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February 22, 2010

The Tiger Column; plus Brandon Marshall in aqua (with poll), Winter Olys, Dalai Lama, Serena nails new career & more

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THE TIGER COLUMN: Today's column by me defending Tiger Woods -- not on the philandering (!), but on his Friday mea culpa -- is drawing a huge response. It is the most-read thing on all of MiamiHerald.com today, and it is generating a ton of email as well. Therefore I thought I'd invite commentary in this blog forum as well. Click here to read the column. Weigh in if you'd like.

1aadomranch HANLEY RAMIREZ: GENTLEMAN RANCHER: The Marlins star alerted the media today at spring training that he has built a working ranch 35 miles outside Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Pictured at right is an exclusive photographic depiction of what Hanley would look like overseeing his Dominican ranch if he looked like this guy.

1aatamiami [Joyful Tuesday update: Tamiami has been named the safest neighborhood in Greater Miami by neighborhoodscout.com. Tamiamians have only a 1 in 370 chance of being a crime victim in any one year. I didn't say this was an intersting update. Only a joyful one]

THREE AND A HALF QUICK DOLPHIN THOUGHTS: 1. Peter King, who knows as much about the NFL as anyone, says estranged Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall (pictured) can be had for a second-round pick. Miami happens to have both a second-round pick and a throbbing need at WR. Snap! Get it done, Tuna. Remember, a big talent who's high maintenance is preferable to Ted Ginn with a great attitude. Git'r done! Your thoughts welcome. Take a dip in our poll.

[Blognote: The above is our latest poll to blast past 1,000 votes in its first day. Thanks and keep 'em coming!] 

2. Chad Pennington is a wanted man. Various speculative reports indicate he could be wanted as a backup by the Jets, Lions or Bucs, and possibly as a starter in St. Louis or Arizona, where trust in Matt Leinart would fit in a thumble. Part of that is that this year's free-agent QB crop is so weak that Pennington looks good by comparison. The thing is, Miami had better compete to keep him as Chad Henne's backup, because the alternative is two of the scariest words imaginable to a Dolfan: Pat White.

3. Cornerback Will Allen, arrested for DUI after allegedly driving drunk up to a police blockade and mentioning he needed to get past. Wow. If the bust is legit, I think ol' Will has just provided a fresh new answer in the category, How To Know If You Are Driving Impaired.

3.5. The Pats franchise-tagging nose tackle Vince Wilfork and removing him from free agency is not a huge loss for the Dolphins, in that Miami likely would not have spent the millions required to sign a guy turning 29 this season.

P.S., Chargers released LaDainian Tomlinson late this afternoon. Don't go there, Dolfans. Guy's on fumes.

SORE-LOSER CANADIANS: There are media reports that some bitterly disappointed Canadian fans were chanting "[Bleep] USA! [Bleep] USA!" toward the end of Sunday's 5-3 upset hockey loss to the Americans in the Vancouver Olympics. I am surprised the Canadians are such sore losers, having had so much practice at losing and all.

WE HATE THE WINTER OLYMPICS: The Miami/Fort Lauderdale TV market ranks 54th of 55 monitored U.S. cities/regions in Vancouver Games viewership. Dead last is New Orleans because, between Super Bowl hangover and Mardi Gras, the entire city is too drunk to find the remote. Loved this line by Jimmy Kimmel: "Skiing. Snowboarding. Ice skating. These are not sports. They're vacation activities. I feel like I'm watching someone's home movies."   

1aadanish2 AND YET, SUDDENLY, I LOVE CURLING: Used to hate curling like anybody else, because nothing involving brooms and women five months pregnant can possibly be considered a sport. But now I love curling. That's because I now have a favorite player, Madeleine Dupont of Denmark, who has raised eyebrows by posing topless for a European curling-federation calendar. I personally do not care to know the dates of any upcoming curling matches, but would be pleased to have the calendar just in case.

MORE BIG NUDES: MICHAEL VICK: Nude curling. That reminds me. Playgirl magazine has offered a $1 million donation to PETA if Michael Vick will pose nude in the magazine.

1aamardigras DALAI LAMA ON TIGER WOODS: Tibet's exiled spiritual leader said (click here) that he had never heard of Tiger Woods in a brief weekend interview from his hotel suite in Beverly Hills. Still trying to decide what's more ludicrous: That anyone who spends a great deal of time in the U.S. hasn't heard of Tiger Woods. Or that a spiritual leader would require the lavish trappings of a Beverly Hills suite. (Pictured left, apropos of nothing, a Tiger Mardi Gras float lampooning his infidelity and fall from grace).

1aaserenaw SERENA'S FALLBACK CAREER: Palm Beach-based tennis star Serena Williams reveals on her Twitter site that she is taking classes (pictured right) to learn how to be a nail technician. As in giving manicures. As in trimming other people's toenails. This is either an inventively orchestrated gag or just about the most bizarre thing I can recall a millionaire athlete doing since Ricky Williams quit the NFL to go live in a tent in the Australian outback. Either way, points to Serena.

CAN DOWN SYNDROME EVER BE FAIR GAME FOR HUMOR?: This is about a scene from Family Guy in which Chris is dating a young woman with Down Syndrome -- the voiceover done by an actress with Down Syndrome, if that matters. Click here for a bit of the scene, which needles Sarah Palin, and for Palin's reaction.

HEADLINES YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU'D SEE (one in a series): Click here. The other possibility is to keep the design like it is, and teach your young child the concept of taking small bites and chewing.

1aawillywonka DEAR GREG...: ..."Your blog's OK, but would be better if occasionally you would show an airline safety-card depicting Willy Wonka making an emergency exit. Thank you."



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Bill Maher is an idiot who "doesn't believe in vaccines". You lose credibility when anything you post is associated with him in any way.

Suprised Cotey Cote the Libtard would halfway defend a primetime program's making fun of Down's Syndrome people.....I guess your distaste for Palin trumps your civility.

Remember Obama's special olympics joke on late night...his water head comment....his lipstick on a pig comment.

I guess that all inclusive left is having a great affect on America. Lovely days.

Cotey Cote is at it again!!!!

sign LT, and give a second rounder for Brandon Marshal. Draft McClain











actually, YOU are at it again, chris. if you bothered to watch the episode, (which shouldn't be too hard for you since it IS on fox, after all), the poking of fun was strictly at your hero for stupidity- sarah palin. NOT the character with down's syndrome. the moral for chris griffin, in the story, was that he was able to see the beauty in her, and love her despite her condition, AND reject her as the selfish demanding girl she became, DESPITE her condition. then again, explaining the moral of this cartoon to an ignorant fox worshiper would be like explaining how conservatives have never done anything for the working men and women of this country. with all the evidence we have, proving you have been wrong on every issue this country has faced, you are still blinded by your own hatred, fear, ignorance and stupidity. ignorance is indeed bliss.. now be a good boy, pick up usa today, and tell ME what's going on in your world..lol


as for marshall, sign him now..

You're right David in Los Angeles, the cartoon was poking fun strictly at Sarah Palin...for having a child with downs syndrome.

There was no joke, just a person with downs syndrome saying "my mother was the governor of Alaska". Unless I'm missing something, it was just a vague reference done for shock value.

Both you and Chris F. seem too focused on rooting for your "teams" and arguing ultimately unimportant talking points.

I'm always amazed at how most people who identify themselves as conservatives or liberals can't see how biased FoxNews or USA Today are respectively. Just read the "Our view, Opposing view" section and you'll see that they lean to the left on 90% of the articles.

how can you possibly say that, when BOTH are owned by giant corporations that support candidates on the right? the time of a "liberal media" ended once that great republican, bill clinton, DEREGULATED the media, making it possible for cross ownership of different media. the few corporations that own the networks and newspapers ALL lean to the right.
as for the cartoon, it WAS a vague reference for shock value. but offensive to people with down's syndrome? that is a stretch.

I didn't see the episode and have never watched the show, but generally I think Down's Syndrome should not be the subject of humor. The problem that is created, I think, for people like Chris F. above, is that if you're not all that bright or perhaps educated or successful - - which I suspect accurately describes Chris F. - - you don't have a lot of people to feel superior to other than people who are handicapped. So people like Chris F. need to be able to denigrate individuals who are retarded or who have other intellectual disabilities. They're freaking out because most likely they use to be able to say, "well, I'm not that bright and I'm not that successful, but at least I'm superior to black people." And not, with Obama in office, they can't even say that.
So who do they pick on? Retarded people are still fair game, they proclaim.
Have at it Chris F., and feel free to lord your limited intellect over those who, through no fault of their own, have less.
P.S. Chris F., you should have used "effect" instead of "affect" in your second to last paragraph.

You'll never get Brandon Marshall for a second round pick. Marshall would cost anyone at least a first and a third combined. After you get him you need to sign him to a franchise players contract. Be aware of the pouting, missing or slacking in practice, his history of a arrest / drama relationship he has with his woman.

I generally over Family Guy; one of the most brilliant comedies ever. Everything is thought of from past and present. However, on occasion they stepover the line. Picking on retarded people, old age, and those with other serious problems ..not something to be laughed at. Putting a swastika on McCain also was not funny, although generally that episode was hilarious. Sasha Cohen (Borat) could act on Family Guy at times.

The show Family Guy is retarded, so are the people who watch it. Sarah Palin is beyond retarded. She is a dumb, clueless, arrogant, quitter, who now is only out to rake in as much cash as she can. Anyone who likes her as a political leader is brain dead, and should be lobotomized.

thankfully, we have people like Andrew to instruct us on the use of OUR limited intellect. Lucky for us that YOUR intellect is infinite or we'd be stupid forever


sarah palin is an idiot and the conservative pundits are truthful when they say that if the republicans put her on the ticket again they will lose in 2012. the writing on her hand indicates that she has a seventh grade brain level and is a dogpatcher (the old term for trailer park stuff). her reaction to someone using the word retarded, which means hindered or obstructed, to throw her child into the fray shows that she is an opportunist phoney and about the last person in america to associate "retarded" with those afflicted with down's syndrome.


taylor mays may be big, strong and fast, but he lacks something that defensive backs, especially safeties must have: the proverbial "nose for the ball"; he also can't catch and will make a fine linebacker in the NFL.

Marshall is so much better than any WR available in the draft.

Dez Bryant will never be half the player Marshall is.

@ only 25 yrs old we have to make this move.


we agree again!! melanie robillard was the dark haired curler for germany, except that i had the blonde oposition as finland instead of denmark, which has the "athlete" that our host has pictured on the thread. melanie robillard has really good looks; the curler from denmark may have a nice torso but from the neck up she needs a lot of cosmetics.

David in Los Angeles - not all big corporations or news agencies are automatically right leaning! The best example of this is NBC, which is owned by GE. Every year they do all these "green" promotions where they turn their little peacock green and have Al Gore do cameos on their primetime shows. Well in between all this, they'll have GE commercials hawking their low energy appliances in some vague "save the world" montage.

I still think that fanatical liberals are just as "blissfully ignorant" as fanatical conservatives, and the fact that you can't see that the opinion and commentary sections of CNN and MSNBC are just as bad as FoxNews is a testament to that.

You are right that the joke wasn't offensive to people with downs syndrome, everything else was done tastefully. But it was very offensive to Sarah Palin, who while she clearly doesn't have a very worldy view and seems unable to politically think for herself, is still a person - and no one should have to see a joke about their disabled child on national TV.

And shadow - I know you post on this blog a lot so I'm not going to be overly critical, but maybe just sit this one out if you have no idea what actually happened. Family Guy was making fun of a kid with DOWNS SYNDROME, not a retarded person. Sarah Palin may not know much, but I promise you she knows the difference between mental retardation (which by the way means an underdeveloped brain, not hindered or obstructed) and the condition that her child is going to live the rest of its life with.

Dear Santa (Big Tuna)

All I want for Christmas is BRANDON MARSHALL !!!
Give them our 2nd amd one of our 6th's ? Last year we drafted Pat White with a 2nd, Please PULL THE TRIGGER !

Football first: agree a little w/ Jimbo on Marshall. No way he's traded for a 2nd rounder. Even with the perceived baggage, I'd take him in a heartbeat. Denver coach McDaniel is still young and immature. IMO that's why there were problems.

As for the Family Guy debate: If you watched Bill Maher's show on HBO last week (and it runs for a few more days this week) panel guest and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane explains his methodology regarding the Downs Syndrome controversy. Watch that, then debate rather than making snap judgements based on the show itself.

Thanks for that - I just watched Bill Maher's show, but Seth MacFarlane didn't really explain his joke at all, he just started talking about how the word "retard" is used colloquially today to mean stupid rather than mentally handicapped and he mentioned that the actress with down syndrome who delivered the line wasn't offended.

He doesn't explain any other level to the joke (because there was none), and he doesn't explain how the reference did anything other than point out that Sarah Palin has a child with down syndrome, which in and of itself, I don't find particularly funny.

thankfully, the ideologue is choosing to ram health care down the throats of a disapproving nation. this will prove to be his waterloo. i hope not. i hope for further change. for even greater displays of arrogance. sadly, but necessarily producing a near destruction of your republic. only then can the pendulum swing of clarity, born out of ashes of what would have just transpired, possibly save your once great nation.

SGT Major.

Denvers TE T Sheffler will become available soon as their young coach is running half the team out. Just as interesting news - or rumor - coming out of Bronco land is that DE Elvis Dummerville (sp?) loved playing for now Fins DC Nolan and could be available as a restricted free agent.

Vince Wilfork wasn't gonna be available. Belicheck made that choice when he let Richard Seymour sign with the Raiders... Pats coach new the team couldn't carry both contracts.

Bet the Chargers regret the choice made 2 yrs ago of resigning LT in decline and letting monster RB Michael Turner go to the Falcons.


I'm a long-time Ravens and Fins season ticket holder, and Nolan is going to bring a whole new attitude to this defense. Elvis grew up in little Haiti and would probably love playing here, but from what I hear he's a more polished version of Cameron Wake, he can't do anything but chase a quarterback.

I am Kazaam,

i was not refering to an episode of family guy; i was responding to sarah palin's tirade about the insensitivity when the word "retarded" was used in the course of a public speech by someone with whom she probably disagrees politically; i believe that episode of family guy was a result of what happened in the worldof political reality.

in my origianl stating my feelings about sarah palin post no reference was made to family guy or its contents. my television watching is pretty much restricted to old movies (missed "ruggles of red gap" on TCM this afternoon) and sports. network programming died a horrible death long ago- the last good show according to the ole shadow was "police story", the anthology that ran on NBC on tuesday nights, i believe, from which "police woman" with angie dickinson was spun off. those who watched "hill street blues" might have a different opinion.

I am Kazaam,

sarah palin was reacting to rahm emanuel calling liberals "f*cking retarded", a statement with which she probably agrees. then in the melodrama, the king buffoon rush limbaugh, comes to the defense of rahm emanuel!! i am getting dizzy with all this political correctness.

and as far as my being a regular and therefore ought to be spared criticism, i am a big boy and can handle whatever comes my way- all i ask is that the criticism is based on the truth- get the picture? have a nice evening

Kazaam, Agree w/ you that it wasn't much of an explanation. I would have liked to have seen a more serious explanation, but he and Mayer were cutting up and it got lost in the shuffle.

I have no problem with making fun of the mentally challenged or retards, fat people, ugly people, short people, racial jokes, jokes about ugly people, old people jokes, sexist jokes. nothing should be off limits if it is funny.

When Brandon Marshall plays with his head on straight, there is no one better. The dude is flat out unstoppable. Hell, I'd send Denver the #43 overall, then use the #12 for the best edge rusher still standing.


am watching canada get off an amazing number of shots against germany's trap (bunker in soccer) defense. as stated previously on yesterday's thread, i believe canada is better than russia and i believe that the russians, even with ovechkin and malkin, will be done in by our neighbors to the north. the russkis were listless against switzerland and a like performance and the bear will be roasted.

I'm with OC and anyone else that would bring WR Marshall to the Fins.

Kazaam, I have to agree with your assessment of Elvis Dumerville. Also the acquision of Nolan will pay off big time.

Most Dolphin fans gotta be getting antsy about upcoming free agency and draft. What players do you guys expect to be cut from the Dolphins?


of great concern would be the departure of chad pennington, leaving the dolphins without an experienced back-up behind the still learning chad henne. in addition the dolphin defense is second class at best, as their late game collapses showed last season. the CBs are young and the safeties are horrible. factor in an aging LB corps and trouble is brewing big time. oh, and ronnie brown coming off a knee injury also. need a tremendous draft and quick results from the draftees.


the dolphins are considering taking the alabama LB wth the 12th pick. i posit that superstar LBs tend to be drafted way higher on the first round- LT 2nd, junior seau 5th, derrich thomas 4th... the exception is ray lewis, who was taken 26th by the ravens, probably on charcter issues coming out of UM and substantiated in atlanta. patrick willis, turning into an excellent player, was taken 11th out of ole miss. there are exceptions, but the dominant linebackers go higher than 12th barring a bizarre draft, such as ra lewis' year.

Here's my take on all this political stuff. **ck it! Last time I looked the nation's debt was $12 trillion. At this rate, the word "quadrillion" will soon enter discussions.

So just **ck it. Spend more and buy it all. Let's all work for the government and stay home making six figures. Let's arrange the government to erase every citizen's debt to boot! Send the whole equation into "quintillion."

And here's how to pay for it all. Start charging wuss nations a monthly "we won't nuke you charge" for the right to stay in the game.

Naturally, and as these things typically go, some jackall country with a tude is not going to want to go along with the plan. Fine, drop Eddie on them first. Nothing like setting a good example.

We'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams!

shadow, good point. I think Mike Nolan improves what is there right now,,, undoubtedly. Free Safety will be addressed but not by bringing in new blood. 2nd yr Chris Clemons has all the tools including a nose for the ball and will replace Gerbil Wilson. Pats coach Belicheck had high praise for Clemons citing his athleticism and speed. As far as the CB's go, both rookies were an overall success and Will Allen returning makes this position a team strength again.

Chad Pennington will most likely be back as a backup to Henne. He will have to accept backup pay also.

brandon marshall sucks hes not worth a 3rd mccalin will suck n the nfl and elvis to the dolphins is stupid

Ah, gotcha - I hadn't heard Manuel's quote - he needs a filter between his brain and mouth.

As far as Marshal, any team would take him for a 2, but I seriously doubt the Broncos would make that deal.

I'm not entirely convinced that the Dolphins need a big, #1 receiver as their top priority. Plenty of teams make do without a bona fide superstar WR, and the Fins have a terrific young tandem in Bess and Hartline. What the Dolphins are missing are superstars in general, and the way to fix that is not to try to find one at your weakest position, but to draft the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE at #12.

And as for cuts - Gibril is not long for this roster.

name one team without a number one reciever?
and tell me if they went to the playoffs


Great teams all have a #1, but not all have that stereotypical giant, athletic megatron that everyone seems to be looking for.

Last year, a quarter of the playoff teams, Green Bay (Jennings), Philadelphia (Jackson), and Baltimore (Mason), didn't have a leading WR over 6 feet tall.

The best teams of the decade from each conference, Patriots and Eagles won a ton of games without athletic #1 superstars (a year of Owens and Moss apiece notwithstanding).

My point is that Hartline or Bess both have the potential to become possession type #1 receivers, like a Derrick Mason, Reggie Wayne, or a Santonio Holmes, and the best way to make this team better is to get a superstar who can make plays at any position, offense or defense.

David & Andrew,

Thank you for the wood shed moment, I am converted. I have seen the light. Ok just kidding.

Give me a break. You think Family Guy guy didn't just use Sarah Palin for affect ;), financial affect, blog affect, attention affect. He knew what he was doing, you don't need to defend him. It wasn't funny.

I am not a sensitive PC wussy guy. It is just crazy to me, how liberals justify calling people retarded, using Sarah Palin's Down baby as a comedy sketch, our President talking about "looking like special olympics" when he bowls, and then calling his dog a waterhead.

Obama's elite humor is so funny. I am glad Family Guy guy is bringing it mainstream, so David & Andrew can laugh with him.

Cotey Cote is a crack up...it is fun to get a post in early....Andrew I don't really know what you were saying about me (maybe that proves your point)....David, Bill Clinton "Great Republican" really?!?!

Marshall, Boldin, Owens, Moss, just get one of them. I like those options better than 1st Rd on WR. Better 1st RD on other needs...LB DL

but those are recievers who can make plays the pats hartline and bess are good but not great i dont see them as number 1 recievers and eagles had quaterbacks that made their recievers better chad henne isnt at that level and your not gonna find a right off the bat superstar we are still in rebuilding mode and will continue to be for a while

Not to say that the Ravens are the gold standard for how to run a football team, but their strategy has always been to select the best player available regardless of need - and out of 14 #1 picks, they have only selected one player who wasn't a star and contributing big in their first year (WR Mark Clayton). It's such an important pick because if you're just filling a need, you're going to wind up paying millions of dollars for a serviceable starter (Jason Allen? Ted Ginn?).

McNabb is a serviceable starting QB, but he is nothing special and has had horrific accuracy for his entire career - the Eagles have always won with defense and dinking and dunking on slants.

You're right that Chad Henne isn't on even McNabb's level, and Hartline probably overachieved in a limited role last year, but I think Bess could be a really special player if he could crisp up his routes. He catches the ball in traffic and moves after the catch - he reminds me a little of Anquan Boldin.

I ma Kazaam,

glad that you think so hughly of our beloved #15; i love to gloat about him and suffer when he drops an occasional pass or punt, so since it was years before you showed up here you can verify with those in the know that the ole shadow had him making the team as soon as he was signed, contrary to the opinion of some of those "close" to the dolphins who said, and i quote "too small and no giddy-up"!! the guy caught 300 passes in college, and runs good routes, especially when he is thrown the ball parallel to the line of scrimmage and cuts it upfield rather quickly. last year became only one of four in dolphin history to catch 75 passes in one season. is also a decent blocker when the ballcarrier gets to the outside. yeah, we think highly of davone bess around here and hope he gets a little more scratch than the minimum he has been making.

sorry for the typo, but it still can be read as "I'm a Kazaam".

Your comments about Dick Cheney were out of line.
Plenty of your readers happen to agree with Mr.Cheney on many things. I can imagine if someone said the same about Mr. Obama what your response would be.

You expressed surprise at the media showing no class in their treatment of Tiger Woods, why are you surprised when you yourself make classless remarks like you did about Mr. Cheney?

Stick to sports!

Please stick to something your good at and that is reporting on the Dolphins.


Did you see that Mosi Tatupu died? Damn, only 54 too! That guy must have been one of Steve Grogan's favorite guys. Sorry to hear about it.

Hey RandyCane,

Nice picture of you and the twins. Or should I say the twins & their twins.

OC Dolphin and naplesjackpatsfan,

the ole shadow is really bummed out; mosi tatupu was a student of mine when i was a teaching assistant in the biology dept. at USC. what a great guy and player. when he came to usc from hawaii, john robinson said that trying to tackle him was like trying to tackle a coke machine.he was on that patriot team that got screwed in oakland by jim tunney, my high school principal, who called roughing the passer on a throw which was still in kenny stabler's hand. my pal sam cunningham was also on that team, and i still remember don calhoun slamming his helmet on the field in disgust over another tunney pro-taider call (jim tunney was also the ref for the "holy roller" in san diego. lofa tatupu was a great LB at USC, and had he stayed another year and played against texas vince young doesn't get into the end zone on 4th and goal. lofa has unbelievable hands and is a bona fide NFL player of pro bowl caliber. where are those guys who still would have taken zach thomas over lofa last year or the year before. mosi was a terrific player and is on the patriots' all-time team and one of the great special teamers ever. RIP.

The 3 leading FA NTs have been franchised ..... Thus, we must fill that void in the first round



2. Trade for MARSHALL,WR ... we can throw in a 6th round pick ... and also Turner

3. DEXTER, RB from Ole Miss .... he is a Reggie Bush type .... will be great for wild cat ... and is also a good WR. He can probably replace GINN

4. M.ROLLE, S from FSU

and in the lower rounds

BARNES, WR from Bowling Green
KAFKA, QB from Northwestern


Don't think Tuna inc. will go after a NT with their #12. They will go with last year's tandem (even though Ferguson is ancient), and pick up a NT in the later rounds. Ferguson was effective while healthy.

More so, since D. Williams is closer to a #19, overall draft talent wise.

I do agree with your approach to Marshall.


dexter mccluskey of ole miss is sensational, bur reggie bush he is not!! dexter is barely 170 pounds, while reggie bush is a muscled up specimen with moves that come along once every twenty or thirty years. reggie catches like a WR, returns punts, and is effective in spot situations from scrimmage. cj spiller is more bush-like than dexter.


mosi tatupu was not on the patriots great playoff team that lost in oakland. he was a junior at USC that season. emotion got to me.


in our quest for the truth, and in light of the mistake i posted regarding mosi tatupu,RIP, being on the 1976 patriots, i noticed that in its story of the new inductees into the college basketball hall of fame, tex winter was stated as having coached at kansas state for 15 years; if memory serves, he coached at kansas university. i belkieve that the very underrated jack hartman was the coach at kansas state while tex was at KU. i could very possibly be mistaken, but i don't think so, as i remember tex winter as running the early "triangle" with three guards and two forwards, with one of his guards being darnell valentine- will check.


wikipedia has tex as the coach at k-state in the 50s till about 64; gotta start ingessting more ginseng!!!!

Shadow, what do you think of short track skater Alison Beaver..I mean Baver? She modeled in I think a fitnes magazine not long ago. I looked thru it in the store. She has massive leg scars from serious breaks in the past. But still very pretty with a very fit body.

See how the Koreans got ripped in the short track just now? Looks like the Chinese caused the incident to happen; and then they get the gold. US winds up getting a bronze instead of nothing.

Remember 2002 when a Korean got DQ'd and the US benefitted? Then in the soccer World Cup, when S. Korea scored on the US, the goal scorer went to the corner and simulated the motion of a speedskater, signaling his support for his cheated countryman.

My favorite Curler Melanie Robillard, is not having much success as Germany keeps losing.

That is a pretty rotten chant from the Canadians. But it's not like US fans haven't done the same in the past....let alone practically every country's fans in the world against an opponent. You should've seen Mexican treatment of Panamanian players in the game played here last year. Horrid.

mike1, I didn't know Mexico and Panama had hockey teams. go figure

Ok here's some Pats "love." Andre Tippet.

Here's some J-E-T-S "love." Freeman McNeil & Al Toon.

Here's some Bills "love." Losing every game to Fins in the 70s & losing 4 SBs in a row!!!! Sorry Bills fans. And to think my hometown was a mere stones throw from where the buffalo roam...


short track speedskating is demolition derby on ice; could care less.

now inter milan-HOORAY!!

and as posted to banplesjackpatsfan after the canada/usa match, thought canada was better than russia, and is still the team to beat although needing to get by sweden, i guess, for a re-match. they are just much faster than and sakilled than the other teams and i don't think ryan miller has another game like sunday's in reserve- of course, pending a canadian win in the semis which i wont see because it will be on friday night.


sorry for the mangling of your monicker.

Mike was spot on. What college did Brandon Marshall play for?

shadow, you are a pretentious know it all sir!
I should know one when I see one!

oc dolphin- The Shadow Knows- Was sad to see moisi Tatupa pass away. Was a great guy, and fun guy to watch play. The wife and I had season tickets when he was playing. We ran into him a few times with other players, a different breed of guys then. As far as the canadians go, a classless bunch of people. My son played college hockey, and if you listened to them, only they could play the game. They pull that shit all the time booing our national anthem, childish chants. Went to some tournaments over the years in montreal and toronto, and to hear them talk about hockey, you would think they found the cure for polio. Nothing but a vast majority of the country is no mans land.

Here's what I don't understand about the Family Guy issue. Sarah Palin says she is offended. Her daughter Bristol also said she is offended. But could they--or anyone--explain to me what was offensive?

I haven't seen the episode, so let me see if I've got this straight. There is a girl character with Down's Syndrome dating Chris. From what I understand, the character is actually portrayed in a good light. The character mentions that her mom is a former governor of Alaska.

Now, first off, this doesn't sound like a joke to me. What is funny about the character's mom being a former guv of Alaska (let alone THE former guv, Sarah Palin)? So, it's not funny.

Now, let's look at its offensiveness. If we assume that the character IS referring to Sarah Palin, then Family Guy is suggesting that Sarah Palin had a child with Down's Syndrome. But Sarah Palin DOES have a child with Down's Syndrome. Is Sarah Palin offended that Family Guy is letting everyone know this? No, because she has proudly brought that up herself. Is she offended that a Down's child is portrayed as a slobbering idiot? No, because the character is portrayed as strong-willed and sensitive (from what I've read).

So, I'm being very serious when I ask those who side with Ms. Palin: what specifically does she find offensive here? I would really like to know.

Cote I gotta give The Dali Lama a pass on not hearing of Tiger Woods. Some people just don't read the sports page, the Enquier or watch ESPN. In addition with regard to his Beverly Hills Hotel living accomodations he may have simply wanted to avoid insulting the ever up his butt Richard Geere. I'm pretty sure The Dali Lama is coming from a different place than say the "spiritua leader" Rajneesh that owned a Rolls Royce dealership. Hey compared to a certain place in Rome a Beverly Hills hotel room is pretty modest living space...

Keith O do you have a metal pole fused to your spine & the back of your skull to prevent that hugh Easter Island noggin' of yours from just falling forward and snapping your neck?

Oh yes I was surprised to see Mr. Woodcock--God that's a great name and a great movie for you kids out there--made it back to Cote's blog. I must say Mr. Woodcock I did enjoy you're rather fresh take on Tiger Woods. Suggesting he simply say without remorse, regret or shame, "Yeah I f*** them, I f***ed them all!" was definitely thinking outside the box.

mr duke. You should be ashamed sir. I beg your pardon but when you have my brain, it needs a little extra forhead to fit into.

Say such things again and my friend Algore will deal with you harshly!

Yes, yes of course Keith O' Rooney. Now why didn't I think of that "Mr. Basically Has Been ESPN Reprter" turned Godead political analyst, commentator & theorist?" Oh yeah because I don't have that massive brain of yours...

my incorrect spelling of Godhead for starters clearly demonstrates my inferior intellect Commrade Obermensch.

and yes my incorrect spelling of Comrade too... I'll work hard to improve myself as a valued member of the communist party.


Ripper, calm down sir. Don't you push that button!!

Keith O,

i am not a pretentious know it all; i am a "know a lot"; and when not sure, as in the above remarks concerning mosi tatupu and tex winter (the coach at KU was ted owens) i do the research and correct my errors.

marvelous use of a semicolon sir. reminds me of when I edited one of my famous texts Grammaticus Sexualis, a masterful work if ever there was one...all while belittling presidents and butting in on sunday night football

Keith Oberman
Ves very interesting von Keith. Ze party shall reward zuch fanatical approaches. That's zackly vere ve started with the political opposition und reenlightenment adjustment Herr Oberamn.

Polzi: "Sign ze papers"!
Subject: "I vill not sign ze papers"!


Polzi: "Sign ze papers svine"!
Subject: "I vill not sign ze papers"!


Polzi: "Why won't sign ze papers"?
Subject: "Because you have broken both of my hands".

Shadow, yeah short track is a milder form of roller derby..but don't tell me you weren't in love with Raquel Welch in the "Kansas City Bomber."



Regardless of the sport though... how about Alison Baver?

Was fun watching Slovakia upset Sweden, one of the traditional 6. However, that just means Canada has an easier path to the Final. This could really be the US's year..they beat Canada already and Canada hasn't looked all that sharp until beating Russia. US has beaten Canada in the World championships.

LOL. Subject "I vill not sign ze papers because you have broken both of my hands." Sure makes me laugh in the abstract but it probably wouldn't be quite as funny if I was one of the unfortunates actually having to endure such an experience. It would be right up there with having to watch Keith O in a movie theatre with surround sound while strapped in a chair with my eyelids wired open...



barring major upsets tonight, sunday's game will be one not too miss, as after this its back to the plodding NHL style- dumping the puck, non-stop face-offs, and the ridiculous fighting. but before that...

canada in losing on sunday was all over the USA only to have ryan miller save the day for the red, white, and blue. methinks this will not be the case on sunday and that canada will win the game. the russians played horribly, but were overwhelmed by the speed that canada showed before they spit out the bit. the americans won't cave in, but the canadians have too much firepower. if ryan miller repeats his performance it will be close- otherwise it says here canada by three. sidney crosby has basically been a non-factor and a monster game from him will not bode well for the USA. the women's game was great- unlike futbol, where the ladies don't have the leg strength to make the game look real, the women skate and move the puck fairly quickly (hey keith o- due to lower coefficient of friction between ice surface, and puck and thin blades of skates). both goaltenders were sharp and it was a good watch between the only real teams in the world. GO INTER!!!!!!


addressed a little something for you in the post above which was written to mike1; since you like the semi;colon, we tried being a little parenthetical!!

r duke, glad you like the humor. sure you could guess were the post came from.

Duke: Are there any buffalo's in Buffalo NY? If not, why that name? Also, Why not Buffalo Bob?

Keith O (NOT the blogger) is a true blow hard who is sometimes entainment and sometimes infuriating. Dude's definately not an authority on anything he comments on, politics or sports. Stick with "He put the biscuit in the basket" when referring to hockey goal scored.

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