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June 26, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

1mj     [Comment on the HEAT DRAFT in the blogpost immediately below this one, and click on Twitter.com.gregcote to join the following].  

     Like many of you I am stunned by the news that, yesterday afternoon, singer Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest at age 50. I believe we have lost a titan, an American treasure (warts and all). I believe we have lost a giant of pop culture and one of the most talented, charismatic and influential performers in the history of entertainment. For me, in my lifetime, his loss ranks with those of Elvis Presley and John Lennon in terms of music deaths that have touched me.

1moonwalk      Michael's music was important to me, integral with my life's soundtrack from his early days leading The Jackson 5 through his peak, "Thriller" years and beyond. The memory of him doing the Moonwalk on TV is seared in my mind.

     His later life, beyond the commercial success, was in many ways an American tragedy. There was the freakish obesssion with facial surgery and pigment. There were the more uncomfortable, darker elements involving an obsession with children. These things are an undeniable part of the whole picture. These things are why a friend of mine's reaction Thursday was, "Michael Jackson died years ago." That's harsh, but surely resonates with many.

     For me, though. stepping back to see the whole picture, the entire life, Michael Jackson is the talent, the music, to a degree overwhelming the weirdness and bizarre afterlife that followed.

     Your thoughts on Jackson's legacy and what he meant to you are invited here.


     Favorite songs: Also wondering your one favorite Jackson song or the one you most associate with him. For me the early-era song would be "I'll Be There," and the peak-years song would be "Billie Jean." Click on Ten Gems to see the videos for A-B-C, Beat It, Billie Jean, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, I Want You Back, Man In The Mirror, Rock With You, The Way You Make Me Feel, Thriller, and Wanna Be Starting Something.

     Click on Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough to listen.


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One thing these types of realities always manage to impress:

Make use of your time. Live each day (if possible) to the fullest, cause, you never know when your time is up.

Yes, we all agree the man turned into a weirdo but nobody can deny there was no other more talented the last 30 years. Michael Jackson's music is one of the few from musicians/bands where I can just feel it and it doesn't get old. I only wish I could have been able to see him live.

I am in morning, tomorrow when I cavity search inmates I will use only one latex glove.

lol.. too late russel. he did have a nice run but honestly, the guy didn't have the stamina to last. Dude didn't do much with the last 10 yrs.

I really would love to hear Dave In Va's opinion on this matter..........

I would love to hear Liberache's opinion on this matter.... LOL!

I would love to hear from someone from West Virginia on this matter...LOL!

I would love to hear from Tito on this matter...LOL!

I would love tohear from Flipper '72 on this matter....LOL!

I would love to hear from the mothers and fathers of the kids who were molested on this matter... what a shame,:(

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Kurtis-Jean ain't my lover
He's just a guy who loves to take it in his crack
And he's never gonna give it back EEWW AAHH! OINK OINK!!!!!

Kurtis-Jean ain't my lover
He refuses to wear a rubber
So Syph is eating his brain and he can't explain anythang, not anymore
What a whore, enjoy your bedsores OOOOHHHH YEAH!!!!

Kurtis-Jean gets real mean
Now that his cortex is blown
And he's going to a nursing home
No longer able to roam, at least not very far

You're welcome Cote. Buy me a Cuban and an espresso and well call it even.

My f***ing keypad has a mind of it's own unlike Kurtis-Jean. I meant "we'll" not well.

One less child molester in the world,OH WELL!
Personally I mourn the loss of Farah much more.

Gents, its never good when someone dies young, shame, the guy had a lot of talent...he just became a Wacko as the years went by...

Five weeks to the start of mini-camp !!!

Very talented. Extraordinary performer. Never been my type of music /melody though. When it comes to Motown, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, many others whose music I liked better.

Newspapers were probably almost done preparing their front page for Farrah; only to change to MJ in the last minute.

MJ did become one very strange character. Between him and Tom Cruise. MJ's demise was probably shaped by his lack of childhood and his ultra fame. His friends have come out and said that he had few adult friends; couldn't make conversation. He was still like a young boy.

Ever see Farrah's brief clip on the Patridge family before she became famous? It's pretty funny. Easily found on youtube.

Hey Kurt what was your favorite Micheal Jackson song or were you more of a Hanson band kinda guy?

mike1 how do you account for Tom Cruise's demise? Middle age? Malginant Narcissism? Refusing to acknowledge mental illness exists therefore refusing to seek treatment?

Alright if you want to get technical about it. I don't care about any of these MF's. Elvis I didn't care he died. Never thought much of Mr. Heartbreak Hotel. Farrah only because she and Eli May Clampet introduced me to my own DNA. Lennon different story. He was a Beatle though I liked Harrison more. Still Lennon to me was like Jackson to alot of people. I was just trying to do the right thing show some semblance of humanity until I realized I'm actually amoral not to be confused with asexual like you Kurt...

If only Marvin Gaye woulda been quicker on the draw.

The one thing very few of us know is what it's like to live in a "fish bowl" for 42 years like Michael did. I'm sure it hammered him mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Anyway, he was a great musical artist!

My motto has always been," Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway". Tough to die so young.


My wife and I's anniversary was coming up and I asked her what she wanted. She replied, something that could go from 0-150 in three seconds. Yesterday I gave her a new bathroom scale.


lol. Cheaper than a modified Porsche.

Nice one, Shark.


In answer to your question about which Jackson songs scored high enough to be favorites. I'd say most of the 64 songs on this list:


I do however, get a kick when other artists take his songs and make very good versions, themselves.

Both Chris Cornell and David Cook's version of Billie Jean and Alien Ant Farm's version below of Smooth Criminal come to mind.


Here's David Cook's version of Billie Jean.

Damn good!


I'll end this small tribute with a bit of nostalgia.


shark, heard that one before but it still is good.
Raoul, Marvin Gaye and John Lennon deaths were trageties.

Action Jackson... those lyrics were hilarious!

The crap about Jackson sleep with kids is most disturbing. Utter freak too.
His music was popular, although not my taste but give his due, he was huge. I doubt that guy ever had sex with a physically mature woman in his life.

How do you manage to be $400 million in debt and still live like a king?
I know people who are $40k in debt and are losing their homes.

Michael Jackson, dead at 50. I would be more upset if Pee Wee Herman shit the bed. Who gives a rat's ass? This guy mirrors only OJ Simpson in proving money makes the system work.

And his music? Never touched me in any way. Dancing? I don't dance.

Didn't think you gave a rats ass bout Jackson.

I hate when the media creates this type of sensationalism and overkill when it comes to praising people that don't deserve it...!!!

The man was a child molester....that is a fact that cannot be denied. Paying off their parents to have the right to molest their kids is just plain wrong..!! Now they want to make an "ICON" a "HERO" out of this very disturbed individual? C'mon man- please..!!

This guy does not come close to Elvis or John Lennon but the media is going to go on a massive onslaught of media overkill for the next couple of weeks. He did not play any instrument and he wrote some of his songs but like most Pop Artists, he had other people write and arrange for him. That means that he isn't a real musician. A real musician writes all of his songs- lyrics and music. Michael Jackson did not do this..!!

He was an entertainer/dancer who did not really have a good vocal range to be considered a great singer. All of his arrangements were done by slick producers in the studio. He could never capture the magic that he portrayed in his videos in his live shows.

The live shows were about choreography, dancing and stage gimmicks like lasers and pyrotechnics. His vocal ability sucked in these live shows. The "Thriller" album was all slick production. Yes, it worked and yes it made millions. If you just look at it from a production stand point, it was well thought out and the ideas were not bad but I could never get into stuff like that. I personally despise Top-40 Pop Crap and to me, that is what MJ was- a Pop Star.

I am a Hard Rock musician that appreciates stuff like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, the Beach Boys, The Stones, Elvis, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Elton John, KISS, Journey, Judas Priest, The Scorpions, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Janis Joplin, David Bowie,
Foreigner, Guns & Roses, Queen, Hurricane, etc.

He did a lot of shady stuff like when he got married to Lisa Marie Presley to try and get the publishing rights to her father's musical catalog. What a loser..!!

He did manage to get the publishing rights to most of the Beatles catalog when he found out about a little clause that enabled him to. When Paul McCartney found out about it and offered to but it back, Jackson refused to sell it to him. He later sold some of the Beatles publishing rights to Sonny Music.
However, he still owns a good portion of the Beatles publishing and was making good money off of it until his untimely death.

I wonder if McCartney will try to buy it back from Sonny and Jackson's estate??

He then gets married to some braud and has her artifically inseminated to have his kids and try to convince the world that he likes women- when everyone in their right mind knows that he is a pedophile. It is amazing that they are trying to make this dude an ICON.

The only thing that I liked about Michael Jackson that I thought was cool was when he forked out big bucks to get Eddie Van Halen to play the guitar riff and solo on "Beat It".
That song would totally suck if it wasn't for Edward. The video was completely three dollar bill GAY...!!! LMAO!!

He then recruited Julliard Grad and Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens to play guitar on "Dirty Diana".

Female guitarist Jennifer Batten then got recruited and played a couple of tunes with Mr. Whacko-Jacko...!!!

Other than that, I am not a Big Fan...!!!




Q: What did Michael Jackson and an X box have in common? A: They were both made out of plastic and got turned on by little boys.

Here you go Flipper,

Not the usual stuff that gets most of the references - i.e., led, pink, jimi, etc.

These are out of my ipod collection (a most cross-generational collection if ever there was one):



This next song can never be played !!!LOUD ENOUGH!!!


This is what I mean about varied:



(used in the movie Rocky, and another to enjoy as loud as possible)


Flipper I'm pretty sure "The King" didn't write his own songs either but he did write his own prescriptions... Chuck Berry was much cooler than Elvis imo.

Hey Raul Duke: Read your last few posts and all I can say is you sound a tad angry, there, you pervert!

Hey Kurtis isn't it about time for your Tetracycline and Aricept? Angry. Yeah I would say I'm angry much of the time. I'm from New York. Alot of New Yorkers are pissed off but they have wonderful don't give a flying f*** sense of humor regarding some of the difficult realities thrown their way. It can be invigorating and cathartic. For instance telling you where to go just about made me laugh until I stroked out. Good thing I always have lopressor and Bayer aspirin on hand Shemp.

I like crack

Well a man should have a hobbie is what I always say.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50C-cAeD28 Is it too loud out there? Is it too loud?

Hmmm....Angry, perverted, freakish, and no life...

Sure YOU're not the "Gloved Ones" twin brother?

Kurt really how old are you 12? You seem so fascinated by me but I never wanted children so you'll have to see if one of the other regulars will take you under their wing. Perhaps ginrai as anti christ suggested or better yet bostonian. He seemed reasonably educated and had a temper at least equal to my own. Anyway I must get back to work and I have no time for latchkey kids. I'm afraid you'd just wind up like Tyler Haines Weinman and it would be my duty to... well nevermind.

Elvis Presley who? Micheal Jackson ha ha who? Stevie Ray Vaughn who? Randi Rhoads who? Johnny Winter who? Micheal Bloomfield who? Pete Townsend who? Eddie Van Rotten Teeth who? Frank Crappa who? IMO...

Forget address #2 above. But this may work. Bear in mind though not even mistakes exist outside of THE BIG I SEE.

One more for the road with no top hat, purple jumpsuit or moonwalk.

Hey Raul Duke, keep giving me ammunition against yourself. Since you never had children, maybe that is why you can't see that your buddy MJ was a child molester, and you are not sensitive to that. Also, since you are such a pervert and sexual deviant, the fact you have no children also explains alot. If you had a son or daughter, you would not be so sexually perverted, perhaps. Your comments about females here are mostly taseless and childish.

Couple all those facts with the inordinat amount of time you WASTE here on this putrid blog, and it adds up. You have NO LIFE!


Kurt please don't tell me you have children. My God man why would you want to perpetuate your double helix. There's already too many frustrated semi-moronics in the world. Nice to see you're such a feminist though. They're not generally found in these neck of the woods. Kurt I clearly enjoy this blog and its regulars which ironically you appear to be transforming into lately much to my amusement.

Kurt I imagine your life consists of an inverted clear plastic funnel on your head surrounded by monster cocks conditioning your hair and face. Am I close on this one?

Well I really have to get back to the void Floyd. Maybe we can continue to insult each other more later.

I heard on the radio that Michael Jackson's body will not be buried or cremated.

Instead he will be recycled into shopping bags where he can remain white, plastic, and dangerous to children.

Kurt,really,lighten up. Don't you get tired of making a total ass out of yourself, what's wrong,your underwear yo tight? Talk about somebody with no life--you ought to look in a mirror sometime.

When Farrah Fawcett went to heaven, God granted her one wish. She wished all of the children would be safe, so God killed Michael Jackson.

The latest news says that Michael Jackson died of food poisoning. He had two nine year old wieners.

Now Mccaully Caulkin really IS home alone.

Honestly Jackson was one twisted tormented soul and I do pity his hell. However as I said I never cared for his music once the Motown sound was gone. Cote I have to wonder what kind of moe really liked Thriller which showcased his flaming gay voice, jumpsuits and prancing. I remember highschool friend of mine saying in response to my referring to MJ as flaming moe, "Yeah but he's a really good dancer." This was a kid who loved Floyd, Hendrix, Stones, Beatles, Zep, Sabbath, Deep Purple, ZZ TOP, etc. I was astonished at his take on MJ and said "So what if he can dance. He's still a flaming moe and his dancing only helps to strenghten my case." It's true sometimes you really don't know someone despite spending years partying with them. I wonder if he still likes women. He claimed he did when I knew him but who knows?

And when he sang "Beat It" just whose meat was he beating? Hopefully his own though that has been a bone of contention. No pun intended.

Also Prince is a moe. If Hendrix was gay he'd be Prince. Little Red Chevette er Corvette. C'mon.

Those were some good groups, r. duke. A few of my favorites are their. Your friend had great taste in music.


With credit to Dennis Miller, who first said something close to this: Some folks prefer plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and some like-em with nuts. Beyond, still, some even like Tutti frutti. You're definitely a plain vanilla sort of guy.

Hey, OC, Knock, knock

I wonder where lil ginria has gone???

what is your bidding, my master...


Okay, I'll go along...

Who's there?

Is it true that mj got food poisoning from eating 8 year old wieners???

Guys m. jackson left reality about 20 years ago, i wonder why he never seek counceling for his appernt problems and why didnt any family members speak out about his insanity, i mean the guy named 1 of his kids "blanket"

" Yes sir, completely insane"

Looks like Greg's blog filters are blocking some posts.


OC you're a gentleman to my political incorrectness. And I was waiting for someone to accuse me of being vanilla. I do love vanilla but it's also a matter of cool vs moe...

The distinction between Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Roll, Acid Rock, Jazz/Rock Fusion vs Pop Pop Fizz Fizz oh what a relief squeezing off a deuce is.

Actually last time i was censored was when I wrote something rather, say we say, extreme about kid cat killer...

meant "shall we say" but I was distracted by incoming messages.

Lets face it. Micheal was more flashy than a freakin' disco ball...

Think about Prince's velvet body suits with zipper in the back, his pompador hair-doodoo and a guitar shaped like a moe curley Q or something. His bassist was a shemale. His music was the queerist "hetero-erotic schmegma" I've ever heard next to George Micheal's "homo-erotic queer-bait" music.

Again I have no problem with homosexuality which I know sounds absurd. My view is God manifests every possiblity imaginable and so sexuality is obviously going to take on more than mere conventional heterosexual form. What gives me the heebie jeebies are guys that appear or sound or behave in an effeminate manner. This too is one of the infinite varieties of life and yet I don't much care for it. Hey your not gonna like everything that is right?

Or to put it more clearly "You're not gonna like everything that exists."

Greg: Search for "Who's Loving You" by the Jackson 5 on Youtube to see the VERY best of Michael. Performed on the "Ed Sullivan Show", 11 year old Michael sings with the range, style and talent of a veteran R&B singer. It will blow your socks off! And it will remind everyone that he was indeed the most talented entertainer of the past 40 years. Watch it on Youtube, you won't be disappointed!! I promise.

Just listened to it though I'm not sure it was Ed Sullivan performance. Night and day compared to Thriller etc Tiberius. NIGHT and DAY and I guess I just feel more at home in the night...

People that hate on MJ are just a bunch of trailer park white trash type of people that dont appreciate great beats, a great voice, very good lyrics and the best dancer ever. R.I.P. MJ. He was loved all over the world not just because of his music but because he gave so much to help people that needed it the most. Just look at the man in the mirror video. u spoiled americans never think of things like that ur all spoiled and live in a bubble. A-holes.

Hey good point JL. Now why don't you go F*** yourself partner. Thankyou very much.

Oh and JL you can go F*** MJ's chimp Bubbles too.

JL you're right to hate on MJ is to like hate on Jesus or on ourselves when we like look in the mirror and hate the person in the mirror we see so we mutilate ourselves with endless plastic surgeries until we get it right. Anyway that's what I think MJ meant when he had all those surgeries.

JL I think alot of people all over the world both hated and loved MJ for there own egocentric reasons. What I have difficulty comprehending is exactly how ur hating on MJ haters and ur hating on us spoiled americans significantly differs ethically speaking from anyone hating on MJ u foreign cocksucker u?

Q: How do you know when it's bedtime at Michael Jackson's residence?
A: When the big hand touches the little hand.

Q: Did you hear that Michael Jackson and Tonya Harding have decided to begin training racehorses together?
A: Yeah, she's gonna do all the handicapping and he's gonna ride all the three-year-olds

lol. Hey JL perhaps laughter is the best medicine.

Alright everyone, how long before Cote raises some kind of race issue in all of this like JL who expertly threw down the ol white trash card...

Sorry JL I meant "the bunch of trailer park white trash type of people card." lol.

Really if we all want to be major pricks this one is loaded between color, "alledged" pedophillia, the rich vs poor, black vs white legal fairness issues etc etc. There I brought it up for you Cote. But it doesn't interest me beyond humor I find in being referred to as trailerpark white trash type a person because I didn't like MJs beat, singing, lyrics or his dancing post Jackson 5...

God I hope I didn't piss off any major Elvis Humpers either...

Nicholas Cage is that you son? I was only kidding when I said you married Elvis' daughter so you could sex up the King real good... I won't even ask why MJ married her.

Really you'd have to be a seasoned mountain climber to even begin to descend the labyrinthian depths of depravity that exist in Fanatical Elvis and MJ Humpers...

Fanatical being operative word here folks..

wow. didn't know we looked to musicians OR athletes for moral guidance. aside from the fact that he WAS NEVER CONVICTED of child molestation, he took R & B into the 21st century, 25 YEARS before the 21st century. flipper, you are a moron. the biggest hits he had, he DID WRITE. all good artists benefit from the guidance and partnership of producers. george martin and the beatles. sinatra and nelson riddle. what did quincy jones DO after michael? that's right. nothing. he shifted the paradigm of contemporary soul music, becoming the BIGGEST crossover artist in history, selling more records than elvis OR the beatles. he studied sam cooke, james brown, and jackie wilson AS WELL AS fred astaire. the man was a troubled genius. let him rest in peace, especially if you are too narrow-minded to appreciate his gift.

nice perspective david in LA. Clearly I'm too narrow minded to appreciate his gift which doesn't have to be problematic. However you certainly sound able to quantify his accomplishments and express them in such a way that I almost wish I could see and appreciate it all right along with you.

david in l.a. your in your own little world sonny. MJ was a has been for a long time. Most people find rich man who sleep with little boys as disturbing. He doesn't fit your realm of molester because he is an artist right comrade?
Crack makes you sleep better at night.

Great talent or whatever is no excuse for being a pedophile. If MJ hadn’t bought his way out of his disgusting personnel life, he would have been spending his life behind bars. There is no justifying the type of individual that he was. I am personally sick of hearing about him and how great he supposedly was. He WAS a criminal of the worst kind.

Pat Beverely joined Evan Cohen on ESPN 760 Friday to talk about his past and his future.



the kid at age 10 wasa certainly a showman and could sing; it says here the optimal version of "who's lovin' you" is to be found on "the temptations sing smokey", where it is track 2 following "the way you do the things you do"; done in five-six part harmony by the mature voices of edie kendricks, david ruffin, and the rest of motown's greatest group- the last hurrah for doo wop!! will send shivers dowwn the spine, guaranteed by the shadow.

Just check out "Who's Loving You" by the Jackson 5 on Youtube to see if MJ had talent or not. That song is not pop but classic R&B and 11 year old MJ sings it as well as any great veteran R&B singer.

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