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April 07, 2010

Tiger Woods will be bigger than ever; plus Jason Taylor/Jets farce, busty Serena, Tiki Barber, lost art of doing nothing & more

1aachat [It was a bizarre day in the Q&A Forum. A technical glitch kept mixing up my chat with that of Leonard Pitts. Hopefully that'll be corected by next Wednesday. Pictured right: Three young readers delighting to read my response to a Pitts-directed question about race relations].

1aaatiger TIGER WOODS WILL BE BIGGER THAN EVER: Plenty of diehard fans never left Tiger Woods over his sex scandal. The relative few unforgiving might never come back. The majority who have been disappointed by him will be won back. The hesitation in their embrace will gradually dissipate. Tiger is poised to be bigger than ever. That presumes his honest contrition is not proved a lie. That presumes his intention to connect with fans in a more personal way really happens. That also presumes, though surprisingly to a lesser degree, that he continues to be top-tier force in golf. Tiger is poised to be bigger than ever because he has now what he never did before: An underdog quality. Americans love an athlete who falls hard and picks himself up. We love redemption. Love a comeback story. Tiger, tarnished but still standing and fighting, is that story. He used to be imperial, too perfect. Now he is flawed, human. We have seen him bleed. His effort to catch Jack Nicklaus in all-time majors (he trails 18-14) will be a further rallying point. He will be bigger than ever.

JASON TAYLOR A JET? SURELY YOU J-E-S-T!: Jason Taylor visits the Jets today and it is perfunctory. He will re-sign with Miami. He wants to stay here and the Dolphins, after the draft and before training camp, will agree to remarry. You may call your bookie professional wagering laision and bet the ranch on that.

1aachair DOESN'T ANYBODY DO NOTHING ANY MORE?: (The preceding cannot possibly be a grammatical question. But might be). Yesterday morning I sat idling at my gate at LaGuardia Airport, waiting for my return flight from covering the Marlins' opener. I was doing nothing but sitting, watching and pondering. All around me people were talking or texting or busying on cell phones, iPhones, Blackberries or their derivatives. Still others click-tapped softly on laptops. Many were plug-eared, presumably listening to iPods. Old-schoolers were reading novels or magazines or (bless them) newspapers. Others were eating, drinking, talking or sleeping. Multi-tasking was evident. One woman was knitting. I was literally the only person among dozens in view simply sitting there accomplishing absolutely nothing. Contrary to guilt, though, I felt oddly superior. I am not sure why. I felt a little bit like a kid staring at an ant farm, and momentarily thrilled to not be an ant.


South Florida's mercurial tennis queen recently has been photographed wearing a new fashion statement: a black lace glove on her left hand. That includes while sunning on Miami beach (far left), althought it took me a long time to notice the glove in that picture for some reason. Today's question: Has there ever been a prominent, successful female athlete more amply endowed than our Serena?

1aatiki 1aatiki2 TIKI BARBER SLIMES HIMSELF: Former Giants football star-turned-TV-talking-head Tiki Barber has dumped his wife -- the one who's eight months pregnant with twins -- for former NBC intern Traci Johnson (pictured in a Facebook photo). More evidence that athletes are some of the biggest houndogs on Earth, and that they apparently retire from sports but not from doggery. There is no doubt in my mind that plenty of married sports stars are as prolific with their cheating as Tiger Woods was but manage to do so in the shadows. Should this cost Tiki his TV gig? It is a valid  question. The talking heads need not just professional expertise but also personal credibility and integrity.

THE LIST: GOLF MAJORS: The only golfers to finish in the top 10 in all four majors in one year more than once:

5   Jack Nicklaus (1971-73-74-75-77)

3   Tom Watson (1975-77-82)

2   Arnold Palmer (1960-66)

2   Gary Player (1963-74)

2   Tiger Woods (2000-05) 



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I'll take that bet Cote.

The Dolphins can only shit on the man for so long, there are plenty of teams who would appreciate a pure pass rusher like JT.

If I were Taylor I would sign with the Jets or Pats just for the opportunity to have two games to get back at the arrogant idiots running this team.

"As it stands now, the Dolphins are prepared to enter 2010 with Cameron Wake, who contributed 11 tackles and 5.5 sacks in limited playing time, and Charlie Anderson (eight tackles, two sacks) as the starting outside linebackers, while Eric Walden and Quentin Moses competing for playing time."

Even Mike Nolan couldn't turn that pile of shit into gold.


doesn't all that equipment hamper her mobility on the court? i mean she wants to quickly go one way, while her rack, according to one of newton's laws, wants to head in the other direction!! how much tape must be used to keep her chest close to the vest?

We don't need a has been former Dolphin for our team. The only reason to get Jason Taylor would be to wax Coach Ryan's car. You guys will be looking at the Jets ass for the next 20 years. Losers!

J E T S! Jets, Jets, Jets.

hahahahahahha who is cunty?

Cote, vey disappointed in your remark about Tiki. Look dude, I don't agree with what he's doing and think it's totally selfish, arrogant, gutless...all that.

However, that's his personal life and he can do whatever he personally without affecting what he does professionally. I understand you want them to have personal credibility and integrity, but that has nothing to do with what he does professionally. I'm a family man and believe it is one of the most important things, but that doesn't give me the right to want somebody to lose their job just because they dont, especially when their family life has no effect on what he does professionally. I mean, how can you say he should be fired? Really Cote? Better for him to stay married and be totally unhappy, which will transfer down to the kids eventually, and probably cheat on his wife, than to seperate if he is not happy?

I 190% disagree with you on this one. It's like me and my wife said, if either of us want to be with somebody else, we'd rather seperate than live a life of adultery and secrets. Just my opinion.

Traci Johnson is Bi-Polar big time guys, it's will documented, I'am surprised he married her in the 1st place.....

"The talking heads need not just professional expertise but also personal credibility and integrity."


The talking heads are paid for professional expertise.

Athletes are paid for contributions to professional achievement.

Cote is paid to sit back and judge people who are far more talented or knowledgeable than himself.

Shadow, remember that Simona Halep of Romania who was astoundingly endowed ..but she had them cut out so she could be a better player? Tennis loving males (and some women) wrote leters to tell her NOT to do it. She should've been inspired by Serena. What if she doesn't get anywhere in tennis anyway..she got rid of them for nothing. ..and lost a lot of fans in the process. Got to respect her though.


that romanian girl was spectacularly endowed and the photos of her afterward she looked very normal and quite attractive. it is understandable that her rack would mess up her tennis.

pretty bad season for man u: no FA cup, no premiership title, and out of the champions' league. i am not heartbroken as they have piled up the hardware recently, but their followers must be in a tizzy after up 3-0 and giving it up on away goals playing shorthanded. robben and riberry are fine foootballers and bayern has been finding the ways to win; inter/barca in the semis, should be the final. but that uis the way of the draw.


cousins is the best of the bunch, wall is overrated and needs much more work, and the other 3 will wind up in europe or the D-league. they got lucky in the SEC tournament, and it was just a matter of time before their exit in the NCAA tournament. people who saw them winning the title, and there were plenty of those "experts' were blind to their lack of experience as the new catchword is, "basketball IQ". let's see what john calipari does with really green players with few players with any court time when the season begins. but then again, that wildcat money vault is overflowing as always.

I wonder why Cunt-y jet fan cares so much I would be happy to lose all our games exept the ones against the SORRY (Yets) that we strangly beat twice this year and then in typical Jet fashion they come up with a bunch of laim excussesas to why they got they're buts hand ed to them AND CRY now that snatchez is in his second year we will see that he is pedestrian at best. You should have punched your parent in the FACE for giving you such a stupid name I know you got your --- kicked many times with that name.

In the shadows my foot...most basketball players and football players and baseball players married or not are running around sleeping with everyone they want to. Their spouses are doing it to.

Golf is still seen as civil, so Tiger gets hammered for his escapades...plus he is Tiger, it would be like MJ's wife breaking his nose with a bball and then all his mistresses walking forward one by one. It would be big news.

So Tiki is a dirt bag like most all sports stars. And as I have said before, it is not suprising. It shouldn't be complained about when everything in entertainment and sports promotes and even enables that behavior.

Is there any hope?!?!

Tiki is just another example of power and money running wild. At home building a family and out the back door meeting little blondie who wants to see your trophy. Wife is what 6 months pregnant? Met the intern what.....8 months ago? Sounds like both movies were playing at the same time. WHY try to have kids if you are planning to leave? or if you are so unhappy. Or is it just the fact that a little young blonde showed him some attention so it made the wife expendable?

Serena Williams....yummy!!!

Taylor is the reason I know that NFL staffs don't break down film. If they did, they would know what a turd he is. He may be good on about 3 plays out of (on average) 70 defensive snaps throughout a game...but he seems like a nice guy, though.

Chris F.,

'in the shadows my foot"...being the egocentric maniac that i am, i thought i was gonna get further flak for my taste in music or pretentiousness that some of our blogmates hurl at me. is ther any hope? latch on to a journeyman who is not overbearing, happy to be in the bigs (read john baker or davone bess, my two favorites on the local scene) and the odds are that, Please G-d, these fellas don't make the headlines that tiger/tiki/steve philips/the english footballer who was screwing his teammmate's girlfriend, et al have made. good to see that someone likes some morality with these monstrously overpaid athletes.

Cote is a jackass who couldn't get laid in a New Orleans whore house. Who gives a rip what Tiki, Tiger, or even Tim McCoy does with his personal life. The two most famous athletes in American history, Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan slung cock all night and were head and shoulders above their peers. Only a moron would complain about anyone getting as much tail as he can. After all, God did say to go out and procreate.

In the words of Cam'ron from the movie "Paid in Full" which I'm pretty sure none of you guys watch "Thats mutha*ucka is done and not coming back B". This is refering to Jason Taylor.

when's the draft?

I'm with you Jimbo,The dolphins have so many holes their better off trading down a couple of times and getting extra picks and just go for the best player available..

can't wait...as for JT to the stinkin jets, It won't happen.

Tikki is just trying to improve his gene pool.

Tiger Woods needs man love.

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