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July 27, 2009

Ciao! I'm ba-aack; plus Dolphins blow big chance on Vick, Erin Andrews peep video, Favre, Ricky & nude family haunts Delray

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     [BULLETIN: Brett Favre announced Tuesday afternoon he will stay retired, pending his next change-of-mind tentatively scheduled for the day after tomorrow].

     Greetings one and all. Happy to be back in the Homeland (and Heraldland) after being blissfully incommunicado on two weeks' vacation -- a European holiday with the family. We spent three days in Rome and then hopped a seven-day cruise to Italy, Spain, Monaco and France, spending so many Euros that I am now officially in line for a federal bailout.

     Much of the dough was offered in penance to the cruise casino. Actually I did OK overall amid the merry din of bells, hitting big in roulette (including a stack of four chips on the 33; thank you Sammie Smith) and also lucking a few jackpots in slots (including a 7-7-5xpay). My oldest son, better at the tables, did well enough at blackjack and poker to ceremonially and with exquisite nonchalance flip us a $500 chip to offset the cost of copious beverage consumption.

1beggar      I won't burden you with a travelogue except to note that I found out what al dente really tastes like, and was stunned visually by the Vatican, inside and out. The shrine attracts too many beggars to count, forlorn souls playing on the sympathy of the believers. We saw one old crone dressed in black, pathetically supine on the pavement, palm upraised. I bent to the battered tin beside her, surrepticiously snatched a 5 Euro, and ran like hell.

     Another observation: the Sistine Chapel (smaller than you'd imagine) loses some of its aura when filled with a couple of thousand tourists whose collective murmur produces a droning buzz that overwhelms the occasional hopeless "Shhh!" of chapel attendants.

1casino2      One more: the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino can kiss my American a--. You pay a 10 Euro cover charge to get in. The casino is small and quiet as a cemetery, with snooty guys in tuxedos motioning for you to remove your hat. Gimmie a break. That whole Monaco self-appointed royalty thing is a farce, not that you asked me.

     Overall had a terrific time, though. Rome's architecture and my digital camera fell in love; the piazzas at night a romantic vista. Genoa, Villefranche, Barcelona (reawakening memories of the '92 Olympics), Palma De Mallorca, Sardinia and its Argiolas winery -- magnifique! 

     Anyway, what's been happening around here?

     Blew through old papers and found that highlights in my absence included...

     The Marlins getting hot (but the bleeping Phils staying hotter).

     Carlos Boozer lobbying to join the Heat (so far fruitlessly).

1markantony      And singer Marc Anthony becoming the latest Dolphins' minority owner in the stable of celebrity-loving Stephen Ross. (Maybe it's because I've been in Italy, but when I first heard that I thought they meant Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius), pictured, the Roman politician and general from B.C.

     Seems like it's been pretty quiet while I was away, actually. But that is changing very soon, with King Sport about to unlimber and the Canes and Dolphins soon opening camps.

     It's good to be back. In America. And in South Florida.

     Dolphins wrong to say no-way to reinstated, available Vick: You know by now I think Michael Vick would be a perfect fit for the Dolphins' Wildcat offense -- a proven version of what the club hopes rookie Pat White might become. It had been conjecture. Until this week. Monday the NFL reinstated Vick, making him available to sign with any team immediately. Alas, the Dolphins announced Tuesday they have no interest. I still say Miami should have taken a chance, "distraction" be damned. Click here for my new column on this, online now and in today's/Wednesday's paper. The online headline, 'Fins are running scared,' is strong but I do not disown it. I believe teams, including Miami, are pandering to PR in saying no-to Vick. The team brave enough to sign him is going to be glad it did. Agreement or dissent welcome as Sunday's opening of training camp draws near.

1ricky      A massage from Ricky Williams: The Dolphins running back is the subject of an interesting feature piece in the New York Times (click here) about his post-football plans. The story's accompanying photo is shown at left.

     1erinandrews2 Ha! Just kidding about Erin Andrews video!: Relax, Miami Herald legal team. I put that in the main headline just to shamelessly draw readers. I think it is terrible that some pervert videotaped a nude Erin Andrews, the ESPN sideline babe, through a hotel peephole. It was a total coincidence that I happened to have the room next to hers. Kidding! (Is it too soon to kid?) I would never provide such a video link in this church-going family blog. Although anyone who has it may forward it to me so that I might be more fully informed in my outrage. Show right is a freezeframe from the video, first published in the New York Post. Am I wrong to show this photo?

1family      Nude family terrorizes Delray Beach: Complaints arise in Delray over a sculpture of a nude family outside a shopping center there. Click here for the story. Not sure what the art work is titled, but based on this photo I'm going to go ahead and suggest, "Anorexia In Bronze."


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Greg, Marcus Antonius was no Caligula I can tell you that Jack. Welcome Bacchus.

I don't think Malcolm McDowell was a bad Caligula. I thought Sonny made a bad Don. Now if you could've gotten Kubrick to do Caligula people would still be laughing & projectile vomiting over it...

Welcome Back Cote'r! Did you happen to run into Vinni Barbarino? Looks like you had a very good vacation with the family. Lucky!

duke, "I don't think Malcolm McDowell was a bad Caligula. I thought Sonny made a bad Done." Excellent. One of your very best.

Well Greg, you missed lots of stuff. There was The Open and Watson's near miracle, Le Tour and the official passing of the torch, Odom playing poker with Buss and the Heat, Manny Ramirez doing his best impersonation of Babe Ruth (or is it Roy Hobbs?). Anyway, and as said above, welcome back.

give us some Dolphins news Greg. oh yeah, nice to have you back, now go to work!

We don't need Vick...Pat White is the MAN! Why would you want that circus? You probably want TO and Ochocinco too! Not worth the superego drama. Thank God Tuna is running this operation and not you.

Heeeyyyy welcome bac.....nevermind just give us some stories...while others work to pay there bills we have to here about your vacations....how much are they paying you guys? to do nothing

If it gets Erin her own talkshow at $30 million a year, I'm sure all will be forgiven!

joke of the day:

A guy walks into the bedroom carrying a sheep in his arms and says, "Honey, this is the cow I make love to when you have a headache."
The wife, laying in the bed reading a book, looks up and says, "If you weren't such an idiot, you'd know that's a sheep, not a cow."
The guy replies, "If you weren't such a presumptuous bitch, you'd realize I was talking to the sheep."

house hold tip of the day:

How to wash a toilet

This was simply too much of a time saver not to share it with you

1. Put both lids of the toilet up
And add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the water in the bowl.
2. Pick up the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom.
3. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close the lid.
You may need to stand on the lid.
4. The cat will self agitate and make ample suds.
Never mind the noises that come from the toilet, the cat is actually enjoying this.
5. Flush the toilet three or four times.
This provides a 'power-wash' and rinse'.
6. Have someone open the front door of your home.
Be sure that there are no people between the bathroom and the front door.
7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift the lid.
8. The cat will rocket out of the toilet, streak through the bathroom,
And run outside where he will dry himself off.
9. Both the commode and the cat will be sparkling clean..

what a nice lady Mrs Reagan is, check this out.
You might recall that John Hinckley was a seriously deranged young man who shot President Reagan in the early 1980's.

Hinckley was absolutely obsessed with movie star Jodie Foster, extremely jealous, and in his twisted mind, loved Jodie Foster to the point that to make himself well known to her, he attempted to assassinate President Reagan.

There is speculation Hinckley may soon be released as having been
rehabilitated. Consequently, you may appreciate the following letter from Nancy Reagan the staff at the mental facility treating Hinckley reports to have intercepted:
To: John Hinckley
From: Mrs. Nancy Reagan

My family and I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how pleased we are with the great strides you are making in your recovery. In our fine country's spirit of understanding and forgiveness, we want you to know there is a nonpartisan consensus of compassion and forgiveness throughout.
The Reagan family and I want you to know that no grudge is borne against you for shooting President Reagan. We, above all, are aware of how20the mental stress and pain could have driven you to such an act of desperation. We are confident that you will soon make a complete recovery and return to your family to join the world again as a healthy and productive young man.

Best wishes,
Nancy Reagan & Family

P.S. While you have been incarcerated, Barack Obama has been banging Jodie Foster like a screen door in a tornado. You might want to look into that.

internet joke posted, not the original author.


You are a typical overweight fat ass white trash piece of shit.
Quit typing on here, and get back to watching Nascar, shopping at Walmart, eating at McDonalds, and molesting kids you dickwad

Can't wait to see pigeons critique of Delray Beach sculpture. If you don't have any down there you can import them from NYC. Just get in contact with Mayor Micheal Bloomberg. I'm sure he'll ah like sell ya as many as ya needs at a fair market bearing price... He's in the book and I don't mean ginrai's favorite book.

Jimbo you think Hinckley is really sorry he shot the president or just sorry he shot the president for a lesbian.

welcome back, cote. ah genoa, my favorite city in italy. you get the history, the art, and architecture, but in a much smaller and intimate setting.

You can download the Erin Andrews videos for free right here...


They are in FLV format so you will need something like the VLC player (it's free everywhere, just use Google) to play them.

By the way, and I've said this a hundred times, I'm just reposting a link that is readily available all over the internet. If the ESPN lawyers see this please do not sue me or cancel my ESPN The Magazine subscription. but if you want to send Erin Andrews to my house to spank me that would be ok. :)


the last few posts have not appeared, but we'll try again.

while UM is not the subject upon which the ole shadow dwells, they have a gruesome beginning to their schedule, from which 3-1 would be great and 1-3 or 0-4 possibilities. they do hAve penciled in at free safety ray ray armstrong, but it says here he sees opportunities either on offense or returns, or in the case of jacorry harris not being available for whatever reason, ray ray is the second best QB on the team. this from he who saw davone bess as making the dolphins from the moment he signed; now #15 is actually getting some ink, Thank G-d none under his skin.

Wes, free country, don't get your thong in a bind.

Randy Shannon or Urban Meyer? Which coach would you prefer? Florida is going to run the tables for a while.

Shadow, I'm on the Bess bandwagon with yah, all 3 of us.

Duke, don't know the guys reason but he needs to stay out of the public and with us for a long time.

Ricky Williams only has 1 or 2 NFL seasons left.

Duke, do you think Jodie Foster is sexxy? I always did, liked her acting talent too. haha, not John Hinkly crazy about her but,, like that "the attractive girl next door" look.

the latest with Erin Andrews boosts her career. the girl is talented, pretty and sexy.

Some good stuff today. duke can you imagine Hinkley in therapy? ..."the bitch is a what? So you're telling me I've spent 30 years locked up for a rug muncher?"

Jimbo the cow joke and Nancy letter were very good.

So on to the news of the day.

Michael Vick will not be signed by the Dolphins. It's too late. White is already signed.

Did Lance's performance in this year's tour put to rest forever the suspicions that he doped his way to 7 tour titles? Nah, the French never let facts get in the way of a good anti-American story.

Any chance Erin Andrews videotaped herself to put herself on the front page? Just a thought, but Steve's $30 million contract notion got me thinking.

For the voyeurs amongst us


shadow the UM is dead this year. 4-8 is a distinct possibility. I think Woodcock is right, the UM will remain a second tier team until Donna Shalala is run out of town.

If there are any doctors out there who treat celebrities, especially any celebrities with drug addictions, my advice is to run as fast as you can. When they finally kill themselves you'll be going to jail.

Did you read the DA in NY wants to send Plaxico to jail for 2 years for shooting himself. 2 years? Seems someone in NY is mad at Plaxico for the failures of the Giants.

Global warming? Not in Chicago. The National Weather Service says 2009 has seen the coldest July since the official recording station was moved away from the lakefront in 1942. The average temperature this month in Chicago has been a mere 68.9 degrees.

or New York http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&product=PNS&issuedby=OKX

Good to be back. It's been a hectic summer. Transitioning into a new position at a new university.

WES, I am sorry if I offended you. As a community service to WES and all other weaklings I will no longer post at all.

Good bye Duke, Dave in VA, OC, Mike & 1, Flipper, JohnBoy Walton, Greg, the shadow, Kurt, Bostonian, ginrai, Bruce, Shark74, naplesjack, dean, Mary Ellen, Ben, Whiskey Dick, Christy Canyon, John Holmes, Little Crippled Billy, Tyrone Shoelaces, OJ, Bubbles, Cecil Collins, Charles Manson, Sonny, Uncle Chester, and anyone I forgot.

I just found this site, really f***ing cool! I feel like posting about 20 times a day! Ricky Williams rocks.

Didn't mean to omit you off the good bye list Tom. outta sight, outta mind.

Hi Tom,

glad you liked the jokes, I mean the jokes Nascar & McDonalds loving Jimbo posted. That guy is so mean and offensive....anyways, good to have U back.
Vick issue. Not to break the record player but, your 100% on that. Pat White coming to Miami as a high 2nd rd pick AND they are already practicing WildCat plays that include him. IF you sign Vick, you have 4 QB's on the roster, now, who do you Get Rid Of? never carry 4 on the roster. Parcells wasn't a Vick advocate before he came to Miami 2 yrs ago to start with. He would serve better in SF, Det, Cinci (is Palmer healthy ?), Minn, Den, Hou, Jets, and possibly a few others. He will get backup $ contract.

Donna Shalala is the wrong person for the J-O-B
Shannon is a decent coach and a very good recruiter in a talent rich region. But flat out coaching,, Urban Meyer may be the best in the country,,, I am not a Gators fan.

Global warming, I also have seen documentation that shows June 2009 as the LOWEST June temps recorded since they started tracking temps.
The dooms day Global warming "experts" are twisting this record cool summer as a product of global WARMing...?... This spring a global warming protest in NY's Central Park was almost cancelled because of - winter conditions. you had 2 news crews and about 20 protesters present. They should be protesting the true culprit,,, the sun.

Plaxico bidness, NYC takes the fire arm discharge serious. I believe, there is a 3 yr average sentence for breaking this law. There is no doubt he discharged a fire arm - in a public place too. One place in this country you don't want to tangle with City DA's is NYCity. They may have the best publicly paid attorneys in the country.... and prosecuting a NFL player makes headlines... think the district attorney ain't looking at their future with some high paying firm as a career boost. Bottom line is the guy broke the law, easy to prove, easy to convict. Burress' best bet is to plea bargain and hope (beg) for the best. Dude is going to do time. We ain't talking Miami with Donte Stallworth.

Paul in Cora Gables.. Vick ain't coming to Miami. Cote dredges up Vick's name just to get a reaction out of us. Dolphins don't need any of those jerks & you got that right.

your Barney Franks favorite intern aren't you? you work for the banking queen.

as the famous Cramps would say - Bend over I'll drive.

Cote, welome back, I don't think anyone of us really missed you, but is safe to say we all sort of envy you for taking a trip to the old country. hope you had a grand time with the familia.

now, a BIG NO to michael Vick, the Tuna and his helpers are building something big here and P White was drafted, we need to see what this guy can do.
what happened to Erin Andrews is sick, but she is one hot babe..

Jimbo, what the hell did you say to old WES...

Distraction be damned? It will be considerably more than a distraction and there is no guarantee that a guy three years removed from football (and his ugly 75.2 career passer rating) would even be half the player he was. Any team that signs Vick is in for a world of hurt. Pet people are INSANE. Boycotts, sponsor defections, season ticket holders leaving in droves. Vick would have been better off being an accessory to murder or killing someone with his car...then he would be forgiven. And besides, Parcells just loves distractions doesn't he? Get real Cote. Vick can be a slash type player maybe in a small market, a desperate market, perhaps Buffalo since T.O. is pushing for it. Fact is Vick is TOXIC to any franchise now. In fact, there may be many players who refuse to play with him...nobody needs this crap on their team. And I do think he deserves another chance, but he will never start at QB in the league again...way too much spotlight and pressure for any franchise.

? F*** if I know. Jimbo quit the blog and is now a volunteer community organizer at an undisclosed gentlemens club nowhere near U. May he find purpose and happiness trying to win the favor of enlightened pussies in the form of WES and other bloggers. May he have lap dances galore to test his rock hard determination and perseverence. He told me he is going to Community Organizer School to study Teleprompter Debating.

Wes dreams of a 'Nekked Ricky Williams massaging him after smoking a fattie. We ain't talking doobie either.

Greg, I been keeping an eye on the crib while you were gone. And everyone elses too. Ciao Main

Tom that bit of information regarding love of his life had to put Hinckley over the falls in a barrel.

what you said, hit the nail on the head.

Now, you guys are needing a seasoned running back with Super Bowl experience correct? We could call this new gig "Wild Franco" featuring me and Ronnie Brown.

Would love to live in Europe. Endless scenery, close proximity to so much stuff, non-puritan behavior and let's not forget to mention that the BJ rate in Austria is 80% vs only 17% in the prudish US (source: MANSWERS).

Vick = No ..a VERY BIG NO.

I'm all for winning with classy players, not thugs or cheats (Bellicheck). If you keep letting thugs off the hook just because we're desperate to win, there will be more and more thugs in sports

Hey Jimbo, don't know what you think but WES sure sounds like your old buddy K__T to me.
Bye the way Cote, get off the Vick bandwagon a) he's not worth the negative press.
b) when you come down to the nitty gritty,
he's not really that great a player.
c) he's a scumbag piece of crap.

I gotta say despite the cloud that hovers over Belichick's head, regarding his desire to win and taking pride in fact he'd shoot his own mother if ze Fuhrer ordered it, I don't think even he is looking at Vick. Hell I don't think good ol Al Davis alias Dr. Moreau is even talking to Vick's agent. He's a PR nightmare and as I've already said he's not consistently good on the field nor consistently on the field period due to injuries. anti christ like Pink Floyds song "Dogs" goes "It's going to get harder, harder, harder as you get older."

Cote regarding Vick, "That dog don't hunt." Get It?

God it sure is a dog eat dog world...

You gonna eat rest of dog or may I have please?

I’ve come up with a great way for whatever team signs Vick to deal with him. Begin training camp with him running wind sprints with an angry Pit Bull at his heals. Then during a game, every time he throws an incomplete pass whomever he throws it to comes back to the huddle and tases him. Finally, if the team looses he comes to the sidelines and gets a full 20 seconds from an electric cattle prod. Justice would then truly be served.

What do you think duke?

Shark74, you have the keen eye of an eagle. The hearing of a field mouse. Spotting the former Sh**pants posing as a new blogger is detective talent Holmes. Sherlock Holmes, not to confused with John Holmes. Jimbo is on vacation, getting sensitivety training at the gentlemens club.

If Vick were that good he would have interested parties despite the PR headache. Dolphins and other teams are politely announcing they don't need him.

Duke, Oakland has $60 mil invested in JaMarcus Russell already. They have Darren McFadden ( YOur personal favorite if my memory serves correct) to run the ball. Raiders also have Jeff Garcia as a #2 QB, so they are good. Accross the Bay in SF he would fit,, but again they already publicly stated they don't want him. Detroit, Denver, St Louis or Houston is possible. Word in Denver is that Kyle Orton has impressed to the point where they are calling him the clear cut starter over Simms JR.

Someone will take Vick whether it is now or when an unfortunate injury occurs to a QB. Most likely he will signed as a backup for a lot less money than he thinks he is worth. Vick will never get a big contract again, unless he does something really spectacular. He won't be getting paid endorsements either. I personally think he has suffered enough for the crime he admitted to. He acted like a man and did a little bit of time and has honored all his conditions. If he can play-fine-if not he still has a college degree to fall back on. Maybe he can do an OJ and get a job for AVis and run through airports looking for customers. Jumping over seats at a full sprint, at least he doesn't have to read defenses.

Cote, Didnt know they had a Haggan-Daz in Europe....

Like Cote, and I suspect a few others on here, I like to dabble a bit at gourmet cooking. So here's something I've always wondered about.

Let's say you purchase a brand new bottle of top grade virgin olive oil. You crack that baby open and lovingly partake of its sweet essence. Here's my question. When you use her again, is she still considered virgin olive oil? I mean, you've already popped that olive, right?

And here's yet another thing. How can there be such a thing as "Extra" virgin olive oil? Are these versions produced by only by nuns? Does your original purchase include a sister bottle?

that's a really tight pitted olive OC. you have to be Extra careful and savor that olive oil. The sister bottle will cost you extra and it usually comes with a chaperone carrying a shotgun.

Mike 1
Have read your posts and have a question 4 U.
you say:
"Would love to live in Europe. Endless scenery, close proximity to so much stuff, non-puritan behavior and let's not forget to mention that the BJ rate in Austria is 80% vs only 17% in the prudish US (source: MANSWERS). "

what exactly do you mean by the BJ rate? obvious assumption is that Austrian perform more oral sex than Americans but.....almost afraid to ask. Actually Mike, I find the US more wide open and receptive than Europeans. When I was in Heidleburg at a cross walk, I jaywalked and they stared me down like I took some old bags purse. Had to tell them "f*** you I'm an American" because I am such a cultured and sensitive guy.

Say Ben. Are you the same Dover that was incarcerated with Chevy Chase?

the same, I was falsely accused of fornicating with a dead mule, swear he was kick'n.
wanna hear a good joke?
'Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.'
A German doctor says:
'That is nothing; we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.
The Russian doctor says:
'In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.'
An American doctor, not to be outdone, says:
'You guys are way behind. We recently took a man with no brains out of Illinois, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work.'

Now when you mention gourmet cooking are referring to adding CatchUp to Mac'N Cheese?

big Haggan-Daz there, look at the name, it's Dutch.
would you believe they got blocks of cheese bigger than Kurt wife's bucket head. Smells better too.

Chevy Chase did give it up too, didn't kick as much as the mule either.

Shark74 I was laughing my a** off at your 3:41PM post. I could see it so clearly. Ah Jimbo yes I did find Jodi Foster sexy particularly in remake of Maverick with nutjob Mel Gibson and in Silence of the Lambs. I thought to myself Jimbo, "r. duke now there's a rather refined young woman that I suspect would be immeasurably fun to monstercock f*** had I a monstercock with which to f*** her."

duke, you have a poetic way of putting thangs. Hemmingway would be proud.

Okay, I give up Greg. What's your fascination with Michael Vick? Was he like born on the same day as you? Did he grant you your most awesome interview, ever! Perhaps it's just your natural tendency to support the under - dog.

with Favre re - retiring, maybe Vick gets a chance in Minnesota.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away today.

btw, did anyone else see those anti-0-bama demonstrations over in Israel? Shadow reported it first!

that is the ultimate question rivalling only the explanation of the pyramids.


thankfully, you orchestrated a brett favre-like retirement- i was abou to do the "shane, come back-we need you" of brandon de wilde at the end of the greatest western of them all.

the fact that there are three of us in #15's "posse' is just fine; people forget that he also finished 4th in the AFC in punt returns. he was without question the dolphin's most pleasant surprise (no surprise to some of us); if he gets 50 catches this year it will be a good season for miami, as camarillo and the tight ends will get most of the balls their way. patrick turner will get 15-20 catches and should get 3-4 scores.

and yes, UM could be looking at 4-8 unless they break from the gate in a big way.

Fearless Leader,

cowards for not going after michael vick? i believe that he deserves a chance to play again, but i like the blend of understated, decent human beings that did so well last year. chad pennington-type humility is a plus, michael vick-style hubris is better for some other team. and, pat white has a better arm than michael vick by miles- he throws spirals that get downfield, for which michael vick was never famous.

this site is better than crack, I'm so high. I needed a day to reflect and check out some strippers.
I haven't seen the anti-us president protest. Gimme a site to check out. OC can you hook up a brother?
Greg is infatuated with Vick for his own reasons but writing Vick is some terrific QB isn't fact. Atlanta wasn't going anywhere with him and his QB rating weren't good. Yeah, he can run, so can Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown & so can rookie Pat White.

shadow, Fins don't have the dominating high talent WR like Andre Johnson yet. But I'll settle for a couple of "Welker" types that work hard, work thru injury, fight for everything & reliable catch in traffic. That is Camarillo & Bess. From what I read about Turner this past mini camp is they are pleased with what he has shown, good hands, large reliable target and a gear of speed on the field they didn't think he had. This group is going to improve over last yr. WR Wilford should be let go one way or another,, if no one gets hurt before the season starts.


Start here: http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2009/07/jerusalem-demonstration-against-obama.html

You can also google: "israel obama demonstrations" for more.

i think greg had sex with vick.

Just read a great HST quote regarding FATE. "It's a strange world. Some people get rich and others eat s*** and die." God that cuts right to the chase.

Obama stuck his foot in his mouth big-time with his "stupid" comment regarding the police arrest of his loud-mouthed arrogant friend, Professor Gates. The black officers in Cambridge are all standing behind the white officer in this matter. Oops. Kudos to the Cambridge police department. It appears, unlike our federal government, they are a group of principled men and women.

After his perfect game last week, Mark Buehrle retired the first 17 batters of his game last nite against the Twins. Including the last out of the game prior to the perfect game, that counts 45 retired in a row. Unbelievable. Unfortunately for Buehrle the Chisox lost the game.

I was at an Seattle Mariners v Oakland A's game on April 20, 1990 and saw Brian Holman of the Mariners retire the first 26 batters before giving up a FUCKING MEANINGLESS home run to Ken Phelps of the A's. He retired the next batter and the A's lost 6-1. Thanks for fucking nothing Ken!

Who really believe this is it for Brett Favre?

I figured out who Kurt really is. He's Stephon Marbury. If not, then they're twins.

Ben Dover, Jimbo etc. If I was younger and not well established in a great job here, I'd move to Europe in a heartbeat. Perhaps Ireland. I'll probably head over for retirement. The stuff to see and do is endless. Beautiful hilly coastlines at Portugal, Spain northern side, Amalfi coast, Croatia, Greece. Every town has a center, women are less uptight and abound in a variety of ethnic beauty, tremendous railway system (where we are 100 yrs behind), subways, you don't need to use your car everyday, good health care system with quality doctors and hospitals (don't give me the socialist talk -- that's outdated), countries that lead the world in math and computer programming.

I like their way of life and the social life there. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore aren't bad either. There's a reason why these countries consistently lead the the quality of life rankings. A friend of mine left for Europe 11 years ago; he said he's not coming back. He's lived in Amsterdam and now in Munich.

For now, I'll just keep visiting.

We are considering retiring abroad. fishing for that perfect spot. probably stay in US.
As far as countries leading the world in math and science... dude, I got kids, the programs, classes, resources available is staggering compared to what was there for me in 1980 when I graduated HS. These American kids are sucking into a B.S. culture that doesn't do them any good. The worst part about American Education and test scores are the parents not being parents. Kids can now start taking college courses with credits in HS. Bottom line,,, if the kids are European or Asian it is normally expected they make the most of what is available.

Personal opinion regarding "public healthcare". My sister is 40, they are self employed. The pay $1K a month for good insurance. Last yr she is diagnosed with agressive breast cancer... she was tested, retested, seen right away. Within 3 weeks she had surgery to remove sole tumor and a cutting edge treatment went underway to cure her. By getting at it early and agressively everything looks good now. From what I understand from my wife who is in the Army medical field stationed in Germany... she would still be waiting to be treated a yr later. the system here isn't fool proof but I'll take what we got over what Cananda, England, Europe have. That is my one vote, don't care about yours or anyone elses. I don't intend on "converting" anyone. Grass ain't always greener on the other side.
Mike, I loved Austria too. Liked it better than most of Germany. The Bavarian region is rich cultured and scenic. It's all relative to your perspective. I believe you create your own paradise or your own sh**hole that's your life. How hard do you wanna work?

There just was a story on one of the major networks how Americans are misled (brainwashed) about the medical system in western Europe. It is true that the downside are the waits, but the waits do not apply to serious problems that can lead to death; only those which are simple surgeries or treatments. the lentgh of wait was also shown to be highly exaggerated.

The percentage of doctor errors leading to deaths are huge in the US, probably because it's much easier to get a medical degree here (just show them the money). Since they pay for education in the western Euro countries, they only take the best.

They quoted one person as saying, they'd rather schedule an appointment and wait 3 months than have to pay $100- $200K +.

Besides, Ireland has a program that if the wait is too long; they will pay for you to go to a private Dr or they will fly you to another country.

You can check it out for yourself; annual world math and computer programming competitions are routinely won by Russians, Poles, Chinese, etc even though the US colleges have the most participants and we host the competitions.

If things are so bad in those countries, why are they no longer flocking to the US like they did 50 years ago? Most people are having a decent life; poverty is almost non-existent. However, one bad thing is the large influx of immigrants they have allowed.

No place is perfect, but there are about 10 countries that always score higher than us on the best places to live scale. Canada, Norway and now Ireland, are now up there routinely.

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