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November 09, 2007

The 10 Greatest Hurricanes (with The Daily Poll)

     What am I bid for an Orange Bowl urinal? The city has announced (as expected) that the Orange Bowl will be razed by demolition early next year and pieces of it sold as memorabilia.

     On a less gruesome note, my column today celebrates some of the best of what the OB offered by naming the 10 Greatest Hurricanes across UM's 71 seasons at the stadium -- a history ending Saturday, of course. Click here to find the column.

     My 10 Greatest, chronologically, are: Jim Dooley, George Mira, Ted Hendricks, Vinny Testaverde, Jerome Brown, Bennie Blades, Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Ed Reed and Ken Dorsey. Vote which you think is the greatest of them all in our poll below.

     My question here: Play bump-and-add. Who on the list most does not deserve to be included? And who'd I leave out who most should have been there? Weigh in by clicking on 'Comments' below. (Or, perhaps you think my list is perfect!?)

     Please remember, the list was based on UM careers, not what a player might later have done in the pros. I would fire a preemptive strike by noting that several great 'Canes including but not limited to Jim Otto, Jim Kelly and Cortez Kennedy were better pros than collegians. For example, those three conspicuously are not among the 72 Hurricanes through history to make at least one All-America team.


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Well I wasn't old enough to know much about the Hurricane performances of Jerome Brown, Ted Hendricks, Dooley and Mira.

That said I'd have to place Dan Morgan in there but at whose expense I do not know.

All solid players for sure, but I've got to think that Alonzo Highsmith gets in their somewhere.

I would have to mentioned a bunch of guys. But the one that stands out to me is Joaquin Gonzalez. What a class act.

Don Bosseler's good enough to be one of three Hurricanes in the College Football Hall of Fame, so I figure his career should've been good enough to warrant a place on this list, so he'd be the one I'd add. Who doesn't belong, though? Tough question. Can't answer that one.

tough to think of who, but then again I am only 24 so I would have to say Ed Reed, Joaquin Gonzalez and Ken Dorsey.

These guys were part of the best team ever at UM, so I must hand it off to them.

Interesting how the demise and ultimate collapse of the Orange Bowl mimics that of the Dolphins. Kinda like ET wanting to get back home.

How do you choose???

top 6:

George Mira
Ed Reed
Warren Saap
Dan Morgan
Joaquin Gonzalez
Michael Irvin

There is the best guys at their position all time at the U

You forgot about Sean Taylor, arguably the best safety the U has ever had...or at least a close second to Ed Reed.

Changed my vote to Dorsey. H e beat FSU and UF. He won the Rose Bowl and a NCAA championship.
Kinda got ripped off of the 2nd championship.
He played well enough to beat the Buckeyes, until he was semiconscious at the end of the game.

Sean Taylor was great, but he was caught by Maurice Clarett in the Fiesta Bowl. If Sean scores on that play Canes are in control.




Steve Walsh--One loss(Notre Dame)and a controversial one at that in Two years.

Dorsey, hands down the best player in UM history at the Orange Bowl.

What about Bernie, Andre Johnson. Willis and Portis. Winslow and Shockey.
Eddie Brown. Jessie Armstead. Ray Lewis.
Gino Torretta won the Heisman...

I always loved Melvin Bratton...

What about Ray Lewis??? The most dominant force in th eNFL for close to a decade. His UM teams may not have been that good, but everyone in S. Florida knew what an animal he was. I'm not saying he should win, but should be top 10 at least (bump off Ed Reed).

Ken Doesey the best.

Vinny Testaverde does not belong. My opinion is that as Bernie Kosar a freshman was better than any year that Vinny had.

luther campbell

Dorsey was the best player ever. Great list but I would have added Ray and carlos Hurta

Dorsey was the best player ever. Great list but I would have added Ray and carlos Hurta

Its great to see Dorsey getting all this pub 5 years after his UM career ended. It amazed me how so many loved to pick at his warts for what he wasn't instead of how trully great of a leader he was. There wasn't a single game he started where his team believed they'd lose or couldn't come back when behind. Cool and calm under pressure he emodied the spirit of UM swagger.

God bless Ken Dorsey and I believe Eric Crouch should have handed the Heisman to him immediately upon his shellacking at the Rose Bowl.

Add Chuck Foreman, Bryant Mckinney (Outland Winner),Alonzo Highsmith, Jim Burt, Edgerin James or Clinton Portis. Respectively remove Jim Dooley and George Mire Jr.

Come on....at this point, who really cares.
Besides it's football, One person does not make a team. The current team sucks from the AD down to the water boys and girls.

Greg, you get paid to come up interesting reads than this crap...do your job, you're costing the Herald readers.

Talk about Shannon's inability to identify how horrible Wright and Freeman were/are before the season even began...that would be refreshing to read.

I have to agree with all ther other readers who think Ken Dorsey was the greatest. A TRUE 100% UM PLAYER. He was always cool and calm when ever they were behind or in a very close ball game. A great leader. He was UM all the way.

MY top 10:
1.Ken Dorsey
2.Michael Irv
3.Steve Walsh
4.Warren Sapp
5.Michael Barrow
6.Ray Lewis
7.Carlos Huerta
8.Melvin Bratton
9.George Mira
10.Clinton Portis
Trust me Shannon will bring us back, two more years! We got some canes over here...

Santana Moss was a dual threat at punt returner and wide receiver.. Edge was pretty damn good as well. Especially when he ran for 299 yds to kill UCLA's title game hopes
He also finished Hurricane career ranked second all-time on Miami’s career rushing list ... only player in school history to post consecutive 1,000+ rushing seasons ... ranked second in school history with 497- 2,960 rushing despite starting only 17 games ...
broke own school and conference single game rushing records vs. UCLA with 39 attempts for 299 yards and three TDs

Jim Otto

First great cane in the Hall of Fame. It has to be his.

I would take Sean Taylor over Bennie Blades. While the Bennie and the Jets secondary was very good, Sean Taylor was a dynamic player. I think he had three or more picks for touchdowns his last year at Miami. Teams didn't even thinking of throwing his way but he still came up with the picks.

I would also say that Jerome Brown is a questionable top ten pick. Rubin Carter, or Daniel Stubbs were better than Jerome.

Jim Dooley. Never saw him play but 4 picks in a bowl game is pretty amazing. Two picks is good, 4 means he was really special. Can't argue that one.

Ken Dorsey. I agree with this pick. From his first game, the loss to Washington on the road where he battled all the way to the end of the game, to the last where he got robbed against Ohio State with the phantom pass interference call, this guy was an outstanding collegian. We was special.

Ted Hendricks. The Mad Stork. I know most of the fans may not remember him but he was a phenomenal defensive end. Calais Campbell has a Ted Hendricks body but not the heart of this man. He was unblockable, and a great team leader. He dominated opposing offenses in a way few players have before or since. A definite top ten pick.

Michael Irvin. Michael wasn't the fastest wide reciever ever to play the position but he was definitely the smartest and played with the most heart. He was fearless coming across the middle. But my favorite memory is us down 19-3 to FSU in the fourth quarter, and the game looked lost. Deion Sanders had shut down the wide recievers all day. And then bam, Irvin catches a ball 20 yards downfield and outruns Deion 60 yards to the end zone and changed the whole game. The playmaker was the most appropriate nickname for him cause that is what he did throughout his UM career.

George Mira Senior. I know he was a great quarterback for the University. But was he a top ten player is the question. I never saw him play but heard much about him through the years. I have a hard time believing he was better than Jim Kelly. Jim Kelly was a warrior and gave the University the first signature win over Penn State that set the ball rolling toward greatness. In the probation year for giving away free hats, that Miami team was 9-2, and the loss to Texas (at Texas) was highly questionable. I can still remember Eddie Brown streaking down the sideline and then very late they called holding when the ball was long gone and it was clear he would score. Howard Schnellenberger brought the pro offense to Miami but it would have been a fad if not for Jim Kelly showing people it worked. I don't think Kelly gets the credit for building the dynasty.

Ed Reed. He was definitely a great safety and he made certain individual plays we will always remember. But I think I would have preferred to see some credit go to our great running backs here. Melvin Bratton, Alonso Highsmith, Willis McGahee or even Stephen McGuire deserved some consideration here.

Warren Sapp. The converted tight end was quicker off the ball than the center most games. I think he was one of the best players ever for UM, as a leader and a player.

I would replace Vinnie Testeverde with Bernie Kosar. Bernie single handedly won the national championship in 1983 and won the biggest bowl upset game in college football history in my opinion. Even in his second year when the team lost 5 games, he put up some incredible numbers and always had the team in the game. Bill Trout, the defensive coordinator that year, acted like he wanted the team to fail. Vinnie, if you will recall, had the motor scooter incident before the last game that year, and he played horribly in the game against Penn State (5 interceptions) in the Fiesta Bowl with the greatest defense of all time behind him. He just was not a top ten college player to me.

This was a hard thing to try to pick the best ten players ever. Bryant McKinney, Leon Searcy, and even Don Bailey were great lineman. Tight ends? What about Willie Smith, Jeremy Shockey, Bubba Franks, and Glenn Dennison to name a few. Running Backs? How about OJ Anderson, Stephen McGuire, Donyell Ferguson, Lorenzo "Smokey" Roan, Larry Jones and Tyrone Moss before Coker forgot to recruit blockers for him. Quarterbacks? Mira Sr, Kelly, Kosar, Erickson, and Walsh would make any school top ten other than ours. Defensive Line? Fernandez, Stubbs, Tez, Maryland, Madearis, Wilfork and many others. Linebackers? Jay Brophy, Randy Shannon, Reggie Sutton, Michael Barrow, Darren Smith, Ray Lewis and Dan Morgan are also worthy candidates. Secondary? Bennie Blades, Daryll Fullington (after his freshman year), Freddie Marion, Ryan McNeil, Phillip Buchannon, and even Kenny Phillips from this year's squad. Kickers? Danny Smith, Carlos Huerta, and Jeff Feagles.

There have been so many great Canes through the years. It is hard to pick a top ten but we should feel fortunate that so many great players have blessed us by coming to this University to play college ball. That being said, the greatest player has yet to arrive on campus. I really believe Jacory Harris will re-write all UM records before he is done. He is a special, special player.

Don't forget George Mira Jr. The heart of a lion!

While I agree with most of your selections, I think you left out some obvious selections such as: Jim Kelly, who in my opinion started the tradition of "Quarterback U", also Jim Otto, who went on to a long career with the Oakland Raiders, and the only NFL player allowed to wear 00 as him jersey number, as well as Ray Lewis, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, and many many others, and last but not least, at least in the eyes of a Mother, was John Williams, my son who may not have been distinguished by others, but will always be by me.

While I agree with most of your selections, I think you left out some obvious selections such as: Jim Kelly, who in my opinion started the tradition of "Quarterback U", also Jim Otto, who went on to a long career with the Oakland Raiders, and the only NFL player allowed to wear 00 as his jersey number, as well as Ray Lewis, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, and many many others, and last but not least, at least in the eyes of a Mother, was John Williams, my son who may not have been distinguished by others, but will always be by me.

boys and girls,

kenny dorsey was a truly fine quarterback who utilized the great talent surrounding him by astute play-calling and by his keen football mind. dorsey's tremendous won-loss record should definitely be factor in his rank among the great canes. his lack of arm-strength was more than compensated for by his brain power. there were other more physically gifted athletes that played for UM in the 80s, 90s and 00s, but none as succesful at leading his teams to victory.

Jim Dooley being the first player to have his number retired and 4 pick in a bowl game get my vote.

know your history sports fans!! jim dooley, #1 draft pick, headcoach in the NFL AND i believe he holds the record for most interceptions in THE BOWL game!! this was when players played both sides of the ball and didn't have the technology they have these days!! played the game for the LOVE of it, can you believe that?????

JIM DOOLEY is my pick for the number one Hurricane ever. I have always been told that there was no UM football before Dooley. He was the first major football star, the first jersey to be retired (it was retired BEFORE he even graduated which is unheard of), he was the first #1 NFL draft choice and 55 years after he graduated he still holds the record of 4 interceptions at the Gator Bowl, a record that my never be broken. He also went on to become the only NFL head coach that graduated from UM........oh yeah, and did I forget to mention the number one reason I voted for him...He's my dad! Lisa Dooley Trace

Jim Dooley is by far the best. Most will not remember, but go back and ck your history.

Jim Dooley! Google him. You will be in wonder in what he did as a UM player and then go on and read about what he did in the NFL. Nickle defense was all him. He started it. He is number 1 in my book.

Jim Dooley is my uncle and I love him, but let's talk about Jim Dooley as a player at UM.
1 First # retired #42
2. 60 minute player! Don't know many who could play a full game both sides.
3.Posted records stats in interrecption on defense and rushing on offense.
4. In the UM Hall of Fame
5. Ring of Honors 1997
6. All American
7. 1st round draft pick for the Bears
THen there is his NFL career
There is more. Read up on him. You will be impressed I am sure.

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