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July 03, 2011

Fourth of July special: What is the most American sport? (with poll); plus my holiday video-greeting to you & more

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FOURTH OF JULY SPECIAL: WHAT IS AMERICA'S SPORT?: In one way it is a strange time to be asking, 1aa1american because all of our Big Three leagues are experiencing turbulence. The NFL has been in lockout mode for months due to contractual discord between owners and players. The NBA has just entered a lockout of its own hinting of even greater acrimony. Baseball, battered by its steroids era, has now seen its Dodgers file for bankruptcy. Yet it is the perfect time to ask, too, as we celebrate the Fourth of July and our national independence: What is America's game? What is our national sport? The question is not what is your favorite sport. Parochially, the question is not about about Marlins or Dolphins or Heat. It is different. This question asks a broader view, perhaps asks you to interpret what the rest of the world would or should say is the most American sport. I'm not sure there is a correct answer. I would think baseball's traditional role as "America's Pastime" and football's reign in popularity would make for a close vote. Does basketball have its argument, too? Vote and tell us why. (Then enjoy a personal holiday greeting from me to you, below the poll...)

1aa1jibjab4th MY HOLIDAY GREETING TO YOU: To celebrate America's 235th birthday, recently I got together with old friends George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas (T-Jeff) Jefferson and Jack McKeon to make a brief Fourth of July video, hip-hop style. Enjoy or cringe as the case may be. Click HERE to watch and listen.

THE LIST: Our Greatest 4s: In honor of the 4th, our four major pro teams' greatest No. 4s:

Dolphins   P Reggie Roby   1983-92

Heat   C Rony Seikaly   1988-94

Panthers   D Jay Bouwmeester   2002-09

Marlins   Util Alfredo Amezega   2006-09

Note: Three legit, important players but slim pickin' for the Marlins.

OK, have a safe and happy Fourth, everyone. Gotta run. Am going low 'n slow with some pork spareribs and mustn't leave them untended.


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Basketball was invented by a Canadian, so that one's out.

Happy Independence Day to a rapidly growing dependent USA.

NASCAR. Hands down. It all started from bootlegging untaxed whiskey and outrunning the federal government. What's more American than breaking an unjust law?

Jimbo - I think Campbell's still under contract with the Raiders, who didn't get anyone to replace him. But Campbell checked the ball down because he was about to get hit, Henne checks because his primary (i.e. only) receiver is covered. I like him though, I'd prefer the Dolphins take him over Young or McNabb if the Raiders sign another veteran and cut him free. If free agency ever starts. If there is a season next year. If the Dolphins can break the spell of Ti Jean Quinto.

But I don't think that what the Fins tried to do last year defines what their offense should be. They have a dominant LT, the best route runner in the league, and the best YAC receiver in the league - their strengths on offense are actually with a west coast-style offense. Not sure what "power" running game you're referring to unless it's a default categorization, but the Dolphins were the third worst deep passing team in the league last year, and unless Edmund Gates is the next Desean Jackson they're not improving much in that area.

Oh, and it's football, clearly - baseball's not even close.

Pinkos are selling this country right down the river. Ripper out.

You know who was a real quarterback in my day? Johnny U. Not like these guys today that need ever larger helmuts.

OC, just caught your camel vs midget race footage. Man you got to give those little guys credit. That last dude was moving. Hell maybe Fins should put him in backfield you know the way Giants used Joe Morris. Dehensive linemen will never find him.

Have any of you heard of a little thing called the Military Industrial Complex?

Kazaam. power run & deep ball is what the Sparano Offense set out to be but never accomplished. Rumors are out there that Oakland is going to cut or waive Jason Campbell. I would think that would be counter productive but hey... Al cut a decent up and coming head coach in Tom Cable. Dolphins should have picked up Tom. Every time Henne throws a pick, Tom throws a left hook teaching the QB.

IMO baseball is still truly America's sport. Personally like football much better.

Voted football, don't like watching anything else

Cote, Saw your video, how many greenies did you have to pop to do this?..

when dos football starts again ?

Judging by which sport is the hardest to explain to 'foreigners', Football has to be the most American, followed closely by Baseball.

The video is great family entertainment but the old school clothes are, in my considered opinion, just a little too much on the gay side.


greetings from the middle east. methinks that chqad henne is too slow upstairs and lqacks quickness of release and the requisite arm strength to be a "west coast" QB. i remember kenny anderson from the bill walsh bengal days and he had a sharper mind, and stronger and more accureate arm to the sidelines, which i think is what that offense calls for. also, until his knee got wrecked against the dolphins in the 73 playoffs, the bengals had essex johnson who could really catch and run. it was a shame that essex johnson's career was so short and that lenvil elliot types had to replaqce #16. as far as your route runner, i imagine you mean #15 and i am not sure he is better than welker or steve smith of the giants.

The most American sport is porn.

Is that Rumsfield next to Cote?

Yeah shadow, in the olden days it was the other teams stars that got hurt. Since Dynasty days more specically the year of The Sea of Hands it has been Dolphin stars or potential stars that have bitten the dust. Overstreet comes to mind. There have been others. There have been some wickedly horrible decisions as well. Anthony Carter for Robin Sendlein. Jackie Shipp. Still no Joe Thomas in front office more than anything has hurt this team over the years. I'm still sad. This team is no anti-depressant, I can tell you that Jack.

Forgive me our outstanding and incomprehensibly brave Sevice Men & Women for my ego-centricity. May the benevolence, grace and Good Ol' Lady Luck of this Universe keep you all safe from harm and bring you home now.

SERVICE MEN & WOMEN. Sometimes the spelling has to be correct.

I read a statistics based article that showed when baseball officially gave way to football as the most popular sport in the US ...but I now do not remember the year. was it 1974? or was it earlier?

Basketball took over the #2 spot in the 90's, but not sure if it's still up there.

Baseball only still exists out of pure American tradition. If it started today, it would never catch on except for playing it. It's fun to play. ..well, you can sometimes get bored in the outfield.

Soccer is obviously not a choice, but as the US becomes less and less 'American' ..who knows..one day.

I wish our league would go back to the NASL days and use rules and point system that does not have to conform the world standards.

ESPN's top 10 plays of the day on Saturday included 3 gorgeous goals in soccer. Including the #1 play of the day.. an absolute stunner.

They mentioned the scorer's name too fast, I didn't catch it..and have trouble finding it on the net.

But here's a description .. a player juggled the ball a few times in the air after gaining possession of the ball. While the ball was still in the air, he smashed it from about 30 yrds out for a goal into the upper corner of the net.

mike1 I'm not sure but I might prefer munching on the carpet and I mean that literally. No sexual innuendo. Though I wish you continued joy in your handball, badminton and fotball tournaments...

I found it.. it was actually in an MLS game:

A true beauty of a goal by Darlington Nagbe of Portland vs Kansas City. Juggles it twice while in the air before smashing it from long distance.

You also get to see an enthusiastic sell out crowd at the game. This is what makes the game great.


An amazing 2 game series in World Cup 2014 World Cup qualifying.

Last week, Cambodia won their home game vs Laos 4-2.

Yesterday, Laos won the return game also 4-2. Meaning they were exactly even, including the 'away goals counting double' rule. So they went to overtime and Laos wound up winning 6-2.

Myanmar had a nice 2-0 win to overcome their 0-1 loss last week and eliminate Mongolia.

All the others went as expected. US Virgin Islands beat British Virgin Islands 2-0.

FIVB World Volleyball league continues July 6 with the final round taking place in the coastal cities of Poland:

Group A:

Poland, Argentina, Italy, Bulgaria

Group B:

Brazil, USA, Russia, Cuba


soccer balls were originally used in playing basketball.

dribbling didn't become a big part of the game til the 1950's...movement was by passing or bounce passing

Naismith incorporated a child's game called Duck on A Rock

Although Naismith was Canadian, the game was invented in the US

Per Wikipedia, the only games invented by North Americans were basketball, netball, dodgeball and lacrosse

Baseball had connections from outside

mike1, you are a funny civilian son even if you don't appear to have the time nor the inclination for strategic thought. Ripper out.

Thats right Ripper, you got a keen eye Sir.

mike1 - actually caught the LA/Seattle game last night, missed the FIVB games but with such horrible officiating that's barely worth watching anyway.

But that was legitimately a sporting event, full crowd of enthusiasts and plenty of jogging and flailing to go around. I think that matchup may be the best the MLS has to offer but not a bad product, very entertainig even with a 0-0 result.

Jimbo - you're right, I shoudnt put anything past Al Davis, maybe he'll be keen to give Terrell Pryor a shot? Dementia is a hell of a drug.


terrelle pryor is gonna cost somebody a first round draft pick when he is slightly better than our old friend jacorry harris. bad arm, worse head and not overly fast. i am actually hoping that jacorry harris gets it together in his senior year and does the john huarte senior season thing. ara took an underachieving team in 1964 and got them one play from a perfect season- can al golden do the same

Shadow - don't know if you heard but Pryor is entering the supplemental draft this year. It's kind of like a blind auction, teams submit to the commissioner what round they would be willing to pick available players at and the lowest pick gets him.

So usually there aren't any bids until the 4th round at the earliest. I don't think any teams are looking at Pryor as a QB, the Baltimore Sun says the Ravens are interested but that's because Anquan Boldin has a reputation for developing WRs (and converted from QB himself).

I'm going to be diving the red sea from Saudi Arabia next month - is it as unbearably hot over there as I'm imagining it to be?

Kazaam, maybe we could pick up JaMarcus Russell and trade him to the Raiders for their first round draft pick. We'll just give JaMarcus another name. Al will never know the difference.

Haa - Al, this is MaJarcus McTouchdown - he comes from a long line of McTouchdowns and he does nothing but score touchdowns and run 4.3 40s. 5 Heisman trophies, including his redshirt year, and we can't explain it but ever since he got to our training facilities we've been having smooth, easy bowel movements - once a day like clock work!

You'll love this guy Al, what's it gonna take to get you in a MaJarcus today?

hahaha MaJarcus McTouchdown. Nice name and used salesman pitch. Al might respect that at some level of his smarmy self.

mike1, Laos & Cambodia. That had me laughing for awhile. Amazing. I wasn't sure they even still existed after Nixon Administration...

Josefine Öqvist zieht sich für Fan im Stadion aus!


R Duke, it's like an NCAA football game between North Texas and Lousiana-Lafayette that goes to OT.

Laos vs Cambodia represents how widespread and inclusive the World Cup is. Every single country (200+) participates. There is nothing like it in sports.

Palestine knocked off Afghanistan.

The 2nd leg match between US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands coming up this Saturday, with USVI having a 2-0 lead.

Bahamas vs Turks & Caicos also meet this Saturday.

Aruba vs St Lucial, Anuilla vd Dominican Republic.

Hey, how about Irtysh Peylodar vs Jagellonia Bialystok or Flamurtari vs Buducnost Podgorica in the Europe league 2nd leg games on Thursday? I got FC Banga over Karabakh Azersun.

Kaz, the game right before the LA-Seattle game between Salt Lake and New England ended 3-3.

You poke fun at the no score result, the usual excuse of hating soccer is the low scoring.. what's the excuse for Handball, World Volleyball league, Australian Football, Irish Football...etc? Simple answer..you didn't grow up with it.

Handball is very similar to basketball ..uses a court, dribbling, passing, fouls, free shots instead of free throws. Main difference ..one uses a basket and one uses a goal. You don't need inhuman giants to play.

heck, they even have shirt pulling like in basketball


There truly is something amiss with that girl. S*** she should have gotten time in an institution if not prison for behaviors she exhibited.

mike1, does Antartica have a team, otherwise I'm not watching...?

Maybe if Mongul hoard were in tournament catapulting their bubonic plague infested dead at the competition I could get interested..

Antarctica is not a country or a pretend country; multiple countries have territories of a sort. But yeah, I agree..they should have a team. And in fact, maybe they should host the World Cup someday.

You're only interested in what sports you were brought up with an denjoyed as a kid..that's the way it works with the majority of people.

My first favorite sport was baseball. then football..then NBA, then NHL. Once I opened the door to foreign sports -- interesting to me at first as a novelty, I wound up really liking some of them.

Nothing touches the World Cup.

When regular Americans skip work to pack bars all around the US, or watch live feeds while at work..that tells you something. Maybe Americans dont get into soccer all of the time, but the World Cup seems to do so. I've never seen my 100+ officemates so interested in an event before.

mike1- You had to of voted all 9 times in this poll. Who the hell else would vote for soccer. Regular Americans skip work to watch the World Cup? Where the hell do you live? People who dont have jobs, maybe.

I voted for football. American Football, that is. Not THE football, not rugby, not Irish football and not Australian Football. ..as obviously, they would not be considered American.

Its obviously football. While baseball is an international sport, football is American cause were the only ones who play it RIGHT. Canada is the only other sport to play football, and they don't even do it right

it depends what you mean ..

the Irish play their version of football, Australians have theirs, and of course... there is world football.

Oh..don't forget Arena football or the LFL.




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