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November 23, 2010

Letdown City: What is Miami's most disappointing team? (with poll); plus 4 Dolphins getting Pro Bowl love, King-o-Meter update, Haslem/Dampier & more

[Note: Because of the holiday week there will be no live online chat today. (Sorry)].

LETDOWN CITY: NAME OUR MOST DISAPPOINTING TEAM: I know this is the week we're supposed to be 1aaabcpanthers 1aaabcmarls 
1aaabchurrs 1aaabcheat 1aaabcdolph thankful, but c'mon! Our Big 5 teams -- the four major pro teams plus UM football -- all have disappointed us in various ways. The question is: Which team has been the biggest disappointment, and why. Seems like the perfect time to ask as you'll note by this quickie review, alphabetically, just before the poll:

DOLPHINS dropped to 5-5 with Sunday's shutout home loss and again appear a longshot for the playoffs.

HEAT are a mere 8-6 after last night's 16-point home loss and seriously underachieving despite the Big 3.

HURRICANES are 7-4 with Saturday's home loss, didn't win ACC and are headed to another lesser bowl.

MARLINS traded fan favorite Dan Uggla to rival Braves after earlier waiving fan favorite Cody Ross.

PANTHERS are seemingly improved yet last in division and on pace for 10th straight year out of playoffs.

HEAT SWAP OLD GUYS: The struggling, tinkering Heat signed veteran center Erick Dampier (pictured) 1aadampier today and waived equally fossilized guard Jerry Stackhouse. Desperate, but smart. Dampier an accurate low-post shooter and a rebounding presence off the bench -- both weaknesses, especially with yeoman Udonis Haslem out injured at least until February and (it is now reported) possibly the rest of the season.

FOUR DOLPHINS GETTING PRO BOWL LOVE: In the top five at their position in the AFC so far are: 2. OT Jake Long, narrowly trailing Raven Michael Oher; 4. PK Dan Carpenter, in the mix on votes; 4. OLB Cam Wake, but a distant fourth; and 5. ILB Karlos Dansby, also distant. Conspicuously not in the top five: WR Brando Marshall. Voting ends Dec. 20.

FANTASY UPDATE: BLIND SQUIRREL FINDS ACORN!: You know both my fantasy team stink. But both won this week! Bad Newz Fennelz won 165-96 and are now 4-7, led by 32 points each from Drew Brees and Marques Colston. Greg's Lobos won 175-131 and also are now 4-7, with the same two guys totaling 66 points in that league. Me scoring 175? Impossible.

1aaking KING-O-METER: LEBRON PULLING AWAY: Our unpopular Heat King-o-Meter, a running cumulative gauge of whether Dwyane Wade or LeBron James is having a better season, shows LeBron now ahead for the season, 770.07 King points to 617.27. LeBron has led in four straight games and now is up 8-6 in games led. Updates in the blog throughout the season, factoring 10 statistical categories. 

Click back. Will be adding more stuff to this blog post soon. No, seriously.


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no option for "all of the above"?


no option for "the print media"

All I need to say is FIU!


with all the attention focused on the chargers' comeback and strong finishes, it says here that they will not overtake the chieves; for on sunday they play at the colts while KC is playing at the seahawks-it appears that the chargers will be down two after the next round of games with only five to go; plus it seems that the chieves have an easier path. matt casell is having a really great season with 18TD/4int. while i am rooting for the chargers and their cadre of my favorites-sproles, hester, weddle- i don't think it is gonna be as a division winner that they make the playoffs, if they do so.

Spo, Sporano, Shannon. Shit, Shittier, Shittiest (In no particular order)

How about "What is Miami's most surprising and encouraging team?"

Wait, you can't make such a list since it would only consist of one team.

FF, II, UU - FIU!!!

Y'all really are tickled that you beat the likes of Western Kentucky and North Texas aren't you?

Be careful! Arkansas State has trap game written all over it!

wheres the iption for all the above???

Not as tickled as UM was after beating FAMU.

I think the answer has to be Hurricanes.

Nobody cares about the Panthers.

For someone to say they're disappointed that the Marlins traded Uggla that person would have to had expected that the Marlins would resign him. Such a person does not exist.

The Heat have certainly performed below most people's expectations but they don't need to get their act together until after the all star break in order to win the championship this year.

Most people expected the Dolphins to finish between 7-9 and 9-7 and miss the playoffs, looks like that'll happen.

But there were many college football analysts picking UM to win the ACC championship this year, and Herbstreit initially had them losing only to Clemson. Major letdown on some lofty expectations.

Analysts are reacting on what they don't know: UM's glory days are over. They'll always be a decent team, but the dynasty days of the past will cease to ever exist once again.

FIU won't be a dynasty either, but they surely have a brighter future than UM.

I think the Heat are the most disappointing, but I am sure they will figure it out and win Championships. The Hurricanes concern me because Donna Shalala is very accepting of mediocrity on the football field. Randy Shannon is a good D Coordinator and recruiter, but below average as a head coach. BUT, his players graduate. Donna loves this and will keep Randy around as long as he keeps winning 7-8 games per year. Canes fans need to be prepared to be middle of the pack for years to come. Makes me sad.

No one cares about the Panthers or the Marlins. Fan favorite? ...among the 1000 fans in Miami. Lo & Behold, those are the two lowest scoring.

If the definition of Letdown is having the most expectation and hype ..then it can't be anything other than the Heat. Except for those who don't care about the NBA; only care about the Phins..and therefore Phins will be their vote. We're accustomed to the Phins. The overhype Marino years were the biggest letdowns because he constantly let us down.

The Heat are just a joke situation. The good thing is, people are starting to settle down and have gotten over making fun of them. Even if they came back to win the championship, there is nothing special in it. This team was put together to be the most dominant force..a dream team..in the history of the NBA.

Hurricanes, Heat are just starting the season, Marlins are who we thought they were, Dolphins still did not do much to make it better. Cane's just fell flat. Next year has to be Randy's last year. He would see his first true class through (His first recruiting class, cant be considered his because he was given the job after the season and did not have the full year to recruit.)

FIU can only have a brighter future than UM because they have 0 academic standards. It's real easy to recruit when you only need to spell your name to get into the school...

Neither UM nor FIU has any kind of academic reputation - don't turn this into a thread comparing business schools and average graduate salaries!

mike1 - although you're correct in this context with the hype and all, I keep telling you that only the talking heads in the media and the idiots who listened to what they were saying as if it mattered (which included you for some reason) were thinking this Heat team "was put together" to be the greatest of all time

Pat Riley specifically said the goal was to win multiple championships and become a dynasty and that the regular season records don't matter. LeBron and Wade have said the same.

Pat Riley put this team together, and he put it together to be a dynasty, not to win 73 games.

HEAT by far are the biggest dissapointment. They hadn't done anything execpt sign Lebron and Wade (Bosh was/is a marshmellow) and people we're already talking about beating the Bulls' single season winning record and dynasties....please!!!

I have always liked the Miami HEAT, but I can't stand the Miami HYPE! Way to manage expectaions HEAT!!

FIU all day!

Hope that answers your question Cote.


Isn't average graduate salaries a function of academic reputation? Therefore, to argue against your point that neither UM nor FIU have any kind of academic reputation would require a comparison of the very things that you asked readers not to compare. I'm just saying that you left bloggers no choice but to agree with you since we can't use the very same points that would prove your statement wrong.

chrisfiu - I don't think that's necessarily the case. There are a handful of universities where if you have a degree from there, it will give you a huge boost in getting a job over other applicants (Princeton, Cambridge, Wharton school, Harvard business, etc.).

But with schools like UM, FIU, or pretty much any state school in the country having a degree from that particular institution is only going to help you get a job over someone with no degree. With people who go to these kinds of schools, it's more about how much you took advantage of the opportunities you had to get real world experience as an undergraduate and the connections you made - and if there is any difference in the salaries of UM and FIU grads I'd guess it's more because the people with money to pay their way through UM tend to also have more family connections and not because of any inherent difference in the reputation between the two schools.

FIU?! They are 5-5!

UM is over-rated!

If Shalala wanted UM to be the Notre Dame of the south, she accoplished it with the football team. I predicted 8 wins for the currently 5-5 Dolphins so the Canes are the biggest disappointment by far. I'm not a Heat fan but it's way to early to judge them yet.

The talk about who has a better school? WTF cares! But here is a thought...I received my Grad degree from FIU. For my program - UM $1,500 a credit FIU $300 a credit. Do the math. UM is a major rip off.

Oh and PS, unless you are performing heart surgery, it doesn't matter what school you grad from.

Kazaam, right after your post in response to mine, Rudy Vivas says the same thing. I think the Heat were created to be the best in history. If they don't, that right there is a let down. But right now, they don't even look capable of winning the division.

Heat won a championship a few years ago in non-hyped circumstances. Marlins won twice when no one expected it. Dolphins won when no one expected it. That's the fun way to win.

Remember when Marino's Phins were predicted by a lot of media to win the Super Bowl when they acquired that one popular tight end of the day (forget his name)? But Marino wound up stinking it up as often has he did well.

Keith Jackson

Finally FIU is turning the corner, a bowl game would be a nice step in the right direction.

Finally FIU is turning the corner, a bowl game would be a nice step in the right direction.

Finally FIU is turning the corner, a bowl game would be a nice step in the right direction.

mike1 - well first of all I'm guessing you never saw Shaq arrive to a crowd of thousands outside the American Airlines arena in an 18-wheeler and give a speech that ended with "I will bring a championship to Miami, I promise".

And I shouldn't dignify them "not looking like they can win the division", because I know you're not a fan of the NBA and I doubt that you've watched any of their games this year but I feel obliged to point out that the Heat are only a game behind division leading Orlando after this horrific start, with 68 games to go.

But as to your greater point that it's fun to watch an underdog win, I couldn't agree more - the 2000s Ravens super bowl was one of the most fun seasons I've had as a sports fan.

But down here in Miami, this Heat team is not what's being portrayed in the national media. This is a team of players who have all sacrificed a lot to be here and they have the potential to be the best defensive team in the league.

The season started a month ago and to those who watch the NBA the talk of the "dream team" and 72 wins has given way to the reality of how this team is going to figure out how to win together, just like any other team, just like any other year.

Neither the absurd claims of greatness from the national media before the season nor the absurd gloom and doom from them now has any impact on how this team plays, so as long as that's not the extend of your interest in the NBA, this team will be just as fun to watch win as any other.

LMAO @ these fiu trolls, news flash NOBODY CARES!

Hurricanes are the biggest let down though because they have the talent to be a top 10 team, win the ACC, and go to a BCS bowl and flat out failed this year.

Dolphins -- they are building and have a good core of players but can anyone honestly say they expected Miami to compete with the likes of Indy,NE,Baltimore,Pitt and the other top tier teams of the AFC, Miami is good but there not a championship caliber team yet.

Heat --the season just started so you cant say its a dissapointment already, this team will be judged by what they do in the playoffs
(p.s. GO MAGIC)

Nobody except the SOLD OUT, ON CAMPUS stadium of nearly 20,000 that showed up for the USF game and Rutgers game earlier this year.

News Flash: UM's Glory Days are OVER baby!!!

FIU is not in competition with UM.

Go trash talk Western Kentucky fans.

You're right we're not! Who is these days? LOLOL

Enjoy your ACC #5 invite bowl.

70 schools out of 120 make up the watered down bowl schedule. It's more of a disgrace not to get in one, than it is an honor to get into one.

As fun as individual college football games are to watch, but lately I am amused that everyone just accepts the daily talk "the computers don't like so and so college..although the human polls do". Then add the absurdness of bowl eligibilty where you can play 3 or 4 cupcakes out of conference and not even win half your conference games, and get a bowl game.

The logistics of NCAA football have been out of whack for 100 years in how to determine a champion...and the BCS can't even agree to have a 'Plus One' game.

Even Nebraska, Kentucky, Indiana and South Florida beat 2-9 Western Kentucky.

Got to admit that is a much tougher Non conference schedule than most teams in the BCS conferences play. I think there is a reason behind that: they all want to play W. Kentucky caliber teams to pad their records.

Even Nebraska, Kentucky, Indiana and South Florida beat 2-9 Western Kentucky.

Got to admit that is a much tougher Non conference schedule than most teams in the BCS conferences play. I think there is a reason behind that: they all want to play W. Kentucky caliber teams to pad their records.

Even Nebraska, Kentucky, Indiana and South Florida beat 2-9 Western Kentucky.

Got to admit that is a much tougher Non conference schedule than most teams in the BCS conferences play. I think there is a reason behind that: they all want to play W. Kentucky caliber teams to pad their records.

Kaz, I see that Heat team differently than this one. There is always some team that's going to acquire an elite player. Someone has to. That was more of a gradual building and not a certainty.

This was more contrived, with all the hype about being one of the most dominant teams ever..not simply mundane championship talk; after all..every year someone wins the championship. This was made out to be pure elite-ness. Even if it's the media'reation, the people bought into it.

Just as we wanted to see Saban lose when he bailed on the Phins, Cleveland fans are probably more relaxed now and amused at how the Heat season is going.

Our sports writers are most Miami's most disappointing team.

FIU biggest success story this year. Only team #1 in their conference.

Your Heat King-o-Meter is not necessarily unpopular. Kazaam seems to be the only one that hates it. I just wish you would display what goes into it. What you're feeding it. Perhaps we can make it better by adding new fields to it. You know, like Wikipedia.

MEPP = mouth piece exposures per game
WIFH = what, I fouled hims?
WPUT = wade pullups totals
JPHD = james powder height distance


another phrase i can live without: "this team was built to..."

teams are put together to win, and telling the crowd that "as long as we finish eighth in the east and qualify for the playoffs we are on course" is bogus. championship teams in the NBA usually come from near the top of the conferences and divisions. the run of the warriors a couple of years ago is not common and i am trying to think of the last fourth seeded team to win an NBA title and need help in doing so. will consult my trusted 2008 almanac for info.

FIU #1 Story in Miami or at least it should be!

Really no room for interpretation on the 2006 team, it was absolutely as contrived as this years team.

2004 the Heat had this great core of young talent that gelled and overachieved and even won a playoff series. 2005 they traded half that core for Shaq and signed veterans Steve Smith and Alonzo Mourning, then the next year they traded the remainder of their 2004 core for Antoine Walker and signed veterans Jason Williams, Gary Payton, and James Posey. The 2006 team had only Udonis Haslem and Dwayne Wade as contributing players who were drafted and developed, just like this years version.

There are only two good NBA teams whose main players were drafted and developed by that franchise (San Antonio and OKC), that's just how the NBA works nowadays.

Also, the reason that terrible teams often have difficult out of conference schedules is that good teams will huge amounts of money to play them.

Miami has to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a team as terrible as Florida A&M or FIU to play them.

Kazaam, The Lakers drafted and molded Kobe, Fisher. Two of the main starters and the heart of their numerous championships.

I'm pretty sure the Lakers traded Vlade Divac to get Kobe from the Hornets - but sure, they developed those two players, and Bynum as well, but they wouldn't have won any championships if they didn't sign Shaq or trade for guys like Gasol, Odom, and Horry.

Teams fall out on all along the scale from developing players to buying them but the overall trend with good franchises in the NBA now is to trade for veterans and sign free agents, and the only contenders that have developed their top two players from the start are the Spurs and Thunder.

The Celtics did the exact same thing the Heat have done, yet now, only a few years later, they are seen as playing sort of the epitome of "team" basketball rather than an assembled group of stars playing together. Winning will do that for the Heat as well.

Yes, of course. It all makes sense. Pay to win. Ensure yourself some easy wins with cupcake games and you get your money back by making a bowl game. One day, I bet they start crediting Div II games as wins.

I don't mind an occasional whimpy game, but most of the big name teams are afraid to play anybody. Last year's U. Texas was a great example. They got into the Final by going undefeated in their mundane conference; 16-13 vs injured Okl QB Bradford; lucky 13-12 Neb win. Non-conf vs La-Tech, Wyoming, UTEP, UCF.

Cinci also went undefeated in their weak conference but at least beat PAC 10 and Big 10 non conf games.

There could be a rule made to ensure consistency. Every BCS team has to schedule two BCS non-conf teams and and free to schedule the other two games as they please. The tougher team you get, the bigger the reward in the rankings.

Non BCS teams ..since they are dismissed and discriminated against, don't need to adhere to any scheduling guidelines; although it obviously would be in their best interest to schedule top BCS teams.

I garantee you this...Miami as a eight seed! the team thats plays thim. will s#!t their shorts.

I don't know Kaz, none of your examples (2006 Heat, Celtics, Lakers) seem as contrived or hyped as this year's Heat in the history of the NBA; although the roots were being sewn in this manner of team building.

I don't recall so many people saying how they hated one of those teams, as much as they did about the Heat pre-season.

This happens in soccer too. Chelsea for example. But it's a little different because there are so many more top soccer players; and as good as one player may be, they aren't as dominant within the sport...plus basketball teams needs only 5 players. Harder to get 11 of the very best soccer players one team out of a 1000 teams.

sure jjjjonah da guppy, until they meet either Orlando or Boston.

The Heat season is too young for me to label them yet. We have seen three years of Shannon's players, and they've been huge disappointments. Did anyone really think the dolphins were gonna be better than maybe 9-7? The marlins are the marlins. No one really cares. Same for the Panthers. The obvious choice is the canes football team.

Tony Sparano at home after Miami blows season again.


Buddy Ryan family moment, Rex & well, you know the rest.


funny, funny, funny

OC, I thought I had real chance to win Prediction Championship with my 6-10 for Fins. Sadly do I hear 5-11 anyone?

Interesting thing about the Phins is mostly winning games we (before the season) didn't expect and losing most of those we thought we'd win. That means we're doomed when we play Oakland, Cleveland, Bills and Detroit. And I'm doubting we win at NE. Upset possible at NY if we have a QB.

We are 3rd from bottom in points at 172 (NE is first). Wow..Carolina has scored 117.

I didn't see NE Pats as a contender this year, but they've proved me wrong. I am expecting another undefeated run in a year or two with all their draft picks.

Anyone want to start making playoff and Super Bowl predictions for the fun of it?

Kaazam is correct on the Divac trade for the rights to Kobe, and the fact that great trades and FA signings helped structure (see, I didn't use the word built or build) the Lakers of the past 5 years.
Mr Kaazam, however is WRONG regarding his comparison of UM/FIU regarding academics.UM is far more highly regarded, and it is NOT a state school as he (or someone) alluded to.
However, the point missed here is that there are several schools with excellent academics that have won their conference championship, such as Northwestern, GA Tech (played in the ACC Championship game) Stanford, Cal, Duke's basketball teams, etc.

The Canes an HC who is apparently not ready for primetime. Same with the Fins, Heat, and the GM with the Marlins.
And you wonder why Miami's sport scene is horrific?
I don't live in Miami anymore, so I know not of your NHL coach. I'm a Nashville Preds fan.

2 things. Can't believe I used the regarding (or a derivative) 3 times in one sentence. LOL
Also, I meant to say the Canes have a coach who apparently is not ready for primetime, etc.

Giants vs Pats II. I'll go with Giants win as I can't stand idea of another Pats SB win.

Phins are pretty much out of it. Division, forget it. Wild card: 3 games behind Jets/NE; 2 games behind Ravens/Steelers. Lose on the tiebreaker to all four.

This isn't a season where you clearly say who the most dominant teams are. The AFC can be won by NY, NE, Ravens, Pittsburgh and I would never rule out the Colts, who almost had a great comeback at NE.

Jets have been pulling out miracles. It may all come down to home field.

NFC. Gosh, if only the Phins were in the NFC West. Same as the AFC, no clear cut way to say who'd win. Lot of good teams and I can see Eagles, Green Bay, Atlanta, Saints or Tampa taking it. Chicago a little weak on offense, but top in the league on defense. And just as I wouldn't rule out Manning and the Colts, I also wouldn't rule out Manning at the Giants.

My prediction? I have no clue. Then, why did I bring this up? To see what you all are thinking?


That I voted for the Heat as the most disappointing team has nothing to do with my love and support for them. What is says is that I expected more from them than they have been able to deliver at this time. I've attended every game thus far. However, I will miss Friday's game and the game when Atlanta comes to town. I'll proabably miss LA and Boston when they come because I can't afford those high priced tickets. Nevertheless, I remain loyal and will watch them on the tube.

Shakespeare S. Shakespeare

Because you're an a**hole Nancy.

Get a freakin' job.

I think you're here incognito, duke.

mike1 - exactly, the unprecedented backlash from fans wasn't because the Heat were structurizing any differently from other teams, or even because they were going to have 2 of the top 3 players in the NBA, it was because the Heat inherited the nonstop media attention that had been following LeBron during his free agency and exploded after his "decision".

This team is just trying to win, like every other team in the NBA - all the hype is an illusion, there is no spoon.

IMAWriter - I know that UM has a better reputation than FIU and is not a state school, I was making a broader point about the value of most degrees. I think most people would be better off with a degree from ABC bartending than FIU or UM right now, ABC guarantees job placement.

Yes, sure...Kobe was drafted (technically) by the Hornets. But West wanted him and so he bought the 13th pick. It's in the spirit of the conversation.

I won't go into George, Walton, Vujacic, Farmar, and Bynum. All who contributed to winning championships along with the two main foundation blocks. This was not the first time either. Magic was drafted and so was Worthy and Nixon. Kareem was the missing piece for the Showtime Lakers and Shaq was it for the Kobe era. The point is that they started with a core of "drafted" players and brought in the missing element. Not that any given team empties out the roster, then brings in a complete starting 5. I very much doubt that can be done.

Dolphins and Heat---total chokers. The Heat was supposed to be the best nba team in 20 years, but they are barely above .500. The dolphins were supposed to be a lock for a long playoff run but they will not even make the playoffs. miami---loserville again.

Don't give up yet, Moses. 6-10 is still a real possibility.


It's too early in the season for BB. Haslem going down may actually work to their advantage. Yes, Udonis contributed in many ways, but what the Heat needed most was/is an INSIDE presence. They now have two big guys in there to throw at Boston, Orlando and the Lakers. I still see them in there as being no worse than a 5th seed in the East. Boston vs Heat finals to meet the purple and gold.

Greg, instead of talking about the most disappointing teams, though frankly the Dolphins, Canes and Heat aren't disappointing, why don't you talk about a positive story? Why don't you talk about FIU being on the verge of its first conference title? You may not want to acknowledge our existence, but if we keep winning it will get awful hard to ignore us.

As for the other teams.

The Heat still need time to figure things out, and have been hurt by injuries that have not only affected a starter but have sidelined two of our best bench players. Still, I would wait till we are 40 games into the season before writing this team off.

The Dolphins are a middle of the road team, they were last year as a well and only slightly better the year before. It is what it is, but we don't have the players to be an elite team.

The Canes are where they belong. Due to the changing face of college sports UM is at a disadvantage. They don't have the large alumni base of state schools and therefore don't sell as many tickets, as much merchandise, or have as many donors. Because of that they cannot hire the most elite coaches, and they cannot build the best facilities. That causes recruiting to drop off. Miami, as an 8-4 team, is about where they belong given the combination of talent, coaching, and facilities.

FIU is the only Miami team staring down a conference championship. Remember, you can't spell scum without UM!

OC - Just like I didn't mention guys like Shaw, Harper, Grant, Fox, Ariza, Artest, Brown and Brown, Morrison, and Radmanovic.

But being a Lakers fan I'm sure your aware that the opposite approach, gutting the roster, trading and signing for the core players, and developing role players around them has worked quite well for the Boston Celtics.

But you're way off base if you think Udonis Haslem going down for the year can help the Miami Heat - he and to a lesser extent Dwayne Wade are the heart and soul of this team. And Xs and Os-wise he's an excellent defender of talented power forwards (he stopped Dirk from winning the 2006 championship) and they will be replacing his minutes with Bosh, Anthony (only one inch taller than Haslem), Howard, and James - all of whom are downgrades defensively.

Spanish ghost of someone - you're using a very loose definition of the word "conference", I have honestly never heard of 6 of the 9 teams in that conference, with FIU, FAU, and Troy (in California? Ohio?) being the exceptions.

JulesFIU - Apart from UM being "where they belong", that's an incredibly accurate analysis of what's wrong with Miami coming from an FIU fan.

Also Jules, fair or not FIU is going to have to beat teams people have heard of (Rutgers, Maryland, Pittsburgh) before non-alumni types feel like FIU is making progress.

It's not a story unless general college football fans might be interested. We are not.

duke, E Howard duke incognito? What the hell is duke doing posting on this pretigious blog...? duke, jesus christ, you pick that scab and you sure get alot of puss.

I particularly liked the Sparano video. Gee, you just never know what your coworkers and friends are like at home.

Talk about disappointments. Has anyone seen the South Korean Army lately? Or is Barack really a male? All indications on the world circuit is that Hillary has a pair of k-nuts and Obama seems to have lost his. Or does Michele hold them tight and only give them back to him when he is running his pie hole about the Tea Party Organizations & members. Just ask James Carville as he made that assumption public last week. Isn't it about time to turn the Heat on Mr's Wade, Bosch & Lomb, King Donkey Kong James? Ask any Dolphins or Canes fan about preseason expectations.

This is the best up & coming Christmas movie to hit the theatres.


Kazaam, I will agree that wins over high profile teams would attract the interest of more people, but with around 120,000 alums living in Dade and Broward counties, it is fair to say that there are a lot of people who would take notice if FIU were to win its conference.

The job of a reporter is to cover the news, simply put FIU's season has become news worthy. You must also keep in mind that FIU Football is less than a decade old, look where the Canes were ten years into their existence, it wasn't as if Bucknell was a national power.

I know you disagree, but I do think Miami is, to an extent, in the same position as Notre Dame. Both are smaller schools competing in a league that is increasingly dominated by big state and private schools.

Lots of disagreements currently about. We can all agree that Haslem is a very good player, one that adds just about any team. From where I sit, the Heat were not going anyplace soon. They are (and I think we blogged about this already) a couple of years away from potentially dominating, If they have patience and take the time to augment obvious weaknesses. Their current makeup lacks in critical areas - e.g., a shut down D-player with attitude, accomplished second season experience (less Wade/Haslem), same for head coach, significant inside game. These things are all needed in a championship caliber team. Udonis/Miller, Miller/Udonis. You could argue that if healthy and available, they rob each other of minutes while satisfying different roles. Most importantly, neither of them is about to offer resistance up against the likes of who they would need to get by to win: Shaq, Perkins, Howard. If they get over, Bynum, Gasol, Duncan.

We can argue till the cows come home, but in my view, the Heat ARE better served with Dampier on the team vs Haslem. Both is better, but if I had a choice, I choose Dampier.


"heart and soul of this team"- another platitude i can live without. "heart and soul" was a great record by both the cleftones and jan and dean, though.


article about patrick hill, blocking fullback, HUSBAND AND FATHER, and a good cooker. fairfax grad might get a crack at the NFL-hope so.

Most disappointing? Definitely FIU. After all that, they still suck.

Now little brother, your outburst was cute but it's time for you to go back to your room and play with your Legos.

Kazaam, the last time I checked (about 2000yrs ago) Troy was in Turkey. Brad Pitt handles the football team. Troy Aikman is President. Go Troy Trojans! Beat those USC Trojans.

Hey Kaz, educate yourself. Troy is in Alabama. Other Sun Belt members include Western Ky., Arkansas St., Middle Tenn....I'll let you handle the rest and since you already know FIU and FAU, you're now well on your way.

Shadow, is it merely a coincidence that Arsenal's coach is Arsene Wenger?

Boy they chocked yesterday; they were holding at Braga then gave up two in the 83rd and 90+3.

FIUFan, even Indiana beat W. Ky (2-9). So did Nebraska, USF, and Kentucky.

Troy did well at Oklahoma State 41-38 but got beat at S. Carolina 69-24.

Middle Tenn lost to Georgia Tech (who got beat by the worst team in the Big 12 Kansas) and Minnesota.

Arkansas St claim to fame is a 52-26 loss at Auburn. And a narrow defeat at Indiana 36-34.

FIU bravely (I'll give them that..although I'm sure it was about the money) scheduled Rutgers, Texas A&M, Maryland and Pittsburgh. They were close in two of those.

By the way, Midd Tenn is actually in the middle of Tennessee.

Western Ky is sort of west. They are in Bowling Green. If they merged, wonder if they could qualify for Conf USA. But I'm confused, I thought Bowling Green was in Ohio.

However, I did not think they allowed trojans in the bible belt state of Alabama.

Not traveling this XGiving, but if I had to fly, I swear I would strap on a 12" summer sausage along with two mangos in a bag and ask for a pat-down.

OC, youll enjoy this if your talking TSA, Holiday travel.


Halfdone, are you going back in for another two hours?

How 'bout he's the nuts and sack of this team or he's the clit and toris of this team or cock and sucker of this team...

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