgers file for bankruptcy. Yet it is the perfect time to ask, too, as we celebrate the Fourth of July and our national independence: What is America's game? What is our national sport? The question is not what is your favorite sport. Parochially, the question is not about about Marlins or Dolphins or Heat. It is different. This question asks a broader view, perhaps asks you to interpret what the rest of the world would or should say is the most American sport. I'm not sure there is a correct answer. I would think baseball's traditional role as "America's Pastime" and football's reign in popularity would make for a close vote. Does basketball have its argument, too? Vote and tell us why. (Then enjoy a personal holiday greeting from me to you, below the poll...)

1aa1jibjab4th MY HOLIDAY GREETING TO YOU: To celebrate America's 235th birthday, recently I got together with old friends George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas (T-Jeff) Jefferson and Jack McKeon to make a brief Fourth of July video, hip-hop style. Enjoy or cringe as the case may be. Click HERE to watch and listen.

THE LIST: Our Greatest 4s: In honor of the 4th, our four major pro teams' greatest No. 4s:

Dolphins   P Reggie Roby   1983-92

Heat   C Rony Seikaly   1988-94

Panthers   D Jay Bouwmeester   2002-09

Marlins   Util Alfredo Amezega   2006-09

Note: Three legit, important players but slim pickin' for the Marlins.

OK, have a safe and happy Fourth, everyone. Gotta run. Am going low 'n slow with some pork spareribs and mustn't leave them untended.