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April 13, 2010

Brandon Marshall-to-Dolphins rumors are flying; plus Jets/Dolphins offseason poll, Ted Ginn, Panthers celebrate failure, Masterful golf & more

BRANDON MARSHALL-TO-DOLPHINS RUMORS ARE FLYING!: Trade-wanting Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall signed his $2.512 million tender with the Broncos today, facillitating trade talks with other teams. Seattle, which looked hard at Marshall in free agency, is thought to be a frontrunner, but all sorts of speculation has the Dolphins seriously interested if the price is no greater than a second round pick. Stay tuned. For now, though, I am as hopeful as I have been in a long while that Marshall could actually end up in Miami before the draft -- that genuine interest is there. Getting Marshall would hugely change the complexion of what has been (see below) a somewhat disappointing Dolphins offseason so far.

1aaginn 1aacart [NFL Network is reporting the Dolphins are shopping WR Ted Ginn. Umm, is this news? Shopping a guy and finding a buyer willing to pay more than the NFL equivalent of a couple of bucks are two different animals].


[This is the column and blogpost subject to obvious change if Miami landed Brandon Marshall]. Jets taking off and leaving Dolphins on the tarmac is the broad premise of today's column1aarexr by me (click here), which notes the rival New York Jets have had a more productive offseason than the Dolphins by having a clearer win-now philosophy and by being more aggressive. For Miami it's been LB Karlos Danby and not much else notable. For NYJ it's been RB LaDainian Tomlinson, WR Braylon Edwards, CB Antonio Cromartie and now WR Santonio Holmes. The teams' opposite handling of Jason Taylor also is interesting. The Jets have aggressively pursued and wooed Taylor, while the more passive, reactive Dolphins are just now talking about meeting with him. Should a Dolfan have any concern about all this? I like making fun of Jets coach Rex Ryan (pictured right as Peter Griffin) as much or more than the next guy, but I give the Planes credit for some gumption the Dolphins brass seems to lack at times. Your thoughts invited. Take a dip in our poll and tell us why you feel the way you do.

1aafailure2 1aafailure PANTHERS CELEBRATE BEING ABYSMAL: You had to be there to believe it. After Sunday's season-ending loss -- capping a record-tying ninth straight season out of the NHL playoffs -- streamers and confetti fell in the team's emptying arena. It was as if the club was celebrating a Stanley Cup championship, instead of a continuation of its own abject embarrassment. Stephen Weiss was among the players visibly upset by the ridiculous, out-of-place display, and rightfully. What a horrible, boneheaded decision on somebody's part. As for the future, it'd be easy to go scapegoating and call for coach Peter DeBoer's firing but he is closer to a solution than a cause of this playoff drought. I give him one more season before the seat under him should start to smolder. The Cats need more than a good upcoming draft. They need what they really haven't had since Pavel Bure -- a major, top-tier goal scorer. Olli Jokinen was a steady 30-plus goals guy. Florida needs somebody who's going to cash 40-plus. Offense is the problem, not DeBoer.

MASTERFUL GOLF: You needn't have been a golf fan to get caught up in the Masters tournament this past weekend. In the drama of it. I was rooting for Tiger Woods. I admit it. But I also was happy for Phil Mickelson. What a contrast, huh? Tiger, exposed as the ultimate philandering dog, vs. Phil, the ultimate (so far as we know) family man with the cancer-stricken wife. I throw in the parenthetical not to imply any mistrust of Phil at all, but to remind that we all thought Tiger seemed like the perfect family man, too, until not quite five months ago. Almost forgot. Freddy Couples winning would have been a heck of a story, too. Great, great weekend for golf and its premier tournament. The rare sporting event I wasn't at but honestly wished I was.

CHIMING IN ON BIG BEN: Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger skates on a possible sexual assault charge with the D.A. electing to ot prosecute. Even if innocent, Big Ben's behavior and judgement call to mind an immature frat-boy, not an NFL quarterback. A position that demands respect and commands leadership requires more of the man filling it. Much. Like Tiger, Roethlisberger can overcome his personal frailties and earn back his name. But it won't be easy.

1aabaracksmoke DEAR GREG...: ...Your blog's pretty good but would be better if occasionally you would show a photo of President Obama smoking a cigarette. Thank you.

THE LIST: MARLINS RBIS: Jorge Cantu has 12 RBIs in only seven games after two more in last night's loss to the Reds, one of the hottest starts ever by a Marlins batter. Most RBIs in a season in franchise history:

121   Preston Wilson 2000

120   Gary Sheffield 1996

119   Miguel Cabrera 2007

116   Miguel Cabrera 2005

115   Moises Alou 1997

115   Carlos Delgado 2005

Click back. Probably adding more stuff to this post late today.



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Dolphins need impact in the draft__ a TE maybee Jimmy Graham http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmkQtxToz2o

or how bout CJ Spiller http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p0VhNNDg1w

Still say you have to address R.B. situation...... Ronnie coming off an injured reserve season and already blown out knee. Ricky is not a spring chicken either as noted by diminishing numbers with increased work load at the end of the year when Ronnie went out (1st couple of games great but then tapered off significantly.) If Spiller or J.Best are at #12 you have to take either.... They have game breaking speed/abilities that we currently do not have...... Who's our game breaker Ginn ??!@@#$$% Can't teach speed.....

16 grams,

cj spilller is am absolutely proven commodity coming out of college; jimmy graham was a real bright spot for the canes but is still a work in progress after just one year in which he diud start slowly but got much better as the season progressed. 16 grams is an interesting name- isn't sixteen grams about 12 short of an ounce, or am i missing something in the language of the new culture?


marlis don't have a pitcher on their team!! giving up 5-7 runs every game and blowing leads in innings eight and nine nightly- don't blame fredi gonzalez, please!

OB - CJ Spiller does not have game breaking speed/abilities that Ted Ginn is lacking. They're both lightning fast players who avoid contact.

Shadow - there's almost no such thing as a proven commodity coming out of college but CJ Spiller is not even close to that. He was a dynamic returner and would often break away for TDs out of the backfield because he was faster than everyone else in college. He's clearly not going to be an every down back and there's no guarantee that he's going to be able to play the HB position at all as he is allergic to being hit and the chances to run past everyone are much smaller in the NFL (see Ginn, Ted).

Our practice squad receivers could start for the Dolphins.


J E T S Jets Jets Jets!

Football comments: Jets got some players to make headlines but not much else. Braylon Edwards the previous yr.. "Bra" is known for.. not much outside of allegedly sucker punching LaBron James and underachieving in Cleveland. After learning that he got traded to NY, his first official public comment wasn't - I am finally going to prove that I am worthy of being a first rd pick. NOOOOO, it was, "Gonna be a model and get into acting" try acting as an NFL receiver. LT???? he's on his last leg, LIKE JTaylor. Ain't what he used to be. Thomas Jones is a better RB than LT right now. Cromartie? he alone is an upgrade. Cromartie playing opposite CB from Revis looks great for them. Holmes? Pittsburgh settled for a 5th rd choice for a reason. They called everyone outside their division, including Miami. This is his second run in related to smoking pot, getting a 4 game suspension. Holmes is implicated in possibly assaulting a lady in a club... sound familiar?

Since Parcells and his people took over, Miami has managed this...
get rid of some dead weight.
2008 Draft, franchise LT, franchise QB, 2 starting DT/DE's, Oline depth.
2009 Draft, 2 franchise CB's, 2 WR's (1 miss in Turner, 1 hit in Hartline), potential FS in Clemons, more depth.
Free agency, Dansby is big time upgrade, maybe best unrestricted free agent available. OG Incognito,, no big deal unless he harnesses in his agression. The dude is a flat out big, nasty road grader of a guard. not much $invested.
This fan ain't complaining.

How could you possibly say Spiller does not have game breaking speed....HE IS A WORLD CLASS SPRINTER...... Kid was a consensus all american in high school & college....stayed all 4 years to graduate....He can run, catch passes out of the backfield/slot, can return kicks......He is only 1 of 7 players in NCAA HISTORY to have 7000 all purpose yards.. his lowest rushing avg. of his career has been 5.3 YPC.... the kid is the total package..... just because it is your opinion that he's "allergic" to contact, does not make it so..... and I didn't see you bad mouth J. Best ??

Holmes alone has more Super Bowl rings than any player that the Miami Dolphins have had on their roster since 1973!



J E T S Jets Jets Jets!

OB, Kzam, shadow,
Miami isn't even considering CJ Spiller. They have 4 RB's on roster in Williams, Cobb, Brown, Hilliard. Spiller would be a nice acquisition however, a luxury pick this team won't do. True, there are issues with Browns health, Ricky's last yr, Cobbs health & Hilliard being not much more then special teams help at the moment.

Dolphins could swing a deal for Brandon Marshall, then draft 2 OLB's, a NT, FS, TE with the other picks. Considering Mike Nolan spent last season with Denver & Marshall, he has given valuable info to Parcells/Ireland on the risk vs reward of Marshall.
Ginn Jr joins Smiley on the players being shopped for trades currently.

one of the following are going to be the Dolphins #1 pick.
1.Trade down or completely out of first rd for additional or future picks.
2.Either FS Earl Thomas or OLB's Morgan, Paul-Pierce, Kindle.

NT will be addressed this draft but not in the first rd. Draft experts have Tennessee's Dan Williams all over the board in mock drafts from Miami's #12 overall to late 2nd rd. I am guessing that Miami will eventually get a lesser known NT in rd 4 or later.

Guys, most of the people on armando's blog are in a complete meltdown over the stinkin jets
( including our boy cote )..

I'm with you Jimbo, most of these people forgot already the Dolphins are suppose to be re- building, we ALL know the state of the franchise when the Tuna took over, we had zero talent, let's not give away our draft picks for an easy fix, our talent has improved a great deal, this will only be the Tuna's third draft.

In Tuna I trust.

I have seen Armando Sombrero's articles and his blog,,, leaves a lot to be desired. Most of Armando's regulars play too much Madden 2006 on PS2.

Who is this Cunty Cuntsuelo. I would let you know just what an ass you are but your mother hasn't finished servicing me yet. "Hold on baby, hold on, there's enough for you. After all I am from Havana!"


proven commodity coming out of college- not proven commodity in the pros; i refer to Orange Bowl 4ever's defense of c.j. spiller at clemson.

maurice jones-drew played in reggie bush's shadow at ucla and look who has had the more consistent pro career. reggie bush may not avg. 4.5 yds from scrimmage, but on any play he is capable of fireworks- running, passcatyching or returning kicks. i would think that coming out of college spiller is a more known commodity than was maurice jones-drew, who had fantastic games as a bruin but as stated played in the same town as the most spectacular college player since johnny rodgers was a cornhusker.

For what seems like forever, Denver (with Shanahan) drafted back after back in the 4th through 6th rounds (Terrell Davis a 6th rounder, I believe)...it's what's UP FRONT that counts. That semi legal blocking scheme was the thing. What Atlanta and Houston do now.
You do NOT have to get RB's in the first 3 rounds...check out the Giants group, and probably 1/2 the teams in the league.

If we get Marshall (hopefully for a 2nd, Ginn and maybe another player, we can then go for the BPA...as long as it's on defense.

Mr Woodcock, our friend cunty is a typical sewer rat. What he fails to mention is, the yets have won 1 sb, since they came into the league. Thanks only to me being there qb. They have been to 2 AFC finals in the last what, 20yrs. Outside of me, the great Joe Willie, who the hell else have they had with any cred? Have they been as good as the Pats? NOOOOOOOOO! Have they been as good as the Bills? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! In New York, they are the poor white trash of the city.


Trade 1-12 for 1-16 plus an extra 3rd round pick.

1-16 ... DAN WILLIAMS,NT our biggest need
2nd round pick .... trade for Brandon Marshall .... Ginn will be much better WR if there is double coverage on Marshall
3 ... R.JONES, F.S.
3 (extra pick) ... J.JERRY,OL
4...... J.GRAHAM,TE from the U
4 (trade for Sweeney GERHART,RB stanford

5 .. (trade for Thigpen) MIKE WILLIAMS,WR syracuse

6 and 7th round (6 picks) more LBs ... also Kafka,QB Northwestern

and re-sign JT for 2 years

You losers are way behind the Jets, and for the bafoons talking about LT as washed up wait and see who's washed up, it's jones.
For those who don't research or know a damn thing about football. try reading the Nfl.com article of why LT's production dropped and why Jone's will be a flop in KC.
The reseaons are thier blocking fullbacks,richardson for the jets and lorenzo neal for the chargers. Jones cried for richardson when he was traded to come with him, you see he was a 3.3 avg and only one 100yd game before richardson showed up, conversly LT lost Neal 2 yrs ago and had a couple of rookies trying to open holes..good luck. Neal and richardson are the best blocking fullbacks in the league so expect a big year from LT and a stinkin year from jones.
Sanchez has plenty of weapons now with braylon, cotchery,LT, and Holmes also smith and clowny are good receivers.
There is so much talent on the Jets right now it's unbelievable. While the doofins struggle to put 2 & 2 together.

this mock draft would be nice .... and getting brandon marshall is a dream to dalfans and i think right now its impossible but its a possibility that they could be waiting to make a splash till draft day ... a dream i think . did anyone read wilforks comments on the jets pick up i actually thought it was pretty funny , saying there are just good pick ups on paper and i cant help but agree i think the only two that are diffrence makers are cromartie and holmes but we shall see

Mr Woodcock, our friend cunty is a typical sewer rat. What he fails to mention is, the yets have won 1 sb, since they came into the league. Thanks only to me being there qb. They have been to 2 AFC finals in the last what, 20yrs. Outside of me, the great Joe Willie, who the hell else have they had with any cred? Have they been as good as the Pats? NOOOOOOOOO! Have they been as good as the Bills? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! In New York, they are the poor white trash of the city.

Posted by: Broadway Joe

Like who cares dude? Lets join the present ok dude?,we swept you 3 times over the last ten years 2002,2006,2007 and beat the pants off you in alot of games, shula's history and you ain't won nothin, when's the last time you even won a playoff game. You sneaked in 2008 and got stomped by ryan's defense.
The doofins are gaa-bage, no talent and goin nowhere except to the bottom of the division. Burp!

the planes are garbage garbage garbage

Our practice squad receivers could start for the Dolphins.


J E T S Jets Jets shi.t!

Posted by: Cunty Cuntsuelo | April 13, 2010 at 12:55 PM

Read more: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2010/04/masterful-golf-you-neednt-have-been-a-golf-fan-to-get-caught-up-in-the-masters-tournament-this-past-weekend-in-the-dram.html#ixzz0l1vZ2AOk


it says here that jimmy graham will be available way past the 3rd round; there are some proven COLLEGE tight ends and while he has been improving, graham will be a very late take in the draft.

get out! a.s.s this is dolphin country

How do you keep your job? You are a joke. Mr. Editor, if you unlike the rest of the world, read this blog, please respond by firing this sad sap.

Jimbo - kind of jumping the gun with "franchise QB" but "if you will it, it is no dream". theodor Herzl.

OB - read again, I said that Spiller does have gamebreaking speed, same as Ginn. My point is that he's not going to be an every down back and is therefore not worth a top 15 pick - with the same logic that you don't take the best punt returner with the #9 pick. I agree that Spiller is going to make big plays in the NFL, but what he adds is not worth the cost of a #12 salary.

And I think Jahvid Best will be a good player for whoever selects him in the second round, I just wasn't dignifying the thought that the Dolphins might take him at 12.

Shadow - quite right, Spiller's as proven a commodity as it gets in the college game. Not so sure I follow you on Bush/MJD though if you're trying to correlate hype, or how much of a "proven commodity" people think a player is with the level of that player's success I think you'd find plenty of examples at either end of the spectrum.

Brandon Marshall would be a nice aquisition so long as he understands going in that if he refuses to play or is disruptive in any way he gets an electric shock. These shocks will continue so long as his behavior(s) require modification...

I just saw in The NY Post that Rex Ryan farted so hard his O-Ring snapped. NASA engineers have been called in to consult with Ryan's attending physicians. It is unclear as to Ryan's status for season.

Yah you all know where I stand. You can never have enough tough, durable and productive rbs. Monster DT would also be nice hire. Or Monster inside linebacker. Some sociopathic safeties could be useful.

In that pic, Obama looks alittle like a Rod Serling whose tanning booth malfunctioned.


sometimes the flashbacks get to me and my posts may be a little hard piece together. it was no surprise to me that MJD did well in the nfl, especially since he was taken by a run firts team that had another good veteran in the backfield. jones-drew was really, really great and versatile and has had a terrific few years in jacksonville.

i don't think, as stated previously, that a butkus-derrick thomas- lawrence taylor type LB is gonna be around at the 12th pick. the dolphins, whichever DE/DL/LB miami takes at that spot will be a journeyman-to good player, but not a dominant force behind a porous defensive line. keep posting, Kazaam, as your entries are rational and informed.

duke, that wasn't no O-ring, that was a trash can lid.

Jimbo maybe if they removed his stomach or at least his yap.

Maybe the Jests er Jets might like to have Ted Ginn Jr since he contributed to one Dolphin win over them and then beat them virtually singlehandedly. Mmm now that I think about it the moment Ginn Jr becomes a Jet or Patriot he becomes all-pro and annual nightmare for Fins. No off the Raiders he goes for two first round picks.

meant "off to the Raiders" yada, yada

Big Ben looks like BIG COLLISION just waiting to happen...

Anyone doubt that Ted and Pat would lose to half of these...girls!??



You'd best hope the rumor comes to fruition. Not necessarily for the Dolphins sake, but for your reputation. I'm looking at kinds of reports all over the place that accredit you specifically, and Armando as "sources in the know," and suggesting that this is a done deal (Ginn + #73) by the time I wake up to my morning coffee.

Now, I've carefully read what both you and Salguero have written and it is no where close to how the story is being presented out there.


FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I posted elsewhere...Ginn trade rumors yesterday = smoke screen.

This is a great get. Will his attitude be different? I hope so....i don't think he is as messed up as T.O. plus that tragic shooting of his teamate while he was there two years ago affected his behavior I am sure.

Let's hope this is a new start for him and that he keeps producing like he did even in the middle of all the controversy.

Marshall, Bess, Ginn Jr., Camarillo, Hartline....that isn't a bad line up for Henne.

Didn't I freakin tell you guys!!!!!
Don't listen to Cote or Armando,, check with Jimbo if you really want to know..

How many of you guys are still crying over the Jets getting WHO? oh yah, Holmes, WOW, and that chump is going to be suspended the first 4 games of this upcoming regular season.

Ginn or Camarillo or Turner will be gone. Some one's gotta go.

"Holmes alone has more Super Bowl rings than any player that the Miami Dolphins have had on their roster since 1973!



J E T S Jets Jets Jets!"

Posted by: Cunty Cuntsuelo | April 13, 2010 at 02:19 PM

Yeah! And more than any jet since the 60's.

stupid a$$.

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