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July 13, 2009

All-Star Game, Brock Lesnar polls; plus We're No. 82!, Wade, Artest MJ song, Dolphins, Marlins, tattoos & more


     Bulletin: We're No. 82!: Miami is ranked the 82nd most sports-knowledgable city among 186, based on a nationwide NTN Buzztime trivia quiz that took place recently in sports bars and restaurants across the country. To the degree a city might be proud of its abject mediocrity ... congrats! Leading the sports-trivia smarty pantses: Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth. (LA? Really!?)  

1brock       Brock Lesnar's clown act hurts MMA: Brock Lesnar makes a perfect idiot, a perfect villain, a perfect idiot-villain. What he doesn't make, as we saw in UFC 100 the other night, is a very good frontman for Ultimate Fighting Championship or mixed-martials arts in general. At least not if MMA hopes to establish itself as a legitimate mainstream sport, which it still is not. Lesnar's actions blur the line between mixed martial arts and WWE, and make UFC seem like the bare-fisted cousin of pro wrestling, no better, and not to be taken seriously. (By the way, whatever happens to Kimbo Slice?)

     All-Star Game shouldn't weigh on October: Baseball did wrong a few years ago by deciding the All-Star Game -- won yet again by the AL last night -- should determine home-field advantage in the World Series. By choosing to make one game more important, it made 162 games less important. The WS team with the better record over 162 games should have home-field advantage. The All-Star Game is big enough on pomp, tradition and star-power to stand on its own as a ceremonial exhibition. But that's just me. What do you think?

1judas      Brett Favre backlash?: Hey! There's a Packers fan wearing a shirt that has 'JUDAS' over Favre's number! Maybe the fan's name is Judas. Maybe he thinks Favre is a traitor. Maybe he's into Judas Priest. How can we know, really?

     A personal plea to my media brethren: ENOUGH DWYANE WADE CONTRACT DRAMA AND DAILY WILL-HE-WON'T-HE-AND-WHEN UPDATES!! Pretty please? No more news stories with no news in them, no more reheated columns, no more blogoney. We get it, OK? Dwyane is eligible to sign a contract extension now, but is prudently waiting, but that implies not a bit that he won't eventually re-up long-term with Miami. So that's it. Now let's give this story the rest it so dearly needs.

1artestron      Ron Artest's Michael Jackson tribute song: NBA basketball fading-star Ron Artest (right) has cut a hip-hop tribute to Michael Jackson. No, seriously. Click on I Cry For Mike to listen. It's nothing special, although I have heard worse. WARNING: The song aims diligently for street-cred with requisite, repeated use of the N-word. That's the N-word rap-style, Whitey, ending in a soft 'a,' as in one brother to another. I believe the F-word also rears its head, so the easily offended ought not listen

     No Dolphins top-5's at any position: A small bit of anecdotal evidence furthering the perception that the Dolphins may be defending AFC East champs but hardly are considered division faves in '09. Bucky Brooks on NFL.com ranks his top five players at 10 positions -- quarterback, offensive line, wide receiver, tight end, running back, cornerback, safety, inside linebacker, edge rusher and defensive tackle -- and Miami is shut out. But there are two Patriots included (QB Tom Brady No. 1 and and WR Randy Moss No. 2), and also two Jets (CB Darrelle Revis and DT Kris Jenkins, both No. 4).

1bargains      Marlins No. 1 in bang-for-buck: Data-minded reader Dave Oliver computes that the Marlins rank No. 1 in all of baseball in wins-per-dollar, based on 2009 player payroll divided by victories at the All-Star Break. Florida is spending "only" $800,304 per W, followed by the Padres ($1.19 million) and Pirates ($1.28 mill). At the other extreme? New York, New York. Yankees ($3.95 million per win) and Mets ($3.23M) lead the majors in uneconomical spending, followed by Cubs at $3.14M. (Thanks for the number-crunching, Dave!)

  1tats2    TattooLaPalooza: Regarding that tattoo festival on Miami Beach, remember when tattoos were a statement that meant something? You were ID'd as a tough guy or a social iconoclast. You stood out. Now? Now it seems like everybody and their mother (and aunt, cousin, girlfriend and mailman) have tattoos. Yawn. It has reached a point where people who are inked up are the comformists, and people without tattoos are the rebels. I mean, c'mon Britney, yours is one of 63.8 million American female derrieres with artwork atop the great divide. How daring or special can you possibly feel? Popularity has killed the mystique of the tattoo in much the same way it ruined Harley-Davidson. Harleys and their riders used to be badass, but that was before the company marketed to Middle America and sold its soul in the name of Harley-Davidson Cafes and logoed coffee mugs, barstools and dog vests.

     That'll do it for now.


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No Dolphins top-5's at any position!?

The Orlando Magic had the #1 center in Howard, and the Cavs had the #1 Mr. everything in James. Championships are won by teams, not by who happens to make someone's top 5 list.

Ron Artest is the worst rapper in the history of hip hop. I tell you what I rather watch gay ass Bruno fifteen times before I listen to Ron Artest rap......

I totally agree with you OC. First of all, who the heck is Bucky Brooks? He sounds like a washed up Country Artist or better yet a Rodeo Clown..!! LMAO!!

Seriously though, how many times have the Fins been disrespected throughout their history.
We were the first team to make it to 3 straight Super Bowls. The second team to win back to back titles. The only team ever in NFL history to post a perfect 17-0 record in a season. Yet these new breed of Sports Journalists always want to diss all of South Florida, especially the Dolphins. THey praise all of the Northeast Teams, even when they suck or flat out cheat..!!

In the end, it doesn't matter..!! I would rather fly under the radar than be considered a favorite. Let them pick the Jets, Pats or Bills to win the AFC East. It will make the Fins accomplishments that much more worth it when they win the Division- power through the play-offs and be the first team ever to win the Super Bowl on their home turf.

The Dolphins are always making history in some way or another..!! Last year was the greatest turn around in one year and history was once again made but the haters & biased sports journalists keep on praising the favorites.
These negative factors will be the key ingredients that will inspire, motivate and make our 2009 Dolphin Squad Super Bowl Champions. It will be "RESPECT" that will light the fire in their bellies and make them play with grit, tenacity, determination and passion- that has not been seen since the Dolphin Teams of the early 70's.



Lesnar, he's a VERY BIG man. Hopefully he doesn't have ROID RAGE because he'd give "Old Navy Chimp" a run for his money!

Brock. Now there's a man's man name right there. No woose could ever carry a name like Brock. You don't see an MJ, or a Prince with that name, uh-uh, nope. That name could only fit someone even the Predator would not want to f*** with.

The fact that there are people like Brock Lesnar everywhere, who the careless or clueless proceed to blast personal insulting comments while blogging about politics, or whatever, should be noted.

Indeed. Elementary my dear OC, elementary. Speaking of which did duh Brockinator Lesnar make it through duh Elementary School? I dah wonder like aahhh dribble, dribble...Ah and dis is like what da hot babes gofer eh? If he keeps with da ROID regimen he'll like have no testicles ner sperm count left. Ask Jeeves...

Oops I f***ed up again didn't I OC?

I can't help it. I'm from New York. I have not this thing called free will. Jimbo knows what New York does to people. It bends 'em all out of shape. Isn't that right Jimbo?

At least Lesner likes beer, women and money and isn't afraid to admit it. I hate those bs speeches about loving opponents and the so called class act. Give me a break. He just tried to kill a guy for the last 10 minutes and now he respects him. Sure he does. In the other fight one guy admitting to really liking the shot he gave the opponent when down. The sweet science died with Sugar Ray Leonard. Now it is blood and guts.
Keep on pickin "Lady Brady" from gay Beantown. He is number one. Yeah until someone knocks him on his glass ass. Hope it happens in Land Shark stadium.
I can't believe that they called it that. I guess Brocky Boy won't be saying I like Land Shark light.

I have a stone in my shoe. You can remove it.

right-O duke, just driving in that crazy city makes you angry for life.
I echo Flipper & OC's sentiment 100% in reference to Miami Dolphins roster. They previously had arguably the best QB for a decade or better and didn't win a championship. Team game is what wins the whole bag of marbles.
Flipper, I'm feeling ya on the Fins 2. This team is primed and ready to roll. Better O & better D with a Wild Pat White jumping in to run the Wild Cat. One interesting season approaching.

OC...The fact that there are people like Brock Lesnar everywhere, who the careless or clueless proceed to blast personal insulting comments while blogging about politics, or whatever, should be noted.
What could you possibly infer.

hey klandry,
I have previously posted similar observation about Brady. My belief is that the Giants ruined him in the Super Bowl. Age & physical abuse of the game catches up with all of them sooner or later.

Wow, Ron Artest the rapper. He finally found something he is good at.

And that big ol High Maintenance Pussy Brady's married to weaken body, mind & soul too... Bends guys all out of f***ing shape just like New York does.

OC I've been giving alot of thought about what you said so I decided to buy a "Guard Cat" since I'm really a cat person. Plus I think it's up to the job. Well here have a look if ya don't believe me.... http://wwww.youtube.com/watch?v=71q_FnEc6U

Playful "little" guy jumped up on keyboard... Ah here's actual address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71uq_FnEc6u

COCKSUCKER MUTHERF***ER no, no learn to enjoy losing. I'm not going to be that way. There's already enough sore losers in the world. HERE'S THE GODDAMN ADDRESS WITH VIDEO MY NEW FRIEND TO KEEP AWAY THE BROCK LESNARS OF THE WORLD... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71uq_FnEc6U

You sound ignorant when you call MMA "bare fisted." Did you even watch UFC 100? They wear 10 oz gloves. Anyone who calls MMA "bare knuckle" or "bare fisted" sounds old and out of touch.

UFC blogging? jesus, i can't wait for football season..

But you can't hold a whole blog responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole blog system? And if the whole blog system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our free speech in general? I put it to you, Greg - isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America. Gentlemen!



I sort of agree with Greg on the All Star Game; except for two points he makes. First of all, 162 games is already way too much. Can't get into a single game. How about 60 game seasons; or 100 max?

The All Star game is totally useless and getting the host rights for the World Series ..well, no other team in their respective league really cares if their WS rep will have home advantage.

All Star game lost its way a long time ago. I recall the 11970 WS where player tried to win. Pete Rose, game ending score. Carl Yastrzemski, MVP, who had 4 hits in 6 AB. Extra innings. Starting players played most of the game like it was a regular game.


Kimbo Slice will smash the shi* our of Brock Lesnar.....now thats actually a fight that I will pay for...what u guys think???

Cote---Kimbo is participating in Ulitmate Fighter 10 it starts on 9-16 on spikeTV

Vhat if Herr Lesnar brings a Luger to ze competition?

Hello david don't reveal my identity or zay vill hang me for sure...

Mein Got I could have been fired if I refused to follow mein Fuhr..err I mean my zupervizor's directives undt I had a loving vife to keep fed undt varm. Please be zo kind as to umm... how is it you Americanas put zit ah yes... to throw me a bone here!

People have gone to far with tattoos...some of them look like "Carnival People" - some of them look like "low-lifes", that's right, LOW LIFE'S!
A single tattoo is one thing...but, covering yourself with them looks disgusting, low, trailor-park trash...IN MY OPINION.
We call girls with their upper butts tattooed "easy" - and, for the record, MOST OF THEM ARE!!
Skanks, sluts, whatever you want to call them...it seems the more tattoos that people have, the more chance is that they are LOW LIFE'S....
Oh, shut up and deal with it! What I say is TRUE, whether you all want to believe it or not!


pete rose barreling into and pretty much ending the career of ray fosse is one i would like to forget. the pre-joe morgan big (little) red machine was not much and their pitchers- jim mcglothlin, wayne simpson, amd gary nolan ALL WERE DONE SHORTLY THEREAFTER AND THEY GOT THRASHED BY THE ORIOLES. i consider teh 72-74 As to be a better team than the reds, who were hardpressed to stay ahead of the dodgers in the 70s, save for the one year they won by something like 15 games over a dodger team that won 90.


tattoos were at one point the single most immediate way of recognizing the criminal element in any given society; they make me puke.

sometimes, shadow.. but they are VERY sexy on girls.. lol

Good point shadow. When we inprocess inmates we photo and note all tats on the individual. Most are gang related. Kind of hard for a convict to lie about his association when it is inked into his skin.
Tats on a girl? Depends where, what and bare minimum # of them. My personal taste is no tats on a girl. Navel piercing if she has a sexxxxy midsection. No fat girls.
Adolf Eichmann--isn't it true that your soldiers had their serial #, blood type tatood on their arms?

david only if it's a giant arrow tattoo with "right this way" inscribed on it pointing toward their cooch perhaps... Or Maybe big ol "Enter" sign tattoo right above it. Or maybe a "He or She Who Passeth Through This Gate Shall Leaveth All Hope Behind." Something catchey like that... Jimbo I vasn't even in Europe during ze Var! I vas un Argentina enjoying mein "golden years" like Herr Duke's parents only in a different far avay land you zee.

I think the roll of a bad guy offered by Brock kind of reminds me of an old school Tyson. He'll destroy his opponents then do lord knows what to keep the attention of the sports world for a few days after. Also Kimbo Slice is slated to fight on the upcoming Ultimate Fighter series on Spike Tv

I would like to see Brock fight a full grown black Jaguar over the last piece of meat in the world. Hand to Paw, Man to Cat. I think Brock baby would be quickly dispatched and turned into a hearty course of Tender Vittles. Now that's something I would pay to see hee, hee. I am amoral afterall goddamn it! Throw in Tyler Haines Weinman just for good measure. Oh no I didn't forget that poor, poor misunderstood lad even if the ASPCA, PETA & the "Media" did...

Tyler Haines, Hayes what difference will it make in the end....

Do you think Brock could beat Mike Tyson? My theory is that Tyson would knock him out rd 1, then start to eat a toe or something when ain't looking.

Mike off his antipsychotics Lesnar's death couldn't come fast enough... Talk about "The Passion of the Lesnar." Mel Gibson where are you?!


agreed that piercings on the navel are way better than tattoos, although i must admit that the girl i picked up in hollywood with "little hot stuff" pictured over her heart brought about a great "response"!!!!


that was hollywood in 1974-5, alittle cutie of a girl, about five feet tall, and of course had a great personality!!!

Tattooes was always a thug thing. Decent people don't have any tattoes. That is a surprise ,and I thought Flipper was covered with them. Since Flippy don't have any as he claims, maybe there's hope for him to be sane some day. But since Flippy likes going back and forth with his mind, maybe I spoke a little too soon!

Tattoos are fitting for military personel who went through hell just to get in branch of armed services and I'm talking basic training. No problem here with regular army grunt to marine and special forces and yes even navy personnel having trophy of their sevice to this country. I say even navy because people tend to think of them as hands off not in trenches type of soldier but let us not forget USS Indianapolis and all battles in Midway thatr looked sufficently harrowing to earn a tattoo. In fact no one in there right mind wanted to go to fight Japs in Pacific. Read Catch-22 in you have any doubts about this. Wake Island, Okinawa Guadalcanal(sp?). Forget about it. As horrible as Ardennes counter offensive was and European theatre in general few guys would have traded places with guys in Pacific against a foe that did know when to quit. It took two atomic bombs to get their attention and reassess their HONOR. But as far as lovely women go I like their skin as pure as day they were born.

sorry once again for mutiple typos but it's the vacationing Cote's imperfect editing system that is to blame. Anyway back to Pacific theatre lets not forget Bataan Death March, general over the top cruelty toward American soldiers in general & malaria to name a few hellish realites to European theatre. Russians largely took care of Germans. Yeah Battle of Bulge was our shining moment but it is questionable whether Russian Red Army would have really needed British and American help after 1943-1944. They had already withstood everything Germans had thrown at them killing millions of Russians in Stalinngrad alone and yet Red Army bounced back to take Berlin in brutal urban combat on enemies homeland. Americans took care of very nasty business in Pacific. No small feat by any stretch of the imagination.

Oh yes Monty and Patton tidied up things in Africa against undermanned, underequipped Rommel with whom Hitler had turned his back and basically ordered Rommel to take his armies destruction like a man. There would be no resupplies for Rommel's badly depleted troops which worked out really well for allies... Thanks again 'Dolf for your bad decision making due in part to a combination of megalomania, severe drug addiction to methamphetamines, barbituates and opiates and Parkinsons which also aided in gradually ravaging your body & mind and any soul you may have had.

An Yes Flipper realizing Patton is your guy and not without good reason it was new recruits, stragglers & 101st Airborne and Patton that helped stopped Germans from getting to Antwerp for supplies and from cutting off ally supply lines during Battle of the Bulge.

There endth todays lesson.


Why dad ah I mean General you can have a tattoo of a B-52 nuking Red Square for all I care. I'll throw in a govt. issued nut-SAC piercing if you want. I'll do it free of charge. Take another swig of your grain alcohol and rainwater and bite down on this rag soldier so no one can hear your "manly" screams of pain.

Sorry my Jap Americans I meant your fore-fathers in WWII did NOT know when to say "Uncle Sam!" Hence the necessity for not one but two atomic bombs... Without being politcally insensitive "WE" used what we had to stop bloodbath. Wonder If Tojo had a-bomb first would he have cough, cough used it or been too conerned with American civil casualties...

So sorry meant CONCERNED with spilling blood of "American Civilian" casualties...

duke, thanx for the history lesson.
If they would have let Patton run the show after DDay the German wouldn't have been able to turn and shit let alone retreat, rearm, refuel, counter attack in the Ardennes Forrest XMass 1944. Debatable if Russian would have beaten Germans if Allies didn't create 2nd front. 2/3 rds of German military personnel and harware were shipped to fight Reds. This included their best SS divisions, and the highly touted "pioneer" division. Hitler didn't know but the Reds were holding 2 of their best Armies in the Urals waiting to counter Japanese invasion. This is the army that got put on trains and shipped to Stalingrad to surround the Hun invaders. The Russians had too many men, artillery, tanks for the Nazi's to beat. Throw in their supply - rail lines were constantly blown up by partisans. These pockets of resistance saw first hand what the "town clean up SS" were doing to civilians. Most important contribution Allies did before cautiously invading France was the unrelenting bombing of Rohr industrial center and German cities.
The best true war book I ever read was "Enemy at the Gates". Nothing like the movie. Came out in the 60's after extensive interviews with surviving vets on both sides. Like the movie, the battle between the 2 snipers did take place but it constitutes 1 paragraph in the whole book.
My guess is this. Germans got within 35 miles of Moscow. Germans could have withdrew from Stalingrad and regrouped. Russians suckered Germans into battle of attrition Nazi's couldn't afford in Kursk.
I think the Russians wouldn't have surrendered even if losing Moscow and have eventually beat Germans anyway.
Military experts warned Truman to expect 2 million American casualties if they had to invade Japan.
WWII Americans and Brits firestormed German cities targeting civilians. Americans firestormed Japanese cities targeting civilians. 2 atomic bombs dropped on Japanese cities, targeting civilians. No bad publicity.
Fast forward to today and America's war on terror. One stray bullet and America is chastised. Go back 60 yrs ago with the same situation and we would have 200 B52's dropping incindiaries on mecca.

Jimbo posted long response but it got lost. Always love these chats. No one else seems to have political histiorical passion we enjoy. All good points. Our air and naval superiorty are unrivaled. 'Dolf made several mistakes in Stalingrad like not making oil rich Caucasus his first priority. Not properly preparing his soldiers for Russian winter was another major blunder that he didn't have to face in his nice warm home or bunker for that matter. But he was known for grandiosity and inflexibility or disinclinations for strategic thought as well as blaming others for all his personal demons and failures and displacing his rage on "The Jew" or "The Socialist" some abstraction. Also he was big time methamphetamine abuser, used barbituates and opiates to sleep. Amphetamines and barbituates have been known to severely inhibit brains ability to think rationally with inflexibility and diminshed wide screen perpective. 'Dolf already had difficulties with these areas of operation even prior to drug abuse. Then throw in Parkinson's which he was said to have for years and ability to think critically and creatively in humane manner really goes down poop shoot.

How many Japanese civilians would have been incinerated with round the clock bombings of Tokyo and other major cities. As well as full scale invasion from US, Russians, English and any other friendlies to Allies cause including Chinese. Two a-bombs were likely least of two evils. In fact I would bet the farm on it. But yes America is historically villified as only brute force willing to use nuclear weapons by many for which war is viewed only in abstract and idealistic terms. There's little that is abstract about it. It is as concrete, blood spattered and horrifically gruesome as this reality gets...

American incindiary bombs were most effective against Japanese population due to their homes so close together and high percentage of wood & cloth.

My wife lost an Uncle in the Bataan death march, he was 16. From what I understand he was a local scout the Americans used for patrolling.

Watched a documentary on WWII and they speculated that Syphilus not Parkinsons debilitated Hitler. There was a perception that he lived a clean life but it is documented that he was injected with Meth along with vitamins. They said that he contracted VD during WWI and wasn't treated until it progressed too far.

McArthur wanted to nuke Korea in the 50's also.

Jimbo, I heard some rumors when 'Dolf was down and out in Vienna failing to get into prestigous art school he had to play "Midnight Cowboy" role for his daily bread and to pay the rent...

that explains a lot Duke. hard to picture the guy wearing a cowboy hat with the choppy little mustache.

Jimbo I wonder who was 'Dolf's Ratso Rizzo? Rhome perhaps.

Earnest Rhome was a flaming macho homo,, kinda in the same bucket as J Edgar Hoover. Hoover even stooped to the point as dressing as a woman. Can't, don't want to visualize that.

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