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August 06, 2009

Randy Shannon's gamble; plus Jacory Harris poll, Sweeeeep!, Dolphins, Derrick Thomas, Heat & Angelie Jolie nekkid

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     [Click on Shannon's Big Gamble for my column today on UM coach Randy Shannon and his contract. Column also delves into Jacory Harris and the Canes' overall outlook].

1pink 1harrisj    As UM opens practice ... how good is Jacory Harris?: Well, we know he's confident, anyway. The Hurricanes' sophomore quarterback (see left) went on Dan Le Batard's 790 radio show recently and said he planned to win a Heisman Trophy and show up at the ceremony wearing a pink pimp suit (see right). And carrying a diamond-encrusted pimp goblet, too. Also, Harris said he is growing a giant Afro and is a budding rapper called "J-12." Clearly this interview did not earn the Randy Shannon seal of approval, but nevertheless displayed in Harris a swagger that may be a good thing. But -- can he deliver? That is the one question whose answer will go the furthest in shaping the Hurricanes' upcoming season and immediate future. Is Jacory Harris the next great Canes quarterback? Will he prove to be a bust? Or will he fall somewhere in between? Last year, in limited action behind the since-departed Robert Marve, we saw hints but not enough to know for sure. So what is fans' confidence level in Harris as UM opens fall practice Saturday? Take a dip in our poll and together you'll decide. Vote, then let us know what kind of season you think is in store for Harris and UM.

     [Poll note: The above is our 69th blogpoll to blast past 1,000 votes within the first day of its posting. You crazy kids with your computers! Thanks. And keep 'em comin'!] 

     SWEEEEEEP! The Marlins strike back!: We hoped three losses in a row to the lowly Nationals by a team desperately fighting to stay in the playoff chase was not some sort of litmus test for legitimacy. Well, the Fish have bounced back with three straight wins -- a sweep in Philadelphia, led today by Josh Johnson on the mound and a 19-hit attack. The Marlins return home now with a fighting chance in the playoff race. This team is flawed and madly inconsistent, but does not quit. Fun.

     A quick word on the Dolphins: The team still is lacking at wide receiver. Unlike some others in the local media, I haven't stopped thinking that, done an about-face and gone all a-swoon over Miami's WR corps based on the scant evidence of a few practices. The lack of a proven, defense-scaring, playmaking target for Chad Pennington remains the team's biggest concern, followed by the secondary.

1ai      Heat rekindling interest in Allen Iverson?: Clearly Pat Riley is smarting from losing out on Lamar Odom. Now the word is he's cozying up again to Allen Iverson. I haven't stopped thinking Iverson would be a good get, especially to add some offensive pop. He'd certainly be a better signing than Jamaal Tinsley!

1dthomas      On Derrick Thomas: Pro Football Hall of Fame adds six Saturday including South Miami High's Derrick Thomas. Click here for a new column by me on Thomas and his legacy, online now and in Friday's paper. Below is a chart I put together that didn't make the paper. Just another bonus for the loyal blog reader!

            The 14 men who were born in South Florida, attended high school locally or played in college or the pros here who are members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, listed by year of induction:
Jim Otto, C, 1980, UM 1957-59
Paul Warfield, WR, 1983, Dolphins 1970-74
Larry Csonka, FB, 1987, Dolphins 1968-74, ‘79
Jim Langer, C, 1987, Dolphins 1970-79
Bob Griese, QB, 1990, Dolphins 1967-80
Ted Hendricks, LB, 1990. Hialeah HS; UM 1966-68
Larry Little, G, 1993, Booker T. Washington HS; Dolphins 1969-80
Don Shula, Coach, 1997, Dolphins 1970-95
Dwight Stephenson, C, 1998, Dolphins 1980-87
Nick Buoniconti, LB, 2001, Dolphins 1969-74, ‘76
Jim Kelly, QB, 2002, UM, 1979-82
Dan Marino, QB, 2005, Dolphins 1983-99
Michael Irvin, WR, 2007   b. Fort Lauderdale; STAquinas HS; UM 1985-87
Derrick Thomas, LB, 2009, b. Miami; South Miami HS
Note: I exclude RB Thurman Thomas (2007), briefly a Dolphin in 2000.
Get in line, Giants giving away money: The Giants' Eli Manning becoming the NFL's highest-paid signal caller makes sense, except to those of us who think he is not the best quarterback in the league -- not even the best QB in his own family -- and is as likely to never make another Pro Bowl as he is to justify the six-year, near $100 million contract. The good news? The pressure on him intenstifies  from those always patient, always understanding New York fans.
1angie3Angelie Jolie nude in my blog!: A nude statue of actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie breastfeeding two infants (pictured) will be on display in Oklahoma City (of all places) beginning in September, until which time inevitable protests by offended local puritans and religious zealots drive the artwork into hiding. Celebrity sculptor Daniel Edwards created the work in honor of World Breastfeeding Week. I support the breastfeeding of babies, especially in public by women who look like Angelie Jolie.

1obamajoker      What would Heath Ledger think?: Is anybody offended by the Barack Obama-as-The Joker poster? Not sure I get the point of it or the message (if there is one), but I find it mildly interesting  visually.

1theweeklystandard       Latest shoutouts...: ...and thanks to some of the outlets who have run my stuff lately, including Anchorage Daily News, Belleville (IL) News Democrat, Boston Herald, ESPN.com, Kamloops (BC) This Week, Las Vegas Review-Journal, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Seattle Times, Sports Business Daily, USA Today, and The Weekly Standard.

     That'll do it for now but click back. Updating/adding more stuff later.


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Jacory Harris? Who the heck is he?????


He is done nothing but prove he is weighs as much as my Labrador Retriever.

Jacory maybe play an entire season, without injury, and guide your team to less than 5 losses and then you can talk some, SCRUB!

Just because you played high school ball at Northwestern doesn't make you the next Dan Marino, SCRUB!!!

You have no shot of winning anything.

1) Because your coach is a joke
2) Because you are a SCRUB!!!



jacorry haris was a weak-armed, skinny QB last season who really didn't show much. i am unimpressed by whatever he accomplished at northwestern high school, and feel that ray ray armstrong will be waiting in the wings, as safety is a much easier position to fill than quarterback. if jacorry harris didn't add weight in the form of muscle and still throws balloons on out patterns, miami will be in big trouble again this year. the hurricanes could be looking at a 1-3 start, which will not bode well for #12. heisman trophy hopes? it says here that the QB at ohio state, also a freshman last year, was far more polished than jacorry harris at year's end, and a fast start by ohio state (read as BEATING USC) will propel pryor into the heisman talk whle jacorry harris is groping for wins at UM.

Paul McCall.

rawpimple is crazy

shadow- arguments like yours are like the arguments thatthe democrats provide on health care- full of emptiness and no real facts

Terrel Pryor had a myuch more complete team- had an )-line and 2 studs at rb that took HUGE pressure off him. Beanie Wells is an NFL rb then and NOW. None of our rbs could qualify for that last year and this yr? who knows.

Poise- Look what he did against Va.

Look what he did against Duke.

All come from behind victories.

Now, as a bona fide starter, we shall see. I voted the number one option on Cote's poll, but I am not 100% sure either.

As for youjokers who keep wanting a "spread O" at the U-forget about it. B/c then youcan forget about placing a lot ofplayers in the NFL. A pro-style offense was good enough in 2000-2003, is good enough for USC, LSU, Ga, and Oklahoma, and is good enough for us. Only goony goo goo teams like the turds and Boise state need that system. What we need is a D and an O-line to take the pressure of JH. Otherwise, it willcontinue to be a struggle.


The BHO pic is made up to look like the Joker because he is a socialist. In the movie the Joker says "Why so serious?", and we ask BHO "Why so socialist?".

Yes Jacory has not proved it all in his little time at UM, however last season he showed sparks of a good quarterback with poise, accuracy, and confidence- something that has been lacking for a while. He may not have the strongest arm but he has put on wieght since he arrived last year, from 168 to 190, which will translate into more zip in his passes. Then again the best college football team of all time did not have a monster at the helm in Dorsey, and we all know they would have won 3 championships with him in charge!!

The comparison with Pryor is a bit ridiculous, although he is physically more imposing than Harris what most mattered was that Pryor was the lone quarterback at OSU with an experienced team and coaching staff. UM is slowly but surely getting there, so don't fret guys, I truly beleive at least a 3-1 start is not out of the question.

Something different is in the air this year and the haters are getting scared, stop being in denial and get ready to once again get rocked liked a hurricane!!

God south Florida has had great football players. Too bad Dolphins haven't drafted more UM players over the years though some of that was due to poor position in draft. Guys like Jerome Brown and Micheal Irvin likely went way before Fins would have had a chance to get them. Hey cough, cough we did get Woody Bennett. What a graceful runner...

Ummm, link to the Harris interview? Is there one? Doesn't look like 790 has the sweet archives that WQAM does. If it's out there, I'd love a link. Thanks

Huh no Jake Scott in Canton.

Jacory Harris may turn out pretty good, time will tell. But,,,,
Miami has Harris, Donna Shalala & Randy Shannon.
Gators have Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow.... prime example of have and have nots. Or Don Knots.

canes zealots,

i am not a canes hater, but what i saw of jacorry harris last year was spotty- and leading comebacks against duke don't impress me. ken dorsey was a terrific college quarterback, and if jacorry harris has anywhere near his football smarts he will succeeed without a cannon arm.the fact that he is up from 168 pounds is already encouraging news. the one must win game of the first four is ga tech, which ran wild last year against miami and which a team a year wiser on defense should be able to handle. FSU and UNC will be tough and are conference games- OU would be an imporobable and inspriring win for a group of youngsters who don't see sam bradford-type arms very often.

If a senior in high school wrote an essay describing his or her 4 year plan in attending UM - or any other college - and stated that he/she would reach their goal in their collegate career with the culmination of himself or herself wearing a pink pimp suit, carring a diamond encursted goblet and growing a large afro or mane of hair, would you, as chancellor, or admissions director, take the application seriously?

Methinks only Cote would - especially of the prospective student were a minority.

Unreal and unbelievalbe. 25 years agomthis would hane never occured. So much for us as humans progressing as a species.

Liberals are ruining our lives and the lives of our children and granchildren.

Cote, how about a comment about VALUES?

I can only hope that the 'pimp' in question impregnates both your wife and daughter(s) and you have to foot the bill.

If Harris were my son, he would NOT be playing anything.

UM, Harris, Harris's family and Cote's family shoud be embarrassed.

Jacory Harris is a JOKE!!! A complete joke. If he lasts into midseason without injury and that is a big if, I bet you guys see another QB taking over. Sure Jacory is good when he plays against weak white high school teams like Miami Palmetto but when he has to play the big boys, he looks like a deer in headlights (aka his several series in the Swamp).

Mark my words: JACORY HARRIS WILL NEVER BE A GOOD QB at UM. In about 3 years he will be looking for a job as a high school football coach.


Did you guys see in the herald that unemloyment droped for the 1st time in 15 months????

Cote's head on a stick since the douchebag himself will never admit to being at fault. If it be his idioic position on Vick, or now him basically blowing some wannabe pimp.

It's truly sad, but i expect Mr Cote would be on this idiots band wagon,I don't think this"PIMP" will make it out alive against Oklahoma... We can only hope that Mr. Cote's on the side line when a big illegal hit happens to Mr. Harris and they tumble into Mr. Cote, but that's doubtful, seeing that Mr. Cote is at the concession stand getting Haggan-Daz ice cream 85% of the time during any game..

FSU,GA tech, Va tech, Oklahoma all before the 1st week of oct is over.. OUCH, I'am glad iam not that "PIMP" 100 dollars says this guy doesn't make it out of Sept... What a fu@king clown....Don't look for this"pimp" to be in New York in dec. picking up a trophy , but look for Mr. Cote to pick this Idiot up from the gutter in some liberty city sh!t hole....

Jacory Harris wouldnt even start over Paul McCall at FIU.

UM fans.
You have had a great run the last 25 years give or take a couple. Disappeared like fart in the wind.
What you have now is not national prime time anything. Your recruiting base could be the strongest area in the country. What do you have to show for it?

Darn Kurt, tell exactly how you feel.
Question: how come you frown on me when I rant about leftist, socialism, feel good / no substance views? Just to argue? I'm not saying I disagree with your views.

Greg Cote has shown a "typical & expected" socialist view no matter how misguided it is, due to his profession. The general media has shown that real journalism is dead, everyone there is in the "National Enquirer" mode.

Joke of the day:

A Kentucky Sheriff stops at a farm in rural Kentucky and talks with an old
He tells the farmer, "I need to inspect your farm for illegally grown
The old farmer says, "Okay, but don't go in that field over there."
The Sheriff verbally explodes saying,
"Mister, I have the authority of the
Sheriffs Department with me." Reaching
into his rear pants pocket and removing his badge. The officer proudly
displays it to the farmer.
"See this badge? This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish...on
anyone's land. No questions asked or answers given. Have I made myself clear?
Do you understand?"

he old farmer nods politely and goes about his chores. Later, the old farmer hears loud screams and spies the Sheriff running
for his life and close behind is the farmer's bull. With every step the bull is gaining ground on the officer. The Sheriff is clearly terrified..

The old farmer immediately throws down his tools, runs to the fence and yells at the top of his lungs.....

"Your badge! Show him your badge Smartass!"

read in gossip rag among many drugs at micheal's disposal was dexedrine. jesus i thought they stopped making real amphetamines years ago. wonder what the hell dexedrine is prescribed for chronic fatigue syndrome? used to be big diet miracle drug but really obese people probably don't need amphetamines given their overworked hearts. also back to 49er vs Dolphin SB. i don't think any adjustment could have been made to compensate for dolphins lack of talent on d-line, linebacker, defensive back and runningback positions. Wendell Tyler and Roger Craig were REAL runningbacks. san fran had great physical secondary. 49ers were complete team really. still shocking after offensive record breaking season to watch Dolphins get taken apart that way. talk about emperor wearing no clothes.

drugs? at Michael Jackson's disposal? no way. well, go figure. yah think that drugs played a role in his bizarre behavior? hold a kid over the balcony? public appearances wearing a surgical mask? sleeping in the same bed with young boys? living in a cartoon compound called - neverland? tito, janet and jermaine appear typical has been hollywood types but michael?
Dolphins vs 49'er Super Bowl thrashing. Dolphins played & beat plenty of powerful teams that year. Bottom line is that SF had Joe Montana & coach Bill Walsh. Walsh had an answer on how to minimize Marino's game and keep their running game decide the outcome.

So duke, I know you're a big Fender guy. This dude is playing for free at the lake this evening. Should I bother?


Start it at the 4 min mark

At least Dan Marino had an opportunity to win a Super Bowl. One game and he was on the wrong side. Shula was outdone that day by Bill Walsh. Every year that Dan Marino was there, there was a glaring weakness on the team such as the running game or defense. The Fins & us fans enjoyed his career even if no Super Bowl championships occurred.

Jimbo you must have telepathy. I was just butchering Dolly Dagger & Hey Joe on my strat just moments ago. That Micheal was on alot of drugs doesn't surprise me. I'm not even making moral judgement regarding his drug addiction. That pharmaceutical companys still make Dexedrine and doctors prescribe it surprises me. For what condition? Anyway regarding Angelina Jolie I think we're talking major wackjob here. You better love fathering an elementary school classroom of kids, trying to save world and be a goddamn sexual T-Rex gymnast to be her hubby. That means loading up on Methamphetamines, MDMA and Cialis XL because you're going to have to be Albert Schweitzer, Fred McMurray and John Holmes on daily basis. Regarding Marino, he at least kept you entertained. Alot of other NFL teams couldn't even do that.

Robert Cray is great player. DEFINITELY go see him. I'm ashamed to admit I never heard of Rory Gallagher(sp?)until Fender came out with Tribute Strat in his honor. Recently read alot about him. Sounds like fascinating guy & great blues player. His Strat looks like it is only one he ever owned for 30 years. It has no finish left anf looks like its been through a war.

Love living in Mission Viejo, CA. As part of our dues ($222/yr lake fee), we get these Summer Concerts at the Lake Series. The whole thing is organized in a very civilized manner. You show up at 7am for random colored wrist bands for a draw to see who gets to lay down blankets for that evening's performance. We get about 5-8 interested neighbors to show up each getting a different colored band. We get the 50 yard line every time.

Later, basically a block party with live music of this sort playing 20'right in front of you. I'm usually tasked with bringing in my "Club House mojitos." Like two/three gallons worth.

He's definitely capable of growing a giant afro.

As for the rest (Heisman, pimp suit & goblet, rapping)...pffffffffffft.

r. duke,

rory gallagher, RIP, died a couple of years ago from too much drink. a fabulous guitar player and singer- try "rory galagher-live" for one of the great live discs ever!! played in a three man band, and wrote many of his songs. on "live", he does a fabulous "messin with the kid", plays mandolin on "going to my hometown", and an off the chart version of "bullfrog blues". saw rory twice and one of the best showmen i have seen. a great advertisement for fender when he is seen holding/playing one of their guitars.

r. duke,

forgot to sign in owing to my anxiousness to post about rory galagher. even though the name is not in blue, and i forgot to leave a space, the post is mine. coming home from the Holy Land, they showed "the who live on the isle of wight-1970" on their entertainment system. pete townshend played mostly fenders, with a brief interlude on the gibson solid body double cutaway. for my money, it is hard to beat the who in their heyday for live performances. the stones were good, but i was too young too see them with brian jones and mick taylor didn't move me at all. saw them with stevie wonder as the opening act at the time "exile on main street" was the source of most of their material for the show. i have mentioned before that the best single show i saw was santana at the closing of the fillmore west; they had just added neal schoen, abraxas was just out, and they musta had six percussionists for that latin groove theywere in; plus, that night's version of "in a silent way" (from a miles davis album when joe zawinul was his keyboard player) is one of the great instrumentals ever- up there with our old favorite "albatross"!!


whatever the stats say about bruce smith, the ole shadow says he isn't in the top ten, maybe even in the top twenty of defensive ends that i have seen play. for example, jack youngblood was twice the player that bruce smith was, and i am not sure where the experts would rank youngblood on the list of all-timers.

shadow a documentary I saw suggested for all his talent Brian Jones was at odds with Mick and Keith regarding control of band. It was said he insisted on being leader of band and in the end he lost his girlfriend to Keith Richards, while still in the band, and then was supposedly kicked out of The Stones for good measure. If true one has to wonder if drowning was an accident. The Who was great band. Love "Youngmans Blues" from The Kids Are Alright. Townsend played some kicka** lead in that song. Regarding Rory I've yet to treat my ears to his music but plan on picking up live CD as I heard his live stuff is his most mindblowing best work. I generally prefer live performances with their "freelancing" more than studio versions particularly with virtuoso players.

shadow article I read in Strat news suggested that very live album of Rory's you mentioned as A MUST as well as songs you listed...

Speaking of Santana and of 40th Anniversary of Woodstock I believe a remastered DVD was recently released with performances from everyone save Alvin Lee(licensing issue)that was there. That includes The Dead, The Band, The Who with Pete Townsend knocking political activist Abbie Hoffman off the stage(Hoffman tried to interrupt The Who's performance with politically charged rant)and a number of other performers and performances not seen in first Woodstock film. Though Alvin Lee was in first Woodstock film so the licensing problems are perplexing. But getting back to Santana I believe he plays Soul Sacrifice which is just outstanding. For guitar lovers it was certainly one of highlights of "A really big shoeeeew," to quote Ed Sullivan

r. duke,

i am very happt that rory gallagher, RIP, still is considered a musician of note. if STRAT news is telling you that his live album with the aforementioned song is a must, get it ASAP. as a non-player and just a music fan, i tend to go with what sounds good as opposed to what technically one player has over another. as you mentioned alvin lee, as fast as he might be on the neck of his guitar, he just doesn't make good music to my ears. his breakout at woodstock with "i'm going home" was predicted by my high school friends, who thought that ten years after was junk; in hindsight, grand funk railroad, which we avoided at all costs, holds up better than alvin lee and company. pete townshend is still good. brian jones' departure from the stones happened after sticky fingers, if i recall, and every album after that was good through the addition of ronnie wood. it went south from there. ronnie was the guitarist on od stewart's first two albums- both great- but oldroddie went quite commercial after maggie may waslifted off the fabulous "gasoline alley", one of the great albums ever.

cuban menace,

if the canes don't beat georgia tech, they will be 0-4 and headed for a disastrous season. FSU and Va Tech will beat them, if sam bradford is on the sooners will crush them even with many of last year's players in the NFL. a win over georgia tech makes a bowl trip possible- without a bowl this year, not such an easy thing starting 0-4, and randy shannon is history. UM is still playing with sophomores, and to the best of my knowledge no team without upperclassmen to augment talented youngsters has ever achieved much. this ain't basketball, where that does happen cause everybody is playing with sophomores, except last year's UNC Tar Heels, who cakewalked over green, maybe more talented players in the tournament.

I think Jacory Harris is a very capable QB ... potentially very good but not great. He led comebacks last year versus Duke and Virginia, however, until he beats a winner, he has not proven he is a threat. I'm looking forward to watching him this season.

I am a little concerned about his comments on winning the Heisman. If they were a joke, then OK, he's just a kid having some fun. But right now, the Canes need leaders who are fed up with mediocrity and are ready to let their play as a team do the talking. As team leader, he needs to project a voracious hunger for team success with a game-by-game focus -- not an eye on individual reward.

Jacory is smart, but it will be interesting to see how he does as THE starter in a pro style offense. Hopefully he saves his Sophomoric antics for radio interviews and keeps them off the field.

I think Miami's next great QB will be Taylor Cook. He is only one Jacory Harris injury away from the starting job. Cook has the physical attributes to be great. With Mark Whipple at the offensive helm, the big, strong and very mobile Cook should develop into a bona fide star. And he has a cannon.

Look for Shannon to get him playing time early, the way he did for Harris last year, so he's ready to step in when he gets the call. And don't be surprised if Whipple puts him in a situation where he can both throw an air strike to the end zone.

Here's hoping Jacory Harris proves me wrong and challenges for the Heisman. But I'm confident in what Cook can do should the Canes need him.

unfortunately i gotta agree with the shadow. the um is in big trouble. 0-4 is much more likely than 2-2. 2-2 would be a huge win for these canes. cote's article about shannon being the one holding off on signing an extension is bs. um is allowing shannon to save face, nothing more nothing less. quite frankly it does not matter who the um hires as the next coach as long as that rug munching mistress of destruction, donna shalala, is still in charge. too bad because it used to be fun being a canes fan.

Losing Paula Abdul is a bad more for AI. I'll miss her because she was always good for at least one uncontrollable laugh and usually good for a couple of nice fake boob shots.

To study "climate change" 10 members of Congress (6 Dems and 4 Repubs) went diving and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, rode a cable car through the Australian rain forest, visited a penguin rookery and flew to the South Pole. Total cost to the American taxpayer? About $500k. And they wonder why they're regarded as a lower form a species than used car salesmen. Blood sucking assholes, every single one of them.

Sotomayor is now a Supreme Court justice which is good. At least we don't have to worry about the other justices or attorneys getting woodies during "oral" arguments.

Good to see JT back home and looking good.


i would love for UM to prove me(us) wrong, but i just don't think they will be up to the task in games 1-4. i do think that ray ray armstrong will be one of the better players on the team, even as a freshman playing safety which i don't think was his forte at seminole. he was absolutely fabulous in the second half against northwestern and swimming upstream on this one, i think he has more QB potential than jacorry harris. i have been known to go out on the occasional limb (davone bess, john baker for the marlins when he was brought up) anf the canes fans really let me have it about ray ray. also in total agreement about the dwarf lesbo running UM- she makes me vomit!!


scintillating first half at wembley with the red devils up 1-0 against chelski; later on real madrid against, GULP, a team from the american minor league, DC united. how does 4-0 sound, and that would be a good result for the second division level club from the nation's capitol, methinks.

Randy Shannon shoulda taken the contract. If they finish in the top 25 with a major bowl appearance-even as the underdog, I will be astounded. Jacory Harris competing for the Heisman? ha Chris you have to be a true fan-blind faith.

Stones comments- Brian Jones last contributions to the band was very limited on Beggars Banquet album. He was fired from the band pending certain prison time awaiting trial on drug charges. The band was going to tour and he not only couldn't leave the country but musically he became a liability.
Duke, Brian Jones thought he earned the leader label because he is what kept them together in the early days. By the late 60's he was finished and Mick and Keith were writing everything and practicing without Brian.. as he just wouldn't show. Townsend, Clapton and some others filled in to practice or just jam for the heck of it.
Shadow & Duke. Exile on Main St is on of my favorite albums but I argue that Some Girls may have been their best and at the time maybe their most commercially successful.

Bruce Smith deserves HOF. Miami OT Richmond Webb owned him. Webb and OG Simms were good back to back draft picks by Shula.

Tom, your not talking about that picture of Taylor in his jockstrap that Belichick has posted on his Facebook do you?

Your community sounds great.


wasn't brian jones on some of the tracks on "let it bleed"? "gimme shelter" is sone of the stones' absolute best songs, "you got the silver" another favorite of mine. i couldn't name one song on "some girls"!! "aftermath" is my favorite stones' album, only because "exile" was three LPs and the sheer volume of material made it difficult to hit on all cylinders; my favorite on exile is "happy"!!

Tom it's good to see members of congress tightening their belts and making sacrifices like the rest of us. I hear those barrier reefs are sharp as razors and one can easily cut themselves on the coral. It's funny shadow you should mention Grand Funk as withstanding test of time better than Ten Years After but it's true. Jimbo, Brian probably wouldn't show because Keith and Brian's ex-girlfriend were always dry humping on the sofa when Brian finally arrived to practice. It was more than any bloke could take...

The Strat Collector News Desk is actually the name of the source I got the Rory info. Go to http://www.stratcollecter.com/scn/archive.html it has alot of great interviews, stories from friends, family of many of the great guitarists(Donal, Rory's brother recounting how Rory manipulated his first Strat out of music store and kept it hid under the bed so his mother wouldn't find it.), news in world of guitars, rock icons, history of Strats. I think it's just a section of "Modern Guitarist" which features stuff on many different guitar manufacturers, models & equipment.

From that web address click on "The Strat Collector News Desk"(it's not straight shot apparently from address I provided above to where juicy stuff is)and then to Article Archive on left hand side. David Gilmore and making of his Black Strat, Clapton, Page(Yes apparently Page picked up a Strat once), Robert Cray, Eric Johnson, Hendrix and many other Strat players are all covered in one fascinating way or another...

Whoops I mean right hand side is where Article Archive is. Just woke up. r. duke is up all night because he works eve shift.

God I'm exceptionally slow this morning even for me. Just click on www.stratcollector.com but if it doesn't work like I think it should yer on yer own. I'm no leader men.


Rick-truthfully speaking, the Cane's with Shannon & Harris aren't in LSU, Gators, Bama (hate Saban 2) class anymore. Struggling to beat Duke, Virginia ain't saying much. I'm personally a PSU fan so I got no stake in hate'n the Canes. Besides, Paterno's D almost ruined Vinny Testaverde for life when they beat for the Nat'l Championship ages ago.

Shadow, Duke
Not sure if Brian Jones helped on any of the "let it bleed" album. He drowned July 1969. During that era, when he made it to record everything was laid out for him. His creativity & contributions were about gone by then. After Aftermath almost everything was written by Jagger/Richards. Exile on Main was one of my favorites too. It was recorded in Keith Richards basement in the South of France when they fled Britian due to back taxes not paid. If they took time to refine "Exile" that very well could have been an all time top double LP.
"Some Girls" came out when I was in high school so it may have had a sentimental biase. this featured, Shattered, Just my Imagination, Some Girls, Respectable, Miss You.
An old song off "let it bleed" called- "Love in Vain" was redone & recorded live fairly recently. Very good song.
Funny you mentioned Keith stealing Brian's girl. Read a book "Up and down with rolling stones" long time ago by a former friend of the band... early days till about the ronnie wood era. Anita Paulinburg -sp ?- was her. When Brian was all jacked up he used to beat on her. She slept around with Mick and Keith and settled for Keith,, didn't hurt his chances that she was turning into a heroin addict too.
Ronnie Wood has never had any say in the Stones musical material. Neither did the drummer-Watts or the bass-Wyman.

40 anniversary of Woodstock. It would have been interesting times then as some of you guys have experienced. Before my time.
Read a magazine story last week that during that 4 days of Woodstock -- 109 -- brave soldiers died in Vietnam. An Army infantry company was ambushed and 35 were killed and almost none of the remaining company unscathed. reference VFW magazine.

Well Jimbo I was too young to experience it other than via film. I believe we're like same age. I'm 46. That is just one of the exceptionally grim facts of the 60's, the Vietnam nightmare. On a more superficial note wasn't Beast of Burden on Some Girls too?


"love in vain" was a great song that the stones included in their live shows for a long time; it is ancient and is credited to the legendary bluesman robert johnson, who was killed in the 1920s or 30s by a jealous husband. robert johnson also credited with writing "crossroads". i was at woodstock for the first day, but when the rain started to really come down we hit the road- took 8 1/2 hours to travel the 11 miles from "yasgur's farm" tothe new york thruway!!

duke, yep were the same. be 47 on labor day. don't even remember seeing Nam updates on TV,,,none of it.
YOur right 2, "Beast of Burden" was on Some Girls.

shadow, your right but "love in vain" was left out to dry in the mid 70's when Stones started doing large stadiums. They have reintroduced it. I think the way they do "Pait it Black" now is better than the original.
Brian Jones revisited.. at the release of Beggars Banquet the Stones added John Lennon, Yoko and some others to perform in The Rolling Stones Circus.. a hippy type commune jamming session that Brian Jones participated in. Around this time everyone knew Brians days as a Stone were done. He barely caught on the easiest rifts of the new album and his presence was merely superficial.


the sources state that brian jones played a "little bit" on "let it bleed" before the stones booted him; i am tempted to say he was on "country honk", but i don't have the purple sleeve with the credits on it in front of me. as mentioned, excellent album with "gimme shelter" a track for the ages.


Read your column this morning. I'm still one of your employer's few paper subscribers, but at this rate I may reconsider...and perhaps as many as 150,000 others as well.

Instead of recognizing Isiah's achievements, you must once again hate on FIU and discount our progress with defamatory statements. You know FIU is on the rise, its no longer a matter of if, but rather when...when will FIU become the dominant collegiate athletic, and academic, program in South Florida? It will certainly be sooner than later..its a shame that because your alma FAU is in such shambles and will never come close in achieving FIU's progress, much less touch UM's storied history, that you must continue your immature harassment of FIU.

All you have is a silly "Rivalry" game, which FAU has somehow managed to dominate. But this will change starting this year, besides everyone knows our days in the SunBelt are counted. Our rivalry games will be with schools of comparable athletic and academic prestige. FAU will always be the laughingstock of the SunBelt.

The day is quickly coming when the entire FIU community will laugh in your face with "told you so's" and you will have absolutely nothing to come back with.

shadow, right again. can't say that I have ever seen him getting writing credits for ANY one track of theirs. I have in storage all those old albums and the books were discarded a couple moves ago. The Stones really wanted Eric Clapton to join them but he was turned off by the crazy crowds and constant ruckus this band was known for. Don't really care for Ronnie Wood but some of the guitar work that is undoubtably Mick Taylor was impressive. He got caught up in the cocaine & fame and couldn't handle the job for long.
I do possess some vintage Beatles 45's. Unfortunately they aren't in the best of shape.

Some little known facts:

A winter statistic,

NOW You're from Colorado if:
You'll eat ice cream in the winter.

It snows 5 inches and you don't expect school to be cancelled.

You'll wear flip flops every day of the year, regardless of temperature.

You have no accent at all, but can hear other people's. And then you make fun of them.

'Humid' is over 25%.

Your sense of direction is: Toward the mountains and Away from the mountains.

You say 'the interstate' and everybody knows which one.

You think that May is a totally normal month for a blizzard.

You buy your flowers to set out on Mother's day, but try and hold off planting them until just before Father's day.

You grew up planning your Halloween costumes around your coat.

You know what the Continental Divide is.

You don't think Coors beer is that big a deal.

You went to Casa Bonita as a kid, and as an adult.

You've gone off-roading in a vehicle that was never intended for such activities.

You always know the elevation of where you are.

You wake up to a beautiful, 80 degree day and you wonder if it's going to snow tomorrow.

You don't care that some company renamed it, the Broncos still play at Mile High.

Every movie theater has military and student discounts.

Everybody wears jeans to church.

You actually know that ** South Park ** is a real place not just a show on TV.

You know what a 'trust fund hippy' is, and you know its natural habitat is Boulder

You know you're talking to a fellow Coloradoan when they call it Elitches, not Six Flags.

A bear on your front porch doesn't bother you.

Your two favorite teams are the Broncos and whoever is beating the crap out of the Raiders.

When people out East tell you they have mountains in their state too, you just laugh.

You go anywhere else on the planet and the air feels 'sticky' and you notice the sky is no longer blue.

I'd tag Angelie Jolie's a@@ over and over again. That is some righteous pu$$y. Don't think I could deal with her on a personal note though. Did I mention I would tag that a@@ tho?

shadow.. brian WAS on some of let it bleed, but beggar's banquet was his last record, i think.. cote, interesting how these nazis on the blog think anything to the left of attila the hun is socialist. you guys are idiots. obama, is a center-left corporatist, like clinton.. there is no viable opposition to fascism in this country anymore. the republicans are fascists, and the democrats are as liberal as republicans were 28 years ago.there is no more left wing. don't get your panties in a bunch, my idiot republican friends. the LAST thing that is going to happen in this country is socialism for the people. ONLY FOR THE COMPANIES. don't worry, your money will continue to make the rich richer, and the poor will remain poorer..

and by the way shadow, i perform with bernard fowler, the guy who has been singing back up with the stones for 20 yrs. our last gig featured ronnie wood as a surprise guest. he is definitely taking care of himself, and he sounded amazing. we did flying, from the faces..

Jimbo, Great blog about Colorado,Still lmao about it..

david in los angeles,

"flying" was from "first step", which was rod's debut with the then still "small faces"; a monster of a song which i believe was written by long john baldry. "first step" and "gasoline alley" came out simultaneously, if i remember, which made for a summer rich in the magnificent vocals of rod stewart.

david in los angeles,

music over politics anyday!!! ronnie wood, ronnie lane, rod, and kenny jones made for a great time musically as the faces. the keyboard player was named ian something and they were a fun group- i caught a ball kicked into the crowd by rod stewart at the swing auditorium in san bernardino somewhere in the 70s. rod stewart, pre-surgery, had one of the great voices and could really sing. all downhill after maggie may (HOT PANTS-UGGHHHH!!!)

david don't ever forget about Jimi. Period. I know I won't nor anyone that comes in contact with me lol.


MV, CA is a great city. Generally #1 or #2 safest city in the nation! In spite of a bankrupt state, it boasts a healthy and growing budget every year.

From a "sports" standpoint, the city was home to two NFL QB's. Both who present me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, MV high school parents watched Mark Sanchez grow up here, then followed him through when he went to SC and now, I suppose, the hated Jets. So you can see how that would frustrate a hard core Dolphins fan. The other QB was Todd Marinovich, who played for the Raiders did time with drugs and otherwise, screwed the pooch.

MV also is where Greg Louganis developed his world class diving, where the 84 Olympics hosted a cycling event and was also home to Florence Griffith-Joyner before her untimely and unfortunate death.

I would certainly recommend this city to just about anyone.

I too have been blessed. Living in Colorado for the last 14 yrs have been great. thousands of incredible pictures taken too. climbed 14,411 ft Pikes peak a couple weeks ago. So much to do outside yr rd. I run, hike, bike & ski. CO Springs is a small city of about 390k people. My kids go to the same HS that produced Chargers WR Vincent Jackson. Now were relocating to Tacoma/Seattle area. My wife is reporting in November and my reporting date is up in the air, trying to politic a promotion. Mike1 has given me a short list of "to do" there. I'll get some good quality light weight foul weather gear and run/hike in the driving rain. Our ultimate destination for retirement location is the Pensacola area.


blessings to you wherever you are on the way to pensacola. vincent jackson is gonna have a big season for the chargers.

r duke, who is forgetting about jimi? the coolest recording session i have ever done was at electric lady in new york, the studio he started building but never saw completed. it is pretty much the way he left it; murals, artwork, etc.. the vibe is unreal..

david in los angeles,

is gold star studio still alive and well @santa monica and vine in LA? between there and RCA recorders on sunset, where the stones made a bunch of their 60s albums, we are talking the creme de la creme!!

david I was just messin' around because of my over the top adoration of Jimi.

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