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November 12, 2010

OMG! Panic in Heatville! Really? (with poll); plus King-o-Meter, Dan Uggla, NFL picks & more

[Haven't had enough Chad-o-Rama drama yet? Weigh in and vote on Dolphins' Changing of the Chads in the blog post directly below this one].

HEAT'S EARLY-SEASON STRUGGLES: I SAY CHILL, BUT I SENSE PANIC: They are giggling in Cleveland. 1aa3musk You know that. Back to back home losses? Hey this wasn't supposed to happen! The "Dream Team" Heat was seen as a team that might challenge the record for most wins but that team finds itself an ordinary 5-4. The Big 3 of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh was supposed to make everything hunk dory -- as illustrated here in the SI Kids November cover picturing them as the heroic Three Musketeers -- but the big machine is sputtering. The preening Celtics beat Miami (again) here last night and afterward Paul Pierce took a parting shot at LeBron, Tweeting postgame: 'It's been my pleasure to bring my talents to south beach and now on to Memphis.' (Dear Paul: Not to nitpick, but we capitalize South Beach around here. Although perhaps a 5-4 records merits the lower-case). Me? I think it's still really early to have conclusions harden about a team that will be different and better in January. But I also see big challenges with deficiencies at point guard and center, and times when this supposedly stout defense looks anything but. This team needs real coaching, and that is what puts the onus on Erik Spoelstra. He needs to find solutions to make this thing work. I think he will, but I also think there will be an increasing drumbeat for Pat Riley to take over if the Heat continue to be pretty-good-but-not-quite-there in another month. Your take on the Heat at 5-4 are welcome. Take a dip in our poll and elaborate. 

1aaking KING-O-METER: LEBRON LEAPFROGS DWYANE: I know some of you have let me know you hate the idea of the blog's new King-o-Meter because it sows trouble between the two stars. I feel your pain but in this case ignore it. This is just a fun little harmless ongoing feature that uses nine statistical categories in a cumulative comparison of James and Wade. Updated through nine games, James now has 488.58 points to Wade's 464.37 (although Wade leads in games led, 5-4). James overtakes the lead with a season-best 83.43 King points vs. Boston compared to Wade's season-worst 17.01.

ODDS ON PENNINGTON, DOLPHINS: Bodog.com sets an over/under Sunday of 220.5 passing yards for Chad Pennington, and 55.5 catch-yards for Randy Moss. Latest Super Bowl odds have Giants, Ravens (before Monday's loss) and Steelers at 7-1, and Jets and Packers at 8-1.   

1aadanu ON DAN UGGLA AND MARLINS: Readers know I am constantly critical of the Marlins' history of cheapness, but it does not apply here. Florida's four-year, $48 million offer to second baseman Dan Uggla is big and fair. The per-year dollars are right but Uggla demands a five-year deal. Dan says he wants to stay? So stay! Sign. If he ends up elsewhere, this one's on him, not the club.

1aadarts NFL WEEK 10 PICKS: Not sure why but I like Dolphins over Titans Sunday. Uh oh! Also like Jets and Patriots both losing so if I'm right the AFC East gets than a [your punchline here]. Click on Week 10 Gems for all this week's picks, and on Drama Kings for my Friday Page NFL column.

1aamvick ANOTHER DOLPHINS OOPS-Y?: You know how Miami said no-thanks to an available Randy Moss last week? It occurs the team stuck in another apparent QB flux also could have had Michael Vick. That would be the same Vick who leads the NFL in passer rating. The one Philadelphia wants to re-sign.


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The media hype today is about how over-rated the media hype was about the Miami Heat. Among other sports shows, the Dan Patrick talk show was all over it this morning. Said the betting odds were 3.5 losses at 20 games. As the Heat continue to disappoint, the story will die down. I kind of saw this coming.

Oh joy, We could've had both Vick and Moss. No thank you.

Anyone see the ending of the Ravens-Falcons game?
Great ending. Of course, I was wanting the Ravens loss for the Phins case. But not sure how many times the Ravens got ripped off in that game down the stretch. The push off by the Falcons receiver leading to the game winning TD couldn't be more obvious.



Dolphin fans got a chance last night to see the biggest mistake parcells made in his tour of duty in miami. Taking jake long over matt ryan, will go down as a blunder that will last for years to come.

I was at the Heat game last night so I couldn't catch the Ravens game, but I heard they got robbed.

Pat Riley doesn't need to step in to coach the Heat - their problem in their last three losses was defense, and Spoelstra is a Riley clone in that respect.

I'm kind of glad they got out to this start so people can stop hating on them and can start watching how they learn to play with each other and put it all together this season, because they have all the pieces they need to win it all.


gee, NFL oficials giving it to the home team in a crucial game-i trust your judgment on the referees but have known for decades they are not just bad, they are corrupt.


it is a long way to go until the NBA playoffs in april, but a much shorter time that erik spoelstra will be the head coach for the heat. drastic progress-meaning if they don't go 8-2 or 9-1 in their next ten games whoever is on the schedule- or else ole riles will be back.


ESPN tackles what's wrong with the Heat.

Shadow, the offensive interference was so obvious, it was continued to be talked about well after the play and in fact, later on after the game. The defender kept complaining to the ref who completely ignored him. Even though I was hoping for a Ravens loss, I just loathe games being decided on mistakes.

Bottome Line:
The Falcons were going to get 3 pts either way so stop whining about the offensive interference.


See, not only soccer players cheat.


"Ryan rolled to his left to get away from the pressure, and White shoved off Josh Wilson with his right hand to get free, sending the cornerback tumbling to the turf. Ryan delivered the ball perfectly, White caught it with no one around and cruised into the end zone.

Wilson hopped up, screaming for a penalty. But the official kept the yellow flag in his back pocket and held up both arms. Touchdown.

White knew he got away with one.

"Yeah, you've got to do whatever you've got to do to win," he said. "It was one-on-one coverage with one guy. But he was kind of flat-footed, and he tried to grab me, so I just pushed him down." "

i wouldnt want vick guy deserves to be fed to the wolves or junkyard dogs lol

Boston when they got their Big 3 started 19-2, they didn't have 4 losses until 3 months into the season.

We still don't have an offense, Spo has no clue how to coach.

How many wide open 3's did Ray Allen need before Spo realized our rotation scheme was not working? Stop rotating off of Ray Allen... but he let it happen 7 times. Same play.

Good article about Spo.

It’s only been nine games, but Spoelstra simply does not look like the right man for the job. His “inspirational” talks in huddles and the locker room sound like he’s reading them right out of a book, and when he stands by the bench and halfheartedly argues with officials, he looks more like an actor trying to learn his role on the fly than he does an NBA head coach.

It is too soon to sink the Heat, but with a 5-4 record, you simply cannot brush it off as “early-season struggles.” Every analyst has spouted that “it takes time to jell” and each star is adapting to his new role, but Rivers’ team showed us that it shouldn’t take long to get on a roll.

The 2007-08 Celtics won their first eight games … by an average of 15 points. They lost their first game on Nov. 18. They lost their fourth game on Jan. 9; the Heat lost theirs on Thursday.

That's a ridiculous article - Doc Rivers was a terrible coach until he got his big three and now he's a genius, therefore because Spoelstra hasn't won the championship yet in only 8 games he's the man for the job.

The Celtics Big Three were very different players who already knew what their niche was going to be - the Heat don't have that kind of clarity and are going to take some time to figure it out.

Shadow - Riley will not take over unless it looks like the season is slipping away, and that will never happen with a winning record. He keeps saying in interviews that it doesn't matter what seeding the Heat get, all that matters is that they are hot and playing team basketball when the playoffs start - that doesn't sound like a man who's going to panic if they don't win 8 or 9 of their next 10.


the guy's days were numbered as soon as lebron james siged; you will get your wish shortly, but as noted pat riley has never coached a team without a significant NBA center and no one is gona throw him one now. might be the only reason he doesn't.

The Decision- what a joke. I am taking my talents to Memphis with Paul.

LMAO the heat are paper champs! get used to it miami because it takes a TEAM to win not 3 guys playing like there on the harlem globetrotters

Regarding Matt Ryan, "Oh yeah naplesjack well it wouldn't be the ah.. the first blunder the Fins have made! So there! Ah.. take that?! I'm sorry to have to be so hard on you but ah..um, but you had it coming????" I need a f***ing drink of grain alcohol and rainwater...

Kazaam, yeah, maybe people will start hating them, but right now I can tell you around these parts, they are laughing at them. Pick your preference.

Still, nothing was worse than having to endure people around here hating UM in their convict cowboy days.

Boston their first year with the big 3 started 19-2 and didn't lose their 4th game until 3 months into the season. But all Spo can do is say its a process... obviously Doc Rivers was able to speed up that process.

Spo is just a horrible coach

The Dolphins decision making at the QB position is a total joke, Drew Brees, MIchael Vick both could have been here, we could have drafted Matt Ryan.......John Beck disaster.....Culpepper disaster.....we draft Pat White for no reason.......huge disaster picking up Pennington. The Dolphins make it frustrating to be a fan, we could have had Randy Moss, we could have had T.O., we had Welker. Every year is just more comedy, I honestly think I could run the Dolphins just as well as the people running it now. I would start by signing JaMarcus Russell, booooo I hear but need I remind you that we had Cleo Lemon on this team?

I'm gonna say it now, FIRE SPOELSTRA! before we waste more of this season. It's not too late.


You must avoid tap water at all cost!
You know what they've done to it.
Try some moonshine...

Dave, agree on some of your points, not all.

1. I do not want guys like Vick or Moss on the team no matter what they would contribute on the field. I have no respect for the Eagles; don't care if they win it all. Not sure I would've wanted T.O. either.

2. I don't think Pennington was a huge disaster. As easy as the schedule was that year, it still wasn't easy going 11-5 and a lot of that was due to Pennington not making many mistakes til meeting the Ravens in the playoff.

Several of us said the Welker trade was a massive mistake the day it was announced. I still rank that as one of the top goofs of all time Phins history. And I agree with you on Brees, Ryan and mistake made getting Culpepper. Vikings fans got on this blog laughing at us, telling us that we'll see that he is a nothing.

The Cam Newton stuff is hilarious. Sports talk guys are getting a lot of material from making fun of the fuzzy math behind BCS computers, to the laughable Heat, to Favre, to Newtown.

guys if u wanna fire erik spoelstra just go to firespo.com, also they should put jeff van gundy in because he is just perfect for the role. A high profile coach, experienced, and knows what to do and when to do. Spoelstra doesn't wanna try out pittman or magloire and I think they would work on defense maybe not the most offensive talented guys out there, but if u leave james jones, lebron, wade, bosh and pittman/magloire on the floor that could be a good lineup. Also, try to put mario chalmers, i mean start giving the frikking young guys the chance they deserve! And sign Erick Dampier! Now, lemme go coach this team on nba 2k11

Cote, is there any scum of the earth player you don't want to see the Miami Dolphins sign?

All I can say to the PARANOID PEOPLE OUT THERE IS THIS...and, these are the facts: When Boston got their BIG THREE, they needed time to click...to know each players tendencies, to know where they are going to be in certain situations.
The Heat has lost four game, BY A COMBINED 16 pts. and PEOPLE ARE FREAKING OUT?

Like Wade and Bron said...they expect it to take until Jan or Feb before the are jelling. Remember, Heat fans, it's not how well you play in the beginning of the season, but how well you're playing during the playoffs....(remember our Championship year in 2006...Miami only won 50 games, losing 32!)

We need to do something about the points in the paint, too. I personally think that Haslem should be on the court with Bosh....Haslem has proven that he can hold his own in the paint over the years, and no one draws more charges than he does.



Greetings from Atlanta y'all...... Just woke up and looking out my hotel room window I see a HURRICANE coming !!!!!
IT's gameday.....put away the bashing till 4PM

Maybe the Heat caught Dolphinitus.

Pierce is talking trash pretty early. There is no reason to panic or fire anybody until we February. Lebron haters are still bitches in my book, don't care if you are from greveland or otherwise.


mike1 - you know you hate on the Heat, you're one of the many people who bought into all the hype surrounding them and took offense that so much attention would be paid to a team (and a basketball team no less) that hasn't won anything yet.

That's fine, keep making snide comments every time they lose a game if it makes you feel better, but it's not about LeBron's "Decision" or their ridiculous introduction or commercials anymore - the games have started and the Heat are just another one of 30 teams who are trying to figure out how to play championship basketball together in time for the playoffs.

God, Mr Turbo I still miss Johnny Carson.

There was no point to hard creating this Heat team other than being a "dream team" becoming the best team of all time. I was wondering before the season..what if they are a big flop and we just get laughed at. Yup.

Which teams get laughed at the most: over hyped teams and so called America's teams. Bills are winless, but they are less getting poked at than the Cowboys. Jokes galore in the media everywhere. Sports show days in day out picking on the Heat now. Some are saying Lebron is probably missing his supportig cast at Cleveland.

mike1 - the talking heads who are calling the Heat a big flop after less than 10 games are just as moronic as the ones who were saying they were going to win the championship before the season even started.

You're in good company.

What is so special about the Heat? 5-4 record isn't anything to brag about. Celtics were handling them by 17 pts in the 2nd half when I got bored and quit watching. Hint-- Ray Allen can shoot 3's all day long-- ahhh, you might want to put somebody on him. He's 35 yrs old, been doing it a little while. Just a little tip, trying to be helpful. Are there scouts in the NBA? Heat might want to hire one or two so they can prepare better.


That's exactly my point - the Heat are just like every other NBA team, so everyone who's basking in the four losses when they wouldn't have even known what the Heat's record was at this time last year can give it a rest.

They might win the championship this year, but nobody's going to hand it to them, they're going to have to learn to play together and earn it like every other championship team in history.

Kazaam, obviously the Heat will be playoff team in the East. The Heat should win their first round but will have to contend with Orlando, Boston & who knows whatever contender in the East.
My jockularity comes from hearing a couple of Heat fans talking about running the tables ( 82-0). Just mail it in, it's in the bag.... problem is,,, all that unecessary drama - LeBron was Favre X 10 - puts added incentive to other established NBA players to knock the Heat down a peg or two.

Quite honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to see Heat playing Lakers for the championship. At this point, I still think C's are better accross the board, with Rondo and the bench factoring in big. C's are without a good player in Kendrick Perkins at this point also.
We'll see, thats what makes it interesting.

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