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August 01, 2009

Dolphins 2009 Expectations Poll; plus Marlins get help, Heat don't, Big Papi, golfing llamas & more

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     The Great Expectations Poll as Dolphins open camp: Time to set the bar, Dolfans. How high, or low, will it go as the team opens training camp on Sunday? Do you expect a championship season? At least a playoff year? Or a downturn based largely on a much-tougher schedule? Try to be as realistic as you can. Remember, this isn't asking what you hope will happen but what you think will. Vote, and drop a comment on why you feel the way you do, and what your biggest concern is as the preseason unfurls. (Click on King Sport Arriveth for the new column by me, online now and in Monday's column, off the opening of training camp. I explore the disconnect between the enthusiasm of Dolfans and the low expectations assigned the team by Las Vegas and most experts. Favorite quote? Guard Justin Smiley: "We're not a bunch of slappies.").

1pat     [Poll observation: There is new evidence suggesting that approximately 9 percent of football fans may be delusional. That, or unaware of the meaning of the word "realistic."]  

     Dolphins' Pat White eschews holdout, signs: Pro Football Talk had reported that Miami second-round pick Pat White (pictured), the QB obtained as a presumed Wildcat triggerman, was at odds with the club over incentives and could be an early training-camp holdout. (Click here for the story). I doubted that and would have been very surprised if the kid was not present and accounted for at Sunday's opening of camp. Sure enough, he signed. (By the way, The Miami Herald reported exclusively Saturday that the Dolphins need playmakers.GEE, YA THINK!?! No team that fancies itself in the playoff hunt has a less-scary receiving corps. The whole impetus for the continuing reliance on the Wildcat is an attempt to make up for the lack of playmakers. That's one of the reasons I thought they should have drafted a receiver No. 1, why I pushed them to go after Anquan Boldin, and why I unsuccessfully championed Miami getting Michael Vick).

1nick      Nick Johnson a good get for Marlins: Florida gets in Friday's deadline trade a veteran, positive clubhouse presence, a strong glove at first base, and lefthanded .290s hitter and high on-base guy with occasional power. All for the low price of a minor-league pitcher. Management needed to do something to demonstrate belief in the team's playoff chances, as I'd written, and did just that.

     Heat's frustrating offseason continues: They really, really wanted Lamar 1jamaal Odom. Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade lobbied hard, only to watch Odom re-up with L.A. I wonder if Wade committing to extend his contract rather than pointing himself toward free agency in 2010 might have convinced Odom to come here. Whaddya think, Dwyane? Now the team is relegated to fishing around for free-agent point guard Jamaal Tinsley (pictured right). Oy. Maybe they can still work a deal for Carlos Boozer to salvage what so far has been a tough offseason in which Miami hasn't done much except watch other teams in the East get better.

1llama      North Carolina golf course offers llamas as caddies: Click here for the story and video. (Reminds me: Did you read John Daly just shot an 88 and is pondering retirement? When I shoot 88, which happens occasionally, I am cartwheeling off the 18th green and buying drinks).

     Big Papi the latest to disappoint: David Ortiz was an unlikely Hall of Famer except in the prejudiced hearts of Red Sox Nation. Five all-star appearances and 304 career homers don't cut it. But the revelation this week that he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs  in 2003 makes certain the Cooperstown door won't open even a crack to consider him. Click here for my column this week on Ortiz, now downsized to Little Papi, and the latest steroids fallout. It's time for baseball to name names. All of them. [For a different take on the steroids issue, catch Le Batard's Sunday column. It's a hoot. Dan, apparent spokesman for the Illicit Pharmaceutical Association, ignores the overwhelming consensus of medical opinion and the small matter of ethics and writes from a pro-steroids perspective. Seriously].

     Music news from the Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI -- Big Popi? -- plans to release an album. Could I say it if it weren't true? Click here for details. No word on whether an arena or stadium tour will follow.

1towtruck      You give multitasking a bad name: A western New York tow-truck driver was texting on one cell phone while talking on another as he rammed into a house and careened into a swimming pool. Click on Dumbass for the true tale.

     Hope you have a better weekend than the former driver for Adams Towing.

     That'll do it for now but click back. May be adding/updating.


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sorry about the mispells, I am texting as I am writing this piece.

I predict that Miami will win AFC East and one playoff game, losing AFC Championship to ? Chargers. Dolphins regular season record will be 12-4. Pats will be 10-6, Bills 9-7, Jets 6-10.

Nick Johnson is a good baseball player, this is a quality move (as usual) by the Marlins.

No playmakers crap. I guess if your football knowlege is wrapped solely in fantasy leagues, yeah. Greg and Armando,, all of the Herald writers don't understand how to build an NFL team. I saw Wanny, Saban, Cameron chase after peoples cast-offs and stupidly giving away draft picks,, and the results. At the end of his run Shula was doing the same. This team's draft recently is going to pay dividends. You have key positions now being filled by talented YOUNG players that will be here a while. They will make a name for themselves. NO SH1* they aren't there yet, they will be now that they are starting. This is going to be a good team and for a long time too.

Gregs insistance that Vick is something he really isn't - a terrific QB- is really getting old.

Hey Jimbo, I'm with you on all points! I picked the fins to will 11 on Greags poll last year and a lot of people mocked me! Well I figure at lest 11 again. You can say hard schedual all you want but no matter where the Jets, Pats & Bills are in the standings they play the Phins hard six games every year! WE ALWAYS HAVE A HARD SCHEDUAL!!!!! No big deal, and remember a few of the teams that look so good on paper now, wont by the time we play them so don't get to hyped up be the writers tring to create tension!

I also think that Brown is going to be unstopable again this year like he was before his injry. That really will open up the passing game a bit. These recivers to are no joke. Do you really belive that Tuna is bringing in garbage players? NO WAY. Maybe guys the media never heard much of so there not glamerous but they are no joke if Parcels has them here. And remember when they said they are happy with the guys on the team now, in response to obtaining "Not all that great VICK" that also ment there happy with the recivers compeating in camp!

We will see but I don't anticipate a let down!

Brian McMullin

Still a bit too early to start predicting about what the Dolphins will or will not do. We all know this is going to be a tough, tough schedule. They should however be somewhat improved over last year, if nothing more, due to this being their second year within the system.

My gut feeling is that they will not climb to the next level (meaning going further than what they accomplished last year) as long as Pennington is at the grip.

Under Mr. P the Dolphins are hard pressed to threaten deep, and everyone on both sides of the field know this. Hell, the guy outside collecting $25 as you park knows this. His grandmother in the nursing home knows this. That is one huge advantage for any opposition.

Greg, in answer to your question about Odom, please note the following: a. Odom has been lobbying to have the Lakes pick up Artest for a very long time, b. the two of them have been playing together since they were neighborhood kids back in NY, c. Odom is in fact just seven days older than Ron, and no doubt the two are much closer together than Wade would represent, d. Odom is on the lazy side of talented. He would much rather come off the bench to contribute than be counted on as a strong #2 man. He's already tried that role and did not like it one bit, and lastly, e. Odom knows (as 99% of everyone else knows) that his chances of winning a second ring are far more likely as a Laker than as a Heat.

This was just one big-stakes poker game and Jerry Buss called his bluff.

OC Dolphin,

a solid running game making the defense commit to many players close to the line translates into long gains; with all the deep zones used nowadays it is hard for most people to throw "bombs", even those with cannon arms.

Uhh Ooh Pat White prepared to hold out! Better hurry up and call Vick before someone else grabs him! Am I right Cote! HA HA HA HA... By the way the start of season is no time to be "realistic." Realism is for panty waste cowards like Cote. I say Dolphins are SB contenders! Christ what do you have to lose your credibility? Sorry Cote but all this desperate talk of Vick. My God man grow a pair!


Perhaps you're right, but keep in mind that a stronger armed QB can also zip a ball into tight coverage all over, and underneath. This ability, coupled with talented receivers, can equally produce game-changing plays just as much as the occasional bomb (see AZ/Fitzgerald).

Watch out for Da Bears.

Brian, OC, Duke, every other Fins fans...
Dolphins WR's will be fine. The guys here now are better talented than advertised (2nd tier, not top tier). They run good routes, good hands, go over the middle and fight for the ball. This group fits Pennington and will be primed and seasoned to fit Henne. A couple yrs ago some of you -and Cote!- were clamouring for WR free agent Donte Stallworth.

OC- You and I were correct on the Odom saga,played out as advertised. Jerry Buss is a tough customer.
Bears- The possibility is there, adding Cutler is huge and that NFC North is w-e-a-k.
Vikes- No Favre, Taverous Jackson sprained his knee today and could be out a while. The front runner for leading them is Sage Rosenfelds.. ouch. Insert Michael Vick as a Minnesota Viking.
Duke, Pat White will sign this week and be in camp.

Got to go with OC on this one. You never know how the team will do until we actually see them.

But the schedule is formidable, perhaps toughest in Phins history; and we probably looked better on record than we actually were last year thanks to probably our easiest schedule in history (coming off a 1-15 season).

We also no longer have the wildcat surprise that fooled NE in the first game. And as OC says, Pennington just may not have it against the better defenses, as noted in the Ravens playoff game. He was easily rattled into a ton of turnovers.

Our coaching staff is talented (except with some conservative 4th quarter coaching that almost cost us a number of games), so we'll see how they handle the season.

My prediction is that we will not make the playoffs due to the schedule.

Prediction: Dolphins will win the Super Bowl.
1.Team chemistry: Best in the league.Zero dissention.Every player knows exactly what his role is on the team.A perfect combination of aggressive youth and veteran leadership at the key positions.
2.Management: Wisely decided not to sign any problem players (T.O.,Vick etc.)
3.Coaching: Coach Sparano and his staff have the complete respect and attention of every player on the team.
4.Schedule: No pushovers,but only 6 games against playoff teams from last year.Travel-friendly,only 4 games outside of the southeast region.Will be able to control own destiny by playing all major AFC rivals.
5.Home for the Super Bowl.

It's nice to be optimistic and hopeful, but I don't try to fool myself.

NE was just barely not a playoff team and Brady was out.

Last years playoff teams (and this year's opponents): Atlanta, Colts, San Diego, Carolina, Tennessee, Pittsburgh.

Our division rivals are not patsies (no pun intended). The Jets don't have Favre to lead them to several losses again.

The opponents with the worst records last season: Jax (5-11), Buff (7-9), N.O (8-8), Houston 8-8.

We were inches a way from being 8-8 or worse, but survived several 4th qtr endings.

I googled Dumbass and your blog came up. Sheesh Vick to Dolphins. What is in your cereal.

Playmakers this year, Ginn, Brown, Long, and that great coach, Sparano.

Maybe we got the Dancing bear play this year. That wildcat was something but maybe we do something better.

mike1 someone has to stay grounded and I sure ain't the guy.

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And you think George W. Bush was a dummy? Hombre?

cote, the dolphins have the worst WR corps for playoff contenders? did you miss the ravens/titans/steelers there for a moment?

Miami will win 9 games this season at most. New England will win the division by 3 games.

Last season was a promising start for Miami, but last season is over. 2 years from now, the Dolphins will have a different QB, a different set of RBs and WRs, so there is no guarentee that they will even be serious SuperBowl contenders a couple of years from now. You need a solid o-line and d-line to win a championship. You're not there yet.

I am saying this objectively and not to iritate Dolfans. 1-15 to 11-5 to 9-7 is not bad.

Ok Cote...so you trash a guy's article calling for a playmaker...point out our need for WR, which you label "playmaker"...only so you can continue your lame article about wanting Michael Vick. Lame Cote...Lame.

Did you see all the sucess Vick had in ATL? That's right, there was none.

got that right farrington- looks like Atlanta is plenty happy with Matt Ryan.

Miami has had another solid offseason. You have a core of young, hungry, team first players ready to roll. Every draft pick is now signed and reporting for duty. No distractions, no daily "nfl reality" crap, just working to get better.

2 Players I predict will be cut loose before the season starts: WR Wilford, S/CB Jason Allen. Jason Allen is the Fin's worst first round draft pick ever.

Kurt--- your team just signed Cleo Lemon as a backup QB... wtf? ha ha ha or shall I quip... heh, heh, heh. New England will give the Fins a battle but it is the reigning Champ that rules the day.

Mike1. I have to argue your Divisional outcome posting. The Jets are not going anywhere. Favre got them to 8-0 then fizzled. Without Favre's throwing in the first meeting the Jets wouldn't have won that game. That being said, Fins shoulda ended up 12-4. Rookie QB Sanchez isn't going to carry them like a veteran.

Bills don't have a competent QB. This inept QB play is going to piss TO off and they will implode.
It's us all day long!

Kurt, Miami's Lines are fine. Who ever doesn't make the cut will be signed by the Patriots as usual. Did you forget about Ronnie Brown? He is just coming into his prime. William is done, probably his last yr, true there. Your wishfull thinking of Patriots ruling again is in serious doubt. you back your team, I respect that. At least you ain't a Jets fan talking smack, predicting the world.

Patriots suck!!!!!

Not making this thing up. In fact, perhaps you've seen this too.

So I just finished reading one of Greg Cote's articles about Michael Vick. I click back to the blog and my screen greets me with the usual mug shot of our host on the top left. This time however, right above, right where those annoying pop-up ads typically appear, there is an appropriately sized and fully illustrated digestive tract - right over Greg Cote's head - anus and all!

Not meaning to sound disrespectful but after reading his suggestions about Michael Vick, somehow, this was just too poetic.

LOL. OC there is a God. Remember Cote what dog spelled backwards is. I'm just sayin'.

OC, is this amatuerish style journalism mimicing a spastic colon?

I know, I know. Imagine that. You buy a product to clean up that problematic colon and - plop - Greg comes out!

plop, splat. scat

All the rooks are signed and in camp, it's underway and that's awesome. We can stop talking about politics, pubic hair grooming and shitter stall shoe bumping.

Just kidding, but we can mix some meaningful Phins chat in there! WOO HOO!!!

Not sure how many games the Fish will win. The WR issue is a big problem. I'm fairly certain, however, that the Pats will be 8-8 at best. Brady won't finish the season and they have no next best option. The AFC East is turning decidedly in the advantage of the Fish.

let the competition begin!

Realistically, the Dolphins aren't as bad as that Cameron led 1-15 wasteland we saw two years ago where the leadership of the team as well as the preparation of the team was far below professional standards, nor are they as good as the 11-5 team we saw last year that got just about every imaginable break it could get.

They are a 7-9 win team that inherits a sick schedule as AFC East champs. That makes them fortunate to get more than 7-8 wins, which is why the Vegas money is giving 7.5 wins. It makes a lot of sense.

Having said that, I hope I'm wrong. I hope the Dolphins are better than I think they are. For the first time in a long time, I have hope. It's a good thing to have. I'd start quoting from "Shawshank Redemption", but I'm tired of typing. ^.~

Jimbo, Favre may have started well, but he cost the Jets the playoffs in the last game. He cost them the 2nd Phins game with that INT. He was selfishly playing with a weak arm. I don't know how Bills and Jets will do this year.

But Miami was really lucky to win several games last season. Many could've gone either way right til the very end. More often than not, the opponents (perhaps representing why they won so few games) imploded with a inept play calling or execution right at the end when they had us on the ropes. Re-live the 49er game.

Usually when you get breaks, it evens out. Miami got the majority last time. Last year,we sneaked by against a slew of weak opponents. Last year's apparent gain, is now dealing with the tough schedule pain.

That was last season; this is now. Maybe the coaching staff has gotten them into major improvement where we can beat quality teams (without tricks).

Fernando, while I agree with your points, though some exaggerated, this is a sports forum not political. Having said that, I think the most unnerving thing is that the administration is going to raise middle class taxes despite the long campaign of promises to lower them in order to win the election. That's the most frustrating of all. Also, the cash for clunkers program is making money for the automakers and will be at the expense if the taxpayer.

Ok Mike1, how many close games did Shula manage to lose at the end of his run? Almost every close game, particularly in December. Bottom line is that good teams find a way to win. No one GAVE them 11 wins last yr, they earned it. This team is stronger than last yrs already, look at the roster. They even added Cameron Wake & Jason Taylor to add pressure on the QB. I usually predict what I see not what I want. My Dolphins predictions the last couple yrs weren't generous by any stretch of the imagination.

Mike1 (continued)
If you wanna look at football history and want to compare, don't look at past Miami teams. Look at the Parcells Giants team and how they stunk yr 1, then added the right pieces QUIETLY over a short time and had a strong TEAM. They are building it the right way. You don't need superstars at every position to win the Super Bowl. This isn't fantasy league. You want well known players, look at San Diego, where have they been ending up? Peyton Manning has "1" Super Bowl and it doesn't look like a 2nd is in order.

sorry, didn't mean to infer that Manning played for SD. Meant these teams are loaded with "names" people recognize.

Chargers are stupid for giving LT a new contract. Shoulda kept Micheal Turner, dude has done real well in Atlanta.

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Sure, we could do better this season and we probably wwil lbee a better quality team; but the record may or may not reflect it. Our schedule may result in us having a worse record (as a stronger team) than we had last year.

It's a matter of perspective. When our teams blow a game with some bad coaching decisions or execution, we tend to believe that WE blew it; and not that the other team won it. When we win, we don't tend to look at how the other team blew it. If you change your persective to that of the opponent, and replay some of those 4th quarters last season, you'll see the mistakes those teams made. If I remember correctly, SF, was runnng all over us. And in the last drive, they simply imploded with a bunch of bizarre play calls instead of sticking to what had been working. Those teams, such as SF, showed why they couldn't win games.

The Dolphins went through a period of several years, where they started off very strong and then always backed into the playoffs after losing all of November and December. They made playoffs, but were no longer playoff material and got slaughtered. At least on one occasion, it was when Marino came back from injury that we started to lose.

mike1, my friend another perspective on Dolphin wins is as HST would say Fate. "It's a strange world. Some people get rich and others eat s*** and die."





Bad press, including major mockery of the plan by comedian Jon
Stewart, led to President Obama abandoning his proposal to require
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"Look, it's an all volunteer force," Obama complained. "Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn't compute.." "I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country, "Obama continued. "I wasn't asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I'd have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation's deficit. I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans."

How in the world did a person with this mindset become our leader? I didn't vote for him!!!

REMEMBER THIS STATEMENT... "Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice?

If this jerk thinks he will ever get another vote from an Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard service member or veteran of a military service he ought to think it over.
I'm guessing that other than the 20-25 percent hardcore liberals in the US will agree that this is just another example why this is the worst president in American history. Remind everyone over and over how this man thinks, while he bows to the Saudi Arabian king.


i am in agreement that this year's schedule is not nearly as favorable as last year's. i am seeing 9-7 as the dolphin record, maybe 10-6; anything above that would surprise the heck out of me and would mean a lock for the playoffs, which 11 wins would do.


Are you still over in The Holy Land? Any reactions over there from this morning's report in The London Times that Iran is just awaiting the Ayatolla's approval before building an A-bomb?

Personally I can't wait for football to start. I need it more this year than ever to keep my mind off all the insane developments in this country and throughout the world.

Mike1 & Shadow knows almost as much as,,,me....

The actual # of wins are too far out to logically focus on.

My argument is that this Dolphins team is going to win the division. Realistically they could win 10-13 games to win the AFC East.
Jets & Bills are such longshots to even have a winning record doesn't warrant splitting hairs on 3rd & 4th place. Dolphins are now the better team vs Patriots. This coaching staff has been overlooked and underappreciated.

Last yr the Steelers were considered a good team but not great. A flawed team with only 1 proven WR in Hines Ward. Pitt played the hardest schedule and won the Super Bowl. Last yr, SD, NE, IND, were the AFC favorites. Weren't the Jags supposed to be a contender and kick Butt last yr too?

The Miami Dolphins have been a overated team in the past that have disappointed it's fans.
You guys are cautious and skeptical..
I look at the moves they have done personnel wise and am very encouraged that they are going to have a breakthru season.

I am wearing Flipper72's rose colored glasses this year!


You can place me in the cautiously optimistic camp. Not for lack of faith mind you. I too agree with the approach this team is taking. My biggest issue continues to be the QB issue. Here's why.

Two years ago, back when the team won just one game, what was needed, as a result of that, was stability and consistency. Pennington was the perfect QB for that need. Nothing fancy, just mistake free consistency. I'm sure I'm not alone in being surprised that that formula yielded what happened last year.

However, I maintain that what's required to take it to the next level (to borrow the most overused sports cliche), is a QB that puts fear into the opposition. Chad Henne may be that guy. Let's see how long Penny remains effective, or stays healthy. My guess is that Henne will make his start by week 6-8.

I agree with OC. QB is key at this point of the rebuilding process. It's tough to say what's better, a decent consistent, safe QB or a high flyer, who can also be risky with INT's. However, we saw that when Pennington played a real defense, he struggled with killer judgement errors. We may need to move to the next level. Too soon to tell how Henne will do. We need to give him a chance and see what he can do.

Yeah, you can never be certain about the upcoming season as Jimbo noted. I'm just talking about that last season, we most probably had a better appearance on record than we actually were, having played our easist schedule in history and earning what is considered one of the hardest schedules in our history. Hopefully, the coaching staff has compensated enough to achieve an equal result as last year. It is true that we may beat out Buff and NY, but it's not a given. NE I'm not so sure about yet, unless Brady doesn't come back to full form.

For the record, I still think the two Super Bowls that Pittsburgh won recently were flawed in their favor by officiating; especially the Seattle. I don't understand how this could still happen at the Super Bowl level with all the technology we have.

mike1 regarding Steelers vs Seahawks poorly officiated SB with all the technology we have, Fate.

OC Dolphin,

returned from the Holy Land on sunday via british airways- a long day in the air made less excruciating by jimi hendrix's woodstock performance and the fantastic 1970 who concert from the isle of wight. the sophisticated entertainment system was down and the music and sports channels were the only watchable programing of the 20 choices that BA had available. on the way over the full tilt system was working and there was a choice of 40 movies-half new and half classics; i got to watch "network" again and "the spy who came in from the cold", which i didn't quite get the first time around when i was 14.


the dolphins blogsite with a rundown of today's practice reads like my man #15 is at the top of the list of passcatchers that miami will field this year. unlike many who are panicking over the dolphin receivers, i believe that miami will have adequate talent at wideout with a nice bunch of tight ends, who did a nice job last year. fasano and david martin are decent blockers and receivers. with good targets coming out of the backfield, dan henning will once again have enough firepower to win games against those teams that the defense can hold to 17-20 points. larry fitzgerald and andre johnson running wild last year should be unacceptable this season, and with an improved pass rush from old #99 and the guy from canada, the new cornerbacks will get the help they will need against the good receivers that the dolphins will face this year that play fro the steelers, chargers, patriots in addition to terrell owens and andre johnson. another loss to houston will be telling in the dolphins hope to repeat in the division. season is coming closer by the instant!!

Fernando that's one of the most outrageous, egocentric, and downright nasty comments I've read concerning care of military personnel, EVER. If accurate I'm beyond stupefied.


the premiership season in review was an excellent watch while flying over the atlantic. some really fine goals by teves, wayne rooney, and ronaldo poopped up and i am loooking forward to ESPN giving us the english league this fall. when is the world cup qualifier in mexico, aug 12? the usa fielded a peewee league team in the 5-0 game recently, but will have to get stellar play from the big guns to overcome a confident los tri playing at home.

mike1 speaking of the unbelievable, the unexplainable. The Patriots failing to go undefeated and the way they failed to go undefeated. Manning escapes from seemingly inescapable sack. David Tyrell(?)catches ball with one hand against his helmut and gains full possesion of it despite physical Rodney Harrison draped all over him--ON THE SAME PLAY AS MANNING'S HOUDINI ACT! Assante Samuel misses ball he'd probaly pick off 8 out of 10 times. Manning keeps his cool throws winning TD to Burress(sp?)leaving insufficent time for another Brady comeback. FATE.

meant to say "he'd probably pick off 8 out of 10 times."

I'm not sure FATE is meant to explain anything any more than explanations explain anything in any Absolute sense.

hey fernando.. spare us your lies and misinformation, please. the worst president was the one that took a huge surplus and turned it into a deficit, while starting 2 wars and decreasing the revenue to pay for them. NO LEADER IN HISTORY ever decreased revenue during a war, dummy.. as for the dolphins, i hope they can go 9-7; the schedule terrifies me, but as far as playmakers go, i haven't really seen anyone mention taylor. if he can stay healthy, our defense just got A TON better.. jimbo, i hope you are correct about emerging playmakers; i have been telling people that out here, but i still think we are at least a big time receiver, a pro-bowl corner, and a beast on the O-line away from really contending.

where did you get that stuff from? Concerning the Obama/wounded vet comment-- I have heard radio talk show hosts mention it. Have you heard Obama's taped video where he comments that he wants the gov't to eliminate deferred taxes on IRA & 401K's? Something like $87 Bil a year these funds generate, they feel entitled to tax.

Fins Fans.
I'm seeing it your way. The entire team is going to be quite stronger & more confident too. I too am seeing this reciever corps, both WR and TE as a strength. Improved pass rush and huge infusion of top talent at DB.
Welcome back too!

OC, Mike. Cam Cameron would have been lucky to end up 3-13 with Pennington. He's a loser of a head coach. If you guys remember my posts the last couple of years (Saban, Cam were coaches too) I have always erred on the side of caution in preseason. You can't luck your way to 11 wins in the NFL. OC, you make a good point that Penny's arm doesn't scare people, but,, the way he manages a game wins many more... Granted,, the guy is limited physically but his position is so mental over physical,,, I'll take him this season to run the tables. Bob Griese never had a strong arm and won lots of games. Look at how many QB's have a million dollar arm and a ten cent head and don't win.

re: former posts about europe vs us. just 2 points to touch on. tech,, true their school are tops. try BUYING good computer systems there, look at how much you pay. I had to buy my wifes stuff here in the states and ship it. They aren't even close to being wired like us. High speed internet at home? special installation and the per month costs are high. their house hold goods/appliances (other than stuff made of wood) aren't as good as you would expect.

Their hospitals aren't better than US. Do you realize that except for surgery they don't use gloves when they routinely go from patient to patient? They reuse items with body fluid that would be thrown away in the US,, that is without complete sterilization. Oxygen tubes that plug in your nose? Unsanitized and reused. My wifes specialty is Army Med/Dental and has been in Germany 3 different times during her career. This info is straight from someone in the field not slanted politically.
This part is important,,, she has seen a big drop off in quality health care there since they started this gov't run system. Particularly routine stuff.Outside of Berlin and the biggest city hospitals the care is in neglect. The family member of people stationed there avoid the local hospitals to use militaries.

I hope that Roth heals and is ready to elevate his game.
Roth HAS to start over Taylor.
Jason Taylor cannot start but has to rotate in on passing downs. He has to be a part time player.
JJohnson always did this with guys his age, ie, Trace Armstrong, Charles Haley. It works great too. You keep Taylor fresh, healthy. You play him as a starter with the majority of snaps, he won't hold up. No knock against him, he is a tremendous player and a future HOF'r , it is AGE. plain and simple.

Early info on Cameron Wake is that he's very ordinary. Come preseason games,, we'll see in game situations.
There is going to be something special coming out of the 3 DB's drafted this yr.

do you realize that the 2 best teams in MLB are in LA? what do you think of a Dodgers vs Angels World Series?


they have envisioned having a freeway series for years; the angels have outfielders to spare and two of the really great young players in baseball in howie kendrick and chone figgins; joe torre used to do the color on angels telecasts and mike scoscia was a solid catcher for the dodgers. the story lines are everywhere and would make for a terrific series should both teams hold to form. sounds good to me!!

To recap:

Shadow believes Miami needs to win 11 games in order to lock in a playoff position.
Translation: Shadow believes New England will win 11 or more.

OC Dolphin writes Henne will take the helm at QB in week 6, 7, or 8.
Translation: Pennington either goes down or is ineffective and the seaon is a wash-out.

Mike 1 agrees with OC Dolphin. Also states that in this offense, a "safe" QB like CP will not go far in the playoffs. (PLayoffs?).Also goes on to say that with Henne, too soon to really know what type of QB and leader he truly is.

Jimbo is overly optimistic.

My guess is 7-9. Not bad. Respectful.

Kurt, I did not make a reference to CP going far in the playoffs. I talked about how he did last year in the playoffs one he played a real defense. Forced into several major bad decisions, that he rarely made against the weaker teams.

I'm not overly optimistic with Miami making the playoffs, because of their schedule but it is feasible that they place 1st or 2nd (more likely) in the division as they all have almost the same schedules. Maybe Henne comes in and lights things up and becomes the difference.

Jimbo, no system is perfect. There are bad and good hospitals/doctors in both places. But I like the fact that everyone has access to them and they still a have a choice to go private. I think there are a higher % of quality doctors there since their education is paid for..only the best can qualify. We may have some of the most sophisticated equipment, but some of the best Dr's now in the US are foreign. The first significant face transplant..a Polish woman.

As far as lack of high speed internet access. I'm not so sure about that. I have quite a few friends all over Europe including the east and in Moscow, and they all have their own high speed internet. They are uploading to youtube; sending me large video files that slow down my computer; doing web camera.

When very high demand World Cup tickets were being sold only via on-line sales, Europeans, et al were creating sophisticated programs that would monitor when tickets were available and automatically put them in a queue. I could make no progress on my own computer..it would keep crashing. I've used my 15 year old nephew in Poland has high speed..I used it when I visited.

Some things cost more there, like some tech items..but that hurts us more than them. I often wondered how they have so much. It costs more, but they have everything and they constantly travel during their 5 week per year vacations. Well, I think it's because they have more take home money. The average person has very good salaries. Some (not all--see Ireland) of those countries have high income taxes. However, take into account: low medical costs, free education; virtually no property tax. Property tax is a killer here.

Europe (and some others) was 5 years or more ahead of us on widespread use of cell phones. When 10% of Americans had cells, everyone in Europe had one.

Construction. Not counting Florida, which has fairly decent constriction of houses...much of the US builds cookie cutter homes out of wood frame and sheet rock with shingle roof that have to get replaced after a 10 minute hailstorm (I personally know this). My house is relatively new..shoddy construction, cheap fixtures and failing appliances. A Cat 3 hurricane (or less) will wipe out my house. A fire will burn it down in 30 seconds. I do not know why we don't build houses using brick or concrete. I was told..it's too expensive. Why isn't it too expensive in Poland or Russia? Their new houses are solidly built.and they don't even have hurricanes.

Also, here we cut down trees to build new subdivisions. There, they are required to maintain some of the trees. Alao, many buildings here are built economically and hence, there is little architectural value. Lot of box looking apartments, businesses and so forth. They have a requirement there that much new construction must contribute aesthetically.

Not to mention ..quality, extensive railway system running efficiently you can set your watch to the train schedule. High speed rail..200mph (in China..a Maglev train goes 240mph) and that began 30 years ago. Talk about being behind. Extensive public transportation ..subways, streetcars, buses..take you just about anywhere you need to go without having to wait very long. You can even get into the countryside; though cars are still more useful in that case. You can own a car; but only use it when you need to.

My main point here, is that anti-socialist economy bashing is outdated and overused by people who fear change or are stuck in their mindsets from the propaganda we were taught and brought up with. It may have applied at one time when governments were fascist -- and for many years, we were simply the best. But they have been improving their way of doings things over time; and things are not as bad in western Europe, Australia, Canada, etc as some people here are tying to portray. I have so many friends and relatives there..who love it there. Who make up the modern day immigrants to the US? Not that many west of Russia. They come from the places that are worse off than us. These days, most Eastern Europeans are either staying put or flocking to Norway, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, etc.

When/if we start implementing these healthcare ideas, it may be rough going for a while. We're not used to it. But if there is one thing and only one thing I agree with Obama on, is that every citizen should be entitled to quality health care...without fear of how much something that you need will cost, or pre-existing conditions,etc. Capitalism is not without flaws. Some people and big businesss have such powerful influence, that good ideas and common people are ignored. They just came about their profits...even if someone has to die or suffer in pain.

However, the uncurtailed wave of immigration from N. Africa, Africa and the Middle East could undermine their last few decades of success that they achieved over there.

Mike, were closing US post offices, 10 years from now your going to see clinics shutting down.
tell me, if you have no insurance right now, do US hospitals turn U down? they dont'. The grass ain't greener over there.
US education. your talking the inner cities draggin scores down throughout entire country. Colorado has a problem with Mexican illegal immigrant kids and illiteracy. They are (parents too) illiterate in Spanish & English.
Why don't Europeans want to immigrate here?
Because they see this country 20 yrs behind most of Europe getting engulfed into socialism.

Do they turn you down? Yes, sometimes they do. If they don't..you are in debt for the rest of your life. They definitely do not cover your pre-existing conditions.

They don't immigrate here because they have no need to anymore. Things are fine for them. Most have 33-36 hr work weeks; 5 weeks vacation to start right out of college; travel constantly and everywhere. When they visit here (I know from all my friends and relatives who have been here),they are turned off by our style of living. Have to drive everywhere. There they can walk 1 minute to a food store..which are everywhere. They have town squares where everyone hangs out. Many US cities don't have anything similar...fortunately, Miami Beach does have some fun areas. But Houston does not. The only reason to come here, for them, is perhaps the weather. Or maybe when they retire (which then can do comfortably at 55, while we can't afford to until we're 70) ..they can come here because their money will go far.

I see less slums when I've been to Europe and Canada. I've heard Australia is very modern.

It's not perfect, but constantly bashing their systems is senseless, when it appears they are doing just fine..if not better. Perhaps, we simply don't know how to run things efficiently on a government level..whereas, they have decades of experience.

R. Duke, that Super Bowl ending was so incredible..and I'm so glad to have been on the happy side of it. Still, Brady had the ball with 30 seconds left and just barely overthrew on the bomb attempt. A catch there would've led to at least a tying field goal.

Jimbo, maybe what works for them won't work for us because half the country has acceptance issues; or maybe we just don't know how to do it right; or maybe we're just too big of a country with too much diversity. But health care is the one thing I support; but we can't just do it blindly. It has to be done right. The rest, I don't care about.

Although, I would not mind if someone finally put limits on the ridiculous concession prices at sporting events and local festivals. You may say it's free market capitalism. Supply/demand. But it's not. You're not allowed to bring your own items. You get hungry/thirsty. You have screaming kids who are smelling hot dogs.

Why are post offices being closed? You ever see how much postal workers get paid and their benefits? It's more than me..in my college educated professional job.

There are some imperfections to the free health and education system that I had heard about from someone who lives there, but not confirmed. People tend to take advantage and go to the Dr more often; get more meds. However, they are thinking of having co-pays which should discourage this exploitation.

I know one friend, who had 7 years to get a 4 year degree..before they would have to pay for themselves. If you can't make up your mind on your degree or if you can't pass your classes...you have 3 extra years..which I think is excessive. Maybe 1 extra year. But i only heard of this once..my friend attended U. Vienna..excellent school.

But if you lose a job through no fault of your own, you don't have to live under an expressway.

The thing I can't figure out is how they afford those ultra-expensive yet smaller properties in Europe. 3 BR house an hour from London over $1M. We think Miami is expensive, yet overpriced. What I like there is low property taxes. Here, I tried to own a couple of properties, but taxes, insurance, fees..I just can't.

Over there, everyone I know owns 2 or 3 properties. You pay taxes when you buy it..like you do whenever you buy anything here. But annual property taxes are extremely low. So once you can afford to buy a 2nd or 3rd property, you can fairly easily keep it...except for the cost of maintenance.


the patriots won 11 games last year without brady and playing a first place schedule. with brady and a weaker schedule than the dolphins (will check it out) i believe that NE will win 11 games, barring catastrophic injuries. after brady, wes welker is the most valuable player on the patriots offense and miami gave him up for basically nothing-OUCH!!!!!!

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