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July 09, 2009

UM football-expectations poll; plus D.Wade's nemesis, man named Gerald out to save Herald, Dolphins/Marlins needs, Strikers & more


     Dwyane Wade's dubious choice in business partners: Kudos to Miami New Times for a fascinating read on the estranged business partner who heaved bunches of accusations at the Heat's Dwyane Wade -- and whom Wade is suing for slander. Click here for the story.

     Herald's online sportscaster poll: The story introducing it begins, "The last time The Miami Herald conducted a sportscaster poll, Tony Segreto was anchoring local sports..." Hmm. Not to quibble, but our lil' ol' blog here conducted a major local sports-radio poll in January 2006 (Jim Mandich won) and a local TV-sportscasters poll in May 2008 (Joe Rose won). You could look it up, as the saying goes.

1herald      Inspirational dirge, man named Gerald out to save Miami Herald, newspaper industry: Click here for 4 minutes 53 seconds of the oddest song you have ever heard or ever will. The rumor that this is me singing -- you know, that rumor I just started with this unprompted denial? -- is false. I thought it was an unearthed demo from a 1970s promotional campaign that never aired. And with good reason. (The actual artist was a guy named Rochester Slim; click here for his website). The song probably is not Top 40 or dance-floor material. If only we could have found this in time to have Michael Jackson overdub a hiccup or a hee-hee. Nevertheless, remember that, although times may be dark for our industry and this song sounds oddly and perhaps presciently funereal, always, for God's sake always remember, no matter what: The Herald is your friend!

     [Miami Herald song update: "Rochester Slim" and I have been in touch via e-mail. He is Alan Donovan, brother of the late, great Herald research librarian Liz Donovan. Alan says he did the song purely for Liz's amusement on a cheap four-track cassette recorder around 1996].

1amiami      Set the bar on UM football expectations: Miami Hurricane football seniors wax optimistic about the coming season in a Herald piece (click here), saying, essentially, that the storm is past and happy days are here again. I'd say the program's rebound is headed right but is ongoing, not complete. I see improvement over last year's 7-6 record but probably not a BCS-bowl type of season, especially with that brutal stretch of @ FSU, Georgia Tech, @ Virginia Tech and Oklahoma opening the 12-game regular season. But that's just me. How about you? Take a dip in our poll and together you all, right here, right now, will set the bar on 2009 expectations:

     [Congrats, and thanks. You made the above our 66th blogpoll to surpass 1,000 votes in its first day. Keep 'em coming!]

     Marlins need bat help, but mostly a closer: With the team seriously contending -- and how 'bout that comeback last night! -- this would be a good time for management to make a move and trade for a proven closer. Could use some lineup pop as well, but there are internal options there such as Cameron Maybin. Click on Saving Grace for today's/Friday's column by me on the Marlins' needs as the July 31 trade deadline looms.

1evian      Evian Roller Babies: Fans of adorable infants doing amazing stunts on roller skates, click here for a YouTube video. 

     On Steve McNair's legacy: We have seen, with Michael Jackson, what death can do for a man. It is the ultimate in accentuating the positive. So it was that thousands attended McNair's stadium service to say goodbye only to a great quarterback, family man and community good-doer -- not to the imperfect man whose philandering played a role in his own death in the murder-suicide inflicted by a girlfriend. The way it ended for McNair lends a posthumous stain to his reputation that is unfortunate but real. Doesn't overshadow all the good, but it doesn't go away either. Euologies get to omit all the bad. Legacies don't.

1strikers      Memories of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers: I was among a panel speaking to a sports-marketing class at Barry University this week. Topic: the curious, astounding, fleeting success of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers soccer team in the late 1970s and early '80s. I covered the team then. With me on the panel were former player Thomas Rongen (now coach of the U.S. national under-20 team) and former team marketing guy John Adams. Sweet memories of the special ambience around Lockhart Stadium in those halcyon days. Any old "Striker Likers" still out there? If so drop a favorite memory or two.

1allenwill      Dolphins must corner the market: The Dolphins could use a veteran cornerback. Right now Will Allen (pictured) is the only proven, starter-caliber corner. Vontae Davis might become that. Isn't now. But I'm not surprised the club isn't interested in considering the return of Patrick Surtain or Sam Madison, both available. Patrick is 33 and Sam 35, and both were banged-up reserves last year with the Chiefs and Giants, respectively. Miami can do better, and younger. But until it does, a reliable, ready-now complement to Will Allen trails only the lack of a proven, premier wide receiver among unmet Dolphin needs as training camp draws near.

1hankIII      Hank Williams III: Hank III and his band Assjack play downtown Fort Lauderdale tonight/Friday. An item in my paper's Weekend section is, alas, mistakenly accompanied by a photo of his daddy, Hank Williams Jr. Therefore I feel obliged to publish a photo (right) of Hank III, a blog favorite.  

1ladygaga      Women Who Have Managed to Create A Sexy Image Despite Being Generally Unattractive: Today, Lady Gaga.

     Fanning flames of Wade hysteria!: An unnamed South Florida publication that rhymes with "Un Entinel" includes a column fathoming the "devastation" of Dwyane Wade leaving the Heat in free agency. Good column, but for the fact it wouldn't happen for a year if it happened at all. Which it almost certainly won't.

     Funny Headlines With Sad Endings, one in a series: Click here.

1naked      Naked came the receptionist: A British marketing firm, in an effort to boost morale, has asked employees to work in the nude. Click here for the tail tale. As an experiment to see what it was like, I was nude while writing this blog item. I wish other people in The Miami Herald newsroom would quit staring.

     That'll do it for now. 


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when the dolphins' greatest need poll popped up,yours truly hit the cornerback option while most hit passcatchers. the opinion of our host as presented above seem spot on to me. however, dinosaur cornerbacks are not gonna do the trick; especially those who have been hurt recently. also, what is this with retrieving tired old dolphin specimens for a rebuilding team??

Yes, Greg, there are Striker Likers still lurking. There are too many memories....

-- Ron Newman jumping out of a casket at midfield.
-- Ray Hudson driving his Lancia.
-- Nico Bodonczy's locker room antics.
-- Post game parties at the Pierce St. Annex
-- The world's greatest footballers (Pele, Muller, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia) visiting our small berg regularly.
-- Rick Weaver and Henry Barrow doing their best work.
-- Hating Rodney Marsh
-- The bewilderment in Jan Van Beveran's eyes after his first game in America.

As they say, if you weren't there you wouldn't understand.

This article gives a sense of what it was like then, except with "our" players, "our" stars, Our Strikers.


Naked employees!?

With 30% of the US population either overweight or obese - and climbing - I don't think working in the buff is a good thing. Especially for those living and working in Mississippi or Alabama.

WOW, just just got finished hugging the porcelon God in the bathroom from the mental image of Cote writing his blog in the nude.
OH NO, not again GOTTA run. Blaaaaah

I gotta concur 100% with SHAWDOW'S Cornerback comment. The team drafted TWO top corners in this draft. A veteran CB WAS brought in from Arizona in ? Eric Davis. They drafted a safety in the later rds too. Surtain and Madison way past the servicable shelf life. Most importantly is that this team management looks at youth over age all the time. Jason Taylor addition this offseason is a different situation. You rotate DLine, not DB's.
This team is ready to run.
One free agent I would look at is WR Marvin Harrison.

i was a kid while the strikers were here, and my fondest memory is my soccer team playing during the half time of one of the games. we had season tickets too, but that was the best memory by far.

won the half time scrimmage, too.

this striker liker is still pretty ticked off about your inaccurate soccer hating article from a few days ago...

Sorry, I just can't get off this naked employee thing. Wait a minute...getting off...naked...Never mind.

Seriously though, and just think about it for a second. If in fact one out of every four people is "mass enhanced," and naked, how can ANYONE actually work?

You walk into your office floor and - hey, there's Jane. "High Jane!" There goes Bob and Mary. "Good Morning you two!" You turn around and there stands Mustafa!! Oh my God!!! Cover yourself with something. PLEASE!!!


marvin harrison may have something left; i just think that pennington needs to display a better arm downfield than he did last season. it still seems the dolphins best passcatchers will operate close to the line of scrimmage- the backs, bess, and the tight ends. plus the specter of a productive ginn is still not out of the realm of possibility.

canes fans, ray ray will be a dynamic addition; is jacorry harris' arm that much better than his? ray ray looked good in the second half of the 6a title game

Love the Strikers. I read Cote's articles back then; and in those days I used to save them. I may have a Cote original article or two.

I don't know what it was, but the NASL appealed to me more than today's MLS. I love Lockhart stadium. They had fireworks display for the July 4th games. I still own some Strikers buttons, and Striker Liker bumper stickers.

There was one incredible post season, when the Strikers made it all the way to the Soccer Bowl in DC. I made the 24 hr road trip with some friends; skipped class. Saw a little bit of DC. We lost 3-0 to the star studded NY Cosmos, but we had an exciting dramatic playoff run, of which I attended all.

In at least 2 of the play-off series, we won the away game. We then proceeded to lose the home game. A 30 minute "mini-game" was played right afterward. And we won each time.

I wasn't born until 1985, but I'm down with the Strikers. In fact I recently bought a replica Strikers jersey. I think the owners of the Fusion and Miami FC should have kept the Strikers name going, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and go after the frankly horrible support for American soccer in Miami. Think about it, here's some other successful NASL names that have lived on: Vancouver Whitecaps, Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, Tampa Bay Rowdies, and the San Jose Earthquakes. Most have had very successful pro teams with those names since the NASL folded, and soon all but Tampa will have MLS teams. I say if it ain't broke don't fix it, so BRING BACK THE FT. LAUDERDALE STRIKERS! Any billionaires out there who need a hobby? Build a stadium in Ft. Lauderdale and bring MLS back to where it never should have left!!

JJ, Good summary. I can add to your list of world renowned stars. Today, stars are a dime a dozen and come and go. Back then, it was easy to know all the elite world stars and many made it into the NASA.

Stikers had quite a few: Gerd Muller (W.G), Gordon Banks (England), Teofilo "Nene" Cubillas (Peru), Jan Van Beveren (Netherlands), George Best (N. Ireland), Branko Segota (Yugoslavia), Arsene Auguste (Haiti natl team), Figueroa (Chile, 45 times), Bern Holzenbein (W.Germany. 74,78)

Muller led in total World Cup goals at the time; Cubillas was in the top 3.

If some of you don't know George Best, check out some of his goals on youtube. Lightning quick; and finesse moves like a running back.

Other great ones from national teams, many World Cup stars), tried to list the best ones first:

Pele (NY Cosmos)

Kaz Deyna (Poland-San Diego)..I got a photo with him. WC 74, 78

Johann Cruyff (Netherlands, Washington)

Beckenbauer (W.G., NY)

Eusebio (Portugal, various)

Wim Rijsbergen (Netherlands, NY)

Rensenbrink (Netherlands, NY)

Neeskens (Netherlands, NY)

Chinaglia (Italy, NY)

Van der Elst (Belgium, NY)

Bobby Moore (Englaand '66)

Aguirre, (Mexico,LA)

Carlos Alberto (Brazil, NY)

Marinho (Brazil, NY, Strikers)

Bogicevic (Yugoslavia, NY)

Karl Heinz Granitza (W. Germany, Chicago)

Nordqvist (Sweden, Minnesota))

Eskandarian (Iran, NY)

Leo Cuellar (Mexico, San Diego)

Krol (Netherlands, Vancouver)

Romero (Paraguaay, NY)

Kyle Rote Jr (USA, Dallas)

Hugo Sanchez (Mexico, San Diego)

Graeme Sounness (Scotland, Montreal?)

Steffenhagen (W.G., Chicago)

Stan Terlecki (Poland, NY)

Toppmoller (W.G., Dallas)

Carl Valentine (Canada, Vancouver)

David Watson (England, Vancouver))

Steve Zungul (Yugoslavia, Golden Bay)

Alston (Australia 74, Tampa bay)

Alan Ball (England 73 times, Philly)

Peter Beardsley (England, Vancouver)

Clyde Best (Bermuda, various teams)

Roberto Bettega (Italy, Toronto)

Alan Brazil (Scotland, Detroit)

Cabanas (Paraguay, NY)

Jimmy COnway (Ireland)

Rick Davis (USA, NY)

Trevor Francis (England, Detroit)

Archie Gemmill (Scotland 78, Jacksonville)

Kai Hasskivvi (Finland)

Geoff Hurst (England '66, Seattle)

Wim Jansen (Netherlands, 74, 78, Wash)

Willy Johnson (Scotland, Vancouver)

Kristensen (Denmark)

Arnie Mausser (USA, various)

Ntsoelenge (S. Africa, various))

Oscar (Brazil, NY)

Please, stop with the soccer talk. It makes my hair hurt.

Hah, njpf, just for that there will be more! What are you complaining about; the NE team was called "Teamen".

Memorable coaches, Ron Newman and Eckhart Krautzen.

Like JJ said, Rick Weaver and Henry Barrow were excellent. Marvelous play-by-play on the radio. Those guys did the Dolphins..and were excellent..and then in soccer season, they did the Strikers.

I remember when Rick Weaver did a promotion with Air Florida at the airport.

mike1- You must be a real die hard fan. The Boston team playes in Foxboro stadium, the finest stadium in the the world, and are also owned by Bob Kraft, the finest owner in pro sports. He is trying to bring the world cup to the USA.


Bob Kraft, the finest owner in pro sports!?

This wouldn't be a partisan vote would it? I give you that Kraft ranks high up there, but as the NFL goes I would have to give it to Rooney and his Dad before him. You also have Jerry Buss/Lakers, John Henry/Bo Sox, and Mike Ilitch/Red Wings.

Hey, we can all agree it's not Al Davis!

naples jack, I gotta go with OC on the Rooney vote.
Also, do you have hair like Jimmy Johnson?

shadow, I do hope that Pennington gains a little more velocity. Man, some of those wounded ducks he throws out there are scary.. Remember the Jets game at the end of the season, that one in the endzone that Fasano catch kept me in stitches all day. How in the world did that guy catch that pass??

watched the NFL channel yesterday and Marshal Faulk was commenting on what veterans are still available. Most won't be signed until preseason starts or a little later. Teams save a little $ and get a longer look at the younger players.

Still don't understand where Cote's coming up with the team looking to sign another CB.

I think the headlines should read "Jimbo, Duke, OC, Shadow, Tom, Mike (and many others) save Cote's blog"

OC, Broncos Pat Bowlen deserves a mention too. The late Lamar Hunt of the KC Chiefs, Mario Lemieux of the Pens, deserve kudos. The Dolphins ownership reminds of leisure suit days long gone. Mix that with Jimmy Buffett is pitiful. He's a B list lounge act.

Hey Jimbo where are are paychecks for saving this rag? Actually Cote I dump on you alot, well not alot but every now and then, as it is my nature. However you do tolerate a great deal of scatological material from us homeboys so I tip my hat to you for being tolerant. Plus every now and again you do put up a pic of a hot babe and you'll never lose points for that my acquaintance...

Christ where are "our" checks? Jesus tits Cote you need to have an edit after the f***ing fact system in place. God it's late er early depending on one's perspective and I'm starting to see trailers. Payment coming due for one too many inner explorations courtesy of the ingenius to Dr. Hoffmann. david give me this one my friend in LA. Jimi is far more mindblowing on L-25 than MJ or anyone else, for that matter, could ever be...

as far as owners, how could you guys skip over joe robbie? he brought pro football down to miami, AND, just as importantly, KEPT pro football down there by building the stadium. the nitwits that run my ridiculous hometown gave the hurricanes the same problem they gave robbie. he could have easily moved the team out of state. with the way things turned out, he actually sacrificed his family's ownership of the team in order to keep it in miami. you think kraft would do that?! spare me, naples.. he is almost more annoying than YOU, jimmyboy..

duke, my man, as a professional musician who actually DOES play music for a living, i can never take anything away from james marshall hendrix. his legacy is completely secure in the annals of music. but i was also at the orange bowl in november 1984, 25 years ago, and i will never forget the show i saw that night. ever. and anyone who ever saw that man perform live will tell you the same thing. having worked with people out here who knew AND worked with MJ, his dedication, preparation, passion, and intensity were unrivaled. he was truly an inspiration to many people. and in the industry, i have NEVER heard a bad word about him. in a town that THRIVES on talking bad about people, (jimbo, ever consider moving here?), that is an impressive accomplishment.

meant courtesy of the "ingenious Dr. Hoffmann." I better hope there's some Thorazine left in the medicine cabinet. Goodnight and goodluck all. Oh yeah I almost forgot f*** you JL. Goodnight Bubbles and remember anytime you feel like flipping ol JL over so you can give him an erection enema feel free to relieve yourself. The calmer you are the safer JL's neighbors and local police will be. Consider it a kind of civic duty if you will...

as a side note, it is interesting to me that you keep using jimi hendrix for you analogy. jimi studied those who came before him as much as MJ. jimi brought rock & roll into the modern era, as michael did the same with R&B. both were vilified as well by there own race for not keeping with their roots, and both faced racism as they ascended the ladder of success in a white business. both were extremely shy and withdrawn offstage, and were not prepared to handle the success they achieved. and, sadly, both turned to drugs to escape the pressures of that success.

First of all, I hate to agree with a liberal puke like Cote.
But he is close to the mark with UM. Little if any improvement. Last year's inconsistent offense and mediocre defense are back. Combine that with a brutal schedule and it looks like another ho-hum season with a trip to the Poulan Weedeater Bowl (if they are lucky).
Figure maybe one win out of the stretch Cote mentions. Two of those games (at least) UM gets blown out. If Jacory gets hurt, or even banged up, the wheels come off and a losing season will be the result. VT and FSU play for the ACC championship. GT a dark horse.

david, Joe Robbie wasn't mentioned because he's dead.
& now it makes sense. your a musician and expect others to pay your health insurance. that why you want the government to take over health care industry. figured that when i asked you if you had insurance and you didn't respond. except for your whoopi goldberg ranting. that's ok, now we know your motivated by your own situation. your not an idealist but an opportunist.

david I'm aware of Jimi's blues and r&b roots, his time on Chitlin' circuit, backing up Isley Bros, Ike & Tina Turner, Little Richard. Jimi came from poverty beyond my comprehension, his music was undoubtedly from the earth but he took it outside the milkey way...Also Jimi was a Screaming Eagle from 101st Airborne-how apropos-before hurting his ankle in fall and being discharged Thank God for our benefit. I have a feeling sense, an image only of what Jimi was like as a person and yet I love the man. Strange how powerful music and an entertainment persona can be.

Oh yes interesting parallel there concerning both being villified for not keeping with their roots, their paradoxically stretching the boundaries of racial tolerance and IMAGINATIONS in general and succeeding in a white business. Hard for me to know how much is fact & fiction but if Jimi's manager Micheal Jeffery was as big of a greedy controlling cocksucker as he has been depicted he got what what was coming to him. It was said his greatest fear was to die in a plane crash and that's exactly how he left this world. I know that sounds harsh but were talking "WORLD CLASS BLOODSUCKING CROOK" here...

Get real, Cote. As long as Shalala and Shanon, the Sh twins, are runing the show, the Canes will be a joke. In life management is everything. Check out what's happening with the other tenant at Landshark Stadium. If Bill Parcels and Tony Sparano were in charge of the Hurricanes I would expect big things from them this year.

Jimbo- wish I had hair like jj. mine is just thin and gray.

Dave- as informed as you like to think you are, I would of thought you would of known Bob Kraft bought the Pats so the former owner would not move them to St. Louis. Furthermore, he spent his own money to build Foxboro Stad. Before he built his own stad. he turned down a deal to move to Hartford, Conn, where the state was going to build a stadium for him. I call that a guy putting his money where his mouth is. No threats like other owners, of moving. Saved the taxpayers 800Mil.

naplesjack...lol. reminds of joe dirt and the permanent wig.
I give you credit jack, for a patriots fan on here your a pretty good sport. Wish the best for you except I hope your football team causes you an ulcer this yr.

naples,,, Absolutely, Kraft is an impressive American success story. David, he even got there without a government program propping him up.... imagine that!


Boston would be a great World Cup city. I think 100 cities applied and ~45 are still in the running. However, my guess is the US will not be awarded 2018 or 2022. Those will go to England and Australia, respectively. Maybe we have a small shot at 2022. We can then try for 2026; but 3 English speaking countries in a row?

I think Argentina & Uruguay should cost-host 2030, the 100th anniversary of the World Cup first held in Uruguay and won by Uruguay vs Argentina. But FIFA wouldn't wait from 2018 to 2034 for Europe to stage it again.

My opinion of the top US sites (~ 16 cities) for the WC, not in any order (note, I don't think they should play in cities with hot climates, the northern Europeans wilted in 1994), but I'll include them anyway.

New York
Miami, Orlando or Tampa (or 2 of the 3)
Houston or Dallas
Ann Arbor or Columbus
San Fran or surrounding area

Numerous other good candidates would round out the selection, but the above are definites.

wow, jimbo. so playing music for a living, making as much money as i do and loving my job means i expect OTHERS to pay for insurance? i DID answer your question, you moron. i don't think the health care industry should be a for profit commodity. EVERYONE is entitled to health care. i just don't trust business like you do. they sure did a great job of policing themselves on wall street after the republican corporate whores deregulated THAT industry. i gave you many examples of government programs that worked, yet you still spew the same BS. i love how insulated white idiots like yourself profess so much equality, yet you never admit the disparities in this country. YOU never answered MY question. stick the talking points up your a s s and tell me ONE AREA THAT HISTORY PROVED CONSERVATIVES WERE CORRECT. still waiting..

maybe you can email the great corporations that pay "more taxes than you or i do".. what a joke. according to the GAO, about 60% of U.S. corporations paid NO TAXES from 1998 to 2005, while 68% of foreign companies avoided paying as well. its the merging of corporate and state interests, supported in full by our own, sadly ignorant jimbo.

"fas-cism (fash'iz'em) n. A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism

nice going, der jimbo

about now, you should probably be writing something baseless and insulting, completely avoiding, as your "side" always does, the facts..

wow david, ginrai help ya out with your rosie odonnel speach?

English working in the nude huh. Sounds to me like hardcore commies contaminated their drinking water with some MDMA and floridation. Wouldn't know it by the look of their teeth though.. Unscrupulous sneaky bastards. STAY ON YOUR TOES MEN!


You can always remember me, David in LA Five Cents! David Nickels!" And the nephew turns away and mutters under his breath, "What an asshole!"

nice answer, jimbo.. still waiting for a real response.. like i keep saying, you have nothing. your side has nothing. stick to sports. it's the only time you kinda make sense..

actually your completely wrong and your "facts" aren't true #'s just a slanted version to suit your argument. Michael Moore fan? Fascism isn't the same as American Conservatism. It's your way of trying to label everyone. With libs everyone is labeled something, everything a cause. Liberalism is socialism though. Liberalism doesn't fix any ills just creates publicized victims and new causes. Class warfare? Blame Bush? Government needs to pay your health care, why? Every little cause or interest needs to be funded by the big, bad corporations. This once again, someone is a victim and the cause needs to be funded by someone else. What happens when the Corporations are taxed? The cost is defrayed to the consumer. People (like U) are led to believe that someone else is paying your share.
You ever work for $$cash, did you claim every cent on your taxes? Dem's guy running the Treasury Dept is a tax cheat.
Yah, I have been to LA 2 yrs ago to visit wifes family. I like NYC better. Liberals run LA, every city in the US for that matter, how is it doing? IOU's???? wow, that is really progressive. Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, all ran by Democrats for more than a generation, how they doing? Public Education system been run by Democrats for 40 yrs, what direction is that headed?
You can continue to insult me but it doesn't matter. Come labor day I'll be sitting in Munich enjoying Oktoberfest then driving down the Boot to Rome. Enjoy your leisure suit lounge act routine.
This is my last response to david in l.a.
see ya, don't wanna be ya.

guys gotta see this. our friend from LA *** IS *** a big star afterall. Here he is in action.


Christ Jimbo and david your posts make me wonder how I got this far being this clueless about politics & economics. OC throw in some of your rocket scientist/quantum mechanics erudite theorectical formulations and fun facts so I don't feel so f***ing stupid! My God men I know they say ignorance is bliss but why then am I still plagued by such existential angst?! I'm getting an "Incomplete" for this summer session at Miami Herald U. Ahhh that feels much better...

Are you nuts, FSU & Georgia Tech beat UM last year and those two programs will be better this year... Virginia Tch & Oklahoma will be around the top 10 all year... UCF had under 100 yards of offense and still almost beat real smart Coach Shannon and his team... If they get lucky they start 2-4... IF...

Doesn't anyone care about those poor naked English civilians and Lady Gaga's raw sore throat, the result of selflessly sucking the hardcore commie poisons out of each marketing firm employee before their minds are totally gone? MY GOD ARE WE NOT MEN?

Alright duke. I'll chime in.

For me, it's all part of our human condition. Someone always has to take an opposing view. It's just the way we're wired.

It doesn't much matter what the issue is, humans will always find a way of polarizing it. Inevitably, it's always "a" against "b," or "a" against "c." If it's within our country and about politics, it's Dems against Reps, or liberals vs conservatives. If it's outside the country, it's capitalism vs socialism, communism, any other ___ism. If it climbs to conflict; US vs Germany, Japan, Korea, etc...

I am 100% sure that the only way our world unites with one voice and works together is after learning that martians, or other green little men had plans of conquest.

There you have it.

Hmm, who knows? Perhaps the world's savior might not have the best of intentions.


Dave in LA- How come all this anger? And you play the RACE CARD with Jimbo. So health care should be non profit? hummmm!

Oh Christ thankyou OC. I knew you could help and I'm NOT being sarcastic, though as we all know I am capable of being such every cough, cough now and then. But I digress. The duality of mankinds nature, the lack of balance between intellect & intuitive will always make this point in our evolution rather difficult. Martians, catastrophic storms, earthquakes, pandemics, the battle between "Haves" and "Have Nots" escalating to far more destructive degree. Bad intentions and/or bad consequences. Bottom line it could evoke some bright, highly creative, competent minds in power gaining necessary clarity and compassion to reframe humanities problems and address them in more effective manner. The pendulum swings both ways afterall...

not one example you wrote proves anything. the republicans held every branch of power, and look what THAT did.. and i blame dems as well. sure jimmy, NO taxes for corporations, but more taxes for people. what a moron.
so you will be in munich, huh? pretty ironic. it's where your political theories started. it isn't name calling. it's a fact. when the interests of corporations and government intertwine the way ours does, it's fascicm. maybe instead of reading mein kampf in class, you should've been paying closer attention..


"everyone is labeling someone"? so libs are socialists? lol.. do you even READ what you write?

one MORE thing, adolph jimbo.. my day job is playing the drums for rock bands.. that means i get paid to travel all over the world, play music, and have sex with many girls. in other words, i live a life you ONLY WISH you could live. i have loads of fun, AND i get paid doing it. i travel all over this country as well, and it ain't doing too good. i blame the people that have had the power to either change things, OR keep them the same. this isn't name calling. it is a fact. the corporations, with help from both parties, have outsourced our jobs, polluted the environment, deregulated wall street while making billions and hitting US up for the losses. i am not asking for socialism, you tool. IT ALREADY IS SOCIALISM. for the corporations. hello?? it's capitalism for you and me, dummy, and socialism for THEM. read, travel, get out of the house and see what the hell is going on. and try hanging out with women, too. all that testosterone can really be dangerous without a safe outlet..

and naples, i stand corrected on kraft. he certainly done an outstanding job as well. i can absolutely admit when i am wrong, unlike hitlerbo.. however, you still are a pats fan writing on a dolphin blog, so what does that make YOU?

actually sorry david and this is the truth. I'm virtually every German persona on here. ask anyone. look at past posts if you have any doubt. I'm ah.. well I'm a big "Hogan's Heroes" fan. Plus those goddamn evil NAZIS fascinate me. So does Stalin but not as much. I don't know why because taking back Stalingrad after losing 95% of it to Germans early on was pretty f***ing impressive. Oh yeah I'm also General Jack Ripper, USAF.

College Football News has the 'Canes ranked 19th in their preseason poll.

impressive it was.. had they not declared war on US, we would all be german..

david, you don't know me. My wife is stationed near Munich with the Army. A yr ago she was in the middle east kicking down doors. Everything we have gotten we have sacrificed for and earned. Good luck in your endeavors david. I'm glad your a day drummer by trade. lol

damn Duke, I had no idea those were U.. lol. some pussy probably that was me cause of all the fascist talk....

I thought we were already visited by little green men, His name is Ginria isnt it???

"banging on the drums like a chimpanzee, I want my M.T.V" and speaking of chimps, did that ladie sue that other ladie for the beating she took from that "DAMN DIRTY APE"???

Jimbo I'm probably most of sick f*** characters on here. Why do you think I send you videos of Tiger 1's taking out our Shermans and relish idea of having my own 88mm. It ain't just to impress the ladies...

lol anti christ. I'm still chuckling over your identifying practicality of Christina Ricci's large forehead.

I hate this goddamn unreliable posting mechanism. As I was saying it just occurred to me Jimbo your remark might have been another "Tiger Paw" swipe at david as opposed to not being aware I am Der Fuhrer. BUT my intent in even sharing this observation is NOT to wratchet up the ah "Cival Politcal Discussions" in which you two are prently engaged.

DUH yeah dats right in witch youse two are prently engaged... Goddammit Cote get an after the fact editing enabler in here or I'm going to the f***ing Tampa Tribune to find dean!

anti christ I don't think that lady that took a beating from the "Old Navy Chimp" is capable of doing much of anything for herself anymore. So JL best keep Bubbles happy, satiated and calm. Those damn dirty apes are not to be taken lightly with those Continental Cable LLC steel cable muscles of theirs...

duke, I am checking out that museum in Munster sometime September. It is a panzer museum that displays armor from WWI to modern times. German stuff along with American, Soviet also. 20th century history is interesting to me. When I went to Prague they had memorial plagues & statues remembering the Soviet sacrifice of liberating them from the Nazis. That's all fine and dandy but didn't they have a protest/uprising in Prague around 1968 where the Russians squashed the uprising with tanks killing civilians?

Yeah Russians aren't exactly exemplary leaders of the cough, cough "free world." shadow and I have touched upon how Stalin was a more murderous thug than Hitler in terms of actual kills. God Russia has quite a brutal oppressive history regarding treatment of its own people from time of Czars and at least in 20th century its neighbors as well. Jimbo for myself such travels are limited to history channel, books, my imagination and well "Hogan's Heroes." I don't have means to travel abroad and can't imagine what it must be like to actually stand in the streets of Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Bastogne and to experience the Bavarian Alps firsthand. My retired parents went all over Europe. I was very happy they got such an opportunity in their "golden years." I asked them to get me a pine cone from the Black Forest but I got a beer stein instead. Kinda cracked me up at the time. As you can imagine a German 88mm was out of the question. I don't want to see Russia. No desire to go there. Nothing personal. In fact I've got some Bolshevik blood coursing through my veins. Still not interested.

munich, huh? figures.. go worship at the bunker hitler died in; you both have the same political theories. you still can't say anything that makes sense. they are FACTS period. liberals try to label everyone, yet when you are called out on your corporate felatio you scream socialist. if you took your head out of your behind, you would realize, as most THINKING people do, that WE ARE ALREADY SOCIALIST. just for the corporations. they keep all the profits, WE pay all the taxes and bail them out when they fail. the republicans controlled the government longer than any part the last 30 years so they are responsible. period. with help from the dems, yes, but deregulation was an brilliant corporate idea put in place by people who could give a crap. unless you are worth hundreds of millions, then you've been had. dummy. and everytime you try to re-write history, you sound like a moron.

as far as MY career, cute link. but the fact is, i play drums in rock bands for a living. you know what that means? well, i tour all over the world and the united states getting paid to play music for girls in their 20's. in other words, i live a life you could only fantasize about, quietly, of course, while your wife is asleep. none the less, i am not in a fascist bubble like you. this country is not doing well, except for the corporations calling the shots. a coincidence? your small mind apparently thinks so. but anyone applying critical thought MIGHT surmise the people MAKING ALL THE MONEY at the expense of everything and everyone MIGHT be held accountable for changing the rules to enable them to do just that. until you can intelligently argue that fact, you will always be adolf jimbo. have fun in the fatherland. and remember who won the war.

didn't catch your last post. have fun with the wife. i have been away for extended periods of time from my girl, and it can be a nightmare. safe travels..

I must admit it would be really easy to fall for little timmi's rational if it weren't for the fact that coach Shannon has recruited the #1 and #7 classes the last two years. We would also be remiss to underestimate the power of a real deal pro style coordinator running the offense as opposed to Mr. No Tricks Nix. We shall see Mr. Timmi , we shall see. Is it me or has it been 10 years since the 89 season. The season that what many saw as a mediocre CANES team blow up before our eyes to win it all and all and all again! Don't let theses suckers post their garbage here Greg.


wow david, rock star, world traveler, healer of the sick and dying. surpised you have any time to make 5 posts a day. you got your side and believe in it, i got mine, lets leave it at that.

Dave in LA- For somebody who travels the world, plus the USA, fu***ng, all these women, I am surprised you did not realize this is a Miami Herald Blog, not a Dolphin blog.

I didn't realize Miami even had a newspaper until then reporter Kurt Russell worked there during "The Mean Season." Ya see Russell was trying to help Miam-Dade Police break this case in which a serial killer would contact only him because he liked Russell's writing style...pretty much a stinker of a film. Andy Garcia played detective while Cote was Russell's love interest/live in companion & erector-injector if memory serves. LeBartard played serial killer. LeBartard's performance of a demented madman & copycat serial killer was alittle too convincing if ya ask me.

Cote how did you go from from virtual superstar actor to posting pics of ugly women trying to look pretty on an internet blog. Sorry Lady Gaga as I know you're still sucking poison out of English employees as fast as you can. Maybe someone there should give this selfless yet unattractive woman a goddamn Ricola!

Obviously I ain't no rockstar, I heal no one, I have no gaggle of young hot flexi babes waiting for me to monster cock their puny little psyches into the celestial pleasure realms so barring injury or death which as we know can happen anywhere & anytime I should be posting my obnoxious takes on life for quite awhile Cote. Just keep Jimbo, OC, Tom, shadow, mike1, naples, anti christ, Dave in VA, ginrai? SharkSBVII&VIII sorry shark I couldn't resist, noel, dean hopefully and any regs I left out due to my dementia HAPPY and you'll probably safe during layoffs...

meant "probably be safe during layoffs." that aside I miss you NJ John and I hope you are ok.

Thanks duke, but I'm still here.

Surprised you hadn't figured it out.

Well I'm be Bubbles Uncle. NJ John. We really are mysteries jus' like ginrai's Lord and Savior Jesus Christ says we are... I often get feeling OC spots me every f***ing time with his super scientific x-ray glasses. Plus my typos and grammatical errors are pretty fairly consistent.

I'll be a Bubbles Uncle...see what I mean. DAMMN YOUR BLOGS POSTING SYSTEM COTE!!!!!!

F***ing A!!!
New Jersey John, I asked if anyone heard from you. I suspected you metamorphasized into Shark74 but wasn't completely sure. Man, it's good your doing OK. ! Hope your healthy.

Duke, keep rolling dude. Love reading what you post. i bet i can guess your alias 80% of the time. OC has seen thru a few of my alias also. There is one I used just to piss people off a while ago and haven't used it, it started to get too ugly.

Wish I had a chin like Kurt Russell.

You guys in the State of Florida... are the Florida Gators going to make another run at a national title? & Are FSU and the UofMiami going to improve to compete? Granted, it's early but I was wondering if their rosters are loaded....
This current Dolphin team looks like the strongest roster they have had in a long time. Can you imagine if either Pat White or Chad Henne catch fire and Fins add long pass threat to what they already have?? Ronnie Brown could get 1,500 yards if there were a passing threat. Don't worry about the schedule, if they are good they will win.

Thanks Guys, I'm doing just fine. just thought a posting name change was in order when things were getting hot and heavy on here awhile ago, actually if I had more time now I would explain the meaning behind the new name, but I really have to go now, catch up with you all tomorrow.

are ;you in witness protection program NEW JERSEY JOHN,, ER, I mean Shark74? Hiding $ from your X? An undercover brother? Do tell. I was completely impressed with your Elmer Fudd run. That was witty and a little more class than I am used to.... Seriously though, glad your here Shark 74. Dude, it did get sticky on here a few times, don't know why but when I think I'm out they end up sucking me back in.

Jimbo, I'm intrigued. An alias you used that pissed people off!? Hmm, any hints?

Shark74, you knew that I knew. I hinted off and on that you were still present. I just respected you to be the one to expose yourself;-)

Why do I get the feeling that anti christ is either Mike or Mike1?

Anyway, I'm off into the fog to solve crimes with Watson.

It better not be Lil' Crippled Johnny er Jimmy er Timmy. I was very fond of that lad in a healthy heterosexual way. Goddamn Jimbo my mind is going going going gone.............over the Big Green Monster!

Sometimes I think anti christ and noel are same person. They don't post much but I crack up everytime they do.

No duke, if you remember, noel works over at Disney. anti just likes dumping on lil ginrai.

OC, Raoul...... Remember an extremely abrasive gent who called himself Sonny Barger? all me. He was kinda of an Alter Ego persona like Al Coholic, Uncle Chester, Tyrone Shoelaces. Little Crippled Billy didn't reach his full potential and I regret that. The Cecil Collins was very funny for a short time but my best & favorite was Franco Harris. Franco had a lot going for him, 70's , leisure suits & all. crack addict Willy is the only recent 2nd character---other than myself and continous onetime list of jokes I posted this last week.

I remember Sonny B. He wasn't in the same league as some of our more abrasive elements though - i.e., the bostonian, cuban menace, (probably the same character), etc.

You and raoul know you have keys and access to the wardrobe department. Very entertaining.

Elmer Fudd is still, hands down, the virtuoso performance by a REofaCB blogger who stepped out of their normal identity.

btw, and one more item before I brew some java for tonight's all-nighter. Is there any one regular here who has yet to see the movie "Hangover?"

What are you waiting for?

OC, I knew you had the whole name change thing figured out and I believe Shadow did also. Yes it was a lot of fun doing the “Elmer Fudd” persona but I have to say it was just as enjoyable doing “Hagar The Horrible” I’ve been on and posting from time to time but have been very busy between work and my Classic car hobby this time of year, which brings me to the name change thing. One of my classics is a 74 Corvette and that generation of Corvettes are referred to as “Sharks” therefore Shark74.
Like everyone else, looking very much forward to this season with the Dolphins, as of now I believe we will all be pleasantly surprised. Always the optimist.

you lucky f***er Shark, I love Corvettes. The only ride I got now is a 06 Trailblazer EXT, good SUV for my car pool and occasional quad transportation into the Rocky Mountains.

Hagar the Horrible was good too. You had me rolling many a times when Bostonian would go on a rant and Fudd would remark in comical form.

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