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May 12, 2010

Heat's shot at LeBron James (with poll); plus Las Vegas, RIP Kimbo Slice, DJ Rony Seikaly & more

1aabigelvis SURVIVING LAS VEGAS: Wife and I have returned to So Fla after 4 days/3 nights in Las Vegas on a recovery mission. By that I mean time to ourselves to recover our sanity in a continuing effort to survive having two male offspring ages 18 and 22 throwing parties at the house while we were away. Stayed at the Venetian. Drank a lot. Saw comedy shows by Ray Romano and Frank Caliendo. Ate great food. Drank a lot. Saw a bunch of nudity in Cirque de Solei's Zumanity. Saw Big Elvis (pictured). Kept net gambling losses under 1K. Drank a lot. How bad could it be? Postscript: Big Elvis is the perfect entertainer with his free, old-style show at the former Barbary Coast. He's huge and kitschy enough to amuse. But good enough as an impersonator to actually impress. Click on That's Alright Mama for a video taste. The trailer-parkers -- by which I mean chain-smoking, high-mileage, dirty-blonde white women in their 60s -- were swooning. Highly recommended.

1aadwlb DO HEAT HAVE A SHOT AT LEBRON JAMES?: Speculation swirls today over LeBron James supposedly having one foot out the door in Cleveland. Might Miami be a landing spot? The answer is some undetermined shade of maybe, which makes it a valid question. I find it tough to believe he'll stay in Cleveland. But could the egos of LeBron and Dwyane Wade (pictured) co-exist in Miami? Have your say. Take a dip in our poll. Asking not for what you hope happens but what you realistically think will.

[Update: New odds out today from BetUS.com on where LeBron ends up next season: It's Cavaliers 2/3; Bulls 2/1; Knicks 5/2; and then Heat and Nets tied at 15/1].

1aabra WHY CAN'T I HAVE A JOB...: ...like this. I'm just saying.

1aarony RONY SEIKALY, D.J.: So I'm in Las Vegas over the weekend and I see a billboard for Tao Beach promoting a May 30 appearance by DJ Rony Seikaly. Yes, the same guy. The longtime former Heat center. He's a club DJ now. See the photo at left. Or Google Tao Beach and Rony's name. Maybe he does weddings. Couldn't hurt to ask!

KIMBO SLICE, R.I.P: No, we'll let Miami's Kevin Ferguson live. It's his namesake, mixed martial arts fighter and clown Kimbo Slice, who needs to go away, please. His latest loss, Saturday in UFC 113, is the latest evidence that his phenomena has flared but now fades. Fast. The novelty has become passe'.

IMPORTANCE OF MARLINS-METS: Marlins host division-rival Mets in four-game series starting Thursday, and I'm thinking Florida must take at least three of four to alleviate some of the heat on manager Fredi Gonzalez. Anybody who thinks the pressure isn't on Fredi just because Jeffrey Loria says so publicly must have majored in gullibility in college.

TIGER'S NECK HURTS: Tiger Woods withdraws from tournament with a pain in his neck. There is a punchline there related to his having had 121 affairs. But some things I can't say even in a blog.

PERFECT GAME, PERFECT ENDING: Oakland's Dallas Braden pitches only the 19th perfect game in MLB history and the moral of the story apparently is that good things come to those who tell Alex Rodriguez to stick it. Before his perfecto Braden was best-known for getting in Rodriguez's face earlier this season when A-Rod ran across the pitcher's mound when heading back to the dugout -- breaking one of baseball's myriad "unwritten rules." It's one of the sillier unwritten rules, considering both teams share the mound, but you had to love the mouse standing up to the lion And now the mouse pitches a perfect game. God what a tortured metaphor.

1aadolcheer DEAR GREG...: Your blog is OK but would be better if you showed a "sexy" picture from the recent Dolphin cheerleader tryout. Thank you. 

THE LIST: PERFECT GAMES: There have been 19 perfect games pitched in MLB history. The five most recent:

May 9, 2010   Dallas Braden, A's

July 23, 2009   Mark Buehrle, White Sox

May 18, 2004   Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks

July 18, 1999   David Cone, Yankees

May 17, 1998   David Wells, Yankees



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Has there ever been a more useless column. So anytime any player in any sport is available, Cote puts up a column saying ??? Coming to Miami?
Vote on it. What a click whore, you call this writing. Glad to see you can afford an expensive vacation to Vegas and the Venetian.
What a crock

What makes it better is the last two perfect games have been thrown against The Rays! hahaha.

-Marlins fan recently graduated from USF living in Tampa who is sick of all The Rays Bandwagon fans-

Pat Riley maybe coming back to coaching and LeBron's team might be done in the second round by an older and slower Boston team. I see the perfect storm for LeBron to say "I need a real superstar next to me", he can only really get that in Miami (with Wade) and Chicago (with Rose), I think the fact that Miami could have Riles if LeBron request him, will sway him to Miami, of course a lot depends on what happens Thursday.

LeBron could also get that in New York (with Wade), or in New Jersey (with Wade) or with the Clippers (with Wade), or with the Timberwolves (with Wade), or with any other team in the NBA that they both choose to go to.

Dwayne Wade is no longer a Miami Heat.

And I hope the third from the end makes the squad!

Wade would be sacrificing nearly 30 million to go play with the Knicks. If Wade leaves the Heat its for Chicago to play with Rose, in which case they won't have money to sign Lebron. The clippers..., really D-Wade and LeBron are going to team up to save the Clippers...Also, the Knicks have proven to be nothing but a giant front office mess, I doubt LeBron and Wade would put their legacy in the hands of a front office that has been incapable of making the playoffs in a weak eastern conference for the better part of a decade. I understand the point that its not a given Wade will be here next year, but my point is that if LBJ and D-Wade are playing together it will be in Miami not elsewhere.

miami is the best situation for both james and wade if they do decide to join forces together. new york would be the other city that would be tempting.

I think the Heat are one Celtics win away from putting together the greatest team in the NBA. Never bet against Riley. This has been his plan all along. And yes he will come back to coach Lebron and DWade. And yes you will see other players in the NBA sacrifice money to play with them to win championships. He gets those 2 and the rest of the team will just fall into place.

Wade and LeBron would be sacrificing 30 million to go play anywhere else, which is the reason they'll both be staying where they are or moving to large market teams (Knicks, Clippers, or Nets) to make up for the loss.

The Knicks have the best shot at landing both or either - they have the best coach in place and the best history/marketability. The Nets have the appeal of Jay-Z and an arena in downtown Brooklyn but are a few years away. The Clippers are a joke, but Wade and LeBron together could make them the team in L.A.

But here's why there's no chance LeBron will be coming to Miami: Wade has already won a championship. For LeBron to be considered the best player of his generation, he needs as many championships as any other star player. So if they're playing together, he automatically loses that and so he needs to be the clear number one guy, something that isn't going to happen if he comes to Wade's team and is paid 30 million dollars less.

Oh, and I really don't think Wade wants to play in Jordan's shadow and Siovaugn's backyard, but who knows?

There's a remote chance, remote mind you, that LeBron signs with the Heat. The Lakers don't have the cap room, so there is little chance of that happening. He's not staying in Cleveland either. The tank job he pulled last game was a clear indicator on how he feels about his teammates, coach and owner. He's out of there.

Look for him to go to NY. They can afford to dump most everyone and start from scratch. It's a huge market with lots of *star* attraction. NY is going to have a low lottery pick and can easily assemble from the biggest free agent market in history.

btw Jimbo,

I do remember you singing praises about the Celtics. For my money though, they are not getting past Orlando. I wish they would, cause I would love screaming "Boston S***s!!!" from my living room.

OC, probably so. Orlando gets no respect,, right Rodney? I just keep hearing "Rayyyyyy Allen Threeeeee" when the Celtics play. They are old but pretty tough with great team D.

Wade and LaBron could coexist but it just unrealistic considering the salaries and demand for both around the league. Still seeing LBJ going to the Lakers.

Cote, I've seen that "Zumanity" show in Vegas. Glad we were a way back and not up front. Unlike U, I came back ahead on my last trip there.

I dont see it Wade & Queen James playing together...


Jimbo - are you thinking that the Lakers will trade or buy out Kobe or that they'll trade or buy out Gasol, Bynum, Odom, Artest, and literally everyone else on their 2009-2010 roster besides Mbenga, Powell, and Fisher, whose contracts are up?

One of those two things would have to happen.

There's no question that LeBron and D-Wade could co-exist. Neither has shown a Kobe-like selfishness. You would need a great coach to figure out how to use two such superstars, but isn't that what Riles did with Showtime? He kept James Worthy, Magic Johnson, and Kareem all happy, when any one of them could have led a team to a title on their own.

I voted "hopeful, but not counting on it." Then I read Kazaam's post, and he totally changed my mind. You nailed it, bro. LeBron wants a championship, but he cannot be seen as having it given to him by another player.

OC Dolphin you could learn something about team, professionalism and class by watching the Boston Celtics. It still makes me laugh that Cote predicted a Heat series win over Boston. bwahahahahahahahahahahaha

Big Baby--- class? really??? the only person with class is Ray Allen....KG is a jerk and Pierce spit at the Cavs bench...oh yeah thats real classy!

and lets not forget big baby pushing a kid in Orlando

Or Ainge throwing in the towel.

Please, don't get me started with the Celtics. We're talking about a team that is known for dirty tricks. Non operating heat in guest locker rooms, alarms going off at night at opponent's hotel rooms, etc. Look, it's okay if one wants to be a Celtic fan. I have no problem with that. Just don't come tell me that it is the Lakers who are classless.

Here's a preview of how I expect things to unfold in the NBA.

Boston eliminates Cleveland,
Orlando eliminates Boston, then Lakers,

LeBron signs with Knicks who then select among point guard Tony Parker, shooting guards Ray Allen, Manu Ginobili, power forwards Bosh, Nowitzki, Stoudermire, Boozer. They end up with two solid stars and a great new player off the draft.

In the 2012 year Phil Jackson returns to NY to pad his long resume on a new fourth dynasty.


NBA free agent speculation thread? i feel about this topic the way you guys feel about the upcoming mundial, set to start on 11JUN10; can't wait for the world cup, could care less about where lebron james winds up next season or any season.

but shadow,

wouldn't your opinion slightly change if you knew that Devon Bess and LeBron were buds?

OC Dolphin,

i know that you are a longtime laker fan and therefore hate the celtics. i enjoyed watching the showtime lakers, although at that juncture i was a warrior fan, owing mainly to my off the wall adulation of lewis (black magic) lloyd, who went to houston and self-destructed. he was an incredibly talented player in college and in his early years in the NBA. the 1984 NBA championship was the greatest series ever, folowed by the 1977 portland/76ers six game blazer victory, both with my all-time favorite player, bill walton, playing for the winners.

OC you don't know sh...........nah. There's just no time or space here to waste responding to the large crock that you have just dispensed here.

J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets!


It's been my observation that most sports fans begin as kids, either following their local star, or in cases where the city doesn't have a team, by whoever stars at the time.

Growing up in Miami and in the 60's, we had only the Dolphins. When it came to baseball, Mickey Mantle was the guy. In basketball, it was Wilt. I was a Sixers guy until Wilt went over to the Lakers. Been one ever since and thank God for that.

The Lakers have been the most successful sports franchise in all of sports. A benefit which has and continues to provide sanity to offset those yearly Dolphins disappointments.

Otherwise, I guess I would just be a bitter blogger, like that Transformer's character who once frequented this blog.

oooh baby - got him locked up before that first national championship!

I know you like that signing Jimbo.

And OC - I think Man U the Yankees and the the Celtics are all more successful sports franchises than the Lakers, no?

OC Dolphin,

major disappointments in my sports life were the lakers failed attempts against the celtics in 1969 and knicks in 1970; losing game seven was just part of being a laker fan for a while. the exhiliration of the 33 game winning streak and finals victory over the knicks in 1972 almost made up for so many years of frustration at the hands of bill russell and red auerbach.

wilt coming to the lakers was unbelievable; he decided to mostly play defense and rebound, but decided to show he still had his ability to score by going for 55 one night as a laker, then retreating back to defend and rebound. unquestionably the greatest player in basketball history was wilt and one of the truly nice guys who had time to speak to everybody who recognized him, which was pretty easy to do.


throw in the canadiens as successful franchises, but since 1980, have any pro franchises won more trophies than the lakers in the domestic sports scene? i am counting them at nine titles since magic arrived to "the fabulous forum".

Ah - since 1980.

Globetrotters then.

But Lakers are second most successful.


i know that the globetrotters have a very high winning percentage, but i am not sure about the amount of trophies they have hoisted; you, sir, are always good for a solid retort. keep em coming!!


Can't recall just where I saw the report, I think it was a feature run on ESPN recently. Anyway, someone did some number crunching and based on such things as: Years in existence, winning percentage over those years, amount of times competing for a championship. Given those parameters, the Lakers scored highest.

Huh, I wonder if years in existence counts for or against?

Surprising that the Yankees (27 champ. in 109 years) and the Celtics (17 champ. in 64 years) would be ranked below the Lakers, who have one less championship than the Celtics, also in 64 years.

But I guess the Lakers have a higher winning percentage than the Yankees (every 0.27 years vs. every 0.25) and the Celtics were probably penalized for having a boring, ugly white guy as their superstar.

I wonder where Princeton football's 28 national championships in 141 years falls on the spectrum?

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Oh, Topper; I do so love the French...

ha - squid eater.

"a double whopper with extra cheese."


It would not shock me if Labron does end up here. It would be the only way to upstage the Dolphins signing of Brandon Marshall. Pat Reily is much more savy than tuna will ever be. If Lebron is out there and Wade wants him here, he'll get'em

LaBron loves NY but he's smart enough to realize that the Knicks are a joke of a franchise... 2X worse then Cleveland.

I really don't care who is on the current Lakers roster outside of Kobe if LA makes a run at him... you would skip getting the best player in the league because of Gasol or Odom? LaBron going to LA is a long shot.

Kazaam- your post of "signing him" before the first nat'l championship... I assume that your referring to UM giving Randy Shannon a 4 yr extention. ? yep, his record of 21-17 is stuff of legends,, puts him in lofty company, yep, yep, yep. Hurricanes aren't striking any fear in the minds of opponents with him,, unless you see your level of competition is Duke, North Carolina, Clemson, Vanderbilt.


list Mr. Woodcock, it seems, among those in your appreciating audience!! a contract extension is always nice for a coach, but as jimbo points out, 21-17 is not legendary stuff. the shadow, however, does not believe that a coach's record indicates everything; e.g., bill fitch worked for years with the expansion cavaliers, losing horribly night after night, but the celtics grabbed him to be their coach and he succeeded in boston when he had the talent.


bill fitch (with larry bird) never won less than 56 games in his four years with the celtics, and took houston to the finals when the rockets beat the lakers on ralph sampson's "miracle shot"; it was a rare occurence when the lakers did not represent the western conference in the NBA finals in the 80s- 81 when magic was hurt during the season, and the aforementioned 1986 when houston beat a healthy laker team in the conference finals.

Don't bet against Riley? Why the hell not? What has Riley done in Miami that was so outstanding? Nothing. Firing Stan? Hiring Spoelstra as Head Coach? Take a look at Miami's drafts....junk save Wade. Riley is a relic in today's NBA, I would bet against him all day. Miami is an ok destination but can you imagine the money Wade and LeBron would make if they signed in new York? The endorsements would make up for any loss in salary and they would have a real coach. I'm a Miami fan but Riley is killing us with his bonehead decisions.


Bro, you know your stuff when it comes to football. You know I respect your game. But your scenario about the Lakers pursuing and landing LeBron is way off base, buddy.

You're saying that the Lakes would swallow both Gasol and Odom's contracts to land LeBron!?

Well, that being the case, you (as Buss) are going to have to eat 60 Million dollars over the next three years for the privilege of paying LeBron close to 150 Million for the next four.

You can't trade that money away. So let's just quickly add this thing up.

Kobe 30 (next three years)
Gasol 17 (averaged for next two years)
Odom 8 (next three years)
LeBron 37 (my wild assed guess for the next 4)

Total: 92 Million for fielding TWO guys! You still have to pay another 30 mil for Bynum, Artest, Sasha and Luke. They too have contracts.

Not to mention that with the new total at 122 million, you've only got 6 players for that figure and Sasha as your only guard! You've got to hire another 6 guys minimum. What would that figure be then are? 150, 160 Million?

Ludicrous, right?

As for the Kniks...Keep in mind that the Celtics, who many consider to be the best basketball team of all time (I'd give them second, but that's not the point here) were irrelevant for 20 years (86/87 - 07/08).

The Knicks by comparison run eerily similar to that of the Dolphins. Competitive and champions early in the 70's, then only one championship appearance since.

With apologies to Wade and the Heat, NY makes the most sense for LeBron. They get him and Bosh and draw support to an Empire State of mind.

OC, I am throwing the Lakers out there as my "shocker" pick. I agree, it doesn't make sense in a lot of ways as you listed.

There's no way BOTH Wade and LaBron will end up in NY either as some have guessed. The likely candidates are that LaBron either stays in Cleveland or goes to the Knicks. Wade is more likely to stay in Miami witht the Heat.

OC, I do get the "itch" to bait the subject occasionally :)

OC- Stop with the best team nonsense. Since 1980!!!! I guess you never got to follow basketball, baseball, or hockey before 1970. Celtics, Yankees, Canadians, are the all time best franchises. Wilt was a great player, but Russell owned him. As far as ESPN goes, they think sports started when they did. As far as your lakers go, look up hall of fame players. More Celtics, and future Celtics hof in league right now.

Naples jack Celtics fan,

Love to hate you guys.

And as far as pre-70's, yes, I followed stuff since the early 60's. You have to excuse me for anything earlier, or around that time since, information about the many accomplishments and news of those Cousy Celts arrived by way of telegraph.

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