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July 05, 2009

Happy Fourth Weekend! Our most American sport (with poll); plus Iverson-Heat poll, epic Wimbledon final, Hanley & Josh, McNair


     "Celebrate Fourth of July Weekend with a Blog Double-Poll Extravaganza!"

1alleni      Iverson to Heat?: Pat Riley, looking for veteran help at bargain prices, put out feelers to Allen Iverson and Ron Artest. Artest is going to the Lakers (the rich get richer), but A.I. is still out there on the free-agent board. Iverson has some obvious baggage. He is 34, had back and groin injuries last season, and has suffered me-me-itis at times in his career. But he is a maniacal hustler on the floor and obviously has some game left, averaging 17.5 points last season. Iverson can play both guard positions, meaning he could lend the veteran experience Miami now lacks at the point. I say if the Heat can get him cheap, why not? Take a dip in our poll.

      Marlins Hanley, Double-J make all-star team: Baseball announced its all-star rosters today and Hanley Ramirez is voted an NL starter at shortstop, with pitcher Josh Johnson also selected to the team. Both designations are well-deserved. Can't really argue that any Marlin was unfairly omitted. (Although Ricky Nolasco sure has looked the part lately, hasn't he?)

1sam      Star-spangled Wimbledon: An All-American women's final Saturday with Serena Williams beating older sis Venus. Then it was American Andy Roddick reaching Sunday's men's final vs. Roger Federer -- an epic five-set final that ended with Federer prevailing 16-14 in the last set to capture his record 15th major. Roddick and his fans always will wonder what might have been if he hadn't blown a second set tiebreaker that would have put him up 2-0. A tennis weekend almost the way Uncle Sam would want it.

     McNair tragedy: Downer in the festive weekend, the news late yesterday that former NFL quarterback Steve McNair had been shot to death. It's still a mystery. Was it a murder-suicide involving a 20-year-old woman who reports are was in a relationship with the married McNair? Or was it made to look like that by the woman's boyfriend? No matter the particulars, yet another reminder that star athletes are not immune to life's tragedies.

     Our most American sport: Happy Fourth of July weekend everybody! We'll be celebrating with a group of friends on Fort Lauderdale Beach in an 18th annual Magical Wheel of Meat cookout extravaganza possibly involving limited amounts of beer. Do you have a special July 4 tradition? In honor of the holiday vote on what you think is the most American of all sports.

     [Poll observation: Can't believe, even in a Football Town, that more of you people aren't voting for baseball. I mean, hullo? Warts and all, it's AMERICA'S BLEEPIN' PASTIME!!]



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when we last checked, football wasa derivation of rugby and baseball of rounders; ergo basketball

Wishing all a happy **** 4th ****

it will be good if the miami heat gets allen iverson he a good player and he can help us out

I lost interest in baseball a looooonnnng time ago, give me football any day, guys, less than a month to training camp !

as far as the Heaters, they just have to wait until next year to make their big move, don't really want iverson on my team.

Wishing all a happy 4th !!!!

Technically, Shadow, Naismith was a Canadian!

So, the most American of all sports? Lacrosse!
Invented by the Mid-American Native Americans back in the 12th Century, it's the only truly AMERICAN sport...and one of the World's oldest sports on record.


"me-me-itis at times"? me-me-itis all the time!!!! NO A.I. Wrong type of player for this team

Right back at you OC and everyone else willing to post here...Except JL. Bubbles ok but JL is clearly a racist, MJ fanatic and American hater living in his own "Bubble(s)." Get it JL "Living IN your own Bubble(s) HA HA again at your expense pal.

Baseball was my Father's generation's "America's Pastime", not mine. (I'm 24)

Good point Yitz.
Baseball still is the American sport. Football not far behind. I like baseball, football is king to me.

If Alvin Iverson is "The Answer" then we forgot "The Question"

Is that a Rand-McNally road map tattooed on his arms? That's about as close as he ever got to a book in his life.

Fuckaducka? quack lacrosse, it stinks of foul cheese and arm pits from France, aye!

No doubt it's pissing me off. This a-hole Kim Jong Il is doing all he can to provoke and prove he is all that was described in the movie: "Team America."

Here's what I would do. I would inflate a 200 foot long rubber dong clothed in stars and stripes and have a likeness of this tool gnawing on it. I would then fly a freaking B-2 bomber draping this contraption and drag this invitation 100 yards off and all around their coast.

Freaking idiot!

"when we last checked, football wasa derivation of rugby and baseball of rounders; ergo basketball

Posted by: the shadow knows | July 03, 2009 at 11:14 AM
+1, Shadow. Not sure if Cricket also preceded baseball.
Naismith/basketball the "most" American from a standpoint of origin.

Happy & Safe 4th. to all.

Lets not forget the brave men and women who have and still make this all possible. My hats off to each and every one of them past, present and future.

Just my own personal thought on the direction our country is headed. Screw the Democrats, screw the Republicans, lets all be Patriots and do what we can to point the good old USA in the direction our founding fathers intended. Less government control and more personal responsability.

Once again Happy Forth Of July

Yes, let's all be PATRIOTS!

OK Kurt, I'm in a really good mood this morning, so I'll let you slip that one in, even though, hopefully you are smart enough to understand my statements intention.
May you have an enjoyable day.

And you as well. It's a great day to be a proud, patriotic American.

God bless our servicemen and women.

I echo Kurts and the rest of your sentiments concerning gratitude for this country and for our military men & women whose bravery and sacrifice go beyond comprehension. Once again Thankyou all. JL isn't it about time for you to go teabag Bubbles and light his post climax in your big mouth cigarette?

Hey Cote how 'bout Micheal Vick to the Heat? I mean he's a good runner and can occasionally pass ball with some accuracy.

I just read that Steve McNair is dead from a gunshot wound. The story didn't say, but it appears to be a murder/suicide as a woman was found dead with him. How sad. The end of the Titans SB loss to the Rams was one of the most exciting two minutes of football ever.

RIP Steve.

To all my friends, I hope you all have a happy 4th.

P.S. I'm indifferent about the Heat, but if they sign Iverson I'll officially e a fan of every team that plays the Heat.

Tom that is indeed very sad. Always liked McNair. Such a tragic ending to great talent and competitor. RIP.

You guys are right about McNair. Top shelf QB, tough guy, decent dude. Truly a tragety.


what a sad story emanating from nashville; steve mcnair was a great football player, great leader, but seems lacking as a spouse. a shame for all involved.

Federer is a great player, but let's not forget Roddick today. He deserved to be the winner, not Fed.
Also, people, keep in mind that Nadal has not played in the past two grand slams, allowing Fed to get his 15 Grand Slams.
Also, until very recently ( I think Fed had 11 Grand Slams before Nadal entered the scene as a legit contender).
Up to then, Fed had NO ONE, and I repeat, NO ONE to challenge him, unlike Sampras who had Agassi on his tail all the time, along with a few others like Safin, Goron Ivanisovic, etc., etc.,...
However, all that said, Congrats to Fed for the record...he'd better hope that Nadal's knees don't heal...Nadal already has 6 Grand Slams, and he's about 6 years younger than Fed is...if Nadal stays healthy (knees), he will surpass Fed by a lot...and, I'm not a big fan of Nadal, but we have to admit, he's very, very good when his knees are healthy.
GREAT MATCH TODAY...NO ONE DESERVED TO LOSE, especially Roddick...however, Roddick has redefined his game...he's no longer a big-serve player ONLY...his game is more complete...don't be surprised to see him win at the U.S. Open....

Again, the poll question is unclear. It does not ask which is the oldest American invented sport. It asks what is most American of sports. This can be interpreted in a few ways. Pro Football has been the most popular sport in the US for well over 3 decades. It is unique; only Canada plays a similar version which is popular in their country. The roots aren't American; but the evolution of the rules are purely American. And given that it is way more popula than anything else, it is NOW the most American sport.

Baseball and basketball were both invented in the US, I believe; however, their popularity (particularly the 'watch grass growing' baseball) has waned. Basketball is played throughout the world. Baseball is played in sveral countries, but only popular in a handful.

As for the one who mentioned Lacrosse...running around with butterfly nets, is that a sport? OK, seriously, yes it is the oldest sport (though not intended as a sport) originated in these lands. Again though, that is history... not what is the most American sport currently.


michael owen gonna do anything with man u; teamed with rooney it seems he mightscore a few if healthy. owen also a shot to make the english team for mundial 2010 i've heard. be well

She goes from driving a Kia to an Escalade. From serving at Dave and Busters, to vacationing in the air with McNair.


He's found shot four times; two in the chest, two into the head. She's found with one mortal shot.

It's pretty obvious Kazemi did not take the news well.

Torn families left behind in their wake. In the end, he survived 300 pound crushing linemen, but not a 100 pound passionate, dismissed lover.

Good write OC.

Don't f*** with women looking for a nest egg gentlemen. Oh yeah I almost forgot and the male companionship that just happens to come with it...

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