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July 15, 2009

The Ultimate Miami Dolphins Poll


     NOTE TO VALUED READERS: I am off on vacation this week and next. (How DARE I!?) Will be back blogging, columnizing and Twittering beginning the week of July 27. Live online chats will resume July 29. 'Random Evidence' Sunday notes column returns Aug. 2.

     I leave this as an open thread in my absence. Talk amongst yourselves. What's going on? Marlins playoff chase? Dolphins and Hurricanes getting close? Pat Riley/Dwyane Wade stalemate continuing?

     As a conversation starter here is a poll I've been thinking about for awhile. Do more than vote. Drop a comment explaining why. I usually have a strong feeling on where my vote goes in most polls that I post here, but this one I think is a genuinely tough call, with three great choices. Pretend like it's debate class. Make your case.

     Have fun. See you in a bit...


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the perfect season is still to this day un-matched by anyone...a few teams have come close but no cigar.

two weeks to training camp !!!

Is There Any Doubt To This Question ????? OH HELL NOOOOOOOOO

Cote are f***ing kidding. Nothing beats three consecutive SB appearences, losing to Dallas coming back to go undefeated and then kicking in Vikings teeth with Zonk as Dolphins official battering ram to get the silver chalice once again. Marino great thrower with great receivers & kept franchise alive when they had more holes than swiss cheeses. But his career was BITTERsweet at best. All those poundings by Bills, Super Bowl debacle against 49ers in which they were soundly beaten by a real professional team. I was surprised after watching first half of Miami in SB XIX(?)my beloved Fins didn't lose by like 60 points. Strange because record setting offense lead one to believe they could, in fact would come away with another SB Trophy. I was just learning how special 49ers teams were. Our defense and running game were among worse in SB history at that time for a contender.

So our host is off on vacation, eh! Hmm, I wonder if he's taking the little lady and clan across the pond to take in The Open at Turnberry, or perhaps, over to France to catch a bit of Le Tour.

Either way, I find it interesting that Greg selects to play the "safe" card, leaving us with a rather uninspiring subject for us to talk about. "Ultimate Dolphin Poll?" Please!

Greg's conscience talking: "let's see, what can I place on here that will keep them amused for hours?" "sort of what one might place in a baby pen to steal away some adult time." "Well, there's always ANYTHING Dolphins.

This is going to be a long two weeks.

I think the results from the poll speak for themselves! Since a perfect season has never been duplicated by any other franchise, that still remains our most signifigant accomplishment in Dolphin history.

Don Shula being second in votes is also appropriate, since his all time career wins will probably never be matched due to the currrent revolving door policy for current NFL coaches.

Third place goes to Marino's career. If Marino would have won a Super Bowl during his career, I belieive the results of this poll would be different.

Go Fins!

John OBrien

Still OC that was worst poll ever. C'mon he & his companion Clyde Tolson-LeBartard must be chuckling in Nassau between their Cabana Boy backrubs & Mai Tais over readers response to that brainteaser of a poll.

Shula was THE MAIN COG in Dolphins arsenal for early seventies. The fact he could not get anther SB Trophy since then speaks volumes about not having right people around him from GM's to assistant coaches, scouts & guys like Arsparger marred his accomplishment which his longevity made possible much like Brett Faverges' surpassing Marino's records. Sorry about comparing Shula to Brett because Brett is clearly unbalanced egocentric pussy...

Gentlemen, since Mr. Cotex is away for awhile why not let the insanes run the assylum and pick the blog chats ???? ...I'll start with this one...

In the "HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE" department, ex heater Antoine Walker is facing criminal charges over gambling debt, should we feel sorry for this clown?....

what say you ?

I like that idea FZB. I already have a couple of ideas I'm working on, but have to step away for a bit.

OC, I'd kill to go see the Le Tour right now!!

Joke of the day:

The testicles of a Texas midget hurt and ached almost all the time.
The midget went to the doctor and told him about his problem.. The doctor told him to drop his pants and he would have a look. The midget dropped his pants.
The doctor stood him up onto the examining table, and started to examine him.
The doctor put one finger under his left testicle and told the midget to turn his head and cough, the usual method to check for a hernia.
"Hmm.." mumbled the doctor, and as he put his finger under the right testicle, he asked the midget to cough again.
"Aha!" said the doctor, and reached for his surgical scissors...
Snip-snip-snip-snip on the right side...then snip-snip-snip-snip on the left side..
The midget was so scared he was afraid to look, but noted with amazement that the snipping did not hurt.
The doctor then told the midget to walk around the examining room to see if his testicles still hurt.
The midget was absolutely delighted as he walked around and discovered his testicles were no longer aching.
The doctor said, "How does that feel now?"
The midget replied, "Perfect Doc, and I didn't even feel it.
What did you do?"

The doctor replied, "I cut two inches off the top of your cowboy boots.


i like shula's coaching record as i wasn't a big fan of the dolphins until they started winning with norm bulaich and don nottingham running the plays that bob griese recognized would work. shula i believe is the only coach to have two increments of two years where his teams only lost twice: the 72&73 dolphins and the 67&68 colts (11-1-2 and 13-1); the 67 colts didn't even get into the playoffs, finishing with the same record as the rams but losing to george allen's team in the season's last game.

come on OC, drop and hint then run, baiting the trap so to speak. Do tell.
dolphins poll: I thought Shula's all time record is equal to back to championships. Undefeated season stands alone though.

I emailed Cote last week to suggest a poll asking which current unrestricted free agent would fit the Dolphins the best. There are about 12 total. Here are some.
A. WR Marvin Harrison
B. QB Mike Vick
C. OT Wayne Gandy
D. LB Derrick Brooks
there are some others but they drop off in star power after that.

Maybe Cote is catching david's worldwide tour with all the bitches in the world at his disposal. Actually the guy reminds me of "Dale" on Will Ferrel's "Step Brothers".

Okay gang,

Well, we all know this to be the S-L-O-W period. Real football and the Dolphins are still some ways out.

Last year, if memory serves, we got into all kinds of subjects around this time. One subject which everyone seemed to have an opinion (or two) on are movies. I suspect, if you are like most, now and then people might ask you which ones are your favorites.

Personally, I have wrestled with this one for quite some time. Like music, there are just so many great choices. However, I've finally come to the realization that favorite movies (for me) are those I just can't walk away from. Movies that I stop and watch while channel surfing, Regardless of how far it is into the film.

Here are some memorable quotes from OC's Top Ten. Feel free to guess. Winner gets raoul duke's media guide, which he never received after winning the Sudoku contest.

Movie quotes:

1. He was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time! Players couldn't get a drink at the table!

2. Well, from up here, it looks like you're in charge of shit, Dwayne.

3. We have a complete dossier on you: Richard Blaine, American, age 37.

4. If I ever run into any of you bums on a street corner, just let's pretend we've never met before.

5. A DEAL, deal! Maybe the guy's a Republican.

6. You see that ring on his finger? The Academy, Class of 72. A marine.

7. I find it works well enough to get me from one planet to another.

8. Timba! Timba! Ungowa.

9. Let off some steam, Bennett!

10. He's whittlin' on a piece of wood. I've got a feeling when he stops whittlin'...something's gonna happen.

This ought to be good, two weeks of the inmates running the asylum. You know, I wonder if Cote used a pocket protector when he was in school, hell I bet he still does, what do you all think about this important topic?

I hear that cote was going to the Hagan-Daz plant to see how they made ice cream,i haer they give free samples of ice cream, iam sure Cote will be spending the first 13 days there..

"Pyle if God wanted you to make it over that obstacle he would have miracled your fat a** over it by now." Paraphrase of Drill Sgt's inspirational words of encouragement to slow Leonard "Pyle" from Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket."

Always liked Marvin Harrison. He seemed like Warfield in that there was little if any "Me First!" s***. He just quietly and efficiently played great football on consistent basis.

I'm startin' to think Cote never even had March Madness College Basketball rag. It was proverbial carrot for whoever really wanted it. I just wanted to be creative and obscene with my Haiku entries and I believe I accomplished my objective.

1. Godfather 2
6. Hunt 4 Red October
don't know about any of the rest.

Just two out of 10, Jimbo? Wow, you don't even get a cookie! (hint) to #5.


paul warfield was as good as anybody, but this business about his remaining quiet about the number of passes thrown his way is absurd. the dolphin running attack virtually assured him of single coverage; the more balls a guy has thrown at him lowers his avg/catch-take a look at bob hayes' numbers when he averaged 25 yards a grab, like #42 did-under 30 catches, i am reasonably sure. and didn't "mister 'team first, me second' bolt the dolphins for the world football league along with the other stars, leaving the dolphins bulaich and nottingham, who each had seasons of averaging well over 4yds/carry, with bulaich at age 33 with awful knees averaging 4.9 yds/run. paul warfield is a really decent guy, but lighten up on making him a mother theresa-type; she also would have avergaed 15yds/catch on the super bowl teams!!

men, a post disappeared where it was revealed that in their 25+yds/catch seasons, bob hayes and paul warfiel caught about three passes a game; lance alworth averaged 23 yds a catch one season while catching 69 passes, almost double the grabs of #s22 and 42! let's see how bucky pope. the claw from catawba did in his 25+ season.


bucky pope-25 catches for a 31.4 avg, including a 95 yd TD, plus that NFL Films highlight of him catching one directly over his head in a pre-season night game at the coliseum. as you have been reading, the relationship between passes caught and yds/catch is an inverse one. let's try randy moss!!


randy moss never has averaged 20+/catch, and when he has 100+ catches he is averaging about 15 yards.

wesley walker? in his 24yds+/catch seasons, three balls per game... are you catching on?


warren wells of the traiders, career shortened by a rape conviction, averaged 26.8 yds on 47 catches in 1969; he was the favorite deep target of daryle (the mad bomber) lamonica. how's about cliff branch?
one season over 20/catch, caught 46 in 14 games- 3.3 catches per contest. let's look at andre johnson-career avg 13.1 yards.

last add, same topic- look at the numbers of jerry rice to see how it works; i am out of big play receivers, unless i go back to tom fears or don hutson!!!

shadow I do have difficulty seeing Warfield as selfish player and that may be my rose colored glasses. But you can't fault him, Zonk and Kiick for bolting to World Football League for chance at lifetime financial security making like a million or so each. Particularly at a time when salaries were not in line for the type of job they did, its dubious longevity given nature of sport and considering all Csonka, Kiick & Warfield jerseys and other paraphenillia(sp?)that owners probably made mountains of cash off marketability of such star athletes. Christ I had Dolphin jacket, hat, jerseys, t-shirts, helmut, socks, pennant, freakin' pajamas, lunchbox and I bet players saw little of proceeds. Even retirement was issue for players at that time if I'm not mistaken. They would have been financial morons to pass up the deal of a lifetime. PLUS ROBBIE COULD HAVE MATCHED THE DEAL TO KEEP THEM BUT HIS POCKETS WEREN'T GOING TO GO THAT DEEP FOR ANY FOOTBALL PLAYER, ANY EXPENDABLE REPLACEABLE PART OR PARTS IN THIS CASE. NO ONE WAS GOING TO DICTATE CONTRACTUAL TERMS TO AN OWNER LIKE HIMSELF. PERIOD.

wow jimbo, i leave you a nice "have fun with the wife" comment, expressing my empathy for you being so far away from the one you love, and ya still gotta talk s h i t.. just because i live a creative, adventurous life that i get PAID to live, why hate?

I really hate to think of the pain in the ass it is going to be going through the pages and pages of posts with this same thread for two weeks. I can see me taking a vacation from this blog.

shadow - was warren wells the famous guy who said "How could I know she was 13? She looked 15 to me" ?? same guy?
got a good point about Andre Johnson, I'd take him or Larry Fitzgerald if I could chose any NFL WR.

Dolphins chatter: I read where Will Allen CB is front runner to start--expected that. The other CB side is up for grabs. You would think that Eric Green (veteran from AZ) should get the other spot. Ain't happening, May and June workouts he was consistantly burned. (burned by no one of TO or Moss ability either). Vontae Davis has shown up out of shape. not a good sign. Rookie Sean Smith has been the best #2 CB so far and if the season were to start next week, he would be starting.
Also mentioned, rookie S Clemons has been good & rookie WR Turner has shown great hands and more speed than they anticipated.

Wow. This is just unbelievable. Tom Freaking Watson, at 59 years of age, is leading The Open. Think about this for a second, if you would. The last time this guy was competitive in this track it was just 5 years removed from when the Dolphins had their perfect season back in 72. We're talking 1977 folks! How many of you remember that classic battle between he and Jack.

This is almost like having Reggie Jackson dusting off those old pinstripes, entering a World Series game -in 2009- against Manny and the rest of the Dodgers, then proceeding and sending three game winning swats in reflection of that 1977 feat.

Can he keep this going three more days? Probably not. But hey- like/follow golf or not, this is pretty heady stuff.

Winning Super Bowls is all that matters... VERY easy choice.

did his viagra wear off yet?

shadow for what it's worth I will tone down my Warfield admiration society diatribes. Also unless Dolphins drafted really well they likely would not have been able to go toe toe with Steelers even if Zonk et al stayed in Miami.

Hopefully Vontae Davis won't become involved in any self-destructive activities off the field. Draft picks money should never be guaranteed. Enough for for basic needs but not life of luxury money until they've earned it and too many high round picks haven't.

top 1 st - 3 rd picks don't have contracts yet. not being in shape shows lack of interest in your career. eric green has new nickname in miami.. "toast" . earnest wilford won't make the team either. the WR battle with the incumbants plus 2 drafted rookies spells struggle to make the roster and wilford is as good as gone.

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No doubt on this one. Undefeated season. All three are great achievements though.

I actually think the year we lost to a virtual mirror image of '72 Dolphins namely '82 Redskins team in SB XVII(?) was a personal highlight for me. Particularly since Redskins had their own personal Zonk in Riggins and Theisman was actually supposed to be in a Dolphin uniform but his rights were traded to Foreskins because I thought I heard he didn't want to play for Dolphins. Actually outright refused if I remember correctly. Thanks LT.

Jimbo, for your benefit (as you were the only one to take a shot at it):

1. Godfather II (GF1 is actually better, but everyone knows every line, so #2). You got that one right!
2. Die Hard (LAPD - Captain Dwayne, thinking he's got things under control, in typical bureaucratic nonsense).
3. Casablanca, (Rick, oka: Richard Blaine).
4. Stalag 17. (William Holden rubs it in their faces, Tom would have gotten this one. If I recollect, that's his favorite movie).
5. Kelly's Heroes. My all time #1, hands down!
6. Hunt For Red October. You also got that one correct. You and duke may be tank guys. I've always fancied the sub. btw, is there a finer author than Tom Clancy? Damn, they should have made his first book.
7. The Day The Earth Stood Still.
8. Tarzan Finds a Son.
9. Commando. (comical as hell. Pick your lines, "Sully, do you remember when I said I would kill you last?" Lines are all classics. More blasting than Saving Private Ryan, and by one guy that doesn't get hit).
10. Once Upon a Time in the West. (Finally. A Fonda gets their come-up-ins).

OC Dolphin,

greetings and blessings from the holy land.
#1 for me is the manchurian candidate; stalag falls into the next tier. i named one of our horses after gil stratton, who played william holden's stashkeeper (sefton's cookie)-don't know if the horse ever won a race after breaking his maiden. gil stratton was a sportscaster after his career in radio ended when his voice changed. a great guy who was on the verge of tears during one of his 5 minute sports spots on KNX radio; it was only after that i discovered that on that afternoon william holden was found dead from having cracked his head open during a fall. put sunset blvd.-another billy wilder/bill holden movie way up there on the list.

r. duke,

theisman wqasn't gonna budge bob griese and bolted for canada rather than be a punt returner. i don't think his ego sat well with shula and off to canada he went. up north he wasn't flutie or warren moon or close to them in achievement. finished a bitter also-ran to plunkett in the heisman voting after chnaging the pronunciation of his last name (formerly THEESMAN) to rhyme with that of the trophy.


Let's start a blog about nekkid ladies and their assets.


Thanks for the back story on Gil. Being in the SoCa area for 33 years now, naturally one hears and knows about GS. Somehow, I just never made the connection that Clarence Harvey "Cookie" (also the narrator, I might add) was THAT GS.

btw, this past 4th of July, the suits that run FM 94.7 (The Wave) decided to go nostalgic for one day, thus returning to a Classic Rock format. Wouldn't you know that one of the day's programing guests was a fellow you might be familiar with - Dr. Demento.

shadow, that's a good piece on Theisman. Unlike most, I think he is pretty good as a commentator. A little loud and full of himself yes, but he is knows the game and explains details well.
stay safe and enjoy the holy land.
OC, I recollect about 4 more of the answers now, too late though. Never saw movies 8 & 10.

Here's one for U OC. Hint: is a recent movie.
"As the late Colonel Sanders said- I'm too drunk to taste this chicken"... very funny movie. Here's another one from the same movie-
"please be 18" same actor too.

Heat comment: Unbiased opinion as I am not a Miami Heat fan. If they can add Lamar Odom and Carlos Boozer with D Wade.... now your talking major improvement. That would be an excellent move.


That would be Talladega Nights, The Legend of Ricky Bobby.

Tarzan Finds a Boy takes me back to when I was just a little oc sitting there in front of our b&w tv. Newer generations would never come to know what that was like. This flick was pure Saturday noon fun.

Once Upon a Time in the West is classic spaghetti western - Sergio Leone. Just a great movie with all those over-dubs, cool sounding gunfire, and stylized dream sequences. If you get a chance, check it out. Charles Bronson parlayed much from this film to continue being a guy nobody f***s with.

Is Sergio Leone of early Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns? Charles Bronson was strong presence in whatever he acted in.
Your absolutely correct in my trivia question.
Will Ferrel movies are hilarious. Step Brothers, Talladega Nights, Old School are great. I prefer slap stick comedy but also appreciate British humor. Monty Pythom's "Holy Grail" is a high mark in comedy movies. Went to the theatre when their "Life of Brian" came out. Swear I laughed out loud more than anyone else. This blond cheerleader type I took as a date didn't get it... any of it.
Used to take in the old Tarzan (Johnny Wisemiller?) reruns of b&w too. WC Fields, Ma and Pa Kettle, Stooges, TV series Batman. Sunday evenings we used to sit and watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kindom and Disney as a family. Still me cracks me up to this day to picture old saggy balls Marlin Perkins standing there narrating while (not too bright but well paid) Jim wrestles with (fill in the blank) in a fight for his life. Old man Marlin standing on the river bank holding the mic "Look at how big that alligators teeth are! Watch Jim wrestle the alligator till we go on commercial break."
How about 6 million dollar man Lee Majors peddling super sonic hearing aid. f***ing laughed my ass off see it the first time thinking it is a parody of something on the comedy channel. Guess you throw in a knee replacement, Tommy John surgery and a new hip and HEY we got about 6 mil billed to medicare.!!!!!!

Yep. All three. Leone had a thing for American Westerns. He also made another great movie in Once Upon a Time in America.

"we are the knights that say - neeh!"

OC Henry was quite good as the very BAD "Frank." Jason Robards(sp?)and Bronson also played interesting roles.

Well I woke up shadow feeling alittle bad about LT comment. That was an AWFUL injury. I still remember where I was when it happened. I was at my sister and brother in laws and I watching it on black and white small screen TV and I'm thinking "no that couldn't of happened. That had to be distortion as a result of poor picture quality." I go out in living room and sure enough my brother in law was wretching too. And they played it over & over yet one couldn't help but be snake fascinated by that compound fracture.

Jimbo your cheerleader date would have gotten it if she'd read a book every now and then instead of dreaming of the Ken she was going to marry, gang banging the football team and cheering her empty head off all the f***ing time! Also a few beers & some mushrooms couldn't have hurt the poor girls impaired humor.

Duke, I knew there was something "special" about that girl. My goodness was she good looking, still is really. She use to yell my favorite cheer "Eat me, Eat me , raw , Raw , RAW"! True blonde too, that was back in the day when everyone had a bush, no shave, If they did, they had crabs. We did partake into some partying before hand. I was 17-18 at the time and couldn't care less of the girls IQ, just looks and if I could tap that.

Well Jimbo lets face it you're not cumming in her IQ...

You two are disgusting. Writing about women like that.

I used to like you before you sex change operation.

you mispelled your own name Jenine or is it Jamima? similar, same, senseless ho. Everyone knows Jenine like pussy as much as any of us guys and I got no problem with that. So she shouldn't mind some guys talk.

Guys, I was wondering if there are any other DOG people on here. My dog is unique. TRUE STORY. When I was single a couple yrs ago and had different ladies come over for entertainment, my dog would catch a sniff of the girls crotch. Female shepard mixed with greyhound. Particularly if a girl is naked in my bathroom doing her thing in the mirror, the dog will stick her nose right in the ladies crotch. She has eaten the crotch out of panties too...

Duke, that cheerleader girl had the whitest teeth I've ever come accross......

Joke of the day:
One afternoon a lawyer was riding in his limousine when he saw two men along the roadside eating grass.
Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate...
He asked one man, "Why are you eating grass?"
"We don't have any money for food," the poor man replied. "We have to eat grass."
"Well, then, you can come with me to my house and I'll feed you," the lawyer said.
"But sir, I have a wife and two children with me. They are over there, under that tree."
"Bring them along," the lawyer replied.
Turning to the other poor man he stated, "You come with us, also."
The second man, in a pitiful voice, then said, "But sir, I also have a wife and SIX children with me!"
"Bring them all, as well," the lawyer answered..
They all entered the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as the limousine was.
Once underway, one of the poor fellows turned to the lawyer and said, "Sir, you are too kind."
"Thank you for taking all of us with you."

The lawyer replied, "Glad to do it.

"You'll really love my place.

"The grass is almost a foot high .

another celebrity passing away.

Walter Cronkrite died unexpectantly at age 92.

herald lost my 2 most recent postings.

Marc Anthony a part owner of the Fins? What's with some of the lamest entertainers getting a piece of the team?

Could Richard Simmons be the next strength and conditioning coach?

Maybe a spot for Sha Na Na's Bowser in the commentators booth, he can open his mouth and flex his biceps continuously. I couldn't script this crap any funnier. Steven Ross does have a comic side afterall, it's the people he surrounds himself with.

Jimbo I always vanted a blonde for ah zeir zupposedly zuperior minds undt bodies but zey vould continue to zay "NEIN!" even wis ze Luger barrel pointed straight at zeir lovely Aryan foreheadz. I couldn't bring meinself to shootz zem for zeir bad judgement...


uncle walter at 92, karl malden at 97- nice long lives. karl malden was a fabulous actor who was great in on the waterfront, streetcar named desire, and many others. also did "the don't leave home without it" commercials for american express.

Wow!!! Are you kidding me? Tom Watson leading The Open -still- after three days! Forget the fact that the man is 60 years old (two months removed). Forget that there has never been anyone older than 45 (Foreman/boxing), in any sport, to stand tall at the end. If this continues to play out, this will end up being the biggest sports story OF ALL TIME! What an amazing story.

Elementary my dear Watson, elementary. I love a set oif sparkling white choppers in a beautiful cheerleader's mouth Jimbo. Call me old fashioned and sentimental.

Speaking of Malden and another one of my favorites ol Edward G. Robinson The Cincinnati Kid was a fun movie with alot of well known actors and actresses including of course Steve McQueen.

Forgive me but if The Jonas Brothers buy a part of the Dolphins I'm becoming a goddamn Jet fan. And don't think I wouldn't do it. I can only take so much silliness...

OC I hate to rain on your parade but the thing with golf is there is no tackling, no helmuts, no crowd noise, no playing in snow, sleet, fog, downpours, mud, freezing to subfreezing temps but they wear a sort of cleat I believe. At the very least they should have to play in severe electrical storms. More lightning is a must!

Duh how 'bout K-Fed. Now there's an up and cummer that would make a fine edition to the Dolphin organization brain-thrust er I mean trust. He has his hand on not only his own erection but the erect.. er I mean the throbbing pulse of others as well. Ask Jeeves.

duke, no crowd noise? Be present when someone bombs a 60 footer. No playing in snow, sleet, fog, downpours!? Clearly you've never played the game, in earnest.

This goes beyond that just the same. Right about now, there are thousands, hundredths of thousands of geriatrics practicing their putting alongside their walkers. What Watson is doing is pumping life into everyone who has long accepted the demise brought on by father time.

What is happening before us is so ridiculous it begs the comparison of having your grandfather go one-on-one with LeBron James and manage to outscore, outrebound King James himself (Tiger and all others). But hey, don't let me be the sole voice in all this. Just watch what happesn if by some divine miracle Tom Watson manages to win this tournament tomorrow.

kinda strange seeing Tiger not making the cut.

Duke, I don't know about this Dolphin ownership, like they are on the Good Ship Lollipop or some crap.
Duke, didn't you forget about "Happy Gilmore"?

yeah Shadow, I always like Maldin & what he played in. He seemed like an every day kind of guy, a throw back. People are so artificial now, especially celebrities. Michael Jackson was more plastic than a GI Joe.

Who's your favorite Actor right now?
My pick is Tom Hanks.

lol. OC sometimes I just fail to see larger picture. also getting ever older myself how can I root against and old guy winning anything especially a young beautiful babe?

Jimbo, I gotta go with Mr.Depp. I may not care for everything he does but what I do enjoy is indelibly marked on my soul.

Brad Pitt wouldn't be far off. btw, check out this trailer. Looks right up our alleys:


OC, Pitt is good and on a roll. I thought him being too much of a pretty boy with some but not a lot of talent,, that is until I saw "Snatch" and of course some others following that. Oceans 11 @ 12 were good & saw Benjamin Button on that long flight from Amsterdam - Minnepolis in April.

Duke, Depp has a lot of depth and talented. "Pirates" were entertaining.

Who's the actor you would love to take a shit on? For me it is Sean Penn

Third f***ing time I tried to respond to you Jimbo and third mutherhumping time my response was rudely kicked out into the f***ing internetsphere. So I will try once again as a courtesy and out of respect for you to respond to your intriguing question. I for one would like to take a piping hot steamer of a dump in Tom Cruise's mouth. No offense Mr. Cruise. Some people they just hate for no reason.

caught that trailer OC, didn't know that one is due to come out. directed by Quentin Tarantino... his stuff is interesting. Pulp Fiction is outstanding. I believe I have seen Pulp Fiction about 6 times and continue to enjoy it. Zed from L.A.? hmmmm, has a certain familiarity with someone we know.

Duke, Cruise was ok when he just stuck to making movies. Agreed, he is the recipient of hot corn kernal & fiddle faddle laden fecal matter in the pie hole. Your choice is well thought out and hard to beat.

Why are the Marlins building a new stadium anyway? nightly attendance is ginrai and his entourage of 6 blue haired grannies. Kinda like the crowds you would have seen at a Pro Wrestling event in the 80's.


pulp fictionis one of the really enjoyable movies of all-time; love the line when samuel jackson states that "the wolf" lives out in (818)!!!

troy aikman in the college football hall of fame?? rodney peete was twice the college QB that troy aikman was!!!

I said it once and I'll say it again, Do you think Joe Robbie's rolling in his grave or what, and if he is do you think he's reaching for a "land shark lager" ????

2009 British Open. Ahh, but for what could have been;-(

you got that right Anti C. been posting how rediculas this owner is making the image of the team look. bunch of leisure suit has been celebrities with some rank urine smelling brew.

did Rodney Peete have that good of a career? He stuck around quite a while in the NFL too, Former USC so you would know about those stats.

God I haven't thought of Rodney Peete in quite some time. Didn't he play for the Lions? If so that is likely why I haven't thought of him in quite sometime. Not to take anything away from Aikman but he certainly did land with the right team at the right time to get himself three big ol SB rings. Regarding Brad Pitt he is very versatile and fun actor. I loved him in Seven but that was great film. Spacey and Freeman stole show. "Burn After Reading" cracked me up. I love Malkovich. Such an erudite soft spoken refined twisted f***. Brad Pitt played very funny airhead in the movie and George Clooney was very funny womanizer. Surprise there. Still I like Clooney in much of what he does. Speaking of Sergio Leone For A Few Dollar More was among my favorites. There is a scene in which Van Cleef as bounty hunter, competing for kills with Eastwood, walks up to bunch of thugs drinking at the bar and strikes a match off the hunchback of one of these murderous thugs. The thug turns around with murderous fury in his eyes and Van Cleef just casually and methodically works match around inside of his pipe to make sure tobacco is well lit. All the while Van Cleef is just staring the hunchback in the eyes with a fearless, probing and dare I say even challenging look. Leone was great with such attention to detail.

duke, I just saw some of "For a Few Dollars More" yesterday. Was Sergio Leone involved with Outlaw Jose Wales? That is one of my favorite Eastwood movies. Spitting chewing tobacco on everyone & everything.
Peete did play for the Lion, Cowboys and some others. Good #2 backup and spot starter.

Jimbo, please... Outlaw Josey Wales was a Clint directed film. Only surpassed (in Westerns) by Unforgiven. Truth being told, he's probably my favorite all time actor. He, James Stewart and Cary Grant, in no particular order.

Jimbo and r. duke,

aikman's two years with the bruins both featured losses to the trojans and rodney peete, who played in one game while recovering from measles. aikman did have a great arm and fine touch, but rodney peete could also throw and was a running threat. he and aikman split the qb awards in their senior year, with peete second and aikman third behind the phenomenally great barry sanders. it is a testimony to aikman that the sooners junked their successful wishbone to have aikman throw, but when he got hurt versus miami jamielle holloway came in and ran the sooner wishbone into a national title, if memory serves. georgia tech's running game is a vestige of the wishbone. showing the difficulty in defending so many options out of the backfield. LSU just tore them up with superior players who forced tech to pass- doom for the yellow jackets. i thought going into last season that the coach of ga tech (paul johnson?) was either the bravest, smartest or stupidest man in america for trying a high school offense at the highest level of college football; he proved to be brave and smart. let's see how round two goes for the bees. it will not be a good omen for UM if they run wild against the hurricanes again.

OC I don't know if your giving "The Good the Bad & the Ugly" its due mi amigo. I liked Outlaw Josey Wales but I was much more entertained with characters Blondie, Tuco & Angel Eyes.

As someone earlier mentioned, the poll results speak for themselves. Marino was great fun to watch. Kind of like the beautiful woman who teases you all night, but... well... when it comes time it never happens exactly like you had planned.

Shula was a class act, and a solid, but not spectacular coach. You can't discount the fact he just could not get them a championship during Marino's career. He was like the team at that time, always good, never great. Most of the championship teams were already in place when he arrived. He was great at molding schemes to his players. His weakness was in acquiring the right players to get those latter teams over the top.

Those teams in the early 70's were selfless, tireless, and relentless. And the amazing thing is every year that passes we realize yet again just how truly special what they accomplised was. Isn't it kind of bittersweet that we have to look back over 30 years to find our glory years? The only consoling factor for me is the Jets have to look back even further :)

Gentlemen, Do you realize that today is the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, I could still remember my dad waking me shortly after 9 pm(i was 6) and told me this is something that I'll remember the rest of my life..He was right..

The more I think about it those guys had balls of steel, think about it, get on a rocket with that has the explosive power of a small nuclear bomb, travel 250 thousand miles, land a machine thats never landed before , head back another 250 thousand miles hit the atmosphere with less then a 60 meter window of error and hope those parachutes open...... DAMN , thats "BALLS OF STEEL"..

duke, absolutely The GB&U is a more memorable/enjoyable film than Josey Wales. I was addressing my comments to Westerns directed by Eastwood. If memory serves, he directed four Westerns: High Plains Drifter, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Pale Rider and Unforgiven. The GB&U is still probably my 2nd all time Western.

Arch Stanton? Are you sure?

Jimbo- Have to agree with you about new dolphins owner. The more i hear him, see him, sounds like a clown. As a person who loves beer, this rat piss he named the stadium after is AWFUL!!! You know the tuna has to be boiling.

From the Diary of Greg Cote:

Monday, June 20.

Finally, get a chance to relax after a long flight from NY (memo to self: pay for the extra seat on the plane - more comfortable). Tomorrow will go over to Professor Aguste Balls' shop to try on the Java de Hut outfit that I ordered from him and for the upcoming October Star Wars convention in Plano, Texas. Off for some tasty French pastries!

naplesjack, your right dude, I don't get it, and see all this as an embarressment. forgive me because although I am a big fan of the Fins, I don't even live in the state. I could tell you more of the Broncos and Steelers fans minds because I've been there. But these leisure suit flunkies that are national jokes.. leaves me poking fun of my own team. Truth be told jack, I fu**ing hate your Pats... in a good, competitive driven way.

Mike I think you gotta realize Shula's adaptability to conform his coaching to the team strengths. This is the sole reason he stuck around soooooo long to get that record.

shadow, aikman vs peete. good points---as usual friend. aikman UCLA & golden white all american. Peete USC, different type qb who went to different nfl teams with different results. both had careers that I bet privately they both enjoyed. As far as black QB's coming to NFL, I always liked Randall Cunningham, Rodney Peete, McNair & McNabb.

OC, I can't complain about your choice of Clint Eastwood, Stewart & Grant also... how can you argue with that? I am a fairly young man at 46 but appreciate some of the older films... when I was in Salzburg Austria I went with my wife on a Sound Of Music tour and checked that out........I'm not all hardcore stuff as most of you expect. I do appreciate talent no matter what era. What did you think of Gran Torino?????
Outlaw Jose Wales was better than any of the speghetti westerns in my opinion. Story was better, more action, more humor, more of everything really.

Dave in Va : this ones for U. Worked the joint last night till 7 am. Some friends and my older son with me took the Barr Trail from Manitou Springs to the top of Pikes Peak today. about 14 miles distance w/ 7,700 ft gain in elevation. Afterwards we stopped for some good snitzel and Warsteiner pitchers. Good time one and all.

before I log off, I will share this very funny joke:
A senior citizen goes in for his yearly physical with his wife tagging along.
When the doctor enters the examination room he says, "I will need a urine sample, a stool sample, and a sperm sample."
The man, being hard of hearing, turns to his wife and asks,

"What did he say?"
The wife yells back to him,
"GIVE HIM YOUR UNDERPANTS" lol, tee hee, snicker, snicker, OMFG

On a more serious side fellas. Have any of you seen the "Band of Brothers"? WWII vet and war hero "Shifty" Powers passed away from cancer. People of this generation gave so much more than any others,,,,,,, they are passing with no fanfare. No 24/7 CNN coverage with clueless fans crying over who knows what like when some jacked up celebrity dies.. I have a family friend who was 101st airborne and saw most of the war firsthand... you gotta pry anything out of him. Got an Uncle who served and has told me some crap that makes my hair stand on end... and he lived it.

This countrys freedom, wealth and way of life is because of their sacrifices, determination, hard work not some bitch ass politition.


los angeles has been blessed with having pairs of athletes playing simultaneously who were 1-2 at either their positions: bush/jones-drew, aikman/peete, lott/kenny easley (remember that dennis smith was the other saftey at USC with lott, so between the two schools they accounted for 3/4 of the all-pros at safety in the nfl. other pairs of LA greats: koufax&drysdale, baylor and west, and three heisman winners in four years twice (first trio: mike garrett, gary beban, and the murderer who wore #32) the garrett/beban and beban/32 games were both fantastic; the best day in college football used to be ohio state/michigan in the AM and SC/UCLA in the PM; i guess they call that rivalry saturday on ESPN-however they have juggled the schedule so that the trojans and bruins don't play on the same saturday as the big ten powers, which michigan ain't anymore. i am not seeing better than 7-5, maybe 8-4 for the michigan wolverines this year.


over here in the holy land the president of the US wouldn't get two votes from anybody but the leftist, arab-loving socialists who are the political descendants of our old "friend" joe stalin. obama is villified daily in the papers and needs david in los angeles to start working on a PR overhaul for a guy who is drowning politically as if he were wearing lead combat boots supplied by his friend hugo chavez!!

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