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On Bill Parcells' silence (with poll); plus D-Wade responds to wife's latest suit; Marlins' uphill climb, corpse rides bike, Taser Boy & more

1aacinco [We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a live online chat today. Thanks to all who tapped in. We do it every Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. in the Q&A Forum. Click here to join live, see transcripts or to post questions at any time].

BILL PARCELLS' SILENCE: OK OR NO?: Big Tuna's method of operation is to be publicly silent on any and all major decisions he makes regarding the Dolphins. I write about why this is wrong, and contrast the styles of Parcells and the Heat's Pat Riley, in this column today. I think it is a way for Parcells to escape public accountability for his actions. I think the fans deserve more. The Dolphins believe fans don't care that Parcells doesn't talk. I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking! Take a dip in our poll and tell us why.

[Poll comment: I am amused and amazed that close to two-thirds of you are A-OK with giving Parcells a free ride on this. Eating up the company line and asking for more. Oh well. Your call].

VEGAS ODDS ON WADE: Asked my guys at Bodog.com to give us odds on where Dwyane Wade will be when the 2010-11 NBA season begins. The answer: Heat 4/11; Bulls 5/2; Knicks 10/1; Nets 15/1; any other team 15/2. LeBron James is 1/3 to return to Cavaliers and 3/1 for Knicks, 10/1 for Nets and 25/1 for Mavericks, with Miami 35/1 to get King James.

[Sad Wade update: Uglier and uglier gets his bitter divorce. Now Wade's estranged wife is suing actress Gabrielle Union, claiming Wade's relationship with Union has caused her and their two young children emotional duress. A divorce-lawyer friend speculates these are tactics to drive up the settlement offer Mrs. Ex will eventually accept. Wade Tweeted this apparent response to the suit around 4:45 this afternoon, verbatim: The gd times its easy 2 b who ppl expect. Itz the bad times that show who u rlly R.. alwayz keep my head high & show class].

MARLINS' UPHILL CLIMB: Twenty-six games is a big enough chunk of season to form opinions, and clearly the 13-13 Marlins do not have a playoff-caliber bullpen -- as we were reminded again last night with Leo Nunez's blown save in the extra innings loss. Another emerging threat to Florida's playoff hopes is the number of teams that figure to be in the wild-card hunt. In the NL 13 of 16 teams are within three games of .500. If I'm Fredi Gonzalez right now I'm thinking the NL East title might be a better shot than a wild card spot. Gonna take a fortified 'pen, though.

1aabikewake IT'S ALMOST AS IF HE ISN'T REALLY DEAD!: True story. A Puerto Rican funeral home recently allowed the corpse of David Morales Colon (right) to be posed on a motorcycle during the service. I'm sorry but this is creepy. May we immediately nip in the bud the potential trend in funereal action figures. I have heard of Bike Week. But never before Bike Wake.

1aataserboy SCREW TASER BOY: The amount of sympathy I feel for that Phillies fan who ran onto the field and was tasered by a cop would fit in a thumble, with room left over for a thumb. Click here for the video. I'm stunned anyone would support the 17-year-old fan. But not as stunned as the 17-year-old fan!

THE LIST: 5'S: In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the five greatest players drafted having to do specifically with the number 5 by the Dolphins, Heat, Marlins or Panthers:

1. Dwyane Wade (Heat; 5th overall, 2003)

2. Zach Thomas (Dolphins; 5th round, 1996)

3. Dan Uggla (Marlins; Rule 5 draft, 2005)

4. Jim Kiick (Dolphins; 5th round, 1968)

5. Paul Laus (Panthers; 5th round, 1993 expansion draft)

Honorable mention: Steve Smith (Heat 5th overall 1991); Rob Niedermayer (Panthers 5th overall 1993); Bryan Cox (Dolphins 5th round 1991); Don Strock (Dolphins 5th round 1973); Jon Sunvold (Heat 5th round 1988 expansion draft); and Charlie Babb (Dolphins 5th round 1972).