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August 25, 2010

Deceit! Marlins owe public apology for financial scandal; plus Pats/Jets' talent edge over Dolphins, NFL 18-game plan (with poll), Camarillo trade & more

[Join us at Twitter.com/gregcote. Note: Jeffrey Loria poll still accepting votes in blogpost directly below this].

[BULLETIN: Heat reach 2011 NBA championship without playing game: So says ESPN panel of 93 experts. Picks for Eastern Conference champ: Heat 66 votes, Magic 16, Celtics 10, Bulls 1]. 

1aadavids APOLOGIZE NOW, MARLINS, OR P.R. MESS WILL LINGER: Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, or club president David Samson (pictured) on his behalf, need to make an unequivocal public apology for this financial scandal -- this mess of their own creation. Let's make it clear. The issue and wrongdoing here isn't that someone leaked private financial statements. The issue and wrongdoing is that the information in those statements clearly means the Marlins have been lying about the team's profitability. They have broken the public trust. The lying to fans wrongly justified years of low payrolls. The lying to the city and county wrongly was a basis of the club's advantageous stadium deal, at taxpayer expense. (Click on Crying Poor With Pockets Full for my Tuesday column. Click here for an outside view appearing today on Yahoo!.com). Fans are entitled to their anger, and to mistrust this regime and think less than ever of Loria, and they do, based on my blog poll in the post directly below this that shows around 75% of fans call Loria a bad or terrible owner. (Voting continues). Local government also is entitled to be furious that the Marlins cried poor in 2008 during stadium negotiations even as they were making about $38 million profit that year. "They took us for a ride," says Miami-Dade commissioner Carlos Giminez. There is no undoing what has been done. But an apology by the Marlins is needed. No matter the new stadium in 2012 and no matter the team on the field, plenty of fans cannot bring themselves to support Loria and Samson -- now more than ever. Healing is needed. A public apology by this ownership would be a start. [Note: Samson appeared on 790 The Ticket this evening. I expected dodging and spinning, but no apology. Unfortunately, I was not disappointed]. Thursday evening update: Now even Miami mayor Tomas Regalado is saying the city and county were "misinformed" as to the Marlins' financial state during stadium negotiations.

PATS, JETS STILL HOLD TALENT EDGE OVER DOLPHINS: Scouts Inc. lists the top 200 best NFL players for ESPN.com -- not a fantasy list, but best overall. Peyton Manning was highest-rated with 95 points, while the players barely making the top 200 were at 77 points. I broke the list down into AFC East teams with these results:

PATRIOTS (9 players listed, 759 combined points) -- QB Tom Brady 93 points; WR Randy Moss 89; NT Vince Wilfork 89; WR Wes Welker 87; G Logan Mankins 85; DL Ty Warren 82; S Brandon Meriweather 78; C Dan Koppen 78; and LB Jerod Mayo 78.

JETS (7 players, 588 points) -- CB Darrelle Revis 93 points; C Nick Mangold 91; DT Kris Jenkins 86; LB David Harris 81; CB Antonio Cromartie 80; WR Santonio Holmes 79; and LB Bart Scott 78.

DOLPHINS (5 players, 423 points) -- LT Jake Long 89 points; WR Brandon Marshall 88; LB Karlos Dansby 85; RT Vernon Carey 82; and DT Randy Starks 79.

BILLS (1 player, 79 points) -- WR Lee Evans 79 points.

NFL WEIGHS 18-GAME SCHEDULE: League meets this week with agenda including debate whether to increase from a 16-game to an 18-game regular season. Argument for: TV and most owners are for it because less of the boring stuff (two fewer exhibition games) and more of the good stuff means added revenue. (Commish Roger Goodell hopes to switch to 18 by 2012). Argument against: It would mess with stats and records, coaches think they need the four preseason games, and players worry about added risk of injury. I tend to favor sticking with 16 but don't feel real strongly. You? Take a dip in our poll.

1aabennysapp CAMARILLO TRADE SMART FOR DOLPHINS: Gone to the Vikings today: Greg Camarillo, the team's fourth WR, opening a roster spot for Patrick Turner. Arrived from Minnesota: Cornerback Benny Sapp (pictured), a veteran who'll add stability behind young starters Vontae Davis and Sean Smith, especially with Will Allen out. Smart deal for Miami. (By the way, click on This One (Sort Of) Counts for my latest column, on why Friday's third Dolphin exhibition game matters).

CURRENT CANES ON DRAFT WATCH-LIST: NFLDraftBible.com previews the 2011 draft (never too soon!) and lists only three offensive Miami Hurricanes among the top 20 prospects at their positions: seniors Graig Cooper (10th RB) and Orlando Franklin (11th OT), and junior Jacory Harris (12th QB).

TIGER/ELIN DIVORCE UPDATE: As best I can determine, Elin gave an interview to People magazine in which she revealed being saddened by the divorce, and Tiger responded in an interview by saying he understood her sadness and was, in fact, also sad. Updates as warranted.

1aajaymar MARIOTTI COPSHOT; We seldom see a flattering police mugshot, and I would say busted journalist Jay Mariotti (right) is no exception. Unless he meant to look as if he were gathering ammunition to spit.

LIST: BEATLES SONGS: Rolling Stone's top 10 Beatles songs, from its new coffee-table book on the group's 100 greatest songs of all-time:

1. A Day In The Life

2. I Want To Hold Your Hand

3. Strawberry Fields Forever

4. Yesterday

5. In My Life

6. Something

7. Hey Jude

8. Let It Be

9. Come Together

10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

My comment: Fairly wimpy list. Lots of soft 'n slow.


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Can't we just end the Marlin season now. ITS Miami no one cares

Cote's dead wrong on the Camarillo trade.

Giving away a sure handed receiver, leaving the Dolphins with only three on the roster, for what will wind up being a fourth string cornerback behind Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, and Will Allen? And Will Allen isn't even that injured, he's expected to play in the season opener.

Just horrible.

I also see a lot of pros and cons to the 18 game schedule but it's a non-trivial decision - it would change the way that football teams are put together with depth a priority over elite talent.

Think about how banged up most teams are going into the playoffs and then imagine how bad it would be if two exhibition games were made real.

Look at the statements Cote. No cash from either 2008 or 2009 went to Loria. Payments for ballpark development totaled $45 million over both years effectively eating up all operational cash flow.

If you don't understand financial statements, don't comment on them.

I agree. Dump the Marlins. Rebuild the Orange Bowl and move the Phins there!

I agree with Kazaam on the Camarillo. Depends how good the new CB will be.

I'm totally for the 18 game schedule. Football season is way too short; while MLB, NBA, NHL bore us to death by the time they get half way through their monster long seasons.

NFL has said they may allow for roster size increase. I know this doesn't help your keep players like QB's.

4 weeks of pre-season is too much boredom.

Greg says a con involves impacting statistics & records. I don't consider that very important, except that going to 18 games will make it tougher to break the 72 Phins record! ..which is a good thing!!!

And if it does get broken, it doesn't matter if it was a 16 game or an 18 game season, it still gets broken.

If Scnoria and his pet gerbil PeeWee even tried a public apology now ,nobody would believe them...whatever doubt about the intentions of these lying thieves were-all doubt has been removed forever...

You can make arguments for or against an 18 game season, seems most players are against it. Maybe that's a bargining tool, but I believe they really feel the game is too physical to be adding 2 more games that count. As a fan, I'd love to see it from a competitive standpoint, but maybe the players are right. Over time it has to wear them down physically. Although, I always thought that was the reason they were paid so well.

Seems to me there are some Dolphins missing from that list. Ronnie Brown, Vonte Davis, Chad Henne to name a few. None of these are in the top 200? No respect I tell ya, no respect.

The Camarillo trade is good, we have some up and coming young receivers that will more than make up for his loss

love the idea of the 18 games schedule, more football that's what I like

Sampson and Loria are weasels....they won't apologize, the city of miami officials are the stupidest people in the world.

Anything the Beatles put out was great, they to this day still remain the greatest rock band of all time....here are some more ..

here comes the sun
I'm only sleeping
I should have known better
come together
nowhere man
within you without
it's only love
and I love her
dear prudence...and I can go on and on.

I agree with Kazaam on both counts (Camarillo and 18 games) - on this trade (the best possession receiver in the game for what(?)...
Someone better step up and explain that...

On 18 games... NO WAY!

Did the 'Fins merge their front office with the Fish to save money because they are broke????

The Marlins apology should start with a new contract for Dan Uggla.

Howard Ross
Re: Marlins "rape" of the city and county
Eventually, this rape will be put on the back burner by the media. However, all citizens and fans will never forget. As a past season ticket holder, I for one, will never set foot into the Loria/Samson stadium until they are ousted as owners.

Even if they win multiple world series, the end does not justify the means.

I am the Walrus

It actually gets better over time, as opposed to "Something" which becomes increasingly cheesier with age.

If the politicians insisted to have the financials of the Marlins before they voted, this all would be moot. The Marlins may have lied, but the elected officials DID NOT DO THEIR JOB.

Take away Ty Warren's 82 points for New England (he's out for the year)... and the Patriots are still significantly more talented than the Fins (at least by Scouts, Inc.'s points system). Sad.

Go 18 games! Make it an even 20!

How about making the season go from Sept 1 - Feb 28. Give all teams a weekend off around Xmas, plus one or two bye weeks (to help with the wear & tear concern). Stretch it out a little.

I'd actually like it to start Aug 1, to help drown out some baseball, but I realize it's too hot all over the US to be playing in uniform.

However, baseball should be cut short and end in September. World Series games played in the cold is not for baseball.

FZB - you can't add up potential and call it equivalent to a sure thing - only one out of Patrick Turner, Roberto Wallace, Julius Pruitt, and Marlon Moore will have the opportunity to step up and be that fourth wide receiver, and whoever it is I promise you he won't "more than make up" for the loss of Camarillo.

Camarillo is a known quantity - he'll give you 50 receptions a year and he won't drop the ball.

Benny Sapp is also a known quantity, a six year vet - he'll intercept a ball once every 1.5 seasons, and I'm guessing it'll be even less as a fourth stringer.

Poor Elin whatshername. $49mil or more settlement? Poor Elin whatshername.

Like the Camarillo the Armidillo trade for the CB. Will Allen ISN'T guaranteed to be playing by week 1. With TE David Martin added, expect Miami to use 2 TE sets often. Maybe the young WR's Turner, Wallace and CO are starting to earn their keep.

Marlins seem OK to me. They still have a legit chance at seeing a playoff spot in an "off" yr.

Where, oh where, is yoko when you need her?
Oh, she's part owner of the Dolphins with the williams sisters and the lopez group.
Think I'll go back to sleep..zzzz

Mayor Manny Diaz was a Elian Gonzalez created crook and he is still the biggest of the biggest crooks, only the Loria clan is a bigger swindler bunch. And Mayor Alvarez is a donkey, was a donkey and is now a full fledge burro of the worst kind. What a shame that this city has this array of politicians that vaseline their orifices to be hammered and jammed by the Jewish mafia from Palm Beach County, the carpetbaggers that come to be swindling landlords in a city that can not pay its teachers.

As another poster said, wonder what people would be saying if the swindling mafia that owns the Marlins were a bunch of Muslims instead of what they are. This is awful stuff in the same grade of swindle with the Madoff scheme. The city of Miami will be paying for this stadium for the next 100 years with high interest bonds that if they were in other countries ... heads would roll for grand theft.

DAVE SAMSON IS THE MOST DESPICABLE FORM OF HUMAN BEING AND WE ARE CONDEMNED TO HEAR HIS GERBIL AFLAC DUCK VOICE ON THE RADIO... He played Dan Lebatard like a fiddle... so much for the investigative reporter for the Miami Herald... Mr. Lebatard you are an accessory.

After all of these years in Miami why wouldnt, you Mr Cote take the opportunity (like this one) to lambast the city of Miami and in particular the owners of the Marlins for this royal swindle of the good citizens of Miami dade, who will pay with their hard earned taxes this spoprts ponzi called the new marlins stadium.

My point is, The U should instead have a stadium built. A 55,000 seat stadium with attached athletic dept offics, weight rooms, locker rooms, etc. It could be doen with 1/2 the money it would cost to build that waste of money for that waste of money team!

As a D1 powerhouse that is about to explode back onto the scene, and into the consciusness of all south floridians, the U deserves a stdium of its won. Not a stadium known as landshark, sun life, Dolphins, Joe robbie, or whatever. It should have a stadium solely and specifically for the U.




Sure hope this trade with Vikings was a tad better than the infamous Anthony Carter for Robin Sendlein deal. Vikings always seem to smell Dolphins coming to make bonehead deals. Still Parcells wasn't responsible for Sendlein debacle. Good to see Saban is as repugnant as ever. Little Adolf. Little Nicky's character had to much heart to be appropriate namesake for the tiny man with the big Little Debbie fetish.

DT Kris Jenkins aka shaved grizzly bear with a Jets helmut jammed on his noggin is worth at least 90 points if he's all the way back from his injury.

For THESE guys they torn down Hallowed Ground...the Orange Bowl?

R. Duke, remember the Viking fans who came on the blog to laugh at us getting Culpepper? You're right, we have a history with the Vikings..but we DID beat them in the Super Bowl.

FKDG8TRS, (you can explain if this is an acronym later)

I think the U should build a 120,000 seat stadium and be the largest in the land. I have no doubt it will be filled every week, even when the opponent is Bethune.

And put a retractable roof on it.

Hey, how about expanding the college season to 18 games too!

Hey duke, you better hope jenkins trips with that knee and steps on his own nuts. He's a scary dude. Where'd they find a helmet that big?

under a coconut tree and shove a pineapple up his arse while your at it mate!

I foresee Rex Ryan walking around ring side at WWE shows, pumping up the crowd to jeer his fat fool ready to fight.

Heck no I tell ya, No preseason games without lifetime benefits, No to 18 game season without the blessing of unions & payoffs.

They owe fans more than an apology, Cote. They owe fans their money back.

The people of Miami-Dade will be paying the bill on these clowns' new stadium for decades and they don't even have the decency to spend even the league minimum on salaries to field a competitive team - even though they're raking in huge profits (and lying about it.) Disgusting.

When you hear about cops and teachers getting laid-off, or while you're sitting in traffic, just think of what all that money now in Loria's pocket could be doing for your city. Banana republic.

The public financing deal should be set aside, but no elected judge in Florida will have the cojones to do justice. Hell, the County probably won't even represent the people's interests by asking for the deal to be set aside.

I hereby renounce forever any and all connections to the Florida Marlins organization - a vile and corrupt front group for corporate piracy. Anyone who sets foot in the new stadium (unless its to blow it up) is a stooge.


Greg-You must have read my plug for Bleacher Report. That came out a couple days ago on Bleacher. I read it, doesn't seem well put together or very accurate. More like a high school kid rating players for a fantasy league.

Right now,,, apparently the Pats look like the team to beat in the AFC East,, like they have been this last decade. Dolphins have split games with them the last 2 yrs.
IMO-the Jets aren't contenders, Dolphins are solid and are on brink, Pats aren't at the top of their dynasty - not even top 3 AFC right now- but are good enough to make a run.

You gotta play the game, long way to go between preseason & the Super Bowl.

Could that be a bit of sarcasm I'm sensing?

I say break to stadium deal with the Marlins and build a FOOTBALL STADIUM in the heart of Miami!!!

Jimbo - you really think that the Jets aren't contenders but the Dolphins are?

The Jets made it to the AFC championship game with a rookie quarterback and without Santonio Holmes, Ladanian Tomlinson, and Jason Taylor.


mike1 how right you are. My favorite SB. #1 Glorious SBVIII, #2 Glorious SBVII #3 Glorious SB XLII. Yes I rember SBVIII well. Day of the Dolphin. Csonka & Co. maul Vikings. I'm getting all verklemped just thinking about it...

The great thing about the NFL is every game is so important. Adding more games will slightly reduce the importance of individual games. Also, wear and tear in football is far worse than other pro sports in north america. Baseball, Hockey and basketball players all make tons of money, but their life expectancy and number of post career surgeries are no where near as bad as a football players.

I think they also still need to have 4 preseason games to give bubble guys a chance to make an impact. Bess would not be in the NFL if not for being able to go out and prove he can play. Also, if they add 2 more games, they should also drop the ticket prices to preseason games to half price... or have 2 friendlies for free... or something.

And while I loved Camarillo, I like the trade. We needed some experienced depth back there in the secondary - way young from a secondary perspective... and Camarillo wasn't going to get much playing time, anyhow... and Bess is the 3rd down go to guy.. I think it is one of those win-win trades where both teams got something solid but not great.

Strangely still having PTSD nightmares of '74 playoff game against Duh Raiders. Stabler going down, sea of hands, Dolphin secondary mortally wounded no Mercury Morris. THE HORROR, THE HORROR!!! What might have been with completely healthy Dolphins team...

Greg regarding Jets talent is Revis even playing this year? If I lost a billion dollars in divorce due to multiple cases of adultery I'd be sad too Tiger.

Will the national and local media types now apologize to the local baseball fan for not showing up to Marlins games given the clear corruption of duty held by these owners.

If what Cote and Lebatard are reporting is not enough, it is now coming to light that Loria and Sampson have been paying themselves Millions annually in 'hidden' Management Fees. So they stuff themselves with profit while the local fan base starves.

Sad, very, very sad.

I didn't want to say anything because I know I'm in the minority but since every single comment here is blaming the Marlins ownership I'm going to go ahead and present the counter argument that the blame lies entirely on the City of Miami - with the caveat that the Marlins ownership and David Samson are still terrible people.

First of all, the reason this deal was agreed to was that there was a real risk of the team moving to Las Vegas - which would've been the smart and more profitable move for Mr. Loria's business.

The City of Miami KNEW that this was a terrible deal when they agreed to it - it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the Marlins are making a profit and the politicians who are acting like it is either didn't do their homework in the first place or are completely full of shit.

Second of all, the Marlins made 16.7 million dollars a year for the two years that Cote is up in arms about. That sounds like a lot if you believe that Loria and Samson are just splitting the pot and making it rain in the strip clubs every weekend, but that's not the case at all. The Marlins are on the hook for 100 million dollars to pay for their cubs share of the stadium. At this rate it'll take them six seasons of the Marlins and Mr. Loria making $0.00 profit to pay for their share. They aren't embezzling this money, they're saving it to put towards the new stadium, and theoretically and with absolutely no previous evidence to indicate this, paying to keep some of their players, as they've said they're going to do.

The only people to blame are the idiots that signed off on a deal giving half a billion dollars to a franchise that nobody in Miami wants to go watch.

It's very fitting that it is only now that the franchise is mired with charges of corruption that they're being renamed the "Miami Marlins".

Sweet Jesus Kazaam did I read in one of your posts your only 24years old? You've got a bigger brain than Dookie Howser,MD my friend.

Maybe you outta take up all dem jets on your fantasy league.
Lt? dude is washed up, I was commenting on here a couple yrs ago (before your old enough to be up that late at night) that the Bolts outta let Lt go (when he was pouting for a new contract) and promote Michael Turner.... hmmmmm, which would be serving SD better now?
JTAylor,,, dude is like 40 now, ain't egzackly prime time unless he gotta leisure suit on at the disco with Franco Harris and some semi hot babes.
Santonio Holmes huh,, Stillers called EVERY team in the league and only the gullible Jets answered with a 5th rdr... Raiders Al Davis musta had his warm milk and taking his nap when Pitt called. SAnAntonio ain't got Poppa Hines Ward carrying his double coverage anymo Mo.

Don't forget Bra Edwards,, big gain there too. Hartline put up better numbers then Bra did last yr.

No matter how you slice it,,, Dirty Sanchez has a Pennington arm.
LB Calvin Page gonna be out a few weeks with injury 2.
Their LB/DE Vernon Gholston taken right after LT Jake Long has been a bust the size of DuhMarcus Russell proportion, cept DuhMarcus is now 300 lbs drinking codeine Slurpee's with all dat guaranteed $ he got from Uncle Al.

No matter how you slice it Sanchez is a s***faced donkey raping cockmaster with a weak arm.

very articulate Duke. your my hero

Right back at you Jimbo.

Duke, are sure it wasn't an otter and not a gerbil? shaved squirrel maybe? bald mouse? on a leash? would be like a blind man fishing, just doesn't make sense buddy.

While most Rule 5 picks won't stick with their new organizations, and those that do prbbloay won't have much of an impact, there have been plenty of signings on the free agency front that will make a difference. One of those signings has our own Michael Jong of Marlin Maniac excited about the fact thata0his Florida Marlins took a risk.

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