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April 27, 2010

Marino vs. Wade: The Poll (plus Jeff Ireland ripped, 4 Canes on 2011 draft hot-list, Adalius Thomas, new Super Bowl odds & more)

[Immediately below this in the blog: Grade-the-Dolphins-draft post].

[Dolphins' GM Ireland gets ripped: Click here for an interesting new Yahoo.com piece on Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland. Paints a bit of a different portrait of him than the glowing, post-draft testimonial that appeared in Monday's Miami Herald].

1aadan2 1aadan MARINO VS. WADE: THE POLL: I wrote in my column (click here) off Sunday's Heat playoff win and his 46-point performance that it is time to say that Dwyane Wade has surpassed Dan Marino as the most exciting, talented athlete we have had on a local pro team. But I also think it is a close call and certainly open to debate. So let's debate. I last blogged on this in February 2009 and had a similar poll a couple of years ago, so it's time again. Take a dip in our poll and make your argument.

[Poll note: This is our latest to blast past 1,000 votes in its first day. Thanks again and keep 'em coming. Poll comment: Results so far no surprise. Marino winning solidly but hardly a landslide. In what clearly is a football town where Dolphins are king, call it a strong showing for Wade, even aided by the poll's timing]. 

1aaallenbailey FOUR CANES ON 2011 DRAFT HOT-LIST: Mel Kiper Jr., like rust, never sleeps. He's already looking at the 2011 NFL draft with top fives at every position, and UM Hurricanes mentioned are Allen Bailey (1st DE, pictured); Leonard Hankerson (3rd WR); Colin McCarthy (4th OLB); and Orlando Franklin (5th OG). Florida gators mentioned are OG Mike Pouncey and S Ahmad Black (both 3's). FSU Seminoles are OG Rodney Hudson (1), C Ryan McMahon (3), QB Christian Ponder (4) and FB Marcus Sims (4). Probably means Bailey will start a new first-round streak for Miami if he has a strong, healthy season. [Update: SportsIllustrated.com has a 2011 mock draft (no, seriously; click here) that has Bailey, who has played DE and DT, going 29th overall. Dolphins are projected to pick 19th and take Michigan State LB Greg Jones. No not another linebacker!!].

LATEST SUPER BOWL ODDS: Says Bodog: Jets SB odds have gone from 25-1 in February to 12-1 now. Miami's have gone from 45-1 to 30-1. Patriots holding steady at 10-1. Colts (8-1) and Saints (9-1) still lead overall. Post-draft odds also reflect trades and other developments. Brandon Marshall helped lower Dolphins odds. Redskins went from 50-1 to 28-1 after getting Donovan McNabb. And Steelers went from 11-1 to 18-1 with Ben Roethlisberger suspension.

1aaadalius ON ADALIUS THOMAS' AVAILABILITY: Patriots released veteran OLB Adalius Thomas Monday, and initial reports had him headed to the stinkin' Jets, rejoining Rex Ryan, for whom he played six years in Baltimore and earned two Pro Bowl bids. Althought now NYJ interest reportedly is limited. Thomas (pictured) can still produce (14.5 sacks in 35 Pats starts), but should Miami be interested? Probably not. Thomas is 32 and a bit of a malcontent, and the Dolphins just drafted what seemed like about 146 players who do what Thomas does. What does make him attractive, especially for Miami's evolving defensive schemes, is versatility. He is by trade a pass-rush-oriented OLB but at 6-2, 270 also can play inside-LB, end or even shift to tackle at times.

MILLEN ANALYZES POLACKS' LOVE OF BOLOGNA: Matt Millen was used to making draft day mistakes and having to apologize in his many years as Detroit Lions president, but he did it again as an ESPN analyst by referring to Ron Jaworski as a "polack." They were talking about fried bologna sandwiches when Millen said, "Ask any polack from Buffalo how they like them, right Jaws?" To which the unoffended Jaworski said something about preferring them with fried onions. Me? I think far fewer listeners were upset by the polack reference than by hearing two ESPN analysts on draft-day discussing fried bologna sandwiches.

[The above reminds me how interesting I find semantics in terms of what offends people. For example, one may not not properly refer to a Chinese man as a Chinaman. Also, when inquiring about someone's religion (itself gravely frowned upon), asking "Are you Jewish?" is more acceptable than "Are you a Jew?" It was once considered insulting to call an American a "Yank." That is no longer the case, except in Boston].

1aagaysb GAY SOFTBALLERS DEFEND THEIR SANCTITY: The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, which runs the Gay Softball World Series, is defending itself against a lawsuit brought by three San Francisco-area men who say they were banned from competing because they were not entirely gay, but rather more of a bisexual persuasion. Click here for the tale. I'd go on, but it might lead to a lame joke about the softball event not allowing switch-hitters. So I'll just move on.

1aabull2 1aabull REVENGE OF THE BULL: Famous Spanish bullfighter Jose Tomas was seriously injured after being gored in the groin during a competition. I wish Tomas well. However I doubt I am alone in generally rooting for the bull. That's especially true on the streets of Pamplona, but also in the ring. Pictured right: Sometimes the bullfighter wins; other times, he does not. Tease the wrong bull with your fey red cape at your own risk, Mr. Macho Matador!

THEY DON'T CALL THEM PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING DRUGS FOR NOTHING: American track star LaShawn Merritt (400-meter gold, Beijing) tested positive for a banned substance that turned out to be ExtenZe. the over-the counter male enhancement product whose pitchmen include UM coach-turned-talking head Jimmy Johnson. Not sure what Merritt's penalty will be but it could be stiff. Did I just say that?

1aacolordog DEAR GREG: Your blog is OK, but it would be better if occasionally you would show a photo of a dog that has been humiliated by its owner in a dog-grooming contest, and yet has a loopy grin indicating an unawareness that even other dogs are laughing. Thank you.

Personal aside: Thanks to Paul & Young Ron (Big 105.9) for having me on the show this morning. I didn't realize how many people are up at 7:20 a.m. listening to the radio. I didn't know people were up that early doing anything.

THE LIST: HEAT PLAYOFF POINTS: Top five in postseason points in Heat history:

1. Dwyane Wade: 1,705 (65 games)

2. Alonzo Mourning: 989 (82)

3. Shaquille O'Neal: 751 (40)

4. Tim Hardaway: 605 (39)

5. Udonis Haslem: 487 (65)

Note: Wade's and Haslem's totals include current series.



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Danny Boy...

Also, very solid draft for the fins. The only reach was Koa Misi, who if they really liked, could have been had in the later part of 2nd round. Everyone else picked was actually value (Jerry had a 2nd round grade, Jones had a 3rd round grade).

Danny and Jimmy, Jimmy and Danny, Danny and Jimmy, Danny and Jimmy, Jimmy and Danny, Danny and Danny, Jimmy and Danny - Woodley? Jimmy and Danny, Danny and Jimmy, Jimmy and Jimmy, Danny and Jimmy, Jimmy and Danny...

Dan Marino. Period. Any other suggestion is just dumb.

The fact that you even put it to a poll is ludicrous.

Am sure that at least half of those that voted for Wade were too young to see Marino in the day.. he was electrifying.

Miami hasn't won a Superbowl since the early 70's yet there are a HUGE number of Dolphin fans that jumped onto the Marino bandwagon and have stayed the course since 84. He was THAT good.

I have been a dolfan since before Marino was a dolphin. I watched every big game that he has ever played in as a pro. He was amazing and yet Wade is bigger than he is.

WTF? Poodles are actually very intelligent hunting dogs!

Larry Csonka. You had to be there when Larry Csonka terrorized opponents.
Yes, Kiick and Mercury were there, but Larry was the man.


D.Wade is the man. And some of you are right.I Started to get to know Dan Marino as a Player 4 years before his retirement. Marino is so far my favorite NFL player. No one else. But D.Wade has been the best Athlete in S.Florida as far as I'm here.

He falls down 6 times, he gets up 7 times.

Mr. Cote, and I will say that I read and have read for years everything you do, but It makes you as smart as that matador to compare DAN MARINO to Dwayne Wade as far as fan adoration is concerned. Allow me to inform you and my blog co-conspirators that this is, has been, and always will be a football town. Therefore "DAN MARINO FOR MAYOR"! Wade can be the sheriff. Great blog Greg! :)

Dan Marino was and remains the heart of Miami!
Complete class .. on/off field and has done so much for sick kids (hospital) in Miami.

Back on the field .. what a class act - always respected by all players and he is the top male athlete of all time!!

Mr. Cote,

When Dwayne Wade owns virtually every meaningful record in the books, as Marino did for many years, I will consider taking your ludricous suggestion that Wade is equal to or greater than Marino seriously. Until then I am concluding that you sir, are on drugs, and have come down with a case of head-up-the butt-itis.

Marino is Miami. wade is a great player but Dan is the clear cut winner

Miami has, is, and will always be a football city. There's no denying that Wade is an amazing and talented player. In fact, Wade is arguably the second most polarizing sports figure in South Florida sports history. However, Dan is STILL the man. Maybe the younger generations prefer Wade because they actually get to see him play, and were probably too young to really appreciate how great Marino was in his prime.

I was nervous when the question was posed...but thank you to all of you with a brain in your head and a memory of reality for backing up the BEST ATHLETE IN MIAMI HISTORY! I love D-Wade, but MARINO IS THE MAN!!! On the field, he was the most feared gun-slinger and respected force by teammates and opponents. Off the field, back then and still today, he is truly the gold standard of community involvement. In a world where role models are few and far between, MARINO was one as an athlete and remains one as a man today. Sorry D-Wade, it is about the body of work.

HE did not win the the superbowl but he remains probably one of the top 3 qbs to to have ever played. dwyane is great no doubt about it but Marino is at a level above him. who knows wade probably might get there before he retires but he has to re-sign with the heat first.

Most exciting player was Larry Csonka. No doubt about it.

Robin Sendlein was the greatest of them all.

"Do Not Use List" of play-by-play calls during any Gay Softball World Series event:

10. Got good wood
9. Went deep
8. Got under the ball
7. Found the hole
6. High hard one
5. Got drilled
4. Ate him up
3. Foul tip
2. Up the middle
1. Scoring position

Others under review:

* Charging the mound
* It was a blowout
* He's in scoring position
* Hit the showers

Pavel Bure

and Devin Hester

You people are misreading the question.

Dan Marino is hands down the most beloved and greatest athlete to play in south Florida.

But there's really no question that Wade is the most "talented and exciting" player Miami has ever seen. If you think that Marino was more exciting to watch, you probably don't watch much NBA.

Granted the sports are different, but EVERY SINGLE GAME that Wade plays in the crowd will get at least one moment of pure elation and amazement. You can't say the same about Dan Marino.

Csonk. Two rings and the heart and soul of the only undefeated and untied Super Bowl Champion in NFL history.

Nuff said!!!

Marino hands down. Nothing like him

My post was a joke (based on a Neil Rogers radio skit a few years back), but I can't believe how many of you losers take this "poll" seriously.
How can anyone, including non-sports nerds, compare a FOOTBALL player to a BASKETBALL player?
Joe Namath or Mickey Mantle?
Bill Russell or Arnold Palmer?
Wayne Gretzky or Muhammad Ali?

"crazylegs" benny malone is my choice- he was exciting to watch with those spindly bowed legs!!!

Bernie Parent of the Miami Screaming Eagles. His stick work versus the Houston Aeros was magnificent.

How is comparing players in two different sports different from any other pointless sports debate?

Who's the real loser, someone who responds to a blog prompt, or someone who rips on other people for responding because they don't know how to answer the question?

And Mantle, Russell, and Ali.

Gee what a shame about that bullfighter HA HA HA HA HA HA! Good work el Toro. Cocksucking sadist pigs*** mutherf***er... Anyhoot Dolphins getting considerable disrespect with 30-1 odds to win SB.

Agree with Tom. ZONK RULES! That whole team was chaulk full of unselfish team first oriented playas. ZONK WAS HEART SOUL AND BRUTE FORCE of that Dolphin Dynasty. I maintain he makes Marino look like yeast infected prima donna. Marino was a screamer and a public shamer with regard to how he treated teammates. Was he talented and did he sell tickets? Yeah but he was also a being a prick.

meant to say "Yeah but he was also exposed as being a prick."

I agree Marino was a great player but the never ending love affair with this guy is just amazing.... its been 12 or more years since he retired... you would think he took us to 4 Super bowls.... took us to 1, one in 15 years he was here.... please......enough of Dany, enough of the 72 dolphins, its 2010 already!!!! GET OVER IT MIAMI!!!!!!

By the way I agree with R. Duke, he was a prick on and off the field yelling at his team mates when they made mistakes but when he made them, usually against Buffalo! he was too much of a prick to admit it....


No comparison... Marino hands down. Greg, you're getting too old for this job. The Dementia is kicking in.

No disrespect to Wade, but he's a kid. Has plenty of time to make history. Marino already did.

That is like saying Hank Aaron was better then Wade. Or Stabach was better then Pete Rose...come on dude.

The thing Marino and Wade have in common is they played their sport in Florida.

I personally think Warfield was better then Wade, so was Csonka, Langer, Little, Stephenson, Duhe, Bounticonti, Anderson, Scott, .... Hell everyone on the Dolphin Ring of Honor is better. Including Don Shula. (He did play CB for a short time)

And you know what is dumber then the poll? The fact that 40% chose Wade.

Mike - even if all those players are better than Wade, the poll is asking "who is more exciting and talented?" - you can't seriously think that Stephenson, a CENTER, is more exciting to watch that Dwayne Wade?

By the way, the New York Knicks are under .400 for this century.

True story.

Wade pulls off a big night on a playoff win and fans vote in to praise him..? If you haven't noticed,,, Celtics are up 3 games to 1. Next week the Heat will be out of the playoffs and some fans will post that he needs to be traded for someone else. He's not even the top NBA player. Wade lights it up sometimes, sometimes not.

Marino was constantly considered one of the top players in his era and held many meaningful records. Marino's Dolphins historically had terrible D and spotty run support. The dude lit it up consistantly.

NFl carries a 53 man roster while the NBA carries 1/4 that many... NBA players play both O and D. One very good player on a basketball team influences outcome more then one NFL player.

Greg- not a good comparasin with NFL QB vs NBA player.

Dwayne Wade= Championship
Dan Marino= No Championship

There is your answer Cote... Plus Wade won it by himself with a Jordanesque performance


join the "we prefer griese to marino club", consisting of mike1, the ole shadow here, and a few others; and as far as Psalms 100, which we of the tribe called israel say each day as part of the morning service, "serving G-d with gladness" is irrespective of #12 versus #13, but sure is easier when davone bess improves 20 catches from year one to year two!! kidding aside, even though some of us aren't dealt the hand of others, "upstairs in the press box" they wanna see how we do and react when it is 3rd and twenty, not how easily we can handle it when it is second and one. keep posting that truthful material- cause we know that griese was a better field leader than the beloved danny boy who wanted to go to minnesota with his rag arm and weak knees at the end of his careeer.

Who do you think is a more exciting player to watch?

It doesn't matter who has more records. It doesn't matter who has more championships. It doesn't matter who is more revered in south Florida. It doesn't matter which sport lends itself more to superstardom.

Who is more talented and exciting to watch, Dan Marino or Dwayne Wade?

It's not even close.

Marino- no championships
Trent Dilfer- one championships

who's better?


i hope i am reading you correctly in that wade is more exiting; a guy who stands there and throws is not the exciting part of any pass- the catch and ensuing run is. please correct me if i am mistaken. hope you are having a good day and enjoy your posts, whether i get them or not. we like intelligent opinions here on the good ship cote.

♫ Oh Danny boy, the snipes, the snides are toll-in
From east to west, and down the mountain side
The summer's gone, and all your glory's falling
'Tis you, 'tis you must go undignified. ♫

The best athlete to ever play in South Florida is Pavel Bure, so this debate is meaningless...

Black Eyed Esteglacias Sisters,

See, I enjoy watching dominating line play and to me, watching maybe the greatest center of all time was pretty special. Can we call Wade the greatest of all time?

not a very good topic, I must say

Shadow, exactly right - although you can certainly have quarterbacks make exciting, crowd-on-their-feet throws like Berger's two corner endzone bullets, Favre's throw with no time left last year, or Cutler's 60+ yard bomb two years ago, etc. you didn't get those plays EVERY GAME religiously with Dan Marino, and you are absolutely guaranteed one of those plays 82 times a year if Wade's taking the court.

Mike - not sure what part of "it doesn't matter how great a player is" you're not getting. Cote is asking who the most exciting and talented south florida player is, not the greatest.

The greatest will be Dan Marino until another Dolphins quarterback runs the franchise for a decade and either breaks all Peyton Mannings records or wins multiple Super Bowls. Or if Wade is able to win 3+ championships I think he might enter that conversation.

Marino was a little spoiled bitch. All he ever did was yell at his team mates on the bench. The guy never delivered the goods. He couldn't take Broadway Joe's jock out to the field. Loser.

J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Look, I already told you. Csonka, period.
You got guys on this blog saying benny malone for crissake. For the alltime most exciting guy? I'm gonna have to find C Cuntsuelo's home blog I guess.

lol. OC that's a catchey tune. Makes me think of Miller's Crossing when Police chief is in bed listening to "Oh Danny boy" whilst two mob thugs are sneaking up the stairs with Tommy Guns & bad attitudes.

yea, that's hysterical. are you guys gonna start up a mahjohnng tournament next?

i say Marino all day but to be honest and fair if Wade stays in miami like Marino did then at the end of there careers it will be hard to say it isnt Wade. Wade and Marino both make amazing happen by themselves. But right now Marino gets the vote cause he was here his whole pro career.

Hey Iron Mike, all I ever see on this blog are those two fags OC and r.duke playing hide the salami with each other. These guys act as if putting a gleam on Dany Boy's rocket ship with their lips is their main objective in life.


J E T S. Jets, Jets, Jets!

Hey Cunty, too bad you're a jets fan. Waste of your observation talents...

Iron Dyke and Cunty can just blow me.

WOW! Clever response, OC. What a quick wit you have.

Iron Mike,

i wrote benny malone "for crissake" because i found his running style to be terrific to watch. there are thos ewho found csonka barreling over guys and getting unnecessary roughness penalties while carrying the pigskin and i hear their arguments. and as BEES will attest, watching guys throw the ball is not as exciting as the catches or runs that follow. and my mother, may she rest in peace, played mah jongg and bidding "two crack" or four bam' or waiting for that year's card to come out may have tickled her fancy. bridge used to have an article in SI written by charles goren, and is a agme and not a sport, but the most thrilling moment in my "gaming" lifetime wasmaking a bid of four hearts, doubled redoubled, by "crossruffing" the first ten "tricks" and with only twenty points between me and the dummy, for those who know the game. it is all relative and personal, "iron Mike"- and watching buster douglas win in tokyo against your namesake was a terrific watch also. we respect all opinions, or should. Yahoo gave the dolphins' draft an A-, and i concur in their assessment. what is your view of their picks and the way they avoided the top names to solidify the team?

Cunty Cunty Cunty...

OC Dumbman, you do exhibit latent homosexual tendencies, don't you!

J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

shadow, the fact that your mom loved mah jongg and you know how to play bridge, and ever actually READ the goren column (first time I ever heard anyone did) is lovely, but irrelevant.
Also, for your all your pouting, if I hadn't fallen on a wad of spit, I'd have kicked Buster's ass.

now I seem to be getting blocked. what a drag this is...

OC, I found that pic of Mark Dirty Sanchez and Coach Fat Bastard strangely titillating...

Hey, I'm not the one with a pussy of a name. But in case you're curious, this is what I'll be sawing off this evening:


Smelly Jelly Belly Cunty Cucumber Pie,
YOur a loser, you don't even have a NY blog to hang on. hahahahahahaha

Jason Taylor was so hurt by mean ole Parcells he went to New York. His brother in law Zach Thomas was publicly upset too crying "I gave Miami 12 years and all I got was 3 lousy black nephews" T shirt.

shadow, Iron Mike is a biter!

cunty is a friend of mine,
he will blow me anytime,
for a nickle or a dime........lalaallaala
that old song and dance

Damn OC that's best pic since tahitiachora and her magic X-Box.

witty little racist, aren't you alan. go tell that to Thomas or Taylor to their face

Iron Mike,

i don't think it was a wad of spit, but a slew of long island ice teas that started your path to cannibalism.

I ain't fuelin the fire with the alleged rival fan with the ah... French name.

Larry Csonka is my favorite Sports Pro of all time. Just sayin...

Heat bit the dust, 1 and done. no surprise

F***ing Robin Sendlein. Shula & Co. traded Anthony Carter to Minnesota for f***ing Robin Sendlein. Damn did that Dolphin team need GM with EYE FOR TALENT IN THE WORST WAY! Eh, water under the bridge now.

To Mr. or Ms. Cunty Cuntsuelo.
First, your (fake) "name" speaks volumes of your childish immaturity. If you ARE over 18, you really need to grow up, and fast.
Secondly, your comment putting down Marino is again, immature. Joe Namath was certainly one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, but saying Marino never "delivered the goods" is absurd.
And lastly, your "J E T S, Jets, Jets..." comment is the reason so many Dolfans despise you New Yorkers. You can't see beyond the Bronx. And by the way, I love New York City.
If you hate the Dolphins so much, what are so many of you doing living in South Florida? Learn to love the team from your new hometown, as I did when I left South Florida. It doesn't mean you have to stop loving your OLD home team.
But the name-calling and obnoxious behavior is old already. Maybe you need to just read a good book or find yourself a girlfriend. It works wonders on child-like "jocks" like yourself.

r. duke,

anthony carter of michigan may have been small, but he was fast and gifted at catching the ball and running with it; will report on his stats shortly. his first six years he avged. about 17 yds/catch, with a gaudy 24.3 yards average in 1987; he was only 168 pounds, and i guess shulka felt that duper and clayton would be sturdier under the constant pounding from much bigger safeties.

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