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July 05, 2011

Casey Anthony not-guilty verdict: Agree? (with poll); plus Jose Baez, U.S. falls to Sweden, Clemens trial & more

[Twitter.com/gregcote Thanks to all who tapped into our live chat today. Do it every Wednesday 1-2 p.m. Click HERE to join live, read transcripts or post questions any time. Random question of the day: "Rick Scott voters, what the hell were you people thinking exactly?"].

O.J. JURY REASSEMBLES, FINDS CASEY ANTHONY NOT GUILTY: That isn't to make light, but to express 1aa1caseya the view that not since O.J. Simpson was stunningly acquitted of double murder in 1995 has there been a major trial verdict as flabbergasting as Tuesday's Orlando-area decision finding Casey Anthony not guilty in the death of her toddler Caylee. All evidence, to me, pointed to a guilty verdict. Not saying I am right. But everyone who spent hours following this trial and weighing its testimony is entitled to have a reaction to today's verdict. Do you? Vote now and say why. [Click here for the MiamiHerald.com news story and related poll].

THE INCREDIBLE JOSE BAEZ: I can't hear the name Jose Baez (Casey Anthony's winning defense lawyer) 1aa1baezjose 1aa1baezjoan without thinking of '60s folkie Joan Baez, but that's on me, and a trifle offpoint. I l-o-v-e all that has come out about Jose's colorful past, from dropping out of Homestead High to non-child support to unpaid loans to bankruptcy to starting two businesses called Bon Bon Bikinis and Brazilian-Bikinis.com. This, ladies and gentlemen, is today America's most famous attorney! To some, Jose Baez might sound like an Horatio Alger tale come to life. To me, Jose Baez sounds like the quintessential character Carl Hiaasen wishes he'd imagined for one of his madcap only-in-Florida novels.

[Funnyordie.com takes on Casey Anthony. Click here. It's funny. But probably only if you think she's guilty...].

"U-S-A! U-S-A!" THAT'S RIGHT. I'M CHEERING FOR WOMEN'S SOCCER. DAMMIT: I believe if Casey 1aa1hopeblond 1aa1hopebrunette Anthony had played soccer as a youth none of this would have happened. Seriously, though, I am following quite ardently the U.S. squad in the Women's World Cup ongoing in Germany. TV ratings suggest you are not; nevertheless! The Americans are in the quarterfinal round despite today's 2-1 loss to Sweden, and will next face Brazil on Sunday. A win or tie today would have given the Americans an easier quarters draw vs. Australia. I am particularly a big fan of U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo, of the improbable name and excellent game. A friend and I got into a debate over whether Hope is attractive. Actually my friend said "hot." Whenever I use that word unrelated to weather, I feel like a white guy rapping, or trying to fake a gang sign. Anyway I came down enthusiastically on the side of yes, and present photographic evidence here of Hope both as a blonde and in her current incarnation as a brunette. Has my honest support of the U.S. women's team been compromised and plundered by sexism? Hey, life is one big risk, friends.

MICHAEL BEASLEY SMOKES POT? WHA-A-AAT!?!?: In arguably the least surprising news of the week, Minnesota media reports ex-Heater Michael Beasley was busted with 16.2 grams of marijuana (click here for the tale). I'm not sure this is what scouts had in mind when referring to Beasley as a 16/10 guy. Probably never good when your career scoring average (15.9) is exceeded by your career grams per bust average.

MORE OF THE ROCKET'S RED GLARE: Sorry about all the juris prudence in this post, but jury selection 1aa1clemens begins today in the Roger Clemens perjury trial. That means we're just a couple of days from more of Clemens' angry, righteous indignation and vehement denials of all wrongdoing. Attacking his accuser, trainer Brian McNamee, won't be as easy if testimony from the likes of Andy Pettitte corroborates McNamee. Mike Stanton might also testify to McNamee's truthfulness. Don't worry, Marlins fans. It's the pitcher Mike Stanton who used to be Clemens' Yankees teammate. Click on Roger, Over And Out for today's latest column by me. The Casey Anthony verdict proves anything is possible, but I don't like Clemens' chances.

THE TOUR DE FRANCE STINKS: Am I wishing for a massive pileup in which dozens of bikes wreck into each other and cascade down a mountainside? Not really. Although if assured no serious injuries, well. No I'm just saying the Tour de France, for me, has been ruined by its years of performance-enhancing drugs scandal that make baseball look saintly by comparison. Six of the past seven winners are tainted by PED accusations or strong suspicions. I don't care about a competition I can't trust. I don't care who is wearing the yellow jersey because all that matters is the yellow urine sample.

1aa1gaymarriage GAY MARRIAGE: I appreciate a good political cartoonist and I think the syndicated Drew Sheneman qualifies. I particularly love his work pictured, in which a gay-marriage protester complains, "The gays are making a mockery of marriage. Marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman performed by a priest, judge, Elvis impersonator, sea captain or mail-order reverend of the Universal Life Church." To that point I might add that a 50 percent divorce rate does a pretty good job making a mockery of marriage as well. The question isn't whether gays should be allowed to marry. It's why on Earth they'd want to! 

THE LIST: 3,000-HIT CLUB: Yankee Derek Jeter, with 2,996 hits, soon will become the 28th member of one of baseball's most exclusive clubs. The five most recent members:

Player, Team   Date of 3K hit

Craig Biggio, Astros   June 28, 2007

Rafael Palmeiro, Orioles   July 15, 2005

Rickey Henderson, Padres   October 7, 2001

Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles   April 15, 2000

Tony Gwynn, Padres   August 6, 1999 

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I'd like to hear what the jurors have to say about why they found her not guilty. I have read some of what is in the media and obviously they are going to report only the details that point to guilty since they are more interesting.

The jurors won't talk and UNLIKE the OJ trial..there are no "people" outside celebrating and praising this blatant miscarriage of justice. Disgraceful.

Justice is blind. Apparently so were those jurors.

It depends on what the meaning of the word 'guilty' is.

stick to sports please. Your leftist political rants....and your commentary on a court case are not welcome. moron

guarantee if I was part of the jury she would have been found guilty...would have voted for the death penalty too.

when does football season starts again?

There are thousands of cases each year, why did the media pick this particular one to sensationalize. Some people are really into it, because the media is so in your face with it. Both CNN channels had the story going at the same time.

Agree that it's ridiculous this one case was so big that it's on a sports blog but it was a shocking outcome.

I was on a jury selection committee once where a lawyer defined reasonable doubt as whether or not there could possibly have been something else that happened - not that there's no evidence proving space aliens didn't do it.

In this case there was no other scenario that could have possibly happened and the scenario that the prosecution laid out was space aliens coming down - every single shred of evidence and testimony demonstrated clearly that George Anthony didn't stage an accidental drowning to look like a murder and didn't have a reason to stage an accidental drowning to look like a murder.

Jurors were misinformed and thought that the prosecution needed to know the exact cause of death to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the kid was murdered. It wasn't old age.

I can't really say because I never paid much attention to the case. Every time it came on, I changed channels. I hear people talking about it, that it had parallels to the OJ case with suspicion of evidence tampering, etc.

In the several criminal and civil cases I served on, I honestly had no clue as to the guilt or innocence. It never seemed clear cut like watching Law & Order. Got lucky that the cases were resolved before we had to vote on it.

you're not really allowed to know all the facts. You can't ask certain questions.

Once, we were about to vote a guy innocent of drug possession ..meanwhile, he plead out.
The judge came to talk about it after the fact, and he then gave us a lot more information that clearly he was guilty.

In a civil lawsuit case, we once sided with the plaintiff, but no one seemed real sure. So we awarded a small amount.

Having these experiences has pretty much scared me about our justice system. Jurors are made up of your peers..sounds good ... but they don't understand technical jargon, they don't understand law, and they are all susceptible to bias. It gets scarier, when one juror is outspoken and is certain of his choice that he can sway everyone else.

Seems better to have a profession of specialist jurors. Though it doesn't seem very feasible.

Maybe she and the homosexual pedophile pervert Bill Kamall can hook up ?

no way in heck if im a juror do you get me to vote not guilty i may not know when or how she killed that kid. but she did. there is no question about that. i would have stood my ground vs all those feminist on that jury

Every topic is fair game, given the current drab condition and prospects for the NFL and even worse prospects for the NBA. You want proof?

Here's what makes for news: "Athletes take to planking." The link shows a Dwight Howard planking over his garage- kept Bentley and Rolls. Ohh Boo-hoo-hoo.


Nobody should be proven guilty based on circumstantial evidence alone. The prosecutors did not provide any other sort of evidence.

While its a bitter pill to swallow, I think the prosecution failed to convince the jury otherwise.

Hey Greg. I'm sorry the trial has messed up the Marlins, ever since it began the Marlins are 12-29 but they were 26-19 before it, I'm so sorry, but now its over and they will begin winning.

We might have had another choice in the poll:

Didn't follow/no opinion


The Women's World Cup has been a pleasant surprise.

Great atmosphere in the sold-out stadiums and very few weak teams. Yes, the pace is a bit slow, but baseball is even slower- not to mention golf or race cars driving around in a big circle!

Best of all, the girls don't flop and roll around on the ground clutching their shins, whining and moaning like great big sissies.


on the lunar calendar today is the 17th anniversary of the slicing up of mrs. simpson and young mr. goldman; i case they have company now with the toddler who never got to be a kid. that beyond a reasonable doubt burden of proof sure lets a lot of bad people walk, but some of us believe the real trial comes eventually with an omniscient Judge.

Chuck Norris, good comment. Appreciate it.

The US women had a wicked goal vs Colombia on Saturday.

Still loving that goal by Portland (vs KC) Saturday night.

Big game in Copa America tonight, Argentina - Colombia.

Today, in Final round of FIVB World League,

Cuba had 2 sets to 0 over Brazil. Brazil takes sets #3.

Set #4 is a see saw battle, going to extra points. If Cuba wins the set, the win the match. If Brazil wins the set, they go to Set 5.

Brazil won 30-28... and then took the 5th set, to win the match.

If you don't think that's exciting......with an atmospheric sellout crowd in host Poland.


in other results,

Russia beat USA 3-1
Argentina over Italy 3-1 (after trailing 1-0)

Now Poland and Bulgaria are in Set 5, in another exciting match. Poland was up 1-0..Bulgaria went up 2-1. Poland came back...

Poland just won it in the 5th set, 15:13. ..much to the home crowd's noise.


mike1 - you might want to check out pro thunderball sometime. Three balls in play at all times, batters fighting their way around the bases using their bats as a weapon, wild hounds and GORGEOUS honeys wandering the field to distract the players. A car that roams the infield protecting some and flattening others, and just behind second base - the gun circle, inside of which lies a fully loaded gun that the players are forbidden to use.


How about "Speedway"? It's an actual sport very popular in parts of Europe. Motorcycle teams; I'mk not sure how it works though. I just know people are really into it over there.


i saw the olympic gold medal match that the usa won 1-0, but brazil had many, many scoring chances and didn't cash in, mostly by the incredible marta. haven't been able to watch the MSL wonder goal because of old (adobe 1.0) that this on this computer.


skin diving in saudi arabian red sea!! yeh, it is warming up but that water is relatively pristine. and when those bedoiuns come to the resort peddling that hishhash, beware- it is fresh and strong and the sellers are govt. agents!!! really, have a great time and we'll miss you. maybe you can tell those 5 times a day on the rug crowd to pray that randle-el and all the other NFL muslim sound-alikes get a chance for a season or w4e are really gonna be bored on sundays. as long as #15 gets his money the rest of em can sit all year- they are all overpaid at 1/10th the price.

Shadow, no youtube or anything out there?

US eliminated in FIVB World League today by Brazil 3 sets to 1.

Russia and Brazil are both in from Group B... they compete tomorrow for 1st place in the group.

Argentina wrapped up a semi's slot, while Italy knocked off hosts Poland. Italy is practically in barring some upsets.

ah...Poland's top spiker couldn't play due to injury ...

"Nerves were frayed at the start of this encounter as another raucous Polish crowd whipped up the atmosphere inside the Ergo Arena in Gdansk."

"Italy played much better in the block and as suspected it quickly became obvious that Poland were missing their talisman Zbigniew Bartman. Their main attacker and point scorer had injured his leg in the opening game against Bulgaria."

Ok..you guys need something more to talk about?... 2020 Olympics bidding is in the works. S. Korea just got awarded the 2018 Winter games.

US talking about these cities for 2020 summer..
What're your thoughts?

"New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis and Tulsa, Oklahoma"

I say no way to Dallas and Tulsa. Atlanta was a horrible, the Olympic games don't need anything boring and hot for all the visitors and athletes.

Truth is.. US doesn't really have attractive & interesting cities like many foreign countries unless you're talking San Fran or Seattle. Miami is fine except for the weather.

I like Minneapolis. New York would be the best bet, but it can get hot there. LA has had it, it's smoggy, I'd hesitate.

So what do you all think about Hope Solo, per Cote's paragraph?


See the new solar powered high sped rail tunnel in Belgium? Just developmental but extremely amazing. and successful tests.

Belgium is the size of Maryland.

High speed rail is the bees' knees where it makes sense, by my estimation that's California, Texas, and all the way down the eastern seaboard. Not Tampa to Orlando.

I'm actually of the opinion that solar power is a waste of time - it's too hard to store the energy, better to invest in more reliable sources. The key to reducing carbon dioxide output is in converting cars and other engines to electric power - it doesn't matter what you use to make the electricity. Even with coal or natural gas, as long as you centralize the energy production so that you can control the output (as opposed to having millions of miniature power plants driving around) you can fix the problem.

But San Fransisco and Seattle the only attractive and interesting cities in the US? That's just crazy talk. Go ask some Seoulites if they think their city is more attractive and interesting than LA, New York, or Miami.

I used to travel a lot internationally, but I've been more or less stuck around here by my research for the past three years - the US has a lot going for it. Ridiculous desert in Utah, ridiculous rock and wilderness in Yellowstone and Yosemite, ridiculous diving in the keys, ridiculous party towns in NY, Austin, LA, Boston, and horrifically Columbus.

I wouldn't want my town to host the summer Olympics though. It's never worth the investment the city makes and the best event they have in the summer is the speedwalking.


Some genius one day will be born who will figure it out.

Anyway, some football news ... John Mackey died. Great TE and famous for the then controversial TD (catch and run) in the 1971 Super Bowl for the Colts vs Dallas.

I remember the series of still photos on the cover of the Miami Herald showing each phase of the completion.


Shadow - shish sellers being government agents is a good thing or bad thing? I'm actually going there to check out the thermal-tolerant corals in the red sea and to chill out after gorilla tracking in Uganda, climbing mount Kenya, and hiking mount Kilimanjaro in 13 days. Bedouin hashish sounds about right...

I hiked Mt Kilimanjaro, did safari's at Amboselli, Masa Mara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Visited the site of the first humans...well ancestors supposedly at Olduvai Gorge.

Followed it all up with a nice stay on Zanzibar Island, the city and the east beaches.. AWESOME! These amazing shells would wash up at your feet.

Kazaam, OC, RDuke, Shadow ... if this doesn't turn one int a fan of the US national team, nothing will!

Open up this article and scroll down a bit for a wondrous site.


Proof beyond a reasonable doubt?...ehhh, not so sure. Dumb. irresponsible, bitch, who should have her ovaries removed, hoodie sawed off, and hole sewn shut? Quite likely.

Women's World Cup tomorrow vs. Brazil

If we can stop them from scoring, we've got a good chance!

People did you all forget the most important question asked???

Hope Solo is HOT......

All right for Orange Bowl 4ever!

Some excitement in FIVB today...last matches of the final round groupings.

Hosts Poland are given a last chance for the semi's, as Bulgaria just stunned Italy 3 sets to 0. If Poland get beat group leader Argentina, they're in and will face the almighty Russians. However, it's likely that Argentina will win and that will result in Bulgaria advancing...despite Poland having beaten them.

Consolation for the US as they beat Cuba 33 sets to 2..to finish 3rd in the group..and a possible 5th or 6th final placing.

Russia blew by favorites Brazil 3 sets to 0.


Gosh that was fun wasn't it my children? Just always make sure you have your safety goggles on HA HA HA HA HA.. Oh, oh that's rich. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNcQX033V_M&feature=related

God I love B-52s don't you Lord?

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