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The 10 Greatest Hurricanes (with The Daily Poll)

     What am I bid for an Orange Bowl urinal? The city has announced (as expected) that the Orange Bowl will be razed by demolition early next year and pieces of it sold as memorabilia.

     On a less gruesome note, my column today celebrates some of the best of what the OB offered by naming the 10 Greatest Hurricanes across UM's 71 seasons at the stadium -- a history ending Saturday, of course. Click here to find the column.

     My 10 Greatest, chronologically, are: Jim Dooley, George Mira, Ted Hendricks, Vinny Testaverde, Jerome Brown, Bennie Blades, Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Ed Reed and Ken Dorsey. Vote which you think is the greatest of them all in our poll below.

     My question here: Play bump-and-add. Who on the list most does not deserve to be included? And who'd I leave out who most should have been there? Weigh in by clicking on 'Comments' below. (Or, perhaps you think my list is perfect!?)

     Please remember, the list was based on UM careers, not what a player might later have done in the pros. I would fire a preemptive strike by noting that several great 'Canes including but not limited to Jim Otto, Jim Kelly and Cortez Kennedy were better pros than collegians. For example, those three conspicuously are not among the 72 Hurricanes through history to make at least one All-America team.