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May 18, 2010

Hanley rips Fredi: "He can do whatever he f---ing wants"; plus 790 wins Sports Radio Wars & more


DOGGIN' HANLEY RIPS HIS MANAGER: Big fallout today (Tuesday) from Hanley Ramirez's in-game benching by manager Fredi Gonzalez last night for a lack of effort. I credit Gonzalez for making the move. Hanley, not so much. An angry Ramirez lashed out at Gonzalez in the clubhouse this morning. Among highlights, Hanley said, "It's his team. He can do whatever he f---ing wants." When Fredi's name was mentioned, Hanley said, "Who is that?" Whern asked iof he has lost some respect for his manager, he said, "A little bit." Then: "I respect everybody. But I don't know if I get the same respect back." Ramirez blamed his injured shin for not running full-speed after the ball he'd booted, adding, of Gonzalez: "He didn't play in the big leagues. He didn't understand." Ramirez is emotional, mercurial. This feud could be short-lived. Right now, though, it is a major controversy enveloping the Marlins and their best player. Stay tuned.

[Sidelights: The latest next-manager-fired odds from BetUS.com have Fredi safe at home at 20-1 odds. That's tied for 19th-longest odds. Hottest seats are in Baltimore and Houston at 4-1. Click on SB 1070 for my column off last night's Marlins game. It's about reaction to Arizona's controversial new anti-immigration law. Jorge Cantu? Not happy].

SPORTS RADIO WARS: 790 BEATS WQAM: [Declaring a winner, even though polls stays open]. We last did something like this in the blog in January 2006, so I'm thinking it's time again. Especially with the rivalry between WQAM-560 and 790 The Ticket seeming to get more and more intense and bitter, and with WINZ-940's move to an all-sports format adding a major player to the market mix. 'QAM has taken the offensive (quite literally some might say) with its current promo ads against 790 -- one of them saying, "You could listen to the other station, but you may turn gay." The WQAM station manager also takes shots at 790 ratings king Dan Le Batard, calling his show "sophomoric." (I absolutely love the irony of a a man who would approve "but you may turn gay" calling somebody else sophomoric). Anyway, we don't need no stinkin' Arbitron ratings. We're going to decide right here who's king of the South Florida radio airwaves. We'll take votes for at least a few days before declaring a champion. Vote now, and add a comment saying why you prefer one station over the other.

1aadaletallon PANTHERS' GM A SMART CHOICE: How do I know? I don't. But Florida hiring Dale Tallon, 59 (pictured), as general manager appears to be a good move based on his track record and the Panthers' needs. He turned the Chicago Blackhawks around, into the team now playing for the conference title and a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals, in only three years. Most experts agreed he did not deserve to be demoted last summer from GM to senior adviser, but that demotion made him available. Call him a builder or a rebuilder; either is what the Cats needs to help end this embarrassing 10-year playoff drought and make the NHL matter in South Florida again.

THE LIST: LONGEST LOCAL PLAYOFF DROUGHTS: Why are the Panthers changing GM's yet again? Here's why. Playoff droughts of three or more consecutive seasons by our four major pro teams:

9   Panthers (2001-current)

6   Dolphins (2002-07)

6   Marlins (2004-current)

5   Marlins (1998-02)

4   Dolphins (1966-69)

4   Dolphins (1986-89)

4   Marlins (1993-96)

3   Dolphins (1975-77)

3   Heat (1989-91)


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So I guess this means that you listen to 790, right?-)

Fearless Leader,

with all the shuffling around of on-air personalities, may i suggest that the following are the most listenable hosts:

Early morning: Joe Rose
Early afternoon: Curtis Stephenson (although the idea of a michael irvin dallas-based show to replace the captain is in the future, as we hear, this would be idiotic as A) michael irvin is still partying and it sounds like it!! and B) having michael irvin in dallas is not having neil rogers broadcasting from amsterdam/toronto.
Drive time: the well-informed and non-shrieking Ed Kaplan, as that egomaniac who has taken maddog's hours and his like-wise self-centered competitor on 790 are unlistenable and aggravating!
Nighttime: Kevin Rodgers

boy, do sme of us miss that parlay of neil rogers>hank goldberg>jim mandich, which was really good radio, even with the crankiness of some of the hosts.

the only person worth listening to on wqam is Sid Rosenberg, I listen to 790 the rest of the time, although for me it's close between lebatard and sid....(if lebatard got rid of stugatz I wouldn't mind) 790 for me

790 the ticket is king. Sedano in the mornings gets you the information you need to know. Colin Cowherd is a tool though. Lebatard keeps the afternoon drive entertaining especially after the earlier shows have overdosed with "sports cliche' talk." Zazlow is the man whenever he gets air time. Hochman is hilarious... But at least there are 2 other stations you can switch to if you want to talk about the 3-4 defense schemes or who the dolphins are going to draft 10 months in advance.

560 still exists?

Posted by: the shadow knows | May 17, 2010 at 11:50 AM

neil rogers>hank goldberg>jim mandich?? You must still think Benny Hill is funny too. What are you like 95?

TROY STRAFFORD (640) or if they are talking about the yankees. BIG O!


I have to admit though I do listen to Paul & Ron most days 6-10 am 105.9 FM. Then I do Sports the rest of the day.

sid rosenburg self centered proclaim himslf the best all about new york and the question is why are you in south florida radio?what happen in your beloved new york? sid bore me with his new york teams are better, tired of hearing that. I am sure all the new yorkers like listening to him (big up new york)so when he is on i turn to another station. Joe rose is the best i remembered when he first started he was all about the little guy,i think he still is.

Captain Curtis Stevenson on WQAM is horrible! He's just a Jim Mandich wannabe who tries to imitate the way he talks and hosts a sports show. Get this garbage off the air!

Gay like Keith Obermann is now officially...?

I'd like to see Herr Obermensch and Tiki Barber in a cage match only able to slug it out with those hugh noggins of theirs.

espn sucks ever since they got together its antimiami 560 wins by default

If only 940 could find a decent show for afternoon drive...then we'd have something to listen to.

Sid Rosenberg on WQAM is the worst, by far.

I am not a New Yorker, and I think Sid Rosenberg is AWESOME! Great sense of humor, calls it like he sees it, and is right most of the time. I don't feel that he criticizes our teams unfairly, only when necessary. I hate the yankees, mets, and most of all the JETS...but 560 without Sid would suck suck suck

790 is the hottest no question about it, my favorite is The Sports Brothers Jeff Fox and Ed, they are funny as hell and make my day go quicker, i like Dan as a follow up then its time to go home !!

This has got to be a joke.

A REGULAR contributor to LeBatard's show, who works at the same paper as LeB - - a paper that has a business relationship w/ 790 to boot, and YOU're running some sort of survey as to 'who's your favorite'

Go trade Marino or something, Cote.

The fact that you still have a job is a sterling example of why Print is Dead.

Cote- have to agree with O. puhleez. As someone who has heard both stations, they both suck. I have had the chance to listern to WEEI in Boston, WFAN in new york, and these 2 stations 56 + 790, are minor league. Lebetard is without a doubt, the true meaning of NITWIT RADIO!!!! Say what you want about Sid Rosenberg, the guy knows sports. He might not carry water for the miami teams, talks about ny teams a lot, but he knows sports. As for the other guys on both stations, they could not make it as flash boys in the 2 big radio markets.

osted by: Naples Jack Pats fan | May 17, 2010 at 03:52 PM

No one asked you.


Radio has been dead in Miami since Rick Shaw retired. "Good Night My Love."

Sedano in the morning on 790AM

Troy Stradford and Andy Slater on 640AM for middle of days.

Lebatard on 790AM driving home. Cant stand 560 w Sid.

Steven Miller,

640 is on the same frequency as a local spanish station, and can be heard "under" eddie kaplan in the afternoons. today, it has disappeared, leaving only espanol if the radio is strong enough to pick up the signal from wherever it is sent.

Betty White,

the ole shadow is old, but quite 95 or even your age!! i feel for you since losing your husband, allen (sudden) ludden to an unexpected attack of the heart, as he was a great host of "the college bowl" and "password". the parlay mentioned in my above post was operative until a couple of years and when they were on, the other stations didn't get very many listeners.


should read "the ole shadow is old, not quite 95 or even..."

Shadow - I live in Doral and was listening today and it was fine. I cannot listen to Ed Kaplan. I fall asleep. Sorry

Steven Miller,

nothng after 610 but spanish here in north miami beach!! i understand that ed kaplan is not of the hyperbolic type, but that is why i enjoy his shows. eddie k. is a little top heavy on the gambling aspect, but i imagine there are plenty of listeners who are "looking for an edge" anywhere they can find it.

Steven Miller,

am listening to te 640 stream of the dual station of wftl- i was really confused hearing the same call letters for stations at two different frequencies on the dial.


the transmitter of 640 went out, as stated on air, probably when you averted falling asleeep at the wheel when ed kaplan came on. now that the yankees are coming up and MLB doesn't allow for streaming of its games, 640 has stopped streaming.

560 is full of typical radio personalities (i.e., gasbags). Who can tolerate it for more than 10 minutes?

Alas, there are idiots among us.

790 in a landslide man !! Sedano's show is very informative and fun to listen to in the am, Colin is bearable, love the new guys The Sports Brothers very entertaining show and of course Dan and crew !! Sorry 560 can't touch that if they was MC Hammer !

Jose Can-Snitch-o & Terry D,

Thankfully i am not in the car during either drive time and thus do not listen to the radio as much as you fellows! as stated above, as a long time listener to jim mandich, whom we all i would think wish a speedy and complete recovery in his battle against the dreaded disease, i still maintain a loyalty to captain curtis and enjoy his work. kevin rodgers, formerly of 790, is baseball heavy, as sports radio is generally a baseball-driven commodity except here in dolphin town, and is intelligent and a non-shrieker/screamer. as jerry garcia once stated when asked "what is good music"- "whatever gets you off", it is nice that you fellers enjoy what 790 is putting out. stu gotz/john wiener has always been a good listen and i think his family owns a portion of the station. remember him back when he was a "producer" for old cranky "the hammer".

This is who I listen to:

The Big O
Sports Brothers
Dan Lebatard

Sid sucks.... always has, always will.
Colin Herd sucks...
Capt. sucks....

stu gatz suks......



The Guy opposite Colin on 560

If only Sid would fly back to NY and crash his plane into the jets training facility while Bret Favre was visiting them...

i have a tv and an ipod - only things I listen to on the radio are the haitian station and coast to coast am.

lebatard is the most entertaining of the lot when he has good guests and isn't talking to the a-hole who sits next to him.

he should accept that he's too ugly for tv and start writing again. pope is going to die and cote isn't insightful enough to carry the Herald's sports section, cotes humorous or judgmental schticks work better as a second story, he's tito to lebatard's jermaine.

pope's papa joe.

Rush Limbaugh did a nice job on ESPN. Contoversial, provocative, potentially racist. He sure made Berman & Co. look like a family of deers caught in highbeams of an oncoming Peterbilt...

Pat Robertson might make interesting sports radio personality melding cosmology of mean spirited 10 year old with his knowledge of booze, prostitutes and gonorrhea...

Damn he woulda made a fine president if he wasn't so narcassistically intolerant of cultures differing from his own.

Plus his Keebler Elf look could have only further endeared him to the public if he wasn't so goddamn evil.

damn - fredi benched and called out a potentially injured hanley ramirez for a lack of effort.

managing for his life!

neil rogers>hank goldberg>jim mandich

Never cared much for Rogers, but the power hour was great fun. Hank broke more stories down here then any other talk show host I can remember.

Today, quite frankly, the teams are so tight lipped it is tough to do what Hank was able to accomplish over the years with his sources, both in town and all over the country.

Mandich was awesome as well. Fun to listen to and always had a strong opinion, without the harshness of Goldberg.

Sid, while intelligent, belongs back in NY. I just can't listen to his self promotion. I am just not a big talk sports talk radio fan anymore. What we have to choose from is really poor.

And, for the record, I am in my 40's..lol

Have to agree with Woddy on this one.....pleasant dreeeeeeams, sleep tight my love.


i am sure that the two of us are not alone in having enjoyed neil>the power hour>maddog.

you are absoluely correct, sir that A) sid rosenberg's self-promotion goes on ad nauseum and B)today's choices in sports radio are really poor.

it is not just sports radio that is poor- the market doesn't even have an oldies station that recognizes music from before the beatles and that doesn't play "respect" as done by aretha franklin at least twice every day. some of us can remember when the original by otis redding hit the charts!! twenty plus years of songs from which to choose and the "oldies stations" play the same 20 songs, over and over and over!! and play billy joel-UGGH

790 the ticket is so much more entertaning than 560. i dont even know why 940 is on this poll. i dont think i can listed to 560 for more than 5 mins soooo boring. i would rather listen to colin cowherd than anyone on 560. dan lebatard & stugotz no1 comes close. and if 560 says "You could listen to the other station, but you may turn gay."
then im as gay as they come :)

There really is no competition for 790. Sedano in the mornings, The Herd midday, then Lebatard. Say no more. I respect 640 only because they cover the Yankees but Andy Slater is horrendous. The Amigo aint bad. Sid Rosenberg is a total idiot. 940 is not even relevant talking about. Hate and i mena hate the sports animal. Im out!!!

To me what makes a good talk show is a host who provides knowledge, whether it be about why a team is making (Or going to make) a particular move, or playing a particular way and can back it up with solid facts rather then pure speculation. Goldberg was able to do that for years. Yes, he was annoying at times, taking his act a bit too far, but unless you were the caller getting berated it was entertainment. And other then Soccer or Hockey he generally knew his stuff. I also thought he was excellent at interviewing guests. He treated them with respect, but if something needed to be asked, he found a way to ask it.

Most of today's hosts jump on whatever is happening in the moment to try and generate calls. I guess my issue with this is they usually take the unpopular side to generate interest. It's tomorrows story lines today. Which, to me, is really a waste of time most days unless something major is happening in the market that particular day.

I can speculate, I can probably do a more entertaining show then half of the clowns on the radio.

What I can't do is provide inside information, or speak with team personnal to validate an opinion. Today it appears neither can anyone else. That my friends, comes with respect and a history in town of knowing when to report something and knowing when to "hold" a story.

Today’s media created their own monster by trying to out do each other rather then focusing on getting the information right while using common sense. Now team personal is much more guarded and ultimately the fan is the loser.

Joe Rose is a different breed. He likes to stir up trouble. While some may find him entertaining, I generally feel I know as much or more then he does. It just isn't great radio.

Lebatard is average at best.

I miss the days of radio where the hosts actually worked to acquire factual "inside" information.

Shadow, I prefer 1970-90 classic rock. Some may call that oldies I suppose...lol I believe you always sway to the music you grew up with. I have a massive music collection so I really have no need to listen to anything I don't want to hear..:)

Captain crunch is horrible. I switch between 790 640 940 during lunch.

I dont care for either of them but I always listen to Joe Rose, he has great interviews all the time...for those of us up early enough to listen lol

Hanley can cry all he wants, if he wasn't healthy enough to snag a ground ball, he should have taken himself off the field.

Can't blame Fredi for doing it for him.

Yah have to wonder why Gay Pride/Right groups haven't come out of woodwork after that minor dig. Oh yeah gays don't like sports...? Mark "Dirty" Sanchez would appear to have invalidated that rule of thumb.


totally understandable about liking the music that one grows up with. AM radio in the early-late 60s featured a wide array of genres:jazz, r&b, "folk-rock", motown, country and even pop songs (nat king cole, frank sinatra,...) when the music became 'heavy" after the summer of love of 1967, albums produced tracks that all got airplay even if they weren't released as singles (the beatles and stones mainly) and what a fantastic mix that was. i gave up on "rock" with the passing of lowell george of little feat. melistens to old jazz (40-s-50s)and old time radio shows, in addition to enjoying a good game broadcast, although the announcers of my youth- dick enberg doing the rams/angels, and chickie baby doing the lakers are hard to match. I HATE VIN SCULLY!!!

There is no question 790 is the best, Sedano, Colin, The Brothers and Dan and Stu Gotz crush all others in my book. Sid is annoying most of the time everyone else at 560 is booorring !!!

Shadow- How could you leave Johnnie Most out when you talk all time great announcers? HIGH A TOP COURTSIDE!!!


only mentioned the announcers in the local market around los angeles. chick hearn and johnnie most, broadcasters for rival teams, had a terrific admiration for each other as i understand it and are by far the two greatest radio play-by-play men in the history of the NBA. how many packs of cigarettes did johnnie most smoke a day to get his voice to that level of "raspiness"?


wikipedia informed me that johnny most was a combat veteran, poet, and member of the tribe; his classic call of "havlicek steals the ball" may be the all-time greatest moment in NBA radio history, probably followed by gerald henderson stealing the inbounds pass that james worthy threw that gave the celtics life in the great finals of 1984.

Wonder if the Wizards will be willing to complete their makeover now that they got John Wall and trade Arenas for Beasley and picks?

You have to hand it to Spike Testosterone TV. Only this channel comes up with shows like The Deadliest Warrior. Tonight ze Waffen SS vs de Vietcong. Waffen SS wins like 600 out of 1000 computor simulations. Hey there's a surprise eh Jimbo...

Oh yeah sports radio guys. With Direct TV NFL Season Pkg should I care unless I'm stuck in traffic?

Shadow, Isn't it true that as people age they always feel things were better back in the day? lmao

I know I sure do. I even miss Howard Cosell. Sad, eh?


Another note: I want to know who still thinks Amare Stoudemire would be the proper choice for a big man with the Heat after the Lakers did what they wanted to him in game 1? He can't play defense and he needs a point guard to be effective. He will show his true worth just like joe johnson did in the playoffs. I hope the heat aren't stuck on bringing him here.

Ramirez was acting like T.O. But I blame Gonzalez....he was pissed and he didn't let it sit before confronting Ramirez. It shows crappy control. Now it is a huge deal. If he just waited, then talked to Ramirez and sat him for his shin....there is less of a big deal. Instead it is a big deal.

And I still think it all comes from them making Ramirez cut his hair....THAT WAS THE STUPIDEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

790 is much better than 560. Cowlin the Cowherd, though, can take a flying leap!

I like Zaslow, but I can't tolerate listening to him. He repeats himself rapidly:

"The Celtics playing today are like the Celtics from 2008. The Celtics are like the Celtics from 2008. The Celtics are like the Celtics from 2008."

Zaslow, are you nervous on the radio or something? Take a deep breath, and speak more slowly. You'll find that speaking more slowly is much better because you don't have to fill up empty space, which is what repeating yourself amounts to.

Try listening to yourself on a playback. You'll see how silly you sound.

Also, LeBatard and Weiner are great together, but for crying out loud, when LeBatard is away, don't have Stugotz on the radio. His "open-ended" questions are as juvenile as 12-year old girl. I hate how he, and others like him, incessantly talk about what the show will be about. Why not just talk about sports? Hosts don't need to inform us about what topics WILL BE DISCUSSED. Just discuss them, and open the floor up for "talk." After all, it is "talk radio." It isn't let's-tell-the-listening-audience-what-topics-are-relevant radio.

How can anyone listen to Jorge Sedano?

He has this whiny little voice at times, and his "insight" is far from insightful.

But back to his grating, irritating whine: "The Heeeaaat NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to trade Shaq." Someone needs to punch his lights out.

There is a reason Sedano was on a backwoods radio station late at night after Heat games taking rah-rah-rah calls from silly fans. He brings NOTHING to the table. No insight, no articulate viewpoints, no analyses, nada!

Bring back BOOG!

Have you ever REALLY looked at your balls in the mirror?

Seriously, who listens to the "radio" anymore?! All a bunch of Nazi propagandists or barely educated stuck-in-puberty sycophants who know nothing of sports, ranting and raving. Like the sentient pork rind who writes this blog. "Trade Marino," really?!


i do not think that john wall has a position- he is wild with the ball and is not a great shooter, although he has displayed spectacular ability in his short stay at kentucky. handing a young pup like john wall the ball as a rookie with one year of college is a gamble to me; derrick rose showed much more point guard ability in his year at memphis, same with tyreke evans.


john wall avged 6.5 assists and 4.0 TOs last season. rose and evans had lower assist numbers and lower TO numbers. the games of his that i watched were not his best. he seems like an intelligent fellow and was deemed the first player of this year's draft before and after the season, so i guess the experts are sticking to their opinions. i think that the two guards from memphis are built a little sturdier than john wall, but am sure he will bulk up for the pros.


kaptain amikanna,

you has been sneaking up on us, heh? you vill toe zee line and suck it up comrade. the O will reward all his minions with onions.

LOL. kaptain amikanna, schlickerheister HA HA HA HA HA.. That brought tears of laughter to ol' Ripper's eyes. NICELY DONE SOLDIER!

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