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June 01, 2008

Bulletin: Kimbo has to work for a win (with The Daily Poll)

Aaa1kslice    [Sunday morning update: Well, I watched the big show last night. For a change, Kimbo Slice had to work for a victory, showing more "ground skills" than anyone knew he had. I guess I can see why so many people like mixed martial arts, although, for me, it's still ridiculously violent and just a weird, cartoon offshoot of boxing. I'll be OK if I never see another bleeding cauliflower ear, by the way. To each his own, right? Or maybe not!]

     [Friday Update: My Thursday column has thus far generated well over 100 e-mails, the vast majority predictably critical of what I wrote -- predictable because the column has been posted on several MMA sites. My finger hurts from using the Delete button so much. Just kidding! Wouldn't want to imply I don't read my e-mails! I am constantly amused when sports fans become enraged when others do not share their view. I might like football, snowboarding or bocci. Doesn't mean you have to].

     Original post:

    You'd know by my new column online now and shipping to Thursday's newspaper -- click here -- that I don't much like the mixed martial arts/ultimate fighting thing, nor do I follow lemming-like to join the mania over the "sport's" hottest current practitioner, Miami's own Kimbo Slice.

     As the sport and Kimbo (pictured) prepare to get their biggest shot of publicity yet with a first prime-time airing by CBS on Saturday night, it's time to weigh in.

     I think the sport is barbaric beyond reasonable discourse, and that those who practice it or cheer it shame themselves. I also think that Kevin Ferguson (Kimbo's real name) should be nobody's hero just because, instead of crime, his answer to poverty was the legalized criminality of beating other people with his fists.

     The question is: What do you think? About this extreme type of "freestyle fighting," but particularly about the would-be urban legend Mr. Slice. Vote in our poll and elaborate with a comment.

     Tell why you voted the way you did. Because keeping your feelings bottled up inside could lead to "issues" resulting in years of expensive therapy, whereas venting here could lead to you winning next week's Florida Lottery.


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"I also think that Kevin Ferguson (Kimbo's real name) should be nobody's hero just because, instead of crime, his answer to poverty was the legalized criminality of beating other people with his fists."

Wow, are you implying that he would have turned to crime if his fighting career hadn't taken off? Is that what you think or you read it somewhere? I thought he was a bodyguard before this, not a criminal. What led you to that conclusion?

I'd like to place Flipper & Grandma in the ring with Kimbo for a round or two.

this "ultimate fighting" stuff is nauseating and the fact that CBS, once the classiest of the networks, is resorting to showing just reminds us of the words of King David- "Oh, how the mighty have fallen"!

I'm sure Flipper would love to get you in the ring, bostonian. Grandma might too.

I know a certain snooty maaitre d' that I would like to put in the ring with kimbo.

I'd get in the ring with Kimbo but I rather get in th ering with Patty Rat first and teach him a lesson in humility .

This self righteous hate-monger, biggot spews out more lies than Satan himself.
He is bashing all Hilary and McCain supporters. Now he is going after Scott McClellan. This outrage must be stopped!

Doesn't everyone have a right to their opinion? Apparently not in the Bostonian World of mishap and make believe. He wants to crown Obama the new messiah.

He wants everyone to become a Muslim and support foreign terrorism. Can you believe the audacity of this guy? Please stop the madness.

You are a cancer! A twisted pig that dwells in the underbelly of society!
You bigoted fascist! Obama is NOT a Muslim! But, let's say he is ... So?
You imbecile! I AGREE with Scott McClellan!
I have never bashed Hillary! You dork! Nor have I bashed McCain!
I'm bashing the bigot fascist pigs on this blog ... like YOU!
Anyone can review the postings ... it is YOU and your alter egos that have continuously posted anti semitic and anti Muslim rants!

Gee. I don't think Flipper and the bostonian like each other. Maybe they should be the undercard to the Kimbo fight.


can anyone take the NBA seriously? they acknowledge that a foul was committed at the end of game- even though the spurs coach and players say "no foul- forced to because the league wants to avoid the 'NBA lakers-celtics theory'' and there is no doubt that fisher fouled barry. then i am watching as richard hamilton gets poked in the eyes by a celtic- NO FOUL and the pistons have to call a timeout as a result!! (and a timeout that could have been useful later in the game) kobe bryant gets 4-5 steps on any partcular drive of his, and the list is endless. in a choice between an NBA playoff game and a hockey playoff game, i'll take the NHL anyday. the officiating is consistent and the level of play high. QUESTION OF THE DAY: will the refs make it up to the spurs tonight? answer here says YES!!

What in the wide, wide world of sports is a-goin' on here?

bostonian you asked me to comment on McClellan's book and now after having a chance to do a little work I'm prepared to do so, but you will not be happy.

Scott McClellan appeared on the Today show this morning. His appearance was a joke. McClellan wanted to talk about bipartisanship while Meredith Vieira desperately prodded him to say something controversial, or, failing that, something specific. The most concrete anti-Bush statements were quoted by Vieira, from McClellan's book, under the headline "Weapons of Mass Destruction:"

"Bush and his advisers knew that the American people would not support a war launched primarily for the ambitious purpose of transforming the Middle East. Rather than open this Pandora's Box...the administration chose a different path...not employing out and out deception, but shading the truth...in an effort to convince the world Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction....The administration used innuendo and implication and intentional ignoring of intelligence to the contrary."

Ironically, McClellan addressed this very subject in his last briefing as press secretary. At that time, before he was trying to sell books and suck up to liberals, he rightly condemned the revisionist history that is peddled by the left:

Q Some people seemed to take out their frustrations yesterday on Secretary Rumsfeld. What did the President think about that exchange? And does it change his opinion at all about the Secretary?

MR. McCLELLAN: People have a right to express their views, but I think you ought to step back and review history a little bit, not try to rewrite history. Saddam Hussein's regime was a threat. It was a threat to the region, it was a threat to the world. And in the aftermath of September 11th, this President made a determination that we were going to confront threats before they fully materialized, before it was too late.

And this President has led the way. We all saw the same intelligence. Now, the intelligence was wrong, but it was the collective judgment of the intelligence community that decisions were made upon. And this President took steps to appoint a bipartisan independent commission, and that commission took a look at the intelligence because it's vital in this dangerous time we live in when there are terrorists who still want to strike America, that we make sure we have the best possible intelligence.

And regardless of where you stood before, this is a time when we all need to be coming together to support our troops in Iraq and to support our plan for victory in Iraq, because success in Iraq is critical to winning the war on terrorism. It is the central front in the war on terrorism. The terrorists recognize that. They recognize how high the stakes are, and you see the Zarqawi video. We must continue to move forward and help the Iraqi people who have shown that they want to build a brighter future, that they want to live in freedom, when 12 million people show up at the polls, and when a group of leaders that they elected comes together and forms a national unity government.

Let's look at the collective judgment of the intelligence community. It was outlined in the National Intelligence Estimate, and it was provided to members of Congress, too, so that they could look at. Intelligence around the world, in different countries around the world, was the same kind of intelligence that we saw. And the world recognized that Saddam Hussein's regime was a threat.

Back to me again.

Of course, if McClellan had repeated in his book what he knew to be true in April 2006, the Today show wouldn't be calling him, and his book would have gone straight to the remainder table. A shameful performance.

At best McClellan is a hypocrite at worst, and most likely true, he's just a f****** liar who will say and do anything to sell a book.


couldn't agree w/ you more. wonder what rasheed wallace will be fined after verbalizing what what you blogged yesterday. it was as if wallace was quoting you to the last comma. are you his p.r. man or do you get a % of his fines?


i didn't catch what rasheed wallace had to say- if you could fill me in, it would be appreciated!! you get another game in detroit- make a bundle, buddy!

Go Celtics and Lakers! Give us an 80's flashback finals.

Grandma, you obviously have had PLENTY of doses of the Kool-Aid, so I'm not going to even try to convince you that Saddam was no threat and our current president is a dangerous moron. I know where you stand; now you know where I stand.

But please refrain from using the popular "support our troops" phrase that has been appropriated by the warmongers. I vigorously support the troops because I want to bring them home. That's the kind of support I think they need. You go on supporting President Bush's agenda. But don't be 100% sure that THAT is supporting the troops.


You are right on with the criticism of the NBA. They have surpassed NHL refs as the worst. The commish likes to say that the fans want the players to decide the game. When will he and the refs realize a very simple thing: when you swallow the whistle at the end of the game, you are NOT letting the players decide. Derek Fisher made a move that he knew wouldn't get called, thereby preventing Brent Barry from even attempting a shot. He used power given to him by the refs to prevent a shot. The refs decided the game through their inaction.


it is a shame to see what used to a smooth, flowing game turned into the NBA of today. teams with "no lay-up rules"- pat riley's thuggery of is knick days turned into playoff policy because the refs don't call them as flagrant, intentional fouls, which is what they are? my introduction to the NBA included the dynastic russell celtics beating the baylor-west yearly, oscar robertson, the incredible wilt chamberlain and then a little later on dave bing, earl monroe, nate archibald, rick barry (one of the truly underrated players of all-time)and many more. the NBA of today is unpolished, rugged, and lacking fundamentally sound players as they turn pro after high school and now one year (not quite enough) of college. but as long as they're counting that money, and there is plenty to count, expect no changes. the WNBA plays a more fun game to watch, as the shooting has become much better since its early years.

Bruce there are plenty of LEGITIMATE things to criticize about Bush. Katrina, the conduct of the war, etc. But lying about the lead up to the war is not one of them.

More to the point, exactly where was I supporting Bush's agenda? All I did was criticize McClellan for being a hypocrite. I cut and pasted his verbatim quotes. I made up nothing. McClellan said one thing in 2006 and wrote something totally different in 2008. In fact, he was already in the process of writing his book when he made that quote in 2006. Sounds hypocritical to me.

McClellan is a pure profiteer, nothing more, nothing less. And a disloyal jerk to boot.

Regarding the left's support of our troops. I invite you to visit "moonbat central" aka The Daily Kos and read what the bloggers there have to say about our military. It's not pretty. I would also invite you to visit the Code Pink website and read what they have to say about the military. Go visit the San Francisco Examiner and read about how the Code Pink moonbats treat the Marines in Berkeley. Or how about John Kerry calling our troops in Iraq terrorists? Or how about Dick Durbin saying our troops at Gitmo were the same as Nazi concentration camp guards? Do I really have to go on? There are some serious issues regarding the support of troops on the left. And let me make this clear, saying bring the troops home is not synonymous with supporting the troops any more than supporting the war is synonymous with supporting the troops.

Here is what you can do, if you really support the troops as I do. Send money to The Wounded Warrior Project. Here is the link to their website http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/. Or send money to the Army Emergency Relief Fund. Here is there link http://www.aerhq.org/.

There are a bunch of others and I hope you back up your claims with real dollars. But please no more lectures since you really know nothing of me.


i'll leave out the numerous obscenities, but during rasheed's diatribe he used the following;

- phantom calls

- nba entertainment (twice)

stating that what happened on the court wasn't basketball, implying a conspiracy to get celts & lakers to the finals.

i'm sure you will see the footage down the road. it was very passionate but not as classical as lee elia (1984 cubs) or jim mora (colts playoffs?).

*nba is so desperate to get the lakers to the finals, i'm not so sure they will let the spurs win tonight. sure, there's $$$ to be made on an extended spurs / lakers series. but, what if a miracle occurs and the spurs actually win out?

p.s. wallace's fine was $25,000. i thought it would be more.

Lakers win. Halfway there. Go Celtics!

You don't support the troops. You're the hypocritical phony! Keep defending Bush. Today, under court order, the White House finally released the truth about global warming! Amazing.

Well, Grandma, you got a lot to say. I had very little to say because I believe I said in my first posting that I wasn't going to try to convince you of anything. Your sign off was interesting saying I know nothing of you. Well, duh! That was my point. It goes without saying--or it should have gone without saying, but I guess I have to say it since you did--that you know nothing of me. But, while I said I wasn't going to try to convince you of my position for that very reason, you have given me a host of reading assignments--all of which are blogs by people with whom I have very little common ground. Both my Democrats and (I am presuming from your previous posts) your Republicans have our lunatic fringe. Since you don't know me, I'll tell you--I don't agree with them very often. So I'll take your advice and add those charities to my list. For that information, I thank you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to rip another day of my big countdown calendar. May 30th: only 236 days to go!

The democrats and republicans both suck. They just screw us in different ways depending on which corporations are lining their pockets.

Bruce if you are really interested in KNOWING what happened on the run up to the war I recommend reading "War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of the War on Terrorism" by Douglas Feith. Or "At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA" by George Tenet. Feith was Under Secretary for Defense Policy in the Bush administration and Tenet was the CIA director.

These books stand in sharp contrast to McClellan's book. First, unlike McClellan, Feith and Tenet were at the center of the policy-making at issue. Second, these books provide detailed accounts of key meetings based on contemporaneous notes. And both books, unlike McClellans, are thoroughly sourced. Readers can thus determine for themselves whether the authors are providing a reliable account or merely settling scores and/or trying to make a buck. Feith, by the way, is donating all proceeds from his book to help Iraq war veterans.

Now I'm sure you're thinking these books are supportive of the administration. On the contrary, both Feith, who is described as a "neoconservative", and Tenet are very critical of Bush.

Go rip another page out of your countdown calendar. But when you do I hope you remember it has now been 2,454 days since we were attacked on American soil by terrorists. If you think our current freedoms have been infringed upon by this administration, you haven't seen anything yet compared to what will happen here if we get attacked again. And it won't matter whether we have a democrat or republican in the White House.

No more on these subjects from me. My real expertise is my grandson, Barry O'Bomber. He will be my sole topic from this point forward, but thanks for the discussion.

I can't help but wonder if the asshole that is posting as "Grandama" actually puts on an old lady's dress while he types his idiotic posts.


You actually expect us that you have read all the books you mentioned above? You're giving credibility to some works because ..?

look at you ... your whole argument is that the Bush administration is keep your sorry ass safe. You pathetic worm.

Again, you demonstrate your lack of respect for our troops by not counting their lives, 4000 +, when you state that we have had no deaths by terrorists hands in the past few years. You further disregard human life by not acknowledging the close to 100,000 dead civilians in Iraq.

The fact that your idea of supporting the troops is posting little jingoistic propaganda while your fat and putrid ass sits on chair further shows how unreliable you are.

Finally, the fact that you enjoy calling yourself "Grandma" brings many more issues to the table.

bostonian I was intrigued by one part of your most recent nonsensical post. You wrote, "You actually expect us that you have read all the books you mentioned above?"

Aside from the obvious grammatical errors, I couldn't help but notice your imnplied aversion to reading. While 2 books may seem like a lot to you, I find reading enjoyable and have read the ones mentioned plus many others. You should try it, you might find it opens your eyes and you wouldn't come off as being as uninformed as you obviously are.

Wow.How could a man so misinformed be paid to write this garbage? For starters your refrences to Kimbo as either fighting or turning to crime extremely rascist and offensive. Just because he is a big black guy from a specific geographic area you insinuate that he is somehow a criminal?I think that in itself should be a testament to the value of your opinion itself.And as for your lack of knowledge in regards to the sport of mixed martial arts I will be so kind as to give you a brief education so that your next piece on this issue may have some bit of truth and be somewhat credible. Mixed Martial Arts was created as a proving ground to validate the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the different martial arts being taught worldwide. Since its beginings it has had many rules and regulations imposed to make the sport safer for its competitors and fan friendly.Many of the worlds greatest atheletes with olympic credentials and otherwise have found a home to showcase their skills when only 15 years ago they had no oppertunity to do so. Like any sport MMA has its bad apples and each personality and background of its competitors appeal more to some than others but as a whole there is a lot of respect between atheletes. MMA has never had one competition related death or otherwise.Your factless opinion and supposed moral stand against this very entertaining sport is a joke. If you do not like violence and are more entertained by romantic comedies please feel free to flip to the channell of your choosing (It is a free country) and watch one as the same liberties that would stop the religious idealists from banning you from watching that heartwarming kiss at the end of the movie also allow me to enjoy watching the greatest atheletes in the world showcasing their world class skills (Wrestling,boxing,kickboxing,jiu jitsu,judo,karate,and many others) in contact sports which are both exciting and fun for the whole family to enjoy. And why your at it please humble yourself to look into yourself to figure out why your a racist and blabbermouth so that one day god might help you to have some truth in your work.

bow wow rufff-Jimbo's dog


Any grammatical errors are due to the lack of importance I provide you. My point regarding whether you've read the books or not is because I do not believe that YOU read much. My take on you is that most of your information comes from FOX News. Your "book reviews" are provided by Bill O'Riely.
Pal, you are a jack-ass in every sense of the word. At least have some dignity and stop calling yourself "Grandma."

Looks like the bostonian has another "friend" in grandma to rival his "friendship" with his buddy Flipper.

Hey, where the white women at?

Damn, just got back from a week out in San Dog, catching up on this crap is making me thirsty. Who gives a rat's ass about any of your political views. And assuming most of you are NOT troops, trading barbs about what is and isn't support for the troops is laughable. I AM a troop, don't make assumptions about what the TROOPS consider your support.

Welcome back, Dave. Hope the week was fun. I'd rather leave politics out of this blog myself. Just out of curiosity, what do the troops consider our support? You're perspective would be appreciated and hopefully enlightening.

I'm not going to say any of the things mentioned were not supportive to the troops. It all was. What bothers me is the opinions of some, that someone elses way of showing support isn't really support.

None of us in the military are here against our will. We all signed the dotted line fully aware that war could break out during our tour/career. Anyone in uniform bitching about it was looking for a free ride, and didn't sign up for the right reasons.

In the military (some of my friends here will attest) most of us have somewhat blind (unconditional) faith, devotion to duty and unquestionable loyalty. Honor, courage and committment. With that, we do what we're told, when we're told and how we're told without debate.

What I think of this administration and the war is nobody's business. And I personally don't care to hear anyone else's opinion of either, especially on a sports blog. I support my Commander in Chief, whether a Texas oil tycoon, a highly decorated war vet and former POW, a black christian with a muslim name, or a white lady with fat ankles and a speaking voice like the robot from Lost in Space.

It doesn't help any of us troops to drag our ass back from the sand box and hear crap like the war is unjust and we're killing innocent Iraqi civilians. Fact is, Arabs are intentionally killing more innocent Iraqi civilians than coalition troops accidently do at the rate of over 100 to 1.

I have to wonder where some of these people were on 9/11. Very safe, far away from any of the incident sites and detached from anyone that was personally (directly) affected. Most of the coutry falls into this category. The difference is, some of them had a wake-up call that day and obviously others didn't.

Don't speak on behalf of the troops if you aren't and never have been one. You don't know what the hell you're talking about.


For the record, I never stated that the troops are killing innocent civilians. However, as a result of the Iraq War, innocent civilians have died. Yes, that is the nature of war. And, yes, military personal chose to be military personnel. For those reasons, the Commander should always be prudent about war.
One more thing, Dave ... just because you are a soldier and you serve this country, doesn't mean you're not an asshole! Sir, I think you're an asshole! Cheers!

bostonian, for the record, I didn't direct jack shit directly to your pathetic ass. I didn't say thay you stated anything.

Innocent civilians are unfortunately a casualty of war. Innocent civilians in Iraq also died en masse at the hands of their "Commander in Chief" before any war started. Right sweetheart?

Dave in VA,

sorry the wather was so bad for memorial day, but hoping you had a good time. look forward to your posts- have a great weekend

Bottom line is this ... just because one is not in the military doesn't mean one can't cast one's voice on the matter. Being part of the military does not give you any special privilege above the rest of us. If you don't like it that way ... remember what you stated ... one joins fully knowing.

Your attitude toward innocent civilians demonstrates what a sorry excuse for a soldier you must be. A drunk also? You have no credibility. Stop using the flag and our true servicemen & women as your shield. Coward!

You pulled that last one out of your ass like a twelve inch string of pearls bostonian. And by the way, I never said I was a soldier.

And you forgot to call me a racist.

Gee bostonian, you have friends all over this blog.

shadow, I was here in VA for Memorial Day and the weather was beautiful. We had a little league double header, went to a Potomac Nationals game, a couple BBQs, etc. Was a great weekend.

San Diego was nice Tuesday through today as well. It was too short of a trip though, going through the time change back and forth, my body doesn't know what the hell time it is. I'll probably be up at 0200 throwing zingers back and forth with bostonian. He loves me you know.

bostonian from south boston, you are a real low life, SHANTY IRISH PIECE OF SHIT!!!! Words can not describe how low you are.

Jack, that turd couldn't possibly offend me. When he posts something that can possibly be taken seriously and it offends me, I need some therapy. Neither are likely.

I feel like a margarita.

All we need is Flipper to show up on the blog and almost all of the bostonian's good friends will be here.

naples jack,

go find a brown spot to press your nose on. Let me guess, you're a "war hero" too? Pathetic!


You are a pretender, but not very great at it.
You're just an over the hill drunk without much direction. So, here you are.
A pretend soldier. A pretend patriot. But, heh, all-American bullshit!

Dave, you're a soldier in the same way Flopper is a historian.

Hey Ferris don't forget me. Me and the bostonian are great buddies. 18-1 and biggest choke in the history of the NFL. Damn life's good. heh,heh

naples jack,

You're a real tough guy throwing out all that bigoted junk at me as you hide in the swamps.
Ah, I get it ... you moved to the swamps to pretend you're Rambo! Heh!
Typical has been! Or, in your case ... a never was!

Ah, Tom ... the biggest cry baby on the blog!
Hey Tom, remember months ago when you stated that my days on the blog where over. Wow ... any time now, huh?

I specifically said I was NOT a soldier jizz bucket.

Oh, I know you're not a soldier! I never thought you were. You're a drunk bigot!

I'll bet Tom is the one that "dresses up" as Grandma.
You're one sick bastard, Tom. I'll bet you're a big fan of J. Edgar Hoover!

I know. It's is our misfortune and the burden we have to bear to frequent this blog. Your presence on the blog is analogous to the mosquitos out at Key Biscayne on a beautiful summer day. Annoying but not enough to keep us away.

Oh by the way, 18-1 and the biggest choke in the history of the NFL. heh, heh

Thank you for finally recognizing my bogotry, I was feeling slighted. I can go to bed now. After this drink.

Bostonian- Like I said, you are a typical low life, racist, drunk, piece of shit from south boston. If it was not for billy bulger getting your drunken father a job with the mbta- boston edison- or port authority, or takeing tolls on the mass pike, your whole family would of been on welfare. Typical scum who grew up in a 3-4- family house. The underbelly of massachusetts.


goodnight bostonian. Time for you to play with yourself.

goodnight bostonian. Time for you to go beat the wife and kids.

You don't know the half of it. Good night, Tom. God bless, Dave. Take care guys.

Good night, naples jack. Take care.

blah, blah, blah ... heh, heh. Hee, hee! slurp!

you seem to have tough memories of home. Sorry, man. It's OK now. Leave it behind. You and your partner can be happy now. Move to California.

Slurp? Bostonian must have his domestic partner over tonight. New Hampshire is pretty darn liberal, may very well be his husband. But that's cool, whatever. Who am I to judge?


Has it been that tough? Your buddy and the wife, huh? Oh well, at least your daughter still sits on your lap.

The only tough thing I'm dealing with is a screaming case of the clap your mom gave me. It's a damn angry strain, giving the antibiotics hell! I should have know better than to throw my junk up into that battered old mitt of hers.

Gee, Dave, I'm sorry to hear that. Anyway, I truly am impressed by your need to have the last word here. I guess I dictate, don't I?

How do you figure? You responded to my 11:34 at 11:37.

You don't dictate shit. Re-read my 10:24.

Dave, look around, every one has gone away. Why are you still here with me? Just you and I. Sad, huh? Think about it.

Just you and I, Dave. A simple fact that you may choose to ignore, can't blame you if you do.

Ok, let's have a beer.

Maybe, I, the bostonian & Dave in VA have been the same person all along. Heck, stranger things have happened. Who knows?

Ok, I'll buy the first one. A Sam Adams for me. You?

Wow, I was wrong. You are capable of saying something that is offensive to me.

Dave, I don't like what I see out there. Too much crime, infidelity, heartlessness, wars, etc.
A complete disregard for decency, integrity and human life.
Oh well, I'm just old.

Can only get the standards here in VA (lager, ale, seasonal). Would love a double bock.

I remember the first comic book I ever read ...
Captain America # 168. It was issued in 1974.

growing up in Southie

Vermont brews a something called Magic Hat. Kick ass IPA!

You see, Dave, you enjoy my company. Now that the bad guys aren't here, we can have an exchange. You and I are more or less the same.

Ah, midnight! It's still a magical time of night.

Dave, I want to kiss you.

I've tried a couple of the Magic Hat brews, not too impressed. Dog Fish Head 60 minute Pale Ale is the shit. 90 and 120 minute is even better.

I want to kiss you in the pisser!

Don't worry, Dave. I'm Ok, you're Ok.

You're a racist and a pedophile. And an animal necrophiliac.

But Adventenus (German Weizenboch) is my favorite beer in the world, so I'll have one of those.

Crack it open beeatch!

No way, Dave. I'm many things, but not a racist and definitely not a pedophile. And, as far as I'm aware, I've never engaged in any necropsy.

What a life, Dave.

Chug it up, slut!

Ben Dover will join us soon.

Slip slidin away!

Ah, Dave ... I don't think the guys on this blog like me. I don't know ... sometimes I think they get me, you know? But, na ... it's just not happening. They don't get me, you know?

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