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May 18, 2009

Can anything stop Kobe vs. LeBron? (with poll); plus trading Dan Uggla, Brian Grant, MNF booth, James Harrison & more

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1kobe 1lebron      No stopping LeBron vs. Kobe inevitability: NBA conference-championship round underway Tuesday, and I give the Magic against Cleveland a slightly better chance than I give the Nuggets against L.A. -- but only slightly. Both series could be routs; neither will go seven. Orlando and Stan Van Lucky were fortunate to face Boston without Kevin Garnett. I cannot envision any realistic way the NBA and TV won't get itheir wish for a LeBron James-Kobe Bryant duel in The Finals. Can you? Take a dip in our poll:


1pedrom 1duggla3      On Marlins and Dan Uggla, Pedro Martinez: The Marlins' extended slump since the 11-1 start has made me begin to think two things I did not think a couple of months ago: 1. Trading Dan Uggla would not be such a bad thing; that's if his sub-.200 average has plundered all his market value. (Although I am enocouraged to see Uggla eating spinach at left. Otherwise before long he will have to go on a crash diet to continue hitting his weight. 2. If the Marlins think unsigned veteran Pedro Martinez (pictured right) has any arm left and he'd come cheap, it might be worth considering.

     Best wishes, Brian: Sad, the news that former Heat player Brian Grant is in the early stages of Parkinson's disease. Click here for ther ESPN.com piece that revealed the story. Grant, 37, is one of the more interesting, generous athletes I've run across, and our best hopes are with him.

1jong 1coveredwh      Monday booth gets latest makeover: Jon "Chucky" Gruden (left) replacing Tony Kornheiser alongside Mike Tirico and Ron Jaworski in the Monday Night Football booth. TK leaving of his own volition after three years due to a fear of flying, the same phobia that beset John Madden. I'm not making fun, though. We all have our travel pecadillos. For example, I am afraid of jostling over the plain in a covered wagon.

     Steelers' James Harrison identified as un-American rat: The NFL's reigning defensive player of the year won't join his champion Pittsburgh teammates Thursday at the White House to be honored by President Obama. Why? "If you want to see the Pittsbuurgh Steelers," he said, "invite us when we don't win the Super Bowl." Lord, what a moron.

     This just in. Canada sucks: Pittsburgh vs. Carolina and Detroit vs. Chicago in the hockey semifinals reminds us of one thing: Canada sucks. What I mean is, this season will extend the ignominous streak of the country that invented ice hockey failing to see one of its owns teams raise the Stanley Cup. You are an admirably knowledgable hockey fan or a weeping Canadian if you know the last north-of-border team to win it all was  Montreal in 1993.

1anna      Makeover for Anna Kournikova: Tennis hottie Anna Kournikova, competing again for the first time in almost a year, has refashioned her image. She used to be known mostly for her sex appeal (see left). Now she is known mostly for her sex appeal but also for claiming she doesn't want to be known for that.

     Mom draws attention to daughter's ... oh never mind: A Florida mom is demanding her daughter's Citrus Park high school re-do its yearbook because the original yearbook shows a photo suggesting her daughter is (ahem) not wearing underwear. Click on Oops! for more. Hey thanks, Mom! Your demand has assured that your daughter's embarrassment has gone from local to national.

     Adler's Marlsox movin' on up like Jeffersons:  Weekly fantasy baseball update. My team up to 3rd place in 10-team league with 58 points. David Wright en fuego, Johan Santana and Zack Greinke kings of my hill.

1bunny      Dear Greg...: ...your blog's OK but would be better if ocasionally you'd show a photo of a family that thought it would be cute to pose for a picture all wearing rabbit ears. Thank you.

     Virgin Mary appears on window pane: A Massachusetts hospital doesn't know what to do with a window that enraptured Catholics claim holds the likeness of the Virgin Mary. Click on Ubiquitous Mary for the tale. Cannot confirm reports that a man resembling Satan was seen lurking around the hospital with a bottle of Windex.

     Tourist attraction news: Two employees of Yellowstone National Park have been fired for (click on Streams of Stupidity for the story) urinating on Old Faithful. Yellowstone, indeed.

1mannequin2      Busty the Mannequin: Referencing our recent "sexy mannequin" blognote, a reader (with our thanks) offers this photo of a mannequin he spotted in a shop window on South Beach. I do not know this woman. But I am guessing her breasts may not be real.


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Yeah but the Montreal Canadiens have 24 stanley cups. Most overall. But the good news is American hockey teams have more of a shot than before. Most hockey players are Canadian anyway playing in American hockey teams.

The Marlins got to do something about their slump. If they don't want to join the Nationals competing for last place. Loria try spending some money. Get some help. Pedro Martinez is expensive. He won't take less money and he is done.

Everyone is hypnotized over Lebron and Kobe, Hey their the Best of the Best, but did you see where the Orlando beat the Caveliers 8 out of 11 games, and that's when they let mr superstar go do what he does, Stan VanGundy said 'If you know how to stop Lebron James let me know otherwise we are just going to let him go and we are going to Play our game. The Magic beat the Celtics with Their Superstar..Come on you guys don't give the Magic credit. I agree that they are lack luster at times and they need to kick more butt, but they will do that when they realise that they really can do it instead of choaking, On paper they look good, But Lebron means nothing, The Magic beat them before 8 out of 11 remember that 8 out of 11. Go Magic!! They can do it 8 out of 11!!!

Cote is a Douche.


anna k has already lost that slavic adolescent "hotness"; those eastern european (read slavic) girls go downhill fast at +/- thirty.

The Magic are rival of the Heat ,and play in the same division. I don't like the Magic much. Especially with them having the Heat's number as of late. But I much less like the Lala Fixer Fakers and their cry baby Kobe RattleBean Bryant.

Ho Ho Ho! Rattle Bean Bryant

I much less like the gingin asswipes and their cry baby ginrai.

Hmmm I zee Her Gruden has 'vinally been caught by zee NAZI hunters. Goot verk!

Zorry I meant Herr Gruden. dean I don't believe he was of use to your team any longer. I hope you have better luck with his replacement.

Good for Harrison...all you Cotey liberals can't believe someone would pass on a chance to meet your savior....have you asked yet if you can take his place to meet his majesty...or are you too nervous you would be at a loss of words and faint in front of everyone??!!??! hahahahaahaha...Cote and his Obama man crush!!!

farringtons... gotta expect any and all press to drool over the boy in the white house.

Don't count the Denver Nuggets out! Lakers are favorites in the West but Billups lead Denver has them playing excellent team ball.
Magic struggled against a Celtics team that was missing it's best player AND outta steam. Cleveland beats them 4 games to 1.
LaBron wins his first Ring this yr.

Anna K is looking good.

David Letterman's Top 10 reasons why there are no black NASCAR drivers:

# 10 - Have to sit upright while driving.

# 9 - Pistol won't stay under front seat.

# 8 - Engine noise drowns out the rap music.

# 7 - Pit crew can't work on car while holding up pants at the same time.

# 6 - They keep trying to carjack Dale Earnhardt Jr.

# 5 - Police cars on track interfere with race.

# 4 - No passenger seat for the Ho.

# 3 - No Cadillacs approved for competition.

# 2 - When they crash their cars, they bail out & run.


# 1 - They Can't wear their helmets sideways.

OC Flippy is the biggest cry baby delinquent of them all. Look at how Silent Noel rounded up you and your other identities all in one day.


Notice on 0:47 in this very video, your little deanie self indentity is the first one to the very left of your screen. Dressed up in traditional outlaw green.

1:27 Deanie again this time tied up. 1:54 Tom tied up. 3:32 the shorter one in front of Jimbo is Raoul Duke. They are also tied up. Four of the most important indentities of Flippy.

Hey Cote next March Madness Haiku Contest how 'bout busty mannequin instead of basketball book for prize? ginrai did you forget to take you Clozaril this morning? The bigger question with LeBron and Kobe is who would whip "whom" in a fight? There I gotta say Lebron looks to have more weight and punching power. Jimbo, after reading your "bone to Armando" post, I too feel alittle badly about my Cote, Armando and Boldin moe jokes. I'll have to come up with something nice to say...Hmm this could take awhile but I promise to stay on it.

I think I'm going to start slowly by first asking Anna Kournikova out for coffee before asking her to milk my snake. I'm old fashioned that way...

Clozaril is what you really take every morning Flipperaoul? That figures! Laughs!


You are an idiot. 100% You couldn't tell your a** from a hole in the ground.


Relax. ginrai is doing the best he can with the hand nature dealt him.


The little guy is ginrai. The skinny guy is Kurt. See what I mean OC?

Tom, I don't know where on earth you find these images, but I've got to hand it to you.

Oc dwells in the little wet puddle in the ground outside like a tadpole.

ginrai = idiot

skurt is the out of style unsexy skirt you always wear dancing eye flipping peepingtom.

Village flippin' oc idiot! A close relative of dumbya.

ginrai, you're just a waste of time.

Oc you ,and your other pretending flipped up characters are a waste of posting space in this blog. Especially that you take lots of space with those unnecessary big essay like paragraphs. That are an eye soar.

I must say it's nice to have ginrai back. I feel normal again.

ginrai good one but no actually I dispense Clozaril to people like you to help silence the "voices."

The real challenge OBVIOUSLY is getting individuals like yourself to remain medication compliant.


In answer to your post question, I'd say the likelihood of a Kobe vs.LeBron scenario playing out is quite high. While on the subject, ESPN just published a very good article on how Jerry West sees these two great players.

Jerry West continues to display class, and in keeping with how he played the game, remains - a straight shooter.


ginrai- Great to have you back with your thoughtfull insight, and intelligent thoughts.

Oh great, you memorized the brand medication name you take. Great observation Flipperaoul! How if I also nickname you Clozaraoul?

ginrai maybe if you crush up the Clozaril and snort it off the back of your toilet it will be more effective.

That is a serious bad habit you've got there snifferaoul. No demonstrations please. Get help at Citrus quick!


we are hap,hap,happy tonight- dontrelle throws a great game for los tigres!!!!

it is indeed good having ginrai back. we thought maybe the aliens came back for you, taking their leader back to the mother ship.
or you and kurt have been doing the greyhound bus tour of major us hot spots,, like idaho, illinois, arkansas. you may want to retire that polariod camera, it is a little dated.


my sediments exactly!! while i often disagree with our beloved ginrai, he is one of the pillars here and always kicks up a storm of some sort with his posts!!

The rednecks came back for Rush Jimbah!

Rush Jimbah quoting "Take me to your leader David Duke!"

thanks ginrai, coming from u that means a lot.

little ginrai is all grown up now Shadow.
Uncle Chester took the training wheels off his tricycle,, at 28, well, they thought it was time. This gives Uncle Chester some alone time with his Momma.

But your little deanie beanie mind hasn't grown up just like the rest of you. Take the time of looking at youself by the nearby sewer.

Leave the mommies alone both you Jimbah and your little dirty shadow self.

your right ginrai, I won't go there anymore. did you buy one of those "ShamWow's" ginrai?

Nope but as Randy Savage would say here try a slimjim instead.

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