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April 24, 2010

Dolphins' draft grade? You're saying B, maybe C-plus (with poll)

GRADING THE 2010 DOLPHINS DRAFT: Poll remains open, but plenty enough votes are in to call it a final B grade leaning downward to C-plus, and I think you all are pretty much on the mark. I say B-leaning-C-plus because B is the most popular grade by far but C votes comfortably outnumber A votes. Roughly one-third of Dolfans are judging this draft as average or below; that's substantial. For what it's worth, Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN grades Miami a C-minus, calling it "Jared Odrick and the rest." Says second pick Koa Misi will need time to adjust from DE to OLB, and says some of the other picks are reaches. (Again, for what it's worth...)

Original post: I know, I know, I know. It takes a year or two and sometimes longer to fully, fairly judge any team's draft. Yada yada yada. The thing is, this isn't a history book or an encyclopedia here, it's the Internet. This blog traffics in immediacy, and therefore please feel-free to grade the Dolphins' draft without apprehension or guilt. It's OK, because:

This provides an initial gut reaction, that's all. We all understand that. Mel Kiper Jr. doesn't wait two years to offer an opinion; why should you?  Derive your grade from the quality of players drafted based on what you know, from how well the team targeted and filled areas of need, from what transpired compared to what could have (such as players they might have had but passed up); and just from how the whole thing feels to you compared to what your reasonable expectations were going in.

Here is the bounty you are grading:

1R---Penn State DT Jared Odrick; 2R---Utah OLB Koa Misi; 3R---Mississippi OG John Jerry; 4R---Iowa OLB A.J. Edds; 5R---Maryland CB Nolan Carroll; 5R---Georgia S Reshad Jones; 7R---Middle Tennessee State OLB Chris McCoy; and 7R---Ohio State OLB Austin Spitler. (That's defense by a 7-1 margin, for those scoring at home, including four linebackers).

Take a dip in our poll and then share your thinking. Pretend you have 20 seconds in an elevator with Bill Parcells right now. Your synopsis comment to him on Miami's draft would be what?

[Note: The above poll blasted past 1,000 votes in near-record time. Thanks to all. And keep 'em coming].



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Does the success of the draft depend on the Safety, Jones?

Passed on some notables that I thought would have been worth the pick at need positions. Kindle UTex LB, Cody DT Bama, Cam Thomas UNC DT. I guess I will trust the scouts and Parcells/Sporano?!?! We'll see....Misi intrgues me the most.

We gonna go after Faneca? or Sharper?

Don't know. I just don't know. shadow?

Chris F., Kindle is only slightly more talented than Misi without the high motor, intensity, character and skillset to hold up against the run and maturity plus injury concerns. I predict we will all be very happy with Misi.

Also, Starks is making the move to NT and Cody is fat and lazy...ditto to Cam Thomas, reason why he dropped so low.

My prediction is that Odrick will be the next Richard Seymour and Misi will be this year's Clay Matthews and John Jerry will be a dominant run blocker next to Jake Long ( Scary )....So I am pretty psyched about this draft !

it seems to me either they are going to bring so much pressure from the front 7 that we don't need DBs... or maybe Nolan is going to invent the wildcat defence.... just come with big in the middle and speeeeeeed baby speeeeeed

I have to say that this class on paper looks weak, a DT that is too light to play the nose in our 34. A pass rusher in Misi that is too slow (we really were that confident in a guy that runs 4.75, and only had 9.5 sacks in college to let JT go), a DB in Carrol that only has 6 starts in college, a safety in Jones who was burnt all over the SEC, and a linebacker in Edds that comes out of the weak Big Ten. All in all, there isn't a guy in the group that jumps off the page as a wow guy, luckily they made moves in free agency that took care of the most glaring needs, otherwise this off season and draft would have looked bleak!

Jimbo This one's for you

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I only wish we had gone after a stud safety, but other than that, I thought the draft was awesome!! Our defense will be BACK!!!

I don't know enough about these less known guys we selected to judge. It appears we have no standouts; then again..Phins 72 was the No Name Defense. We had some opportunities that we seriously passed up. Toby Gerhart was one of them.

We needed to draft a couple of more linebackers. Worst draft in the history of professional sports. F-minus.

Fantastic draft...Parcells needed to hit the homer and hit a Grand Slam...at least 3 starters, maybe 4 out of this group and add Marshall and Dansby!!!!

A- D.e.D.f.D.e.D.n.D.c.e. was soft now they got some relentless bastards


Each and every one of these picks came as a complete surprise (except maybe, maybe Odrick). If Wanny and Spielman had this draft, we'd be furious. Instead, let's hope and pray that BP and Co. are right and all of the other experts are wrong.

Shark74, thanks, LOL, good one.

I graded an A. Researched each on after the picks were made and they look good.

Mike1, Toby Gerhart was taken in the 2nd rd, actually higher then others rated higher then him were,, so..

Scratching my head with the Odrick pick until I read that the team is moving Randy Starks to starting NT, backed up by Soliai and McDaniels.

No to buying Faneca but yes to Darren Sharper.

Most of these rookies reports are,, great team players, motivated, plays hurt, plays hard... Misi and G Jerry are animals that love contact. S Jones is a head hunter,, more of a Strong Safety. CB Carroll is brought in to take Nate Jones vacancy as a backup, nickle and dime Corner.
There's a glut of linebackers,, this training camp and preseason is going to be visciously competitive.

you have to add Brandon Marshall, 2 round

based only on what ive read about the pick and not havingn seen any of them play, it might appear that:

odrick could be a teffic player, with starks moving inside, creating possibly one of the best d-line rotations in the league, maybe even with the ability to create pressure up the middle; there may even be a hunch there the guy coudl be very special

the smart draft phlospohy of making multiple picks at weak positions continues with misi, edds or morton either good enough to start or push wake and anderson and improve depth; not likely to be porter and taylor next year but there is no guarentee either of them were gonne be their old selves next year either

spitler can add depth

linebackers, the cb carrol and the safety can fill some special teams needs and

jones maybe has the talent as 5th rounder to possibly compete to start

jerry coudl compete to start at LG, where we already have some good players

given that half of marshall came in this draft, we have clearly filled our hole at reciever,,,improved an already nice d-line at a minimum and maybe even solved the nose problem...created good odds of finding an edge pass rusher...and field some special teams holes

...with 8 guys who all might have a legit chance to make the team and round it into the full roster of togh, smart, quality players the fins have been building for three years

came out fo the draft possibly meeting each of their biggest needs...only tight end and returner appear to be glaring at this point, and there may be some options out there

all in all, this team has changed itself for the better over the last two weeks more than could reasonably habe been expected

Awful, awful draft. I would be shocked if we found a single starter in the whole bunch. Jared Odrick? Koa Misi? A.J. Edds? The only good value pick we got was John Jerry (but we didn't even really need him!). And Reshad Jones is purely a STRONG SAFETY, not a free safety, what the hell were they thinking? We needed Earl Thomas, Terrance Cody, Sergio Kindle, Morgan Burnett...not a bunch of special teamers and 2nd stringers! What the hell Parcells???

Awful, awful draft. I would be shocked if we found a single starter in the whole bunch. Jared Odrick? Koa Misi? A.J. Edds? The only good value pick we got was John Jerry (but we didn't even really need him!). And Reshad Jones is purely a STRONG SAFETY, not a free safety, what the hell were they thinking? We needed Earl Thomas, Terrance Cody, Sergio Kindle, Morgan Burnett...not a bunch of special teamers and 2nd stringers! What the hell Parcells???

You give this draft an "A" Jimbo? After reading good things on all their draft bios? "Plays hard" and "team player" are code for "untalented" and "no potential".

They didn't get the nose tackle they wanted in Dan Williams and they took the lesser of two injury prone linebackers (Misi has a back problem).

I'd be a lot happier today with Sergio Kindle and Terrence Cody, or even Cam Thomas.

time stamp:

BP: Tony! I want you in here for a one o'clock.
TS: We'll be there chief!

time stamp:

BP: Gentlemen, we SUCK! Our defense sucks. This shit you guys are responsible for is putrid. We couldn't stop a 100yr old, one-legged toothless Titanic survivor if our life depended on it!!! What the G**-D***-F*****g-S*** are YOU F*****g GUYS GOING TO DO??!!!

TS: ehrr...well, boss. We.., I mean - I'm going to have to FIRE our worthless Defensive coach and hire someone that will get THINGS DONE!!! G**-NABIT!!!


time stamp: recording


Gentlemen, any questions about the 2010 draft?

Black Eyed Esteglacias Sisters,

You missed the boat. The offense got "their" new toy in Marshall, and Nolan was hence, been given 95% of the draft. He's already convinced Boss-man to move away from the 3-4, and proceeded to start building the kind of defense that he will be graded with. It would be premature in grading or passing judgment over these selections until we see how it pans out during the season.

Personally, I absolutely love every one of their selections.

If I were Brady or Sanchez, I would make sure that my life insurance premiums were fully paid for.

2010 Selection:

Good Character ✔
Military Parents ✔
Fast ✔
Multi-positional ✔
Collegiate Captains ✔
Non-stop Motor ✔
Defense ✔
Intelligent ✔
Fits New Defense ✔

Oh, and let me add one more thing. I don't think any of those selections voted for Obama!

If they did OC, they won't after their $ gets taxed out the ass.

The check list was great OC. I think the character issue and intelligence were key in this draft, and teams can build a solid founation like this (see NE, Indi and even Ariz.). i think Jerry may be the key, one more solid starter on that OL will be clutch in keeping Henne clean.

My problem is with the 5 th rd,why didn't we get Myron rolle?last pick,oh maybe,Freddie Barnes.I would like to see damion fletcher tb- so. miss and Ryan perrilloux qb-jsu on the udfa list.

OC, I could literally see Parcells screaming, denegratin' and threatin' Tony Sparano. Very lyrical vivid prose. Tony shouldn't have disrespected by responding "Godnabit" to Tuna...

Dolphins will Regret not drafting the Safety Thomas at 12.

Thanks duke. Coming from you, that's high praise.

16 grams,
Thomas would have been nice. The feeling here is that Tuna and Co. thought him a bit on the smallish side. Regardless of who will be proven correct, the main reason for not grabbing Thomas, or anyone at 12, for that matter, is that the strategy clearly was to trade up and get into the 2nd round.

The team needed an infusion of new defensive players. Better to have TWO possible starters than one, regardless of how good that one starter would be.

Who cares what Mel Kiper Jr. thinks? The guy is a fish.

Kiper is a snack, an oily, pre-packaged, smelly fish with little, or no backbone.


I generally find more truth and level headed views aired by these guys, and not Kiper.

Dolphins graded "A"

Is it me or does Al Davis and The Simpson's Mr Burns seem like the same guy? Also Kiper starting to look like a cross between Max Headroom and Quentin Tarantino..

After watching our defense get trampled week after week last year you can't argue that the team was in need of a defensive infusion. Did they get the right people? I can't say. But, I love the logic behind the selections. Now, we need another Safety and hopefully a TE, but if we get neither of those I believe the team will be better, in fact much better in time. The real question is how much better are our rivals.

Don't forget, OLB Dobbins came to Miami in the San Diego trade of first rd picks. The guy has started some games and is versitile enough to play both outside spots and special teams.

None of us fans knew before Odrick was taken that Miami was tweaking their base D. Most of us expected a 330 or bigger NT. They were there, NC NT Thomas went late... Fins had many opportunities for him and passed.

Safety concerns weren't solved by drafting Jones and Carroll. Maybe the team goes after Rams FS or Sharper or fills from within. Culver is supposed to know the game, not make many mental mistakes but is limited by his physical talent, ie slow footed. Clemons is supposed to have all the tools and have a nose for the ball + excellent hands but is a long way off in mentally prepared to start.

Watched NFL network with Mayock,, dude was wrong every time, had me cracking up all Thurs and Fri eve,,, his voice went out Sat AM and they sent him packing.

B.E.E.S., calm down, what was said about some the picks Miami made in a negative light was... what GM Ireland pointed out,, they put much more priority on a players dynamics on the field and less on the measurables, like the track time speed, verticle jump (for a guard?).
Odrick loves to workout, has tremendous size with little body fat, plays hard. He would have been drafted high anyway.
Misi is a train wreck, dude loves contact.

Parcells, Ireland & their scouts have had more then 6 months to prepare for the draft. Sparano and some team coaches got even a closer look during the Senior Bowl practices that most other teams didn't. I trust their judgement. Outside of Pat White of course.

just to piss U off, i'm gonna vote "A" with my work computer tomorrow. voting twice, it's the American way.

OC, Mr. Kiper has simply forgotten to douche recently hence the fishy odor. However, if it offends thee sufficiently I could electrify er I mean modify his personal hygiene habits if you wish.

Mr. Odrick strikes me as a very violent man.

Mel Kiper is a vagina. A greasey, smelly, oily, kweefy red tide dripping vagina.

Did Mel Kiper play any ball?

Mel had his co-ed volleyball career cut short when an Amazon of a woman spiked him in the forehead. Mel was rushed to a local hospital and after a lengthy rehabilitation effort, he had to settle being a TV personality for about 2 weeks out of the year.

Now the pieces of the Kiper puzzle fall into place.

boys and especially ?,

was away in washington, d.c. (silever spring) for the weekend; what a weird draft this was by every team; peter king in SI had some of the lesser knwoen names but claussen #48, colt mccoy in the 60s, dez bryant at 26? onlysafe bet was that the man without a position, taylor mays, was not a first round pick, even though the 49ers will work him into a lightning fast defense this season to go with the linemen they got for frank gore and alex smith, whom they are still counting on. i am sore that the dolphins didn'ttake joe mcknight and let him around for the stinking jets to take with one of their four picks. he could be really explosive as a pro. can't give a grade but the current administration has been finding talent in the 3rd round and later. they certainly will have a competetive camp. the dolphins first pick was in peter kings first round, i think at 30.

Absolutely stellar off-season so far. If everyone remembers all the posts from last year there were many complaints about how after the Dolphins would score they simply let the other team march down the field to quickly answer. Looks like they really tried to resolve that problem with the acquisition of Nolan and the changes he will bring and the heavy defensive side of the draft, without spending big bucks on top names. Marshall will make a huge difference on offense; we have a very talented stable of running backs. We are on the road to a great looking season. Plus, who knows what other surprises could be in the works before the season begins? Really looking forward to this year.

voted an A for the second time.. along with Shark74.

Offensive comment: G John Jerry is a beast in the power running game. He is going to compete with Nate Garner for the Left Guard spot. Justin Smiley WON'T RETURN, he will be cut.
Free Agent signee G Ritchie Incognito will compete with Donald Thomas & Dimitri Tsoumpas for the starting Right Guard spot. Expect Jerry and Incognito to start. The O Line has gotten bigger, nastier and the power run game will be greatly enhanced.

Add WR Brandon Marshall to an outstanding running game with a more improved O Line spells a more potent O.


as stated previously, this bunch of talent scouts finds guys in the later rounds. they drafted a wholelot of serviceable players who will have a chance to make the team; no WRs, so they feel good with brandon marshall, #15, hartline and camarillo- i would to. the new arrival from denver will get his colleagues open and if bess is good for another 75 catch season, the dolphins will put points on the board.

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